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Life As You Own It 8.13.14 Segment 2

Aug 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Through me and and hang in there and flew. And manners and. Are different we are back let the -- opponents. He vetoes a reasons why you're inspector things -- inspector may hold that I knew we wanted to tell you that we're not trying to think that with a broad brush their. Lot of great inspectors out to UNC has certifications they have what their experience level is. If -- -- -- even if it's a good referral from a solid source that's always a good sign. But don't avoid getting inspection because you think that there's any -- -- there's there's not it's just that there's always a few bad eggs in the bunch. One thing I'll say is. We hear weighed more nightmare stories from people who. Did not do an inspection at all that we hear from people who say man to man inspection you know right so did you got to -- getting -- done for sure. All right what does that sound was that music when we do mean. Should -- stay or should you go we have shot in Chattanooga. Tennessee called the toll free hotline remember folks. -- was 8027064. 25 wanna hear from a big guys needs and help I'd listen your show for a long time and try to follow a lot of your -- Hopefully it's my advice is not -- example. Just -- it is really paid off in a number of ways now I'm looking to refinance my 140000 dollar mortgage that I have with my local bank. Because my rate is six in a quarter percent. Back in the day we'd say that's a good rate but not today. I waited a refi because I thought I was going to sell a year ago now I plan to be here for another two years. I followed your break even formula and it only makes sense to refight if I do and no closing cost loan. Sean Europe gentleman in the scholar the problem is I've spoken to three banks and they all say that they don't offer an option of paying my costs. Is this normal in my part of the country how to like get a no cost refinance. Why it's. In half Craig go ahead Judy stairs. He got out of guilt gift every five doesn't -- -- got to go to -- no cost free find out I don't know if it's small banks in your area that where your you know you say you know with a local bank. And we're not sure have a mortgage you have maybe you have some time and adjustable rate in house type of -- if you get decent credit you qualified for secondary market type going to be like a conventional. Mortgage loan. You should really it is zero cost loan all the time on your 140000 our mortgage so you need not a third opinion you've already got three sounds like you need a fourth opinion. You know what if you call 802706425. You can even speak to me about it I'll walk you through how to get easier cost loan in that we can see if we -- -- fixed up but there's definitely -- way to do -- there's no reason -- -- In your part of the country or any other reason that you couldn't get done. Remember folks if you've got questions also a scenario like this and Craig offered up he will walk you through -- 802706425. Or. Questions at like you won't it dot com questions. Or question -- wanna work act like this you own it dot com. Craig so while we've got some suggestions you know you've got the the Craig -- duckling house on the block -- -- Andy aren't -- movie here's what you need to do folks number one is we give this that matter if it's. If it's the Mark -- house or the friendly house. It's the mark we -- and you know the tallest. Well forget it on the and a among and a that's the amount they don't want him Brody as Jimmy Hewlett can. Contradict it slow so laminated exact some like that old decrepit but that's for folks so if if if your house some it is a beautiful house or if it is one that needs some work. That make it clean and clutter free we tell all of it doesn't matter how nice house. Clean it up. -- clutter -- if you wanna sell its number two it's a great thing on the house sits the small one on the block ugly duckling is. Some new carpet and fresh paint. It is an investment is expense that paint sweat equity best way -- All of buzz can it can throw down some paint if we are physically capable and it can make a house looks so much better. Clean it up new carpet fresh paint. Stage yet well now that a big part of staging is going to be getting rid of stuff that's the biggest part will -- staging but also put in some of invest together some nice little pieces of well placed -- not I haven't a -- it's having about a few. Little cool nice pieces that may cure property. Strike some accord in the imagination of a potential buyer. Number four Craig with this -- high price is to sell make you get that home price to corn what the market will bring. Don't try to shoot for the moon and think -- yourself room for negotiation and don't try to get more than anything it's worth because the markets. Something is worth what the market dictates in the best -- to figure that out work with a top level professional can pull sales comparisons. -- -- priced just right as a first opening beginning part of that listing. For 3060 days that's what you're gonna you -- you activity that's an enterprise strike. Aren't enough the -- Is in your advertising be truthful and I I think what better way someone's looking for fixer upper politics proper if someone -- your house has little bit awkward look to -- needs some work. You don't you might call ugly duckling may be -- -- imagination at the guitar might Pique their interest they come in going to. All this isn't so back to you I could make this look led. And then the most important one that we say in in finding or selling your house is finds the right real estate professional. There are some. Brilliant fantastic. Hardworking. Talented. Real estate professionals out there you may or may not know them. I know them I see them they're great at their jobs there's also the rest of them so make sure the make sure you really get with a nation that no leisure market. And they know their job because that's the one that's gonna give you all these suggestions. And gay you listed at the right price and helped you get the best opportunity to sell your house at the fear -- Are cranked so what else wanna cover well you know -- -- at the beginning an issue though it sounds like there's twenty million more reasons why you are any you know what we talked about it before folks all the time through the years we have people -- come to us and say why don't look what I saw on the Internet and then you always hear the -- receive the deal didn't close the -- changed or. Once the read the fine print on the deal wasn't the deal well a Marist save mortgage you've seen and I seat to the years I'd look once I drill Leonard get you know. You usually -- find it's too good to be true well they were still with us. Atlanta based Internet mortgage company America -- hit with that twenty million plus. In penalties. -- and even the owner was hit with a one point five million fine which takes total to just over a cool twenty million when they do you folks well of they put out misleading information on the Internet you fell for it to you went and got your deal and it wasn't a deal when he came to close. Same old story we tell so much on the -- weekend shows like -- you -- it. Back in a few. All right we're back that would give a shout out to our affiliates said -- WL OH. Thirteen 20 AM 104 point five FM and 99 point three FM in Lancaster in Columbus, Ohio and Logan Ohio. Respectively. We appreciate you being a member of the family. And hope you're having a fantastic weekend. -- Craig so we -- -- two. We're talking about what. Before we took the break your member testing your memory you were talking about the deceptive stuff that people fought for Internet seriously it works is like and he's happened so. Let's talk about what you do to ensure that you are getting the -- you think you're getting need to understand that deal it's up -- the market -- for years on the show. And we say to our clients we say to people around -- people -- historic. If you're in the middle of -- some type of transaction of any counter whether you're buying a car new refrigerator or house or wherever. If you don't understand exactly what you're doing why you're doing it if you can't this easily explain that transaction is somebody else. And don't sign the dotted line into you can and if you don't feel capable. You know Younis and you know I'm just a little financially illiterate and it's this isn't my thing that's gonna trust this guy I don't know give someone -- you do know and trust completely. To review it for you baby via translator if you are having to speak to somebody in the only we could purchase a product was by buying it from someone who spoke Chinese only. You would wanna buy the product that you get a translator. Same thing with your financial transaction just because you think it's over your head or frustrate you to understand it. Don't don't give in and just sign something and hope for the best dinner translators so. Find someone who represented you if you can't do it yourself bottom line is how do you figure out if you're getting to -- exposed beginning. First of all -- writing of the number one thing it is a requirement bylaw within three business days if you providing enough information to a lender for them to give you quote. There and providing good faith estimate. They good faith estimate is binding on that date that they provide. So there's a rate they put you in closing costs and all that -- review and it makes sense you -- a lot that in. That's what they're studying if that's what they disclose. If you don't get in writing it doesn't matter what somebody's telling you it's gonna be around this I think it's going to be about that. Until it's in writing your friend your face and you're able to say OK you can lock me on this today -- give me something right that says so. You can't count on for sure happening so. That's the number one thing that we see is people just go off of a verbal quote. The person knows it's 3 o'clock in the afternoon needs that you're gonna call a couple other lenders and check around in what happens they just low ball you can because they figure there's no India and application fee before -- and riding right yeah. Folks get in writing is the number one thing have a -- reviewed if you don't understand is number two. And and really other than that it's fairly straightforward as far as. Having those two pieces in front of 22 things understanding and having it right his is pretty much all it takes anymore. But again. -- in all like test after you've got it and help them avoid playing the games have well your locks can expire now -- the charges feet ask the question up front how long is very good for. Can you give -- long closed in time for that you mean something in writing that says that you can you -- -- -- -- an X number of days and you know what sometimes they can't because -- your fault. If there's a reason something comes up on your appraisal your title -- you can provide the documentation a timely manner and it's your fault you may have to pay an extension feet. But some winners the low ball yet reluctant for shorter period they needed done and they charge a large extension feet. Two key to the finish line and that's how they justify their rate because ultimately they're making up the difference in those fees and points they're charging for the late great -- extinct so. Watch you all folks make you get a complete their -- you've done all the I's and crossed the t.s will cover more on this in the future show on like if you own it. Mark what else are praise -- Smart appliance OK there's a couple of items could run and out long in the tooth out we've got another should you stay or should you go sit scenario we're gonna do right now half how. Met and if we have time if we don't folks it's your home too Smart. We'll tell you what to do if you think you might get a little smarter than you if you -- -- life if you -- dot com. And also ready to your best deal on a mortgage rats -- about -- next week on us on a state by state face when I tell you where you get your best deal according to CNN money. And we made just use that as the Mythbusters. CNN money life if you wanted battle extravaganza. You got like that OK so. Troy in Seattle Washington listening on our new friends -- any -- I just picked up your show for the first time last week I like the show when the fact you guys are trying to help the average person out there save money and understand all this finance stuff. I spent about thirty minutes or so on your website learning more after the show was over. So here's my stay or go question. I own a home worth 400000 or so -- balances 265000. And my rate is for a seven -- on a thirty year loan. I have 25 years left and no plans to move will refinancing save me any money at this point. Thanks for the advice. Thanks for checking out the show Troy and thanks for email was your question Craig Terrill go go refinance she can definitely saves money refinancing got playing time left ailment mortgage. Watch the fees though do compares and he bids have been on our website. Go to let the Buick dot com folks. Chick at the break even formula if Troy uses that to compare quotes. He will save the most money. And definitely save money with that refinance so so while let's let's talk about. The opportunity to. Maybe have a little quality of life. And I actually am a little bit off my game right here because I thought and our last segment or not. Could you screwed me out yet I come I knew I had his last segment so I -- this last segment but that's a case I misspoke we're -- actually be able to tell you guys about Smart home. So well what do you think that Craig. Well do it let's give almost your client he might just be smarter than you will we know folks thermostats whether it's -- whether you're Smart -- that's controlling your TV and all those things but more importantly it's the refrigerator to thermostats is all these things are writing it's collecting data about you. That you communicating with on your iPhone. These things have they have the actual. Brains real brains they got them some brains and there but that it's it's it's the fact that they're sharing information with other devices what does that lead you. What risk does that -- world someone can come by just like they can on any on Internet enabled device they may be able to get that info and -- identify either -- any personal information they could use. To be. I'm that you were when -- coming and going from your house seat -- May be evil attack and then watch the same video surveillance that big you've got on your iPhone. We're gonna tell you how to protect those devices when we come back from this break life as you won't it yes we have another segment.