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The Radio Dish 7.6.14

Jul 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No yeah. Small but limited when plumbing major problem when you don't need a hero and yeah. -- a lot of -- will be a change your heroes involving to stop the group's blog and get your house back in order for leaking -- -- brings water heaters -- all your blowing me calling me. -- -- An important part of planning -- -- is no we have options and signature funerals take the -- on the process owner -- -- says pre planning is the -- and -- taken proactive approach to preen cleaning -- cleaning appropriately at the -- -- the -- your family members have confidence they're doing for you we want them to do whether it's commissioner traditional preparation whether -- -- service -- -- -- -- -- in their own church may feel better knowing that this is what you meant. Signature funerals dot com. How Darcy here in a fabulous and it this morning at the -- should be you know I just came back from my investment down. Gillian Smith and Christina -- and financial solutions McKittrick a plastic and they gave me great news really hurt my guy in a couple of years. I like it is this statement and the man every quarter that's too bad you know when you remember those days. A statement that I didn't understand -- investments and I couldn't explain. Totaled up to all those -- realized losses mean really less -- -- -- out. You know exactly when and on through why can't do well in advance financial he'll be an it help you to. Now at face to face quarterly review I understand all of my investments. We like to retire. We can and where my retirement income will be coming from. How much here you I think I -- -- them huddling in touch with them online financial pants down count tell said -- Securities aperture the securities company -- member -- epic. It's time to -- the dishes in the sink and dish about something that's important to you and now. Here -- two chicks who think they rule the roost. It's to bring you did she. Doesn't kill you makes -- Well come it is a holiday weekend. Hopefully all digits school. Be there after the -- is finished to make sure just when it's all done until Sunday and looked down make sure he still kept and well I know it and you know the virus have gone on since week before this weekend I'll and they will go on for at least another week and tell my neighbors from here down with them it -- last night we have the the back door to the deck open and some of the papers were you know firing off would have union. In Mandy had to have. A whatever fat talk hockey we don't know who had free time there was -- all around. It's like -- little wiest. Shut the door he could still hear but hate. Door shut and with fireworks could not get her name. Palin should get here and that's the good guys so -- Crazy KJ big weekend plans Blake -- in the lake camp we're gonna get to the -- what Comas I am part of being -- and chairman of the appeals would do it. They have a big on tune. Parade and can you -- pontoons. And the theme this year is catch the good life at Lakewood comps. Really and I can't you know reposition on the -- minerals no no no. -- just have to center I can't wait to see them we're finishing -- the -- for the third week in and around. The kids stack -- holiday weekend that's what you're doing is talking on the deck. I am Madonna whose insistent this had a band and two weeks ago so yes we're going to finish out this week daughter insistent that you think she -- Not only on the line her mom a little bit a little -- -- Snap snap when he definite -- it -- my time well and then I'm married to engineer a deal beyond his time it will be a sport for her. They don't get both stand forever trust me well just make sure I mean be safe prefer obviously for the fourth of July that you need to be safe I've seen those power tools that power. And you publish our little steel -- shoes I don't care it's 95 degrees something to protect your feet -- absolutely because you know we need Natalie if your outside office working you gotta be protected. But you also have to be you know when you just -- in the office and Summers always -- home on hard time to figure -- wish Austin where I mean it's hot and sometimes even sometimes. Office is hot so weird to the office and -- stop by. To see our friend Melinda Wagner some may even -- HR -- One of the biggest -- always comes about this time is dress -- during the summer and I know a lot of people particularly women wonder about the kind of shoes we're -- but all of -- how important is -- to make sure that you got to dress -- established that in your company is ridiculously important I cannot tell you how important it's so funny when I -- and work with companies that that tell -- alone we don't you -- -- some of the bigger issues that hamper -- and somebody's wearing -- federal yet to narrow or somebody's showing parts of the party that they -- -- somebody's -- the kind of flip -- and -- everybody -- they were dying and and all of a sudden policy that they didn't need becomes -- -- -- artistic and into it is amazing to -- him any issues echoes I can ask him in the workplace -- -- -- -- -- -- because sometimes is difficult so they they sent -- guidelines that and fashion changes I'm -- the bright blue hair the bright red -- that sort of thing. We know things you really have to start to think and address even be ahead of yourself on that he really really didn't say you know the first person that shows up into your office with two inheriting -- don't do anything about it then pretty soon you've got enough as for the people and not quite there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know in my opinion of flip flops that thing that flips and -- and makes noise when you're buying and in some offices -- there's -- client customer contact may be okay and others it certainly isn't. The menu go to any stops handles them with letters and phone between the -- -- that they Canada flip flops to use. It's really trying to be very specific. And lay down you know guidelines that people comedians stand. We -- with companies all the time that we put together a little slight chance for you know what to Wear what not to you know here's an example of would be okay here's an example of what really wouldn't expect it -- Because people pushed the boundaries that a testament and in fairness to get the commission if you count on the way to if you the company and you have not come up with a deadline. And you simply look -- the next person just like him in and maybe -- that there have been a midlife crisis instantly be here in May piercings everywhere and you can have this is unacceptable. You don't have a policy. Do what you do well be anything you can do is start to cancel quite honestly that policy it's really difficult to do anything and that's true of any policies you have. In the office and I know it sounds very -- to have a policy around the way people attracts but it's not pleased to have to experience that -- east -- to see the real value and at least if you cannot have a policy at least have some guidelines many companies that we regret the business casual policy -- going you know what there's dozens casual and then there's business can Angel I'm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They don't -- guidelines they need some help hunter can touch -- -- -- 9139405391. Or they can this up on the web at www. HR height and haven dot com. Love that may even now she's amassed yet have you been inspired by some of the pictures of her deck. On FaceBook amazing in her garden everything looks fabulous note -- think I can ever have her over because -- -- was sort and count. It may be server McDonald's hamburger -- love biting into a McDonald's burger then you're not likely consumer reports subscriber. Out of that 32000 subscribers they weighed in on their experience of 65 fast food and fast casual chains. And handed Mickey -- the title of the worst tasting burger on a scale of one to 10 PM registered and went what five point eight. That's -- where you guys know the best ones are found simply is we don't have happened burger grill. Although the burgers in in an out five guys -- -- -- here and -- -- followed close behind so that's not too bad -- -- see the worst chicken. You know they probably -- he's Smart chicken that's probably that's probably the problem and they should be Smart chicken because as you know we've got -- great recipes that are going to be -- FaceBook page. Come up on Wednesday. This one I have made. Don't always testing here Miette might go off healthy easy chicken -- I'll take you make these for breakfast or what -- time that you're going to make him. On super easy super terrific tasting and that's what Smart chicken is all without movement very tasty is -- and you can make healthier food and you can make a pretty quickly at home grown. I do you do you fast food anymore really but occasionally I do. When it's too casual too fast casual. -- -- to have a few of those restaurants -- speculated that the other night because they serve beer at that fast and faster well I do have. My limits. Yeah yeah I guess just can't that was because you were running -- so we how to make it fast and I'm. It was casual it was and it is financial how it let's just go ahead it was she irritants enough -- park and very specific -- Kansas and the best part coasts -- -- -- not only cash if you duke and it's the only one their shared and elsewhere but it's their test market for this its share tunes and fort. They're famous for their frozen custard but now they're trying to do whether through -- -- so if you are visiting Kansas City or can live here you need to check that I -- the special which was involved shrimp with that and it was like a firecracker catcher Anthony at the barking -- You can surprise a mental health and what's going to be pretty heavily -- make him a time. Are there any erratic way I can send your normal this year you and I like part of. Traveling highlight to tramp the restaurants in the city and I'm visiting and we're going to have the editor of Yahoo! travel she will join us here in just a few minutes we will also. Be talking about the sea life. In the middle of Kansas City yes. By golly we'll do that stands at dirty dishes Hollywood filling itself coming up here at the radio finish dot com. What -- the medical treatment to save your life for the life of a loved one was a flight away. But you couldn't afford to travel. Or disaster separate you from your family and you were desperate to find them the media have a special needs child who enjoy it can't tailored to those needs but -- -- for the travel experience. You'd need the help of an Angel thankfully these angels exist. -- the volunteers at Angel flight central. Pilots who donate their planes skills and hearts to provide free flights for people in need to learn more about Angel flight central visit Angel flight central John York. Say it's Mary with radio dish fun innovative and Smart radial with a large and growing audience and you -- tap into that audience give us a call 8166791281. And find out how you can reach women and -- across the Kansas City metro with your offer the radio dish has something different than your typical cookie -- 62 plug your -- -- here type of advertising we combine video. Audio and social media to reach the most people all of the time dip just call eight point 66791281. It's a radio dish. It's -- -- with 68 inside sports -- -- park where -- you're looking to get -- improve and athletic skills or looking for youth sports camps or swimming lessons 68 -- -- sports is the place for you we strive to provide fitness and -- to all ages and abilities we also provide chiropractic care. Physical therapy. And also -- indoor golf studio. We also help with corporate outings the birthday parties 68 -- our exports and trivialized by improving fitness wellness and trading options for all ages come check us out 68 it's our exports dot com. So he's tired began the hot flashes those mood swings no energy for oil in the thing. Still suffering from menopause it's nursing like -- I -- call start are missing in the -- medical center. Stewart helped me get the teen myself and I love it they have free information seminars that can help you understand what that policy is. And I understand your options. Stock recommends natural hormone therapy it's made from -- and wild -- and it's pharmacy every woman receives individualize doses that meet her unique needs it or not on the same. And neither is start pharmacy. It's time to get to have been yourself again upstart professional pharmacy find out what your options are for healthier you. Get this straight answers you need to make informed intelligent choices. For information on nine -- 33453800. That's not 1334. Or 53800. Or go online at stark pharmacy down. Com are you tired of commuting to a job that makes someone else rich working harder than ever but getting no where do you hate spending hundreds of dollars every week on daycare having someone else raise your children. With our opportunities you can start earning money as soon as next week. You get to be the boss works from home and live a happier life. Ever beat Abbas network you'll find hundreds of works from home opportunities but you can literally start -- -- can be earning money as soon as next week to go to freedom 27 dot com and start earning money as soon as next week. You get to be the boss get out of the rat race work from home. -- to freedom 27 dot com right now can change your life to day that's freedom the number 27 dot com. Go to freedom 27 dot com and start earning money as soon as next week you be the boss go to freedom 27 dot com. So you can imagine you're. -- -- No radio dish. -- -- -- It's. The night of the week has gone by now for like -- Last six weeks where I don't mention our producer mark who ate right and hit a couple hundred no way he intends Internet -- and you've gotten an a the rocket let's not run -- has bar you man navy. Maybe he just needs to get a way I see now. He's vacations coming up finger you sit there yes but just get the son marquis if you are ready for summer getaway. We have Yahoo! travel. Editor Paula froehlich with some great advice hey Paula. Tried Paula good morning. -- -- and it I just got back from -- nice restful few days in Colorado but I'm always looking for great deals and EU are in charge of Yahoo! travel you can tell us how to work the system a little bit I understand I'm always about work in the system. Ali you and me about it sister I think you I think I'd look -- Albright I could fail at that trigger words are only two. That -- out my dog. OK so. What's your number one rule of somebody's on a budget they wanna save money now -- what rule when they're out to find a big travel deals for the summer. You know what let's let's get airfares because of where on about underpinning early on about as ever and I note on the budget. And you were -- -- you gotta be flexible right now airfares are the highest in history. Not adjusting for inflation the airline industry estimates parents have risen 15%. In the last fourteen years. And to combat says. Be flexible not much of patients inflexible. You can still find a lot of bargains if you search right you can get negative for the London. If you're gonna opt for cheaper vacation alternatives like Chicago and Dublin and our. -- -- -- -- So let me ask you -- two months out say and you are starting to watch air fares and you notice a pattern and you thinking maybe buying on Tuesdays better than buying on a Wednesday or what have you. Is it always better to by far out in advance he does sometimes shall see it drop and it's like -- -- I could've saved fifty bucks a ticket. We -- what a lot of booking -- but now things you alerts from fares drop. Or when there's a great deal for your airports and really for instance access everybody should follow airfare watchdog on whether. It's really just for the best site to let you know. When it's coming and what kilometer flight didn't understand each other places like -- Don't like you know like -- above their -- of my dates are flexible options on kayak or cheap there. And you go and you you know unless they weren't take a weekend off. And hearing -- and our -- that you know. I'd say it's Sunday -- -- -- don't let you know that if you leave you know Thursday night or Monday morning get flat. That's going to be a couple hundred bucks -- sometimes you know Rihanna packing after a bad. Let me ask you let's say you're a little irritated something airline did it's not necessarily the end of the world which gets the counter. And you start complaining. He start becoming I'd be arts. I wrote a letter carriers that you're off -- nasty out does that work to board DDT and had. It does not you know we got a terrible to the whole thing on how to complain and get which you walked. Because you know I personally we have all been about circulation or something goes wrong. The number one rule is first of -- got to be out. Yeah I was recently on a flight where it was diverted because of an act of god the weather was horrible right and people start freaking out complaining about the airline and I think it's. What tax virgin America can't control the weather regained their detergent -- that god can get out. -- -- look at the ballot validity of the -- the other thing at a duke. And figure out what you thought before you start complaining the more specific you are the more likely you're going to get what you want. Number -- you -- know that attractive because a lot of times. Travelers spent their frustration on the very first person they beat -- typically the person who -- the least likely to be able to help. And keep the volume down yeah yeah I would exude calm and carry on -- -- you are down or you're gonna get unity. -- -- -- -- Well and I've also heard it and tell me if I'm wrong which would be the first time today -- That a letter after the fact a little -- later -- email but he letter written to someone with in. The PR department Dorian the administrative department of -- airline hotel what have you what -- a lot further. Parent letters do work -- just like ever like to thank you know right now and I'll sit sang it. I have weathered a letter or an email is somebody also gives you good -- best. Also follow up -- a letter or an email you know that people need to be recognized for their good work and for helping you out. Give me a couple great spots that won't cost an arm and a lake or realistic spot to relax and I great adventure vacation that you know the family might consider this summer. You realize actually I'm above a look back at her venture because. Parents get a a lot of people a lot of People's Bank it's all about gambling but it's not there's great hiking there's the Grand Canyon. They're amazing aren't they are things to take the kids -- they you can do pretty great adventures and right Bayer and then have your regret relaxation. And then go and you know -- and I kind of let. We appreciate your time is is set of course is the woman who knows what all about travel Yahoo! travels Paula. Froehlich thank you for being here with the durst he married the radio dish dot com Eric. Had a great advice summer travel I love it in deep do lots -- trip stingy when your grown up. The -- because. We pour how often you'll have to bring that up we report is disrupt my face and that there. Let me never had a complaint I got married I was saying neither did not mean we drove every place yes they had air travel back and they did you -- we didn't have air conditioning mechanic and our car oh my lord let the good news was we lived in Wyoming and we we go to Montana. Did occasionally go to Washington State always did it when it wasn't too. Uncomfortably hot well we -- dead air conditioning country need to you in the car it was cold for seven. He owns more understand and you drove seven -- the second census and and I think I've mentioned this before but we never went on vacation that there wasn't and an end goal which was a relative O yeah out there today with a -- there was -- reason you went it was a -- you know. Probably a funeral or there was no immediate family reunion very rarely and a wedding. In Houston go someplace that there was no reason to be don't -- really. I'm trying to think we very seldom got the car to drive to someone's funeral because my dad said. Yeah it's important important enough to see -- -- -- you're not alone I thought this heat. Don't go out and out of psychic. He there was I know I already see National Lampoon vacation funny funny movie there is a little survey that they Justin asked people if it was a road trip. You're going to be doing business -- would you rather have a driving the car now they asked adults. It wasn't asking the kids it's asking adults to those of us who went through and lived Israeli troops at their parents' home. 54%. Said they'd rather go on a trip with mom read -- Well here's a reason why they think mom keeps the car -- chooses better music and what actually stop the current eat when they're hungry. And does that make you -- McCain's. Okay. Lunch -- and yeah. Now okay now my mother would've never. Ever course you know I don't think we ever took a trip that they were both there and my mother would never have seen that -- I'm sorry that's not gonna happen and most adults say they complain that Dan is much more likely to pass gas. Right to ask all my and they are not up while driving ten children radio and he's stubborn about how much air conditioning is used in the -- And his arm could also reach to the very. The day wagon I don't know quite it was clearly stretch Armstrong before stretch Armstrong oh yeah. We used to tell my cousin -- and Linda. The through this will be in the backseat and my good George would be drive and I go with my hand or give last month an uncle George had he had a short distance but. Not tell that time it was like rap and occasionally you'd get laughed when it was your fault but it you know. It's in your turn sometime so when I remember when it happens I watched that the ruling is who's ever closest. And I and I I adhered to that rule big time especially when we -- home not traveling so much dish couldn't move that fast in the car -- toughest. If I was investigator I'm nature I was on the far side of the room when a parent came in. Because if you viewer there EU would get whacked out no doubt about. This is -- almost record of 7% say that Dan is more likely the amount experienced broad -- do things like race drivers kept them off. Tailgate. And honk at them. Really owe him my dad was. In my has been necessary and I -- that's just a male -- think that you know what who makes the worst taxi driver they say that mom went might Dan would never. Get the vaccine and now I don't believe I ever summit at the back -- any time and I don't remember multiple. I do remember just -- distance as vivid memory. Evening appearance Cologne and juicy fruit can those 20. Yeah well you smell combinations. Made me sick as a dog actor up the -- and I only finally figured out it was. Still on the. How about your. Yeah yeah and do you know or did you do your. Backhand you know when you're gonna -- I knew I'd say I'd do it through my computer he left us I don't for groceries whatever is there in the passenger seat is protected by my arm it's just and I think -- do my dad would never -- -- has -- -- -- -- -- to stop and thing at all and if you're in front. CD if you -- shot and then you buy a default became the navigator -- also had to say if anything was coming. Because he couldn't see through your head -- what ever happened. I'm not sure certainly trips to live starts with like Jeremy can you at the radio dish for -- to. Each and every day someone is being told that they need to lifesaving medical treatment. In many instances that treatment requires travel to medical facilities outside the patient's home area. What do they can't afford travel costs. That's an individual's turned to Angel flight central. Angel flight central -- people by reaching charitable flights through the help of volunteer pilots for access to health care. And for other humanitarian purposes. If you would like more information visit Angel flight central dot org. Angel flight central providing free flights for people who need. Cleaning up doesn't have to be hard mop bucket in North Kansas City makes it easy with great products owner Karen Adams has a product's unique like -- stuff I know Mindy you fused at my house is built in 1920s and it would work it's all old Missouri as gorgeous woods but it was dull end my girls and I have gone over every inch of this -- work -- -- its shiny it's gold and it's -- court. One of our very first products that we brought in there that was our product we're so proud of that at churches command -- that they can clean that church -- and they expect by the -- and they command when you have a scratch on a -- it would work you've tried all those other product in response to cover it then after a month or so it starts coming back -- -- were Hispanic or any -- you tell -- that -- here just covers it permanently you know need to go back again. Let the mop bucket make cleaning up a lot easier buried a twelve armour road in North Kansas City little store -- products have the mop bucket you'll find quality cleaning products -- quality results the mop bucket dot com. If you're getting closer to retirement I have an important question is your retirement income on track joined Dave Thompson Friday mornings at 930 on the -- BC business channel 1660 a -- -- we'll share how you can keep your retirement on track with protection of principal tax deferred growth and a lifetime income -- learn more online -- Dave Thomson dot -- that's Dave Thomson dot net and be -- listen every Friday morning at 930 today -- it's your money on that KM -- business channel 1660. AM. So he's tired began the hot flashes those mood swings no energy for oil in the thing. Still suffering from an upon us it's cars and -- -- I did call start are missing in the menorah medical center. Stewart helped me get the teen myself and I love it they have free information seminars that can help you understand what that policy has. And understand your options. 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All natural chicken and sport chickens are processed using purified cold air instead and water that's the air -- difference and you'll tasted it needs a -- tasting chicken where. And what I'm grilling or making my chicken parmesan Smart chicken is -- and mouth watering. Might name my grandmother's -- know what. Now where making new memories at dinner table with Smart chicken taste the air -- difference tonight. Some chicken some to day area priced -- Smothered chicken. You'll taste the difference. The products and views expressed by sponsors of the show and Mary are not necessarily endorsed by the radio dish and its management. Grab an extra cookie sit back and relax it's time for the radio ditch -- calories. He's a smile on her right now for a holiday weekend and there -- -- calories -- holiday weekend absolutely not knowing -- cookies broken been absolutely. And broken cookies have no calorie and it falls on the floor it's still line. Okay all right. As we go down the rabbit hole -- it's -- -- Mary McKenna and use the radio dished out. Do you -- I'm. Trying to remember yeah I guess I watched in his Catholic own DN. There aren't that much on you only get three stage I thought what countries do doesn't I had my history student Andy Griffith you know what I am not surprised he didn't like The Three Stooges I didn't like them I'm I'm one of the few women -- that he -- -- I -- three stooges like The Marx Brothers. You know and that's -- much cash can I work with you yeah. Well most of us have had an aquarium at some point I've never had an aquarium ahead of goldfish bowl for my daughter. I'm with multiple goldfish because I had to continue to replace an epidemic clean the bowl -- -- -- -- -- via flops seem moxie or 20 dear and they with a goldfish happened. Darcy had a chance to go down to seal life that's right here in the middle. Of the country the midwest seem like to crown center and -- -- Sproles he lives display coordinator big question that people come here to -- life -- how many different types of fish do you have. Different types fish that's very question right now we have about 5000 fish total -- encompass about a hundred and try different species. When -- like wary when I go through and I've got to clean it and I've got to feed my fish. Look at when it comes to two feet and volleys what. These these fish actually restaurant quality seafood which means it's the same -- you would get -- -- like red lobster and your local. Restaurant chains I guess which makes it means a better -- idea how many pounds of food do you figure that out yet -- once a month roughly the pound of food each time we feed -- -- out fifteen pounds per day out. So over the course of months you know it's it's phenomenon food. How strange how difficult is it to keep all of these these sea creatures alive and it's very difficult -- I look at my job as NASA and decor Amos the space station. So we have to maintain everything for these animals to live from -- oxygen that they -- if they do -- -- -- just like you and I suit you know the waste disposal. So -- in essence the aquariums the space station in my job I'm I'm NASA. I love it we're looking at at you guessed -- sea turtles in here I'm also looking at some rays. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They'll be sent an institution -- they go about -- so alive so we -- -- pictured she'll see she's missing her right -- she got ten of them out of element of varying age. And as she -- them on a felon basically certainly cannot circulation in different appendages -- had she -- died but Shuster rescued and brought back the house so that was a few years ago and she's she's a beautiful healthy journal now. When we were coming up we get some baby arrays that were there and I know most of us who have aquariums note that the fish get as big as the program goes at some point. These race everything is entitled the larger than you probably plan what happens then. We do we did have a recently and last week we moved out our round sharks they get to be about seven -- that on this tank was really get from there the small size but they really need to get a bigger institution. So root them out to New Orleans where they're being temporarily held -- to go to our newest facility that were built in Orlando that we'll have a much larger tank and my next question was going to be where do you get all that the creatures from. Well it depends we try to breed. Or our source as many animals is the -- from other institutions to prevent take animals from the -- there are some there's some animals that have we have been able to successfully breeding captivity so we do acquire them from reputable vendors that you know fish for them. Any surprises since you've been here since the since they like open any thing that's come about that you thought oh gosh we didn't know that about this whether it's it's one of the sharks at Japan or anything like that. Well I mean when we first got IRAs it was a degree we have about a week and then we had baby -- is -- so that was a pleasant surprise this obviously she came in pregnant been very fortunate to get a lot of unique animals that most that he wants in most other Koreans even throughout the country. Like are spotted eagle rays very few grants have those we have our biomass guitar shark which is one of our problem most popular animals. And I think there's only nine aquariums in the whole country that even have -- so it's a grab Jaycee animals that you typically would see an agreement Byron. Absolutely an issue mentioned we were here back in December. You you change things constantly get new crowds that come through so a lot of different things -- -- I do I try to change things quite routinely to keep people's interest in coming out fish they're fun experience supremacy. But there's always new and exciting species out there that we try to acquire and bring in display here the much our our black box exhibit. Which is our cause exhibit you know we have the Japanese fighter craft after some of the large -- in the world -- and currency. To tell -- something how can I make it different how to make it more exciting for people. You know I have done in their yet. I need to go check it out SeaWorld -- RC it is SeaWorld right now home now SeaWorld would be the Dayton with -- moon stuff I -- -- line I could be sued for calling at SeaWorld -- -- electric crown center very unique and they got a lot of very unique species that you won't find in other places like -- that's cool you know we have been on. Location location -- -- -- out yeah last week we're at fireworks tent in Riverside when you went to see. Life. And I thought I went by the way try to take good pictures. -- no reason to to aerials of do you let us on taking pictures with the Smartphone honey we're up on time viewer of the top of the tank as there. Swimming -- -- so it was kind of difficult and almost lost my phone oh. That would be tragic and cooked no kidding. Is Tiffany backed up on your phone -- have all your contacts and all that yes -- that I do I think I do I'm not quite sure anyone keeping an 82 and then I think Allan -- price and somebody new new exercise and I am leaning over trying to get pictures taken and I can't. In -- could've could've lust and I'm not sure I if I could live without my cell phone. This according to Most people couldn't live without yourself on most people couldn't even go a day without their cellphone. Okay I'm gonna do the outline of survived. Some demographics valued their phones so much they rank it higher in priority than their personal hygiene. And I'll tell you millennial that you run around with. I would probably be eating you know. Breaking out in high observe the -- are cold sweat I just would hate not having my phone but would be able to see you know who's on FaceBook at any given time. Pat yeah now here's some of the statistics from the study when asked how long they can last without the cellphone 13% said it would be less than an hour I wanna -- I don't. Now I can last that long and yank. The largest group 34% wouldn't be able to go a day 28% said they could go a week that for you yeah I can do that 16% said they could go indefinitely without their found my husband is that birds and so's mine now so is mine he really could care although he seems to be a little more plugged into -- now that he can't and an android phone it's much bigger than his and I found. And so I think he gave him was all about size. But but but but but but but before you and. Not democracy in that this is an addiction with your phones so I think it really is part of the of the Syria asked about if we could trade just -- any favorite treat for an addiction in some cases. To get lost on back 40% of respondents say they would get alcohol. Okay never -- my age you don't think you know have left 34% would give up chocolate -- care chocolate you don't really care that much love chocolate but not. Now alcohol. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That would be in which would be any wind that Darcy does not buy food and I like the -- I love my friend but she just -- not a wine economists who are who have like Sweden. And this -- Just like her into the like I am what I'm glad I'm not upset. It's the dirty dishes I think we had a few of those exposed right just here and now Hollywood -- it's come and appear in just couple of minutes we're gonna find out what's going on. With one of those -- -- hands and play and connect to the -- -- -- If you're getting closer to retirement I have an important question is your retirement -- on track joined Dave Thompson Friday mornings at 930 on the -- BC business channel 1660 AM equal share how you can keep your retirement on track with protection of principal tax deferred growth and a lifetime income -- learn more online -- Dave Thomson dot -- that's Dave Thomson dot net and be -- listen every Friday morning at 930 today -- it's your money on -- KM -- business channel 1660. AM. Human resource as isn't all about compliance it's a whole lot more of an HR haven you'll find a group of season HR pros with a passion for helping small businesses get the best and the payroll dollars with a budget that fits your needs are haven caters to your industry business and culture president of founder. Melinda -- we look -- all -- of different aspects to do they -- not just the -- you're thinking about the -- -- you -- and our -- is educational so basically -- empower people to understand what they need to -- from a compliance perspective but we're also teach and then that it isn't big -- inherited that once she -- -- -- with the knowledge that you need to navigate through the regulatory stuff that you actually can create HR programs that work incredibly well with -- culture that it doesn't have to see change you are you just need to know how to navigate through all of that he can still view and that's the one thing I think -- -- -- does that so many other -- companies just. HR service and assistance you can count on that's HR haven helping small medium and large business colonel HR haven dot com. You -- yeah. Small but limited when plumbing major problem and you don't need to hear -- the it's. 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This -- -- limited time offer so don't wait call amber and right now 1809705130. That's 18097051301809705130. It's the radio and but Baghdad. This is -- -- -- content. Back to the radio dish. Dot com there -- like Mary McKenna that reminds me justice microphone and make my butt look that reminds me and during the dirty dishes very interesting. -- story about plastic surgery to yourself plastic surgery went OK I went and I -- series. -- The biggest names in Hollywood all the -- in the story you won't hear any -- It's time for this week's Hollywood can play this. And her. Robin Williams is heading into rehab but it may not be what -- saint Christen. Just -- he's checked into rehab she's she continually is celebrating -- just kind of like a little. He hasn't gone on the Wagoner anything else is just really committee -- maintaining his long term sobriety. This isn't something that's all I'm usual though we've seen Hollywood do this quite a bit lately we need an unseen Catherine Zeta-Jones checked again. When it comes to her bipolar disorder she always does every year or so she goes into rehab than just -- checks in on her mental. Almost all that's very cool now meanwhile. There's another celebrity who's having a problem with an addiction and I thought he was going into rehab but now I hear that may not be the case. Yes Shia LaBeouf and we have heard so many different incidents is the mysteries aren't as he was removed from the Broadway Show cabaret because he was harassing me. Actors onstage and he was pressing the audience and smoking while the show was going on he panel mom. Term issue with alcoholism and she's banging in in out -- -- -- anonymous. I'm heat it was reported that he was going into rehab that is not TT is getting help. But it is on an outpatient basis -- eased back in AA and hopefully that -- now. Tell my gosh she's had so many skirmishes with the launch soon including -- and all -- public urination Cologne. You're a celebrity hello. -- -- behind closed doors please. You know I don't wanna talk about there's I just wanna -- about the headline. This was on the Huffington Post entertainment section Kim Kardashian goes -- lust for lunch in the Hamptons to cut -- and that's all we need that is a news story agree. Really. -- -- it must because they're also talking about the latest here sale Lauren Lambert is cut off her lovely locks and now has the hottest new celebrity here trend which is the short to submit links Bob. I know it's kind of -- but. Become a lot here a lot. Why. Along while it's always love. We don't want I would be OK with cutting my hair TS. When I wanted to be long I could spend thousands of dollars have extensions and then it can be -- you can -- the little confirmed when I don't think it'll it's good stuff -- they get really -- -- EEF and G and Hoss is coming clean on her relationship with Ryan Seacrest so what she -- everybody. This really interesting she didn't -- I expect. -- -- extended is that she's set a lot and this is a quote from redbook magazine she's ever relationship. There's nothing wrong or bad but there was nothing right. She's -- -- one -- out of -- because she didn't wanna get hurt and I didn't once it was on my mind because it didn't want to ruffle any feathers I needed to be perfect she seems like it's very hard to be Ryan Seacrest girlfriends. And it must be very hard to beat. A model and be imprisoned. I am so. Disgusted. By this story regarding felon and Jeremy Meeks he's got a Hollywood talent agent for re. You all you know let me tell you Gina Rodriguez is that actually interviewed her employer she's a former cornstarch. And she's a mom I. She's now talent -- she handles a lot of reality type of celebrities at one icy reality check that -- she's the one started that Tiger Woods mistress tour they get ovals street corner. Everything it was revealed so our whole group of them went out about so she is now wrapping Jeremy Meeks. And dead everyone knows him as a hot -- and the one that had beaten nice looking mug shot -- Let he has passed gang affiliation means he's kind of scary so. I don't know what's gonna happen but she's gonna trying to make some money. Well as she continues to say it's the past affiliation it's in the past really I don't believe that tiger can get through the stripes are quickly. Good association there tiger. My job swap swap in you know of course I play and that powers and Madrid's right. We appreciate information as always thank you Chris and think yeah that's -- Hollywood. With the way -- first -- and the radio did. Well the it's time for the dirty dishes brought you by the mop -- at 812 armour road North Kansas City if your time on Celtics -- emboldened and active hate that stuff. You've got to get a set -- phone it'll get the bathrooms sparkling clean a cell phone given only at the mop bucket dot com. And I. OK before we get into any thing you're teasing me what do you Taka about. When it comes to do it yourself plastic surgery you know I'm always looking for a deal. I know you are but occasionally sometimes you just have to say no -- brown. Always teased about having a plan but when she was kids she'd cited as an adult to do something about it. Unfortunately -- pillars that she needed or wanted to her little expensive to Scioscia. Cut some costs. And did DN injection injection she injecting herself. They weren't with a well she was filler she thought it was a she primed up for something online and again it was bathroom -- turned out well. Our -- geez are you kidding me down and she moved. Hundred ended up getting a staph infection and she lost both of her arms at the -- I mean. From the elbow down I saw pictures. I choose inject -- A staph infection to -- OK so body could Daschle and it was a risky part I was gonna say so it was just where she injected just went through every kind of hard trying to say bucks -- you're really risky about -- recent years here health. And -- on FaceBook that totally and related but story. There's a picture of a -- choose who -- Thong bikini bottom and she was huge but talks just any say that Beatty had back. And she said she is talking about -- implant as shares but I don't think they're supposed to do this. It she touched her right cheek and that being flipped it went kind. -- -- How. Israel -- about trying to run. I think got just like that but there and paid for Mets. Folks are up up up at me differently here and went okay you know talk about doing yourself did -- story. Bulk coffee shop in North Dakota now probably I was just -- and has -- Welcome to North Dakota but it's a do it yourself it's on stamped copy shop you can go in Munich have been generally need a couple of T they've even got pastries there. You don't just ring -- at yourself when you do you're right -- -- own honor and pay its -- it's self serve can't say great way to go broke. Absolutely not to. If you can imagine this they're saying that people have become so extremely honest that there actually making 15% more because people are being generous. They're not seeming even -- They don't have the overhead of an employee if they're making 15%. Half -- the ball has a credit card reader. And a slot for your dollar bills or need your checks that you wanna go hand right exact change isn't necessary. You can rounded up yourself and they'll actually they're nice enough that if you don't have all the change. They'll go ahead and then mail it to you this is only -- very small town they don't have cameras on they say they don't need any for security. They just say you know what people are honest here and believe it or not they make 15% more. Than they normally would. Unlike the vending machines here at the radio station where and how where would he do our show because. There are hammers their by golly he knew what to eight KG could take we could've taken chips that -- glad we didn't but if we have -- -- well. And the campaign was -- just kept looking around smiling reeling nicely seem really we're trying to. Their money and have my sunglasses on or anything but you know what I do like how I look in sunglasses and most people do sunglasses make everyone look better and why. Well there's a new study believe it or not. On why make shall -- all because of symmetry most people's faces. Are not perfectly symmetrical. And so with sunglasses it just makes everything look. Right I can't -- that air of mystery. When he sees him sunglasses. Unless you're in store where it's really brightening -- -- hey did thank you sunglasses I don't -- suspicious of we want to thank our guest today Kashmir allotment who ran through the door here today. Course -- Wagner with HR haven -- look who's the editor of -- travel for -- -- let's see life Democrats senator and of course of you know -- -- -- get asked. Christopher anxious just won the regular she's wanted to getting here at the radio addition we'd look for you to be one of the gang by. You know if you get a chance go on FaceBook and lightness and -- -- what we're gonna actually have a new sponsor that's coming on so we can't -- big -- cute to 68 inside sports will -- Place -- sponsored us. And he's gonna come and be against toast here is ranked million and he knows I'm here right around now I didn't Tonya Harding stupid question he did know that partly due every week on the lake Mary McKenna and you can bring you -- that come see you next week. They're provided by Robert McCain now with the new lady looks a lot in Westport band damn they look good on radio.

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