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KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>Life As You Own It 7.1.14 Segment 2

Life As You Own It 7.1.14 Segment 2

Jul 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And then. And then. -- we're back folks. Mark the dual Craig Miller and paint that would offer up Craig services. And stop buying our girls up. Opera about if you are it doesn't matter where you are because we've got listeners all the way from a Alaska to Montana to Florida. Two while we've had -- people that are roses opened a funny look. Satellite. Radio. IPod there watching right now if you're checking -- out for the first time -- we're gonna make sure remind you can go when you can watch the you go to YouTube just type in their life is you opponent. Not that it's that much more dramatic there's really work presently -- just kind of standing here on top of my hands Craig's flexing on the that's pretty much what we do during a typical show. But when I wanna make sure you know is that where your resource if you call us at 802706425. You can ask for Craig Miller and say you know what I need some advice when you're considering. A purchase or refinance what ever it is armed police give us a call ask Craig give meaning he says he's -- the -- heavy lifting every day. And the heavy lifting is with paperwork idea that investing in GM I don't know but he he is a great resource and we encourage -- to use and abuse him. And if you wanna call to complain about -- or anything advice Weis he gives you -- call -- you call me. Call me for that are -- and say wow mark you were fantastic on the should call this last weekend. You know I'll take those calls and in candidly. But we want your feedback if you got suggestions or ideas of how we can make this a better show. More meaningful to use your friends your family by all means give us the scoop punching your phone right now and it saves an -- to conduct -- -- -- hundred -- 706425. And it does matter what state you live in. All fifty states we can teach you the advice you need leading we can -- taking care even on an actual loan itself if you want someone to -- the most money yet Gregory Craig might even just to determine that you -- it makes sense he -- do transaction -- You may get the rock star Craig himself handling it you never know all right so a lot of teachers were in the MIT's -- -- -- teacher. May be cubs Jersey maybe maybe royals or tigers -- reveal a Diego OK so last seven curb appeal mistakes are folks so. We know it is day it's a seller's market right now in most of the markets that are listening most of our listening audience your Margaret. You called got shot by house that just can't find one. Met and maybe some who want -- -- I just can't find -- -- the price it was two years -- well. That's that's a good thing for all of us that housing is not the same price was two years ago because that means our economy. Is on the right path and it also means that there is demand for housing and use that we're thinking two years ago you might be a renter for the next five years are now going to. I want my house. Because it's going up and values so lot. Here's some things that those of -- that are looking to sell your house don't just assume the -- you've heard it's a seller's market. That you can't get top dollar by taking a few steps to really ensure that you put on your best. Face so here -- seven curb appeal mistakes. You need to avoid number one is what Craig. Cluttered drive way you know who you are -- Jack it Camaro sit in the driveway. You know what that's vintage you've got some -- -- just. 84 Camaro milk crates -- collection and whatever else you get -- to Israeli seriously guys. A car parked in the drive way tells people just even a car parked there you -- into your -- driven car. It's saying here in the house hasn't been a -- story thinks he put the overflow in the garage and parked vehicle outside it's just not one of those is -- distraction to the -- the driveway in the other clutter. Sports step kids bikes whatever clean it -- make it look good people and you leave it for the show -- and goes in the house or I'm sorry someone is. Driving by the house what they also don't wanna see -- your strikes your bikes your lawn ornaments. Your yard are all of those things keep as little they're as possible lead it doesn't matter what is skate. The gate clean up the yard to put its best face forward. Obama also what the garden you know -- -- dead stuff out you got does stuff that it's better have nothing there. Then dead shrubs stead pushes its Acura. I'm also now it's it's kind of hard to do this but if you've got some would get some neighbors could just -- and -- -- yard. What's what's so lead I've what would you suggest drag the at a neighbor is it gonna do any about them my neighbor's yard is make in my yard look back. From it's making my yard looked good but the person that's right miles one let Nixon got yard. It's worth to try those be polite be professional medics. -- -- hey look economic reminds me that Richard Pryor movie moving years ago from the eighties or don't know if you saw that but his neighbor was whose whose neighbor. -- -- -- who is he anyways whatever that played Randy -- when it I don't know anyways he was this is terrible -- never mow his yard and idiot. You don't want that guide XT but it there's there's not a whole you can do about it and ask politely can you please. Let me know your yard may -- your help you with a few things to help. My house not look so happy it's worth a shot folks some also on the you've got to anything they drive by that is what they can see there's neglect in the front and whether it's you've got done. Though the porch steps or what some from a broken our crumbling you've got up on things that are. Tattered and hanging take them off remove them do the miner working need to do so that that again that first impression is one of neglect. On the another he's that you're dry cleaning your clothes out to dry in the front yard Pena goes for a portrayal or whatever. -- is down to sit on the parents Annan and OK paint colors on the front door. Or anything you know and go for something new three bright color on the -- -- just make sure if you get me anything really crazy hearing and also that's a great way your front door. Little splash of color if you want to just make sure it's something that is a splash of color not a splash of you know. Vomit comet so but just you know touch up that paint that door can give a little a little bit of pop your house. -- and then now finally is what's the last one upkeep on you were let's say your garden area landscaped with kind of touched on that but again whether it's a garden in the back whatever it is. If you got an Erie community you've neglected you're not taking care of -- -- just you get rid of it. Facility in the seed do something but make sure doesn't look like a project excellence gonna have to take on once they moved in it because it just doesn't look good. Are right. Like -- what kind of vanished shortly mark what are we talked about we come crap I've financial corners you should never cut don't cut these course looks fine it was they don't we give back. Biggest night time power drains on your home we're gonna share those with you as well and if you had a little sad commentary. Clinton showed it back if you. All right folks we are back life as you opponent -- opponent lets owns mortgage information for -- to put to use. Be empowered to save some bucks. -- Craig everybody what's up by his bank owned properties are like hey you know what. -- they film -- property -- that's gonna save -- some wood. On that next house purchase over violence from an individual. Is that true. When we find out about that. All right well according to realty track surprise bank on properties actually sell for a moral. Well let's get down into the numbers -- -- A bank owned properties overall went for an average of 3% above market value while bank owned properties that were built these are bank owned properties built up after 1950. While -- properties it builds prior to 1950 brought 6% more. Then at the rest of the group the largest premiums paid for properties that had negative equity. But were neither in foreclosure. Or for close to now folks that would be. When it is a bank on to bank -- can be whenever you just turn the keys over the house. And you -- to its called -- immunity to weights and looked at by. Creditors -- much in the same fashion as foreclosure. On the however it is not the same legal process which can save them some money which if you're not upside down on the also they sell -- he may be able to negotiate getting out at relatively unscathed credit wise right Greg. That's correct right so -- bottom line is some if it's not. Sure that's investing news we go wow I can't believe that it's it's primarily because on the number of properties that are. That are -- count on and likely the ones that are actually selling now that they are not -- still sitting on him. Just so happened to. Be selling it -- lightly. Higher premium. Then other homes in that same control of big drill bit better shape financially now than they were a couple of years ago. Others none of properties to go around for most buyers in in early good markets. And you've got a situation where you typically when given individual seller there's something else they've already looked at buying a thirty contract and buy something else is there desperately wanting to buy something. -- in the limited inventory that they're looking at. So -- generally more motivated self and a bank who knows in this market they can get a sale -- -- those of the contributing factors shouldn't be huge surprise. But there you have it all right mark. What's. That sound once again. Should he stay -- should -- a shaky state or -- you go folks you know. That routine and if you don't unilateral quickly given your situation will tell you what you should do really quick who the -- Roger and -- Kentucky called with the following. -- a 72000 dollar balance on my home at five and a quarter percent I think my home is worth about a 150000 dollars I need to do some updates to my house. So should -- refinance and take some cash out or take out a second mortgage. Resize that's going to be go to that refinance is actually give it that is again over sustain with a mortgage you have really go to. Depending Tikrit Roger he should be able to do a couple things accomplished refinancing at a lower rate getting net cash out that you need. In try to do it without a bunch of closing costs or fees I'd recommend not knowing how much money you want. I've barring whatever it is cash out -- -- to the limit pitcher allowed 80% of need that much. Do so on a mortgage that fits in your -- only your budget be your financial playing need to have a financial plan -- -- -- -- line up and watch those fees and costs we should build a drop that rate. Even without incurring any fees or cost or anything being -- Loma -- should deal with Rajiv. -- your cost refinance and save -- -- Roger that. Roger Roger OK mark what else what else OK we got here. Either here five financial corners you shouldn't -- for a cut folks we talk about these each and every weekend on the show what some at varying degree. Varying degrees we may focus on 11 we won another week. On May we skip a couple weeks but really on and on most of these were touch on them on a regular basis and now. Wanna -- insurance while we wanna make sure that you shop around and get the best deal on your insurance. Part of the best deals make surety at the appropriate coverage -- couple weeks ago we talked about the importance of going around that cell phone. Snapping photos of your important items in the event you live in an area that might potentially be apart. Other natural disaster. We hope that doesn't happen to you but be prepared this weekend. Walk around snap as much of your stuff of value that you can email it to yourself in the event that on -- -- tragedy strikes. At least you've got a foot in the right direction is -- relates in negotiating with you or insurance company. On and you'd be amazed you won't forget anything. I'm so while also don't cut corners on medical care. On the core or deferred medical care is like gambling with your life -- you can imagine. We only get to one as you know we only -- we -- one opportunity -- only won one shell here that were given to well live out this life. And do not cut corners on your health care don't skip the annual exams. And take care of yourself and Craig also that includes going to the dentist. Okay I'll try to remember to do that. So -- in other areas what -- credit card bills folks this is the lesson and I think most people learn fairly early on in life they usually learn the hard way. But you going to get that credit card -- college right out of college. I think I got offered my first credit card eighteen years old. A department store card or something like that of course I immediately bought a pair of jeans or something that I thought we're going to be cool. I remember. Not doing your job of remembering that I was gonna get a bill for those I'm not sure but. Anyway since that lesson learned and maintain my perfect credit for -- -- really get credit you know watch the due -- to make sure you pay on time meeting to ease. When negative impacts on your credit as well as of course crazy interest charged try to pay that credit card off every month when I always say is I -- credit cards for everything he -- rewards. Jean Michigan pay your balance off between -- that you can't. Purchased the item and pay it off with cash at that moment and don't put it on a credit card because you will probably racked up about. It's another quick one on nine insurance and medical care goes is one in the same as. Maybe some of you put away money through your you're in -- can't plan at work. On that allows you to use those funds by a certain date don't let that money going used it goes your employer you have a certain timeline you got to use -- by. Number four is out of retirement savings -- and -- here folks start saving now it's never too late. -- then five is out of the box when your mattress mattress get a great bed to sleep on it will add Julie to your locker room you'll walk straighter. Also the -- -- thirtieth since a one day greater difference between a great mattress and really crappy right on the money. Why don't -- get a --