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Entrepreneur KC Radio 8.26.14

Aug 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the -- universe you're having fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dreamers and -- -- Better visualize -- had it and be very clear about it money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and tried not to hurt anybody along the way. Entrepreneurs pave the way into the future of the industry start. -- -- our nation plug in and turn on. -- -- -- -- your -- -- entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back it was one of the best decisions I ever made with your host Jason grill -- Kansas City and welcome Cindy entrepreneur KC show I'm your host JC grills. Thanks for joining us today on the team BZ business channel 1668. In in nineteen BZ dot com. Very exciting shortest special guest cohost. Is going to be joining -- a second. John Cheney hurts the partner it -- here it's a law firm -- various DC law firm. John and his law firm our partner up with their own trainer Casey -- -- one of our exciting new sponsors of the show. One of the reasons why I reached out to John is because of the work they do in the treaty with the entrepreneurial community in the business to be. With legal services and -- I'll be joining us for the entire show today. And bring him in in just the second by wanna just mentioned Kinnear it's Perry. -- law firm are right off the top and excited about that new partnership in growing beyond turner KC show as we move forward throughout the rest of the year. Guys you can find all world shows that -- easy dot com there's a link on the right side to the podcast page. Are we had some really exciting interviews with some big CEO's in Kansas City is -- entrepreneurs. From all different types of industries. And I'm very excited the depth podcast is being put up directly after our show. And throughout the years seemed -- came easy dot com to find -- those podcast. You can also connect with me on. Twitter at JC grill and honesty Graham at entrepreneur Casey sees me on Twitter actually at our trainer Casey. And also at Jason grill. Very excited for today's show wanna get into our guests like I said in the first segment we will have. John tears from -- it's Perry talking about. His law firm and all the things are doing in Kansas City has some exciting new news. And you know John I think its about times is to -- Syria to bring you in here tuchman our other guests today. Welcome to show John thinks travelman after year on year in this -- segment we get into it really kind of the nuts and bolts of how you can help people can hear it's very. Talked till we're going to be talking to you testing finale of the marketing strategist. From VI marketing and branding. They are heading a really a cool event on September 5. And they are marketing for any firm based in Oklahoma City and have offices in Colorado Springs and Kansas City. They're gonna have an event on September 5 majority in and that a really cool space. In between re your hotel a reader restaurant. Eighty in their offices -- an aggressor -- in 1914 main press -- -- they're gonna have a band they're gonna have food from the rear really -- small plates are gonna have liquor license at all I think -- -- fifth from five and nine. Or any ended that with Kathleen why they're doing that they're building a new apartment complex how luxury apartment complex in this exact same space I think they're breaking ground next month John. So we're gonna talk more about that it's real exciting with all the new development going on downtown. There's a lot out of downtown and there's tons of stuff -- a lot of new apartments going -- lecture apartment -- and see how. The marker reacts to the rental rates and -- not grant incentive with all -- going up -- we handled right now I think there's is a general frustration and all the construction. I mean I think it's awesome so is also you know they'll be on main street the same street as the streetcar. Kathleen can -- from a VI marketing and branding will join John and I in the second segment. I in the third segment today we will have Eric Willy who's the GM of blue stem of the restaurant Tories in the restaurant industry's entire life. Blue -- looking in Westport is one of the finest restaurants in the United States their shift was named one of the was named the best chef in the midwest. The James Beard award winner I believe and recently John they were name one of the six most iconic restaurants in the United States to remodel of their. Their business this year the restaurant right -- -- and wondering singing and so Ericsson call on the show and talk about his background what it's like to basically run a restaurant a very high and restaurant. Being entrepreneur in that sense. And talks about what's going on a blue stem it's is just it's one in my favor Clancy restaurants and it's located in Westport and we're gonna get into some clever to stuff they're doing as well and I know you're a fan of -- him as well I'm a big fan of boost. And so we're gonna have Eric who runs the show over there and our third segment today. In our final segment today we will have continue with our restaurant -- entrepreneur Earl. The real. Restaurants coffee -- -- we're gonna have. Vote Nelson the owner of without may just coffee roasters Brett who receive without the -- -- answer oh yeah he's he losses must she the iconic an ominous mustache were we were gonna talk to him about this really cool his story you know traveling in white came back to Kansas City and you know his his -- was an architecture on farming into him in just crazy you know background but he's got this really cool. Space now in the crossroads and it's a grinder is and the crossroads. Music venue and Brent where it's at a coffee shop but it's also like a bar to have two levels what's concerts that in. I I actually it's -- but -- office out of and it's a super cool spot. It is I've been a couple times. The coffee is excellent. I've gone it's great Willie -- the other lesser known coffee I heard a little bit about a story about going to be pretty interesting yeah. He's he's dishing guy and we'll have him in the fourth segment today. I'm -- attitude that they're trying to like make bars like these to be. Brad three dollar boulevards to throw line and without like being a college -- -- and a higher and they have a cigar lounge apparently there. So get and all that was -- Nelson from -- it's our last segment itself. Without further ado let's get started here on the show. John I really excited to have you on as a coast one beach is -- your relationships. With the -- New York -- -- too because of your background in Kansas City. And you have a unique story you've you obviously come back here correct and so for our listeners who don't know you. You're gonna be hosting a show month with me. Tell me about your background and kind of how you -- came back -- -- -- in about your law practice and a sure. So. I grew up in Kansas City group and and -- Kansas -- which of course if you travel outside of Kansas City tell people that -- from Kansas City. I hope so guys that's why I live in Missouri and present whatever news is that -- Alec Kansas license for fisons in my car very in my wallet and get a New Yorkers some -- The lady at the -- are always so you're from -- is yeah -- -- time. So I was in private practice for a few years. I'm hearing Kansas City and men. Went to work for an entrepreneur. Based on Kansas City as well did that for about four years now as General Counsel. For a local company and then went out to Laguna Beach where I was while working as an in house attorney for the private equity firm. And about a year and a half and is considered paradise for most people it is it is that I actually -- beach will now now working as a lawyer but it's going to be. Or his lawyers -- viewers don't know is not considered paradise but the location yes. And still never been there civil and and in Newport and Huntington there -- it's -- Laguna. It's well at all 'cause the same element of Sarah are artsy -- yeah all right very good restaurants and is. I'm so anyway move back to Kansas City Star mining law firm which was something. Then our thought I always -- one -- would wanna do at some point and my partner to bring Perry was available. From Wichita has been in Kansas City quite sometime. And so we literally started. From a folding table like any other start this -- I have a picture it's pretty fun I'll share with you but. So you know we we basically. Made some phone calls me a lot of connections in Kansas City and our legal working Kansas City ends and told. Some are now clients that we were doing. When we were gonna start a law firm did it and there are times disappearances answer you guys were located in Prairie Village your credit and now a year now you're in the class. -- is open an office yes so we just knew down to four Tony Nichols road were right about right next to a notch. -- chocolate company. And gunshots there before he's on this is. -- just a handful prior trial -- also they also coffee. But it's a really cool really to look -- guys -- You know when you're on the plaza shopping you don't really realize. -- -- offices on most of these -- are on the second floor. Yes is -- out or is a cigarette -- fort Johns offices like one of those. Really new upscale like you know obviously been developed very nicely -- recently yes well. It's week coming -- lucky if it's a really nice that you would never know if you destroy walking on the street that there is a really nice office on the second floor he never announced thought. So so here is that just -- -- you website is skinny hurts KE NN YHERTZ. Perry dot com and the sick desperate need to. Yeah so actually we just got a new website were doing some. As CEO. Entering the the tech world -- the overhang the marketing or ride and drive it well -- you know that probably takes this. To the next subject which is some of the work that we do for entrepreneurs and you know first things first people have to know about you what you do where you are men so. I was speaking with another mutual friend of ours -- -- and about doing some of this. As CO work to get ourselves out there to the public and so. We were really company called reached local -- that basically does kind of a local SE oh. Web site basically so we had a website we gave it to to reach local and made. Do what they do to revamp it and we give him a couple subjects that we want to be. Featured in featured -- in and come up and organic search so what are those things that you focus on a -- -- very off from. So I try I mean what ideas mostly transactional work right so. Kind of nerdy but I was teacher's assistant for contracts -- into law school and was in the business school K you so. Business and laws always kind of been. And where -- focused and that's where continue to focus so we do a lot of work for. For entrepreneurs young Kansas City companies in and companies really all over the country just because some of our car large and -- yeah I mean we represents them publicly traded companies we represent. You know some mid market companies and of course we represent. You know. Young entrepreneurs are just getting started in you look you know just as of as much as anybody that the young entrepreneurs. Need legal work just as much in the -- and no more lawyers to run our. You eat some it's sometimes it's nice that a law firm that isn't a big big loss for helping you like you know just from an attorney standpoint yeah I mean look because if there's a finances because of personal service. -- -- you know you're exactly right I mean it's there's entrepreneurs there or young you know -- for. Older people doesn't matter with the young ideas like -- is really should say. That comment and ask for our pair up our help and some times or the position or there in a position. On where we can help them other times I've said hey look. I think he'd be in your best interest you maybe think through your idea a little bit better maybe. Come up with a business plan didn't come back to me and then let's get started threat Nazi US GA is do a lot of that and you have there obviously relationships with people obviously in this. You've done major capital you know about that world the private equity world run it right there in Southern California writes so we've also. As hired as a council a guy and then Mark Wilson his former Kansas securities commissioner so. With the addition of mark we have really kind of position ourselves to do a lot of private offering. Work so we do a lot of PPMs and offering documents and and you hope. Young companies with their. Business -- so that they can go out and raise money and you you also we have a minute left in the segment you do some litigation is alone in government enforcement. But you are do you have litigation services are absolutely. And where hopefully adding another litigation attorney here in the next couple of weeks -- your growing. Growing we're trying to grow. In the name of the game in the legal businesses. You gotta have more clients. There right yet have we get out of work can you gotta have. But also the same time it's cool yeah as a working with the entry errors out there and start -- because there's not as many people during that. Rights you know to help grow the -- see the community and help launch corners and hopefully have some success story well there's a ton of growth story army and obviously we're all talk. About some of the growth in Westport but downtown as well also exciting -- John King here it's for -- it's very law firm thinks her joining me today and yeah I think Shura cussing and I'm excited about the shows are a circus in either I until I think we're gonna have some good points. -- be a lot of fun guys thanks for joining us today announced winner -- show. We'll be right back after the break. Welcome back got turner KC show I'm your host Jason girl on censor some -- John King here it's continuous period law firm John thanks for joining me today. Thanks for having me you great job and our first segment today and our on our second segment and good friend of mine in studio that I've had the pleasure of working with on some projects. With her company that she works for we have. Kathleen finale the marketing strategists from the VI marketing and branding and studio we're gonna talk to her about BI in about exciting event coming up. I in the future Kathleen RE had a great case and Harry good to see you. So first off. Tell sold about what you do at VI marketing and branding and what. BI does in Kansas and assured. And -- as a full service regional marketing partner and that we have offices in Kansas City Colorado Springs our main office in Oklahoma City. We work with a lot of different clients and a lot of different industries I -- in Kansas City we mostly focus on. BD marketing also digital then I NS TI for about two years now. And and the -- any sassy and is fast. The -- innings in the city since about 2011 and right so here in our offense we offer marketing strategy search engine optimization which is TO me and net web development. And you guys have them pretty well I mean just since I know I've met you in here and work with people over there I mean. It's you guys do great work this just let me put -- -- -- endorsement John you know and endorse things announce sooner -- -- itself. Yes you great work and one of the things that you guys have is a really cool off the states I mean you are in the crossroads. You're kind of at the hub of and a world the development is happening right now but that's article these are going to meeting in her off at the eyes you have to -- space or you you enjoy working -- -- -- I love it and then I just a minute that's face ever since he started CIA and in Kansas City. And it's really cool work where honestly in the heart of the crossroads were in the middle of so much development by honoring now. We have the street car that's scheduled to finish next year we have a brain know apartment complex going up right next door asked. There's several apartments going in your grass and there's a lot of development downtown and especially in the crossroads it's an exciting place the right now. Very exciting let's get into. It's your first Friday event coming up on September 5. First of all. How does this come about and show who are your partners and and what's the sustained you. And distance really exciting for me it's something that we wanted to do furlong time. First Friday is is exciting for us it's the heart of our neighbor that it's what's important -- we we value the arts were part of the arts community. He ends. I'm Ryan is really open a first Friday's all the businesses downtown may open their jurors they -- galleries we have local artists and are usually -- this businesses that this month for September we are you spending all that different. So we won -- -- have a live outdoor concert. So we started tart talking to some Bernie prayers we talked to some of our friends and we have a great life van -- -- set -- in the parking -- and nineteen. Martinez says this is again just our listeners can kind of picture justices their office and John team pictures well as. Is right by the reader habits are well -- -- -- or your hotel restaurant or manifesto is and there's a parking lot. They're literally sits between the -- and we're VI marketing amber innings offices aka snow and the other guy kind of the German restaurant. Fair Brad and it's kind of by Michael Smith and others and that's -- the main street where it's a 1914 made some great area greater for an outdoor concert who doesn't end there Yahoo! is the man. Band is -- -- band they're good friends of mine and they're great guys they're really talented and they just got back from Lincoln as arcs they had huge concert there this weekend for. Mentioned people one in the docks there were what. What are that he's almost the end yeah. You get an. I doubt I'm I'm going there tomorrow just so that the group known serial for a delivered them like as our ex justice for two day trip and I'm back for winning on Sunday so. It usually you're getting married now I'm not getting the melanoma that is -- champion -- Canada but anyways back to the story here so first Friday September 5 your partners are first sector gonna have a band. The -- -- -- and. The Grammy band they'll be playing bias for people who -- stop I grabbed some food and drinks were gonna have a whole outdoor sat. We have tables chairs we have entertainment. And then their reader is going new provide food and drink for the event so they're gonna have all kinds of like many dishes so little things you can grab and go eat on the ago. Bring an -- sit down at a table enjoy that and they're doing and smoked William read this they're doing pulled parts damage is stuck fat cattle corn they have all kinda sad that they're doing special for our. Right the reader does a great job and I'm assuming they'll be people leading there for Tracy's so you pregnant on foot traffic -- I have. And at the restaurants round there was should be today. After their readers really wanted to do something where they've taken their sit outside and until this event they haven't really had a good way to do it so. As a great opportunity for them to gay innocent people stop by sample their food. For us to get people you know and it's -- not -- time. So this'll be in the parking lot now tell us John you know you can you jump in here because I know you're. You're an attorney that deals a lot of different types of development and people here and city bit. Tell us about. This parking lots of this parking lot has now been become an apartment complex high and our understanding why yes so warming in a park we have ten meetings. That's seriously so this Fargo where the parties actually going to be held on first Fridays from her fist is gonna turn into a apartment look -- apartment. So every down next month so this kind of a last chance -- really go all out how to get it back out there. We worked with a guy is I had that 1914 main street apartments and third they're really excited for this project are really excited kick off and we're actually ninety is this event to reveal their building plants as a public for the first time so we're going to be sharing knows. They will be there to talk to people gifts and information and and and then -- his interest in the apartments a -- sneak -- It's one of the weathered there's other development going on down there -- right. There's attack and so within the next two years there's going team. There could be up to 6000 new apartment units to -- in the downtown area and they will be Disney in at 1914 name will be about 44 units. On a live downtown so. The more people down there contrary to what most people might think I like having more people down there right during the day downtown is. Busy they're nine except for power and -- a lot of times it's or down in the crossroads there you know yeah this little pockets -- IRS there's an article in the New York Times John. Until last week I think about the more deals moving intensity and and the amount of apartments you know you have the one night going in -- you have the these 1914 main street apartment you have the north point developments in the power like building brand they've finally. Finalized an easy and a million dollar project is at the commerce -- that they produced and does another 12000 dollar and let's -- So idea -- there's like it to set like 6000. New place to -- wishing to see how that all pans out with. With the development and you'll -- two more like restaurants are more. You know that's the places -- -- tumor for traffic and a half's driving Israel importance and more events like this sure sure sure so. Again -- so got a minute and a half fourth Kathleen let's over again. All the event details and how people can connected to this big event on September 5. That's playing bank he said September -- it's a Friday as celebrating first Friday. Or anti demands in the nice summer weather not so here publicly I would tell -- be certain brands are at 5 PM today in a start playing in their inning guy until about 9 PM. I've heard to a great friend there may be some fireworks at the end and I close to 9 o'clock that's people stick around your humility after our -- not as well. And the through we've provided by the reader reader is going to be pretty low price it's grabbing ago then. And drinks will be available to you if you fassel other regulations yeah permanent side considering the event as -- when asked and that we generous and 16100. -- they're very exciting. And so it's 21 happened that and people can can check out the music sales on you I enjoy that there's tables chairs -- -- the test. -- -- farmland and you also get a sneak peek of the building renderings and plans for the new 1914 main -- departments as well. He's trying to celebrate our development our neighbor had hands. Really. You know have a great time with our neighbors our friends and obviously out of FaceBook invite guys on my FaceBook -- of my friends to attend and then. Will quickly tell us again how to connect with via a marketing -- any -- this -- can check out more information at V I -- Kansas City. The guy who loves Casey dot com. And that's all the information they -- and now also gets you to our web site. Very cool look Kathleen finale from the marketing Randi thanks for joining us -- -- trainer Casey showed congratulations on the upcoming in this. Thanks Jason thinks having me the problem we write back and entrepreneur Casey -- Welcome back to Josh -- KC show on Jason grill your hosts along side. The special -- so send. One of this Kansas city's finest John junior turn -- it's very law firm for our third segment today we're talking a lot about fusion restaurants and that's gonna continue -- an -- all subjects very dear to my heart I am. I am hungry as we speak here today on. Next guest is a really great Kansas City and he is he -- in the city -- I've met them. -- while back right 567 years ago. He and I have kind of remained close. He has a really cool were restaurant that he GM's now and some let so many lists Somalia some yes you're right that's. This song for short it's -- -- some. And my French is not very good job. Obviously you have Mormon French accent and ended. And we have in studio we have Eric Willie and that is trounced Willie not Wylie how wiley and why is because the -- is. Well the I don't Wylie there's one -- Wylie there's two wells and Willie cement that these senators all the difference. After if there's no difference we have Eric. Will leave the GM and complicit. And -- in beautiful sport. Kansas City district how are you there. I'm doing well thank you bullets and it's good to have you on the show either -- to have you on one because -- blue stem into because I think you have a cool. Got to take on entrepreneurship in -- on in the restaurant world. I'm we usually talk about -- we talk about product would talk about all different things that. We don't really talk about like just running it you know basically running a restaurant and it's kind of what you do it -- close and so. Tell us about your background and then tells about will boost -- is and where it is. -- arms and basically I in the restaurant business. Amount of relief. From Golisano -- that the National Golf Club on for number years. And that's kind of where we met because I got invited to play golf thirty times when I was elected official John. And the good old days Fredricka I I think -- -- my club's tournament prize didn't barter clubs I was a very novice golfer -- and still Lambert now I have my -- set stuff. But obviously couple years ago one call a million decided to open -- restaurant and Tom Colby. -- center and calling and making murals decided to open -- and pursue that vision. V we talked a little bit and we thought it was -- sets off. When they move forward with our -- -- -- -- -- some essentially in my predecessor during Milan went onto -- right. But it's a rise in the woods that's correct that's the same the same -- -- that business is well yes so uncle Lehman Gerald snows and of Colby and Reagan's. Take on midwest roots are fair and TO to get back to there a midwest roots. Actually some changes some changes going on blues and to Europe. Yes always silly I mean I haven't been there since his change has been made actually a east India very. Added -- the Sunday brunch the front there there -- -- Erica does a great job of that and for a time their job and I actually was bringing a different date and just getting obviously but -- always made everyone feel special all of must -- guess the out of a year ago we actually we're looking at -- improvements into the restaurant. A lot of more structurally is building is old. We have floors -- and this and that and then now we actually decided that on the time is gonna take to reduce floors. I'm and to be shut -- the kitchen when -- remodeled the entire thank. So are your plans the other kind of budgets together got architect and what from there. So we just -- we shut down the first of April and reopens on June 4. What. What is the response been from the Canada boost immersed because. For those of listening and haven't been -- before a booster is. Highly you know regarded restaurant in the in the restaurant industry and therefore stars from the firm you know that. All the different magazines and the star and Casey magazine -- -- awards every year so what was -- spots because I was like field said I tell IK at the bar. Yeah there's a plan -- soldier about I'll feel bar and and and the white tablecloth service so said the pill -- I was on -- a little more on modern direction because on you know we -- and you know we won't want to our approaches on one it needed the they need to be. The functionality of the restaurant on these -- work and on -- design was then with that does with the -- -- functionality. As far as pitching goes. And then you know we've we've knocked out some walls revolt in the kitchen up the so I think your response bomb obviously I think there. 99% of them the people think it's amazing almonds are gorgeous face. And you know we have both been very very few that the like you just -- into and -- and I feel I haven't seen anyone yet. Just -- got to get a -- state senators sent a very very -- within the next president voters view are opposing -- I think -- take a lot of the times and on the -- so it's like it's all open now there's no -- bar area in the front -- -- the -- everything -- -- the -- the bar and the -- -- down here and on but if you're in the dining -- now you have open look at the kitchen and then. Ourselves. Working on fears and don't play it's gorgeous what about menus it channels the menu is exactly you sent out now. We're still doing were selling casual fare in the bar. Should regrets hangar steak. Burger and a down here and still tasting menu format three fire ten course on -- optional on pairings. And was how well the sound of the wind is here -- Somalia which would Richard at the beginning I did actually done. There's not all our restaurants in Kansas City correct me if I'm wrong they have a GM that's also arms consider some. Right sounds good. So JJ as you see one of the best places in Kansas City for one elites that's wearing suits that live right next door yeah so you know resist. The concept of odd -- minds and duties and -- obviously. Is we know we've kind of some of ourselves apart and the few cities in the Houston market. The American defined as the same and some similar restaurants but on a consistent basis you know that's what we do we. We terror food and wine. To better enhance experience where did you get your training. On the job training. -- entrepreneurship that's -- was so it's also about what it's like kind of running a restaurant. So companion Dalia I mean it's it's it's it's a grind the a lot of employees -- who worked with obviously didn't. Yes slowly in the restaurant business I liken because. -- different aspects is that. Om nom de you're operating a business on your talk to your customers. I'm trying to experience enhance there experiences there's -- fastest. I mean I'd say with with lose them. It's a lot different because on -- we pride ourselves on on on -- and service so it's instant Cindy tell. And you know we try to make ourselves better each day. And so and that regard with which was and as of this little bit different notes and writer restaurant. What about. All of this growth that's going on in Westport and you guys Sina uptick in your business. -- yes definitely I mean any any support we can get and west for it is is amazing you know and and and we love it. Any traffic there really come down there we feel like -- for is kind of growing up. And so that only benefits us because army you know our client -- obviously. A little more grown up as they deserve business professionals so we can attract those business professionals on. Down to west or on senator kids I would say. That only benefits are also having some ball in for fun. And julep down there you you were talking. Those there's new restaurants going in and there's just more of them down there I think now they're used to be that post about this what's for -- series that. You guys the boost and has announced -- recently and obviously a Colby and Megan are on site on death. Absolutely you know we. We're always thinking of ways suited to be different and so a few months ago we decided that you know we want to embrace her neighbors. And so are we reached out we reached out Saddam I'm sewer and where policy or Fonda. On cue -- some law. I'm just outside it was four under one company with what's right Chara and then there while -- Londoner with Michael Harvey you know from the American and is actually from law also with we thought it was important athletes to. That embrace our our our new partners and you -- Richard O'Donnell shut it down assigns Internet you mean there is just I have not. Had me at lunch greener with a couple of clients and net places great -- business using it -- is really good and you know they have the -- solutions -- -- and I think you know where you see him and west or with -- maneuvers is that you see. These you know see Alex open and -- -- and all these cars you see you they have they can see there's a niche in the market for these particular us our restaurants or bars you know whether. It's a whiskey bar. Or nice Mexican restaurant or champagne bar so there are a little niches that I think are miss by corporate restaurants. On a corporate entities and that. Our entrepreneurs who consider capitalizing on. Like collaborative to. Collaboration CLU higher -- you know leave the community Costner. Community and -- city is very very tight balance and the shots -- and the restaurants that are here locally. The sport is tremendous and. I will say I didn't go for Colby's ribs at a charity nanos and a man gaffe. It was it was -- wasn't for the children protection clinic yes -- and I think he gets second. I thought there -- you know so on the big fan of the chef I admit I've been Iraq I think. Allow that it's open now for a few years or yeah -- -- in there and then there a year ago may be for a happier to I think but never had the full. The full deal out of the full -- I experience in its excellent but the zoo's curator at the service -- the space is really cool yeah -- So. You know. Blue stem mean moving on the road DC other restaurants coming out of the Colby and Megan you think -- just that they're happy where they are and you know are you see future growth and I don't know which on the spot I don't know there's there's there's definitely growth and there -- you know I think wants. You don't you see there's a lot of entrepreneurs into city is you know their opening multiple occasions numb and I think that is because on. You know investors and you know and realtors and you know -- bases. They -- dynamic of the local support it down so investors are getting on board. -- developments are getting on board were you know. -- Zia unchained via an anchor on a development neither sing. Local restaurants as those those -- Well would you recommend to us on the menu for first -- So if you're coming on the down side in are definitely -- course on some of the favorites in a little breeze rather -- morally it's amazing. On the pork -- grade we do a good spot to suit. That's amazing and you actually you can get the same massage those three clear phonics Russia. If you're on the are siding get that clarified -- and so on a martini with blocker and well. Alex the brunt Cecil what's your favorite Russia and there so my fear brunch is actually a little news both sides have pork so. As I'm happy that they're amazing yes judge should be -- as a kid we have such an pork which is amazing. But the you know BSN degree it's always a favorite and -- do little earnings -- -- like the biscuits and gravy on simple man put that chicken -- on there yet -- he changed everything. Hey man that's a corner and -- buddy Marion killed oh yeah I actually the boulevard with origins -- Aniston and supporting the local for and yet. Eric do you do you talk a little about the entrepreneurs in Kansas City do you stay involved in the community at all. I'm so why I don't -- hours. And haven't I always know what's going on. You know other. You know it's kind of if you were talking on your restaurants and on this map I use -- on. What's going on on just because where Indian industry in -- or very. Close any also supports skins city's brand on -- where someone wants. I got mine on -- don't well go get a photo laughter then post it on its Seagram and I'll I'll FaceBook page frontrunner Casey his. We all wearing socks and you have something to do this our one on did well some Monaco for a and Narnia the suck -- owns a big supporter of the young trainer Casey should. Along with Kinnear its parent Eric and many minutes hungry. Air Willie the GM of booster and as long as well as the what John. Well Susan as well as the sommelier. Is -- sommelier excellence and tragic accident you sick of bliss and that is -- boosting Casey -- -- outskirts and they're located right now Westport over by -- less traffic going down 900 west borrowed under west for a guys I couldn't balance more for the brunch so check that out. Air cooling from Melissa thanks for coming in showed that he says. We're right back on the on -- Casey -- -- -- Nations. Welcome back to the -- turner KC show on your hosts chasing girls thanks for joining us today and the came easy business channel 1660. AM. And -- came easy dot com. Did a great shows so far -- it's been really good to have a JA Lister guess as sincere -- eight John juniors from junior it's very offer John of even having fun and a now agreed to I don't know if I go so far -- -- a list billion there pretty good job I'm I'm I'm pretty impressed. John has been -- joining a season. Can -- experience a partner of the entrepreneur Casey says so we're lucky to have him in studio today. Our last segment today we are also very lucky we have a gentleman who I met through the a chamber of commerce thinking is -- greater chamber of commerce is axis frontrunner program. He's an entrepreneur while Manny is a lot of things to talk about it aren't true hero world. In Kansas City and has just opened a new are really cool venue in the crossroads. We have a vote Nelson the owner of down -- in Syria today -- its coffee roasters bill how are you today. Very extremely caffeinated are you -- him. So both first off the mustache is gone -- assesses no more than I know that it's the it is gone so I did see today in house like. You know me you know both -- now the last few tees off fears I get rid of the. Yes it makes me makes me. Not none as wise maybe -- I don't know who's in charge anymore the mustache remains that how does a man make the must the muscle that's like the man the most -- had its own Twitter paid it had its own following there is. They did it yes there is pretty intense and followers than he does know really cool so is that is that an acquired taste for the the significant other in your life present on their before I met her was that that was a joke that stuck so yes we kind of actually. Not to rule in the the launch partner outside of its secret but that was an accident they got Brandon all of sudden it was like oh you're the mustache crazy guy. Do the due to copy did you know and so. Remember whether it was one makeup or whether it was on about like people. The one remember my name but they were remember only you're the guy with a mustache. As as a kind of became synonymous with copies. And we just caught our our big experiment it was kind of a branding technique that's not. It's also about your background and you come from an entrepreneurial Stanley cultural background -- Take us from there and we'll get into. Comments yeah my grandpa started and premature nursery back in 1965. And and so I I come from kind of this horticulture agricultural side. My -- -- is currently the owner and operator of it and my Brothers me my Brothers were kind of right behind. Following the footsteps and and my dad and grandpa always said do your passion about not what's in front of him. On the minister earn everything make this work for it I'm nothing is ever given it's always earned and are grown up -- around -- the table it in the evenings. We're talking more about like how to manage people and how to run crews and and how to be a good leader and a manager I'm it wasn't really a normal. Evening at the Nelson household. We usually have friends and families and thirty business people always come and now. There was more of more resume than anything else and and we kind of lived on a farm and -- and acreage so there was always play and work to be done so usually dinners were at 9:10 o'clock at night anyway so we really how odd hours never really took days off. Plans don't take days off we don't take days off. Hard to go on vacations are -- really how to work together -- coming after work as a team has units. That was that was kind of the upbringing. And then. As I got a little bit older you know I was struggling to find that place in the business. Played sports. And to college I'm ran across landscape architecture. And I didn't think -- Smart enough to be regular architecture so that -- -- Challenge accepted and so I went and irregular architecture. And was that you MKC. And then trance was going to transfer to K state that's when I kind of dropped out of that and end up finishing with sustainability and velocity. You Casey and has come about their liberal arts and I wanted to start putting the stuff the test is tired of theories are tired of just a bunch of talking. Is it is just Q -- and it wasn't practical enough so. It off one I'm the most important things I think my grandpa has given to me over these past years is the instilling in us to invest. Invest take care of yourself to carry your money. Like just know where everything is -- no where everything's going have a plan -- you know prepare for the future. You know you always you always hope for the best you prepare for the worst and you're going to be set. So. But that's kind of where I started off and he'd. You still listen as -- paid off all mine. My college stats really quickly. And then I was like -- know while I can gonna travel here went over to. Visit my best friend -- in Zimbabwe Africa and so this was the first time. That I kind of that that I say Coffey found me I didn't find cop I was not going out -- to -- copier mr. someday when I grow up this is predominantly. That's I am. And through this their philosophy -- case is well had to change kind of mind. -- the way I thought about things. United changed my thinking habits has a lot of times I said all here's my plan and that's it and I didn't really leave any -- room for error somebody. Tried to you know. If if I became unfocused and it. They were not. There it's kind of right to push into the side generator I'm I'm I'm got a vision of got a goal so. Well one over to Africa I ran across this copy farms but I was like no on someone's been targets -- goal this thing how many do. Which I did you know that was time. So I came back and I landed in Kansas City. And I just felt this sigh of relief felt like home home right now -- well so lost yeah and I was like well I was planning on actually moving over there I'm. I didn't I didn't know what laid here -- -- you know. It's the don't have mountains and it doesn't have. Ocean oceans 'cause like why oh why -- stay in this this place this is ridiculous and I was. I was just I was frustrated I was angry and I just wanted to see some change and I was sick of the stagnation and I felt so. I was just go like well what better way to do the mirrored to your side of the globe so. -- you -- to come back -- you well I was Gonzalo about the scope it out and just to see if I could find some work actually got a jobs lined out over there and everything and I landed back there in the sense of home minutes I was like what is that the I don't wanna feel that right now I'm trying to move and like that was the last thing that I really wanted to feel better. I spoke. It's not -- -- of that piece that you can't really explain but you're just like man this is written and trying to sort do that to the next couple months when I realized like it's not so much about where you're not so much as who you're with. And so that's when I I was like Kansas City. And in my opinion I'm -- some of the best people on the globe I'm just the way they like to work with each other. The mortar history I did it and digging and Kansas City you know we. Used to launch people into the unknown into the wilderness we've equipped them and we say good luck and here ego and go off into -- you know of these trails of wood off. Into the west and who I still think that same spirit is here today and where were equipping. And were launching people from here a lot of times and seen people come back -- that was my amongst those most amazing time I had with you guys in Kansas City. I'm -- goes along with them you know midway mr. Seamen back here in any started -- may insults about. What it is there and about the location of Californians that I'm just coffee you have this morning who -- and Josh do direct inject now where I just. A slow drip by being. So we know we just kind of did it did at one and done there so. Yeah I I. What does that I was over in Africa and I saw the backside of copy of saudis coffee farms and then when I came back over here my business partner. Who's my current business partners and instill hope -- we were working together family tree and we're out there on the farm and we just stand around talking. And during our lunch break he'd go on there and be roasting -- it'll pop corner restaurant I was. Had no idea what used during. Fast for a couple of years team he moved in and life is moving and changing we still didn't this was not a concrete thing. In a final home roster -- hot topic aggressor and we -- our garage and we are brewing beer we. 4000 square foot garden and and we're just trying to make as many things we could so. I mean we were just the whole idea was a start complaining let's do something about it -- -- is people. I'm going green and I'm -- changing the world does like let's let's see if we can produce. Restarted due in that and that's when this it was all born was in this garage liked drinking beer roasting coffee and talking about life. And we're like the dollars were in the question was like a wonderfully and we can get paid to do this as a joke you know we're like this is gonna have there's nobody who's gonna pay for this is is. This is ridiculous in -- those same thing with the Muster you know it's like this ridiculous -- 1000 ready to take me seriously and so. We ended up and certainly given out to friends and family and the more we did that people just kinda. Like this is the most amazing coffee ever -- -- it does not this isn't bitter and and it actually has flavors to written. Them we started bringing over time people and they did gather in our kitchen and it would be really smoky in there because of we'd be hard boxing with the -- roadster in our kids and you know disputes so smoky in there. And we would bring people over it is copies and the more they did that the more they they became educated as well. We started learning more ourselves and it was really are kind of our. Demo is it is learned by doing a bomb or another way to put jumpers violator. And so that's we've kind of just made the leap here Nantes. And we've been figuring out as we go along so. That's what's fun about it is as this is. It's still kind of a wild west especially in the coffee world there's a lot of really cool science around it and we can go there with people. I can get real dirty about it really quickly but on you know most people just want -- you know the good or bad -- another I wanna sit there like a little. -- and apricots with those -- slight. Blueberry finish and you know that's like I don't taste like -- man bill I don't know this like -- for the community in -- -- and have a happy that the cars and on the other side of the table -- mean it's you know when we're sitting in our garage were like why are we doing this because we want us. How this relationship but at this coffee thing it's just a conduit brings us together so there's this thing that you know the ceremony at set the table you know like the when you go grab dinner with a friend and -- up. So you've gotten to this point nine you have location -- open recently I was kind of a crazy thing we. We were just kind of -- let ISA limping along we're probably flying -- like in my opinion is limping along when we weren't profitable we weren't. Really do any serious -- no no bank was looking at it seriously like oh page you guys are promising. We're just you guys crazy -- from a garage you know who are just sling and being so. You know when we we got into a I had a couple friends. Helped us did a foothold in a couple places. -- -- on retail. You know do we need -- -- -- their do we need to get this copyrighted trademarked like what you know how does this. What kind of bagging to review pounds to reduce half pounds -- -- everybody else is gone twelve -- why would review you know so. All these things. You know remember Roy first incorporated I went -- a friend has like. I don't know what to do and his like will you go talk to I have a buddy who's a lawyer you should go talk to him. I went down there and incorporated Monday announced a slight -- they're like why are you here and I was like. And -- a business -- could -- different look at me like you're out of your mind and I was like OK whatever so I did and I was actually my business partner Naspers fight. It almost the company almost died right there because in my mind I just wanted to get ago. And his mind is like you're taking control the company and what are what are my worst you know and. Well it does what does inching debates that is welcome -- time. My world and I wanted to as what do we do -- go and you know and so now it is going into and so him -- minute and a half plus other tells about the location in and look at them. Four deaths so well we met a woman think we we present a woman cups guys who owns is named Dave Milliken. Under building down on the crossroads got hold of us got a hold of our story. Wanted to partner weapons so. He had the space we have kind of bring -- bring in everything else and I'm we have a space now that where. We do our coffee we roasts are copy were server copy -- cocktails we have a full bar. We have a liquor license -- we have an event space reduce cigars. Our space overlooks the crossroads Casey music venue whose though we have a prime spot to watch in his shows down there and so our main thing with this is. Is this bringing people together to share in and craft experience but like in a varying and non intrusive very approachable way. Size a year you're in the cross as you can check that out guys at. Al TH OUs may AS MA YE ST dot com only hours are on there and information the location. It's read by -- and across RS -- -- I'm very cool -- Nelson own growth style may think your coming on -- -- Casey -- today so let's put -- -- to come back in net chick that plays -- -- just outside of the coffee works and his he has yes -- great great wheels mobile -- are gone mental deftly -- down the road and keep on keep somebody I think Graham John thanks for coming. Student yeah I don't know have you alongside the youngster KC show and a we'll definitely talking and seeing guys will talk to you again next week after week.