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The Radio Dish 7.27.14

Jul 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time to leave the dishes in the sink and dish about something that's important to you. And now -- here to jerks who think they -- the -- it's. To bring you didn't slip. Doesn't kill you makes us. It's -- radio obviously Darcy Blake. Mary mechanic and you with the radio CH dot com and we yes. Yes we're here for now the real -- sorry it's like about a penny just keeps coming back we did best at last week we DN a little bit of -- time off a little bit of a break when we hear that was the ball will hit show these outlets are blackened and couldn't be helped but not enough thought. He can't miss it you can go back in the archives and listen. It's not labeled as the Bobble heads show no it's not -- but showed enough to know. Yeah -- hey some announcements for you this. Morning in regards to go went back to school because it is about that time lakeside speedway and I 35 speed ways. Our teaming together to look for school supplies money to purchase draw string neon mansion backpacks. Now appear company near interested in May be some goodwill advertising. This would be away for you to do it says the logos would be in the weekly programs and I 35 and out at lakeside speedway. The kids night it's to promote dark it's night and the I 35 event is August 2 to lakeside speedway will be August. Eight like that and there's another one this is a thirteen Daniel wind -- Kelly back to school fair. It's going to be held on Saturday August 9 two locations Kansas City, Kansas community college. And Casey came Boys and Girls Club local affairs to make every child school ready. From day one and -- need to help out. If you want to help out into contact united way like no don't work and they will happy there as well so I think you still need volunteers and if you -- call call -- the volunteer center of united way wind accounting that number's 913. 3713674. Or -- hander. CA HN ER united way why can't dot org occasionally. We ran across an interesting things here at the radio dished up front actually I believe this is something I fell into when I was supposed to be doing something I told during my worries something and and -- and I was just sucking time because. You can suck I -- time better than and need buddy I you know like and could be second to you have you seen this guy this is set for May be. An up and coming chef I don't know his name is Kelly Phillips. Hello everybody and welcome -- kitchen we're saying we're going to be. Making Henry's family style days yet. Spaghetti. Work. The Italian pasta. Which is based on our -- And our water. Expect that most. Mornings yeah popular French area. I ingredient for me. Use our users. -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah. Parsley -- place. Student beaten to. It works the. Our line. What he just conference. I think he. -- Must really she ever nice. -- In March. Two tables. And something can be tempted to Nino in the problem here simply took -- connection let me just start by. Reaching out -- let you can hear a little bit with the olive oil. And news twelve inch and a poor -- it's about. Really good certainty. -- onions and along with the the ground beat. -- it certainly isn't the worst season. On Saturday and tomato sauce. Analysis -- all of who would be about a little. Who's your head guy but he makes plans for a living and he's always trucks planes don't crash it. And then. -- Joe's character has fallen that she's. Eventually it. But she helps and yeah. Testers and -- We're gonna let her -- -- -- do you can be. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes there -- News. Okay. And the last eight years in its coverage yeah. That's never find it. I don't know I don't know a little deceiving you hold the sky and see if he's really for real is committed to and is it would probably have to plow through fifteen agents or something. I'm assuming he says. Not a shift and I felt I don't think so something tells me in the incident are -- is this is not going to be a future career that's gonna go -- for them if we do get in touch with and we. We can scan that he thinks now DC future and that's because. -- -- -- I don't -- is kind of funny -- it is that'll tell you what -- who we disciplined Smart chicken recipes that kind of scares me not actually even be able to Clinton you can use Smart chicken -- anybody even -- the orange chicken debt that it that is I can't say I know exactly penalty when we have a great -- it's can be posted. If not this week -- next week because I may have messed things up countries that don't even -- to learn that as well as the cooking. But we get a great recipe that is -- family favorite which is a constant homemade Smart chicken meatballs. You got to elephant and let me bubbles he's done enough and Smart chicken mcdonalds I have not yet but I -- to turn this one is it's very easy to do. -- -- and speak at the track pretty easy you know him I. And having our chicken salad tonight these margin in chicken salad that you never posted something un -- and you did go. To this marching in which I don't founding comparable. Chicken recipe Smart -- rest of comparable its -- steam indeed well you know I put a little miracle whip in mind just to give -- a little more resist. Along with a sour -- -- huge. And there. The other important -- can't help. And I use red corrects red seedless grapes not black seat whisker it's not that there's anything wrong with that but exactly -- -- -- -- -- that. In the moment. Yeah every recipe I've ever tread a Smart chicken turned out fantastic hit it stays some voice it doesn't you know is gone our our FaceBook -- will have recipes they're pitching most of the Smart chickens. On FaceBook page they get a ton of recipes come through here so. Make sure you check amount can Smart chicken meal let them we love them as a sponsor you know the way to a man's heart these third his stomach so it is a good idea that he. Know how to cook maybe that's what happens when marriages -- part. And we're going to be talking to not the folks behind marriage boot camp 'cause we had them here with us on a previous show or gonna talk to a couple of reality television stars who who are now working their way through boot camp. And we've also got folks who will tell you about a big royals charity event that's coming up on Saturday that we'd love for you to attend. It's -- Hollywood playing the dirty dishes it's all come and we've got to. Yes -- -- Pak showing yet we let that number that's. A and yet in my Phillips 999. I don't know who could be more dangerous in the kitchen. She played well I don't use knives and OK without -- Remember my finger on the watermelon when I sliced the -- -- yeah yeah you've lost a lot of blood did we can get me to get -- it's Darcy Blake the cook and and Mary McKenna we Q -- the radio -- dot com. No yeah. Small but yeah when puzzling -- problem when you don't need a hero and yeah. Don't go away and call will be taking your heroes in bombing to stop the group's blog and get your house back in order for -- deposits flood brings water heaters or call your blowing me calling -- -- -- -- It's an important part of planning -- care is no we have options and signature funerals take the mystery on the process owner -- -- says pre planning is the -- and -- taken proactive approach to -- explaining you're -- every immediately at the end of the -- your family members have confidence they're doing for you we want them to do whether it's cremation -- traditional preparation whether it's -- service -- your read them -- -- their own church may feel better knowing that this is what you meant. Signature funerals dot com. Here's the weekly tip from Julianne Smith and Christina -- with advanced financial solutions on the country club plaza -- 59 and a half my assistant acting to cattle died here to help us explain a little -- -- strategy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rollover your borrowing can. For more information on strategy other great investment and income strategies day of our Estes Park Colorado retreats contact Gillian Smith and -- elements with -- advanced financial solutions at financial pants stunt come tell me. Since you. You're free consultation financial pants stunt come securities offered Tim Maloney securities company ink member Finneran septic. -- -- He'll cry and you wish to show. It's no radios did. Welcome back we are leaking them. August say you'll be driving down the road listened to the radio like -- she could but just not so long vacation summer trips they're done -- -- I cannot believe we shall see and are under shortly -- -- Mary and can you -- at the radio dish dot com you know some of TV's hottest reality stars are attending the week TVs marriage boot camp now. Unite in the past and had a chance to have a marriage boot camp folks on the outs of the intense therapy sessions they've got. To see if people's marriages or -- saline or if it's worth calling it. Let's -- to ladies joining us today here on the radio -- we're speaking with bachelorette Tricia susser. And real housewives of Orange county's Gretchen Rossi they're going to undergo a unique brand of extreme marriage therapy on the television show. And ladies good morning we're gonna start with the Missouri girl and I say Missouri I know you're not technically from Missouri which grew up in Saint Louis right -- I can't. I actually knew that there are not a sport so I consider my stuff was very Al. -- for the midwest. Well I'm kind of curious what's happened -- married eleven years have two beautiful children and you've hit a snag what went wrong. Didn't actually hit a snag I am if you watch the show -- it's on its state Baptist I've yet to being. This show. Is touted as couples. Figuring out if their relationship -- -- and and we're all doomed and men were heading for divorce but that's not the case for. And backed by hoped that people would would tune in or even follow me on Twitter to get the real -- Obviously I haven't seen so will aren't -- 98. Quickly we were given the opportunity and -- the exact three and that is kind of coming up we didn't want to get because we didn't want people to think and we weren't happy side. In actuality we were happier than -- And we after talking to the producers multiple times we. Decided that we it would be great -- -- -- to strengthen our marriage and get help from experts and and show people with kind of the platform that you don't have to be an unhappy placed a lot to be happier so. That's where we are that's not where all of the couples where. The marriage retreat -- I I say I talk about it as we have to young kids week we have careers where we have hobbies that take. Time away from her marriage and literally given the opportunity to spend ten days in the court this house in California. Just. Being together and yet it was. I hear one of those lovely children -- So we weren't able to really focus -- relationship and an incomplete CP -- and it would it would be wonderful to be able can't actually have those moments just ourselves in a way it was kind of like that maniac he caring about. That meeting with the marriage retreat at that weren't called -- but it was something where they -- on the retreat and up -- things around it turns out it was wonderful to be able to really just focus on each other. Go ahead and take care -- what you need to take terrible I rest for aggressive now and Gretchen are you in the same place that Ryan and -- work coming into marriage boot camp. You know -- pregnant are actually very happy relationship I think our people are the art our our our Larry -- your marriage tips and especially -- -- and I. -- Mary. That we can predict eighteen are. You know being the oppression and say you know we want everyone to be that they are able -- or keeper or Mary or people at a prep. Earning their -- that it can be very much they are people that are under way to get married and I'm really firm learn like ill -- harder for you Sheila Hart you're happily actor and and I went you know I've been doing. Reality to be a decade and displayed is being on eight circles -- belch it's one of those things where we really -- -- -- But were afraid to go and continued to share our story major speech and we feel bad patent and many people have grown -- -- Cali and her story. That we are fearing next -- we each. Aaron what each other like Hopkins like being happening right yeah you can't ever be prepared -- -- matter -- early. So it inched going to camp like that's really allowed. To. Learn skills that we can keep accurate and -- where it. Situations that are -- come -- I do need to ask you why continue to live your life in front of the camera why do this. Welker me it really was apparel arm opera any harm rarely -- you know so many people. You know it it's funny when you work in real estate -- other -- they are -- you'd think you're better are are better opportunity -- -- -- she. Didn't beat -- and it came -- here for decades. You know might stand in my idea that it works and learn her growth firm and I -- agree on her being able to keep. Patricia does that ever get beat -- like I really don't want cameras in my face anymore. Well that's that's not -- life you know we. We were we met eleven years ago Alicia was the first -- I was I was twelve years ago. And yet I've been on get with the stars but. That was the end. Seven or eight years ago so. We we don't invite cameras into her life. Very frequently -- it have to be something that. Works for Africa's first schedule works for our values and we felt the same -- as Texans played that we really want it. To look use this as a selfish opportunity to strengthen. Our relationship but also use that as a platform to be able to have to really kill people that term. You you can always better your relationship he cannot be decent thing that your relationship. Doesn't have to be the cameras following you. But this was our opportunity yet we could have done it. The traditional way and -- jet -- terror are gone to marriage counseling but we wanted to to have pre sell arms. And we we thought I had that it would be great to be able to. Bwic harm other couples got a ticket to experience with other couples. And also kind of -- ramp up I mean if you if you watch it says there's one that in the more exercise and -- It seemed completely more bad but it really -- -- go there and and really deal with the fact that life is fragile and you never know. When you -- this your partner's -- and have opportunities like that. I'm I'm really grateful that we decided to -- -- let's plug this show it's on we TV only on we TV and it airs Friday -- to say here in the midst of the series. In her car at 898. Or 9:8 central and everything's going swimmingly well for both yes. For both yes -- also this -- good -- it now. And we'll certainly share that obviously with our listeners ladies thank you so much for joining us today at the radio -- dot com buried up by -- They seem really nice I thought that. They are nice sound that way they do in this because -- materialistic they just want money anyway what does anybody do reality television so that you -- -- exposure to get other jobs. Or because you're getting union scale which is what -- now on -- and we like 750 dollars or something like -- I don't know that could have been ten years ago because I lived my life is kind of a ten years ago are light enough to minimum wage here on the show. I don't I don't. I would be our -- except I don't know. Now despite viewing Greg ever has -- against -- so many cues from oh you're back to me on that all that -- -- again I can't remember ours was quick -- Yeah first came out. Don't even ask because -- put in there who's who it came from whimper started. Who's responsible on and so every check that I wrote -- put my name my name my name and unlike. It's not just spending money. I -- the cancer. I was terrible and Paul the engineer contacted all the guys -- black and agents at the U opponent not publish this look to what's -- about what you could now America's currently get real upset about that. It was terrible. Look like I'm the only -- spending money is publisher. Grace you know my husband I mean I've never heard Paula via -- you know he's not retailer. Oh I am fierce creatures an only I'm just not a lot of talk about your tank sister treated -- on my gosh I'm serious we have. Probably. Probably. I know you tacit political fights alone only time. We got into a huge nerd argument over and they also. Over stupid things really don't affect us on a -- -- and let me just tell -- it's -- after glass of -- I'm just gonna end -- -- well -- this one -- that we're talking about the Affordable Care -- -- -- -- who's had some health issues in the past big proponent -- but I am not -- and he said well somebody had to do something it's it can't be fixed and I set. I gave him for instance instead so if a bridge. Had been in need of repair and was fixed with pipe cleaners which you drive -- -- it's been fixed. -- -- yeah that didn't and won't -- wouldn't really badly and nick all are we were driving it and remember where we were driving a -- we're gonna go out and have dinner together the last -- hello. I get a text she yeah. Just neither woman speaking apparently you would rather there's a big. -- -- as he sat and I speak I remember my text back was really. Yeah this is a and we'll student at home because we do live north of the river here in the Kansas City area and I just didn't want to drive back over bridge I can and I can't tell -- I cannot be afforded us that aren't so hot topic -- -- we -- going to be talking to the folks with rails charities and variety children's charities teaming up together for a big block run that is coming up on August 2 to this Saturday. And we'd love to see you out there starts kind of early in the morning for me -- -- -- seeking compass I went to sleep a little bit I can do anything you don't have time to register you can register at the that I did I can I I -- that up before we actually do do the interview okay. But to Devin Murray will be joining us here in just a little bit. We're gonna find out what is going on some last minute nuptials to somebody that. Nobody felt was getting married to the end of person. It's very complicated and Christian purple -- it's. Plus of course the conditions Guzman wouldn't you can't tell the kids -- -- Blakemore all of that is Mary McKenna and you can bring you can. Cleaning doesn't have to be a chore with products and I'm not packet you'll find that cleaning up is a -- not -- other -- Adams we've got the products to clean everything from top to bottom in -- now pay your home. Business for your car -- and we aren't the experts to answer any of those tough cleaning questions so bring I don't -- the -- like it makes singing a lot easier twelve -- road in North Kansas City a mop bucket quality cleaning products for quality results little store lots of cleaning -- the -- dot com. It's we'll shields with 68 inside sports -- -- -- whether you're looking to get -- improve and athletic skills -- looking for youth sports camps or swimming -- 68 -- sports is the place for -- we strive to -- fitness and -- to all ages and abilities we also provide chiropractic care. Physical therapy. And also have a indoor golf studio. 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And one of them is Marie -- so with a royals charities Marguerite thanks for join us thanks -- -- today and one of my dear friends with a variety of children's charity. Oh my so she's such a close friend had asked her how to pronounce her last name and it's Alaska or your friend doesn't have. -- grow -- breakthroughs the executive director of variety children's security here in Kansas City and who wants to go first let's start -- -- The run walk itself August 2 at Kauffman Stadium. I have -- when have you participated in most in the coming out curry did do you run in Kansas City and it's a great Brian Lockett I can talk for Emery is because. It's it's a one of the kind that because it's a round McCain. You get to actually run all the way around to it and actually through the stadium around the warming track and answer coming around the warning track you see yourself on the Jumbotron and so it's a pretty cool events and actually feel that excitement of being what it's like for the players to be on the field and audience above you. You kinda get that for real and that rush of what the players feel like and then the exit outside and it's a party we have a huge party. And -- we hope everybody can count because the food is great entertainment's great. And we'll have a couple of -- alumni players and slugger and it probably the best I've -- in Kansas City. Well I've never I've run this particular five K mainly because I've never run any five K but I do up to walk them until I invite all people that love to walk to join -- stare at some -- -- about a five K you know and even if you walking up the world it that's absolutely right I think it usually takes me about I don't know 55 minutes at my best so very -- still under an hour. And but -- -- right I mean afterwards we have the most food I've ever seen in a five K all kinds of different things everybody will enjoy something. I'm from the tiniest child up to them you know. Most excited adult and really being on the field as is the best. Is the best thing you -- -- -- without with the -- at Tariq AK in the morning and I like it starts at 8 o'clock in the morning. It's a great opportunity to to exercise and bring your family out bring your friends out form a team. Whatever you really want. But for Saturday August 2 start you deauthenticate 8 o'clock in the morning with us you can register online at WW. W royals dot com slash Ron. On -- percent tee and on the media preview dish some of the team. To block all content and I'm. I've run marathons and you do. Not so much anymore in my knees went and you know we're gonna do that anymore. And Anderson I don't think he's ever broken a sweat so. We get you -- the sounds like a lot of fun and the weather was so beautiful about a week ago it would be awesome on Saturday on the second if we had a nice little polar vortex. Come -- flew into -- into Kansas City would that be great that would be great and the other thing we love about this is that. Not only do you get everything a -- registration -- beacon of free T shirt and you get a ticket to come back to royals game. So it's kind of rekindle awful lot with this opportunity to help out royals charities which eventually helped righty that's -- that's absolutely right royals charities -- And pledged to make all the proceeds of this run go to writing children's charity it's one of our favorite charities and town obviously made you amazing work. -- amazing work. Unfurled a -- Kansas City without mobility count as well exactly that's what I was going to hand you focus on just a moment I think -- just unleash your -- under the what does a variety do tell us a little bit more about charity the -- As children local children in Kansas City especially. Whether it's a physical need or cognitive disability what we love about writing helps all kids with special needs. So this is important to us because. Wells is one of our -- partners because they believe in mobility it's important for people keep sticking out in the community and participate. In the community. On and what could be better than a runner walked a lot of our Friday kids a foreign teams will be there in their wheelchairs. Will be either in the Walker's. And he'll be there with other teen numbers because they're here to celebrate. That Kansas City Royals inch -- charities celebrates mobility and movement I mean that's what the royals players do they live moving playing a game. In kids with special needs need to be included in all activities whether they can play baseball or not. We need to give them the option to feel like they can't and variety luckily with this money that we will race will be able to provide life changing mobility equipment for kids. Wheelchairs adaptive by by takes billion ramps I -- for communication devices. A plethora. Of really important equipment that people -- parents can't get. Or insurance doesn't always pay for him -- -- last resort for them so this'll really huge for our community due to one -- chance to run on the field at the K it will be a lot of fun to try to get. -- out there with -- and orthopedic shoes -- -- our. You can tell she's not right in the studio at this XX. -- and allow us the name is -- in that -- it's a pleasure -- so nice to meet you and Dan because your high energy in -- -- maybe bring some of that high energy out to McCain on Saturday morning August -- that you can register at the event in -- she don't get a chance on line right that is -- packet pick -- 7 -- parents direct their -- and I think -- online things. I thought I I. Secular and can't wait to see there benefiting variety the children's charity thank you so much guys for joining us today and the radio -- -- rely on. Well did you not just threw me under the bus while I'm sorry sometimes well when we do a show and yet you seem to think you have to take all all too. Too because chef Tom Phillips you know. Well maybe it's not time whenever -- is a tough sticker handwritten whatsoever it's kind of that's F I knew that was believe it or not he listens. We just got a little -- excrement and we're gonna have the most to you and I can we listen are you did he he do you. So we'll -- -- -- course -- was on a gimmick and it ended when an erupting interview and I find out that you made fun of me well. It was the only thing I could get in word edgewise. Sorry Deborah but you know looking you can you say go. For -- Do you McKay what a great group -- went up. Well under wonderful time now is gonna he might go out there I tell you wanna go out and run this what patients are particularly -- Yeah yes you know I -- -- -- annual run premiere play tennis I'm gonna. -- around the court and -- good long distance running or short distance running. -- presidential amounts are running that I know masters and a I. There's a mischief afoot in Portland you know I'm going to be going -- so -- here in just a few weeks you talking about the -- building vandals are not terrorists neighborhoods there I am infect British spend at least a night in Portland before we -- to the coast watch after the maple bars. Who who you -- as the maple bar is where the first thing we're smeared on cars spin donuts were left top windshield wipers. All. Trees littering yards that's right police have no idea what's going on there looking for whoever is doing that's. In 25 years of police chief content well. My precious says 25 years and police services I've never been and never investigate or seen a criminal mischief involving pastries. -- -- -- -- -- Possibly that could happen but they're not very happy Don -- says she's been hit six times yeah. Twice with the maple bar then -- cinnamon doughnuts -- she must be trying to stamp once with pink yogurt OK so now it's a little farther than just that. Bread soaked in something that -- nasty and somebody apparently Nelson here with red potato salad but then again another maple -- came through. And it's kind of two different shop sells potato salad and don't street Lou I don't know if you would think that police would be all over this I mean it's gonna find out Hoss and I'm sorry I am I kidding I helped get. Hate letters. From people who know police men are married to police and or from Kelly bailiff one of our favorites. She probably won't like -- and unfriendly hit it on anybody knows who this pastry thief and the thrower is this Hillsborough neighborhood's been going to for six weeks they need to find out and they want -- the -- stop now if it was only going on in Hollywood then we could sit Christine -- on today. Story would have liked and flashed a Hollywood Blaine and dirty dishes coming up here just ministers who played Mary McKenna and you. At the religious dot com and coming back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dot com wanting to lose weight but given up on guiding. And you may be eligible for free bottle of this skinny six super supplement -- -- -- breakthrough available for the first time ever. Are you currently not -- if you answered yes to all of the above. Congratulations. First hundred callers when the phone lines open shortly unlike any diet supplement you've tried before. You can -- is the six most powerful clinically proven weightless ingredients into one miraculous super pill because the skinny six super supplement is so powerful this free -- offer is only available to those not currently -- Find out how to claim your free bottle -- minds are open now. 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It's time for this week's Hollywood can play good -- birdie. -- plot twist that they Rivera is a newlywed had gleeful newlywed if I may say that but it's a not big show on. Isn't this crazy she was engaged to big Sean just recently ended three months negotiated during each -- All -- hello she got married on July 19 you Ryan Dorsey he's an actor. Or are known to everyone but she took. They seemed wedding day the scene location. Seemed dressed. Did she had to take back any of the wedding gifts that I guess not just you just keep on right that's -- thought I would be so. I mean can -- got a wedding gift for getting married he didn't necessarily say that group yeah I should just cross that big Sean and I brought it up. A -- a Brazilian Silva is topping the news list is she hasn't been talking so much about a pregnancy but there's a bump. There is a baby bump and it appears that she's about three months pregnant in fact I saw her in person over the weekend and she -- I eat. In cursing and she definitely had eight -- eat that I would -- is attributed not having a big lunch but having a baby. And she looks great she is married and she recently got married. Over the last collapsed while you I'll go -- he's an artist from Italy and she talked a lot about during every being in love with -- and she was and did you -- the galaxy she is one -- Italy eat eat Indian love. But they got -- Indian movie and the like they've got a baby on the way. I would like to do that just eaten be in love -- be -- -- It in Italy absolutely. Are -- -- garbage or what I used to believe that it was if it was in The National Enquirer it was automatically garbage but not necessarily any longer of the California pilot he's claiming he had a high flying gay affair with actor John Travolta. It is Syrian. You yes yes and Lindsay allegedly hacked and that think you know where there's smoke there's fire and this isn't the only story. Hi I'm John triple that pageant if there is I -- being. Calendars with people during must Scottish. And it's very Randy when he gets in the size. Still it did we're talking about. At this point we're probably numbering eight. 910 men with -- were at this point so you don't take it for what you want let's say he is known and has been seen and photographed -- can go come on the Internet. Arresting a man who was a pilot I'm not this pilot that's making claims in national enquirer but a different pilot so you know. There's. -- this I don't know if they'll ever -- not will probably refute the claims but. Everything is allegedly and -- into it what you will. So he's not allegedly pilot exclusive I guess we could say Sissy Houston not happy about the lifetime biopic about her late daughter but -- But the show must go on I guess. This movie is being directed by Angela Bassett who starred. In waiting to make -- deal with east is that she knew her very well so it's not like some stranger is directing this but to see you just like no don't -- Cooperating with the lifetime by topic. And it stars yeah I -- -- you may know her because she did star in season one. On America's Next Top Model believe it or not and she she doing the her own singing right they're not Donny -- with these toys she is -- -- camp -- the agreement to -- time T utilized the -- issue will be singing she isn't singer but -- I mean we all know. Now what a powerful ways that he's had that tough to match. Saw no doubt about it and we're gonna end this Hollywood -- of course on a high note Britney Spears who is not quite a woman or not quite innocent or not quite something -- -- but she's familiar with their own lunch your line is that at Macy's. It's gonna be everywhere -- is it. Ten earned ninth and she's doing a little bit of everything she's -- -- and I can't eat can't Sowells Jersey shorts T sixteen. Mean did you inspired -- eat cheat -- sneak peak and mr. -- this week. And I would say she's branches and other Europeans coming out later on this month. And she's very very successful when it comes to -- -- -- isn't any moment. And you are an amazing Hollywood reporter we're glad you could Jonas you attacked against me. That's the Hollywood way quick Kristin you're on the radio -- -- And it's under the dirty dishes brought to you by the mop bucket of a twelve armour road in North Kansas City. If you got pets he would need to get liquid -- -- to get some more than just sustaining gets out the smell right down the carpet pad. Liquid alive only at the mop bucket dot com. Yeah. It's OK let -- But we're supported on a number of shortages speak periodically here at the radio -- dot com your including coffee shortages. And that alarmed me he did there was a wind shortage once in line shortage we've heard about whiskey shortages and although the folks at -- dark horse distillery have assured me that that's poppycock. -- and there's not a problem is pars the supply of good Bergen right here in Kansas City metro in fact. But now there's a shortage. Kay -- and I really could care. This is a huge loss slow flat for the Jewish thing population. And -- huge and farmers too who have found some robust profits in fact a lot of -- in the country. That two. Cabbage shouldn't leaks and they turned over all the growing period to camp because the profit is due to growth remain -- -- money hand over fist. And it's good and it's good for you right it's new company it is a super food had to account seem vitamin C all kinds of goodies run run and that part annoy aids care tonight's. It's -- that Hillary yes they have those out there and those are good for you to. But just to be on the safe side he might wanna diversify your vegetable portfolio. And if you REG's search and little slips to pick ups topic else because you know what happens to be during too much it got a friend that you know restroom. And -- the whole idea behind sales figures -- -- and I'm not gonna work for Chicago's water saver fonts accompany you you have to go home to delude. You better do in six minutes or less. Per day. A local union says -- installed swipe card systems on the -- there's a time the Connie brings a swipe but not quite -- I like yeah I cannot and employees get disciplinary actions if they spend too much time. In fact sixty minutes or more over the last ten working days you're gonna end up being in trouble. They're claiming the company says well the problem is more than -- 120 hours -- production -- -- lost because people are spending too much time in the capital through socializing they're not just going there socializing and go in and fluffy hair and I have a kid you not when I was working in -- -- there were always at least three cans of hairspray in the ladies' room only a little shelf. And two gals in particular I mean it was like. We're. She is like really. I am the middle of the day really but now here's -- thing at the sponsor company if your go underneath you under the sixth minute time they award you a dollar a day. You get extra money. If you don't spend as much time in the bathroom which leads to not washing your hands that can happen and I can't I cannot step poor. That's -- do they count the sheets. At the -- system that now like number instead of just the time that's what they're worried about in there are some places anymore than you can read a newspaper through that type paper it's amazing. Just -- In May have to use 300 times and -- that out. Are you like embarrassed is a stay to myself -- Israel this -- if it is real newsroom expenses are real problem. Did you see this story about. Poppies being possessive and I don't think this comes as a surprise to most of the stocks get Joseph Allen almighty god she if you are not petting daddy daddy do in pending another winner of our four west highland terriers instead -- you're getting your -- here all of -- -- it's. Error. -- -- -- about it -- ground here but it's not just among other animals it is into -- crystal study that if found that if you're looking at a -- -- -- morning. And you're kind of the police in this huge business -- If they can. It's something -- -- campus -- mean really really nice day yeah and I just in my mind part of that -- they really think that it is sort of like another type of the -- him. You know. -- bizarre I don't -- all out she and Obama -- happy about that find out if it's true then that should not tell us about that it was about mountaineers and and aren't Brooke. He's the artist formally known as happy to have to do so does that potato salad and kick starter -- I don't know what was it up to about 50000 dollars sounds kind of sad. You get kids who don't have enough money to go to college but you've got folks who were donating a dollar at a time. To let yourself look recipe how bizarre. Maybe not quite as bizarre as this though and that is the attempt by The Daily Show and Jon Stewart to -- CNN. Yes CNN there was a -- takeover bid that was turned down by Rupert Murdoch and now Jon Stewart has thrown his hat into the ring so to speak. And supposedly on kick started they're looking for. Backers it's called let's by Pool camera up and that price -- insurers have been too but about probably ten million dollars and against -- when I last checked it dead they had zero backers is your medical. It's so I'm wondering outfits complete farce or not I have no idea. We want to thank our guests for joining us today here at the radio dish dot com fun show and hopefully we'll see you out at the K cancel Darcy Blake get up early on Saturday ankle walked out of pick you up. What no comment on -- figured as much -- don't forget to like some FaceBook page and don't forget kids tonight that coming up at lake city speedway and I 35 speedway August 2 at I 35 -- eight at lakeside to kids need to money to get school supplies. It's -- Mary and the radio dish was seeking. Really couldn't care provided by Robert McCain -- -- new lady looks a lot in Westport. Van dam they look good on radio. If you're getting closer to retirement I have an important question is your retirement -- -- on track joined Dave Thompson Friday mornings at 930 on the -- BC business channel 1660 AM equal share how you can keep your retirement on track with protection of principal tax deferred growth and a lifetime income -- learn more online -- Dave Thomson dot -- that's Dave Thomson dot net and be -- listen every Friday morning at 930 today -- it's your money on -- KM -- business channel 1660. AM. Human resource is isn't all about compliance it's a whole lot more of an HR haven you'll find a group of season HR pros with a passion for helping small businesses get the best and the payroll dollars with a budget that fits your needs -- haven caters to your industry business and culture president of founder. 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This isn't limited time -- so don't wait. Call amber and right now 189705130. That's 18097051301809705130.

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