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KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>Life As You Own It 8.27.14 Segment 2

Life As You Own It 8.27.14 Segment 2

Aug 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right we're back live for you opponents out mark McDougal Greg Miller thanks for checking -- that remember you can podcast show you can check us out on YouTube and if you want the latest. -- stay really today you can follow us on FaceBook or will even tweaked -- Will send you the latest information about you you kind of shows information now. And doubt we appreciate if you share like if you want it's. Though we think is the wealth of information that's afforded to you. I continued -- each -- -- can -- with your friends and family. You can share the snippets that you can find out online or you can just tell them too well. Check this out and its unions via satellite I heart radio. Com podcast what's our other fantastic tune in radio and my heart trio you'd know it's. On the data biggest pleasure with one of the biggest -- we get from doing the show I will share with the listeners is that. Those of you listening out there in Alaska and New Jersey California Texas where your -- We get these phone calls on the 800 number 800 either this town people write it down pretty yourself phone in hit sand. And he saved it later on -- for context. 1802706425. When we get those calls from people saying hey I'm in a pinch or I'm looking at making the decision and I wanna make the right decision and I talked with someone right now. In get some advice we can call 24 hours a day seven days a week you're not gonna necessarily get me or mark on the phone at 3 AM on Wednesday but you can get a call back from us the very next morning so. Please -- we encourage you whether to Famer and member of yours yourself. Co workers have raised the pitch past the number on culture self. Does matter where you live if you get a mortgage scenario financial situation -- advice we wanna help you that's one of the biggest pleasure we get from doing the shows -- reaching out not just what you hear and learn. But when you reach out to us and we're able to provide solution. -- Craig now Wednesday is a good time to -- car because it was a big weekend for car dealerships to try to. To try to entice. Those of you in the market to make that new car purchase it is and again and not on -- -- -- right -- is that there -- -- there are -- the dealers -- at the end of the -- sometimes -- -- defectors -- some don't. Where they sell certain number Carson is certain -- get an additional bonus on every car that they sold. After that point or other types of flat bonuses that they get sometimes there's a -- doses for the sales management staff where the sales people so. End of the month is usually crunch time in their training at those numbers are trying to break some record -- have something to brag about. And as you get closer to the end of the year as a model changeover happened like it is right now and at the end of the month and in three weekends like this yes. Dealers are looking to sell cars they're gonna stretch a little moral to give for their tree -- you trade unions worth and what the say the car for to get out there you're gonna do it it's -- right -- -- -- car. And look into it but don't do so. Without follow these tips we're gonna give you right now folks number one. Don't buy dealers extended warranty now some dealers are here in this right now they're mad at me for saying that. That extended warranties deathly profit center for the finance department in the dealership as a whole. And I'm not saying you should never buy an extended or -- that they'll never pay off but the chances of them paying off is slimmed it down that's why it's a profit senator. And that's why they're sold so. Began buying that extent a war team percentage wise of what what the car's worth what you pay for that thing it's likely will not pay off. Most field on in the keeping the same vehicles along as they think in the never use it. Number two. Don't negotiate based on monthly payment alone that's the first thing the dealers gonna wanna do is that they can keep your eye off the ball of what am I getting from my car and went in my paying for yours. In doing the math based on the research you've done and all that. Indeed -- focus just on your budget and a payment itchy like you find yourself -- years -- across from the finance guy and you're trying to do -- France in the car for the next 25 years your life and -- has increased so I'm exaggerating but seriously folks don't negotiate a payment here's what you. You do research on your car. He. Make sure you know -- -- looking for shop around look at a few different cars may be visited dealer Q I don't think you'll get ahead by visiting a town of dealers by the way you'll end up spending more money on gas in your time. But just make she did your research ahead of time before you make those visits and you should be able to get your best do that way. Do you Nat folks. Caved in on your trading price don't give in if you've done your research if you check in you looked on. Maybe online sales sites and other things from what -- on four. You should really get a general idea between book values although those aren't always a 100% actor in fact they're probably about 50% accurate. The market trends are up to date sometimes on those but you can usually look around and see what things are selling for now you know -- can -- retail for your car that you're trading -- So don't expect if you see it on eBay here on some type of online car. Web site. A car suffered 151000 dollars just like you drive. The you're gonna get 151000 for Iran begin twelve in the immediate twelfth five -- you're gonna have to leave little margin in the -- to recondition -- car and -- but still don't just give inning giving away. If you hold fast what you think your car's worth. Now I will say a duke in the middle of all these -- is to shop around enough and do enough research as I mentioned earlier. So again just honing in on that. Make sure that you have visited enough dealerships to get your facts on your trade in especially. So that you can compare what one dealer says vs the other by the way I'm a big fan of working on your trading first if you know you're gonna trade Eckart a not so self. Did the beating down on the on the car front -- words the basis that were starting from right now what am I gonna get for this thing because if you've got to pay off on it. With the of equity -- don't have equity all that's gonna factor -- you know that right out of the gate. -- -- Don't go alone if you're not experienced if you're if you're not a good negotiator. If you're someone who hasn't done this very often in -- intended. Cave under pressure or not do well with slick quick salesman. Don't go alone take somebody with yet. That knows what to talk about don't take the pain in the -- annoying person with you though that. Thinks they can bully everybody around and tries to show off for UT just a knowledgeable. Friendly person who wants to work with the dealer to -- work help you to get your best deal summit cares about you that's not gonna be. A pain in the dealers but the price is -- at the curb. Also if he can avoid buying new sometimes it pays off not always make sure if you're gonna look -- used cars. Again you know the reliability ratings on that car he taken in consideration of the mileage on the car and over a condition that car. The buying new. Sometimes an advantage oftentimes buying these is going to be a better deal for -- and lastly. Don't rush. People get in a big hurry to smell that new car since the overtakes their mind it. And therefore you know it they are in that car driving down the road to look at -- paper they paid too much heart folks like Asia will be back in a -- The our friends we are back slapping you on -- hate to wrap -- up on the card -- thing I'm on the disabled something that maybe the car salesman out there listening to show. The the management staff is when he choked me right now that are run in a cartoonish about their own work in a lot of hours worked really hard I'm gonna say. On behalf of the dealers. There are some great dealerships out there really do do their business is done well they've their standards are much higher. And they used to be its first customer satisfaction dozen guys there just isn't as much margin in market in these automobiles as Younis think that there is. Compared to other retail products that you purchase. And I'll see I always have found it interesting that people will spend two or three days straight driver and part English car dealership negotiating into all this stuff. And -- to save two or 300 dollars but then they'll go right out and go by TV. That has way more market and it without checking your looking for any sales or check in online do anything in -- to 300 dollars more for that. It's just kind of funny how how people do this on a big ticket item they're worried about that and then on other stuff they don't cell -- and technology things -- guys. Again if you do your research to -- with the right attitude he should do to find people who want to work with you wanna make she get a good deal make sure -- happy when he went down there. There it is again friends -- again this should he stay or should you go. Mark. Should -- Drag all right my -- you ready -- I am OK I'm ready. -- instead of -- in Mexico email that I -- 200000 dollars on my house worth 250 to two or 60000 I have -- four and 3830 year loan. And have no plans to move. I was offered three and seven -- on the thirty year and three and three -- on a fifteen year. I don't want my payment to increase and the closing he seemed really high to me should I stay or go guys grass yes. Grenades. Days days days. You don't need to refinance your four and 31030 you don't -- payment increase I'm not uncertain based on that statement alone that you're not just swimming in cash every month at the end of the month that you don't know what to do with their 415 year can be. Potentially get return on investment the Smart thing for Reeves sit tight. At four and three -- Ordered lower your rate you would have to pay closing costs and fees you would have to pay points in -- not gonna drop that -- enough to compensate or get the money back any time soon. So sit tight -- you're doing pretty -- your forgery and thirty year all right good stuff. -- -- Yes there you know by car this weekend right. I'm not let some other people do in get a good deal and I was sure that stuff with them okay medical bills making music yeah enemy noxious mark. You know that are sometimes you get that little notification in -- like what is heartland to credit such and such such such and you didn't. Even know what. That's the bill exited the bill existed folks. This is a common occurrence so while we've got some suggestions on how you can make sure those medical bills that do not. Ruining your credits on the first thing you need to do is if you go to two to get medical services whether it's emergency room or whether it's your position. Please make sure they've got the proper billing address go over the details with a -- its trust me you're not feel like your child's not the only just going you go -- like -- make sure they take care of it. They will if they don't get you the Diller get paid if there's gonna send over to collection agency and some of them. -- I mean I don't know how many times through the years. I've. Gotten a notification from a a collection agency never went over to collection yet fortunately. But I was never even contacted by the the doctor's office to begin with. So it makes her that to you cover that -- is the billing in the doctors thought she asked them will there be any additional billing so pleased. Here's my current mailing address please let me know what it is and should I expect. I'm correspondence from you or is it gonna come from another outsourced billing company -- panic when you get one of these. But don't blown off don't assume oh my insurance is covering it I'll be good to go -- as it does eventually go from a a -- agency who also can ultimately be a collection agency it's when they reported to the credit bureaus as a collection. That's when it becomes a problem so let's say they do. They do is turn it over to collection you've not gotten any of the bills from minute Saturday goes to question they say. We've reported you or you have your credit run and you see got a question for a medical contact. First the agency that's wanting the money. Sect if you get no tell them this is erroneous I will pay this immediately did notice I wanted to expunged from my credit record I want proof and then I will pay you. If you get nothing there than go to the position the person had done it. That had placed -- -- I received no correspondents I need you to make this right and work with them. It can get solved you can get remedied but yes -- facing 25. Pieces of mail and threats and you just. Room on the -- that we let -- -- for you put them. On the then there's a -- don't automatically -- -- at least the clock had independent market -- -- with bottom line is. Get the info discuss it when you're there what's billing look like who's coming to gonna make sure it comes to meet what you expect pain what's the timeframe for a if and when it slips through the cracks make sure that you contact that company that sent to tell them I wanna make sure this is reported to the credit bureaus. I will pay this African permits do once governments do you paid immediately if it's been reported the credit bureaus. Tell them I want this expunge from my record before I agreed to pay it if they don't play ball and contact the doctor directly and tell them to make it right. There he'll folks it's did you on the stuff is we need go to the dentist when you go to the doctor when you go to emergency room anything that happens expect that there's going to be some bills generated before you leave. Ask. What bills are gonna throw this to you give me a list of everybody is gonna be billing me for various services that setter -- at a hospital visit especially. Asks them later write it all out for you clearly seeking to follow upon I always follow up on medical stuff within thirty days up there might calendar. And don't ever wanna get hit with some surprise medical Billick can result the collection or some -- fault say. As my insurance paid. Do you have everything you need right now is there anything left over and you'll be surprising that collection that agency says oh no you've got Obama we don't care. Yeah exactly. All right so while Craig you wanna jump into some mortgage terms positive. All right number I have is that has TG what's that stand for get together and GT video of what event or it could be GCG is -- -- go. A fight anti establishment and the Kansas City metropolitan -- still Iran did -- us buddy -- the -- delivers and Izzard it's OK so here -- to cover some common at mortgage terminology that you need to be aware of we can't do as you gonna stay tuned because recover after the break and life is you own it. Keep on hanging out with -- us. Yeah.