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KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>Life As You Own It 7.24.14 Segment 2

Life As You Own It 7.24.14 Segment 2

Jul 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our friends we are back like that you -- it. Mark. Marky Mark. Please share with you folks marks going securities I guess talk too much -- Seven and have questions you've got to ask the pre decided they're your person -- comes to hiring a real estate agents if you're looking harassment to. Sell your home help you find the right home. For some questions that you need to be asking in mark's got those for you right here all right let's go -- number one is that do you work full time. We strongly urge you not to you can't have a -- real estate professional that is part time they can happen that I'm gonna tell you that. My rule of thumb is going to be theory they're fully engaged -- full time. Real -- you've got to a better chance of success what you're buying or selling. I'm number two is. Tom are you also broker -- realtor I'm agents who were all of the above the number three. We'll be working directly with you or we be handing me off to one of your team members just make sure you understand for expectations of someone that's very successful with a large team. In -- fantastic right hand that will give you all the attention and love you deserve and -- make sense for -- to work with them. But you wanna make sure you understand and asked that question up front number four is can you provide me with the names and phone numbers of past clients. Who have agreed to be reference. Always check references folks don't matter what work you're gonna have done we're gonna go what you gonna do check the references another easy way in this regard is. -- and -- let's see if they're listed there get on Google Google and see if there's. In your reviews for the service on -- another way to to check number five. How many years of education and experience do you have number six. In which neighborhoods do you primarily worked this is important folks do they focus on Larry are you were. On one part of town and the majority the house's they. Sell or the buyers they represent are are on the other side of -- how much markets Mildred they have this is important not only as a buyer. -- as for buyer's agent but also for seller's agent more important for seller's agent I'd say we Kenya stresses when enough because it. As far as geographic location go to -- real estate is extremely area specific even. As little as five miles ten miles difference from one spot to the next can make a big difference in the way homes -- Marketed sold all those kind of things you you need to knows that the person you're working with knows your market area. As a good idea of what's been happening in the air it's huge you -- and numbered and number seven is proved right it dovetails right and that is how many homes. Have you closed in my neighborhood let's get specific company monument if you closed a matter if you were -- the buyer's agent was listing agent. How many and then the last question I ask which really takes all of those those this question -- us together and puts them together. I'm nation -- articulate she tell you look you straight in the I ran across table from -- -- tell you why and you ask them why are you the best step. Agent to represent. Me and my family and if they use the information that they've given you. Number one because I sell more homes in this neighborhood then -- the real tour or I sold homes in this neighborhood. For the last ten years on the in the year dedicated specialist and I'm gonna be available TU. I'm at at the times you need me with my flexibility in my teens flexibility so that we can show you houses right when they come on the market. Number three I used technology just. You with a current trends in housing prices and a new listings is set or whatever all those reasons why are pretty depressed that feed your family alright folks. This is not that music love that music that means it's time for another should you stay -- should -- scenario and we have and a rows and rows in Bellevue Florida emailed. I'm 26 years left on my home month. Home -- I guess. On the hopefully it's not home Scottish 26 year economic life -- years left on my home loan the rate is 4% -- 149000 dollars. It would sell for 250 per 50000 or more. My husband has passed recently and I wanna save money anyway and I can't. I have to sell I will five hope. To be here for at least a year to to better prepare for the move please let me know if you avenue on ideas thank you. Sorry about your husband you're gonna wanna stay with what you have. You've got to rate of 4%. It sounds to me like you're concerned with refinancing is potentially improving cash or save some money at 4% the only way you could improve. Your rate would be -- a shorter term loan or short term loan a fifteen to ten. In in your situation not knowing exactly what attorney happy he said of 26 years left I'm assuming on your home and so. There's really no way to better your situation with the refinance unless she did an adjustable rate mortgage. That would be like a three year five year arm however. Very difficult to get a zero cost -- on an arm and it's also difficult to get a whole lot lower rates in the 4% that you have. To be worth the potential risk in case she didn't sell the home right away or the economy -- in some kind of a weird spin your new year to -- with a. Celso my suggestion sit tight with what you've got. And strong recommendation the -- not this is demand you must -- -- -- financial console of financial advisor and ultimately. -- they will work with -- mortgage planner help provide you the bested by spears situation use those two professionals. Are right. Craig was -- next my friend what else on the agenda here we have. We'll make this change is you ready. It's H boat he had. And we've got your July and a home maintenance tips to save you money and protect your investments. Number one is. It's a great would give your home and energy audit. Take an hour walk around your home with a notepad in hand to game the -- of gaps and cracks experts estimate that you can save 20% on heating and cooling bills. By plugging any elite she'll go to the windows of the tech may try to what -- are closed. I'll make sure that sealed shut at the -- got -- puts little extra CEO on those windows. -- walk around in the foundation -- -- places you in your ways you can put some of the foam anything you can see you with plastic meaning that you -- -- is gonna save you up to 20% on your. Heating or cooling bill I'm also. Turn off electricity at the circuit box and remove switch plate covers to look for gaps so what you you get how to do that just be careful don't shock yourself. The other is insulate hot water pipes. -- insulate the hot water pipes in the basement crawl space save on heating costs next winter insulating pipes is done by snapping foam jacket you've seen in those black -- -- -- -- gonna save you a lot of money bomb at number another is. Clean the patio furniture. I am well -- sales like a simple thing but if you don't clean it occasionally it's probably gonna run out much faster. And when we come back we've got a bonus ones like you -- stay tuned. Parcells we're back like that you own it. Mark what else -- maybe help save some money. -- efficient during these hot summer months alright Saddam save some money number one as we said was can be do the energy out of folks on another is going to. Make sure you crank down that the AC to I say crank down maybe crank it up during the day when you're not there. Crank it down and nine if you need to be in the they ate glue like I know that some of us like to sleep and but to make sure you adjusted accordingly see you can save the most money. Mumbai -- that the maintenance that you need to do in the things you need to check. Mama are gonna be one do that energy -- check make sure you've got no captured on you know leak in any or anywhere number two is insulate those hot water pipes. -- notes no time like present -- gonna save -- few bucks. I'm number three -- clean your patio furniture seems like a simple one. But take a solution. Clean it off and I say take a solution are recommended as. A bucket full of so be bleach solution that's Craig's tricks get these little. These little. Homes and electrified the mom clean them off now could see if you don't pro Iranian about two to three years she said of that patio furniture this cushions vs. 789 or ten years you might otherwise get. On power wash the house texture -- be carefully apparel washing. On the -- last inning off if you would rather -- could he knew more damage than good bit. Get it cleaned off get the -- -- get the cobwebs off gets. You know clean up your investment make sure that there's no if there isn't he would rot in your respecting mixture of the house new car. Gator repaired now because -- got moisture getting in there it's only need to do more damage. Lastly is going to be under the have a big issues can be drain entering the spring and summer not in as much. Winter I mean drug and as much rain now. But so it's not as important but during the spring and in some during the fall is you got to make sure not only do you heat your gutters cleaned out. This new little or you haven't now as we're still. Occasionally get some rain source now as important now but also -- a big thing is get water away from the foundation of your house that's what ultimately does a lot of damage so. While you're out in the nice weather. A little thrown in July -- tips is make sure you've got the the drain that extra that it will say to the gutter is draining water away from the council of architecture foundation. And also you're going to be checking around -- -- that there is no water getting in that foundation so just some simple things Craig just simple we -- tips keep it simple here. But you to kiss method Karzai next up Craig what we want to discuss. Had to get a little -- about when you're gonna get during go this year -- friends need at dating. Now components when we talk about -- matter roof. Threat alright folks what's the best way to see if you were -- and when we say components that the major amount dress to be the roof they're going to be the HE the air conditioning. Or your heating units and down. Were gonna say the roof can be a pretty large investments and some of you have possibly had your roof repaired by the insurance company. But if you have not then you wanna make sure before you have a claim before that rainy day comes and you put often put off and put off Macon. It making the fixes necessary and suddenly. Now there's water coming down. And it's doing damage shear you're the drywall end of the floor and a little bold now it gets down he knows now there's a mold issue you're trying to or mediate so -- Ways you can check and see one is gonna be missing shingles obviously a no brainer others going to be. Broken or deformed shingles EC seven whether it's mattered whether it's broken. On any any irregularities you can see -- and recommend you wanna be careful on the latter but get up there get a good visual inspection. Another single. Shingle granules in the gutter when your clean in those gutters are looking at him if you've got a lot of that the black. Type major would've -- that so it's kind of -- that that's in the gutters. That means those singles or start nowhere around and then growing amount of the shingle coverages now go one down -- drain. And the last is going to be get up and -- see if there any leaks in water spots anything that's coming through. I'm so you've got to make sure that if that's the case. Have a professional. Roofing company come out given inspection have them get the bed let him tell you what economic life it is -- If necessary. But don't let this go on intended. All right got -- -- should he stay or should get you ready -- I am all right we had. Let's see we've got grant from Milwaukee Wisconsin called 800 with a -- I'm going to buy a houseboat to live in full time. I -- residential home that I wish to keep parental purposes I found a great house vote. I want to buy a that the bank that the salesman referred me to is refusing to offer financing unless -- also refinance my current home with them as well. They can't quite match my current terms if so it doesn't make sense to me is this legal. Kennedy forced to have both. My loans with them. Miles insisting we don't get those -- those questions all the time I'm going to put this fanatic in your case granted. -- -- -- -- -- more research but house votes. Are not financed oftentimes the same way that a residential mortgage would be they're not considered something that. You can. It's it's something you could take off down that the -- to the ocean with can be gone down the road so they're not mortgages in the since that a fixed residential property would be. It sounds to me like the -- Wants to make sure that you're going to keep. This house vote as your primary residence there and protect their investment in -- by loaning the money by also having your business either on your residents are making sure that you're not gonna do any kind of weird. Default flip for something like that so. I don't know if you're at their mercy or not I don't know whether or not it's legal the best thing you'd probably do if you're dealing with the larger. Hal's book sales company or or or call some other ones find some of the bigger ones that are on the coastlines -- where they do most of the sales. In get some advice you're gonna need talked a couple people gets a second third opinions. And that hopefully he'll find out the source but that's a unique to anybody can tell you until you do more research there's no way we continuing the should stay or go on that deal. Next stop. Back to school all. What does summer ago well whenever we come back from the break we're gonna tell you with a road trip she might wanna take to -- is live on your school supplies only you can even conceive it makes sense but. That more we come back like Joan it.