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Entrepreneur KC Radio 7.15.14

Jul 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the start of the universe cannot have fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dream isn't too recent better visualize where I had -- -- very clear about it. The money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and try not to hurt anybody along the the way entrepreneurs pave the way into the future of the industry start up. College and our nation plug in and turn on. Entrepreneur George Casey your boys were entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back it was one of the best decisions I ever made with your host Jason -- Hello Kansas City and welcome TV -- turner KC show on the team easy business channel 166 stand. In a line eighteen BC dot com on the live stream. For the team easy business channel great to have you here today joining me it's always pleasure to be with few. You know summer's -- gone very well so far but it we have a very exciting show and after she was the last few weeks and hope you enjoyed the interviews with John McDonald and with the region Laura. Today we're gonna have the unique group of deaths we are going to. Start to show with -- good friend of the show and and different mind air -- slayer from GM -- -- seller will be in studio but you'll be talking not about tech entrepreneurs and not about. Health care and whatnot that's for accelerator he was talking about the -- stick open. This -- that will be happening actually tomorrow at the liberty memorial. Really cool then not your -- this country club they're gonna they're building basically India a golf hole out there right. Now if you see it you can drive by and see it. But now we're to talk about our -- live TC and how to get involved with that. And really kind of what it all means and tomorrow's one of their bigger events that they've had so far at the liberty memorial down ten Kansas City. Second segment of the day we'll have state senator Paul vote on who is the has been in the Missouri house rivers and it is in now as a state senator it is an election year and Paul's back in his district campaigning obviously I don't think he actually is election but he's helping out other. Candidates and he is all are very good guy and I've known him for many years and -- get him on the show today he also works. In his own businesses to talk about kind of the political process. What's going on in Missouri -- how they're dealing with the tax issue with Kansas and -- really get into the nuts and bolts of what it's like to be a state legislators state senator. And what that what he can do to help entrepreneurs. And our third segment today. We will have Matthew doll not Dahlberg from it's a 111 street investments really neat story. This guy is doing great things in the financial service based seat. Is the highest level of fiduciary duty and who works on giving clients and by its investment in financial -- He doesn't sell products only advice and he works on an and AM a meetings fee and so there's no commission involved with his. With his financial -- so it's really you're inching to talk to him about kind of service techniques tips what on turner should be looking for. What it all means because a lot of times. As business -- broader -- -- -- and sweat and tears into the business along with all your money. And so he's gonna give us some unique ways to maybe they about saving towards the future and in his unique model has an entrepreneur is something that hasn't been done very off. And so a lot of them -- the third segment. And in the fourth segment today we have John sealock who is. The founder of the the Johnson -- report Johnson looked dot com. John is a media guru he's worked these from the east 'cause he's in Missouri and in the city Kansas. These last few weeks. He -- met him when he wrote for Huffington Post he is a strong following here on state politics a millennial on people getting involved with the process and young age. He is going to be in the talk about his experiences journeys he's a true entrepreneur and a great guy to have on the show were lucky to have John sealock. On the show a New Jersey boy denial is in Washington DC in studio today. -- you can follow him at John sealock dot com. So without further ado let's get that to our first segment of the day we have air -- like here in studio. And rocking a spring accelerator black. Form fitting teacher today -- are always -- permanent I have to say Erica thanks for coming -- soreness for the fire stick open. We would like to also have your actually boss from sporting -- who has. Got to the live Casey bureau of and unfortunately she's on an energy dinner right now I'm sorry I couldn't be here and it's -- -- -- the sort of -- attention. So Telus -- you know had to get involved with live KC and him and what do we have look forward to tomorrow on on July 18 at the fire stick open as of personal lives Casey. Is an organization in town led by some of -- young professional leaders. As some of the biggest organizations. Around Kansas City and our mission simple -- Kansas any more attractive place for young professionals so we were comply. Cyrus captain and brought and as part of your organization and really try to contribute so my expertise experience and skill -- just. You know and making stuff happen insist on here in town. The fiery six open though is one of our marquee events so this year we -- odds on top of the events ads. The -- are fairly did out what I was a felon -- really unique kid and we are older jam. At a night club feel to it as pretty neat -- -- -- the -- are fairly sure I have to. And didn't do an event and the guy -- reforming our senators wealth for nears the years just strengths -- elevate them that was also they're fun fantastic -- -- so this is the kind of the next big. Yes this is our marquee event in and really trying to make this something that we're known for -- -- town and so if you haven't driven by the liberty memorial yet today. I would highly recommended. It's not make sure there tomorrow because we've transformed the lawn -- liver immoral and 31 hole golf course. A 170 yard par three -- 160 lucky people to -- the chance to shoot. For a million dollar on one and how does that work. Tell tell us that a processor wells there some people's -- if you go to decide today fire sick open dot com you can actually buy a foursome if she wants you. We have some that are coming from our sponsors and as well. But anybody who buys a ticket for the event even at the ten dollar clubhouse level is an opportunity to be drawn from Manhattan to take a swing. Okay cool so so us commoners like Jason -- that's right we can we could have shot. Sarah you are so sorry sick dot com is the website -- -- -- -- open season -- stick open dot com. FIERY. Stick open dot com. The tagline is not your -- -- country club so you you can also purchase tickets there the even as July 18 from three -- eight. Tulsa -- is going to be going on there it's. -- it's in a party so I highly recommend country club a tire come in your follows you know high in Chinese Sox just have fallen sent. There's Jimmy competitive leader's forces we let's call it. So much you -- badminton and in determining if I don't realize is they're trying to take credit for Allen and -- an opponent for sure yeah. Marginalized beer pong tournaments where and how an on going as well as. On DJ's music I think I'm most excited about and I'm actually hosting I'm from two to three. A speaker series that whereabouts -- want Sharon and not really try to kick off event right with some motivational talks are bringing. -- diner and from Casey PT. Recently moved here from Austin yeah I met with him a few weeks ago he's amazing he says he actually has a strong message about the tipping point to Kansas City is on right now. And that we're lucky to meters so I'm where's he's figured he's speaking so that's me for the events and -- three if you have a ticket you get in for free. After World War I museum OK so got a -- on a torrent -- -- and there. In addition machine I've -- list of side of the -- -- influencers here in town. General making really awesome things happen whether ST humidity transforming education in the mean -- that she just and her dominate for a last week. Our ranking -- as ales. Does the CEO sodium -- news. Or Daniel Edwards -- union talent show he's taking on the work house castle -- in downtown Kansas and in transformed snap place. I saw that on its own FaceBook us for either a year Don those days heat is on and I drove via shared some close with so much -- group. There's a castle downton is -- and you know it's inspirational people like Daniel that I wanna poll out in front front of this crowd as young professionals anchors the show you know him and his girlfriend -- fiancee at the time. Drove by this castles and we wanna get married theirs this is round a corner from the please read your -- I name got a monster deal together and transformed it clean up the lawn and just primary there a couple weeks ago. Really yeah. Self. Who may have. I don't have -- -- relative. Have never noticed that castle to it and it's right that you posted an artist and finally admitted some photos it's pretty neat so yes it did -- really isn't just about. Getting out programming MB air and socializing there's a lot of that you should do that. But we really want -- taken off right at TP and just shot works for injuries and -- check -- out being inspired and then launch and on and a place reaching clamoring collide with a bunch of cool people so. It's really as you sit on the web site and off site meeting. Or is that things have heard a perfect just tell your boss you're taking yesterday off. You know NC a little bit and have some fun so. Again the features of the fire he's sick open guys the one million dollar hole and shoot out. Competitive leisure sports which would turn that someone's turn that -- -- -- ball which is an Italian traditional child like Batman. Croquet giant sized beer pond that's understand. -- -- play that and magazine and Hassan -- I would put a lot of -- unions in Vegas clubhouse and hospitality areas grandstands and party terrorists is live -- and DJ stage. Your nephew trucks there yet solely -- food and you also have bars into beer gardens and again this is. An event put on by -- live TC. Which. You know I'm in it's really -- because I remember when Nash who's talking about this last year guests and you know I didn't really quite understand it and now it's kind of it's making more sense to me and it's really about bringing -- see other kind of truly and changing -- containing change and. Colonials don't want to exclude any money you feels like not -- midrange this is really about a mindset and I think there are plenty of the people here in this community that wanna be part of something larger than themselves and that's who we're trying to bring together. And those of the people do that you know. Had chosen a saint Vincent yeah there's an opportunities for a lot of these people you've mentioned we've on the show and to leave town and at one of the things we we we talk about always is trying to keep people. In Kansas City. Keep you linger appear here keep gives them options -- moving -- series that Cisco -- in Chicago or New York keep them in Kansas City you know and were competing with everyone. I mean it's dot just those cities obviously as a big ones it's Austin, Texas Louisville's. There's all these cities Omaha. We're still better is professional sports teams but I'd address. But you know it's just keep him in Kansas City dean and fun things to -- like this and bringing together. You know having people meet each other -- over cool unique events I think I don't remember you an event in. As is as unique is this I mean. That process of doing that golf course and golf balls got to be amazing to. Unreal and yet this is going to be you know party people talk about for the next coming months fer -- the fact that they -- at some point six dumped truckloads of dirt. Olympic green on the line and that and that and and delivery memorial folks were very kind and generous in allowing us knew I was about the wave but you try not they're now and it doesn't look the same it's great so. How -- in. People come to dissident I mean how many people are you guys expecting. Any ideas you know am I I think that's a pretty big goal of the minimum level were expecting is around 3000 people I think you know we're stretching that. -- beyond its boundaries are really wanna push and make sure it's crowded on if you ever seen the sixteenth drain at the Phoenix Open that's kind of what. I and his vision -- how we re create an environment where people are playing around the whole men -- -- nervous stuff I get picked to death just doesn't people watching you didn't. Also I don't even like hitting him on the force behind the -- -- I mean there. It's a pretty big spots doses I've been your document. You you know I can hit the ball over -- in like in a traffic or anything right now I don't know how to 170 yards I mean -- -- its -- -- for sure I'd like to see some money out partners in town to -- funded through this -- -- -- was the right now would be hit the -- really doing this this million dollar hole wanna be quite a story. Everything else go to Q -- here. You know they're busy man yes things are awesome mergers haven't. Really great time. You know this this -- -- -- has been a passion project here the last couple weeks now. It's taken a problem of more and expect image how to blast we when you put on a. -- -- that you and a takes a lot of time doesn't. Guys check out the fiery stick open this Friday from on the north follow liberty memorial. Get there early it to you can maybe some great speakers at the in the World War I museum -- Bit in the actual event starts between three and eighteen goes between three and -- July 18. North -- on the every memorial Maine and pershing teensy Missouri basic right across from musician. Mean get tickets in the event they're ten dollars. I believe it's a -- beautiful -- tomorrow and Austrian -- 20% off he's the from a current sprint strip -- pro market 20% off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I look forward to seeing you tomorrow on fire stick open but it -- -- We're right back and on turner KC show. Welcome back DR turner Casey showed her host -- -- growth thanks for joining us you can connect with. -- you connect with me on Twitter at -- -- and at entrepreneur -- Seconds I wanted to show today we had tea old friend of mine who's a the honorable. Up all of it is a Missouri State senator welcome to show funky good to see you we ran into each other at. You were given a speech I think somewhere around half. I was about the Dolan talked to the Kasey -- -- -- -- let's say session in Bahrain Indian that we were in each other later that we can just do yes. And you just -- at this thing I get a -- did some leaders talk this surrogates are I don't want us are so and you meet world friends there and talk about the your family my family came from them -- consistently all that's left. But really what's important is that it's -- Sox take on the right and so so Paula as Taylor from the same city in in Sicily which is in -- villages very small right. It's -- to do drink the drink in -- -- the diligent and are preserved and in this general assembly together served served in the -- political world Paul actually. Was one of the people that can help to us army give me -- along with trips to accept the North Kansas City and a I enjoyed it policies from the district in independence. So your -- an industry that's when -- in the house now is it breaking down forests where he had represented eleven. Central distributor are present so it's a 170000 people. In northeast. Jackson canning -- Mainly independence does go into the northeast area of Kansas City -- in northeast high school and then runs east all the way to canning line. Buckner civilly. And then the southern portion picks in the sports complex in parts of -- can only some. What is the experience been like -- -- -- from the house over the cynic as you were in this house for years were minority gender. Or you know did it all is it is is literally and stained and I'm really kind of great reminder how good our system as does and how's your very regimented. Under 63 people. Kind of -- party lines quite a bit. On the speaker controls almost everything in the senate 34 and we don't sit by parties and all we sit. By seniority. -- we eat you get to speak as long as you want they can filibuster things. And there is really is a more deliberate. On process in the senate trying to come up with some -- more solutions. Cross party cross area. And even today even today when everything seems you pretty partisan even in state legislator more than it was maybe four years ago I -- mean act. I think it's up it's a partisan political environment whether it be Jefferson City or Washington but you in the states and it. Is the place -- try to come up with those solutions. Not always the case that. That's what's so great about system you want. A strong house with some. You know real battles and then you want a more deliberate. Body in the sudden you know that's how it should work -- we have frustrated because things move fast especially. Someone my -- this is in. You know and that your listeners entrepreneur of the move quickly and I like regulation and no doubt like to -- -- tape -- will be able to find ways that. Government can hurt them but there's also is they can help them -- -- -- government moves slowly and from a business -- -- he should be very glad that government Moussaoui. In underneath and Dell it's hard to get things that the. That is right good point because. You know and in the business world they're trying to as a start up you're trying to move things as fast as possible yet -- users quick you gotta get funding and and in government you know it does take a little longer meet some bills can take 23 years -- you start over every year obviously and Missouri you know you go from January to may. -- An idea could take a -- passed right and in its frustrated guys that are really long term I think that's that's very cool so you also is since it is a part time -- also work for treating America yes to me America credit union and you management development there and I would recommend at some point had a segment -- credit unions and how did they offer members. Remember around there co ops really good for small businesses -- -- -- -- -- -- could tell you took notice sure you know we we haven't had a pretty pretty union on the show -- it's an idea. So what happens Alec you guys are in session for engineers made its election year you're not on the dollar -- right so you're in good shape. Well you know it's really changed in process. In the house those minority leader and it was a good experience of leadership experience in relief. Push the issues that are important to. The minority party Democrats and who did the senate and was to have the ability a lot more legislation done. So I thought can tell the governor has vetoed summing things this year so my priorities are part of that so. It's a really -- in case this year. Because as a general someone is in a real. Locking horns with the with the governor. On days there's been more because -- never before there's been. Lots of line and a because in the budget so this summer. Is supposed to be the time to relax and let bills go into effect but now everything's been vetoed -- gear up for being veto session in September and that will not break on party lines. They may break on regional lines or. You know. Citi shares -- -- inverse is an ally in India suburban and all that stuff. And -- -- special becomes is this whole issue in the transfer should things are back -- will be were literally inching. Political time. As far as the the election comes up we. This is the state auditor is the highest. Office running and he's -- opposed -- so the state senate seats there's a few of them in Saint Louis and one -- area that is contested that on May be competitive -- Obama really kind of a quiet election cycle. And I am Missouri says for sure in Kansas DelHomme or Chris Richard very -- is that the governor juries and in the Statehouse -- we are talking we'll talk about that later on the show. You know it's very hard to you know take seats back for either party because of the way the districts are Senna but the -- there's only a handful of these blisters and understand it usually is only a handful collections that are. Really contested the right of the demographic and probably did the. Goal for the minority party is to get to a Vito. Proof number in the senate we need. I had to have twelve. We have ten now and in the house that in any three more so it kind of legal Bolivia and -- -- I think the benefit that is. That not whine. Party or. Belief dominates. Legislation and it's always a good thing to happen and why this is important frightened fearless uses the engagement in the process is always important I think. -- times business people. Will be watching neither their MSNBC here -- Fox News and think why can't affect what President Obama is doing but really you know you can effect. Your state represented as he states senator is and that title local lawman is -- -- -- networking which is important but also our rule influence on. What happens in general assembly yeah. That's so true and it's a traded that many more people to vote in these elections that's for sure we'll -- to think too when you're in junior in the house there's so many issues he vowed then and the complexities and these things just never will now so you really need people mean. To be vocal -- and so. Yet she -- young how somebody does he get the audio for some people you take more notice -- companies in some -- these regulations that. On these tax credits on these things. Is really good to hear this feedback hey this is really -- my business -- he now that doesn't only work for me. In his those things are really -- that we had about a minute left false let's make this quick but I get a lot of people on the show that. You know moved to Kansas and whether an LC and they want you know know income tax write what how is an issue going with the state -- with he knows that well. You know Kansas did massive tax cut you can see the revenues -- Missouri did the exact same thing over governor Nixon's objection. Whereas -- -- not not drop clearly though the just those little -- that I I would contend in the five years will be completely and and here's the problem we. Those of us who I got to live in Missouri -- Kansas. -- the reason we have had this cooperation because we're community. And people I've moved back and forth because the quality of life education roads and -- basic services stayed Kansas can deliver it anymore. They're gonna lose competitive advantage even though. They won't have to pay down their pastor corporations but they're elusive quality -- life that was a real benefit for community. And I think these massive tax -- only go to the top. Percentage. I'm really are not the way to build. Tax credit for. Angel investor would be there -- any more more effective way -- bar or targeted tax policy is the way to really build business. Not a massive tax -- top. Because it really hurts our overall bank. Call that a picture on the show today. You can you can check out state senator Paula noted Paul noted I come -- you'll be some socks now Linda I always got a break thanks for coming on the show thank you good to see -- I think you're right back and frontrunner Casey should. So Kansas City welcome back to DR turner Casey showed your hosts. Kissing -- thanks for joining us. -- became easy business channel 1660. AM and online and it came easy dot com on the live stream. Great to have you back with us and you can find all of our podcast again -- came easy dot com. And you connect with media via Twitter love -- treats for everyone at and Jason grill and at entrepreneur Casey thanks for sharing our shows. And four of sharing my tweets -- gorilla nation. -- there's left and -- -- okay so our next guest today. Is Matthew Dahlberg who is the honorable 111 street investments. From time to time and not turner KC show since this is a business channel and a business show. We like to bring on guests to our. Can help entrepreneurs small business owners. People with a lot of wealth people with a little little wealth kind of play and their investment. Both serve. You don't get financial advice and look towards the future and that's one of the things we forget about. When you own your own company or even if you aren't a big companies sometimes you don't claim -- the future. And there's all kinds of different things that go on and and Matthew -- has an interest in perspective at a 111 street investments. And so wanted to have him on today because they know entrepreneurs out there. Probably don't think about this enough and I think he has a unique spin on the company in what financial lies what goes into that in and what not so Matthew welcomed the show. Thanks -- -- great to see him and I know that we have. Connected through our friend Josh Evans who's on the show a few weeks ago did a great job musical Mary T and swimmers in the both of us. But. He Indian and indignities review and it's a great things about a Sony to have you on the show and looked over your web site. At a 111111. TH street. Investments dot com -- and you really heavy needs. Profile and what you do so give -- a bit about your background hate tennis turn your business and kind of what your -- he has. Sure sure well I work done lived overseas for number years more to do not want to Germany and Belgium -- enough for about -- -- years off and on through college where you -- in Germany. Southwest. Let it coupled to a different town the second one is a Karlsruhe -- which is a non. -- southwest border between Germany and France which was just. Insanely awesome I used to ride my bike in France a rose firm. Eight hours today and they I heard I got to travel or on their Germany and on and little bit my ancestors are German bills and so it's less that a bush in Munich and authority country Syria Syria times that I go watch you eat your your culture. So well although I don't know about that it's dazed and confused I guess -- a younger and it moved back here in 2004 my then wind found. I started were Kansas City -- usually give group -- in the north clients -- stomping ground and come move back your 2004. Worked for an institutional bank for about ten years serving institutional customers which is going to be mutual funds and pension funds and more on the administration side was physically mutual fund accounting and saw all their investments all different kinds of investments are strategies senator. And then a couple years ghosts tried to get my own thing going part time because I kind of decided that. I didn't really have much effect on the main street investor right. I saw with the big boys do how they play now ultimately I know all these investments benefit than normal before average people would say such ourselves. However I didn't feel like I was really -- effect on him his life. Right and then that's that's a lot of times you here that on. On the show or do you have people that have. Worked -- beer companies in Kansas City in technology Horry and coached from you know consulting work in -- and that's a throw company trend ever in the year they reach a certain age -- the guitarist kind of no purpose and then their job and bend maybe didn't they'll take less money sure in order to tap more of an effect I don't people's lives so you decided you out with. -- with your company's. It's also what about your company's. Sure well I went full time this April this was relatively -- -- -- relatively new as registered a couple of years ago that I tried to -- with part time could make it work just as a a jobless it's -- widespread. And -- but I think what we're saying and what you're saying rather about -- and a large company and decide to make delete the second piece of that I would argue is that. A person really sees how things are done and gets to see the sausage being made if you will and thinks themselves maybe I can do this little bit better then that your thumb and being part of the investment world for so many years. I saw. Not questionable things necessarily but on people are essentially sold products now institutional investors are a lot sharper. And they -- their money you're our money thank goodness a lot maybe more carefully but the average Joseph on the street the Everyman if you will. They are essentially sold products. -- yeah I've been sold products are. It was fun doing now it seems like you know you he had marked in -- mutual fund or group in. And -- fund than. Sure sure that's that's not risky though that's more of those that you know the the retirement savings so right right it's and it's not necessarily means those products are bad. I mean anything to -- commission doesn't actually means bad at all people off the competition of who works for free I like T. Too much in fact. Must the next person -- but that you might run into a conflict of interest situations where for example my business car that I just gave yields over that should or should your your your slogan here a year the other your statement on your card is. Does your broker note the F word the F four with -- Astor died yet what does that media the the F word means fiduciary. Nah I I have to be very careful on public on hand and about eighty year old grandmother. -- -- judge whether -- -- come back for a what the beneficiary wielded -- in your client's behalf interesting fix our. You know you safety issue is made up problem from the early show that -- classless and the clients express of -- can sit. A judiciary it is a stricter city Carrick and has -- the US legal says sure and use and a former lawyer all right well another survey but it -- I'm -- a little bit yes I'm just her that the main the main piece of that is a broker. Is not necessarily fiduciary. A broker dealers differ from investment advisor or investment -- -- -- registered with their state debate in which they live or various states. Or with the SEC if they have a certain amount of assets under management. Broker dealer only has to act in a person's excuse me has to offer what are called suitable investments for domestic and foreign investor and look at that -- a much wider. -- legal standard in the lower standard if you will so you've taken a higher standard here well except on the business Carmona I guess yeah. At this. Zero V that's the strictest you know fiduciary duty to your clients and it's also look at how you structure of the business the -- sure I've. There's a new generation of financial planning it's called fee only planners. What they do is today. Maintain a very strict independence and by only working -- On a fee basis per hour he's he's got elected attorney that deals with hourly fees exactly -- might scare some people off. Well I do tell my clients it's really I charge per meeting. That's because maybe part of time were obviously getting to know until especially the beginning or were asking him on each other -- whatnot. We are not going to I'm not an attorney charged in a five minute increment increment or whatnot then Don Mays mostly her meaning of. So it is so is somebody sets of a meeting with you and says any help with. The stock market tilt also lankans are hey I have. Sure 101000 dollars and I've I've saved two ways to invest -- China and -- maybe emirates jurors maybe -- how do you count. -- -- We have to delve into that and find out those questions risk -- risk tolerance. The response perspective being in both ability and willingness and people really think they're willing. And then they take it hard and it's not pleasant right I asked me to think deeply how they would feel they lost all their money and then usually become activists say you know what maybe I shouldn't do it as much. But mostly it's about getting to know them. And their circumstances their time horizon their investment goals on their goals themselves some people can't really afford to invest. And shouldn't be putting huge lump sums into any kind of market. Because for example and I'm short term savings account in their car breaks to another to promote credit card. But normally what we do is the first meeting her so. I'm sorry over it puts -- six or seven meeting is open to get their financial plan with them. But part of the work steadily on them to gather up all this documentation. And I tell my clients the first meeting I say you know bring all the documents about your finances that your comfortable sharing with me if they don't know me too well. I told him -- talking about your -- like being naked and ten and a lot of people would rather be make it -- I don't know credit. It's in -- a lot of business deal that's when they're going to deal loner you know get a venture capital funding in the -- -- Should I show every document you have sure sure and it does however right I do tell them the more you're gonna bring to these meetings to each of these mean is the better off I can help people. So they bring much paperwork don't put on my desk then they leave I charged them one meeting I go through at all do the homework if you will our right of -- recommendation for them. Provide them with -- those recommendations. -- we meet again to implement the plan if you will. -- What have you found that is and in the last -- -- the stock market is kind of rebound and I mean how's that been for business -- -- -- just started it but sure sure I think it's been great but he's been great I think it really shows the resilience of the US economy button. Being in -- hole and I guess -- Europe. European traveler on. One advantage in this is not a political -- and all but one advantage we have is our labor market is so much more flexible. And our economy as a whole is so much more dynamic. Than Europe's and I think that has now obviously with the Fed is done and everything else that's gone on the policies. On that as really. Cheney caused a -- helped us rather to adapt very carefully her very fast. Matthew tell me about like you know what type of thing maybe entrepreneur should be looking for when they're when they're deciding on these things -- me and others -- -- put all their savings and there. You know -- their company sure sure -- does so it's kind of hard to predict the future and you're saying bring all these financial statements but again like -- like me who's got his own company. You know one year can be really get when -- can be okay well I mean in order to -- that you deal with it in your business and how do we do we handle -- But that's a great question and it's really a -- or a a separate. Area I guess in terms of finance in terms of financial planning world most of my clients are entrepreneur for small business owners. Number one as you addressed the variable pay issue on the sooners have to have. More money liquid savings can. Is yes and again like laying there not enough interest to think that they're not they're not obviously you know work and a big country like -- her -- sure they know -- in the certain paycheck every -- is -- you working on -- you're -- product sales -- there -- tons of -- the second long term piece of that is. I read they are put together a chart look at a chart rather from the bureau of labor statistics showing the net assets. Other than pension -- primary residence for US. For US workers and entrepreneurs small business owners. 2% between two and 4% have under 101000 dollar save for retirement system ridiculously note below number which most people were legitimately then have that yes yes yes -- things about it and I. And a lot of -- -- 41 K plan obviously nobody's forcing them to saint. But I mean one benefit to that is not sure you know this -- personal life like everyone once you set a good habit when they -- after thirty days it becomes a habit. Did you go to lost more -- -- more on Sagan the maximum you can take which had a I think personal visits like 5000 dollars for personal it yet depends I mean a small business owner can do now 52000 if they have sent. It is very easy to set up it's a piece of paper that you want to send the IRS right if you thought the paper and keep -- -- give -- your accountant. And the IRS I -- I don't know if they ever come along and asked for by the way I'm not qualified to -- but hey -- the guys -- -- after the disclosure that. Yes it is so it is it is simpler yes and yes that's filled. Matthew got about a minute thirty left three key tidbits you like to you about that are you know promote for your business and and how we connect -- Sure. My website obviously 101 street investment stock -- 111 TH street investments dot com follow me on Twitter at 21 parliament street I envy. Out on FaceBook as well all the social media I guess it's unique because you really are Justine fees were needed. Yes taking of a commission -- -- foreigners understand that philosophy when money is tighter. Yes and I'm suing your reasonable and yes though I'll flip you Lee's original and other things it's unreasonable and and one of the things you you provide really -- unbiased objective financial advice and wealth management services for your clients and again you know fiduciary duty to them and you're completely conditions you're not you're out working for a of their company and then I think that's important that is that is. My one of the strong selling points because I was with -- for example last week he needs life insurance I mean he doesn't fortunately enemy for life insurance. Kind of sums up my feelings about it but he does have a small need for om -- -- and make the argument but. I went to various brokers and life insurance broker tried to connect me and said well we'll do some kind of referral agreement I said I cannot do that. I would make money lot of clients wouldn't have -- than all but. I can select every investment in the invest we universe miss most products recommend them for my clients based on what's best for them. So they're grateful Aussie Matthew dollar a 111 street investment six -- current governor Casey showed up so he gets and thanks for having me pursue it no problem will be right back on the governor -- Yes welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show I'm your host Jason grills thanks for joining us great -- so far today it's. It's a lot of fun to talk to the three gas prior to our fourth guest. You can find us online eighteen easy dot com. This last guests of the day -- has a unique. Background and story to tell and I. I wanted to have them on the show one because I've actually never met in person before. We met when he was the state political reporter in -- -- believes -- doing all kinds of great things at the Huffington Post. And I believe he he reached out to young story of one point. A lot to go over that -- he now is a writer media affairs advisor and author. He is currently in Kansas and Missouri. I guess technically he's been in Missouri but it will be gone to Missouri to. Doing a lot of things he's from the East Coast. DC -- the Washington Siemens from New Jersey so John Selig welcome there on turner Casey showed great to have in -- -- to be here. Great to -- minutes -- so get careless -- little bit about your journey. You really are now a true entrepreneur -- and -- how you kind of got involved with -- writing first off. Because a lot of people mentioned that and then also talk about kind of your extreme. In DC -- politics. K so I've been doing journals writing for as long as I can remember. The school newspaper are Japanese won't pair Purdue Jersey. Prep for high school school suit -- newspaper. Spotlight -- high school. College paper at university of buffalo -- -- Niagara University. Worked for -- weeklies in union county New Jersey -- Summers during college got a masters from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Worked in corporate communications dean on Wall Street firm bid is. Then decided to go the -- for oral brown wanted to write a book find out why people 35 and under run for elective office. And that's kind of how we connect. And I Jackson was out of office I think refers connected unfortunately that dance season LA which they're the Tea Party. But go on you and you were like 35 year old and younger in in in really -- that -- you wrote that book. I guess and I've talked to a lot of people in both Kansas and Missouri for that including. Up -- deep woods just what he about -- -- the Kansas legislature here Missouri. People like Jason Kantor the secretary is they would use legislature and Stephen Weber the state representative from Columbia up. So talk to a lot of them was doing freelance reporting during that period covering bills that development of the New York metro area up. And our state politics all brought New York State and then spent two years is the editor as the launch editor of Westfield patch in New Jersey the fourth. Patch sites launch so that was actually very. After an Oriole experienced building -- growing. What's your passion not only inch you -- profitable site from one of the first half sites in the nation to be profitable. But also overtaking a century old weekly newspaper in circulation you -- market share in the Westfield area up while. Then was a health policy and politics reporter and now live -- to go back to my -- out for -- spirit work on another book. Are what is this book going to be about outlaw abortion to the north -- initially in the midwest collaborating on a book and so looking at a poke at. Millennial and state legislatures. Were seeing a lot in lots of different your office images Stephen -- here Missouri both. A we've got also a lot here in Kansas for Hilton brand from Johnson County. Got to talk to them about why you know what's alike you know the millennial groups. And -- I really haven't on come to see -- yeah I'm doing is a lot of media affairs consultant with clients and also the executive director of 21 century consumers it's a national. Consumer advocacy organization. Folks and e-commerce and consumer issues and I'm the editor of the sealock reports to which is that covering state politics and young elected officials across the country and you can find that it John the sealock QC EL OCK dot com John com. Tell me what I mean seriously actor from the East Coast trip in Jersey Jersey. You know and you started writing about Kansas Missouri politics. State whoa. Whoa how'd that happen. What was that like we'll -- -- that a lot of people as -- have my books are -- cancer in Missouri. When I got the job Huffington Post I sort of -- yes a lot of people -- -- and state legislatures Kansas Missouri New York North Dakota. Why don't for the book to start talking about. In state politics men as they started looking a lot at Kansas and Missouri and other states as well we -- -- we -- going on the -- -- literally I characterizes a lot of very interesting stuff going -- -- -- you know one thing we see a lot is -- on the Missouri side. Got a lot of that dynamic and very conservative legislature but a democratic governor actually Democrats having. All your most of the statewide elective offices and he got a lot of that rate from going on a lot of that. Pushing poll in Kansas one thing we see is its most twofold. One that are we had the moderate vs conservative battles on the GOP side. -- -- that's -- twelve primaries and then never conservatives have poked the ball houses of the legislature and the governorship. To see a lot of a lot of the stuff we see going on in other states this year bridge -- here in Kansas. And obviously with the tax cuts that governor Brownback and legislature pushed through school funding judicial selection. And continue believe this Republican. Are moderate conservative. Battle going on using a lot of us here in Johnson County on most particularly but also. What I think is caused a lot of people. A competitive governor's race between Sam Brownback and all -- as the -- -- it's actually a very unique and very interesting stage and I've enjoyed every moment of covering both. Ken and I are friends on the East Coast snow not near DC friends -- Washington Cecil Cooper everywhere. But a New Jersey your -- think you're crazier coming down Kansas Missouri. They are all farmers here in Italian it's a countdown -- are very basically even though I've been trying to tell them how -- hoped. You go it's gotten through that there's a lot of great parts of both states right it is not what anyone who predicts. You know a lot of great rolling kills the Flint hills have been. I hate to be biased for against us wanna see most of -- been Kansas set for the most part guys he knows among Missouri person so he knows that. You know as were my bias lies and I'm sure you'll be taken in Kansas City. The a lot of -- of the Flint hills are gorgeous right through central Kansas in a lot of great small towns like. Lucas and will seem and Greensboro. News and moans -- which are gorgeous and have a lot of great people I was an Allen -- of staying in -- historic. Hotel I was the only guests there the other night at the hotel and maybe haunted if -- not seen -- the other night. You know I've been out of western Kansas and Dodge City and so much of a lot of you met a lot of great people still want -- beautiful scenery. You like to overcome buying the other day I. Don't get that future is a -- for officer town thought if I don't let Clinton honey -- in the green no one can. I I not confirming or denying any state what it's. Good answer. So John. Tell me about Campbell have you any barbecue an effort to -- you need to -- had a lot of barbecue but none the Missouri side yet not getting it like that believe -- Oklahoma. Just -- -- is on the Kansas cipher that was the first stop. There's original yes the original in the gas station SJ. First thing you do is take -- Oklahoma Joe's had it delicious brisket ribs and have also had Hickory help barbecue and Salina. I don't at our retention number the police in Lawrence at a barbecue and I've had some really delicious steaks at right Ian Dobson the dean Allen Boyd did. All over I been. And nine you know one of the richest stuck counties in the United States and Johnson County. Which you have to go to -- in 35 street to prairie fire -- good. Mean this is all this is crazy -- you know -- how about the state line Hans it was moved here because schools originally and. And it actually built -- Johnson County have any Linux though Lee boy would. Overland Park golf for a lot of meetings had a great launch at. Hundreds chocolates here and oval on par dobbins foods in the Lexus so I've been we've been UBS deal like -- things you tell -- you gotta do that did you know the top notch places every ounce as you and against -- Yeah actually going to launch in nineteen -- at a place Sony after this not. You're the name of it but that's secondary they I'm checking it all routes so what do you think about state politics obviously a lot of business people small business owners and entrepreneurs you know. Out of date they just think about the federal government and I know that you know as a former state legislator and you obviously has done a lot of work -- cigarettes no importance. You know it's cool to see getting covered and I know one of the things and when -- were -- phone when you've worked in your other matters as you're talking more of -- state politics. It's something we try to do more business idea. So I think in you know I hate to music is cliche term the states through the innovators of compiled. Democracy beaten but they truly are -- look -- a lot of what's the government dots. It's what's impacting people on the day to day basis state governments have the ability to have a more of an impact on growing small business rolling out proportion of providing the roads and -- one of the things. When I was out in western Kansas we were talking a lot about. You know bringing in four lane highways to grow the economy grow small business out there have been talking about rural broadband Brent when I was at an Allen Boyd. You're one of the things they're charges they wanna bring you more small business they'll sort of routine. You know and -- -- -- great and a lot of young people who graduate in the just leave the area often don't come back I was in. Salina -- in key states -- campus and UAS program the KU rural medical hospital out there was at the groundbreaking for the bulk -- innovation center. The one thing when I was talking to -- since descendants the CEO of cased its Leinart or Derrek Lee is a representative out there it's how we key -- -- not only had a we bring people back how we keep them here -- it's. And that's a lot -- from the state government I think. One thing we're definitely seeing is too much dysfunction of Washington in the states you know have the ability to do so much. Get stuff done and the more connected it -- state lawmakers are more connected to the people that are represented that's what we have seen all of our camps and. And you know there's some elections don't have to hear it's an August obviously look there are more connected -- if you talked to a Khmer Kansas City. Hillbilly guy hates state governments -- -- legislators because their focus on their level. And the local and they when he gets us from the city and sometimes it's hard to get funding in Jefferson City here and to because you know so yeah it's always it's always -- -- level validates the next level but -- you know it is so important I think in Missouri ending Kansas we have -- of -- -- -- strikeout list. Economic development with technology obviously you've heard all of that I've -- talked you're off about. Entrepreneurship. And technology in in in companies in young entrepreneurs and startups and Google fiber in our we have Cisco coming to downtown and. I've seen a lot of KC metro area and it is amazing to see how much Oxford or ship and technology is going on here. Then other places just talking -- These old atom bomb is the administrator of the element -- her and he's unopposed base including called represented a black spirit. In Kansas and he he returned here from San Francisco and with his wife to try to you -- the economy bring people -- We talk a lot of liberal broad base and no one thing you know as I've been learning more more and talking to a lot of people here especially KC metro about a lot of work you've been doing. It offered or -- innovation. Ands. You know technology is. Kansas City can be a model to so many other beaches the country you -- dog went to college in the Buffalo, New York area which. Buffalo love a lot lot of other great lake -- is also a lot of cities throughout upstate New York. Is struggling -- -- -- and you know they've been doing a lot of stuff with violent fanatics with medical research for the new health sciences campus in downtown buffalo. But there's so much when you look at what's been going on here in Kansas City to compete. Replicated and brought to a lot of other cities you know when trying to sort of be this -- so I think a lot of the cities. You don't associate the Great Lakes had been. Mourning the loss of manufacturing them but also looking -- bring manufacturing back rent -- reality it's looking at. New ways to grow the economy changing yet and I think that's what we're seeing a lot here in Kansas City is -- that when I was on the -- and we're seeing a lot of that. How to not -- Kansas is trying to. Look toward innovation and rolled that in Wichita I'm hearing the same thing from Brandon Whipple -- of war -- -- -- representatives out there are so let's. John -- we have and a 45 seconds left. What's gonna happen I would tell us not to make a pro quickly of of of the country and you know -- legislators I mean is it is it turning -- attending red. Are looking into doesn't fourteenth very much gerrymandered is not everywhere I think you've learned little about Africa. Actually it's you know Democrats are really making a push this year for the Republicans are obviously remaining on defense for -- keep their state. Legislative majorities and try to keep the governorships they've got. I think -- -- state legislatures there's a couple of chambers they could flip. Part of the democratic side but I think it's just continue to lean Republican just based on the district lines were seeing. But one thing definitely I'm seeing more of -- Republicans historically have always made a lot of plays at the state and local level and -- Democrats have always focused primarily on the federal level threat I think we're seeing more more Democrats. After 2010. Making -- I think we're gonna see more competitive. State legislative elections and down ballot statewide elections where. Did very you'll John C -- thanks for coming on the show committed. The midwest you can check out more about John John -- dot com isn't easy grateful and Twitter -- as well as John Selig John -- -- -- just great to -- here they give thanks Alicea turner KC show we'll see you next week have a good.