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Entrepreneur KC Radio 6.24.14

Jun 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the start -- university I had fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dream isn't too recent better visualize -- -- -- -- and I'm very clear about it. The money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and try not to hurt anybody along. The way entrepreneurs pave the way into the future of the industry start up. College and our nation plug in and turn on. Entrepreneur George Casey your boys were entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back it was one of the best decisions I ever made with your host Jason -- Hello Kansas City and welcome to the -- turner KC show off your posts. JC growth thanks for joining us today file is great to have you back in grill nation testing -- nation for all those who were on Twitter. Great show today and I really have that a lot of fun our last few episodes we've had some great thought leaders. And entrepreneurs business -- Kansas City leaders. And today is no different to say the least we have a really cool also our crew today. Coming on the show. The first guests today will be a good friend of mine who is a native Kansas City and kind of when -- California for awhile and is. Has been very successful back in Kansas City throughout the region. With a medical distribution company. And he has a really cool launch girl story reprisal lot of great things -- to tell us along his journey east. Been very successful were on the same age and we've got to be friends of the last years in just a great guys name's Josh Evans. For president and Evans medical distribution in eight and a great entrepreneur -- businessman so it'll be on the show on the first segment. In the second segment we will have Italy -- come from. Select quote careers a select quote senior it's like put auto and home. They are growing like crazy over there in the in the NB woods on select quote benefit solutions and slick could senior. There having a lot of big events coming up here. Hiring over 225. New people this summer with the salaries up to 200000 dollars for first year associates. One to have her on the show to talk about that company's growth what they do. How they can provide choice in the health and insurance related films and Italy -- being who is eight. Communications specialist at select quotes senior and select court auto and home will be on the show in the second -- to talk about. The new job growth and what it means to Kansas City and how to connect with them. In our third segment today. We will have a very special guest. We will have on former US senator glance -- calling into the show from Washington DC she was the youngest. Female ever elected to the US senate. When she was thirty to 38 years old she was in the house is well she served in there at that capacity until 2010. She now as the chair of the small businessperson so regulations. There's is connected to the NF five. Very exciting very touching story wanna get in her about her experience -- washing DC in the US senate and talked her about. And what she's working on now because as we know regulations both on the federal and the stay low are. Kind of a real burden on young companies and small businesses throughout the country. And especially in our area and so really really -- talked about politics doctor about her experience in the US senate and then really get into. Some ideas and things that we can do as a country has a state potentially to help out small businesses. With a less regulations or sensible regulations. And then our final segment we will have and I hope I pronounce this right Conrad it will Lynn -- who's the CEO of speak which is a really cool new conference call tool. He also has written for Forbes fast company is it. Really strong entrepreneur work for venture capital firm -- at Cisco and honored to have come on the show he was connected to me through. Influencing code and Ryan O'Connell and so will be our last segment today so. For guests packed -- And as always you can find all our shows on came easy dot com there's a podcast link for on turner Casey. On the right side of the -- bright side of the web page I came easy dot com and you connect with me -- grill at JC grill on Twitter. And at entrepreneur Casey on Twitter as well. Without further ado let's get started. Josh Evans outlook for the city of -- aria. -- a fantastic thank you for having me if they're closer Mike Josh Josh is looked into I think he's just got back from California a few weeks the argument has been out there even traveled I have zero world I have been you know I was in California for for quite awhile and just. -- back to some old stomping grounds I know right out there for about thirteen years and you know I've been back in ten now for five and a half and it's in any opportunity I get to get back out there is. Fantastic you you especially in order to -- this is truly in the summer TCU a gripping Kansas City. And the liberty area and what's experience like kind of kind of coming back concerning your business that the timing Kansas City after you obviously live in paradise in Southern California. Right you know there's quite a transition. I mean I literally went from. Working on boats from Paris -- in the summertime. To a commercial lobster fishing boat in the winner's. Two medical device sales and starting in my own company which happen pretty quickly -- it. So let's change it always comes in drastic change I went from. You know wherein. Board shorts work every day. Sure it was optional maybe flip flops too you know statement I. And it was just a completely different lifestyle than him but. I eat a good friend of mine out there and use my remain at the time. He has a brother that was the president's. -- small orthopedic implant company. -- of Utah broke so when he would come into town we shoot the breeze now this against this guy on the on the beach pretty matching. Certainly looked the part so I don't think he didn't need to seriously but ours would put that bug in this year assailant Craig. You know if you ever have the opportunity I'd love to you. Learn the medical device industry and and sell for you. Mean I think he teacher was what I need to know to be successful -- your guy can get out there work hard for it -- time for me it. You don't make America wasn't getting any younger. And if I would've stayed on the boats. You know 2030 years from now I'd still beyond on the beach. I'm not a lot to show for -- about how good let's get retirement plan though is yeah rise and as this is all part of that plan but. So anyway he eventually. After. Gash. It was probably six months to a year maybe pestering him to give me the opportunity. He finally said look if you yeah if you just leave me alone. All higher. So for who they it I say that's all takes and he did he gave me the opportunity so I I left Newport Beach and went around Utah. Q train for about three months on cadavers and anatomy with last surgeons. That would walk through procedures with human anatomy implants. The foot and ankle bad that we sold at the time and it was assassinate him and really felt like analysts finding my knack for something that I enjoyed. And it was interesting so I think that pretty quick. And the deal was I was gonna go back to Newport Beach in India direct represented of this company or. And anti -- trainer said you know -- from Kansas City there's a great opportunity back there there's -- huge territory it's not quite as competitive. If you're willing to go back there will give you Kansas will be in Missouri when you're in Nebraska. Which obviously is a very large territory for one. Loan rap right and it's fresh off the bus and speaking in that in the industry so. Com I didn't really want to do that at the time I was having good times Southern California. Was really ready to -- actually talked to some guys in the industry. Told them my hat my a my situation. And they suggested -- if they really want -- back in the city. Let him know that you wanna start your industry leadership after a year. But being out -- proven yourself and you wanna have the opportunity to pick up competing lines. And really grow my own business men which may sense. And am so the next time they they told me they want me on Kansas City. I threw that on the table and that they agreed to. So. Came back -- Kansas City and literally started knocking on doors which. Coming back to Kansas City backed -- home turf. Was certainly. -- had advantages there yeah I didn't happen in Southern California right. I was ET -- -- -- -- some probably some doctors initially doctors back here yeah absolutely com. -- thrown from liberty which is a very small and the time. And a handful physicians up there and just kind of branched out from liberty. So you started doing this in the kind of built the team. Built the team as we grew up. You know. I got two point where. If I was going to continue to. Rate of growth that we were seen I had to start hiring other sales reps just -- you know just hang in there I mean would just declared couldn't do about myself. Death and as luck would have it in it really was -- wasn't. A ton of foresight. As maybe some people would tell you there there was some dumb luck involved. In the extremity market which is certainly our market that we focus on. Particularly foot and ankle. Ended up becoming the fastest growing market. In our industry means those just exploding and is so listed day. So -- -- building these relations to those doctors we -- building relationships with yes foot and ankle surgeons in hand and -- surgeons. And the innovative technology that was coming down hike at this time this particular time. Was through the roof there were so many small innovative startup companies. They needed. A distributor in there of course was mean it was focused on foot and ankle hand and wrist. And downsize position and a very favorable spot. Cute to become that distributor that solely focused on extremity then and it. So as we grew more and more these small start companies would call up and say. Would you be interested in in bringing our implant product market. And of course we are more than happy -- and we picked up some outstanding lines along the way. And -- the business we are in Nebraska Kansas Missouri parts of Iowa. When it was all said and done we have and seven her now eight employees. And ended up having a big competitor hours command and acquire two of the manufacturers that we sold for. Which -- have been about half of Evans medical business need and then they came minutes everyone -- buy you out as well. That's a tough decision obviously on entrepreneurs face every day and you know. I'll say this like. You know yeah yeah I remember talking about that -- was an easy ride means but that -- -- employee need to think you know can I keep these people employed and it also. Make a little money that I can say mouth and absolutely and build for the future. Absolutely there's a lot of variables play. Number one for me was. Making sure that my salesforce my team had an opportunity if they wanted it with this larger company. That was number one. Number two was just looking at the industry overalls hole. It's it's getting harder for our. For small independent distributors to. Survive some of the big contracts -- the bigger hospitals. Locally. And nationally so. It's just made sense at that time it missed it it kind of came down to not register insanity and then. And now I've got this great opportunity. Learning the corporate side of things. I'm with the counseling it's like you know we're talking -- we're at the chiefs the other day you have a minute and a half plus Josh turf. 'cause there there's the and that's the present time sheets and he was -- the NFL for awhile -- -- just hearing him talk about the difference between working at the NFL -- -- like. If you move on your path and do anything different picture from huge corporation level and then running a team how different it is and that's try to say with -- -- -- your -- more than corporate atmosphere mean you're not. To me and I really corporate guys. You're entrepreneur but. BS gotta you gotta be extinct for -- it is interest in this is that it's a learning experience and the more I can learn. The ins and outs of this industry and all perspectives of it the more successful you know will be -- down the road right -- right. That's right well you know just regrets on your success than does Josh Evans who is a founder of the Evans medical group and now is. As successful launch very cute -- -- sold a business. And Israel and has helped. You know employees throughout the way who are all hopefully happy and eager and healthy and doing well -- came out of Kansas senior backing Kansas City now and that's great to hear because we want more us frontrunners against city like appreciate it and say it's great to be. You -- and thank you so -- and I can't wait to go to CU California with the Southern California let's at the beach releasing new embody it's laid out and I'm looking forward to you'll wanna come back. My brother Josh Evans that they -- on the show will be right back on the entrepreneur Casey shot. Welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show on your hosts. 66 CN. And online. Excited about our next interview today we have Italy -- being in studio who is the communications specialist at select quote. Guys have you know about select quote there hiring. Like crazy and growing is the company one of -- find you see success stories when it comes to business growth. And creating jobs in the -- regional area. They're established leader in that building and operating insurance exchanges fraud on home term life and Medicare insurance products. And I are -- death and how how are you I'm doing great thank you very much great to have you in the studio. Also about what you it's like quoted about the recent growth for the company sure. And I'm involved in that HR department and I'm -- as well as communication opportunities such as being here on the show today. I am really I have abandon the growth of of likely as a company here in the -- office. Tell us about that -- -- as you set a ground breaking -- groundbreaking a ribbon cutting ratings -- that the offices. And you also nearly a lot of people attendant. He also had a career. -- there recently to insert sure as part of our and growth in Kansas City we expanded into the building located at planes when he west 89 grade I stay in line right by saline it's really easy to get him. I am and in doing so we came together a couple of our division -- auto and home division in addition to. Many -- division. I am really came together in that building and have also then added the life division and due to all three divisions in together and -- -- we had and wonderful ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate that. I am that we really are proud of this building it's a beautiful speaks. And a bit over there it's nice is nice and so we love to host I am ever -- events there I think when. When job seekers can come into the space and see it and they really. Are impressed by a byte with BC there an -- encourage -- Are separate TDs yet subtly a again location but it's also. Cool he has like you know fitness and there you have -- -- -- there arcade games it's -- like your typical. Office now now it's in and that's pilot when you're a friend and it's -- friendly and we really have kind of a work hard play hard mentality. There's great opportunity to achieve I am successful careers successful income potential. On these things and in addition to that we have a lot of fun. So we worked hard we played hard we participating carpet challenged. I'm into other company I am building events and -- participating charitable events too it's really a good mix and work life balance. Very cool now. In preparation for last year's eighteen you can explain what that is second consulate -- -- 140 near individuals were the fastest growing companies in Kansas City. And you guys have plans to hire another is 225 employees yes for eighty. For small what is AEP and how are you guys growing so fast -- Eighty. That all people who are on Medicare can shop for new plans new Medicare health plans and prescription drug plans and so it's it. Incredibly busy time for select club because we're trying to reach as many of those people as we can't help them shop it's really. The ideal opportunity and really the only opportunity most of the have -- the year to compare prices again and maybe make some changes with they have. So elated that busy season a week we expand. It's here at comedy other customers ever gonna talk -- During that time last year like -- and we hired a 140. This year we're aiming for 225. CU to join us on the bench really focus on the Medicare division during the annual enrollment period. And long term and these new hires while also support the other divisions the life and life insurance and the auto and home insurance as well. What type of the new employees are you looking for because I know a lot of business folks entrepreneurs see you know people change careers alive. Wasn't. What type of employee I guess is select quote looking for who would be at a really good person for a job like this. Well you know this is kind of very simple to answer and complicated to answer it's really no one cookie cutter to green or cookie cutter. Career experience that we're looking for we found that people with all sorts of backgrounds education can be successful. And that's the beauty of it so. As we recruit as we hire we're looking mostly for motivated people hard working people. To come in enjoying the team I -- tradable if your hard working. -- of strong technology skills those really are the the ingredients I would say somebody communication -- real indication. Like communications hill's popularity strong work -- you mentioned because. A lot of times you know in this this job I mean you're gonna have to be communicating obviously -- -- the hundreds and and you guys give training and under and hiring -- oh most definitely there's really. I had to learn about. The basics of Medicare I know -- come out I would just talking to people it's like chlorine it's fast it's it is it is and as complicated as people think it is but. It's just providing choice really right. Ray and so we provide we provide it training that's going to prepare. All of our new hires to have those kind of conversations and to be able to speak knowledge knowledgeably a ballot. The products that are are available to them and really be -- a guide to -- each consumer and making those. Those Medicare health plan decisions. Let's talk about the admit the size of training you know you're gonna be trained extensively let's talk about the opportunities if you are hired on its -- -- with potentially to hire 225 new employees that's that's just amazing. For Kansas City. The talk about kind of the opportunities to grow from both a financial standpoint and I guess you know well being standpoint to. -- -- -- I -- the financial -- scene that that we haven't cyclone is just an hour long. Phenomenal and and huge as such early early stage new hires that we brought on last year during the annual enrollment. As season. I'm just within their first year have made I am seventy fives even over a 100000 dollars and 6000 hundreds out of your version here it is true it's true and I'm all -- I I think a lot of listeners alike. -- that as a first year yet they end and telling you Nokia's hardware and -- -- SF. Our overall our top earners and can make well over a 150000 dollars annually. Unbelievable unbelievable and Kansas City mean that goes along -- issued as especially when you. Anywhere what is the age range and you guys are all over the -- such a broad spectrum and you have kids you'd have to have her in this democratic column inches as really their first career. I'm and we have experienced sales professionals in there as well I am just hitting an -- unimaginable heights when it comes to incoming earnings. We're talking -- lifting -- the communications specialist. At select quote in very heavily involved in their. Their big employee hiring. -- going on right now and you guys recently had an events. Last month earlier this month. You'll see you re having another event. In July companies that also looked at him with that until. Sir I -- these are our open house -- these -- recruiting events that we hold throughout the spring and summer to get ready for the annual enrollment period. And these are really my favorite events that we hold out our office it's great opportunity for job seekers to come to our office. I see this ace and talk with current -- get a feel for the company in the culture and the job is well. It's also -- -- not pertain to kick start the application and interview process so highly encourage people who come. To bring Iran as a main come prepared to interview because he can get that started raid on site at those open house is. That's there in July 1 -- sure what time is that at 5:30 PM until 8 PM outer office and he went when he when he west 89 street. We're on the second floor him. And that is what day of the week is I think it's Tuesday Tuesday. And very good and how the people we got a minute left. -- -- people kind of learn more information about this is a website I know for select quote that isn't the workers say -- -- we did it's like quote career dot com and that's a great job the job seeker facing website has information about the company about the open house events. I and any other job I ever -- we have throughout the year and. Again guys select quote was founded in 1985 and has been inundated an established leader in building and operating insurance exchange for -- home term life in Medicare insurance products. There it's -- exchanges like quote gives customers a platform of choice when shopping for their insurance needs. And only -- thanks for coming on the show today congratulations on the growth of the company it's very exciting -- Kansas City company creating jobs and being recognized. Industry for our regional economies congratulations -- you guys are doing over the thank you think he's an -- think you're -- -- We'll be right back and the entrepreneur KC -- think -- and. Welcome back to the entrepreneur TC show I'm your host Jay seeing growth thanks for joining us on became easy business channel 16:16 AMP. And on line. Great pleasure today to have in our third segment a former US senator. From the great state of Arkansas she was the youngest. A woman ever elected to the united -- and at the age of 38 a milestone that. Still exists today and was connected to -- her to her through a great friend of mine in Jefferson City. We have senator Blanche Lincoln on the line who is now the chair of the small business for sensible regulation something that every. Small business owner young company entrepreneur -- here -- consider -- great to have you done on the Sheridan. Thanks Jake and I'm delighted being we humans. Obviously. -- -- -- Big thing with your listeners that are supposed to -- at Arkansas and really to be talking about -- and that I think it's absolutely critical to expiration that it -- The support necessary for our entrepreneurs and the contractors businesses because they are -- -- -- our economy back on track. This is literally can let's get started as they are former a recovering politician myself. Very kind of learning about. You know. And what it was like -- in the US house and obviously as it as a young US senator. And what that experience is like at a time where. You know I mean I'm a moderate -- -- -- conservative Democrat I know that you and I probably share a lot of the same ideals that's island to have you on today that. What was that experience like guy in Washington DC coming from Arkansas. And Debra listen a little taste of that and in about your background how you got there. Sure what could. Actually -- good lord let me let determined that the -- and I hit it in that probably aren't dot Ericsson. You know dinner or respect -- -- -- on had a degree have a degree in biology in nineteen it would become the rocket. And start them. Nursing school. And a lot of that on her ear and interest in and out go explore by government or Washington and you know Marla Howell got here. To Washington in real. We're my govern the fact that over the years. Under tremendous record in that government get elected and it -- the -- -- But she could often. Neat city it would keep it in English changing changing do on a government that lets reactionary. As opposed to how. It was not looking towards what. You know what in the future how -- solve problems today that -- Iraq or or at least help our error in the -- church it was just reacting to -- And that's what we're still there and it's so unfortunate. -- -- From a very dedicated. -- American. A bit of the Internet in Korea and -- disrespect for our government and interpret that in winter than in. Our community Indian -- recipe there. But you lost market city so much politics can take and no perks. -- like you seek such paralysis in Washington that you got Iraq I work are beyond good community because expert work got -- and bill that stack first knew that -- this report like the way you see how much politics it's gotten into what goes on in Washington. On and in what goes into election. It's extremely sad because it's created a crowd out there. On Capitol Hill. A lot of people perceive it realizes that they got to get even more at fault in what ignorance and that's -- -- back into it being -- it. Be able to really be gauged from the issues I think are critically important on this country into the world or -- -- -- leaders in the global economy. And one of them is. Aren't -- looking at the US federal regulatory if it's totally imitation. -- overly complex. It's not operating -- lawmakers and candidates it's. And for small businesses and entrepreneurs in navigating the federal regulations. Continue to be one of their biggest. Issue the biggest problem I have I think these small visitors an entrepreneur -- Manufacturers in the US. Something we wanna see a resurgence -- and we got a great opportunity. This discovery of their natural gas and shale play at -- You know I always point to the complexity and volume. Also all of these new regulations and their data and report. Could be US government it's. So this is a great opportunity. And guilt after a black. -- it -- act right markets are not alien in prince -- It was a I'm honored and privileged I'm in -- and they're still opportunity for meeting at activate some of the things that. -- you know we got a passionate about the Internet is working like you bet on and it is a moderate Democrat. I'm looking for content. Right on bipartisanship that's that's that's important that -- right. -- -- -- it's not -- and acting principal it's going to dictate to your colleagues across. I pray and what do you agree -- Where is your -- and we'll start for that -- the green and it worked. And it would work out. You know what what can I kept pitching -- that. You know what not not live in what can you expect that -- are -- -- built app for that you don't get back. You'll get on an acute. That. Actually go here and the other sat -- and thank the EU and you can't earn what you do you expect it to. And it did -- that much harder they -- the -- or go and had to guard. With the regulatory work performed. Happened. In one that he got a good. The good part of respect we need. And it that's sure that's -- talking do you former senator US senator Blanche Lincoln now the chair of the small business for sensible regulations. Group you mentioned how the you know small businesses and Alex call elected I term this with the people the -- foundation here in Kansas City it's. We we talk about small business a lot but it's also about young companies under the five years mean they're creating a lot of jobs two thirds of the net new jobs in nearly come from small businesses 50% of annual GDP. And from what I've read three Europe work. We have 739. Federal regulations affecting small businesses and 74% of small business owners believe that businesses and consumers are over regulated and one of the things that we talk about in the entrepreneurial world is. -- on a state level obviously is looking at studies that show that almost every entrepreneur if you go to any city in this country. Tech entrepreneur product entrepreneur manufacture maker it always can seventies you know red tape or regulations as one of the top five reasons why. They think they can't be successful as quickly and obviously some of those have to deal with registration type stuff and different states but at the same time. It there's just so many regulations. Have you found I mean what the you know this isn't really not a not this is a nonpartisan issue if you look at it in my opinion. What do I do like not Capitol Hill and in with what you're doing now with this with this group I'm. What what are the pros and cons I mean you have in a -- what are people saying up there on these issues because I know in the heartland and across the country entrepreneurs there. They want since the regulations. Well they do and Ed what do I think it's critically important that lack principal rec dot org is a great spot for. On small business period he entrepreneurship are urged to -- and tell their story action you know I was chairman of the senate agriculture committee in agriculture are not -- It's not that are sensational industry. He's innocent it doesn't get a lot of a lot and 98 practical issues. So it also didn't hear a lot of the limelight but even so important for members of congress this year from their. There it's. Our constituents and and it's so important for constituents to your story -- competing right so much finger. Of people are -- small business as well over beekeepers here. On either site. That there this regulatory. Craziness out there is issued problem what works. But we also -- and help people need to know and understand to talk about. It. Mean seventy pursue and other sites you know we don't want to eliminate agent meekly walk clean water clean are -- working conditions. But there's not a better light and get here we can still be entrepreneurs. Grow jobs. In in the global economy you mean if you look at what patently. Annual rate it did it start at 28% lower today but it worked in the 98. Shouldn't -- -- And is not one you know he did that Democrat or Republican issue in the -- look at these regulatory problem had been in the works for decades if not just. Like Patrick Obama administration -- written by added regulation and historic right. It should it is a machine here in Washington continue to. 800 number of regulations or not it is edited and a registered in just a first two weeks. -- -- -- -- Fourteen. Unbelievable plot didn't make it believable and -- entrepreneurs small businesses who are as you mentioned the number one producer. -- net new jobs in the country not government. Not. You know they're huge huge corporate. International corporate fitness -- right -- in -- -- -- that kind of is small district and it we don't empowered him we don't recognize. On what we need to contribute and her back current. Content the building it will bring regulations back to where they need to be. More public input in early stages of acting in circulation junior option independent -- announces. But the -- -- -- in the cost of the regulation. -- we've got to look at it went in retreat here process for our wedding and it appeared at a you know that it's. The underpinnings of these new rule. And we we we need to know on and need to be standard. -- crop these agencies temperature are eating one metric in one agency -- mr. Carter because a lot of these rules and regulations that they you're wondered what I. Mean. You know and oh lead agency accountable when Ellis chairman of the committee. Jurisdiction reverse aggravate the agency and several different species. And we -- You know member of congress need to bring the -- agencies and hold them accountable. For the regulatory -- implementation contracting it didn't. You know and so I think it. To your to your real question which you actually are real glamour issue. On its not -- and it's going to be on the arm of the papers or or or what at -- arm but he -- want it accurately. -- -- art of making sure work. The wheels are turning and in the negative -- in our economy working injecting huge cult like including its economy back on track. Couldn't agree Lorena we had a minute thirty left necessarily didn't one of the things too is the indirect costs of the regulations and also to -- you know competing on trenor is obviously here competing -- kind of a global scales and asked to be with foreign competitors one economy that has got to be a big issue as well. -- deliver an ink and you saw that in direct -- you enter our arms are. And not -- regulation current. But intercept proposed regulation and it -- they're being talked about thirteen years. You you can you wanna use your precious resource apparent -- -- each trying to -- that is to grow their chops you don't know -- -- great and there. To take their precious resources. On an exchange your business update something on the peace you don't need -- -- the current law and it. You know it is attracting any indication it's gonna take great sport I hear it. A bit of extra hat but I. On any cure to accept our terms and Ernie I'm in. Egypt into an -- -- In terms of regulations. On an even at some of the stories we're on -- what it -- we'll do it trying to. Make sure that you're gonna you know be able to. Meet a regulation at all but that comes apple cup or deeper from what you know in the initially might be justly so many fewer resources that -- It is. Similarly senator Lincoln. Welcome run at a time that I did talk to all day long and I thank you very much for your time today on the show a small business for since the regulations work we find you on the Internet. Absolutely and triple rigs dot org please encourage your listeners to go to that -- I -- -- story attribute their story not me. People want to hear particularly. Who elected official speaking here the complicated regulations that are coming out. On better indication that overly complex and they're not operating insurance. We want to make sure that that the weight of the small. Businesses and entrepreneurs is hard. Congress for the break and come together. -- we need to cut back on track operating its share. Simply -- will thank you very much senator Lincoln for come on the show and we'll connect begin soon have a great day. Thank you thank you. Be right back and governor Casey -- Welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show I'm your host the Jason girl thanks for joining us on these -- easy business channel 1660 AM. And online today on the light stream. Great shows so far man I've been very blessed to have some -- guests on the show today and guys if you missed any of our earlier shows he can find them Matt -- BZ dot com. By checking out the front page of the website and going to -- returner Casey page on the right side of the agent. There's a list to be -- of all of our shows with all the great entrepreneurs business leaders. And thought leaders from Kansas City in the country that we had on and again you can connect with me at Jason growth. On Twitter and also with the show at entrepreneur Casey thanks for falling in re tweeting and sharing the good wisdom and get word that comes from the entrepreneur Casey ship. Our final guest today is. We have on the line from washing team Washington DC it. Great place that you still that in due to once in awhile and denigrate them on the show his name is Conrad. -- -- ST that's that's a mouthful by the got pronounce it right the chief operating officer at speak. Free calls me free conference calls made simple -- speak out here -- a great entrepreneurial story. He's a thought leader in the -- girls face and has a great. Background as well so I wanted to have a on the show and nine Conrad thanks for joining us and daughter Casey show. I certainly think perhaps in the area -- lot of exciting things happening in the part of it and then and the city. Excited to. Here we have we being growing the fleets and bounds in Missouri and and in the Kansas side as well and excited to have you on -- let's start really kind of with your background and how you got to where you are today and we'll get into. Your new your new job as a chief -- not -- job -- your current job as the chief operating officer at speak to what it does the let's first start off with. Cut -- you came from a high -- and entrepreneurship. Yeah absolutely -- -- they're not very entrepreneurial. You can campground. Not being -- -- -- the son of immigrant the united it's always been a pennant go figure out here on technicalities. I and then I I did it -- if you company. And then there. Our Collard and -- -- -- OK but not no real there's the bat well failures and I realized. That I really didn't know it and hearing anger and getting your yacht. And they're prepared during mergers and acquisitions in -- apple today but now that bank and chancellor a lot of great companies. You know hot and hot tech companies and all the BP firms should do -- multinational. Technology companies. It got for awhile and men -- -- stopped and started. A oh we are met. You're laudatory stuff where we're essentially today. Out or guilty or not corporate development group the company private equity funds. Corporate finance group we get a lot of lot of acquisitions a lot of Andrei pain a lot of -- strategic plan is -- or so you. Bill bill. Well he might not you know realize it now partnered. There -- going to be that scale update people were open that so that you cited true and it looked -- Yelling back a little bit you -- client does women traveled the world her. For about a year that is traveler. Europe middle East Africa and America. And work remotely online client on my project and ball appeared at a local startup incubator and humble there at Atlanta. And those who wrote about playing good to see. How on membership would. Changing technologies changing all over in the developing world. I and then I would indeed. And a great -- -- -- and the boys are getting look at each game. He started out -- The couple one and -- You know that old man to two run you know operations in the development -- And you know. Did you get in my experience that traveling and working Ramallah his father issued opportunities. And really reinvent them which mutations. You know it's one that hasn't really changed. After much -- for the batter and a long time dominated by a lot of old school Telecom provider and an even companies expect. Our are now conference compatible so. We not. Great a great idea a great product. Vision and and had gigantic market. Decided in mind well traveled. On Holden. -- the. That's awesome. Talking to Conrad bulls chest he who has the as chief operating officer at speak that's as key EE EEK. He can find more information about them that SP EK dot com. -- -- -- But so let's got to get into the company so tell me about you know why is is that speaks so different to what we're used to mean. Why is it the best free conference call service around. Yeah absolutely I'm sure he'd been on a lot of content all the pretty much. Everywhere every other way it did -- client side I'm a consultant now man it's like. Yeah I almost like going to their office now and he faced faced because I just it's sick of being on the the conference calls to be honest with -- It's okay you're digging around her down and you're on the mobile on it Peter -- going to battle -- And then when you're on -- call you don't on the line you know and talking. You can't do any other basic operations. So what we do that we transform that notion of a valid and so personally so I'm. B dot com slash Conrad the personal memorable all the dedicated EU. And -- simply click the link in view if you put the link recall you. And an adult -- option to go work. Right here in the browser. And so you know it literally wanted to keep it here on the call I don't know I don't know collapsed on almost every device out there it. If for example that you're driving. Our honorary captains like -- all you're no longer slurping up the shoulder trying to. Memorize the and then some -- counter going back to the Tyler. I didn't click one button here on the call. And now once you're on the quality here on the web flyer or on a lot you have air. Under on record -- your pictures -- can see everything curtains on the line you can you are in they lined up at the call home. You can you -- the people that have that problem you can kick people all of our. You know as you you know welcome to a busy -- or. You -- caller that you know I'm running late or you just want to hurt current model image album and directly into that share files. -- record although it basically control that really mimic. In what you want out of Kabul conference call we're -- and -- -- try to make it you know. Hurt them or needed to line them check in. Where you can shall -- call it that are needed. That sounds great speak speak speak dot com. You guys were Wall Street Journal's top 25 starts of the year on prayer magazines under mystery companies for 2013 MPC -- under top web site to 2013. Conrad that's a great public relations right there that's a great. Notoriety as -- as you know people -- and. Period. You heard it get hurt in the exterior girder and in a long and nearly every didn't -- national. You give her credit. It's one of those things that I think people don't realize how bad it is -- or two. Not forced to deal that I -- so. Natalie and what shape you know a trend here from lurk. More -- paper products that are. There's space people really identified with their. You to grow up -- kick up significantly in regard you know people people love -- people yeah. And -- -- that we received about. Some notable. Notable. And you know has been able to bring out really great great investors an advocate. -- tell me about what 1776. Is due in DC you know I I used to be an intern in the White House back in the day Hamas in my mid thirties now most but I've worked to wash it was there a few weeks ago. Kind of up the media and that Vernon square area kinda close the White House seeing how that areas change Logan circle -- changed and you know I believe 1776 is close to the White House armed. You know what is that like it that accelerator there. And is it an accelerator is an incubator I guess they should ask you that question first. It is. Yeah we're are at war it. Critical update and he later they're launching on -- or Wednesday. Actually do a lot but it is little bit citing. What they're -- -- I try to work there. One week and all of mentor and advisor. And I'm pretty familiar what look like nine it. I love what they're what they're here and -- a -- -- -- is that you look at our lives and consumer. Over the -- You know and twenty years it's gotten really certain cool I like that things you can do now he wouldn't even imagine what -- -- Twenty years ago right anywhere from. The way you you got your eye on her FaceBook or Twitter or. Any any any either you're normally in my life has gotten really cool little look in your life as a citizen. They really -- -- -- you know that like her or changed. And -- And and so let them -- every -- -- -- -- -- who chartered bridge the gap you know all these pot innovative. Really cool technology companies and technology solutions and the government which you know the government of the earlier -- big advocate -- -- in order to all of -- lately such as he. Out of the gate and no way behind Labonte game so they're trying to take Apollo the makers and take the the decision makers. I and and really connect them with you know more modern technology and and how the technology companies and excel until the government or. You know. Do you DB and not -- and provide. Service agent that don't -- something they definitely need area actually how we hear about that. And I'm I'm excited to see that happening we got a couple in about two minutes left. -- tell me about it you know you've been published in Forbes obviously that's that's of great staying in fast company the one of the articles you wrote in Forbes was. How to travel the world was not quitting your job talk just a little bit about that because you seem to do pretty well. Absolutely so I travel blog called will -- project dot com and you know that. The -- that they get not. Areas that it is negative people travel and they are in college -- -- back -- And Internet -- ultimately the only way to travel and they are retired you know about your life -- -- you know -- And I think it's a very important -- Liked it to travel. And a lot of different places not throughout your life great learning opportunity and it doesn't -- Absolutely. It doesn't happen that's your career I love what I do out -- You know either working -- innovative. Need to build companies and so I wanted to give the world well wouldn't I I'll hold one of you know keep doing what -- -- Did he get here you know nowadays the technology. It's extremely easy as as long review. On the other Manhattan and animal on you. An op -- -- you pretty much do anything anywhere. You know those tools like XP. There's great cooperation people and really any meeting can be. Transformed into a opera ball incher that you know really need it one of -- baker well. Available. You let towers or whatever market here you're working and -- here you're liable to get York I hit it should. It's it really in about a lot of doors and -- herbal herbal about what Larry earlier mad. I hope you collaborate -- all working remotely. And that highly highly recommend it. Very cool well. Kyra thanks for coming on the show today Conrad -- -- Chatzky the CEO of speak. Recovered skulls and eight simple you can check them on its -- dot com. One thing I will say our last thirty seconds I'd look to your list of travel countries you traveled to. IA it's amazing I would say the only one that isn't on it out recommend would be somewhere in Asia got a good view that if China Hong Kong one of these days a man. The beaches in Thailand. You're you're absolutely right and I was -- we going to spend the -- but these days and he is. And and that I've got. Derailed. Really really started taking our current thanks for joining the show and double talk -- soon have a great day great great democratic. Thanks -- got turner KC show BC next week and good.