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KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>Life As You Own It 6.13.14 Segment 2

Life As You Own It 6.13.14 Segment 2

Jun 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right folks we are back like these you own it. If you just joined the show on Craig Miller in I was wet one time joined by mark McDougal he has left the building just getting. -- take a slight break right now. All right folks we were talking before the break about the ten things to -- from that open house we get that's household he's the ten things you need to eliminate take care of -- in the birdie X setter seemed to have sold quickly inefficiently so talk up poorly maintained exterior. -- -- see somebody pulls up to big oil. Stained driveway looks like the Exxon involved BC or something. You wanna clean that up OK was it the Valdez -- the Volvo has an all these -- this -- you know I know Luigi but I do you know there was Gaza although there anyway. That you know what there's there's ducks like swimming around in -- covered and stuff you know in order to drive way and -- this right Hazmat suit -- people from pollution clean it off it's it's a bad deals to clean the postings at. Peeling paint -- -- All the bad stuff you know all the little but people but you having usually with Steven where it was but people -- but people that you guys are not yes and -- about people are the -- Alice thinks he's now that the no homes we don't know that look at do it -- folks this Google but yard but people. And you'll -- really people have these. Little annoyed the NATO has really done addressed anyways this invective so get rid of -- Stephanie -- -- in Idaho line. If it's -- will now. Penalty for both of us anyways and then look at the the interior her home and indeed it could weakness invite what are your neighbors over your friends with -- they can smell my home and -- -- think that I needed some. The difference. Well since is going on it'd make it smell sweet measles we what's number three -- and number three pets OK folks are you get tea. You proud of your dog Baghdad -- about a house one that the people that are looking your house may not like pets you wanted to know even have an animal that's your goal. Get rid of the pat take Bob Hibbert the -- take that take the pet with you during the but it didn't make sure I would recommend make sure it looks like the just -- verdant and if there is no Petit house roses bring it up a picture those are that's a -- you guys that people mounted a final -- all right because well we use our Google it this lawyers because we want you to check it out was that always. Which is always you know he's been around forever my head east to Europe collecting people's but people he would steal but people -- -- so are really okay folks I guess I've just been you know living -- a neighborhood -- -- are -- -- don't point at -- like that the -- you know -- -- may -- lived in -- neighborhood where they didn't -- but people in the front -- that's exactly and I think -- And everyone drives by your collection Fleming goes all right so OK so so pets get rid of the pets make sure no one I'd recommend eat that matter it's updated so -- visible. Make sure up the slide the border -- clean it up to the smells gone and I strong -- make sure that they know that there's no -- even ever lived in the house and if you got a Golden -- right around the backyard making deposits all day long -- that picked up to. Before the kids go up and check -- the swing set or. While you're in the -- guard and they're like oh what he stepped in something fantastic so you're gonna walk back through the house okay so tacky Warren were extreme to -- so it's wonderful to be extreme to coral it could be Craig B Europe. You were the -- -- -- costs and competent -- maybe in the living room in Nam or it could be lately either maybe your leg lamp. And President Clinton went down the leg there -- got to act but folks if you've got anything that is probably on on the edge whether it's sportsman's edge or whether it's. Where is just maybe a little risque never armed guard whatever it is against Israeli man asked the bands that talk you know or the -- is that the velvet. Painting of things it. You did you get male -- get the drift. -- so loud at number five his prescription drugs do a couple reasons one is. They have been unknown to disappear on this guitar tabs your open and it's right so you don't want ones you don't and also do you really want someone else knowing. What prescription drug Jauron. Craig we know by the color of the -- what could prescription induction on its feet on number six. On the bills and other identifying personal documents folks you don't again -- was coming to your house they'll be a real there'll be a -- there. But don't assume that they can't just grab something off the -- or get that stuff stored away someplace safe. We're somewhat can't grab your bank statements can't grab any of your personal information and walk out with that. On the number seven -- what is it does that laurels or firearms. Rights you don't want that. Glock sit there on top of the refrigerator on the counter -- it when you exit the home. Secure your firearms in a safe secure your valuables as safe put things away you don't want is lane or -- grab onto it definitely don't want a liability on a weapon visual batteries in it. That means bullets months terminology that batteries as I always say when I'm here willing you know -- -- -- at the batteries in it means it'll work. Just make -- you secure this -- stuff guys avoid liability in of course theft all right so if you get to anything that is potentially politically polarizing so folks if you get -- campaign poster. From last year's election that eatery you were. Either your candidate won or lost doesn't matter just taken off the world have like a poster of the candidate who's currently in office or something with a bunch of graffiti all over -- you know either way just it folks just get get. How I got stuff that sort of walk and go through I don't like that guy or that -- whatever aid in and make that their first impression and a walk and don't do it all right number nine. Right along the lines this or what -- long the politically pro polarizing too strict letter urges all that kind a lot of well not a cloud you or we see a lot of clutter. People -- locate the garage. -- -- basement maybe it's kind of a -- badger beauty is trying to catch already chuck stuff in there. The only move that whenever it now he's come and his -- -- week intercept and make street clean -- the clutter organized make things look nice -- -- one thing if they need get a fair but you'd be amazed how many houses I walked into. There's clutter in the kitchen clutter in the living room dining rooms to enable staff you -- get rid of the stuff -- -- worse try to get most those places state but first take care of the big ones get that -- they should be as little stuff as possible in your house that's visible to someone walking through let him use their imagination what's gonna look like we -- move and number ten Craig the last one in this is extremely important -- and give our time with us when you to remove yourself you have to be hanging out. Sitting there. On the couch watching the game or seven they're walking -- he had yelled -- and thank you to them let me tell you about -- -- all the work I did on this house of folks you need to be. In visible from the house when they come through let him walk to let him get a feel would be like -- minute don't. Don't be hanging any jockey shorts speaking to hang out and jockey shorts will be back in just a few stay tuned likely you won't get. Yeah. We are back like that you own it. Rocking out we've got a little bit more time with you folks hang in there we've got some great hit six tips -- your first department now. Maybe this is your first department maybe you're like one of our should -- should you go emailers. -- callers that was selling a home already have under contract and does not have a replacement home picked out yet. You may need to temporarily -- the still applies there are right ways and wrong ways to go about. Is it that the rental home for years so we're gonna share 86 tips with you. Whether it's your first which is more likely case for many view but it may be -- reverting back to renting for whatever reason so you got it all right folks these considerations number one coupled with a budget identify how much you can afford it. In an area you're looking to live. -- and you know come up with a number whether it's 700 bucks a hundred bucks a thousand bucks a rule of thumb though we recommend you -- it -- is cheapest you can't live within you -- live below your means. Is what we recommend but say 30%. Don't get that housing expense. Rent or purchase you get it about 30% and then you're getting into the -- memory can't save you can't. Do the things that you wanna do that will will position you best so the rule -- noises we say 30% for your. That total housing payment after -- part of that housing payment is you've got a budget for not only paying rent but also would -- utilities Kennedy. I'm not what is sparking -- -- a market where you're gonna have to. Either store your car got off street parking got to pay extra for. Utilities parking on. All of those things make sure you understand how those fit into that overall budget Brett Craig number three. Number three position yourself as a desirable -- now think about this is just like anything else if you're playing for a job or whatever if especially if you're remark where. Places are filling up quickly. Yet at your references to get -- checked the -- ago when you start your search -- case jury to make a deposit you find the right place -- like I'll take it. Somebody right behind you thirty minutes later when you leave to go to the bank could say I'll take it just so you know people her in the especially when it comes to renting. It's it's an in and out business people don't get attached to using your personality they need to fill the space so make -- rate ago. Have your reference is ready if they ask for them and of course if you really wanna make sure you position yourself well. You work on this now -- little ways out the -- credit clean achieve -- utility bills and all those kind of things because. I've seen people have won late payment on their car insurance. Or their previous place they're renting and that gets them denied the new place so yeah. All right also this the supplies to any real estate transaction make sure you understand the idea the value of your neighborhood is -- he won at the end. Location location location folks. -- rounds of the safe neighborhood there's just really cool place that might be on the -- that you don't feel comfortable walking. At night so get to know the neighborhood just like any home purchase. I'm not understand are you gonna wanna be dinner at you know does have amenities nearby is half what's it like during the night. What's it like during the day so become very familiar with the community -- considering granting. Five -- Let's conduct a thorough walk through folks it's really make sure you've checked the place out well lots of people just get on Craig's list or some other -- parental guide. Online and find a place sounds like the right deal for them. They thought well -- sign a lease it out -- and you need to walk through nature for never reasons but one of them being. Look for any damage -- things they -- blame you for that if if you don't have a marked on the checklist at a time. An -- -- church really gonna work for is what sounds -- looks good in pictures thing about a hotel or that you stated this happening many times. But those place looks pretty nice to get deal will take you show up it's a roach motel. So make sure he's got it -- to look at the place before you sign on the check yet we recommend check the -- nature -- make sure that the the heating -- make sure all the things were the refrigerator all us ice maker if you wanted to make sure it works. And if they agree to make some repairs etc. just as along with the least. Did everything in writing folks and read your release of -- in writing. And read it understand it no that in some -- there may be provisions that. Would require you to give 69 -- 120 days' notice if you're going to vacate the premises there may be some stringent on the penalties if you break the lease early. On there's a lot of things what's the responsibility say. There's damage to exterior the property of the building are you sign in the least that makes you responsible -- read the document makes you understand it all right. Craig should he stay or should you go you ready let's remember this is that this is the the -- if you could give us your scenario we'll tell you whether it's. Something you should stick with the she'd get the heck out of dodge and I've got -- in the next six Kansas emailed. I have to -- a lake house and my primary home. My lake house is on an arm it three and three quarters three point 75 with a balance of 142000. Dollars and a value of about 300000. My primary home has about 80000 dollars left an -- of four point 75 and a value of about 350000. Or so. The -- girl keeping the taken notes should I refinance both into one loan. Or set them up individually I want to lower them down to fifteen year loans. Thanks well thank you mark -- percent and in your question. I'm gonna go go on this win that means to put him into just have one alone speaks on your equity position -- Which you're 350000. Dollar value primary residence only doing eighty. Mean you've got the 142. On the the lake house you've got plenty of equity or cash out refinance and put that. Together into one loan for about 220 -- thousand dollars make sheer. That when you do this open your primary residence should be the place you borrow against your gonna -- your best rate there. The other thing that does where is he gives you free and clear on the lake house if you run into a situation where you need liquidator get in some equity. It's gonna be much easier to deal with the paid off property just go ahead and not have to. Change around either both want to get money or whatever so you can do a fifteen year loan on your primary residence to both balances paid off in the one lowest rate possible however watch the seas and lastly consider that fifteen year option before you sign on the dotted -- Do the math look at what your other investment opportunities may be in maiming more sister between 25 or even thirty year loan. And have a little more cash a monthly to invest elsewhere are real quickly -- break. Rattled off ten best that's for tiny apartments Craig go Greyhound bulldogs Yorkshire Terrier buster -- -- up Pomeranian your -- Do docs and pretty short here in the Persian our folks -- come back cats more from life is jointly got five cost you can copper. Stay with us.