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Jun 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the started universe cannot have fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dreamers and do loosen -- visualize playing horrible and very clear about the money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and tried not to hurt anybody along the way entrepreneurs pave the way into the future of the industry star. Are now. College and a should plug in and turn on. Entrepreneur George Casey your voice more entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back it was one of the best decisions ever made with your host Jason. -- hello Kansas City and welcome to the I'm Jason grills -- host of the show and founder of -- nation which is kind of catching on there on Twitter -- -- nations for all those listening. Obviously it's great to have you in studio you're listening to they came easy business channel 1660. AM. And I appreciate you joining us both on the radio and online today. We're gonna have a very very exciting show today. If you are a Kansas City in or. Grew up -- this this great city we're gonna has some really cool people on the show we're gonna -- for our first segment today. With Sean Kincaid who is a can't see. Based professional business coach she's -- business owners throughout the United States and as a has come on the show before and this is one of the guys we like to go to to. Update us on. You know insider tips he's a true thought leader when it comes to building your business and he's he's told things on the show that I have actually three quoted of people they can help me grow. Professionally in what I'm doing in he's just a great guy great Kansas City and and great connector and in our markets so shocking -- will be our first segment today. In our second segment we are going to have the president and CEO of the Kansas City convention and visitors bureau. Ronnie bird he'd just started on the job. Very recently. Very excited talk to him about. Coming his background you know can SE convention and visitors bureau is the tourism and hospitality. Sales and marketing team basically for the Kansas City. Region not just Missouri but both Kansas Missouri. And I think it's a five county radius and when year. Seeing all these things of recruiting in in trying to give the conventions and grow our economy and and highlight Kansas City and all has to offer -- thirst for business owners. For tourism. He's got to the new guy at the Helm of that organization and very excited to have him on to talk to him. Kind of about what his thoughts are about Kansas City what are pluses what do we need to work on. Were any really in depth with runny -- the president CEO of visit Casey kudos to John Stephens who has. And a friend of mine before being in terms CEO. The last few years he did a heck of a job and is a great guy as well the running is coming in Syria today. On our second segment -- hopefully we can keep around for a third segment had to get a deeper dies in. Everything gone in Kansas City and then our final segment today. We will have the mayor pretend. And city councilwoman Cindy circa oh who's been in the City Council since. A believer and 2007. Is a great Kansas City and and it's always nice to have a the point of what's going on with the policy side of things on economic development entrepreneurship. And -- what is happening in the city level of Tennessee Missouri to. Help grow our business and small businesses in young companies throughout this great city so. That's Salina today if you missed any of our old shows he can find its Itanium BZ dot com and you can go to the right side of the -- out trying to homepage there's a link to all the frontrunner Casey. Podcasts. With all the great guests we've been lucky enough to have on the show. You can also connect with me on Twitter at Jason drill. And -- on turner Casey and also on FaceBook at entrepreneur Casey radio on FaceBook so. Lot of fun lot of great things happening in Kansas City this summer. And very excited for today's show so thank you for listening. Man let's get started here with -- shot continues join me in studio. And who is rocking his -- you suck on a once in -- Sean how are you. -- I'm glad to be part of the -- -- or do you like that that -- deter that was a given to us by young attorney is a friend of mine he. Was on an earlier showed he just. Because I just yelling get my message out to -- nation and I was like that's pretty hilarious and I started to say if Brent -- is better than you giving it to yourself surprised I was scared I was I was pretty shocked when he said that and I'm not letting go to guys I think its periodic gorilla nation dot com -- you know so that is maybe by a lot of lot of drilling companies I think have used that that -- before about -- Shot it straight CU. You have been on the show before and give great insight into what business owners need to be looking for. To order to you know find more control and then within their business seeing growth. Told CNN about. You know more in -- -- what you do to help people yeah and it's in a lot. It depends on the business owner in every business is different every business owner is different. But the crux of it is. That as a business owner -- constantly. Fighting a lot of battles you weren't a lot has cheered your doing a lot of different things. And it it can easily overwhelms you and so if you don't have a way to get focused if you don't have. A strategy if you don't have some sort of process that you follow that's gonna keep you on track you're probably gonna drift off into the weeds best case or go over cliff. You know worst case and so that's what I tell my clients do is stay focused for your what are they were really trying to achieve and how I think and again there. And by having kind of irregular rhythm. Of meeting with them and keep them focused it's amazing how much more productive there how much faster they can go. And guys idea I mean I know we get -- -- Danny mills we all these things that come into us about. Down and help you grow your company and help you do this up to that and I'll say -- Sean does it is is legit. Here you're legit business -- you've worked with some of the finest people in the entrepreneurial world. One of the things you do is every month -- heavy. A book review. You -- horse and a I think that's origin the book this month is the pumpkin planet. The plot and plan as an end of the book and what is that books and you know. What things will help. With entrepreneurs it it was written mining and might -- Callaway it's. Which we can't spell off of my character are you looking up. But really -- it's and it's either actually a pretty funny guy he's pretty entertaining. But -- the gist of the book is that he was inspired by. Those huge pumpkins that you see in the fall not done enough the typical run of the mill pumpkins that we will might buy a distortion but the ones that win awards you know like the 800 pound pumpkins. And so we went out to a farm and talk to a guy that grows these pumpkins and it turns out. You don't grow these -- by accident it's a very specific process. And it's very different than how you would grow other problems and and so I had no idea dead he had to say there's a real science to tough up and so America though it's is a serial entrepreneur and he recognized immediately. That the process that this guy used to grow pumpkins. Actually describe the process that you would use. To grow our great business -- and so that the real key to any steps are kind of step by step so there's a lot more to it. But the key to it is when your grow into a huge pumpkin. You have to take away all the you know all the things that might rob the nutrients in the resources. So it has to be focused. It's all about the success and the health of the pumpkin and the best way to do that is to cut away in the weeds and -- distractions. And the and it's -- get focused so if you translate that to the business world. Most business owners when they look at their broker business whether its products or services they have a lot of different customers that they work -- -- There's a bunch of customers out there that are bad for them. These are customers that don't pay on time that the customers that complained in and take up a lot of effort and and things like -- And as long as you're fighting those customers you're not gonna grow because you're too busy spending all your resources on stuff that ultimately doesn't matter. So what you have to do because that happens a lot. Oh absolutely and it you'd be hard pressed to find a business where that doesn't come into play somewhere more so I think and the client services cited lower product. And other products are a little bit easier because you tended to -- generically setup and it's very transactional based. But even if you look at at a product based business. You probably have some audiences. In -- so maybe it's you have specific alliances and some of those are gonna. Fare better than others -- so how do you focus on the ones that are really gonna accelerate you. Vs maybe those business relationships you have that are drag you down right and so that's -- his point is that you really have to. You know prune and trim all the stuff that's dragging it down and really narrow your focus down to the stuff that's gonna help you take off. And that's that's where I think it's a really it's a fairly simple idea. But if you look at most business owners there -- you know if somebody's -- dollar in front of them they're gonna go after. And the reality is if you spread yourself too thin and you're not going to be able to really build something that's gonna last -- appeared in just not enough. You know fundamental support there and so is his recommendation is. Figure out your niche you know what you're really where you're hitting the ball the hardest. And just do that and literally get rid of your bottom twenty to 30% of clients that are dragged out. But that's on the need to work on. And it's hard thing to do you said it's simple and it's simple in concept but it's just really hard to do impressed us. If you're not -- that's got a client service company need you to be started the last five years or below five years against them we have early on you're gonna take anybody really -- well you should -- -- the first year you really start to get picky and yes. But you know the scaling process we've been over that before how do you how do you. Do you have an incline -- year. You're working. You're having higher profits but at the same time now working nine -- right right yes well is it a little client service and MS becomes in the limiting factor is your time management especially if as the business or you're the one that's making all the decisions that's gonna. Ultimately keep your from -- what's it's it is summertime now so let's talk about how that affects. When you're talking to people he invested a huge effect is missing Kansas City when it's nice weather. Million -- a lawyer and write I write in so you're gonna have more time -- -- it just. Not focus I guess as much as he was when it's snowing fifteen inches in Kansas City. -- it is interest thing I think you're you know all businesses probably have some kind of sees value to them -- -- and small businesses do as well and and summer is. You know now that I've been doing this for for over seven years you don't -- start seeing a pattern. And people are a lot harder to have pinned down in the summer you know they've they're on vacation or kids are busy and they -- they shut down but there's certainly a lot more distracted. Which. You know my for my clients I certainly encourage them -- in need time off you need white space she need to be able to -- to get away. A little bit just so you can recharge and and hopefully that inspires you to. You know come back with with some new ideas and some other things. Man I know much readers and not just don't even do anything on the weekends yeah it blows my mind how they do that. I think for their kids and their families socialize them concentrate out for a ride it's you know how do you how do you. Turn off your email. And if you're a business it's not. Running itself I guess that's the gold a lot of its expectations so so you know depending on what type of expectations you -- with your clients if they know that. -- you know they'll get back to me on Monday and that's okay that the it's hard now technology is an addition it is it is and you have to manage is that in the olden days -- -- our phones or email I mean. That's their work saudis your rectum so in the middle -- I aids do you have your Smartphone next year red. I turned mine off their own staff and and I do Geoeye don't have much I don't remember it upstairs and for that very reason and just got a refreshing when your phone as there. The -- there is right. We're gonna go on vacation in July and then there's no coverage where we're going so that really mattered you know says dishing to see other works out but I I was curious about that because summertime. You think that it it in other happens there on Christmas too. That's the most in December it is just she's learned to get -- yeah and they just take more time but the the flip side of that as as a business owner as the governor. I mean do you necessarily think badly of somebody else if you can't reach him and they let you know ham out for a week. And you're like oh okay file work around it senior -- to communicate well news have to let people know again he gets back to if you set expectations appropriately. Then people aren't surprised if you if you just disappeared here people are gonna get -- Oh we all of those fuel to disappear and they do our thing this without paying and it is Larry yeah that's that's OK and you certainly calls now when he was shot down. Alimony to come on the show I loved along to have beyond you know more regularly. How people connect -- -- the website is aspire Casey dot com so it's pretty much everything their check out the bar you can sign up for newsletter that goes out once a month. That's also where we talk about upcoming book reviews so you can sign up if you're on the newsletter list and you get updates on what the upcoming workers are well. Other highly recommend getting intelligence on guys and if anything he will connect you to keep we should know in Kansas City as well to address. John thanks for coming on the show today that it has very vacation meant sorry so that door to -- goes through -- yeah we'll be right back and on turner KC -- thanks for listening. Hello Kansas City welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show and he came easy business channel 16:6 AM thanks for listening. On the radio and online today it is the -- If you missed any of our shows he can find them on team BC dot com. On the on -- Casey. Radio podcast in the right side of the front page. And you can also connect with us on Twitter at entrepreneur Casey and that Jason -- If you want to connector beyond the show. Very excited about our next guest we have Ronnie bird in Syria who is the new president CEO of -- Kansas City convention and visitors association. You can find them online at visit -- dot com really cool website. And excited to have in this city -- in Iran and doing great there -- very glad to be here glad glad to have beating Kansas City and you know let's get into cutting your background first in -- how you ended up here because I know you've you've come from the East Coast correct that is correct because in my came from Washington DC. Great place we're talking off there about Washington DC and -- its development and and you did a lot of great things in DC and now you find your way to Kansas City how this happened. Well actually Kansas City found me I was actually in my office in Washington DC in and received a call from the the firm that was doing the search for the job and introduced the opportunity to me and asked the file would consider it and so that's how I. And -- became part of the process and ended appearing Kenzie weary from originally I'm originally from New Jersey and Jersey of Warner raising grew up in south Jersey. -- little city got called Vineland, New Jersey. Lived in. -- lived in Atlantic -- for -- so that the connection the -- New Jersey is if people probably know the baseball star Mike Trout. Yeah it was a big name right now Major League Baseball is from let's say he's he was born in violin and growth and -- city that's connected to a violin it's called mill -- New Jersey so that's that's warmed my only next. It was New Jersey has been. You know when you go to new York and friends -- lived enough -- -- and then Hoboken and then went to a soccer game once or twice and -- and Harrison New Jersey where that new stadium is up there sure so men down this I guess maybe I have in Atlantic City wants but that was a long long time ago so that's always -- you you grew -- there are you you -- from there and then. You've really got involved in in which have been doing now for about 23 years with marketing and sales and just kind of you know being an ambassador really -- house that -- Absolutely well like I've been in destination marketing organizations convention and visitors bureau pretty much throughout my career. Have lived in. Baltimore Atlanta Indianapolis. Washington DC and now here in Kansas City. I'd love it it's it's an exciting job your ball with big picture. You're involved with how all the cities grinding and really the economic impact this tribute to what we do and so I love my job. I'm gonna love it here in Kansas City and in that all the great things and has has gone on. So and you were in Indianapolis for a while I was so that's Friday close is she maybe has had to amid western cities primarily. Yeah I don't really think of Indianapolis very often Armenia they have the final four there they have really get stadiums really neat kind of downtown area but down. You know Kansas City what what are your thoughts so far and you've obviously travel a lot as a person -- in the tourism and and marketing industry but you know what what initially with your -- when you heard when you got that call. About coming to kids. -- -- can -- actually really is not that new to me I lived here when I was in fifth grade -- -- my mother's family's from Kansas City and I'm got two uncles. And some cousins who live here in Kansas City are -- uncle lives in Kansas City, Missouri and and another Okaloosa and Lawrence Kansas so. So Kenzie was there really a mute any endorsement 04 lived here before and so really. Navigating around the city over the past few days like -- that's familiar this is there so so it's not look different when your fifth grade a product a lot different from their -- difference. Companies but this exciting I mean I think that. When you look at other things that have happened in other cities the city has gone to the same thing and so. A home being a Washington DC really wasn't on my radar becoming into the -- really didn't see the transformation of downtown street cars going end. That the development I think there's like six billion dollars in new development going in the Kaufmann -- in all those things became wow this is exciting in this is something that I can see myself being part of and so. Those were all the things that helped me even make the decision coming here from Washington DC and. And you started. In in June. June 11 the salute technically this is my doubt on that cities you like -- you like a pro athlete he got traded in -- It's your first few days back and back in the city Arizona. So tell our listeners a little bit about what the -- is he convention and visitors association. Is. I've been lucky enough to know a lot of people on the boards throughout the years and -- couple -- former presidents and CEOs and you know I. I can't imagine a cooler push to work in in in Kansas City. He just because he -- get a really promote everything that's good apps and a lot of molesters tried don't exactly know what the organization does so right. So the Kansas City commission and his association is the lead sales and marketing organization for Kansas City. McKenzie -- in the association's primary job is to market this destination for convention leisure. In business travelers it's it's our job to make sure that people are familiar with all the things that are going on here in the city. All of the products the culture of the experiences. And really going out talking to people about why they should travel here why they should plan their next meeting here or why they should just come in and visit and explore the city. It's a very competitive markets face -- absolutely you know it's like a full context for a trip yeah. You know it's it's it's like it's. It is is just every city is out there you know vying for these conventions and you know there's so many new cities they're kind of like come up the last twenty years like -- Austin's a world drew Louisville's and those are kind and our same. I would say kind of general geographic areas so you know. How we compete with these with these -- -- mean are we competing with those -- are we competing with you know. The Las Vegas is the world the New York's I know that -- different. Ball game but let's Jersey because if they're growing fast and they have a lot of pluses with entrepreneurship intact like we do threatened so I was wondering about that. Sure well I think even in when I was in Washington DC Las Vegas is on a totally different planet. I think there -- 200000200. Plus million -- marketing budgets so I think it's important for us to work within sight of our -- certain and work with and some of the realities that we have. So you look at Indianapolis Minneapolis Saint Louis. Nash Ville. Those types of cities the Austin's and in in in cities like that I think are definitely within our reach definitely within our Comsat. And I think there will we will be doing is finding out the unique differences every city is gonna talk about how great the RBC's gonna talk about how great their product is. And I think that what we have to do is make sure that we are talking about it. It's -- the unique things about our city and really getting through the door of the customer and I think there are new creative ways to do that innovative ways to do that. And certainly there's that there's a passion in this city. I've been getting the the download on the brand the mark the presentation and I'm just really really exciting energized about all. All the potential that's here and I think that everybody I come in contact with just talks about. It's a great timing Kansas City and in the right I saw that I knew that that's why accepted the job that's why I'm here. That's pretty awesome and I think from a marketing perspective to just the visit Casey brain in the Casey Casey CBA brand has kind of I mean for me I mean it's got a lot to -- even before he got here in the last -- words very recognizable. Brand. Yeah absolutely I think that. You know the brand is was launched in 2012. And I think it's now just continuing to gain momentum I think is becoming recognized in the city. I think that people -- really connecting with the direction we're going in -- things that I think the thing that I feel the most is the collaboration. I think that was displayed has been displayed throughout the entire RNC bid process and so that's what's also exciting. This isn't the job that one person can do alone be successful by themselves it's gonna take a lot of collaboration support. And alignment moving all the same direction and I think that's what's gonna make us. Be as competitive in fact more competitive of all those other cities we just talked about. The we're talking to -- -- the new president CEO of the Kansas City convention and visitors association he's. Pretty much in his first week on the job you know he's better try working hard in in June is when he started and Ronnie -- and connect with a visit Casey at visit Casey dot com right in the U guys do great job on that website that is. Absolutely anything that you ever thought he knew about kids that he wanted to know about Kansas City. -- disbarred Novak can -- a visit Casey dot com or -- have you on another segment here so we can get into kind of maybe a little bit RNC process talking about. Advance things that separate Kansas City and county just talk more about what's going on with the -- with a group here great. We -- back and Kouchner KC show. Welcome back to DR turner KC show I'm your host Jason growth. Thanks for joining us today. We were having so much fun with the new president CEO. The TSE convention and visitors association -- -- we decide death. Have different other segment and I get excited just talking about things happening in Kansas City running. What are the things that happened recently was. The RNC was in town for a site visit. The one of the four cities left for the RNC -- doesn't sixty commission -- Kansas City along with Cleveland. Dallas and Denver I know you're needed the job here -- what were your thoughts about that in Indian anything you can tell us about how that went. Sure actually the site does and actually who was in town before actually started on on the job. And actually knew was an important opportunity so I flew in from Washington DC just to be a part of it and I gotta tell you I was blown away. An extremely impressed. To see the type of collaboration and how the city came together and not just the CS is in the region. -- because it is that a regional effort and just the the logistics coordination the navigation navigation through the city. The event at the Kaufmann senator in just watching the emotions of the different site representatives that -- here with RNC was just really really exciting and it even made me more excited about the opportunity and potential intensity has. The L find out about that later in the summer it was fun at some mayors like James and a jazz do. -- Sox all get that the second. But -- he was he said they got a standing donation of their last meeting that that the morning bailouts I'm now it's pretty cool and have you ever know what these things obviously you know with site selection and and conventions but you know I mean the fact that we -- in the final four. In the fact it. There you know we're showcasing her -- to. You know national Republican leader it was pretty cool I think for the city from a branding perspective and and it's just exciting day you know be in competition you know with with firm a major obviously huge economic development kind of than Kansas. Absolutely I think. We look at the all roads lead here -- were in the final four it's collected basketball championship right so you know I think that you can see has done everything right now we position ourselves. To be right there with with the final four I think that. We have just brought to the city to a different perspective in the eyes of many people. And I think the potential is it is just upon us for what I would think -- would be favorable decision if it is everything through that process has is just been done right. The that is it's really exciting a seeking of fury admits in the final four mean. You've been kind of all over the country -- and been in a tourism industry hospitality in marketing and sales furlong time. How does that how does that play into like with sports you know I know we have a lot of in steel -- competitions here we have the big twelve tournament. We obviously have you know sporting KC Kansas City Chiefs KC royals. You know a lot of these cities -- price competing with for these conventions. Don't have as is many professional sports teams always wondered is that kind of played a role in. The attractiveness of the city because when I compare Kansas needle like a law whose bright. You know laws got its cool little bar districts and cool events that they do they still have a freshly sports expert and so I still think that makes you kind of a major League City. Absolutely I think that. When you have a Major League sports team in your city. It's another amenities that you -- able to talk about it's also speaks to your ability to host a big event since in and poor people went to different venues. It also speaks to your venues and so I think that when we're going outselling the destination those will be obviously tools in the tool kit. Action beats in -- it will be able to speak to. And you know the sports market is something that there's just an open door an opportunity and I'll be spending time with the Kansas City. A sports commission and him talking about strategy and things that we can do to be supportive to drive more sports business and market so. And -- and one of the things that we talk about on this show is obviously entrepreneurship -- Accelerators. In you know we've seen a movement with kind of companies like sprint these these major companies. Up to work with entrepreneurs and I know one of the things that visit Casey promotes is. -- of this country -- -- -- on this technology Renaissance mean EC is a major magazine's. Top ten cities for new -- tech workers top ten cities for entrepreneurs me. How does that mean that's got to be exciting -- DC kinda has a movement to. Going on right now the TSE in since Google fiber came independent. Being 23 years ago really kind of has been a spark. And what are what are your thoughts about that I mean that's got to be pretty positive for you come in with this entrepreneurial kind of Renaissance happening. You absolutely I am excited about that and for a number reasons what that means is we're tracking intellectual capital. Were contracting creative people were attracting innovators and I think that only is gonna help change the cultural fabric of the city and I think that. Anytime we can be a promoter of startups entrepreneur words. You you get a different type of person and I think that that would help us as a city be more competitive and more marketable so that's really exciting what. Yeah I know you guys are Naia you guys -- any tourism in and convention it organization that. What are your thoughts about kind of this this downtown count every development not not power online not all the -- consider but IQ you seemed to see a lot of apartments that are going to be built. It downtown more multifamily more residential -- because you know as you know obviously you've done your research we have the Kansas and Missouri border here. And there's all kinds of businesses coming going and we'll figure that eventually hopefully but you know. Making downtown kind of -- I know we need at commerce serve and neighborhood feel sure you get the cross -- you get these apartments that are literally you -- in the business journal every other week. We're we're moving there were building something in you know river marketer. You know downtown or whatever you see that everywhere it's pretty exciting. I think that's gonna drive economic development downtown we have residential like moving to downtown they're gonna have to be support services to support the residents slimming down tell us what you had the new grocery store antenna. New apartments being downtown streetcar and I think that. As the city matures and adults and those different things in mr. -- comes on line more residents coming town -- in new luxury apartment. Being built in downtown that the new athletic club going in and right downtown I think those types of services will only expand. And I think will create more entrepreneur or opportunities. Makes more independent restaurants are moving in downtown and all of those things will enhance what we're doing in terms of selling the downtown market to conventions and so that product improvement. Well help us as we position the city and go after us. New communities in different agencies will seem more people obviously it's exciting right and I just during the Monday eight to five -- the you know. If you get more people on the weekend the united IE I went down to the dinner or lunch with my dad on and Father's Day down their power and -- to me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With the with the -- victory on -- on the first game and that's cool and that's just that's just Smart to have those videos seem like promoting the city means just. Admit it's a no brainer and we should we should be. Heck you know I I'd -- that thing all over the place and your your PR marketing department probably will do that meant to so so people on the East Coast and see in the incident yet -- -- ESPN ABC all these markets come down -- take it. You know that it's like Kansas city's you know soccer -- Oval -- -- before posting them on their social media channels. There's -- it out and Padilla FaceBook pages so I think that's also how we can generate more marketers because their pride their city their -- about what's going on the sharing with the world. Right right OK so this cut -- -- a harder question but. You know everyone always says about -- city not in a hotel space right. How I think you've obviously done your due diligence and we've we've been trying to get -- AM convention hotel bill for. Dennis along it was like the light rail back in the when I was a kid. You know we have a lot of great hotels in the city Bennett and and personally I like more of the boutique. You know that the hotels that are kinda unique. More so than the huge you know. 15100000. -- two in a room like. You know same wherever you go but on how how is that how how how we kind of worked through that the next years assuming we do not have a commissioner tell like he -- -- sixty. Well I know there's a lot of her Smart people have been working on the project. The positioning of the potential building hotel downtown. You know at the end of the day it's got to be the best deal for the city. So if we get a convention hotel that'd be great because that would help us enhance our sales position. But if we don't get a convention hotel will still have to get the job down -- still have to bring conventions meetings and have people coming in so. Would be nice to have new product absolutely it only if puts another tool in the tool boxes and other many teaching -- talk about but. As I've said before if we don't get a hotel we will still get the job done we'll find out markets that we can tap into that will be. Takes as excited about the product that I am in the rest of the city is in wool -- still generate more business. Some fear it's exciting. Talked to me about the streetcar and kind of way -- how that's I mean I've heard about. Businesses that are building here because of that -- that was on of the kind of the the the argument at the beginning was are are people -- economic development actually gonna happen are people gonna build these. Konduz -- apartment c.'s rush trunks on the streetcar in in in what what that means for Kansas sure. Well it's coming my -- -- up and operating 2015. Obviously the downtown construction is happening now. Now what's interesting about the street cars is again coming from Washington DC which is we're putting entry cars on H street in Washington DC. What I love it street I -- my friends that's kind of bring out now -- on the hill and it's changed to mean it is totally been -- adults and it is a clever NEC -- street cars and Mike. Capsule is so he's you do look at a city like Washington DC you look at a city like kinsey so we're doing some of the same economic development. That our nation's capital is doing so it will be great to have the street cars built a move people from the river market always in the city. And up towards the crown plaza area so that's exciting I think that would only enhance the movement of the residences through the city. The -- can go and I think can be a cool attraction to if you're in the region. And if you have a family -- -- -- we go -- can see for Dave -- street cars I think that will also be able to drive some new tourism is going to be critical product to have. I think so too and hopefully it's its success and we expanded -- I mean. The one question with Kansas City always is Daniel with the airport being so far -- how you connect all of these things and you know we are a I'm sure you've noticed this a very spread out city birth I think he can fit I think. Josh when I was in politics -- One of the other legislators -- -- -- like five major markets insiders the limits right the other Miami's a San Diego as the boss in the Portland's all these really compact cities there. But I think it's kind of cool. Two when people come here because it's a region and though you've taken not to sporting parking you've taken not to. You know downtown you go to the plaza and people are like holy you know what I didn't know the city has its list. It was so big threat today thinking -- they had their preconceived notions a lot of times that. It's -- it's kind of show them all these different areas and if we are kind of more spread. -- why I think that you know you're right I have traveled all around who lived in a lot different there isn't. You know if people in the region think that the Kansas City airport is far from downtown travel to Denver. Got -- SEC the distance from that airport and I think that. I think that it only positions itself the right this is a metropolitan area and there's a lot to do an area and I think that. When you get around and see and do all the things in here to give you different appreciation for the city and so I think that. That's what's exciting about you know there's multiple things to do whether you be downtown meridian. And country go plaza area Fiat by. You know. That the zoo or -- park I mean just on the hustings to do and seeing you forget about some of it sometime I'll absolutely and I think that that's that's what's where their opportunity lies for the people in the region to. You spend today being the worst in your own city I think that players will you'll discover some new things because what you knew. Five years ago maybe going to be maybe something new there and I think that's -- as exciting for me. We got a minute left Ronnie -- -- come on the show today after last thing I'll mention is a wanna I wanna think get busy Casey in this and the convention visitors bureau for. Helping out one of my local startups that I -- co-founder of Sox won one so I know the U you've seen the Sox what are your thoughts on the busy Casey -- so we've we've we've. We've had a lot of phones and mentally. What I think I think they're great I think two -- you know of in. The modern day. You know environments to see the creativity being put into a pair socks and bring it usually lower marketing and branding it speaks to character speaks to creativity speaks to innovation so. I'm excited about him I'm happy to worm you know I'm not a traditional school of business guy would just black or blue -- I wanna put a little. Funny and -- I agree you know what I it's always exciting -- on Twitter FaceBook. Live in another city where in the busy TC -- you know it's pretty cool -- on the ground and absolutely we really appreciate it Ronny Burke president CEO of the Kansas City convention and visitors association. You can find them -- visit TC dot com thanks for coming Michelle welcome to Kansas City and not a golfer barbecue some time -- as elegant dress who have TSE's players absolute thanks for having me thanks for coming on the show. Guys we right back and got a fair he's seen show with our last interview thanks for listening and we'll talk to a -- She yeah. The Kansas City and welcome back to the entrepreneur Casey shot your host Jason grills. Thanks for joining us today on line and act came BZ. 1660 AM had a great time today and the business channel and that's really -- guess it's great to hear from all the people in Kansas City. Working in business as entrepreneurs as people in civic duty and whatnot and speaking on that our last guest today. Is a long time friend of mine I've met her when I was. In politics. Back in the day it's in 2008 doesn't seem -- long ago -- it's -- six years ago I got started in 04. And our last guest today is Cindy circa -- who is a the mayor -- -- TSE Missouri and also a city councilman on -- can't -- City Council and recently also is is taken and another had as the manager of public affairs. For TSE power lights -- she's a busy woman NA. The great Kansas City insult to have her on the show edited -- talk about what's going on in Kansas City what's going on with -- entrepreneurship at the sea level with economic development all the great things happening in Kansas City so Cindy welcomed the show. And great to have you on I know we've been we have played phone -- a lot in -- and hang out alive that I have now had you on the show yet so it's exciting to have you on the show I believe you are a our first. City Council person that's been on the -- KC show so kudos for that. In Sydney for those of the listeners who maybe got no you personally and a year. You're out in the community a lot can you give -- a -- a little bit of a background on. What he represented any kind of -- -- involved with -- Missouri politics. Sheriff I am elected -- has been that large -- of course important and -- it looks at district. Which goes obsolete east at least some -- And covers much of the stuff planned. And now -- down north into the urban course with a very large district -- so lots of diversity. Not only in people batted economics and the ways. Way of life. So it's a little black or content of the entire city that's been a great district represented. And for those of listeners do. Don't know as much an at large district means that when you get elected -- in the city is eligible to vote for you living since -- Missouri right. Yes I had a campaign citywide Wichita Kansas City is very large land -- broke. Quite a -- -- you were elected to what year. So what what is the what is the journey been like from you know kind of a -- -- politics in Kansas City and you've been involved kind of on a grassroots level with with other kind of races and actually running for office yourself impending going through the process. Well I can't tell you all that have never been more proud than white now to be in leadership applicant city Missouri it's so exciting which. And I bid him flat leadership -- laundromat just fiasco problems. Kind of -- And everything going and going on anybody can meet and -- admit that the downturn and -- Have you -- lay people off which is -- really painful. Cut programs and services. To that rebuilding period. What's exciting about the rebuilding periods we've been Smart about that I was Smart about what we're due to reinventing ourselves that the government. Not only that -- as a government and that's that's been upgraded it's so exciting to have the leadership of -- James. And particularly really that's counsel I'm upset and it could -- class and I'm. We are there because of love Kansas City purses trying creed or political path. That's great because as Kansas scene we know that we ought to come work together and you've you've now and an office for. Two different mayors and it's obviously is price change for you being on the council is met with -- having the experience to different types of of up mayors in leadership this approach is out imagine. An extreme differences. And I can tell you a positive attitude changes everything. Then I've always thought that that was true to work when you're doing things and trying to get national recognition for Kansas City on the I'm kind of you know with their attorney convention or just you know branding of the city. You know out of our typical brains of people consider ourselves the more positive he can be in the more -- great videos you have -- indices that we present and yes for an accelerated -- really good one further. There intro video mean those things like really resonate with people and any gives you more of a national reputation and I think since you've kind of been in the council and -- mayor James and office we've been. You know kind of more or less stating a lot more good national recognition with different words -- one on which I think is important for branding your city. So it's unbelievable that national recognition that we're getting I mean I have in front of me and articles from Ford didn't Huffington Post and -- just. Those are just at a cut Koppel at the list goes on phenomenon and it goes problem. Our tech world -- part of the world to our communities and the local. Growing. Initiative that we have going on and -- work. Where do mean what it takes to be eighty world class city. You can get traction and it's still still -- small enough that you're comfortable but is that enough that you get at all so it's it's it's fun fun place to live and work right now. I agree how is -- tar light on Monday you know we're taping this show it's Thursday and for the World Cup may and it's just amazing to see. How exciting that is and if you know if your college Syria now and your coming in Kansas City for the summer mean. Just the amount of like it's just so different when I come home from college back in the day. With you know lifestyle in in city -- city options one not. They Cindy one to talk to you about entrepreneurship and and obviously didn't. Small business and technology and in the future take kind of -- what the city's doing to kind of help Foster that I know the mayor's been. Very proactive with that as well as the council so is there any any cool things that have happened recently hear good things you -- talk to us about. Well I am I it really that are patient -- it would leave. My first term during many recession. We really could not move out of our small businesses -- Kansas City was built. And we need to have that diversity continue to support actually traded that's care. Which is now being nationally recognized as they one stop shop for small businesses. I'm so that's -- the gallery has a lot of resource since there. We've got micro loans from Justin Peters. You know I think that flash nearly -- one point two million dollars 441 entrepreneurs. So we're creating let you know mechanism to get those 123. Business shops started. -- code for America. Initiatives going on. We've had done we're dealing he opened data within the cities where we are. One the first cities to open it much stated that we help. All of that it's public knowledge but it's difficult to get a hold up well lunch just out there and what's that doesn't open up and an avenue for. Won't attack quote to go to dictionary that begins with that data is what gives them the tools to create you lapsed. I thought processes. And programming for being more efficient and we're hoping that that. It creates some of that right here at home. So if we're trying to be as innovative. As absolutely possible because we're kind of in this. Age. Not seen it is normal anymore so what are the gonna look like you got a kick out of box she can't you know. By the typical back practiced that you have to create that -- have to be a little bit afraid are are not afraid to yourself and we're doing that. And being the attack ads. And it's working for a. Definitely is a mean we've always had your resources here at the Kauffman Foundation and with with Casey source Linkedin in all these different things -- no padding on the -- care unit and you know in a one stop shop you see cities trying to deal death throughout the country and it's it's it is always a pain for not just attack -- -- but first small business or restaurant or whatever your your putting after shingle on the -- to. You know had a lot of red tape to be honest with you how much for -- isn't. And you know you see studies from the -- -- -- it and every -- rules say this that. The more friendly a city your -- -- to -- -- small business with you know regulations are not -- insane regulations. Not to get up and moving the better in some like Kansas City is is doing that. Let's opera quickly about. Economic development because I know you've been. Very active with that over the years when you've been down and a city to City Council City Hall. And you know you get the soccer project -- about -- quick since that's kind of a hot topic right now in Kansas City with a. Yeah it's a great time the last soccer right now in Kansas City. But I got soccer that they cancel park you know I don't know a lot of people don't know that's what park is the second largest. Municipal park and the country. So they -- sure that we have been. I play golf they're all a lot on Fridays afternoons Indiana heart of America. Great little course done there I mean it really is cool. It is it is but it's a beautiful beautiful place with I it's in my district are really been passionate about it and fighting resource forest. And said that soccer valid in the partnership without -- -- just the amazing. So we've had made an investment. Thirteen pounds million class. Into the facilities down 63 Lewis road. Created six false sites synthetic and one actual craft built. Updated -- new restrooms concession stand storage. And all of stat to it really gave but at the international. Attention again and so. I have the championship -- felt bad out there opposite the 2013 big twelve women's soccer championship. Which was broadcast live on fox sports. He had. Fox sports south and several broadcasts a daily -- from little part comes. With it's really really exciting to us. Not only created that you the people want again which you bet that you know -- green. Economic development to that area too. Yeah that investment. Calm before the parks board today age is not a contracts for. Approval. Two. Possibilities and -- and you press box and I'm further renovate. Some locker room. In doing those two things will help secure a long term commitment from the big twelve for future use the facilities. So it's it's I think fantastic investment. For the city. But not anymore yeah it's not just about that -- -- -- -- total combination of that and had to be a community aspect. So I'm excited soccer is b.'s primary tenants. And those kids that have been down upon me enough. You know clumps of grass we'll get to play on state of the -- world. And really be any it would be involved -- the soccer clubs I'm in the metro so it's pretty except that he project. Very very cool we're talking to Cindy -- -- who is a mayor pro tem and city councilman in -- city Missouri -- new got a couple minutes left. Your term will be ending I guess next year -- August at 2058. Assume that's you -- have a lot more time to do some good so. But you're gonna be transitioning obviously. For me while I guess you know from what we've talked about into a a new role talk a little bit about that real briefly here. Well I have spent much of my time also at City Council really working on the environmental issues I -- I -- with the water department on the politics over full control program needs. And you'd leave. That initiative to really save taxpayer dollars were doing it through our energy efficiency -- facilities and many of our green engineer projects. It's arbitrary bit of passion of mine so it seemed like a contradiction for some people for me to -- com. And be. -- public affairs for. I hate and utility electric utility that can keep it out all walks the walk I mean they're giving the most innovative and that they possibly can -- on the forefront. I've been the most energy efficient and cleanest. Energy company I'm animation itself. It was really exciting that it was a great partnership for the both of us to meet up with each other bracket helped out. Further that along. And helped them -- creative ways to you look at it. To see how we can be more efficient the company and they always always always -- corporate partner mayor in the community. And I'm so I'll get to continue to -- my. My hand out there in the community. Keep a pulse on the city and that's what I want to do so it's it's it's been a great that I'm really enjoying it. Well congratulations Cindy is always it's great to talk to you it's always Aniston. It's no politician who's doing the right thing and working hard in a good person so. Regulations on your success. And look forward to talking need incident have a great day. Thanks Cindy are great entrepreneur Casey showed today thanks for joining us. Thanks for joining me Jason -- -- nation you can connect with me on Twitter at -- -- Have a great week we'll talk to --