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The Radio Dish 8.31.14

Aug 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know yeah. Small but well yeah and plus my usual problem and you don't need to hear roam the it's. -- the way and Paul will be -- your heroes in bombing to stop the group's blog and get your house back in order to keep us strong brings water heaters all your blowing me calling me. -- -- -- -- thinking bigger business media is accepting nominations for the fourteenth annual -- money 525. Awards these prestigious awards recognize 25 outstanding businesses with under 25 employees. We're looking for dynamic Kansas City area for profit companies with under 25 employees that have been in business at least three years and have shown steady. Growth and commitment to the community and an ability to overcome challenges if your company -- companies you do business with qualifies for the 2525. Awards throughout the nomination form -- -- at 25025. Dot com -- to five under to five dot com or call 9134326694. Details self nominations are encouraged to apply now nominations are now open and close October 14 port 2525. Special -- -- sponsored UNV visit to 5025. Dot -- to nominate your business. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For more information on strategy other great investment and income strategies day of our Estes Park Colorado retreats contact Gillian Smith and -- elements with -- advanced financial solutions at financial pants downtown. Tell me. -- -- You're free consultation financial pants stunt come. Securities offered Tim Maloney securities company ink member Finneran septic. It's time to -- the dishes and -- and dish about something that's important to you. And now yeah here to chicks who think they ruled the roost. It's the reason you did she let. Doesn't kill you makes us. -- it is -- -- star Steve Blake Mary McKenna and use the radio dish dot com and it's holiday weekend I say leave the dishes in the seat until maybe mid September 1 of October. Growth and I think not speak and a growing thinks he can you -- dishes in the sink and I'm not saying that I did. Probably with my husband. But I have a nasty infestation. When you we have war zone on vacation. -- -- -- of tomato that was left on the -- yeah yeah we can't get rid of them and somebody said put a little apple cider vinegar in a jar and they'll all just -- and put a little bit so pennant. Because that that. For it's like breaking through the ice that all into the apple cider vinegar in -- Where or how how is that working for and it's. Until -- or they said leave little little. Apple wine in the bottle like yeah yeah yeah drink a bottle for her looks and most of the OK so if you have a great. Way to get rid of the net infestation padlocked and unity open up your iPad at night in the light all the sudden you get I don't when -- and I at this all of I don't have to worry about durst comply with both guys had. Gone out and whatnot. But anyway you can just post that on FaceBook on the radio this page please -- out what I want. That's okay. You know you're gonna say -- Were we too busy next month because I mean our technique. Too busy next month music on main coming up in grand view and Darcy had a chance grunt talk with Kim Curtis president of the grand teaching. Of commerce absolutely. Love music on -- we have the best time at that that's all coming up what September 6 yes Saturday September 6. The gates open at three clock we've got 55 Iranians. A lot of great bankers kids' zone. Within played apples and lots of fun things for the kids to do. So we help everybody can come out and it's free that's the best part and it's -- -- -- I love that -- tease me a little bit about the bands are going to be here yes well we're starting at 330. With some classic rock by Charlie in the sting rays they're gonna play from 330 to 430. Following dad and you -- into our area they're playing party in the park this Saturday. Is bad disposition. They play modern alternative rock in the middle of our set we have a brand new great pain and from. Saint Louis hillbilly authority best little fiddle player you've ever seen she's just darling full of energy. We know everybody -- all of their country sounds. At 740 a favorite is rejoining us Samantha -- she's an international. Blues singer everyone's so excited to see her and have her back this year again she's playing at 740. And then we're gonna end in nineteen answer in the streets to this counts of Atlantic express. From nine to 1030 -- the -- last year every year has been phenomenal come in that and loved the closer because that gets everybody up on their -- it is you know we have some great pictures from last year. And you can just see everybody having so much fun. Everybody's on their feet they're dancing. In -- a good time this is such a gift you mention it's for -- this really is from from grand you two to all of the residents here -- -- -- people from outside -- -- that count. You can students. Will we started this -- in our eleventh year and we just wanted to understand that would really during the community together. You know our organization that the -- chamber Wheeler worked a lot with the business community but we wanted to really do something for the entire community. And so on we started this it was actually good chance of sent to start with and it's kind of morphed into. All types of music and everybody seems to really enjoy that. And were able to put this on through our business sponsorships. There -- a number of businesses that support us first abolish the city of grand view their big supporter of the event. And we also have nasty there title sponsor. State line Nissan does the green room. And McDonald's posts that kids sound. And then we have a lot of other. Sponsors that will be recognized that evening well let's agree -- thank you for having married nine out here we we haven't followed the stage with him bears are so I hope too much. But we want to invite everybody out because music on main September 6 -- grand -- It's a great time yes we're so excited to RC the human mayor you're going to be and -- again this year I think it's the third year. Hopefully we'll have great weather as we have the last two years. And we just invite everybody out gates open at three hoped to see there. Love music and they -- hoping for great weather again this year that would be awesome Jewish -- to VIPs quite well do you we wanted to thank you so much little Barbeque there and content. Let -- occasionally all beverages TL I like that I can be talked into Warner. Three -- -- Look at the September 6 degrees we'll have some more information on our FaceBook page on music coming as well maybe he'll have some Oklahoma -- barbecue or maybe just Joseph -- Kansas City barbecue okay yeah shocked the world big change this is going to be tough. It happened -- -- -- -- the past week I never really understood the first place why it was Oklahoma Joe's but apparently was started in Stillwater Oklahoma the -- and then one of the partners moved to Texas. And they closed the joint in Stillwater. Then the reopened one here now that got three which I must say. Oklahoma Joe's in Willie wood -- that's just wrong if you can play good here in the Kansas City -- you would understand that Oklahoma Joe's. Guess not immediately and it's a just and and so now it's going to be -- Kansas City barbecue yeah but this isn't a company even though. I get it they wanna have Kansas City incorporated into the name of their business they're proud of that community and that's awesome. But this is a company that was ranked as one of the top. Barbecue joints in the country in 2014. Daily meal to that he web site they ranked -- Kansas City restaurant for. In the top ten. For best -- in ribs Oklahoma Joe's excuse me just -- city -- now ranked number one until it's known. Nationwide if not worldwide. -- I knew then -- my -- replaces -- no doubt about it. Yeah everything's gonna change probably not just the names and change on people are gonna forever will come Oklahoma Joe's you know that. I can't intend to change it when her place changes that you go to only time he still can't legal means. Men's Health Magazine. To 2002 mainly is barbecue joint I also think it's interesting that you've got. A barbecue joint in Men's Health Magazine but then mentally healthy and if nothing -- -- -- get a barbecue and beer and cigars -- Your -- take time to do those that must be part of your health retain its non booklet as long as it keeps you happy and don't you think that happy. Is part of wellness matters is kind of health is good pitcher. Except -- -- -- -- for me is we're trying to trying to -- the Red Line which we know his heart healthy at times. How clueless how mean you want just. Just just saying I am I AM perfectly fine my liver enzymes last time I checked were just doing Indy thank you very much else and I knew you were very upset about the -- earthquake. Obviously -- dark and own very very sound hate to see this that watching and I finally went a little bit and the kind of sweet. Person coughs or -- I don't drink coffee -- be really sweet sixteen homes models just on you know. -- out on the floor and people who don't get it kept -- any experience. It can be gained -- be -- -- they've got insurance but just think of all that degree heat. -- it will never be invited you won't be able to enjoy it because it's you know it's built all the work. Is still correct by the -- it's built. I think it's been the nature of never sure about that did you Facebook that technique that's it a uh oh you had a chance to sit down and talk to one of our favorite people yesterday I did -- postal shadow -- got a big event that's coming back in and -- and they -- He's back Tony Gonzales has come back in town and we'll find out a little bit more about that's. With Marty costly and champions and there's no tie in with with Tony Gonzales and infidelity that we will also be talking about that. And who's a bigger cheater men or women there's a study in fact there's a television show that kind of revolves around this we'll talk to the the -- behind the study you're dismissed at every dished -- trust. Celebrate the union life with your Kansas City symphony classics uncorked. Bohemian rhapsody on Friday September 5 at the conference center the music of great Czech composers and queens famous bohemian rhapsody. All tickets only 25 dollars and include a glass of wine or champagne after the concert. Select your seats now pat Casey simply -- forward. It's we'll shields with 68 and -- -- exports in the oval -- whether you're looking to get fit to improve and athletic skills or looking for youth sports camps or swimming lessons 68 -- -- sports is the place for you we strive to provide fitness and -- to all ages and abilities we also provide chiropractic care. Physical therapy. And also having indoor golf studio. We also help with corporate outings the birthday parties 68 its exports and trivialized by improving fitness wellness and trading options for all ages come -- -- found that 68 it's our exports dot com. Crime stoppers has received nearly 128000. Anonymous tips has paid out over one point two million dollars in cash rewards spokesperson lieutenant Kelly -- so as a reward amount is now growing since 1982. That crime rewards has always been up. 21000 dollars -- -- -- and we made a decision that we need to increase that amount we decided -- -- to reward to -- -- 2000 dollars I think -- really exciting people who call crime -- are motivated -- different reasons some people wanna just do the right -- some people wanna do the right thing but if it involves a friend -- family -- they -- hesitate if they happen to -- struggling having a hard time financially sometimes money can be -- -- we hope to -- over the next few -- -- huge increase in -- -- we're getting criminals off the street and we're getting -- community to be safer if you have information to. Help solve the crime called -- tips hotline at 816474. TI PS so he's tired began the hot flashes those mood swings no energy for -- anything. 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With our opportunities you can start earning money as soon as next week. You get to beat the boss work from home and live a happier life. Ever beat Abbas network you'll find hundreds of works from home opportunities but you can literally start today can be earning money as soon as next week to go to freedom 27 dot com and start earning money as soon as next week. You get to be the boss get out of the rat race work from home go to freedom 27 dot com right now can change your life to day. That's freedom the number 27 dot com. Go to freedom 27 dot com and start earning money as soon as next week. You be the boss go to freedom 27 dot com. So you can imagine you're. Piano player. I know radio dish. None none at all. It's. Welcome back to radio this quick Darcy late Mary McKenna and you with the radio dishes dot com. It is always a -- always a delight to have this next lady in the studio with us and that of course is -- post a weight was shadow buddies. Marty always great to have you here -- -- it's always I feel like I'm coming home he -- and I have such a long history and you've been such an amazing friend Jim per cent and wonderful inspiration for -- a look at too so thank you so much for having me back today looking in December with -- just quit now. Yeah -- -- that may be going shadow buddies I think you know a little bit about it. Let's for the moment a little bit on how shadow buddies got started to mature on amount well we actually created chat about he's out of the need to help our own son miles who is now 27 blasts can was born premature with the headline can -- to -- facts so if you take your hand -- -- starting your heart. You know everything that just files online your -- stomach calling -- -- -- and you know he was given less than a -- -- -- and again like -- said 27 years later were blessed to have -- that we created a -- from miles that when he had to go back to the operating room and he had to go -- protesting their X -- and I -- announced because he -- a little -- -- can take back in the olden days in even today there's a lot of procedures -- -- -- that parents can go -- so we created -- body so little boys can relate to them. And it's designed to be a friend just like me so their condition specific actually to the child's illness. So anywhere ranging from a heart buddy to oncology to diabetes to respiratory you know we now have over twenty different conditions and her family and we're very proud and yeah it's amazing 28 and I think back you can't find the he had ten and started to grow in it's it's just gone. Amazing and you can -- -- I mean it's not just here in Kansas City it's not just nationwide you've been to -- you've been all over the world right where you are like you said in all fifty states we just -- -- -- country now Turkey that we have been to China -- -- -- all over year -- cape town's -- that South Africa we work with direct -- Children's Hospital there -- so it is amazing -- years ago probably -- first interviews that you and I every day he's had already -- see yourself for where would you know. And oh my -- him back and I think I was looking and it just being a part time -- -- -- -- Saint Louis who would be the next city you know and so it -- -- and then on my goodness unfortunately as we have said children all over at the United States and an international countries and anything that we can do and through our sponsorships and volunteers that we can reach out and donate a body to his stick around I need a switch out of that he's a solid and it's just and an amazing experience nineteen years later I'm so proud to be sitting here having this conversation -- you really has been amazing journey to -- -- go through -- you got involved with Tony Gonzales -- Tony -- -- re almost here in Kansas City and you know hated to see him -- would always -- to see -- he's become prominent in what he's -- and he he's always stayed with you with everything you've -- an event that's going to be coming -- but -- -- little -- how did you ever ever get Tony Gonzales involved -- -- you know I tell everybody I think we got lucky not snowing and just -- and a young. Man and after having to healthy daughters and then having miles you know football and those types of sports -- just -- -- on -- -- I. Think my girls played soccer played out volleyball and softball so we we're very lucky I never heard of the name Tony Gonzales never knew what position tight -- played her I think we all do now. That we he came into town and I at the time I had a board member that worked at Kansas City cheats so we present an -- stamina -- sad to you need to talk to my mom and it's just been an amazing journey -- amazing thing hammering his mom not to achieve list. In health care her whole life. And Tony acre up and the Boys and Girls Club began afterschool would go in and donate and volunteer time at the senior home. For his mom worked so it was just pretty much a match made in half men and again I tell people. You know we got Tony without his whole family and we got. And of course I wanna continue to think of him as being 21 -- yes Matty now -- mean he's now obviously retired that. He's test -- I got in for a lifetime and his commitment his dedication and a fortunately when he was traded or left Kansas City went to the falcons. I'm proud to say for the last five years we've been very strong in Atlanta -- sound of -- he's. He puts his you know he he walks the walk and talks the talk he's just spent an amazing person. To have on my side and I feel very blast that you know he and miles of establish such a great relationships -- To say is it's always so great I've been there several times and when you -- different events and seen them together. It's it's a brother thing I mean it's just such a funding and it's amazing to watch. You got the nineteenth and -- team China -- score a victory for children it's coming up on September 19 out of -- this is an awesome event. It is awesome and you know we're proud that Tony has. Open this up to other players here in the community we work with Brian sack up Chris -- with Mac cast all right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some excitement back to Kansas City for the offseason to began absolutely should be a great great night we invite Kansas city of Atlanta happy to go to our web -- and which a shadow but he's dot org if their interest in attending in purchasing some tickets but I think it's going to be a fun night what a nice walk down memory lane. Now it certainly is. And you learn your recent volunteers there so which were thickens -- having an organization unmentioned but he's no different we've got little buddies it's gonna get pact to get this internship analyst sort of thing. If someone wants to help you want to volunteer if they wanna -- my mind which is always most appreciated and I'm can make a discussion of -- based on -- do it right there they can and then of course -- we've got to a place that they could send this message and email in your right or he talked about volunteers in the community involvement I think we are one of the best kept it secret for small. Foundations hearing Kansas City because the labor of love does happen in the next Kansas and we had a huge warehouse. You know we work a sporting KC we work with the chiefs they work with baseball players tell. All these little bodies have to be dressed just like the players at a top ten -- only do special things for. Children and the -- parties and take care seniors so. We rely on our volunteers and we would not be able to do the great work that we do without the communities -- in the volunteers that we have. Well thank you thank you miles for Americans hardest as he does with you as well. And I know this was all started because of him how's how's he doing he's had he he he's 27 he's got a few issues coming up. In the end Heath -- that that I say that he. You issue I'm Donna Jonah a lot of they'll come out. That anyway now I'm talking. That he still has some heart issues and some kidney issues and so you know I think years ago when I first -- you know and I probably was even more distraught then. And worried about too much in life instead taken things one day at a time and I think that's what you and I talk about it and just need to see do we -- we live for today and just pray that you know tomorrow the and other and a -- absolutely the best best elective for all of -- it's going. Don't forget his September 19 going to be around it to the north Clinton Era and stadium in nineteen Daniel -- shadow -- going to -- for children get tickets and a they've sold out which is a good chance is probably going to hate I yen he would donate help. Volunteers go to shadow buddies dot org Marty thank you so much in Q so much out of -- great cause love Marty and the wait is over if you've been waiting for this a measure this was on my bucket list that I need to one of these in my life but. He can now finally each ear entire bathroom what -- unless of course you're my house and then there's the net issue but yeah British bathroom designers. And chocolate makers have joined forces only in the UK unit has joined forces to build a sinking bathtub. And yes same toilet out of chocolate and it questions going to be YE -- and if you wanna purchase -- -- will cost you about set 130000 dollars little over a 130000 dollars to be kidding me -- Then my dear no are meant they are no sweet as the chocolate is called contains about nine point four million calories worth of Belgian chocolate. That would get theoretically keeping on for about twelve years and get going -- more of ways and when I assume you don't wanna eat this only just one sitting. Yeah featuring over. Our producer and that this -- they look at it depends out if you've got to. A book. To keep -- company I guess I know the idea behind -- eon. And now he noticed spelling mistakes and I'm -- just Google this I know that. People are always searching for bathroom suite leaks as an SE IT ask someone spelled it. Like sort of I guess it's not going up and apparently that's what this idea came from. Am an unbelievable you'd hope that they would be raising money for a good cause but obviously I think it's just something that they did. It will be keeping it air condition though because of course you know I think it's a little warm enough I guess no no. Steaming hot bath in the idea that I don't links and just the name of it atop the tears there working with Pataki walking -- -- It doesn't get the job you lucky do a -- all day never mind if those ever -- Q when did you what's the Emmys I didn't -- -- and the guy who went. Postal on the folks on. Social media that -- you or YOU apostrophe RE your they forget yeah just LYOUR. That. Bugs a holy heck out of me I was like they accuse somebody on the national spotlight is taken my cause -- a higher level but one never mind. By the way dating back to the chocolate -- we like to jump from here and there just to see if you're paying attention. Exactly Hershey's is now working on a treaty chocolate printer. Interest richer on chocolate. Very interesting. We hope the next half hour it's very interesting as well -- deflationary because he's at every position. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dot com wanting to lose weight but given up on -- And you may be eligible for free bottle of this skinny six super supplement a weak -- breakthrough available for the first time ever. So please listen carefully are you trying to lose more than twenty pounds are you eighteen -- Are you currently not -- if you answered yes to all of the above. Congratulations. First hundred callers when the own lines open shortly unlike any diet supplement you've tried before. 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Okay I admitted I am not the best player in the world get a heat but I feel good when it comes to grilling all thanks to Smart -- and you write about bad after all better ingredients mean better meals and what it -- Smart -- apart is its taste -- farms Smart chicken was the first poultry company in the US to use 100%. Pure air -- technology and there's no water and it. Ants marching all natural chicken no antibiotics no growth hormones can. Raised locally right here in the midwest unlawful Raines and -- you taste the difference like in fact it's -- chickens or tender and it absorbs -- and seasonings better as hard chicken even makes it. Garcia great cut down what your picture for your family yourself or -- -- find that Smart chicken will make everyone happy you know. It reminds me of the chicken like grandma used to make mouth watering just great tasting chicken through Smart chicken does make it easy to create healthy and flavorful meals and pick -- -- delicious Smart chicken at your local Price -- for dinner tonight. So you can imagine you're. Piano player. No radio dish. -- -- -- -- It's. Welcome back the radio this quick Darcy late Mary McKenna and you with the radio dish dot com. There's an -- area taking a look at family relationships. And infidelity. Having all is just not enough and had an -- people not like just now it's not enough our next guest is here to talk about that in a new show. They're -- 99 and USA and the USA network called satisfaction Melissa. Levine does bill she's on the phone Melissa I'm intrigued about a factoid regarding parenthood and wide that leads to infidelity. You know it's really interesting than me. Asked. 1849 out the cost the country -- senate -- senate committee because my faithful people who have children of people that -- to a -- economic three times aren't likely to say that the people with children would be my faithful it can't fanatics that's actually what we. Found that 24%. Of individuals with children and having cheated on it that -- actress says only 15% at the non -- When he exposed and is is it because all of a sudden you no longer the fund partner relationship. Now we have to take on responsibilities that. Sure rat and there's a lot to dealing you have to it's great and -- You wrap early February and late you're squeezing pain that it's me there's not a lot of time I think a lot of people need that break from the kids they need that escape. And they need -- economy getting back to -- the themselves that they feel somehow lost in the shuffle. OK so according to study what percentage of Americans. If they were never gonna get caught. I mean no consequences. What's the percentage of folks who say yes I cheat. It's them it's the privately high 81%. Say if -- -- -- to the actions. They would see and I think what's even more surprising is that. 18%. That same population say that they -- here at tolerance achieving that here you have a situation that kind of like that will live at me but -- not plant and every now. Okay who is more likely to cheat men. Are women. I think that people would probably asked and probably. Found again as a self reported information. That men and women -- equally likely to admit to having achieved its and it statistical difference. Melissa probably. Already know the answer to this question social media I mean FaceBook -- that are probably makes things a lot easier than east -- I'm. -- cut -- markets it's been what exactly is -- -- today when you critical that she instantly we had thirty went and sat. I think that they've had a digital out there that there had to break it there you know emotional conversation that some on marriage act its view on eight on. Snapped chat on you know whatever the new platform and and until it's out I think that that it. At some point here is more options out there perhaps easier to get a -- wet but it off kind of blurs the lines of the of the rules and what constitutes cheating. Council bit about the satisfaction will be watching on Thursday nights at nine and USA network. Would you be watching is of the documentary is of a drama. Now I at this that the job that I. Why is it to significantly the culturally ballot then hot topic right now this idea of what is not end up what is modern relationships and of course that's like yet. Having it all we all strive to have a dynamic that Aaron and we. Happy happy that. You know it's not. Three steps that we eat it was just really meant to kind of explore our. On top Beckett that this show is based on kind of really drilled down and find out what America. Garcia and if you -- this but I love the term. That ten Melissa's coined money not diminish the people and -- I can't take credit cards that can't that it came up but not image we kind of -- grip for Everest. Those are the different -- -- the same thing. Get that -- people aspired to ask you that we did find the majority of people 50% say that I am not used as such expectation that not necessarily a -- logical reality. And -- -- -- -- that concept hit for average I think people are signing app you can and that they aspire him to -- but their offense -- -- laugh at it doesn't. -- last for at her in order for it to be successful union at 56%. And these four count them. Is like traditional marriage and a -- say the legal commitment is stand around. Wanted to be committed but you know what -- -- don't wanna have that piece of papers that people are saying. Yeah that's definitely. Something that and it's chanting -- now and and fewer people just statistically our Mary and rates are much Lara 49% of women I'm married to Davis about. 87%. And you know 1960s. Tell it the -- asked am I. That aired the much -- an idea of what it means to be to get out -- that women are a lot more independent. And CNET -- necessarily need to cut. Count on demand for you know their financial viability so I think it just makes it what -- like that there's some people it's the right -- and they want that. And it's -- it's that at credit they can kind of you know take it at me and I'm just Atlanta. OK again the show is called satisfaction. And people wanted to know more about the show what are hero. But there's a base hit that tee and there's -- -- and sent and I sent on USA. I am but of course it -- let's say it's at -- I check out read about that and Martin on the studies that -- let's say the act that culture cup dot com. The show against -- satisfaction Thursday nights at 9 o'clock and USA today never really in drama and that really when you kill it should be drama if you're. Well thank you very -- as opposed -- I suppose maybe just -- some time off maybe needs some time away with your significant. Because like vacation time with the best vacation -- Morgan I'll -- gosh and I you know I'm Wendell Christiane. Picture posting but you know it's just a darn fine taking each it was going to be it but do you Greg do you end up using only vacations. We do now but I remember leaving. Them on the days on the table and part of it is he just. Can't get everything done in time in order to -- even get out of town you know how hard it is just to be prepared -- go on vacation yeah you know -- new study -- says just half -- last -- on vacation days. It didn't surprise me even and were on vacation. Weird check those emails were let you know take -- phone calls were not just getting off the grid like you -- when you're on vacation. On -- approximates their friend were going to be fall so far behind we get back. That -- -- there's -- possibility we -- -- field -- just as we didn't keep up with everybody you know I think -- -- our sales represented effect at three station where -- broadcast was. Probably saddened that I didn't. Completely remove myself when I was on vacation in Colorado less time 'cause I kind of took things into my own hand in and day he didn't. Did sit down for a -- at a moment ago. I was to sadly it was you know and we've we've since had a big come by -- moment and it's been wonderful and I love him to -- I know they're human and in the -- healthy for -- to that time off I mean as it was time to many many people. Come through your argument you know cash for so -- particularly women. You've antennae go out of concern for school attending business going and everything else you don't have time for yourself. In the when you're on vacation a lot of us like me happen to plan our schedule this is what we're gonna do this is are gonna go. And I seem like and working even when convocation of again ever shared this with you but you work out. Out of morning radio a couple of years prior some. Mean departing -- -- and when I would take vacation in the last year or so maybe in the last couple years and had nothing to do with my final exit from the radio station. My boss as a way of being funny which say. You know -- he's not doing. You begun and we can vacation may think -- -- commitment to make it big like that. It was like. Don't really needed to be a pretty hot -- Fun. Chill and a lot of companies don't carry this vacation days over. Are used to very few of them dale I know it and when we first start I think you -- use them and you could carry him over -- -- either using or you lose and not on any. -- my sister works for hospital and not only. A vacation days specific issues like -- 120 hours in six days. Want to do what with I don't now I need their dish she -- yet they carried over that's good that's nice amicus -- serious illness or something that happens you can use -- You know some companies of course you can lower your hours out to others so that it has vacation -- like hello. Please -- -- -- -- -- set to yes and frequent flier miles yeah maybe vacation home you're not using right now. -- clean up after herself it's star Steve Blake Harry McKenna and you at the radio edition will be back here in just. 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This is a limited time offers -- don't wait. Call amber right now 189705130. That's 1897051301809705130. -- -- -- This is -- Member of the -- You know -- Sent down chopped down on the panel chocolate bathroom those that microphone make your -- let's -- extensively Mary McKenna and EU at the radio this doctor. -- The biggest names in Hollywood all the -- In the story you won't hear any -- This week's Hollywood can play. Kristin Hersh we knew was gonna happen we just worked thinking it was gonna happen so soon Diane Sawyer already sent her synar yeah. She didn't -- I'm what is going on vacation but that he didn't sign up the other night -- world news it was a day earlier than expected. But -- don't act like outlook and injecting it. Thank every line and -- bury her that he anchor chair or I'd be here. But that we. Are out. It was kind of interesting one of the news reports it said and I quote dressed in a color block dress of startling yelled over black. You know when Dan rather retired I don't remember what you were not sure anybody reported on the yes no -- Any -- -- -- weird area I think back I interviewed at area under some dancing at the start yesterday of course -- and it -- I'd -- reporter for fox. And she said I get out all the I'm like how like you girl -- the -- The -- and -- -- you know election that I didn't -- to make up chair. They're wearing closed -- my mind number mark it and I am -- accurate or you change like a double standard. Oh absolutely it is you know speaking of being a woman speaking of motherhood and Jennifer Aniston recently said motherhood isn't the only measure on the woman's worth. And boy that's no doubt about that -- in an interview to share with The Today Show. Here here you know I mean I think people always and that report and an engine in pregnant on every cover every apple. -- not. Here. I don't report it and she showed up with like a little can't eat it -- Rick market that. And let's talk about what little it likes it so I don't -- I -- -- Al. She's like a lot about it like for like. You know he likes the old by any point like and per child or anything else like that so I checked achievement and polite that she more. Yeah she didn't -- she didn't have a baby and she also didn't. To get the husband Brad Pitt now married off officially right. Yet they are actually very big -- last week and -- -- -- we were all busy Emmy -- been beyond you to court everything out. You know -- air lady luck keeping -- -- and and I hear that -- probably am. And they -- But they -- -- -- bare outlines -- that ain't been leaking since 2008 for their hunting with all of it out so. You know on Angelina and Brad keeping their own lady right there -- And good for them because now I don't have to see people -- -- with all the different wedding pictures and stop I don't care. Really thank you get make every other elite are on -- caliber I will -- in the big league covering like going up. Upcoming any ground stop. On -- -- ad nauseam at Nazi and somebody's not getting married in meant it is such uncle lucky I guess. When you make a million dollars an episode you can buy better girlfriend. Yeah the timing interesting -- you could see. Our. A million dollars an -- that showed the what you might do -- maybe I will be Ingle. Yeah. Well they're making out like that that you get it -- culprit here Charlie garner. And EU LA. And it in Hollywood and it's one and it being an I would love Eric prairie -- always. We respect each other. But on that -- become like BT line will we like that being out. Not a. Now the interesting the title if we hear an -- -- Big time. You know. I think she's starting to realize what an -- and you were career. You know she at a time after she won and need backwards -- -- and act mean like our -- All right are great at it -- -- -- any nomination is human and you know -- I doubt you've been out of the out of that he'd been allowed back and Oprah that she now -- In. Eagle weird -- -- deep -- eight future meaning like -- paparazzi shot. -- -- And I think that you know issued a second -- future -- I don't director. At -- urged. And I -- -- but it's social media and paparazzi in -- of doing that friend Reid wants to. Put that on their. They spoke to major tweeted out what is she just can't believe that any lawyer actually took the case -- -- a six million dollar lawsuit against -- I guess she's dropped it but. Still it's like not -- were they I don't think. It you were ready I think she can do like he could do it and I think that it would then. Give. 88 imply it and sort of promote -- -- on court partnership. When he used the photo like that but. It's -- -- like. -- -- We appreciate it hasn't always thank you so much -- have a great week that's the Hollywood blinked with -- -- on the radio this. Well. It is done for the dirty dishes brought to you by the mop bucket 812 armour road in North Kansas City. If you've got pants -- need to get liquid aligned trust us it gets -- more than just the stain gets out the smell it goes right down of the carpet pad. Liquid alive only at the mop bucket dot com. Okay. You know we were talking about vacation time earlier in -- -- believe that time on the table they are either not tests they can get their act together and -- to in order to take their vacation time or maybe they're scared to -- I'll be there when they get back. Well now there's pediatricians. Who are looking at not only vacation time in how many days kids spend in school because. August used to be done vacation month or -- and they start sooner and if -- in sports good lord or band is start way early on no doubt about it now they want to also start looking at the start in the release times of school because adolescents are currently they say severely sleep deprived. With 87% of the high school students getting less than the recommended eight and a half 109 and a half hours overnight I would kill for that and half hours. And the reasons are varied but a lot of that is. You know you'd go to class and then when you get out of class you've got after hours. If you're in drama -- fury in band if fury in sports if you wanna do anything on a social level and then you can also get your homework and talent and your parents would like to show for dinner occasionally and and for biological reasons it it's it's really difficult pertains to fall asleep before 11 o'clock. Then once they're in bad. You know how this goes with us you have yourself on next to you and you get your friends texting an economic and stuff. And the the key Allman Nikita didn't sleep at this alone at night and keep in your bedroom turn the phone off and -- -- -- You shouldn't even be on an iPad which I think is hard now with a lot of but that blue light that is emitted from -- iPad is very disturbing to -- See Katie in rhythm as far as. Your press like -- -- out of whatever else you know I'm gonna tell us what's your read every night and that's -- let me -- there trust me -- pulled that out of work that's absolutely the start a class thing yet. Pediatricians are saying after 8:30 in the morning nothing before after -- before 8:30 in the morning I think that's great my mom used to have to come upstairs. And with throw a swapping. Stopping wet cold wet -- a lot of in my face -- to get me out of that I love it stressed me out just a little bit did you know I made me -- time of stress -- this Ralph Lauren has a new team that shows quote. A stressed you are. Mean when that wash -- hit my faith or what that T would say yeah apparently had a personas are and that cooking and you know if you're stressed you're sweating under the arms anyway so who wants to see that. This is actually use a Smart -- it's -- gauge your heart rate and your inspiration. It's very interesting they're -- for some ball boys take on the tennis courts. To run back and forth and that's where they came up with this whole idea to see with the stress levels found -- really incidentally starting to sell these soon its Canadian tech company. It's going to be launched earlier look at this here that develop missile technology behind the -- -- shirts that are going to be coming -- very shortly I can see wearing those in. In the office during contract and those who we. Yeah not follow up pace to break out in a good -- -- -- -- up and Andy Biggs -- -- in my neck like. And I'm perfectly calm -- down -- you have. And dealing and the ones that we are we just turn the red you can help that's -- June companhia icon and I absolutely fine you know has nothing to do with the amount of Florida have in the water the CDC applauding me. Adding a floor right to our water supply. Big health triumph right no he's a tooth decay but now they say. Chloride might actually be making us dumber. Really you know it's almost. -- lower and -- water -- -- -- yes Scientific American is reporting now that. Excessive chloride. Is a leading to a reduction in children's I Q -- interest and there's a study that says anything about anything and you know that I read a study that said that. Well I -- it's I think -- has now. And it's on the Internet of course with which needs to be true. And I gonna use that excuse as dumb and dumber so you know maybe that says maybe it's -- and -- a beer name since. Editors the marriage is dumbed down it would be pretty. Believable we want to thank our guest today for being here on the radio dish thank -- so much for joining us and of course like us on FaceBook absolutely learn -- -- Kim Curtis and of course you know music and main streets and becoming -- all next week and so mark your calendars plan that for Saturday night Patrick we will see you they air on September. 6. Thank you now she's a keeper of the calendar and she's my mom -- -- -- Darcy Blake Mary McKenna and you at the radio -- that Hamilton. Next week. Are provided by Robert McCain now with the new lady looks a lot in Westport and I am feeling good on radio.

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