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Entrepreneur KC Radio 8.19.14

Aug 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the star and universe cannot have fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dream isn't too recent out of visualize playing at -- and I'm very clear about it. Money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and try not to hurt anybody along the way entrepreneurs pave the way into the future of industries are. -- -- -- innovation plug in and turn on. Entrepreneur George Casey your -- -- entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back it was one of the best decisions -- ever made with your host Jason -- -- Kansas City and welcome to the entrepreneur KC show host Jason growth thanks for joining me today on the can be easy business channel. 16:6 AM and the web on eighteen NBC dot com. Hopefully you guys have been enjoying. The summer as I have a bit of fun summer and you know its fiftieth Hodding in here with channel liked very much good -- for even join the cooler summer weather and cricket a lot of work for your businesses in your startups threat Kansas City and across the country to those listening today. You can connect with me a lot of even today Tuesday Lilly on Twitter at and Jason grills and on that. Twitter is well for the show -- entrepreneur Casey doesn't connect premiere at general media dot com. And defraud the settlers out there. Still treating -- and -- for -- fall and you're back to school let's suck on a one dot com. What -- think it's one of our new. Partners with the show. We have received a you know I partnerships -- shift from junior Terry law firm in Kansas City. So we're gonna have -- John -- you're on the show next week. Are we ever really exciting show next week talking too much of entrepreneurs obviously the -- to -- shows me. King here it's very is a Kansas you law firm. That is doing a lot of great things with litigation transactional law working with startups entrepreneurs private equity type securities. And guys are great law firms seek an academic tenure it's Perry that's Katie in and YHERTZ. Perry dot com. I mean call them that he won 6833674. -- to have. I can your scary as a partner of the entrepreneur Casey -- starting. Next week actually going into September. On today's show we have a really really cool. Group of guests from across the cultured and we're branching on -- into any outside Kansas City as well again today. And our first segment today we will have an old friend of mine Melissa Roberts. Who is a organizer of one million cups in Kansas City but recently. It took a position at the EC and JC. And really excited talked her about her role. As -- -- -- there and learn more about what's going on we haven't ever had anyone I don't believe from the EC JC on the entrepreneur KC show which is shocking. Since you know on the air for about two years but I'm excited to kind of learn about what they do and what she's doing over there as well and can catch up in our first segment. In our second segment today we will have Dave Marcus -- one of the organizers of one million cups Portland. To be in town. Very shortly. To do they start a branding workshop in Kansas City -- talked to about how one million cups is being perceived in other cities. Also talked to about his background he's worked with companies such as Nike Adidas. A major brands. And has his own company and is doing a branding workshop here in Kansas City so when he gets the more details about that so. The listeners on the show can attend. -- -- second cigarette. In our third segment today we will have John -- music director of journalism meeting innovation at the Knight foundation. They are -- a very big event here in Kansas City -- August 25 through 27. It's really cool really cool -- in partnership with the Kauffman Foundation is the mayor will be speaking there. As well also wanted to get more information about what they do what the Knight foundation does and more about this event. I know they just funded to the tune of about four million dollars about an eighteen start up. Innovating companies and they've done a lot the past the civic organizations it's all based on innovative news and journals and type. Avocation and start -- so John reckon will be on the line for -- third segment today in our final segment today. We will have Kevin mcginnis. Who is from sprint obviously we've had him on the show before. The vice president's -- but. Put to have him on today to talk about kind of what his initial thoughts were. About the first spring accelerator talk to about. Kind of some of the changes that have happened recently it's friend. With the new CEO and then also kind of get into what to look forward to in the future and win -- the sprint -- take off again. And I believe we also might talk about some sports some royal stock Kevin is -- an avid baseball fan like myself. And days very strong -- and zero cents a going to be in our fourth segment so. Action packed show today and I really appreciate you listening and sharing. The on turner KC show with your friends and family so without further ado let's get to our first segment today we have -- Roberts. In studio today. Most aria. And -- season don't you see you on so -- even up to lately you've you've you've been all over the place right. Yeah you know I recently started at -- and her friend senator Johnson County not taking over as their marketing director. And it's an organization that's been around for twenty years. And their biggest and most well known programs the mid America angels nauert has been around since 1996. Then but not -- people familiar with the work. -- -- I'm not actually and I and I feel like I'm pretty in tune that. I've met people from their in the past is that you know different start of the advancement. That's that's really cool because -- in -- -- Neff heard about it for about turning ideas and do you know success stories that. I really didn't know you know glad you're on the team now because obviously year. Awesome but I didn't really know what exactly. The enterprise -- it yes so. First off it's a nonprofit organization were located in Johnson County that we work across state lines around the metro area. I -- and with some special supplementary funding for the city Kansas this year we're expanding some of our programming. To other counties across the state. Who on -- we're dedicated to economic development job growth through entrepreneurship. And and we also run the mimic mid America Angel network which is one of the largest and most successful initial funds and and last. So we've done a lot of work over the past many years he's done much of it quietly. And putting the spotlight on the company's hourly work went back clients and our affiliates. But now we're ready and step into the limelight. It's tough I think some think and that's why you're -- -- it. So I and you just when did you just start he's like last I'm one month and I'm pretty new but it's it's a great opportunity when he reached out to me I was I was shocked because and he had kind of your own your own company. You know I still do you still dig as just entrepreneurs know you usually have when anti irons in the fire exactly exactly so I'm excited about that too and then. You obviously been working with one million cuts now for whom he had been on the Kansas City organizing team effort. -- That. Suppose that -- is that -- -- -- have mentioned it's been by view -- say you guys have really changed things that looks like and yet you know we see -- growth and I think it's just -- an indicative of the way that are community's growing. You know so that. If reflects while for all different -- Kansas City and ninety SEC teams unit cost him so where is DC it's. We are located at I 35 and east -- street on -- -- I'm so it's pretty convenient in central it's a quick ten minute drive appeared at -- Sunoco. I was Natalie but I did leave Mathis ten minutes before it's a perfect and that's have you on again so. -- tell me about your your programs there's a business incubator name. Yes so we offer a variety of services we do education and media development meeting in consultation. And -- -- and incubation. Still but to a lesser extent the east team there's a lot of different great facilities and the Kansas City area none about what we're really get that is when companies are ready when they've gone through our consultation process. We can help link and in the capital that they need to grow. -- connector there yes exactly. What what are some of the companies that. You know have gone through the program some that we might artists in yet I verify is always a first when it comes to mind and that that that's obviously. Must have happened not too long and yet what we were recently in on a follow on round for I don't care if I can be -- six million. Brian I'm worried about that somewhere. I -- maybe one or two when it too little who know our girls in custody. Though we've also got a about thirty. Two different companies doing business and so. -- America angels is the programs that I'm talking about it and now we've made 57 investments. Since the inception in 1996. And we've invested. Fourteen point eight million dollars in Kansas City companies. Which is really impressive and we often. Syndicate with other Angel groups to help. Company's close around theories some additional funds. And so we've got some great partners in his -- step in Oklahoma and WTC done in Wichita. So we at work and the central place for Angel funding in the region where is the largest I think I mentioned the largest. Angel network and you have a new president -- new president a fairly new presidency goes on last year -- dad George Hansen as our new CEO Hastert about a year ago and I think. Every one is -- really pleased that the work he's done. And really kind of raising the profile of the EC JC in the last year and -- -- There are lots of people now has been around for a long time and as -- a great job of managing me. Then he's he's in the business development world and now you're the marketing person I don't dream team and. Yeah. So you know people have tried many most certain different events of god tell me a little bit about your background how you got here to Kansas City. Well I came from the East Coast has born and raised here in Johnson County actually this thing. And went out to school at Boston college and was on the East Coast for a lot of you can get a -- to -- and did. Worked in politics Adam and then came Hamann. Ran an advocacy group for entrepreneurs and Kansas City. Cannon ball with a nine cuts and now on that the ECJ scene and really excited to help them expand their programming and too little bit more marketing word and. And you. You still have an active kind of brain when it comes to public affairs million ideas and I don't think it's going to be a good finish DC cases -- give us some more about that. Well you know one of our most important things is that we're government funded so we -- we get. The majority of our funding from Johnson County but we also get some supplementary funding from the state -- me. Apply for grants. But there -- a lot of policy issues and editors I'm going to really drastically affect on flowers at the statement the national level. That we can. The acting on a DC chief -- an advocate for Angel investment tax credit -- -- now that this incident ends in Kansas obviously saw him as it is it is against ST level but there's legislation during -- interest nationally which would be huge and hotels also both. -- so it's just it's been sponsoring now hasn't had much action but you should definitely raise your conference and. And so -- job to this would this that this would make Angel tax credits available for everyone throughout the country exactly. Exactly so maybe I'll lose a little bit of a competitive edge but again as we talk about Kansas City. You know what makes one part of the city makes the whole city stronger. So just like like that on the national level but makes one part of our country stronger makes Easter -- unleashing to see if that gets in elation DC reaches. You know. It is another tool in the tool -- for some states now some states. They don't. Like limits them to slow them the minimum near border like us it is a big issue yet. And you know I think accessed defining is something that's going to be helped by this legislation but one of the things that we do a lot of our -- At EC JC is a kind of it understanding and education. Around what funding is appropriate for each level of your business. And yet we call it demystify in the capital continue on. But just a lot of words that really what it means is kind of helping people on fixed in the process of what siege of businesses and what funding you should be pursuing. What grants you should apply for Angel investments he should pitch. And eventually went PCs -- Very cool -- animals drivers whose and they marking director at the enterprise -- Johnson Kenny. Hello and a half left tell -- and this is just Kansas -- -- mean no no Zurich and taken to Missouri like -- locker there and. And and and asked there's never going to be a day are we turning away an entrepreneur -- need to be you know Johnson pennies in the namely -- across the metro area and a big part of our mission right now. Is explaining their outreach and letting everyone know that there welcome to come to us for help. In America angels is -- is not geographically. I'm restricted so they've been investing companies and the metro area for a long time so we just want to make sure that people know that. I'm our educational opportunities there than everyone -- and just you know we're launching. A new educational series. About Angel Investing specifically. So keep and I east he JC dot com for a new class announcements I was wondering about that so Michigan EC JC dot com. And then. You know Angel Investing is pretty unique and -- if you don't know enough about that strike a -- get -- business and as you know there's a process -- says there isn't any. Kind of I think involving a lot of money so far. The -- there is a lot of paperwork. -- a high paying jobs is to demystify that process and open up the doors and let people he knows you know it's not really smoked a slow moving process it's just you have to. -- almost Roberts thanks for coming on the entrepreneur Casey shoulder we'll see NC I'm almost positive that thinks that -- no problem. We're back on the on turner. Hello Kansas City and welcome back DR turner KC show. Hunter posted chasing girls thanks for joining us in the second segment today you mentioned before you started here that. The trainer Casey shows and on the air now for about two years and we're growing and the brand is growing so. We look as we look we're looking actually for more partners and sponsors the show to keep things moving and have some really opportunities that disconnect with me. Via email -- general media at gmail.com. Or on Twitter at Jason grill. Appreciate that and we look forward to hear from you on our next segment here we have Dave -- Assisi creative director remedy design group. On the line from Portland organ he's also one of the one million cup organizers. In Portland and will be coming to Kansas City. In the very short term for any -- he's doing. And so to have on the show -- to talk about all these things and I'm very excited to have them on Dave how are you death. It ain't -- to be here thank you. Yeah it's great to have you on so first off colorless resolute about your background. And in no way you do for a living. Yeah absolutely I'm so I've been there out there that crappy diner for about fifteen years. Important area. I'm wolf it's all the agents he's gotten into each line. Well -- with them also also and it's related. Model or it's been -- -- and eastern -- Now -- its leaders. I'm Guillen had worked with them on. On March skill can't gain integrity -- -- -- -- It's been an exciting. The end which started to work a lot more on the sort of you do it. Which it's which it's been really exciting a little actually that they share for app or they didn't want. -- shirt -- -- -- a lot warmer. I'm on the don't don't people forget the governors start ups. I I really love that -- isn't. -- -- fruits here because I have -- -- move my own company. And you know where you work with those national brands like you said like Intel Nike -- -- -- ESPN. You all these start at all these entrepreneurs and the might have -- a small business. You know have a lot of consulting. Knowledge. To hero an entrepreneur like yourself are working with such big brands is pretty cool. Well -- really saddened and you don't you don't you. What an object. Big budget. Hit it on location. In a. And it truly excited to. -- -- all or equipment when it comes start. We which is what. He walked four and he got it won't happen once. And while we were not heard about it discourse or. I'm so I think the challenge we watch what it is -- Or that they don't see a little -- difference there and no -- and take some when he. Very cool. Dave tell me about this are a brand what is that. China where it would be dispute might need to connect where the local -- -- in it and but except for them so -- -- in the way -- -- -- -- -- -- a lot of branding resource they are out. -- -- -- bringing in Stockholm -- until they -- You -- there's -- -- while few doubt about it. Before you and -- -- I'm quite. Easy terms this this rocky in the exercise that the. Lot of people think it's just me or it may well what you were not for ending the. Is -- why you reached an emotional connection. He hadn't. I think the more we focus our morals can't -- won't -- I -- those. The bigger guys that -- you. Into or as well. Or. Couldn't agree more and and one of the things it's tough does is with a brand of start a busy you know. It can change a lot obviously -- you when you start you have one idea and then you go into the next year and here's you know you knew things -- on the just. I think it is important like he said to kind of have a general feel what your goal is and as you expand testing -- staying to that Brandon keeping it simple. It's a -- Tulsa well we gonna do here in Kansas City. You might actually you know there actually it would you with a population -- error catalyst summit. -- quote although all the local organizers. Would ask you. Are. Also making it into a lot -- work. I am for her then -- that you would ask that people are there. Militia and then got experts worried -- up and offered the state. I spoke on when they hit the ball workshop and -- minute -- and I didn't choose when. It's. He won't. Even you know -- all about what -- Now be September 10 is that he said. And that we're not a sport it's all. Bear seeing today -- because we're gonna have on the show later today were net Kevin -- season vice president of concern immediate sprint -- is obviously an area heavily involved with steadying. The sprint partnership set up with text stars will be on the show later it is talk about. The first class and not you obviously haven't been to that station that. I think you're gonna be impressed. With that space I'm going to be good stuff for this conference missed this workshop if you. -- there -- bird -- greatly militiamen have been pretty helping helping or might sit. What they it is in new it's been excited. To go to war wants. They know are on the mark. I'm Catholic thought -- from that I. Until bigger is that they did tell us about of one million cuts Portland and the job and hopefully to stop by and and a that thing you do and it's at Kauffman Foundation with all the other organizers. Details about like the culture there and and what -- -- cuts is like in Portland. I mean we're just -- we're just getting you know I'm actually more are Mario and Indian Campbell ordered all. -- hurt worse well well well get. Well it's in their adult. It it'll last it'll start small start eastern. -- or -- network airs. I think -- -- great places. I'm also. What won't you it'll be here. Your parents or later I'll let him late in the east. All of those. Stern deputy. And in order to get more -- you and say well it's very educational resource. -- we need it -- that. You can bet you people that are there. If you -- So it's it's been great to -- yeah. It didn't. Work cited it -- Where we be doing that and -- -- mean asserted coffee shop for you have -- a accelerator where world health. It is a local show later called a -- that news. But it won't area for our home computer. -- -- -- -- -- -- Didn't. -- Or access. All peaceful and well they shoot the ball. -- interstate there. -- -- -- It's pretty cool to hear about a new us chapter starting up of one million cups for early in September September 3. Dave Marcus has been our guests on the show he's a creative director at the remaining design group days. How can people connect with you and learn more about the start a brand we have about thirty seconds left. -- especially when you're preaching to normally. Eat for us EP or more equity banker -- -- There's also the best product page with its four -- starter for him to get what they don't want. Very cold day thanks for coming on the show hopefully everything as well today in Portland and -- look for a talking Ian Syrian and hopefully. Many of our listeners to make it out CD it's our brand workshop on September 10 that size thirtieth discredit sorry Dave we'll talk DNC and have a great day. And I appreciate it. Or anyone out there yes there will be right back on the entrepreneur KC show. -- the city and welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show on the team easy business channel 16:16. AM -- our money -- BZ. I can't. Great -- so far today thank you to all might guess. For coming -- -- and joining me on the phone today. As always you can find all of our old shows and podcasts you get a -- a media dot com or find them make team BC dot com. On the right side of the page there's a podcast link to DR turner KC show where we link. All of our former shows -- they go all the way back for. Gosh year to you on their so let's check all the good. Good tidbits and wisdom on -- EZ dock costs in our next segment today we have on the phone line -- belief from. Chicago Illinois we have John -- the director of media innovation at the John S and James L Knight foundation. The Knight foundation is having any big event here in Kansas City. Next week I believe it starts on August 25 and -- -- through the 27. They are they are really seeing groups ahead tonight Knight foundation new challenge. And we're okay we're gonna talk to John about that in -- second -- there. Good to see you today and I talked to you on the on the air first of all for all listeners. Who. Don't know what the Knight foundation is. Give us a little bit of a it's a bio on the foundation and then we'll get into your background as well. Court so it might foundation is that John. -- engines all. We're newspaper publisher started. Crowd for a period of the twentieth century they called the largest street Republican. In the country. Girl or combat -- important and accurately guess that our -- Given committed control them in particular Arab League. The dramatic change it we're seeing in the jury trying to figure out what what the future development work -- it did me in relation. That he intruded triple BD. Content critical that a democracy. Good journalism and immediately a big area are -- The other area that we focus on great brother -- we committed to. Our concerns and triple critic actors in the city can actually a little bit tired old it's going to repeat we work. I'll call eight different cities across the US. And what a big component retreat. Very saying you know it and that's one of the things that with the media's landscape changing so so fast and in just. Different technological avenue is for the news and that's inching inching to foundation that. You know we don't hear about very much so it's really cool that you are involved with this organization. It's also a bit about your background John I know there's. Do you having an area long and deep history -- three and a and a lot of great things that really -- it's called the Hershey Pennsylvania as well. -- I don't code from my background is in funding you know racial and thinking through the you know what Internet means for the locker you know people double eviction non profit or profit entrepreneur award and I could project -- Six operating -- when we are. Orton. -- include -- in a democracy. Particularly in the neutral approach it. And and what does that -- unlike any you've -- -- -- now offer of the -- of a close to four years. Tell us about. You know what changes you've seen just -- us for years and and how exciting announcements. In the in the media and in the journals and industry. Yeah not a good question I think one point -- is being looked greater appreciation. -- part of policing media organizations. Do you -- understand that you work toward. Our entrepreneurial spirit and I think increasingly well -- -- and greater learned that. On behalf of a lot of -- -- Warner's debt and ordered a lack like six there that stated that it got into -- it's. Partner which like the nation's weather really vendor relationships are collaborators. Like -- Deborah -- auction in war and what intrigued and seen and heard. Two other aspects I think it's yeah. It important for global well. Now the majority of traffic excludes the mobile devices. We. And what patent owner or it is -- condition. You know I don't -- if you weren't. A lot more about how important you -- work on the cool for great you know products are really important. But live at the -- it's more urgent and intimidation. And special threw open source developers. And we can journal during a news because you political in the course. And that's something -- contractual or couldn't and didn't report. Yes very very true. You know with the -- it's especially. 'cause it's also about -- see you guys. You had bad nineteen looks like nineteen winners in the night the latest Knight news challenge tell us again about. You know what exactly is this is and how you -- about to be involved with us. Sure I -- -- no -- it's sort of war the American instrumentation realized that. In order to -- the manager of the opportunity would change you can put -- and he did. We need a good jumpstart the people who walked toward Kabul thought about what they're doing it. Real long history of internal education. And journals training and we realize that goal oriented digital era we needed to. -- to broaden -- -- to create this tool called the Knight news challenge. We've run. About a dozen of them. In what contributing current year's trend which funded over -- hundred point five million dollars or two projects. And it -- mystical key to a thrusters to collaborate with partner. And just put a spotlight on the issue that we think are important so for instance the most recent one that you church in which focused on. Building a stronger in traffic into stronger -- More people to write and how you -- -- -- strengthen the Internet for free expression innovation right. Exactly exactly and -- we partnered with the built our nation's. Indy and Ford Foundation I'm mark. And interviews that we didn't get the economy such. Earlier this year -- the big scheme what are we keep Carl Goldberg. Couldn't police the Internet kind of commodity Internet site. Although our actions came to actual work. -- -- it will get enough funding nineteen object that you mentioned. I have a product or bigger scale through really -- -- what -- -- 200 years were treating exclude the global project and the public can project. These splendid it's over pretty fortunate didn't work toward an character to cut it like he quickly. Wall Street our child dollar grant focused. All thought we responded to I can project for all the world -- -- -- -- -- That's amazing you know you -- I was wondering what that number was. And that was that was around three million dollars he said in funding and support. -- -- -- -- Crucial to. -- -- Now now okay so you guys have decided to you hold this event in Kansas City next week. It tells about the kind of what this and and entails and why he selected Kansas City because obviously. You are not -- -- out of town company but you seem to be your foundation -- -- to be seem to be kind of excited about all the different things happen with an entrepreneur. Ecosystem here in Kansas City. Wolf certainly mean be the entrepreneurial you can't really interpret and try to pick up more -- anywhere else. And got a little bit of work which cost Kauffman Foundation and and the contributions picnic entrepreneur. Chipped in the United States did in streets only entropy adjusted. -- -- core. And so when we began this ticket ear that was brought together these these start up investment to large. -- -- -- about where we wanted to do it Kansas City -- -- -- You saw our current political Coughlin because -- -- -- you know what you got to assist our entrepreneurship in the -- within. We've been suckered into city it and maybe gotten good at the growth of the and -- -- every opportunity to around for the government initiatives. Here's just -- -- -- armed and also frankly you know feel you're excited to. We're foundation that they did -- duties include didn't quite look like Macon Georgia. In Saint Paul, Minnesota where and Charlotte, North Carolina and getting out of that's sort of the core. Traditional capital of technology integration like the Bay Area bought it and getting good at what was something that was report. I think that's amazing and you know I exit was in Minnesota last week in -- -- Idec and in my first since the Minneapolis Saint Paul had been there since I was tidbit. You know there are these other growing. You know startup ecosystems and in each one of them is so unique and I think that. At least in the midwest. You know once people come here once they see what's happening Kansas City both from a severe perspective information. No let's start up perspective they usually leave. Very excited and kind of honestly just think think of Kansas City -- differently than maybe they won't have before they came here. I don't so let's interject I think could increase -- -- reputation -- Kansas City go to port -- drink or none of the companies that was like why are quick Q. The city I think it's understood that the he's a good player in the industry that he would call waste all that religion are. It's -- to increase in the I think are coming to town that partly it commissioner. So and -- On August 25 through 27 -- -- you're gonna have some. And it's the slow mayors like James will be there you have AF featured speaker from sporting innovations he's well known -- this community. And then the next day on the 26 are gonna -- have a different workshops and speakers is that right. That's right one thing we've found in. Are the company's product is really like to come together and B twelve and other concurred though. -- we've found is that they conduct similar need to -- directly. Can hold -- worry. And we're going -- a group owns victories could -- predicted an Internet especially in relation to. Branding. Global marketing. -- told in story -- He 01 of those people who create yeah. The a portrait podcast -- and or Italian and it was got to come into debt to treat people. Held her own story. Oh you didn't see the one opportunity to bring want to get -- -- -- and also based on the staff that we don't know that multiple people. Trying to -- so that didn't they have collectively. Very cool and so. Once that's over we have the nineteen winners and hopefully we'll have some of them on the radio show down the road. You have your beating Kansas City but down the road to you guys are now taking applications for the next. Knight news challenge and there's a theme of libraries missiles are correct. Got straight I will -- will be open setup for applications -- early September. One of the things we learned there is the most recently challenged. Will be important that library play. Spent institutions. For getting people onto the Internet and if you look at you know out of -- provide greater value of more Americans. Library -- could be a really important vehicle about until we're opening -- not a girl like her and why. But other people have ideas about how this civic institution at the library could be used to try forged. Is greater activity got democracy more auction warship. In greater good actually go all. That's who we had a lot of obviously really rely erasing gains city a lot of very active people in such study -- exciting class a CD comes -- then what ideas tomorrow that. We're talking to John bracken from the Knight foundation. Joey got about a minute left -- our listeners how to connect review and how to get more information about this week cut next week coming up and and more information about the ninth foundations. -- are especially I mean that's the first thing -- -- -- we entry come open which is -- Prototypes on the double work if you put a tight on the dot org. That's our inbox for people who are up early state ideas that they -- Good. All the time we've worked -- want to corner and let them go first what eight to put an idea controller but let's open -- now. To learn more about the bets were putting on him in conjunction with Kaufman a patient. You can check out lake foundation dot org or catch up on Twitter we're you know he -- Guillen on Twitter. Com and we're really looking toward stricter -- Kansas City and once I hope she is whether or protection on. Or these -- we hope to see more ideas and more towards it should be. Reaching out to restaurant and we can have more conversation and see if you look where we can go from there. Jump bracken from the Knight foundation Nixon joining us and our turner KC show look forward to seeing you next week have a good luck. Thank you go -- yes I agree go -- -- get it done we'll be right back and entrepreneur Casey ship. So welcome back DR turner KC show on your post suggesting growth thanks for joining me today on the show. A great show supported and we pets of my great great guest in studio and on the phone line. From across the United States and in our final segment today. Went to bring back a year old friend -- Supporter of the show and has come on the show I believe one time maybe two times. To kind of talk about his role at spread and also talk about the entrepreneurial community what's going on in Kansas City. In that regard and CTO for the last segment today we have Kevin mcginnis. Who's the vice president and a development operations that can -- media at sprint according to his official linked indicates that a district general what's up man hated Jason has always great to hear good to see him and I appreciate you coming and a lot of stuff to talk about today one -- get more we'll talk about sports on the road here in this interview but. Tell me about kind of what's been going on this summer and you guys kinda completed the the accelerator earlier this summer was it in mayor in -- -- demo day was on June -- so we kind of kicked off the summer by completing a class and having a pretty fantastic event the -- foreigners that are this so hiding it go to that the can tell me what your initial thoughts were. About this for accelerators first cause is -- at launch you know obviously. You were huge up behind me keeps making that happen and I know that there is -- ten startups are so. The over in there and and what was your initial taken kind of how did it work out and -- -- one. Yeah and the class was a fantastic success on the use of the first group that came in we had ten companies from all over the world really you know from various parts reaches the United States -- when company from Australia actually mean. Our learnings were across the board we learn a lot about -- you know and how we interact with start -- how we can support partnership. How we handle internal innovation working with partners now we learn a lot about the community in the support that they brought on and were really anxious to get this next class. Don't want and start recruiting for -- base and all the things we learned about what we can do better next time their relationships with with -- stars. Nine how we can better support and you know the companies that come and we had two companies actually have decided to stay in Kansas City you know really publicly which under those sent to win a Salt Lake City -- -- -- -- the Italian group that was you know -- in New York City. Under -- actually housed under the accelerator right now. Yeah meant DSM the only people know where they're from me and Sully -- city right I didn't meet the Italians poles are sort of thing and sit barks -- -- -- -- fit bit for dogs. Oh wow that's Anderson pretty cool concept yes so. So how was the -- -- -- it is you know we get those a lot from different places you know in different across the country I'm sure you've been to many of them. What what was your reaction you know you don't know what to expect when you planned something like that we knew it was going to be to coffin performing arts and we knew this the place -- 17100. I don't we knew there was a lot of interest you know kind of going into -- as to what this first text first class in Kansas City would look like -- but we're blown away by the support and blown away by the attendance we had about. 15100 people show up while. Does demos the the presentations of pitches by the companies were fantastic. We had all three three of the four co founders of text -- actually onstage together. You know our CEO I -- -- had given kind of the opening remarks for the event and it's so far the feedback has just been phenomenal. That's great and so when is the next class gonna launch in how's that work with that with signing up for that. Yeah almost our crew were in a run in the same time line that we did last your -- of a spring fifteen class and we'll start. Opening applications and recruiting for that in September or so we're getting close and we're talking about health -- obviously yeah we're still gonna stay with the mobile health care thesis and now we think really -- and into the support from the Kansas city new ecosystem lifesciences groups here in Kansas City and you know that being a strategic focus for us we think that -- you know take those -- and try to make -- better next time -- trying to focus on something different generation to see -- you know -- the applicants -- and if we continue to -- from other parts of the country in the world obviously. We start -- yeah I mean we start -- -- robust recruiting. -- -- -- we -- we are moving really -- last year if you -- so -- it was -- -- travel -- and we did you know five or six recruiting. Trips to various parts of the country will probably doubling that this year and really kind of focusing in on some universities to try to go after some student populations and focusing instead -- just on -- entrepreneurial hubs around the country renewed focus in on some health care events. I'm so we you know we're excited to see what that means and excited to see what kind of classes and what -- the over the foreigners and media people from -- city's reaction of the city. I think we did a fantastic job of elevating the status -- Kansas City in the minds you know I mean I think. For both of the uniform in teams and becoming one from Italy and one from Australia I think the perception Walken and in this goes with all the teams that came from within their San Francisco. Whether it you know they -- had come from any of their corners the United States I think the perception of Kansas City was certainly -- for all of them in between whether they -- -- the two teams did that are here now or whether they went off and went back to -- you know wherever they were from where they're headed. I think they've become advocates for what we're doing here and today I'm a series and we'll come back. You know at some points hopefully and and go to the accelerator and work and one I'm sure there have to commit a -- at some point you know not unlike what an organization like pipeline does we wanted them to kind of we want to membership and we want -- one night to kind of build in these guys to come back -- mentors and come back -- support at some point time. We're talking to Ken Maginnis from sprint -- -- about kind of and others in some changes recently. I think they're. I don't get too in depth on it but is that house second -- -- -- any. Going forward you know the you know it's to be seen I think Jason honestly you know I saw that so many see it in the I spoke a challenge. -- ask -- you if you read between the lines on a few those things and into the people he called that is his nominees were local CEOs from -- he called atomic Donnelly colony of Patterson's let's get to see him you know call now support for. Some of the local peers of his he I think you move his family here was a clear indication. The Kansas City is you know important -- and so that's good and the fact that he's an entrepreneur I mean like hardcore. You know -- says he's he's told some stories and kind of town hall meeting that he had. About his early entrepreneurial days -- when he was -- kids on his mom's clothes that kind of stuff you know news is pretty good stuff and it's pretty exciting for us to see. In what it means that the city would mean so the program. I and our interactions with -- partners but hopefully he sees the strong proponent of the accelerator. We'll says. Say ditto. It's herself whether they growth years and had. Tony -- exactly kind of follow what your role is at -- for those who haven't met yet. With insight media in everything you do over there this trophy that at every daily fit and nuggets you primary functions you know my day job as I like to say is I'm in it Kenny said in the introduction and I run development technology and operations for wholly owned subsidiary that we critical insight media. Which is really kind of a spin out to figure out how do you take. Some of the assets that we have that might not be focused on our core customer base and turn those into a new revenue lines in new new businesses though. A start up within a big company. And so that's the day job I'm pretty exciting the company's growing. We're located downtown required hand mark and one louder in spring of last year 2013 new move the team down there are so. Pretty cool to be working in that corporate sponsored start up in answer in -- time and -- opener I think you continue look further potential you know. Options or else there is absolutely and that's the first thing times a met your energy CQ you talked about how. All the different companies that you can work with that's for any kind of a partnered with and been involved with and punching -- Always trying to be at the front edge you know -- you know you stay in the stand topic technology stand -- -- the business is heading and try to drive thinks sport I think you know having that future looking view with the business somewhere we wanna go is important and so they kind of takes into the second row which is how do you focus on. All these interactions we have -- entrepreneurs not just in Kansas City it certainly it's our home and we wanna stay focused on that but also. They grow that regionally with organizations and partners we have like pipeline and a global how do you focus on. These other you know growing hot beds of entrepreneurship to you know keep bus kind of on the cutting edge of innovation and new product development. You know really make sure that culturally were attached to that because it's important you know. It's really easy for a CEO to say hey we need to be march -- as a company but when you're talking to a bunch of people who haven't been entrepreneurs before. You kind of get some blank stares -- so they just don't know what it means so all these connections we have in the community really help us kind of Foster cultural change that's so true I mean. A lot of people you know. Start -- is a start up is a small business is a minor entrepreneur -- kind of it's kind of become like the cooler term with the start up for the entrepreneur and you know there's all these you know haters out there that. Don't really understand it and so it's gotta understand you had those conversations laws. It's funny to -- he talked to there Jason I mean when you talk to the outsiders looking in there's a cool factor in Canada maybe an engineer something. We talked and entrepreneurs is described as a sickness or. -- -- -- -- There is an article about that Mattel I guess has started as an entrepreneur Barbie doll or something like the slaves is ripping it is you know is. It didn't we don't even really -- is I just thought it was mentioning. But anyways so I we talked a fair again about four minutes left in the segment about. The royals obviously dead we -- not just talk about a business entrepreneurship on the show we talk about you know local local items of interest. And you know the chiefs are going to be starting -- you know the royals have had area pretty around late and your season ticket -- so. First time magazine ran its season -- -- -- a World Series -- I'm -- Is -- first time ha -- for some -- season tickets and to do one of the like quarter season packages for you know wanted to start taking the kids out there and -- -- and that's figured it might be -- you're doing it seems to be going one all right fourteen games of a 500 guys are and the rest the year looks and I figured out that if the royals went in Indian cricket if you know they have to -- around 28. -- three Tony five of their last 38 -- -- -- whatever they're now. To really cannot win the division did you have to win 94 games really throughout history -- -- shelves -- -- our division so. That that happened then you know we're not deal with a one game -- we're doing the series the -- what do you think -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is rated sports town. You know at its -- and it's certainly you know we talk about the sports that are you know I think it through what Kansas City stands wearing the royals are right there and so I think this video just the reaction be overwhelming it's funny because I have a famous football -- to this weekend. And I got to the third in the AC Dooley -- all these recovering politicians Kevin from Michael Steele and new York and DC in the former state treasurer Kentucky bit. And I want to -- -- but I decided not to do it this year because. I have enough time but you know that's come around here and so I -- I mean I'm getting these emails from friends like you know get excited. You know my work productivity senior down this week and and I'll think about -- the royals right now so it's kind of hard to -- a transition into the this football season -- insurance calls football search for me I know -- K you guys but for me I'm excited about college football that -- -- but. But it's hard to get that transition over -- -- city since I was a kid. You know be nice to have I mean I think there's usually like a one game where there's a royals came during the day in the chief's game and I think it seems like for the last couple years or so there's been that one -- -- -- -- that sound like you know I love that dude I I -- to this author I got to go to Minnesota. To the target field last weekend. There's never been there before been a lot of different stadiums in. They had. Eight twins game going on against the royals they had eight they have that -- The WNBA team which you know -- is a big deal because you -- -- parent and -- -- a -- right guys you guys not just girls they had -- a pre season football game going on at university Minnesota which is their home for the next few tears I guess for their vote rather their new stadium downtown. And they have like but not analysts argument -- the division below us OK and so did for five events on and there are still thirty fat 35000 people twenty. Something to myself how cool would be if if the chief setting game on the same Derosa play -- -- -- Vicente and in and it can work in how do you I know they -- -- years ago Monday night that there are kind of spaced out yet. -- I got excited bit and just go up to Minneapolis you know and seemed. A pretty and it's not. Almost twice the size of Kansas City just people's reaction McCain's defense zones election. Because I consider Minnesota kind of like Kansas City in -- -- still in western it's still kind of you know growing population wise -- from some fortune five hundreds of there that we don't have day. They're just like hissy fits you know I think a lot of the marine force to be honest concern us less I think there's always been the case like his series from Minnesota Minnesota's for Kansas City depending on his win the because we're not destroy or not Chicago -- you know and it's like those are huge cities. So it was I'm excited about rose FaceBook had talked about that's a great time here a lot of us have gone months ago 41 saints looked anything you wanna plug real quick before we leave the show today. Yeah -- know other than wrapping -- kind of this summer at the accelerator and some of the programs have been doing for the community there's a whole bunch of stuff I think people should be looking forward to on October is a fantastic month you've got -- global which is a non they're having their national organizer summit here in Kansas city of I think it's the seventh through the ninth and then you got. It's so -- news is having their big Kansas City event the -- to the tent so there's a lot of stuff happened on the off burial scene. I plan applications are open right now I'm just a lot of UITC is this Thursday and and so a lot of events on TSA lot of stuff gone it's really get time to -- great time here to -- -- indirectly entrepreneurs look at and yes the vice president development operations at intermediate sprints thinks are coming back on the show but we'll see incidents thanks for. It appears. They solicited got turner KC show we'll see you next week kept them.