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KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>Life As You Own It 6.13.14 Segment 3

Life As You Own It 6.13.14 Segment 3

Jun 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay folks. Green it -- at the rear. Creative career island where we're rapidly show up here folks this is a final segment like -- you own it he can just turn on your radio that the journalist hat. This is the place you need to be next week rewind your clock a little bit about fifteen minutes and you'll beat the right place at the right time. In you can check this out and make you go to light as you -- it dot com to learn more. Article 877301536. Questions. What every have a comments suggestions -- is on FaceBook Twitter YouTube. I -- I harbor area do you tune in to Indiana folks lots of ways to catch the show and it is is straight. Hope we mentioned life as you own it dot com -- is yeah that's right and that's our credit we got a lot of information covered the last three and a half I realize yet what of these by custom cut for fast he she has touched number one. Eat at home yeah how much money did you save if you had a had a ham sandwich instead of burger and Fries at McDonald's. I don't know I don't know -- that -- -- for bodies of -- -- about as a meal yeah Obama also is go to generic and I used to be guilty this also does does skippy. Really taste that much better than the Kirkland brand peanut butter Pete Peter Pan and out you know what though I got -- Jeff Jeff does taste yes he is just a moment which when I like this Peabody Energy. Analyst -- but anyway so folks who Herbert I addressing too much help folks like hit the generic whether it's catchup what whatever it is. Understand that you you are marketing it DT every time don't fall for it. On that number three is outlook for lower rates whether it's you were your cellphone bill Europe homeowners and charger auto insurance. Your mortgage. Your credit cards position yourself you'd be amazed how much. This how this can add up very quickly to the cash in your pocket at the end of each month number four here's another when -- what is it. Number four loops of RF cut edible -- -- Tina do you really need the deep deep deep continue live a couple of months without -- can live into perpetuity without. I'm HBO without all your TV on the go etc. can you cut that cable out save herself 3040508090. Bucks a month. And on number five -- is why stop spinning it here it is deafening behalf. Coming time to go through a department store you know whatever you know like a Wal-Mart regular target or something like that. You're pushing your car -- and the next thing -- thinking needy you buy you don't even in the open and the thing went home be Smart. Make -- a list would you go shopping. Stop spending money on fruitless extra things cut back on all the little nonsense that you just yeah Haiti could find this information credit dot com to share that resource also. In the spending category folks I got a tip for your right and everything you spend. You know in the same way if you wanna improve your diet right generating heat. I'm keep track with the first thing he's acknowledging what you're doing when you've got to write it down your right down you your pride and wait a minute I really need this and and one other one -- pay cash. Don't put it on credit folks it will slow down your spending I guarantee you pay cash for. I'm OK real quickly we talked about those the some of the the the statistical data from the 2013 Hud and Census Bureau information about. New home construction -- how many of them had how many homes the United States there were 5181000. On that have this what is it. 1997 Adam has -- AC chicken you're cheating. I'm also one other what's the average a single family home new singled him home what's average size how many square feet. The average is -- you know animal lost on this stuff on us on our families say it's. 14151. Just 12600 -- aboriginal folks I'm also was the average house that 10% of homes had a two or fewer. A bedrooms and -- 44% of had four or more really format. War bedrooms at forty almost half of the homes. Is it necessary. World we just just build big because we think we can afford to and wanna give a shout out to one of our alerted listeners in not in city Missouri check -- out on KM BZ. Hey Michael thanks for the great insight into the housing recovery. And next week what -- highlight to you or email and talk about what we think the housing recovery looks like and give you the props you deserve for being a savvy. Listener to the show. Thanks so much for hanging out with -- as we hope that you have a fantastic week and this has been another installment of life as you own it. Thanks again folks are remembered to its stake to Nancy.