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Aug 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the start -- university I had fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dream isn't too recent -- -- visualize playing hardball and be very clear about it. The money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and try not to hurt anybody along. The way -- the nearest paved the way into the future of the industry start up. Knowledge innovation plug in and turn on. -- -- -- -- Casey your boys were entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back. It was one of the best decisions I ever made with your host Jason. Will tell Kansas City and welcome to the entrepreneur Casey Shamir hosts Jay seeing growth thanks for joining us today. On the -- in the easy business channel 1660 yen and on line that came easy dot com. Really appreciate join us again today we Saturday. A great summer so far and had some really exciting -- so far on the last few shows and my producers back in studio today so I'm excited. Fresh off a great vacation and we have a really really big show today. Buried seeing. Panel of guests in segments today we're gonna start to show today -- Bobby virtues the one of the nicest guys in Kansas City it's working in the media these days. He is a tech Telecom and entrepreneurship reporter at the can't -- business journal. We've had him on before -- talk about what's going on Kansas City with with these areas and whatnot and I wanted to have him on the show again today in our first segment to. Talk about kind of what's happening in city what is experiences been like this summer he just got back from trip foreign talk about that and also. Talk about what's going to be happening here hopefully and the fall and down the road for Kansas City. In those areas including our first segment. And then our second segment today we are gonna have on the line for New York City. Scott Gerber who is the founder and and founder and basically the CEO of the young entrepreneur council. He also exist you know very well thought of all leader entrepreneurial connector. He's the the -- has been growing like crazy it's a very you know invite only organization that he's been published in. Pretty much every single major news knowledge and in spoken on entrepreneurship and his journey on you know various cable news networks and networks as a whole. Very interesting guy and we're gonna have him on in the second and third segments today to talk about. His journey it's just he's gonna give us some great advice on entrepreneurship and how to get pressed. You know what what things are important as you build your business talk about his journey in the really and into the young entrepreneurship -- -- gone entrepreneur council excuse me and talk about. What it does it's grown in the Kansas City area now. And what he sees throughout his travels throughout the country so look forward to that interview that's. We're lucky to have Scott you're the founder of the YEC on the show he also read a book called never get a real job. Which we're gonna get into you have I've heard good things about it I. Actually saw some celebrities at the time his writing it citing it and pretty funny stuff so we're gonna talk to Scott and our second and third segments. And then and our final segment today. We are going to have. -- mcinnis from the the young entrepreneurs group in Kansas and Missouri they are she's a director student alumni services. Ability in our final segment stated talk about what they do and in schools or Kansas City and Missouri Kansas side. To help spur entrepreneurship. And what they do to help the youth of today in and try to build march for -- -- programs they also have events coming up with connecting. Entrepreneurs. -- speakers and panels to the youth of today it's a should be on our final segment today so so packed show. And it can always find them listen to all rolled shows that came easy dot com the right side there's a podcast pagelet frontrunner Casey. My photo beyond there and there will be all the shows we've done recently. I including our show with John John McDonald from boulevard the CEO and founder of boulevard which. Was on recently -- can also connect with me on Twitter at entrepreneur Casey. And my personal address there is at Jaycee -- -- I appreciate you tweeting me and sharing in the good word so without further deal. Let's get into our first segment today with Bobby birch Bobbie what's up man great to see again greats. You you always a -- addressed here on the radio Jo-Jo Bobbie is always a nice tie in and seated in the nose always has its socks on as well as a so the elegantly they can -- there's nobody would even up to man. Oh just come back from a trip some of them coming to America this wasn't a trip to which dollars and now -- back then I was back I was in what's done this weekend though yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who want to Barcelona for a few days and took some by tumors and which I highly recommend if you go to Barcelona. A lot of great history Aaron wasn't -- funeral there. On the cathedral and -- -- Familia just beautiful list -- for real on songs like the the perfect city it's like a big city but it's also on the ocean and the beach yeah beach organizing cool -- -- I learned. Two words and cattle on Bosnia. That's -- -- -- -- They went to Italy after that Israel went to ten Naples and along the Belmont because switches is death picture carton picture. His -- picture card perfect and -- there's this beautiful. The a Naples is in southern Italy for those listeners and you know the probability is well not problem but there's like so many -- cities there. The only see that anyone -- not to get -- there was small. Our -- just flown out there but we went you know multi coasting in Sicily when Upton in the -- with Terry and I knew the five cities. -- obviously is cool but I mean. Yes he pretty to -- the pretty cultures and mean they're good people they're just -- -- -- the decision that we're excited about this yes dissolve fair man that's. So different coming back to your desk and having to work again how exactly are not there lunch over your keyboard and a -- yeah I always reminisce over the -- -- -- welcome back to the United States you think so what before your your travels and in recently what what's been going on I've been reading a lot about in your columns a lot about sprint -- -- and I feel like -- -- -- you're just like right about spread all the time these. There's definitely see him as an a lot of news about in the merger of course there not willing to talk about that but. Please don't write about it yet -- already about it and we now that deals. Forthcoming -- not sure exactly. When did will be around in. French carrier just put in a bid for -- -- doesn't seem to be getting much traction with. Team ovals and owners but. We'll see announcement comes the tell me tell me about that again for -- listeners who don't may become -- and really paying that much attention to missiles and I think you know because. We have this thing happened last year. With with the Japanese rent now -- off in the south Americans are not any lead they own the company right that's right up to motivates Tokyo -- so. -- wise for it wasn't on the fortune 500 list I guess that's right this year and I'm learning here about yeah. The other. And -- so now there's a merger with team though potentially is that is that what the talk is yet been asked to place a bid then. That would be under review by the SEC and Justice Department the -- would probably be. At least a year it would be a lengthy review whenever he goes there for antitrust concerns and AT&T trying to devise team mobile I think 2011 and that was. Shut down regulators so -- in the same sort of process would be applied here OK and then now that we see if French firm kind of challenging. A paragon of the sick and they put in a little little low ball offer of fifteen billion I can't remember the valuation right now but it. -- RS Sprint's business. It is in the ballpark of 32 billion so less than half of it so it's and it's not necessarily. Taken as seriously. What I what does this what does this what does this mean Kansas City is this happens. Well a variety of things -- just a large package on what this merger could mean for Kansas City. Big effect on jobs the real estate market's trend is just a behemoth in the real estate market whenever. At least office you'll -- market so -- if you saw diminished presence. And a Overland Park campus we'd probably see a lot of space. Open up which shouldn't. That's very attractive space and it's shown before in the past that. People love to move in there a few large companies went that way and obviously jobs -- via a large concern. Also leadership. It's been rumored that. John ledger would be taking the reins in the place of Dan has seen he's. Kansas city's highest paid. And a public employee and yet so really I think 49 million Islam stance -- Natasha and clear hey. But he said it's a good day that's. That's that's a pretty got to pay for this. CU so this is all kinds of different things happening with that and it's. It's just truly inching -- with T-Mobile. You know I it's obviously not very big in the Missouri Kansas area and I don't think it is that maybe I don't know how many people that habit that I remember when I've traveled or lived in the East -- -- bigger and -- -- I don't hear as much about today is forthright and it importance of immunized they are. -- in -- but I think it's bigger in Europe maybe. Now -- their -- led German company Deutsche Telekom then the same brand name actually 1000 Germany from my flights those connected to pitch count telecoms and Manhattan itself and Munich and in the Frankfurt. Diddley you love that part out eating guru the beer gardens in -- IRS IOS now we're just an airport -- connecting flight. But the other one I think sixty some percent by this Dutch and that's tells on company and a so. It's kind of dealings between two foreign companies really because Softbank in Japan -- just dealing with them. You know Dutch Telecom obviously the bid would be going through sprint so there's a lot of stakeholders. Sure is so you've been you've been really folk. -- on that story. I'm very recently obviously the last month -- so. What else is line you guys did a next gym -- -- -- talk about that how that went down. Well -- next tens there and we focus on the -- coming in leaders of tomorrow in Kansas City business and I focus I have to. Profiles and not Blake Miller -- think big is great guy. And also Brad sands of K12 ITC's -- of the fastest growing company in Kansas City according to our. Our fastest growing must so and I actually went to grade school with with Brad noted Mario's parents and he's -- he's in north -- -- is not any that he's a DJ you know -- Dave Bradley. And then just through government -- usually visit park hill and you know they've done some stuff -- them so yes so idea. I know Brad obviously -- Blake and I know that those are pretty cool deal that you guys did that I I I'd never heard about it before so I was. Excited and it was good to see those guys analyst yes and yes -- recognize that. The young leaders of tomorrow unless there -- and -- like it T shirt or something. And a half -- that sits on I guess to this party or whatever you guys -- -- yes on that night. I was -- go what I really wanted to check killed over a soft red fiery stick out and I think that -- there that night and the news is here is talking about how he -- -- has started here is this short sleeve shirt everyone -- and see how things. They ego that's the next -- leader who is sort of is or was there this. So anyway as we got a couple minutes left Bobby just tell me about the Smart city planned you've written about that to him and what that is an -- and what you're seeing there. Well the city and Cisco. Spoke to a variety of people on Kansas city's kind of thought tech thought leaders like -- Russia. About what this could mean for for Kansas City and new basically using the concepts of big data on a larger scale to -- it and city level so you'd see. Improvements and efficiency gains and a variety of ways. Basically using information that would. To improve the city. Through means that we wouldn't otherwise be able to observe so traffic flow patterns foot traffic patterns. Sensors on pipes and NASA says this is is is this a pretty big -- -- dancing and it happens yeah I hope it happens now. Unless you always heard about it it seems like it's just another part of the puzzle he noted continue to grow that. Smart city entrepreneurial ecosystem too often from what I heard Bob anything else -- got -- an exciting fall heady and hazing big. Well on openness and to learn more from Google fiber on the business products and so I think wanna hear about that for years to -- I'm so excited about it so we'll see him you know. Lot of big wins in the start of village to with a run lead didn't give him some some great funding the Roosevelt on Gordon. I verify obviously keeps the keeps stacking up. The tone of success I heard -- they do you know man it's good to have you back in the United States. Keep it keep up to go work if they can't see business sura Bobby -- guys agree got to connect with over there and if you ever need thing -- haven't. Hot story shoot over him and he'll try covered. Absolutely it's anybody thinks we'll talk to incidents. We're back and -- turner KC -- Hello and welcome back to the entrepreneur Casey -- host Jay -- girl thanks for joining us today. As always you can find all the world shows and podcasts that team BZ dot com there's a link on the right side to the entrepreneur KC show. Oh that's a really good interview is a blade. And so I advise you to check that out a few missing ever Pashos. You can also connect with me on Twitter at Jason -- and -- on turner Casey. Really excited for our next segment today. We are very lucky to have one of the country's best young entrepreneurs and leaders. On the phone line right now we're going to be talking to you Scott Gerber who is an entrepreneur and connector he's the founder of the young. Entrepreneur council and has written a book called never get a real job which. I think is is really interesting so I wanted to have him on the show. To kind of talk about -- his background in this first segment that's it and in the future in the next segment hopefully get into the young entrepreneur counsel on how it's grown when it does so. Now further reduce Scott Gerber how are you today. Straight -- beyond now Scott we met and over about a year ago with a good friend of ours Blake Miller produces a real entrepreneur in Kansas City and across the country and and ever since we met I I distance I've been down fascinated by -- kind of your story and and you know we were talking to Scott Scott in New York City. These days set -- New York but he he travels around the country so what do -- energy issue to our listeners because I think you have a fascinating story -- have -- a lot -- entrepreneurship so. While we start off by just got to tell our listeners -- -- about your background and kind of the how you got to where you are today. -- well I'll do that all in a minute and I. -- plus I'm. Gonna. No worries -- -- a lot like Stewart. Or you do not -- or ops I think network. Brinkley is a big color -- caddie for Scott started. I would college junior just really. Reckless slow walked out the real world really -- I tell -- Actually you'd think that -- Pete cot car and so you know my world which had to be achieved that street that was produced. Ares projects that I help people like thirty years old -- and somehow get hired freelance producer to go. He's accused virtual industrial. And I got the job done like it even though it looked like it well girl -- her breast. And you -- sort of story of -- -- you started. Today. Year basically a ticket business you know brought to your -- Now a hell not to let loose at all -- we look -- her -- -- -- and it was because I was every competition at -- book. I know I respect it too much we eat at least you know keep up with the children out of oppressed people. Are expected real speak to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- are not like dial. You know at -- work. Sort of produced. -- -- kick if you could say it by ever work to be success and ever want to make sure that the Arctic or. Would be the secret square. They'll help idol had to restore order Turkey can help be -- The -- I think obviously years later when. -- -- -- -- I get it wishes -- I. Do at oracle real job -- Started a typical circle to pitch it as I tried to -- doubled the largest quiet so I had to try to Arctic whirl on you know. Because I just -- the actual world outs you know taking it urge you do -- for practical so. To consider -- has built the company could be set -- a court -- -- I'd like to back about aspire to help others are social capital. Your sister resources. Are so pork are. Pivotal moments they're much. And that's sort of where the idea polite speak it well Larry I hit a couple of -- Of like minded individual that highly committed highly skilled. And create real value of hatred for each Gucci and resources to -- Best practices so I'd ask you used to. -- east. -- urged the world bike works that -- has also Albert thousand. The most successful or any person under the country out of the outlook application church -- so it's really see that -- You know. Getting back decree now he looks a really low real mobile group orange growers aren't really up to wish her -- ultimately spell trouble. Career track. Like last. Protagonists -- Gerber who is the founder of the yup YEC and you can find -- more information about Scott at -- the Gerber that's GE. BER dot com. It's got one of the things you've you've been very success laden and it ends media exposure you have a lot of -- -- ask about that all the time like. You know. Should I be BF -- leadership for -- content out there -- I don't have any ego that I need to get exposure some press I mean. That's sort of things you you've been very successful as ever since you've you've got to get involved been covered by you know. Basically every major news organization the United States and and I'm not kidding folks and I'm serious go to the -- so you can see it. All the articles you've done any what does that done for your career and how did you kind of break in of that. You know -- -- articulate the end of the -- he's up people. And critique eat I -- it was a publications. Can't we all walk to work on remote Greek -- yes there's always at least wait as well. -- pretty -- that we create something that's just people wanna talk about it wanna be sure. To what people actually tell it like he like it I actually say what you have to share world. What is the story which. You know he's not just another piece scurbel press release but something that is -- could make it occurred that changed like purpose as they're going to. Really who -- And because of the story of why he seek out mistress started or for those that -- L article basically December 2 about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He was organically come together to keep take like you like to various colleges. Speaks to it. -- basically panel discussion -- or do we sort. Answers to question. Sort it. I had to York times call -- -- basically occasional. Worst such stretch from the -- -- section. Pro. Mubarak. Know what to call. That was really where it started and the read your arms reached out would not because -- It usually -- sort of first -- suppress it really ever received that was the -- group video. But it would become a real work to get done real big. Results. We're talking about -- our economy -- solution were at we built a part of that -- So whatever people ask if you are a gully actually earlier when he. Because beating people become important you know do something that's real don't just trying to push -- -- took the lockers could try it pushed out here to control their caricature or results work just simply least extraordinary about it are. I have no real out and the other thing that would create a people talk about -- angle that it's important part of the discussion of the dark skirt. East you. Started that was the trigger -- push on global competition. Are you ask how -- you try to get major exposure. It is easier you know trying to get -- assist or -- -- Create really Chris peacock critical. Weeks where they agree to be upset in the. Very very true I didn't set a better myself there's got that is something that I think -- in my data electing media stuff people just trying to. Put the harsh things together there is no meaningful content and just think that you know a few cents on the Ethier junior coalition. -- the world the MS sins of the time do you really have to have something to share in and then move up and have a good point and thought leadership behind it. We're talking to Scott Gerber we're going to be coming back after the break Scott you have more time to hang out that's for another segment today. Yet more gonna have Scott Gerber come back after the break we're gonna get into really more of about the young entrepreneur council on why he sees. We right back after this on the entrepreneurs Casey should. -- Kansas City and welcome back to -- trainer Casey showed her host Jason -- had a great segment. Just now with -- Scott Gerber for the break. Scott as the founder of the young entrepreneur counsel for more formation get to YEC dot CEO. He also is just a serial entrepreneur sawed off public speaker he he's he's a Jack of all trades he's in Germany and he also gives great feedback in that first say when we talked all about. Growing your business public relations and he really give us some good insights I wanted to continue along with Scott. And talked to a little bit more about what the -- EC is and kind of where it's that says Scott. For listeners who are obviously members you know you've you've grown in Kansas City here recently. Talk also about -- what the -- he does and how it helps entrepreneurs. Sure so you know the white see it occasionally can grind it out or else successful urged all under lead. And treat other trouble every marketing industry generate billion dollars -- -- And without the police ranks -- get real here keeping you know what is central in patent partnership. Cynically or education. And secondly only work it's like -- that the that you are a natural leader like -- group in the past and welcome to -- it will become more successful. More viable. And Scott yeah it's -- -- you know a real quick the odds -- a second there because. One thing I've noticed I mean I'm an entrepreneur you know we talked entrepreneurs -- I'm. I'm turning 35 this week so don't don't I think I'm that old I'm still under forty right so. So you know it's there's a lot of organizations out there and you know you understand that being in New York didn't. You've been to DC -- about associations and all these different groups I mean. One of the things I was surprised with win I kind of make you would talk about the -- he was. It just it just a little different and all the other ones are really truly is different isn't. Well. At all. Your. -- yeah it is a lot of groups out there that wanna talk out. You sort of that high a local. -- release internal workings is sort of a peace to keep this YE conversations are very. -- -- Each challenge is that members are very real thoughts on the strategy combined that we -- average. -- a group of people speak the -- which are part of this your current extra -- -- Well and so obviously look at. Arch terrorist and be certain it. You know what there's -- art -- success and we systematic large. Area where. It now that we are to deliver faster results are better results are. Well they're access to -- series. Practiced out there at the top. -- to -- editor network it's a lot so should stick. Really make sure that we are pretty high now you are not distinguish at first. And anyone things you mentioned was you know the high tech support the opportunity and quick quick results in quick -- you the interaction -- amazing I think -- -- -- and -- I've been very shocked by that it's not just about you know where I think in networking event it's about. Connecting people and helping them and being quick on their response so he did mention part being in the YEC was access to. Since like you know PR opportunities that we talked to unless segment that it's when that a little bit more. Yes so I mean at the end of the day a week of public security across. I don't you can. All predict or urged to they don't just -- -- circus -- heat exposed the circus that need to go it works and eat some -- speech in which are. That. Would agree on that it -- -- Energy. That the that's a little -- till we speak about. Our -- -- to seek a public relations you know it people think -- -- -- black hole. Because he -- a Yorker critic copycat. Dollars bought. Certainly -- -- well our. Lots here's a cute rabbit creek church. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That process simple ET -- security group and being able to corporate media outlets would be respect that we -- at which security. -- it's a good numbers because you. Speak up you actually had urged out elders are. -- -- so it's it's one of those that we just look at recouping much for her and pretty simple equation to root for our most saudis and much Kursk. Or successful. Joint leader. Scott talked to me about kind of you know you guys have grown. And you're you're working in different cities now -- the country and you based in the East Coast. One of the things you need to do is the founder is is visits some of these communities entrepreneurial ecosystems throughout the country. Over the last year's kind of tells about what that's been like in and kind of some of the things you've changed are -- you've seen change since you started. With the white -- Every you don't and I don't mean Padilla -- paper here. They'll really always security in the city and he British soul which page so many great. Public private partnerships -- I can really I. Or the -- -- ecosystem. I'll splurge. Also really expect to Beecher -- Christ idol just seen the projects set. -- jokers like you know -- earthquake is doing at the park east peace out true. I think I had. And it righty the other projects really REG you know the rich people is great can actually bottle or start to see a lot of secret. Markets here or what you're seeing you -- -- -- yuppie -- really. Coming together a government. -- these various local stakeholders is that struck you all the people -- -- We you to -- how you're appeal that prosperity and they start believe he's really small sexy. Period -- To. He -- Fire explode at actual traffic. So I think that's really -- the -- last you're watching. Smaller cities really start to get the fact that they consult with talent equation. They elect dropped. A cost perspective -- Any current levels -- here -- start to build real business. -- economic opportunity. To. Are you seeing that the other cities such as the New York's in the Silicon Valley is there. I mean not even those that I mean just people are hearing more about I think Kansas city's lower the song come periods and actually here you are actually noticing him more than they used to. Absolutely and he you know was an odd -- makes it. And it's -- -- just a few years -- -- wouldn't eat it don't. Say it like Chicago. Chicago's. It's still a city outside city still. Or G-8. Angeles open. Go look at all sides are very sister how it's -- get a couple years which is also picked her secret. No clue that could -- some -- topped our. You know their role in certain industries because people go to some CE. It -- repeats see you know. But urged ecosystem they make extra perks. And that's what we're seeing that beast -- page stories -- app. Happened more these cities it'll have your heart. But seemingly out of nowhere really we're here. I and so I think -- a bottle or success is early bill coalition to speak or local. I had cable TV period -- you'll see value be created because actor -- Gary expects it to -- it. A New Yorkers look at it or not getting cheaper if they're getting more expensive because battalion that interpret. Are a lot of eight -- eight certain Perry country. -- specially you're supposed to speak connect or at least so white option could be created equal or arrogant I think Israel to. -- -- idea I've had the luxury of traveling across country being in big cities a lot of times but I you know I call Kansas City element. There's nothing better than -- again like -- Mussina. Done the great things in the East Coast and traveled comes in the town and you know is honestly surprised about. Kansas City about you know to millions plus city you know doing good things and in the evening in and sharing that word you know like you know I've been to Pittsburgh and I I had the same feeling is you and I went there now it's like. You know five years ago I was like oh my and I -- I I didn't notice for was a school maybe gets his or baseball city was so cool and I want to have that I was just shocked at how like you know -- -- was that a young mayor at the time -- You know it's a really cool when somebody comes in town we've had a lot of people recently come and in town and check now it's gone with the tech sector or with with you know -- mentions one and they leave town on the go back to where they're from and you know they share the good words religious dating people and these smaller communities these smaller cities. So they can see what's happening and then building that that word across the country. That this it's this guy we got a couple more minutes left I want to talk you about this book you wrote about four years ago. It's it's got a great title and I know you get some good press out of this but the title is never get a real job. Which a lot of entrepreneurs and people sitting in the cubicles -- is interviewing are probably thinking to themselves what can I do that would be more enjoyable. Tell me about this book end I mean you got some great reviews on did you. Yeah I mean it was a lot right and you know it it was one of those statement that all it really it was right art it. I'll ask people at certain goods were cheap talk about it really let you could tell I held on -- College -- Restricted. Entrepreneurs got a -- it started problems so you -- Certainly it certainly wasn't a -- -- like excruciating article. -- -- -- -- -- -- a deal and that. Long story short is that the idea behind the book you needed to see it. I think -- just your Oscar. Here this is right here that. You too. You will not be successful a can be beaten could your -- heard -- -- -- -- eagle which aircraft just as much to execute but he works cubicle com. Are you might think -- -- to date would be from -- so nobody carriers country -- this air. You -- technological -- you know so trap it almost got. Are you have cold -- should audit should all different variables are really pushing business out Kris. Anyone can do it so long that you are Smart purple speed up. I can't really I'll -- you how to execs. You know it's not something greater risk Ito. Credit Detroit city to go out -- at three or -- -- We -- it actually is actual circuit at a 30%. People critic you are going to be one way or the other I 81%. We want to -- speaker. So interest and the CD market. Exchange. And he beat demographic. That so my advice would repeat the book interpret it -- some would say. You get started to -- -- -- read it should be great. Ever is being afraid not being afraid to -- cheerleaders right daily -- teach you how to -- billiard election. Hitler Castro. They should be absolutely great or track. To risk that that you typical like Kirk passed -- country with -- -- here. The -- year old like others to be the actual what they. Stop -- which you will regret. And so you know I ever ask you start small unit average Robert L -- small idea you'll be to change the world the purple. You need to do what big -- execute get a little bigger critic. Little bit will be co worker Rick if you can -- it could be surprised that your. I couldn't agree more Scott. Gosh it's great great information brother on -- that there right. I really appreciate come on the show him about a minute left -- I guys I would advise you if you had time to check out. Scott's website at Scott indeed Gerber dot com and all his articles. Thought leadership posts everything you could you could find that helps entrepreneurs and it's all there and then also check out the the YEC's young not -- counsel others more information on the web site to find out how you can you referred or. Learn more about the organization that YEC dot co. Scott you know I appreciate you coming on the air today from New York next time you're in town look forward to catch up again. -- thank you very much I know Scott Gerber from BYEC's. We -- back -- -- frontrunner Casey sure after the break thanks Louis. Welcome back to -- turner KC show I'm your host Jason real thanks for joining us for the full hour today hope you've enjoyed the show. The other good entrepreneur that you think you should be on the show -- a great idea please send it to me at. And Jason grill on Twitter or you can reach out to me. Via via my website did you grow media dot com and there's -- -- there's a button there to contact me if you have a good idea for future guest on the entrepreneur KC show we'd love to hear from you. In our final segment today. We have a very seeing guest we have Priscilla mcginnis who's the director of student alumni services use entrepreneurs. This is a program that is the starting Kansas. But now it's actually bay has. It is the Missouri to excuse me. So now -- Kansas and Missouri and it is some really cool work and local schools and promoting entrepreneurship to to that tomorrow's leaders. And to students throughout the TC -- hard today and great thank you -- thanks for coming in today and I'm doing great thanks for asking. Everything's good here at Kouchner KC show I'm very. I don't know as much about your organizations that probably should. Let had some great people from their reach out to me and thought we really cool to have you on the air because. You after doing some research adding some really cool stuff in the Kansas Missouri and and you've not been involved in this business this job foundation now offer. Nine years traders try to tell me about a little bit about your background -- with your background okay and then let's get into what you entrepreneurs it's. Absolutely so my background as he mentioned I've been with. These entrepreneurs organization for nine years prior to data was actually an elementary school teacher -- I taught second grade in liberty. And antiwar -- ha -- I grew up as I would the same time it's. So cannot cut us they're gonna -- -- close somewhat close I guess not very close that north enroute to and I've -- nine minutes to Clay County a few times a third circuit Afghanistan it's not so Idenix elementary school and and I resume ready to not be in the classroom but still wanna to be an educational world. So it that was in 2005 and at that point in time and this opportunity became available and but the opportunity that I'm speaking of -- the Kauffman Foundation. Approached you punch -- and he's -- nurses -- -- rounds has been around since 1991 our roots are in Wichita Kansas. I'm Kaufman contacted us and so that they love distort we were doing in which top. They wanted to program here in Kansas City specifically. Kansas City, Kansas. So on our program expanded -- in the Kansas City area in 05. So there was a newly created position looking for someone to. It's managing grow the program so that's I felt like it was a perfect fit it was still. In dealing lit with with Houston working in educational world and it's just it really fit my -- My personal. He's desires and needs to ask you. So how long were your teacher in four years for you warriors -- and that's just an interesting thing too with. -- that's all other topic but like teaching and make the -- like system of pension system and people moving from one district to the other Missouri and and a lot of researches that and CS so it's it's really cool that you kind of been able to. Continue on and doing things and education. -- from a different -- -- for different from a different standpoint and other than a classroom teacher but -- I feel like I'm able to. Real to reach a lot more students and have a great impact on that. Now you're from Omaha all right I am casually from Omaha so -- you major way -- you make your way to Kansas City for this teachings are received now Nebraska -- -- -- I'm how did they and I think Kansas City at one of my best friends. And after we had graduated college decided she wanted to go back to school and whose son to be a nurse says she mid -- and Medicaid nursing school. I fell in love with Kansas City I was down here all the time visiting her and I thought you know. I'll get a shot -- down here for years see how it goes it's not go back to Omaha and and that was that was twelve years ago. Cool so yeah we got to TP now Omaha as a lot of things going on to the contrary to your right now you know so comparing news's covers that along with Kansas City -- more into it. I've been up -- few times further awards show and -- I was pretty shocked at the growth of Omaha did a lot going on -- even being from their every time I go back theirs is that there are new things -- -- with restaurants that I was pretty shocked the -- from really really fronts at their -- like that. -- the downtown market area that there's some there's some pretty good little. Places down there which -- -- I mean I think Gary Gary non chain and yeah -- your local businesses. Area Kelly we have now we can have that whole thing on here Gibson yeah locals better against these days -- -- yeah there -- definitely a lot of parallels between Omaha and Kansas City which I think is like. I loved -- city so much so you've been at. You've entrepreneurs now for nine years for. -- you know obviously the Kauffman Foundation is is the largest foundation. Devoted to entrepreneurship in the you know in the world tell us about kind of what makes you -- that are so different would it what does it do because. We see all these little programs running on now is assuming the economy you know when south with education is all education changing changing changing. Kind of -- what now you're at 36 schools hotels like. What actually this will what do you guys do you what do you teach -- So you frontrunners we are. Our nonprofit organization. And we have partnered with school districts across Kansas and Missouri. And our mission is to -- power. High school students some with business skills. And an entrepreneurial mind sets which is I don't need which it and I think that's. That's probably one of our biggest distinguishing factors is that entrepreneurial mindset -- on. It's a -- students enroll in their class and we're embedded in the curriculum of all the high schools that aren't well and it's so they -- for our class just like they would math English history. So it's a classic they go to every single day. None we have. A teacher who teaches the course and that that individual is an employee of the school district OK so so most of the times there are our instructors are in business -- -- -- business department so they're teaching. Basic business business classes accounting marketing of all those classes Magellan to -- -- worship. So students enroll it's a year long course they receive credit for it. On. So they're eight you know like he's over teaching them business skills were teaching them. How to start a business. Had -- and how to think on to New Orleans on. One of the biggest things that we tackle with our students are our guiding principles and that's another distinguishing factor so. So what I mean by that is we we operate by ten guiding principles which are. Things like integrity respect and value creation being a principled orange nor. -- so these are all principles that are not only important to be successful as a business owner but to be successful -- -- On incessant earnestly our students say they create a viable business plan. And some of them do you actually take that business plan and run an an and actually do start at their business. Others on the other hand gain that valuable experience. If coming to -- Tiffany and thinking gosh maybe being a business owner is not for me and that's fine and it's better that they learned those lessons and figure that out within you know structured safe environment of the classroom. On but again. If we're teaching them to think like an owner so if they go to work for somebody whether it's on. Starbucks or a car wash or going to work for somebody -- months. If they can think and make decisions as though they were the business owner. We feel like they're adding value to that business and into their community. Mean it's so needed to because -- earlier in the show we talked to -- -- to. Mention how many more in the poll about hiring people are going to be freelancers are certain businesses and it's just it's astounding had a you know a night. I did that and I didn't give for not doing it and it's like. You know I come from a different backgrounds you know at the school in -- in on law school on and it's like. Nowadays it just seems like so different with with technology and so I think it's really important it. You know the guys are. Cutting courage in this until you know intelligent risk taking and also and teaching you know. High school students you know how to start a business or. Because those are tools that you just don't only I didn't learn in school and rightly took finance class we took keyboard and we took. God knows what else we we they still don't and I honestly like. Not look actively dislike you keep morning classes dean on the apple Macintosh -- them. But I I like I wouldn't of had a class like I couldn't I mean I'd want my parents -- and it's like. The hunt and peck method you know -- little things like that in the learning about these things when you're in high school it does help. And it's not often times it's a mind set shifts and it's okay it's okay to do it right it's a historian is it's a Qaeda espionage for an air land and that you don't have to have a brick and mortar business. And to be successful you know start with the tools and resources that you have he no -- -- with our particular and target audience are working at high school students their four. They don't have tens of thousands of dollars certain to go out and start a business so. How you know we tried and stone and how can you as a seventeen year old. Use what you Scotts the Mary. Your passions in your skills with and need. In your -- -- you know within your target market ended that matches imperative. On. At the start off on -- build up your clientele and reinvest your money back into the business. You know set your goals and work up to if you -- have that brick and mortar business. And I think that that is. Even if to feed -- if you work for a larger company but you can also nowadays. Freelance or start a little company you know like selling things or whatever right with technology and you don't have to stay in your all time and -- that's kind of the trend. And what's going on here so and Angelina made it yet being innovative -- kind of taking in you know instilling into you know it. Independents and all the sets things he talked about all right and each -- -- there are students -- Well enrollment class and inevitably they'll they'll say something along the lines of well you know I IBM dentists. -- how does this class applicable to me. And say you know when you start having those conversations with sand and digging deep and you know it's so they do going to be Dennis you'll eventually if they want to have their own practice. They need to know the business side along with that. That trade mean self to tell me about. It's kind of growth now you trip according to the website you might be in more now -- you're 36 I schools. Right and then this current sq which craziness starts next week will be in 43 high schools can system to clear here in Kansas City and in. NO five we started in the four Kansas City, Kansas high schools public high schools and and so we are grows from there has and gone to bishop. Bishop Ford in KCK. And in 2010 for the first time ever we crossed state lines and went into independent school district and so we serve robbed independence public schools. And then this script does Scalia that's about to start the 1415 school year. We will be and in Kansas City, Missouri schools when we will be and at university academy and and and Hogan prep. Wouldn't presume to of the charter schools and sheer intensity -- school districts so we we are thrilled about that opportunity. That it definitely is very exciting and encouraging and -- it's -- now how would people connecting obviously you deal with. -- building this program. How how does that work -- the school district is action of a school district is interest in -- meaning you need to do would be to contact myself for anybody. Within the Kansas City office and from -- start the conversations about the steps needed to take to it -- to roll out and implement a program. -- many times that means just having open conversations. None. Identifying teacher -- insurance that the that the school connect can accommodate our program. You know I and other distinguishing factor from -- between our class and other programs as. Although the program does take place during the school day. It's very important to us that our students -- Debts but acknowledged with the real world experiences. So we do -- students out of the classroom at least twice and it's pricey here we take among business -- and we pair them up with mentors we bring into the classroom. What we call business plan advisors and those are. Business leaders within the community your attorneys your lawyers your small business owners. Bankers. You know individuals that can guide their assist. Offer their assistance to our students as they're developing their business plans. Actually we did you know we -- our students -- if if you -- surely go out start your own business you have to have a teen. An individual surrounding you that can help you along the way there's no weak you know everything -- so we want to provide that team for them in the classroom. And I -- businessmen advisors -- Know -- are so big in partnership. And advisors and I can tell you that first hand. Up for Silvia ST director since alumni services thinks are trying to show guys you can check out. More information about use entrepreneurs that used entrepreneurs dot org. Really appreciate you coming in today -- terrorists here and some knowledge about that congratulations on everything you've done and I'm assuming as you continue to grow others can be more changes in more entrepreneurship and more. People wanted to start their own business I hope so that's a -- I hope so too well thanks for coming and thank you -- an opportunity. They -- got turner Casey should get today guy's been great having you again and -- can we talk again next week. Have a great day we'll talk --