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The Radio Dish 6.15.14

Jun 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know yeah. Small but -- yeah when plumbing major problem and you don't need a hero and yeah. Thought -- a lot of Paul -- be taking your heroes -- bombing to stop the group's blog and get your house back in order for leaking -- flood brings water heaters all your blowing me it's all a -- -- -- An important part of planning -- -- is no we have options and signature funerals take the mystery on the process owner -- -- says pre planning is the -- and we have taken proactive approach to -- cleaning -- cleaning -- for -- vehemently at the -- -- the -- your family members have confidence they're doing for -- we want them to do whether -- commissioner traditional preparation whether -- -- service -- -- -- -- -- in their own church may feel better knowing that this is what you -- Signature funerals dot com. How Darcy here and a fabulous -- this morning politely should be you know I just came back from my investment downs. Gillian Smith and Christina -- and financial solutions McKittrick a plastic and they gave me great news really hurt my guy in a couple of years. I like it is this statement and the man every quarter that's too bad you know when you remember those days. A statement that I didn't understand -- investments and I couldn't explain. Totaled up to all those -- realized losses mean really less -- on the out. You know exactly when and on through why can't -- well in advance financial he'll be an it help you to. Now at face to face quarterly review I understand all of my investments. We like to retire. We -- and where my retirement income will be coming from. How much here you I think I -- -- them huddling in touch with them online financial pants Stan count -- -- -- -- Securities -- the securities company -- member -- epic. It's time to leave the dishes in the sink and dish about something that's important to you yeah and now. Here -- two chicks who think they ruled the roost. It's to bring you did she. Doesn't kill you makes us. Hey man. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger being alone it'll preachy here this weekend I was -- Blake Mary McKenna and EU at the radio dish dot com what's wrong and we both have missiles and -- LO leader Saddam this whole week where is up we were both in Colorado at different times and -- replace it I think it's coming back to the Kansas City. Whether being in the mountains because it's in this way ever since I got home I know and I I got home just really break early that. The M pollen on the pine trees out there. Well time on my experience with the horse and get knocked off and home lowered and that I'm I'm glad to be back in one -- let's just put it that way. Did no horses in fact I just a lot of chilling in a lot of -- you. And and some nice some nice set dining you might that mean it is no mood and while we -- plea deal and you can now. But -- -- I think was 29 for hello well and we were having dinner in Breckenridge and just down the road a piece. And as they say in it was stolen during dinners like excuse me now you know June we were earlier Manassas it was nice up there it a little bit of rain but nothing major and it was in the sixties and in the eighties so it was very nice of their. I saw the picture of your chicken wings which were gone. -- you ate them and then left the bones is that there are great where where they Smart chicken. I did ask and yes they were our O'Hanlon and they were fabulous they were fabulous and little teriyaki and honey it was a no limelight and -- we may have to get that recipe being you know the recipe this week you're gonna post. Wednesday night the Smart chicken recipe of the week is fresh chicken spring rolls these look amazing and actually this is something. Either and I could may wait a minute is something in a roll up and the whole bit and he did that like a onetime -- that -- -- -- I just looked at the recipe I didn't go. Police do ads. And didn't work at this week I -- I do criminal work on it just you know. Buyer beware when you see these recipes posted now it's obviously Smart chicken so it's gonna globally -- not but she doesn't know anything about what she's talking. Come from the Smart -- in the you know shafts and other people that know what they're doing when they put it and I know we've seen commercials on television heard them on the radio about happy K Alison where -- happy cows are out in California and at Wisconsin and the happy cows are in northwest Missouri -- yes they are and they live at the chateau dairy June national dairy month and joining us on the line from Osborne Missouri. Home of chateau dairy -- addition to milk company I should call it. Is LeRoy chateau how you know LeRoy. Our area. We're doing well. And I got to ask you how many flavors of milk do you have now. Right now we're doing it verse seven players -- played first. That you have out there available to the the buying public. Over the years I mean they're not always available all the time so how many different flavors have we seen since he got started. Well we've we've had these we've got these seven -- week we did six. Silly that. Sillier things last year for a tenth anniversary so I mean we did things like apple -- -- the fourth of July and chocolate cherry per cent for Valentine's Day. So we got a little -- last year. And he has so much so that you know my favorite still is the root -- milk. Oh I absolutely love that I'm not a big fan of root beer in any way shape or form -- so are easily write him I love the chocolate cherry and I'd love for that to become a regular. Actually has. Although Rivera -- -- courses then number one in the world the last two years and the World Series expo for Fuller flavored milk so that's kind of cool. He's come off of the all these great ideas to flavor of the milk we get bored out. It is Osborne -- Felt like to play a little bit how a forward. Told people when I started I wanted to be the milkman and they -- on and I think from what we've done that. And us porn is just if you blink you're gonna miss it it's a little town up near saint Josef. Yeah we're just north of Plattsburgh and actually -- people know work Plattsburgh hesitates or heard of all of them but are you from us first. I actually went to school and and lived in Plattsburgh. I think your homegrown just like your counts right tell us a little bit about the operation I know you give tourists but yet what's different about chateau. Then other dairies and across the country for that matter. Well of course -- restarted. Eleven you have to actually today's -- -- eleven years ago today that when we started bottle and I own and of course our milk cows are going on 39 years old and eleven years ago and restarted -- on -- milk. We we could say our cal were not treated with growth hormones -- courses that time. That became a very big deal and not too many theories could say that because they thought. You know they've gotten help from several different theories and they couldn't say that it was not treated in which what you what you mapped it some dairy farmers give her account was shot to make him give more milk you know. And so that put that sets us apart right from the start. And and then of course when restarted we only had a BP councilman. The first monthly news and business we've sold all the -- we could get -- motivated can now. And then if you want Slater reality TV market out now have almost 400 -- and I still have to go talk to American morning's. People. We're lucky maybe more milk so. I was gonna ask you gotta get a -- him every day at first -- -- congratulations eleven years three are you surprised at the growth that you see mention terminal. All I -- -- of I mean I hate it when restarted if I could have sold eighty -- let them know kind of I was happy you know and and now it is just. I don't I killed some people I don't know how to make it stop. Important yeah I'd. It's just keep the Medicare it's not oh my gosh got my -- damned -- alert that I love that. I will tell you that the chateau skim it is a staple at our house like skin because they don't like the extra fat. But shadows scheme is the only skim milk I can drink and I feel like I'm not depriving my -- it isn't on that blue collar people aren't accurate. It's it's good in it in it. Hole you don't let it lasts longer in the fridge shut them out because it's so darn fresh when you buy milk from other dares mass produce -- -- You're getting milk that's already been. In the -- -- well for awhile and right. Well I I don't wanna cut down and have a very confident on the radio station -- let us do that. And -- -- usually are they'll get the town was you know 24 hours after fellow on the council you know when I do cures Eric tell people accounts are -- it. -- for the -- even though it's gone now. That makes a big difference my dad was a Butler many many many many years ago. At a place called Adams dairy include -- hence the Adams dairy parkway. And I. At that time you could buy milk and keep it at least two weeks past the expiration date because it was so fresh that's not necessarily the case anymore unless your client should tell. Well -- -- big part of it is series gotta keep a cold and also gets over forty degrees for a certain period -- delusional like regulars say so it's a big deal to -- keep -- critical that you can. The next two. Flavor in and we're gonna -- it'll let us let us in on the secret. -- two weeks ago we just come out with -- could -- -- so it's been down now so now org how we got to come up with something else socialists -- look at. Particularly crazy as the -- we just got. -- Well happy dairy -- absolutely. It's it's kind of cool to be out there and teach people were no comes from and we do or two hours for sure why I've got short people and all people that. I think there's a ticket on the back are these somewhere that they took out there. Who loves it. Well LeRoy thank you so much thanks her for doing such a great job with Santo Milken meant to that group you're not coming. Well there are already give our best of -- and thanks for being on the radio dish. Or go to -- Peter Garrett. Fortunately we're not -- discuss with him but he doesn't like to talk too risky to put up just getting Lee -- coming up here at the radio dish dot com we're going to sports camp with will shields. It stars Steve Blake and Mary McKenna and US. The radio -- dot com contest. One of the medical treatment to save your life for the life -- a loved one was a flight away. But you couldn't afford to travel. Or disaster separate you from your family and you were desperate to find them the media have a special needs child who enjoy it can't tailored to those needs but he can't afford the travel experience. You need the help of an Angel thankfully these angels exist. -- the volunteers at Angel flight central. Pilots who donate their planes skills and hearts to provide free flights for people in need to learn more about Angel flight central visit Angel flight central dot -- Say it's Mary with radio dish fun innovative and Smart radial with a large and growing audience and you -- tap into that audience give us a call 8166791281. And find out how you can reach women and men across the Kansas City metro with your offer the radio dish has something different than your typical cookie -- 62 plug your spot in here type of advertising we combine video. Audio and social media to reach the most people all of the time give us call eight point 66791281. It's the radio dish. Crime stoppers has received nearly 128000. Anonymous tips has paid out over one point two million dollars in cash rewards spokesperson lieutenant Kelly -- so as a reward amount is now growing since 1982. That crime rewards has always been up. 21000 dollars -- -- -- and we made a decision that we need to increase that amount we decided -- -- to reward -- -- -- 2000 dollars I think -- really exciting people who call crime -- are motivated -- different reasons some people wanna just do the right -- some people wanna do the right thing but if it involves a friend -- family -- they -- hesitate if they happen to -- struggling having a hard time financially sometimes money can be -- -- -- we hope to -- over the next few -- -- huge increase in -- -- -- getting criminals off the street and we're getting -- community to be safer if you have information to. Help solve the crime called -- tips hotline at 816474. TI PS. So he's -- began the hot flashes those mood swings no energy for -- anything. Still suffering from menopause it's our saint Blake -- I did call start -- in the menorah medical center. Stocks helped me get ten teen myself and I love it they have free information seminars that can help you understand what that policy has. And understand your options. -- recommends natural hormone therapy it's made from -- and wild -- and it's pharmacy every woman receives individualize doses that -- her unique needs -- -- not all the same. And neither is -- pharmacy. It's time to get have been yourself again upstart professional -- day out when your options are for healthier you. Get the straight answers you need to make informed intelligent choices. For information call 9133453800. That's -- 1334. Or 53800. Or go online at stark pharmacy dot com. Are you tired of commuting to a job that makes someone else rich working harder than ever but getting no where. Do you hate spend hundreds of dollars every week on daycare having someone else raise your children. With our opportunities you can start earning money as soon as next week you get to beat the boss works from home and live a happier life. -- -- Abbas network you'll find hundreds of works from home opportunities but you can literally start today can be earning money as soon as next week to go to freedom 27 dot com and start earning money as soon as next week. You get to be the boss get out of the rat race work from home and go to freedom 27 dot com right now can change your life to day that's freedom of the number 27 dot com. Go to freedom 27 dot com and start earning money as soon as next week you be the boss go to freedom 27 dot com. -- -- He'll cry and you wish to show. It's no radios did. Glad you found us here at the radio -- dot com Darcy like twenty giggle every time I don't know why she didn't just stop it it's because you -- your head like a little Bobble head. It's cute but. You do that all the time. Okay and relying gets a -- Darcy Bobble head Blake kick up. Mary McKenna a mute the radio dish dot com and summer is here kids are into sports also a welder in to sports all year long time but in the summertime even more so it -- had a chance and her seat Bobble head Blake had a chance to talk to Kansas City Chiefs great will shield. Which insight 68 sports. It's kids and sports camps parents are out there looking kids one and do some extra training wanna do is some of the things they need to be aware of them -- sport. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You mentioned something very important we all think Turkey is exceptional and even if you -- the catching you -- tend to get some tips back that your kids not the greatest you think handle that you -- them both sides you've got kids that play exports that are outstanding at that as a parent you have to sometimes look at your -- and getting you know what that -- -- Kanye. Well the thing is you find out which period as we call a very one that says hey -- is all of -- and use our look at angle OK let's take a list of different things ago okay. If your kid is on a team. And you say why is my -- not playing look at it goes it'll take -- basketball take the other five kids -- -- in front of them and tell me which Q would you cut to put your kid that's so hard being prepared to do go well this kid does this in this kid does that put my -- to be here or the other which I've had to go before you know my kids be -- person come and off the bench in. You know had those conversations about. -- I should be out -- shouldn't be playing Michigan militia leader that. In the -- the question. Who should be to should be replaced that's on the corner. Playing football or what have you which Q do you think he's better than -- we sort of go from there and go okay now we look at the intangibles of if -- move has killed off remove your -- heard this on there. How do you how would you feel about. It's -- you say well he's getting plenty of playing time he's -- in the game. And the more they do get the better they'll become and then during the offseason you're -- will be asking for extra help. And that's when you know -- kid goes I'm OK but I can be better so that I maybe can take decades job which you almost who don't hear that but that's sort of the world I -- -- Is when you walk into a locker room. You're there to take somebody else's job and hold onto it for as long as you can't so that's the competition piece that you have to and they build into your kid without you as a parent going. You've got to do this you gotta be that you just let them grow into we called it back will you got some camps that your running tell -- that those. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How could do not have a good time to even can't -- get a chance that a -- camp with windshields Nobel peace of barrel of fun -- -- he going to be against toast with us and is it coming up in -- impact we're gonna have a blast with him in fact I said when I was over there -- intensity sports again. Who would you like to contestants win. And I go OP will get -- -- he is now I don't know or not now we're busy you're busy does he remember that I ask the hard hitting quest. Hard hitting a gallon this year and will we live this moment many times it goes beyond who did not hit first time that -- on Mary you know it's. It's whose huge -- -- shut up and say oh she is okay so like you know when you're when they kick the ball to you and rudeness as in a punt return America's. Yeah why don't you always run back and -- just. Quarter when he OJ and not run run and logos because I'm coming down out. And -- has a key game. State run sometimes they don't yeah it was not I don't think it was unsatisfactory answer naming have to dive back into that question that -- beat her six out of ten. Did you go to this when your kid. Can't know the nuns came -- we had debt. A vacation Bible school will now on the ground Catholic you don't have vacation Bible school and -- Catholic it's just when announced -- for -- weeks. I love that I didn't use. Sports camps. Backhand and I went to Colorado and did sort of my inner child came out we were it was it was for work but it was for fun as well it's called cowgirl up in he had. Count cowgirl up -- girl up -- let me well it. It's we just kind of got to -- Carolina we generally get time in the teens I was still in this thing that I had to sing dance. And as you know Mary I. I -- from Miami I do not have cowboy boots I do not have had he Riddick -- because -- Kelly boots and hat so my best friend Mary. Loans mean her cowgirl hat you're Kemper -- them and they are -- all thinking they were awesome until we got there. And they keep it well OK first volume -- -- just a bit big for me -- just fine haters can't -- until and I said. Well here's the deal when women get together there's oftentimes peer pressure in the clothes apparently that the women -- There are seven women and they were there before me the night before they like stressed each other that to get what they couldn't Wear what they don't. They didn't emergency run. To find perfect cowboy boots and cowboy hats. Staff since we want others we're gonna 300 some dollars and these cowboy boots. Amazing I'm like really like barbies. So it was hilarious I looked like that did you steal a little -- I am am in little consignment girls -- well without it was funny and the Calvin which I absolutely love them they were a size too big which was funny didn't -- stepped in with an exact thought when I get a blister stuff to broth. Okay I can't listen there are -- that in my so we go to get on the horses and I Britain before I'm from William I've written before many times -- okay. I go to -- but -- over the sound okay in my boot kind of goes sideways. And -- lie. I -- all well there's got to be -- -- they are because Cecil was filming this whole thing it which I believe as I was trying to home in the saddle horn and boost my butt back -- I'm feeling debut this is that kind of -- I guess I was shooting. I'm sure at some point when we get around -- novice I will get that and we'll post on his back and I'm sure looked -- where it couldn't be any more embarrassing than our butts in the -- when we drop my keys down the elevator and you know the other -- stadium that was so that would remain nameless. Now and hopefully your kid in my respect and he was named rhino -- of my gosh so did you go out and like. Gallup -- -- got you know he's talking trail right Greg says you know how close talking about at the of one of our speed and knows the other. That kind and then they really realize what writers around. And they get other rookies let's -- -- -- we get to you know the trees knocked them honest I would say tried numerous times for all of us I've always had to get down in fact I used to a long time ago last time -- -- -- -- right. Drop something purposely so I would have to get off the horse and get it has your practice skits. Oh yeah it hurt -- that. It uses it pushed some muscles that don't necessarily like that and then you want gotten yeah yeah yeah yeah it was it was tough but it was a lot of concept and that was my sports camp I wanna go back every year that was never been to camp. My government assigned to camp when you can't control her poignant and art camp well yeah no exports -- -- more -- an artistic sort you know when I mean. And we are as well very creative here Darcy play. Yeah. And you -- -- it is the kind. Each and every -- someone is being told that they need to lifesaving medical treatment in many instances that treatment requires travel to medical facilities outside the patient's home area. What they can't afford travel costs. That's when individuals turned to Angel flight central. Angel flight central -- people by reaching charitable flights through the help of volunteer pilots for access to health care. And for other humanitarian purposes. If you would like more information visit Angel flight central dot org. Angel flight central providing free flights for people in need. Cleaning up doesn't have to be hard mop bucket in North Kansas City makes it easy with great products owner Karen Adams has a product's unique like laced stuff I know Mindy you fused at my house is built in 1920s and that would work it's all old Missouri as gorgeous woods but it was dull and my girls and I have gone over every inch of this would work -- -- its shiny it's gold and it's a court. One of our very first products that we brought in there that was our product we're so proud of that at -- command -- that they -- -- -- church -- -- the -- by the gallon and they command when you have a scratch on a -- it would work you've tried all those other product in response to cover it then after a month or so it starts coming back at least you're with Canada or any -- you tell -- that aren't here just covers it permanently you know need to go back again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So he's -- began the hot flashes those mood swings no energy for -- anything. Still suffering from -- upon its stars and Blake don't I did call start pharmacy in the menorah medical center. Helped me get ten teen myself and I love it they have free information seminars that can help you understand what that policy has. And understand your options. Stock recommends natural hormone therapy it's made from -- and wound -- and it's pharmacy every woman receives individualize doses that meet her unique needs. And all the same. And neither is start pharmacy. It's time to get have been yourself again upstart professional pharmacy. Down when your options are for healthier you. Get this straight answers you need to make informed intelligent choices. For information on nine -- 33453800. That's 91334. Or 53800. Or go online at stark pharmacy dot com. -- -- OK -- may not be that balanced look at the world but I found the secret ingredient that makes my main dishes award winning with my family and friends it's chicken and safest highest quality and best tasting fresh chicken anywhere Smart chicken products are -- without animal by products. There's no antibiotics. No hormones just 100%. All natural chicken and sport chickens are processed using purified cold air instead -- in the water that's the air -- difference and you'll tasted it needs of freshest tasting chicken where. And whether I'm grilling or making my chicken parmesan Smart chicken is still in there and mouth watering. Might mean my grandmother's chicken -- Now we're making new memories at dinner table with Smart chicken taste the air -- difference tonight. Some chicken some to -- area priced shoppers. Smothered chicken. You'll taste the difference. It's a radio. But I. This is my -- and. Member of the -- Welcome back there's -- -- Mary McKenna and you -- the radio this guy come you know we -- the talk finances we love to talk with some very special people and those of course are with advanced financial solutions Christine alumnus. And Julianne Smith always nice to have you ladies here we always love to be on your senators -- great to be back for you read that just like you were supposed to. Don't laugh it up. Did you know what. When it comes to women and money so many of us we were growing up nobody really taught us how to handle money it was either -- handled it. Or my husband -- live or somebody else handle that weren't that. -- in that stage in life is all women should be to be able to need to handle our own money. Right. A lot of women think that handling the finances is just a matter of balancing the check but that it goes much steeper than balancing the -- Beckett who know what we're talking about today's retirement planning on making sure that you don't outlive what money -- there's an interesting study that one -- -- companies that we represent and had commissioned by Larson research and it's it's it's truly disturbing and they surveyed 2200. Women -- -- 25 to 75 with household incomes of 30000 plus I think about anyone of your listeners can relate -- The results of the study and you know overall in summation in -- going to some specifics women have new roles for my family roles single household same sex households. Doing time and the women are taking a greater responsibility. In the financial roles some of the markets -- I at least half of them or not they're relying on. Someone else specifically. -- trusted mail in the family and two or the circle of friends to advise them what happens is statistically. Women are gonna be left alone at some point airline through. Death or divorce right so worst time try to find out what to do. I'm surprised that the number of women who even nick coming out of -- first marriage not being involved in the finances start taking control over and then they get married again and they relinquish it again. Yes we -- battle -- time. It I'm sorry I don't take care I don't do anything with the finances I occasionally meet. With our stock broker or financial advisor whatever occasionally but -- Greg didn't want to mess with it. I'm an idiot do that I know I'm an idiot. I'm very it's so calm and now we hear this all the time for a successful why shouldn't see -- that what should she do differently and why. She you know even if you have a wonderful. You know marriage so which I know you do. I guess statistically. Men are going to die before we engineering and also would. Do you wanna have some input into something that's can carry you through ideal retirement and and I give him you know he gets an earful and -- them. It's like this is why I want to make it happen. Can we do let me let I you're sure his four year. Old look what we've recommends. A lot of times is at least go to. The occasional meeting with the -- you don't have to attend every meeting that at least one time per year you should be involved and that appointment to review. -- the portfolio and you should be asking questions an example when we retire we start pulling money from the portfolio how long is that gonna land and what risk that the strategy could be because of something does happen to your husband. You wanna be able to know where your acts and at least at the start grooming yourself to be able to ask the right question -- -- -- in India are both. Advanced financial solution Jews and I'm one of those big red clearing don'ts don't do what Mary does do what they did you can't get involved in your personal finances -- -- My dad always said do as I say not as I do a out of their -- I mean seriously you know there's nothing wrong Hackensack where. Letting brake handle it you still should have knowledge of what's going on because maybe Derek questions such that haven't been raised that you would raise. And made it has been interesting. Very successful -- partners have come in and they both had very different views on retirement and they never verbalize it and their 34 year relationship aren't they had a legacy plan. I do -- do not wanna leave money to charity or grand kids or kids. And so if those things are discussed or you know why we haven't traveled I wanna travel and retirement while I don't I wanna play golf -- -- in Kansas City if he's never parts those subjects you have no idea with -- Rooms thinking you're just a sand I was gonna say that having I'm a client with advanced financial solutions and -- that that I will tell you we first came. Colonize some of the discussions that we've had with you we had never had. We need you guys were asking us some questions that we're. Point -- that you've we finally went like -- we really do need to get our act together and I want to thank you for that because. And tell somebody really such -- down and says what do you want to do -- wanna go -- you'll forget about it now. Will we enjoy having new app as a client and we love working with you and call one of the things to you that I want to mention as women have a tendency to be more conservative than their investment style. And when we come into someone's. Life as their financial planners a lot of times when my husband has been handling the finances it tends to be more of an aggressive approach and women are naturally more conservative investors. In Canada an example. Bank presidents are all women and they do that by design because of their more conservative. Management style absolutely. You can event that's coming up. Mindy and you are you excited about here about cowgirl up -- yen. I wanna go well girl up next year you're on the list or -- -- current year or all I can we -- glad you can actually see a video. Are out retreat that we do a little -- clip of our video is on our website financial -- dot com. So check it out it'll give Houston. Mind and spirit and so let's turn have to -- -- Estes Park Colorado and and to this'll be the for a cure that we've done -- and nine women can miscast and are challenged and then magic that happens in the mountains of Estes is incredible women come away changed. Inspired. And the types of questions it's not just financial questions -- -- questions about your future patent balance about life in general about your careers -- families. What can wines you like. Yes exactly you know I have very good friends who the kids all left and they had nothing in common everything they had to do with each other revolved around their kids and when they left it was like OK. And now find ourselves yeah. A -- that yes it's it's a very exciting event and also on our website we have great media partner at that has done these wonderful videos. For us if you -- put a face with the name and maybe take another step in getting to know -- better you can CR -- some videos on our website financial -- dot com not only do you do this -- that you do a host of other reasons we really believe education is the best way that we can connect with people shared that knowledge and experience that we have I mentioned the women -- in power study that we found in talking about today we're gonna be holding several educationally events. Titled women many in power ends for further information please contact our office and ask for -- 816931266. Later go to our website financial can't start com Julian Smith and Christine Romans thank you so much for joining us and I knew who only have one. One more question is star she's leaving me any money. There has command and have your financial plan -- with us for us to let you know that that video. I'm ready for that next Nebraska. You have a chance via those send them losses account girl to we did -- economic. When you get a chance to see this video and it'll be on the website soon -- when he's a personal together Kazaa and under that part of -- Yeah it's it's an amazing time and you all these women learn so much about themselves. About finances it's just a great gradient. And they do it every year they do tutor for years he needs check in with the chicks there and to enhance financial -- -- -- them so much Hollywood Ling is coming along here we're gonna talk about. All -- folks who are getting hitched and now all of a sudden are feeling. Some remorse about their former relationship counseling that happens down you'll recognize a few names here and there and Casey Cason will dig into that that it's just getting crazy and very very sad as well. And it will also talk about oh a few dirty dishes you know we get a few of those to clean up this well it's Darcy Blake Mary mechanic and you. And come back in dish with us here at the radio this dot com. If you're getting closer to retirement I have an important question is your retirement -- on track -- Dave Thompson Friday mornings at 930 on the -- BC business channel 1660 AM equal share how you can keep your retirement on track with protection of principal tax deferred growth and a lifetime income -- learn more online -- Dave Thomson dot net that's Dave Thomson dot net and be -- listen every Friday morning at 930 today -- it's your money on the KM -- business channel 1660. AM. 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We'll give you this news of glowing sexy skiing you want that European -- and there were the world's -- experts we've been doing this nationwide since 1975. -- -- -- From an impeccable treatment rooms to the polished professionals of our -- specialists you'll be in great hands. We want you to watch him instead out with the incredible feeling that only the smoother skin can give you. European -- senator for luxurious waxing at prices that won't make you raise an eyebrow. Yourself a little pampering at European lacks an insider respite in the leeway as a black senator dot com to schedule your appointment today. Raise your glass. You've made it through the week it's still radio dish it's sure to. -- I don't think so. Thank -- -- raised her glass wage too many times there's that cal what was it cowgirl up down Lou it was account group last tip over. -- don't -- enough I'm Darcy Blake and Mary McKenna and you had the radio this dot com. The biggest names in Hollywood all the gossip and the story you won't hear anywhere. This week's Hollywood can play this. Could hurt him. Chris and I have to say that the biggest story in Hollywood right now is going to be Casey Cason and what a sad story that. I don't think it story can get and I feel like the more we learn a batter has become. -- We heard that they beat the court -- and -- white and -- daughter. It could interpret it and Kerry got her control over our proper -- that point on it added all the luck. I was holding in. Every saying. Actually in. And and you did that report that they were able which at that that their -- lot. Opened the elderly and then go back weeks. And and sneaking out of it well. And a couple of out or. You can spot that aired on compact hot and then -- watching -- Getting the proper -- it. On about the order which -- a very -- and action and they. Gonna hot. Light. It is this just it is such tragic story. An end you know the best to him and and then as we see his life in the mean what a wonderful legacies can believe that the but what a horrible situation this is gonna continue. Months and months maybe years and you're into the court feel looks an awful. It is an and you -- it could play out in public -- dark period current number radio Jerry your -- catlett. Eight and has it out keep that you report aired on the public reporters and that storm out there on being here on that lot -- carry -- You know. I know many experts on. -- out and play in an out in front of everybody else Adam Levine. He's getting hitched teasing gauged and kind of like they yet. What is that the twelve step program is that it twelve steps for alcoholics they go back and one of them is to make amends to anyone you have wrong. And so now he's going -- And and apologizing to his x.s and I think this is kind of interstate. He's making demands are being a jerk I guess I you know what I. -- didn't curry yeah it. The -- up model I'd I'd bottle us. Up higher Victoria secret Angel here. And Mary water -- You don't see it going back. Being Aric currently treated bad. -- -- black -- on the floor. EU. Currency saying he broke up apparently ignored -- are. Acting at. All. Classic -- -- year and think you're gonna get current at that. -- I think you really do that -- can with the checkbook in hand good heavens. Yeah maybe I and I out there are out. It. What is this we're seeing a new lifetime reality show that is called born in the wild which is featuring women giving birth outdoors. No medical assistance. -- -- not good luck and his like law -- is no law. Luck. Never -- this. Now now. Luckily I like it wouldn't really want to happen all actual parking lot out out here. Great victory I don't I don't know -- -- in either beaten her apply -- go live business. Already giving birth before that it can't be your partner. -- rodeo okay. You want to -- and it -- of course even got into an. A lot. For giving you are going to do everything it. That -- to -- and that there are a lot. Well it on there will be -- medical. -- in sight of course anything goes wrong by. Generate -- I don't know why all of a lot. We're now and infect our CNET eye that the before the show I don't even think anybody in your family nor the child later in life would want to see that rule. I totally agree on -- topic did you like started all like. Actually -- like -- hit squad who could be -- year. Deal for a pilot -- I mean is Mike -- and you know your child later on me with that you're gonna go. You now did you not hear an indictment and a now but you overseen by all of the better. It because I'm sure everybody will -- in lifetime another one of those stupid crazy shows and I have a great idea for a reality show and I know I say it'll probably get stolen but OK it's worth the risk and taken. The lunch ladies have to peek -- Kansas. I know who. When you think possibility there go out shopping for here I think that would be good yeah -- if it'll be on TLC or lifetime soon and just know that you heard it here first. -- prop up probably over there retailer is our first it's interesting as always thank you so much and we'll talk to you next week. That's the Hollywood -- -- Chris convert. On the radio did. Well it's time -- addition. Bounty by the mop -- 812 -- wrote -- North Kansas City -- that's so scam the -- in the bathroom he can't Stuckey got to get a senate -- Look at the bathrooms sparkling clean a cellphone only at the mop bucket dot com -- Yeah. Okay. The next time you find yourself alone at the airport which is pretty much any time after 10 o'clock at Kansas city international airport we came in the other night it was 1045. -- well maybe should take a page out of Richard Dunn's book and channel here. Inner Celine Dion he was there at the airport by himself. Any. -- video. An analyst on the it's a whole hilarious and he. Stuck overnight at the Las Vegas. Nick -- international airport he rejected the standard time wishing techniques -- -- -- re being here. Maybe crying alone if you to a stale -- -- -- And instead he he just let that his little inner created self take the wheel and we will post this on FaceBook if you have not seen it it's hilarious a funny funny video yeah. And obviously he had a lot more energy it says. Oh dark 39 wood at an army you pretend you do do. Think about the -- and you know if your cell phone user and your guy. To be sticking your pants -- -- matters I'm just telling you you hear me -- there is a new study in the UK. That's out sounding the alarm possible harmful effects of cell phones a male fertility. They -- to the extent and it's not good a little swimmers not coming out not coming -- -- coming out all apparently so there saying if you can use your cell phone. Don't put it in your pants pocket. -- but he sure pocket media OK but don't -- in your pants pocket. So there okay little warning out there you go you've heard it here. From Darcy Bobble -- Blake I'm never gonna let you forget that yeah. There are public kind to people in the world those who stop in traffic accidents to see if they can help and those who just drive by. It was just a little girl when my -- first told me that and I remember actually watching him do it stopping at a traffic accident and running to a pay phone to call for help. And that made quite an impression on me those -- the words of Marla Thomas was talking about her dad and recently she did for Mother's Day collection. Of great advice for mom's already the world. And got such a huge. Acclaim that for the FaceBook community she's free posting it again so happy Father's Day every one. And we will -- post -- -- little collection on our FaceBook page and it might bring. Couple tiers tier I think sent more happy for all the same to everybody that's out there anything special you can plant should know. So my. -- Always do that we really don't have anything planned and and and I'm trained to think that there was anything special when I was a kid from my father. Because he was such -- sonics so we now know even then I think I mean in a -- a couple of times kind of a grouchy guy and I UNL central whom. Yeah doesn't offer -- yeah yeah just that they are a guest -- I think let's do this giant Citigroup courses start piracy and if you're angry digging out my hormone I just says Ukraine and I want to seminar. That is going to be on July 10 will shields always love him inside sixteenth sports finance the sports camps there. And of course Julian Smith and Christine Romans with tactic cowgirl up over the -- financial and Lee -- chateau with chateau milk who maybe have -- glass of milk not rookies with debt got cookies and cream. That's repair a gripping her own thing about that is don't like -- -- -- -- but he looks. And of course we love treat -- like us on FaceBook when you go to FaceBook to watch the video army had to get the advice. That's -- sharing from canceled for the world you can go and say hey. Click I like the radio dish we left treaty we'd love you delight guests as we weren't as -- Alaskan wrongdoers he does it sounds rough but -- follow us on FaceBook and of course. Also on Twitter as well and make sure that you come back every week to -- -- -- haven't just don't buy anything until you have the money am I get what it says that. It's Darcy late Mary McKenna and you had the radio dished -- comes next week. They're provided by Robert McCain now with the new lady looks a lot in Westport. Band -- and really good on radio.

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