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The Radio Dish 6.22.14

Jun 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know yeah. Small but -- yeah when plumbing major problem and you don't need a hero and yeah. Thought -- a lot of Paul -- be taking your heroes -- bombing to stop the group's blog and get your house back in order for leaking -- flood brings water heaters all your blowing me it's all a -- -- -- An important part of planning -- -- is no we have options and signature funerals take the mystery on the process owner -- -- says pre planning is the -- and we have taken proactive approach to -- cleaning -- cleaning -- for -- vehemently at the -- -- the -- your family members have confidence they're doing for -- we want them to do whether -- commissioner traditional preparation whether -- -- service -- -- -- -- -- in their own church may feel better knowing that this is what you -- Signature funerals dot com. How Darcy here and a fabulous -- this morning politely should be you know I just came back from my investment downs. Gillian Smith and Christina -- and financial solutions McKittrick a plastic and they gave me great news really hurt my guy in a couple of years. I like it is this statement and the man every quarter that's too bad you know when you remember those days. A statement that I didn't understand -- investments and I couldn't explain. Totaled up to all those -- realized losses mean really less -- on the out. You know exactly when and on through why can't -- well in advance financial he'll be an it help you to. Now at face to face quarterly review I understand all of my investments. We like to retire. We -- and where my retirement income will be coming from. How much here you I think I -- -- them huddling in touch with them online financial pants Stan count -- -- -- -- Securities -- the securities company -- member -- epic. It's time to -- the dishes in the sink and dish about something that's important to you yeah and now. Here -- two chicks who think they rule the roost. It's to bring you did she let. Doesn't kill you makes us. And welcome to. Radio -- I know the big -- radio voice just told us that but it is -- -- Mary McKenna and -- at the radio -- dot com glad to hear the kids in wyandotte county need your help and there's going to be a big back to school -- I know it's time to think about back to school but you've got to have all the supplies before you can stuffed those backpacks. And with us today. Is our -- on -- Coleman who is chairman. -- I know yesterday there was a big supplying the collection points you're gonna do that again today our to our alana. We are going to be collecting. School supplies and that they Bonner springs Wal-Mart on case seven. Well I'll let anybody out that way knows exactly what you're talking about what kind of supplies so you're meeting. We all types since I have school supplies to the paper we need spiral now. Crayons markers. Rulers. Anything and everything in his very that a -- -- -- -- -- -- you serve about two. 15100 families I understand that's what 6000. People and you are about. At the halfway point where you need to be funding wind suspect -- a romance so if you can't bring supplies I'll bet you take money. Yes we are accepting donations. And -- The organization that. Her plans for that -- that it cheer is an all volunteer committee. There is aptly now over cancer anything that anyone against a former president a donation goes directly into purchasing power supplies that the. I can attest to that I was in conversations. With our line before today's show and found out that the web site that used to access to no longer does because. That costs money so I get that so it's run through the Kansas City, Kansas public school system one of the big supporters of the program correct correct. Awesome so again tell us where you can bring supplies it's going to be this afternoon. And Bonner springs right. At the Bonner springs to Wal-Mart. We'll be at the allocation Sunday from noon to five. Okay from noon until 5 PM and if somebody wants to volunteer their time at the fair coming up August 9. That critical word they go to do that. Okay volunteers can go through the united way web site. Which is recognized that way bash why cattle dot org. And -- on that web site you can volunteer for you to another application or registration form to register to volunteer. And any kind of donation you make will make it possible. For lots of kids to go back to school this fall with all their supplies in hand and thank you our line we appreciate your time today the radio dish dot com always great to give back and what a great event and I mean the kids need to help. You can forget they serve so many people and I Kennedy's spirit because it's not that far. You know you look at the calendar August 9 is not that far away in their only at the halfway mark funding line supply lies so if you can help out certainly -- on the you know wind at county site even if you're not cross the line it's okay legal. You can do that you know I just got back went to see the St. Louis Cardinals like we did my son Matt and they were actually -- and -- fund -- out there. Gathering up school supplies when I was underside kind of thought about the whole thing. I was the only person by the way I know you're gonna ask me this did you. Jupiter let our nose -- let you ask yeah -- feel summit on that up a good man it's stopped yet so did you change. I can't -- cardinals but here's the deal let me recount but I am the only one who was not wearing. It -- future. Be it Iran be quite an average person you know that -- I think she looks like us. Well here's steal my son as he beat her -- the idea of my -- as a huge Mets fan when he was -- up we -- because he has the day enough and I have some tickets and we -- -- now I -- news manager for the Mets. They're two minutes and he'd -- goes in and -- is curvature well. He's pulse center I'm here as I said there really is unlike the only person in the stadium and -- not wearing red white. A great fans by the way I can give kudos they were very very nice Lotta people would stand a lot of people -- not playing all that well. They they're not and unfortunately these loans to the -- They are proper sleep in my opinion. The year and it was -- my gosh I think the if Philip was 97 degrees on Wednesday. The heat index now -- incredible that we had seats every machine thing that isn't good that's good Venus begin a shade it's been so kind of format kind of its been kind of miserable. Here in the in the metro Kansas City metro and it just -- -- point -- -- Colorado even more -- -- and we've -- this great deal on this furniture and we had a person who is going to make -- trip. To Denver and take furniture to his -- And he was going to. Go on to Dylan. Go to the store and -- stuff home for so like pat down was awesome it was like it was perfect it was meant to be -- that I can't tell you my culture. But she so. She just said. I just didn't know if you were really serious and you know I just didn't really wanna wait so why when he hadn't sold this and I -- that. Merrill and then she said you know sometimes things -- The entity did you -- -- time -- like cash down did you not likely -- something we were there on the Friday -- though you didn't dizzy stop it with fresh air Friday when I'm gonna talk about it and we were gonna come back on Monday and we'll of course. It's a furniture store offseason in -- do you think it's open on Monday the now. So we -- Tuesday morning win on Monday -- didn't live deposit via. First and Saturday didn't we cut it would probably wouldn't have a -- she would have no illusion nice -- you are she knows she was not speaking an -- dog did you. Speaking of Bihac. You might wanna know what kind of the wonderful Smart chicken recipe will not have been on FaceBook this week. That would be her Smart chicken recipe of the week chicken salad with black grapes apples and a half months because somebody -- promised to put their recipe -- Has not done that yet. Well it's actually very close for a similar right it has sour cream -- -- and but it has black grapes they use red OK and I use miracle. OK I sisters mayonnaise. AJ is -- A dash is a teaspoon Kosher salt and -- I was she's Kosher -- everything OK so just double -- and little black pepper OK so basically this is from from chef -- half list don't wrestle with -- fishing from Iraq Missouri -- the brand that this looks phenomenal. It it looks has all of cynic like it's an olive kind of I don't know -- wrist angles. It's just look I don't like -- said it would put college on a chicken salad sandwich they had race in New Orleans I don't know what that has been looks really good. I'd like Jeter plays and it's called catalog I don't know how to pronounce it there and said. If you -- and now own the word or don't use the word is a well. What is it -- where she stands near Iraq misery and tell me what that is. -- is tough. An air brought misery and -- great little restaurant you don't know they're hot hot hot. Off. I used to have an English teacher in eighth grade -- that if he didn't own the word you had to know how to say it. And -- and had to know how to spell out. But that was before spell check in the -- it -- well I I -- German and here is the key. If you -- know what pronounce it as hard as you could and make it sound like you did and that you can insane another word for who knows what that. If you could. You know -- I -- she knew one threes that I know in Deutch and he's -- often and it's the only thing I can actually remember doom cost. No sorry guys are. -- -- -- -- It's a -- the worker is all sausage to me. He kicked it basically loosely translated do you wanna go to the museum. Or you want to go to the grocery store and I don't care you say -- is must first it's all sausage to me. And it's shows kind of like sausage it really is great -- -- don't wanna see it -- Typically -- can tell you stumble tough guy to play Mary McKenna and mute the radio just that. What -- the medical treatment to save your life for the life of a loved one was a flight away. But you couldn't afford to travel. Or disaster separated you from your family and you were desperate to find them media have a special needs child who enjoy it can't tailored to those needs but he can't afford the travel experience. You need the help of an Angel thankfully these angels exist. -- the volunteers at Angel flight central pilots who donate their planes skills and hearts to provide free flights for people in need. To learn more about Angel flight central visit Angel flight central John York. Say it's Mary with radio dish fun innovative and Smart radial with a large and growing audience and you want to tap into that audience give us a call 8166791281. And find out how you can reach women and men across the Kansas City metro with your offer the radio dish has something different than your typical cookie -- 62 plug your spot in here type of advertising we combine video. Audio and social media to reach the most people all of the time give -- call eight point 66791281. It's the radio dish. Crime stoppers has received nearly 128000. Anonymous tips has paid out over one point two million dollars in cash rewards spokesperson lieutenant Kelly -- as a reward amount is now growing since 1982. -- crime rewards has always been up. 21000 dollars -- the -- -- and we made a decision that we need to increase that amount we decided -- -- to reward to up -- 2000 dollars I think -- really exciting people who call crime -- are motivated -- different reasons some people wanna just do the right -- some people wanna do the right thing but if it involves a friend -- family -- they tend to hesitate if they happen to -- struggling having a hard time financially sometimes money can be -- -- we hope to -- over the next few -- -- huge increase in -- -- we're getting criminals off the street and we're getting our community to be safer if you have information to. Help solve a crime called -- tips hotline at 816474. TI PS. So he's -- to begin the hot flashes those mood swings no energy for -- anything. Still suffering from menopause it's nursing Blake -- I -- call start are missing in the -- medical center. Stocks helped me get to teen myself and I love it they have free information seminars that can help you understand what the policy is. And I understand your options. -- recommends natural hormone therapy it's made from -- and wild -- and it's pharmacy every woman receives individualize doses that meet her unique needs it -- not all the same. And neither is stark pharmacy. It's time to get to have been yourself again upstart professional pharmacy. Down when your options are for healthier you. Get the straight answers you need to make informed intelligent choices. For information on nine -- 33453800. That's 91334. Or 53800. Or go online at stark pharmacy dot com. Are you tired of commuting to a job that makes someone else rich working harder than ever but getting no where do you hate spending hundreds of dollars every week on daycare having someone else raise your children. With our opportunities you can start earning money as soon as next week. You get to beat the boss works from home and live a happier life. -- beat Abbas network you'll find hundreds of works from home opportunities but you can literally start today can be earning money as soon as next week to go to freedom 27 dot com and start earning money as soon as next week. You get to be the boss get out of the rat race work from home go to freedom 27 dot com right now can change your life to day that's freedom of the number 27 dot com. Go to freedom 27 dot com and start earning money as soon as next week. You be the boss go to freedom 27 dot com. He's the Radiohead. This is going to tell -- about the ten. Welcome back the -- addition dot com -- like. Mary McKenna and you all of us together that is the radio -- pitch and a Father's Day just was what a couple of weeks ago or so and before that was mom's day and we found this wonderful artist here in the Kansas City metro. Who is celebrating mom. In a way that maybe has ever been celebrated at least on Kansas City at least not on my person come well we'll explain. Christie Darby is joining us in studio and Christie isn't very talented -- hi -- how are you thanks for having me Christie is her company's called pigment pine. And she. Came of local fame recently. When the Kansas City Star did a piece on Christie's. But really -- interesting candidate I guess -- -- how -- play how did you get an idea to paint on women's -- where did that come from Kristy she. -- -- real me I started off as a face painter about twelve years ago and then. It naturally sort of just kind of started happening throughout the rest of the body people would request for things on the arm on the neck on the Lang and other parties hard. Pretty sand in I started realizing that bit the belly you became and very nice large canvas. And so and nice rounded pregnant belly was it was definitely the way to go and it was like -- taught Kansas was already stretched. And I might go anywhere yeah. -- -- -- line ordinary yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah look at him those values. The image yeah I -- the -- before we. Started you mentioned that this is is new intensity that this is something in this kind of a trend nationwide ES in larger cities especially on the coastal cities you'll see it done quite a bit city. It's kind of a ten years behind everybody else when it comes to the arts Jesse -- okay. And it was. And that's what I know that anyway and sell anytime I into decent being it's it's like well like I have never seen of the -- here but I you know it's already -- -- you know elsewhere. In the country elsewhere even in the world's and Christie -- -- begin -- by our guest has a guest you've brought him one of your -- campuses in with a -- up and yeah that they can -- introduce those -- Melissa Johnson Stewart and she is actually a mom that I had the pleasure of thinking -- -- -- baby's health. -- and Beatty -- and then he was a beautiful beautiful model for you know my portfolio so. None and she's she's wonderfully much of your gorgeous woman he -- -- you any campaign you -- show us today mean. Yeah how. You can really ever announced. That maybe they don't think McCain does lashed out okay I -- it is not a minute now. Melissa what cheated. To decide to do this. You know actually I've seen a picture that she had a dime of the previous person on the website and I worked with her as a marketing manager for development -- at home and -- -- -- a spinning her face paintings. Are in out of the ordinary it's not the normal state person or whatever -- Arnold asked whimsical and so. With that I said oh OK I have got to document this baby's birth -- -- I think expectancy welcomed me and her into the family and so oh. She was going to be born in December and I thought at that time let's -- -- president and I'll be -- present our around a photo she. Well Christine -- your belly is not a box. So let's speak of something else and don't worry -- around so it around -- not fight against the natural curve of the body very -- she didn't. I love -- the inside out and it was and we had president still around and we get a huge Butler she's eaten. It was just really -- -- it was -- -- -- and Melissa what what did your friends say -- -- like I'm on board with you today everybody. Embraced it and thought oh my goodness how awesome on the ninety. If you go to my FaceBook page -- fees alone many people that have liked it and I actually have contacting Christy because of the fact that it is just an awesome idea. I think it's great images -- books I think people are saying how long does it does is it gonna last too -- for special occasions for pictures as Melissa mentioned. I used to DC this paint available on the market it actually is morally. And classified as cosmetic -- and it's face and body painting. Paint and it's going it's because it's water beast. It's -- awash with water -- it takes wired activated and so are their four iron wire agreements OK so when did you actually. How far along were you Melissa when you had the painting done we were out as well and my nine month I mean we wait until probably closer to the end and I wanted to be easy but it's not like me you know this had a -- in the 67 month and then didn't shower for a few now. I know that. You know when -- schedules for a -- nineteen she wants to be able to have those pictures done right away you can keep the paint on your body it's perfectly safe. But it begins to fade because it's not a permanent pain and so it'll begin to -- you'll have the same. Type of Leicester and it and it just won't be as nice and Crispin is the design was you know first put on the body. So you know to arrange and have a photographer. Ready to take pictures directly right afterwards is the best way to -- Christiana ask how does it take normally to do of belly painting. It can take out anywhere between about thirty to 45 minutes -- and have you ever felt the baby move her. Yes almost every single time the baby will move and it's time because the mom always. Feel almost guilty. -- -- -- and he didn't -- at at at a bit actually it's perfectly fine if that happens and you know sometimes we might have a design that's starts off. In the senator and discuss this shifts a little bit and -- young may have. Move about a generally speaking by the time it's. The photographs are. Are written and ready to be taken -- have tested at and then the BD live again so perfect for that -- out there wants to have this done how to get in touch with you. Float taking personal take a look at the website which is. Pigment -- dot com where they can reach me and via phone which is 816210. 6775. McCain will include those on our FaceBook pages won't know he's he's gonna get a chance to Boeing has pictures and I do know that -- Christie brought her paints 'cause I'd volunteer Darcy I'm generally sucked out and somehow I'm sure -- it up. And chief quickly put the kibosh and then I'll tell you man but a so I don't know for going to be doing any markets are producers you up for a little belly pain. I think that's up for art and -- you know that. It's been a pleasure and thank you so much and for -- to Melissa we enjoy due to have friends here on the radio days. Ghana Africa before they laughed you know we need to find out. And you she does that -- -- -- I think it looks amazing pretty she's very talent and she's it incredibly talent to me tell me that night. I'm making which I do know we're -- more geeks like wait a minute. She's a -- she's well not a cost the college just although the way you slap it on -- they kept to use a breast. Our special hello look at look at you and they can't hide that now looks like I'm not what is that -- is an assessment telling you to put your mascara today. -- do you you know everybody has all these really cool cat I thing is all the new stuff that's not their government how to do that. Well I know you don't know and neither one of -- I had I had no idea. It's not that vitally important as you can tell by many of the pictures taken and shown. I thought of us and bias on our FaceBook but you know Taylor Swift -- he's got that kind of sultry flick of the black liner -- and they do -- this kind of stuff makes -- do bombshell. I think we need to do that but we need a pot of jail leaner and an -- brush. You definitely need. Part of the problem. Com yeah. Are we -- this -- -- our board producer yeah which we email aren't easy RED this is magic marker and a sharply. And guess what it's it's who it's not want to move. So we -- take the time. Do you notice. I'm reading -- right in front of me don't you Google it's okay -- yeah actually I do I have kind of brush here Caitlin I can do this now -- you. When you pull it across and you put the grass right here I didn't miss down down went along our -- here ayalon -- and you start right in the corner and you take it -- probably should have -- should not. Yeah yeah you should you -- you know. I and I'm I went and told them -- eternal. Truth about companies having just pull the cross and then at that -- outer edge of kind of too little uptick you know he's gonna bring it up and you -- it. I'm Jewish already hasn't actually took my time it out nervous -- cut the fold there that's not a wrinkle that's awful thank you. I -- that she has -- like yeah I don't. No Jeremy issues not that I like so now it's not that tab. You don't put the step mommy I'm Justin -- right could you please put the issue -- on a minute to do like the little that the little -- thing. Which have a husband colleges not now NAFTA and against the dangers that could come -- did the sign of Stacy Borowski real well -- Wear Red Cross key risk bowling for dollars it's his daughter can we see if she could -- helpless. She can't help but she can actually talk is they're competing slimming -- got married and went down to Dillard's. And I try to have them do my make it mainly did have the faith didn't appear didn't want you have a face like okay. -- attention -- -- and yen and to alike -- different views. Let's see if we Gator on the show and why I think so I think helping -- IIA. Suggested it a long time ago when she was like. When favor did you call her back then now is just it never had. Time -- yeah we've got some time and she's gonna say what they're -- by this forty dollar. The cash and then I'm gone attempt -- -- okay I'm up up up up and why. Cheap and basically is what it boils down to you know -- of people who know all about to make up because they have to client. In harm's way now on the wing right out here we'll get him to stretch him the okay theater in the park it's gonna -- that you Bennett here at the radio dish dot com. If I do to cannot -- with -- -- their right to get them. Each and every game someone is being told that they need to lifesaving medical treatment. In many instances that treatment requires travel to medical facilities outside of the patient's home area. What do they can't afford travel costs. That's when individuals turned to Angel flight central. Angel flight central -- people by reaching charitable flights through the help of volunteer pilots for access to health care. And for other humanitarian purposes. If you would like more information visit Angel flight central dot org. Angel flight central providing free flights for people in need. Cleaning up doesn't have to be hard mop bucket in North Kansas City makes it easy with great products owner Karen Adams has a product's unique like laced stuff I know Mindy you fused at my house is built in 1920s and that would work it's all old Missouri as gorgeous woods but it was dull and my girls and I have gone over every inch of this would work -- -- its shiny it's gold and it's a court. One of our very first products that we brought in there that was our product we're so proud of that at -- -- command by yet so that they can clean that church -- and they expect by the gallon and they command when you have a scratch on a -- it would work you've tried all those other product in response to cover it then after a month or so it starts coming back at least you -- with Canada or any -- you tell us that -- here just covers it permanently you know need to go back again. Let the mop bucket make cleaning up a lot easier -- -- 812 armour road in North Kansas City little store electronics the mop bucket you'll find quality cleaning products -- quality results the mop bucket dot com. If you're getting closer to retirement I have an important question is your retirement income on track -- Dave Thompson Friday mornings at 930 on the -- BC business channel 1660 AM -- we'll share how you can keep your retirement on track with protection of principal tax deferred growth and a lifetime income -- learn more online -- Dave Thomson dot net that's Dave Thomson dot net and be sure listen every Friday morning at 930 today -- it's your money on -- KM -- business channel 1660. AM. So he's -- began the hot flashes those mood swings no energy for -- anything. -- suffering from an upon its stars and Blake don't I did call start are missing in the menorah medical center. Stewart helped me get to teen myself and I love it they have free information seminars that can help you understand what that policy is. And I understand your options. 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All natural chicken and sport chickens are processed using purified cold air instead and water that's the air -- difference and you'll tasted it needs -- freshest tasting chicken where. And what I'm grilling or making my chicken parmesan Smart chicken is tender and mouth watering. Might mean my grandmother's chicken. -- now we're making new memories at dinner table with Smart chicken taste the air -- difference tonight. Some chicken some to -- area priced shoppers. Smothered chicken. You'll taste the difference. -- -- He'll cry and you wish to show. It's no radios did. Back to the radio it is nice to have you here -- -- -- Blake along with Mary McKenna you know I -- Peter and I love outdoor theater and we are so blessed Mary Kansas City. To have some of the best people ever. And wonderful organization healthier in the park which has been at the gas have been other Sony times big -- first open. We you can see it you've been out there a couple times -- -- we -- seats in the last year -- -- -- -- so much and I knew and we actually time with Tim bearden and no worries. Within Easter. Island les Howard and we're buried so we get the church Straka to come back tears and around -- I think -- -- with us last year when we were honoring women in business leaving her city and you're wondering do you guys don't match where each and we were there with channel five who's who could then invited us to do -- little thing on channel five so it was like. -- -- awesome so we kinda like Ali. Yeah we do that's why I'm here. In one more time. -- you are they're producing artistic director asked that I get right that's right you basically the man in charge of everything yeah the guy who for -- before every show. Not so much because. I look I leave that to do it to the directors and then but once we get to opening night and I look at -- -- decide whether freak but they can -- about that. I don't know do you keep it fresh I mean obviously it's different shows but how do you keep it fresh with the actors in the folk -- support people year after year after year. -- this'll be my fourth season after coming back to Kansas City amateur Wafer a good -- nurse changed and I know it well it came home you know it's good. -- I really paid close attention to what for producing and how what we're dealing and not only are we offering I hope good good quality entertainment for patrons but. For actors as well you know giving them a different kind of theater to. Participate -- -- old standards are great like guys and dolls which are doing this year Oklahoma carousel you know of those kinds old giant big books has a really great. But there's a lot of really gracious to that that we've never done for abortion as the season we never produced before we'll talk about the season you've got some great chose. Yeah we've we got them for show our season was pirates of penzance which as most people might -- Gilbert Sullivan show and ends. And while it's humorous and fun and silly yet but it's an opera that really with very little spoken. Very little spoken word most mostly singing so he comes with a specific demographic of people who I think appreciate over -- But our audiences were wonderful and really liked it and I think. Part of my plan was. Let's get some Gilbert -- lovers out -- and park many had never been there before LC the facility they'll see what a great place it is and maybe they'll say hey let's go back again that was a really good time. So pirates of penzance you know the first show guys and dolls -- opening just. Now -- it's -- right now a good old fashioned favorite. The musical -- based on this story the ugly duckling by Hans Christian managed and is a delightful delightful show. Basically it can be summed up and unique is good. Different is good of course cnet's great story and it lots of little kids little fraught with two buckling lots of families now. And then we've got the adventures of Tom Sawyer which is of course based on the novel by Mark Twain one of my favorite stories growing up. It was a Broadway musical as well solemnly done but really delightful all Americana. Easy to watch fun to see. And then giant -- right time based on the -- Doctorow Andrea -- I love. All things if they look like I guess some fantastic offerings this year and I like theater in the park it's easy to get -- NTC to get Alex and it's so laid back. It is. At the when I came back to Kansas City and it was the fall of 2010 so -- -- season -- 2011 and. Here in the park we were still selling tickets in the box office you had to show up the night he wanted to see a show right to buy a ticket stand in line go through the gate. Well I did away with that pretty quick and said this has got to be easier and as we are in a park. We're not reserving blades of grass -- -- -- tickets we sell out at the end of Parker anytime ticket you can buy tickets today. The -- -- ago -- it rains it doesn't matter bring your ticket come see any show you want any performance though we call at any time ECU you have he made a series. Here's what amazes me the amount of talent that we have here in Kansas City every year that I've gone. You know from high school on I mean you. You've got a lot to choose from here and we -- it's ridiculous how much talent in this town I tell you. Our youngest cast member or seven years old and honk and I think the oldest one is in their upper seventies. And we don't have an upper limit -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know walk around and say airlines and do -- -- -- -- welcome that Peter in the park and so many people have started in the park we have so many Broadway veterans even performing now. It's a remarkable Kansas City has got something in the water. -- know and even though the season is already under way if somebody wanted to be a volunteer to help with the concessions or maybe backstage is too late to get involved in this season it is not too late and in fact. If you have let an inkling you might like to work backstage or being on stage crew are set crew in business online at Peter in the parked up or my contact information is there on contact us. Send me -- -- hey here's what I'd like to get involved left and I will forward your information in your contact information to. Stage managers of all the productions. You can sign up as a volunteer to hand out programs and get a free ticket to see the show their right on our website under support us -- volunteers don't say and. I know Darcy are in -- -- -- apple might help you infect it. It will -- Well it is is -- -- in the -- dot org if you wanna go online and you find out about everything we're actually going to be out there -- you eventually let -- come -- which is amazing thank you so much -- guys and -- American -- I cannot -- but I can sweep up after everybody thought it would be OK with that as perfect camera hooked up but. -- -- -- Now you seem to dance will -- with the -- my Hanna might possibly be able to do -- down arranged that I cannot thank you so much for joining us today at the radio dish style -- thank you for having me I never did any acting when I -- -- shot well. Shocked and amazed when I was in high school. I didn't even didn't do any actor I did not nothing in theater IA analyst in band and you could hardly do wonder and the other at the same time and yeah I was band geek. And Clinton -- again I was cheerleader. Out why didn't. I just -- the seat next hole but I didn't I didn't anti computer I might mean. And I know you were also an editor of the yearbook I was too I was the and ask the editor of the yearbook we always head to the annual show only called annual show because it was every year. That was the name of the your book of -- you -- yearbook annual whatever address you used I don't know why we call -- an -- I -- she get it once you're never Mandel. Like similar illicitly sent to figure out why no one let's not but I was EMC and a pretty darn funny we're yeah. I'm not surprised -- can really give us a line that came on that you'll hear you know IRA. Go to my my friend Amy and I recited Sarah Cynthia Sylvia stepped. When not take the garbage out she won't and -- scrub the demands of PMs is hands -- parents would scream and shout. She simply would not take the garbage out he goes on for another twenty minutes when you know when were up there in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- on Friday night -- -- -- -- think -- probably not. -- It would be fun. I don't want to be in -- well. What do you want to -- the mine were in radio so we can arm like that anyway prophets of the year in my mind everyday to get myself home what he wanted to. We do have to work out some kind of a little routine routine was even saying Jack you can -- We've -- discussed the fact that I'm not very good at -- I can't -- -- talent I don't know we're gonna have to look for that I -- what can you really -- -- and I look at the -- -- I try to do so that I -- -- -- make about there were hoping that comes off before you know I'm gonna see shadows so that was going to be a magic -- you're here enemy gets a permanent one when -- -- so so academic costumes out there. I just love that the inmate who can take ideas on FaceBook any think. If you have an idea on something Darcy could do yeah onstage for guys -- are semi and I'd like that that would because it. Be kind in years most that I should do a lot of action because if you don't then I'll have to come up. With something for her. Yeah and it won't be nearly a must be nice nearly as nice as what you're right it's our. -- I'm coming up we get the dirty dishes Hollywood Blaine. Sandra Bullock lucky lady will find out why it's coming up next year they're -- lake Mary McKenna and you at their fingertips content. If you're getting closer to retirement I have an important question is your retirement -- on track -- Dave Thompson Friday mornings at 930 on the -- BC business channel 1660 AM equal share how you can keep your retirement on track with protection of principal tax deferred growth and a lifetime income -- learn more online -- Dave Thomson dot net that's Dave Thomson dot net and be -- listen every Friday morning at 930 today -- it's your money on the KM -- business channel 1660. AM. 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We'll give you this news of glowing sexy skiing you want that European -- and there were the world's -- experts we've been doing this nationwide since 1975. -- -- -- From an impeccable treatment rooms to the polished professionals of our -- specialists you'll be in great hands. We want you to watch him instead out with the incredible feeling that only the smoother skin can give you. European -- senator for luxurious waxing at prices that won't make you raise an eyebrow. Yourself a little pampering at European lacks an insider respite in the leeway as a black senator dot com to schedule your appointment today. So -- can match your. Then in piano. OK you can. No radio dish. None none at all. It's -- If you never gonna forget her name why do we always hands the big boy radio voice reminder for but he -- in his intuition it's a puck popped up. Can an eco thing maybe just a little bit. Dart oh I forgot to introduce yeah yeah yeah. -- -- yeah that would be -- Blake yeah. The biggest names in Hollywood all the guys in the story you won't hear anywhere. It's time for this week's Hollywood can play. This could hurt. Christen the top story I think right now is Sandra Bullock in this crazy stalker who they came across too late last week what is the latest on that. In her out squads with her eye on ball in the early morning hours and and you keep a chart to -- act saying -- right or wrong. They found out it won't hurt -- -- that aren't all. Talking. -- -- you were talking over. Well though he's not seeking felony charges. He tried not you'll see all of chart including. Burglary. What is his connection there is no connection other than you expect that stand. -- -- And Google to exclude her much gear out there. -- Out and so you know. A lot of -- -- -- It's acted in over her and her out. -- -- -- -- I was gonna say I think has a lot of us assume that security is so tiny at these you know celebrities houses. But apparently it in May not -- the case. Mean equally in all it ever has their little eight ET on the launch. A lot of temperature window dressing it's not an -- celebrity big -- I think she realized that she really actually. He lit a match you really need -- -- No kidding just on a list for child she's amazing -- speaking as somebody is a list -- to be country superstar Tim McGraw. Really coming clean and talking about had a history -- his life and that give up the party in everything the new issue of men's health attempt. You did drinking clean up its meeting in Cambodia are -- to -- in from other. Since -- You never name. Aren't bright on it seems you and I that it could be cocaine. On it could be a little bit or how short he doesn't get it but he definitely has arm pumping out. In his injury so. I'll actually. Get there. And they have tried to when I say -- the paparazzi and the general media has tried to break those two up for quite some time now. -- any truth to that is there any rocking between attempt. Every parent. And no. -- a lot. Of it means a couple they work together could be directed and -- it. On it back that up. On. That at age. True and that they are solid couple and that they clobbered -- That -- -- -- three year. If that to you and me that's going. Some Pepsi allegedly go that long a dean -- now or is John Travolta would pronounce it I viewed live. I had. The. And bit of an onstage. Wardrobe malfunction. Critical word about -- in -- we are planning -- out. It seemed caught a hot air out one. Eight Gerber. Are hot. Here and and an -- expert -- I thought she got up she'd like. You want air that. -- On you got a partner or aerobic. -- -- Well you know what I thought was interesting is she tried to Obama tried she is pretty much took care of it was very honest about it but then. You know lot of kids hopefully their -- any little frozen -- -- in the seats because then she let out with well belief that they're real. Accountable they came out of her mouth. I think that inning -- and higher audience. -- -- adult app. You don't see their kidney. -- and and it's in the family and a lot of you are. Now locked out. Social thing about Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield kind of stepping out to eat for breakfast in New York. Trying to outsmart the paparazzi. I'm holding up signs tell -- a bit about that one. Great job on. A little bit different they are under -- belt. I'm in being. Out and act like in. The people can do charity that speak at Albert Clark. And -- I think they are more wild cherry check out. So I don't eat at a corporate need to -- Cherie yeah. -- I lump that that's a great idea but you know what I've always heard that it's a love hate relationship between the paparazzi and the stars because if you if they stop coming. Woman you stop getting the -- you really blocked. It really is when an extinct it's Easter stamp and and he'd probably -- on strike are really like Alan I doubt it and Kirk got it really well -- -- -- They can sit there and making it a little bit on crack. -- peach orchard in the it. We appreciate it has always know stalkers for you right you're -- -- soccer -- almost and that -- to. Just saying more would be my. That message is we're down disease but that's okay we'll just let that -- -- I -- I'd like it's not. The owner -- K okay well that's why she's here and it that we preach and we appreciate it as always thank you Kristin thank you start thinking. That's the Hollywood -- would Furstenberg on the radio this. The products and views expressed by sponsors of the show and Mary are not necessarily endorsed by the radio dish and its management. Would manage it was gonna gonna make this have to played at. -- -- -- The dirty -- brought to you by the mop bucket and a twelve -- -- in North Kansas City promises tired of all that soap -- the mold in the bathroom you -- need to get as -- -- -- get that bathrooms sparkling clean and -- -- -- as well -- get the mop -- dot com. Okay. And good luck this kind of ties in to. My -- Apparently the latest iPhone app out of Harvard it really it stinks. Scientists there have transferred the first cents from parents to New York. Via an iPhone -- how do you do that I would I don't know when -- -- my champagne and passion fruit macaroni descended message. Was transferred in a new communication platform called -- both. And -- -- had a nasty nice sentiment. I im thinking what I heard about the story I am thinking of some frat party gone way wrong. See any hint. Of smells that nobody else want what are you seeing in that first got beat because I was trapped in the car. My son and company is -- money. And I thought at the time -- mourned the death so that. -- like I'm on the phone now it's a custom made -- again this is free. No I have installed it on my phone I haven't opened it up because it's free you have to open it up with your FaceBook account I'm not sure wanna make that commitment just yet. But -- there are over 3000 cents. Ranging from Paris afternoon to plantation. Cocaine and Haitian boy I don't know arresting -- -- a lot of like bananas maybe maybe -- kind of at the and a limitation on what you've taken I know. I. Personally I don't know it's called -- snapped. -- sat up and it and it's a free app on your iPhone I have personally seen Lady Gaga uses it. The Lady Gaga and download and as. I'm -- you try first and see how it works and what it does to your phone because you are never have enough. Your phone anyway. How much power it's gonna take out there. Absolutely it can be -- it could be a mess but I mean. I'm tempted to try it netted you know I don't think so -- can do it right on you what I really wanted to talk about this week were the Fuller. All of the siblings in Utah on that -- the same time wasn't one huge wedding no they got. They got married in different ceremonies but then they held the reception. At the same time on June 15 I just wondering how much the parents laid out. Money want to sign an end it and say I did like the fact that the mom -- each one of the kids have to have a special. It's time during this to make it feel special for them that was in a big group planning to make sure they were happy love to get the parents. On the phone maybe we can try to get them on in futures show acute ladies -- and I'm looking at mom's pretty attractive as well so. They're not all her daughters that night and they're not -- okay we take our -- a lot of great guests here today. And the leader in the park to bear he was amazingly one thing Christie derby and Melissa Johnson with pigment tonic. Be a lot of -- and that makes you feel like it's on Facebook find this they're saying hello we don't have we get to for its -- recipe. Will be there on Wednesday night. It's not married you next. We can care provided by Robert McCain analogy new lady looks a lot in -- sports fan -- they look good on radio.

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