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Entrepreneur KC Radio 6.10.14

Jun 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the start of the universe cannot have fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dream isn't too recent got to visualize playing -- and very clear about the money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and tried not to hurt anybody along the way entrepreneurs pave the way into the future of the industry start. College and -- plug in and turn on. Entrepreneur George Casey you. Police were entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back it was one of the best decisions ever made with your host Jason grills. -- Kansas City and welcome to the entrepreneur KC show I'm your host Jason -- thanks for joining us today hopefully you. -- great search your summer and I appreciate you listen to the show is always. You can find our show on the Internet at seemed easy dot com all of the podcasts are listed there if you missed any. Pashos. You can also connect with me on Twitter at Jason grill. And at entrepreneur Casey. -- do something will differ with the show today. Couple weeks ago IA was. On the air on a show that airs actually. On Tuesdays on the same radio station team BZ. 1660. AM I was on the show with. Live with a -- in Laura and we had a really fun hour we talked about everything about what I do in my life and got to know each other really well so instead of having our typical you know three -- four entrepreneurs on the show. I thought to be really cool to have. Ryan rinks and a Laura -- night you were the hosts of that show and also very experienced and successful entrepreneurs. On the show today to talk about their lives business the radio show. This everything Kansas City. And so they are in studio today and I'm excited to see them on this beautiful Thursday afternoon how are you guys. I'm happy and glad to be a part of the gorilla nation Jason -- -- just -- Though you get a lot of that even -- -- on base and Jason I got to Florida I gotta be chaos nasty guys. A good friend it's Dan is a US attorney who came on the show for charity than a few weeks ago and he kept saying. Get set to grill nations and I've just coined that -- something about maybe rebrand in the shell -- Kona grill nation what do you say yeah how he gets that word out the guy. Fatal blood donation nomination it's kind of like it's very fox new easy to me that I can't know about that but ethos and anyway it's -- So guys we're gonna I told the audiences but we're gonna spend the entire hour with you too. Awesome people today that's a first wow where there aren't there are nerds. -- I've never done that before and you guys you guys to death for me on your this year and is not and it was so much on the hour went by it so blazing fast that after reading continue our conversation and come talk about what you guys been up to and really got to tell about you know what's going on in your world so. -- for those on blitzer see you maybe don't know you guys won we us -- up the baton kind of explain your background in -- New York. You want first your needs and they first no because Ryan has to tell the story of our radio show which has has set us this is the radio shows us there is in the building and it is just penthouse is now three weeks. -- the one better with the day. We've got a banner on the wall so you he will he get a banner while I don't have a -- out I can give -- 30000 foot view my journey in life here in Kansas City Amman from -- Kansas City kid grew up in park fill my folks still live in the same house I grew up then. And on that kid that. You know took me some apart -- guy that etc. why we connected our leadership in general I Griffin. You are part of the park -- putts actually group TC mode that most of my friends of the park Phil Knight anyway with the wireless so yeah I hear he's moving south. And now let's so an -- later in the show. So park -- Again went to park hill high school. Went to the zoo and had a stent exude that basically lasted about three years and got the dreaded letter. Saying hey you're not welcome back because you've had sub semesters and aren't really appropriate for what we're looking for. So dreaded the dreaded -- letters dreaded disease letters I had too much fun and you know when you get a DN swimming in Indian RO TCU -- library obviously didn't go to class. Or at all so then -- in deciding it's over like me -- -- -- -- I had game is in show up offense so anyway and then journey brought me back to. To park -- and ended up after -- park killing 1990s. After -- awesome years. I got my degree. From park the university's. -- there's a theme there right. And after eight years of a school got a degree in communications which means glorified -- Is this a guy that's -- -- that in that Iran is still a very honor now. And I -- roses is how startups entrepreneurs succeed there until it's it. -- -- respect for sale also today is gonna try graduate because of the two point 19 GPA went into sales started sell on and as an inside sales got an old firm that's no longer here at the time -- was oldest existing. The oil business in Kansas -- in the northeast bottoms called Richards in Conover seal company. And sell OxyContin also maybe the only years giving swimming lessons so your whole company lets no longer -- yeah. Sad that that I knew the people that this guy named Frank Mir. Give me a shot back in 98 pay me 181000 dollars a year -- pumped I was inside sales which means always supporting the outside guys just trying to load -- with -- commodity of steel. And it was a blast on. 181000 box is awesome -- and it was part I'm oust palm show that then you could try to look half of that. Was living at home for that first you know six months of mine so that I got a little Condo -- analyst for enough a killer donating -- days so then after six months salary outside sales guys laughed and I went into Franken at the same time I think I can I think I can -- outside sales thing up as a -- relationships and I can run this thing give -- chance. Don't go hire somebody else. So you dig in your -- -- the expense account and for the next couple years that's what I did and -- that was awesome -- the company just went flat gone. It just is what it is so that journey took me to. Different mind Peter Clooney who's now on executive over a locked in -- Brought a lot of us into the fold of this company here and now called -- but it kind of universal underwriters group. And -- and Dennis King interviewed being hired me and how is single kid and I had three choices Phoenix Salt Lake City or Italy and no pitcher move in and we're gonna start you off and you're gonna be selling property casualty insurance auto dealers Michael so I chose Atlanta because the. See now here's here's our reception there I would never chiseling why. It I've been all three. I am a huge fan of -- -- -- no one else run your pride as his demand that -- their but it is got everything. It has but you can drink they're not too which is get back in May be couldn't you have -- -- might turn you got yes dean. The twenty minutes from the dust -- you got golfing best golfing. Public courses that would rival anything here that's private. And you know it's like it's about two million people the same says Casey. So as monetary decision was and whether -- and got as solid had no existing -- -- Well from our risk taker somebody I looked at the monetary Atlanta I had an existing book of business and a ton of opportunity sort of make more money Salt Lake had nothing and and Phoenix was a start -- shows the established with a more opportunity there and blew it out down there ended up be one of the top sales guys in the country in the what did you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- most thrown in a Condo in -- by myself as a single guy met in my way too much money won eighteen grand either. But I've never actually been to bucket out why I've been -- rattle and I've been there for more of the convention SEC championship by -- asked it's readers around. Yes I mean I haven't seen the -- experience house autism that's laziness Claire what is four plus the combined isn't it yeah and imagine having way too much money is singled out no independence no responsibilities all you have to do is get up and go -- -- -- -- -- them 27 maybe. So I'll crime yeah and has great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lot of money well front then -- I Medicare our name's Stacey and have. See you Larry Atlanta national and Kansas City we connected and in three years and Atlanta brought me back here I get married and start my dream so I had a choice second state of the universal or starting this financial services outfit. And it was comfortable universal because I knew it but it also capped my in my income potential. So I decided to. Go flat out -- get a phone -- can -- star -- -- the phones for financial services. And rode that train for ten years did really well -- -- with a four OK market vs the financial planning market. I think they're two totally different animals -- and after ten years in there and doing really well one of the top five sales guys at forty or fifty every single year. See that the American college pretty on cal pretty good sales sales stuff. So than in 2010 and I took the chance and had a partner still do today and mark on the ship and we walked into. The principal's office if you on this in the eighth grade girlfriend Erica -- it's not you it's it's me and he was that disappointed -- -- under his girlfriend that's like that a college girlfriend now find house advance amid. After college go for entering. And so Italian is the disappointed father why didn't you tell me we couldn't help Jimmy had a good relationship. And then. So at the time I quit my job I was going through a divorce and mark when I started our new journey called to last advisors. Which is four OK consulting. In 2010 in a spare bedroom in Rama noodles with a broken laptop broke going through divorce does that in two dozen tents that doesn't tell us so we got a four years it's that's helped us so -- -- -- it was attorneys says it is seems like just yesterday to me so gallery so -- -- here in history -- -- not. Now my current wife near tearing during that process. You took less than. Right now. So from Astaire better and a broken laptop Rama noodles fast for four years today and I'm excited we've got -- local clients in Kansas City that bought into our vision of a different way to look at before okay. And then just last Friday. And I told Marca literally means that the fast fifty just came on the -- business journal. Into west advisors my -- -- market as was seventh fastest growing company Kansas City in -- years. So mark goes like what does that mean I -- I don't know I just I really think it means we adults I think we're doing -- -- So we're on a journey to make it doesn't like and what lies. And is is so -- in our listeners out there are a lot of people listen the show -- you know starting a business here entrepreneurial -- You know and they don't think about what you did I mean you notice they put everything they had into the business so so hot at what what's -- sales -- why should they be concerned about Portland Kansas. And how and how do you get them involved well I Selby MB. -- -- -- be -- and assets they got the fastest growing list that he's ready and it really is happening is that you most admired its PR media relations is pretty much. DB or you know very technical groups now like you're -- bar restaurants more of your life insurance company year at tech company right echoes that. You know it was one of those things Marco are -- we don't believe that we're better. I don't think there is grass is greener so we never set off saying all I can do better than what anybody else can. It was more about being different and then be measurably different so. You know -- -- commodity then -- complicated and -- -- all over the place you've got all this responsibility what we do that extremely well but our main focus. This financial education because I have a theory a passion that. It statistics are out there if you just listen that -- Angie cat people are swimming in credit card -- people don't know how to manage a budget people are just paycheck to paycheck. And that creates financial stress that then comes into the workplace in the employer has to deal that so there's a leakage there's ten to twelve hours a month leakage and just financial stress that. Stressed that the employer loses. So if the four OK bucket as the biggest bucket for most Americans retirement. We just simply said how can we attacked them -- the problem at the -- at the behavior. So we focus highly on employee education on budgeting we have a debt management program. Didn't people you know just understand how to -- checkbook and put together a network statement and then we can take and measure. Those results show it back to the employer and say this is what's going on in your workplace this is what we've done to. Curve that and this is the bottom line revenue that were driving to use as a four -- Kay consultant. So -- partner with people that want to. Help their people but can also drive bottom line revenue and that's our niche story and people like it and that's where that growth comes from because it's not better Jason it's just different. And we can prove and that's fun and you few. Fairly new business -- -- your anniversary coming up July 15. Relations man it's good stuff and an autographed copy of the journal. So it's not perfect man it's tough but noted -- that's pretty quick growth -- -- -- that's exciting 81 clients a lot of clients gas so if you did and then we just had our first merger and acquisition. So that doesn't include that growth that won't report until next year so hopefully we can keep climbing on that deal but -- -- but. Be announced for newer sign me up today I love that girl I love freedom and a laugh tracks flexibility. That's my favorite part about the job and I love the fact that you get fired so. And with that -- afire by -- clients I'm okay whatever I can't -- -- -- lose my job -- that's right that's right that's right -- but with that could get a good break here pretty -- right -- yeah -- you wait to -- -- story no -- at the 99 at NASA retires -- now I'll I'll take the two minute. A whole young guys straight day means you need a lot more time with you guys today we're -- we're talking to you Ryan -- in the organized the hosts of live with Ryan in Florida say there at Rican blood with three Tim or -- mother calls me rotten -- with drink and Laura and we -- back after the break and -- Casey should. Welcome back in to see the -- turner KC show I'm your host Jay -- drill. Today we are alive with the green and Laura that close to be live with drinking or show on the team BZ business channel 1616. And great for segment. Brian great great. -- here -- about your stormont. Very very -- together get a great history minutes that I am we'll get back into it a little bit -- let's move on to. Your lovely co host the story of a degree radio show the top rated shows I believe I'm building a course. I'm proud of how we have a floor patent rights sitting in my right or aria I am great so. I -- you. Believe a long time ago in your past life so I kind of wanted to talk to you about what you want and what outlines a charitable chair and I yeah four after. Terrible half a trillion attorney grossed attorney its serial entrepreneur our triage nurse so let's costs are off willing to go all the way back. I mean we don't -- to go back park Phil I I just ran a friend and don't worry about what I never go back there god. My head -- a letdown and kind of tells about your background and kind of we had a great conversation off where about air about how. You gonna -- you are today and what you're doing with only three in entrepreneurship the kind of take us through like the boring seventy beginning to. You'll none of you know we can we can make -- or emailing -- media I think it's interesting to find out where people came from and and it certainly helps explain a lot of -- and when you understand this -- -- All medics -- study. But I think the story of how how we got together on the show is a great story which Ryan Loney to tell -- part of this cherish it because the show live with drink and -- really has. Becomes such a powerful force I think for a lot of CEOs in Kansas City to. Get together and to share ideas and to get to know each other and that's really why we do this we we believe. Firmly in the power of people. I'm Ryan and I believe that the more we can lift up the great companies in the great people in Kansas City and more good will come of that. Like with -- Laura is a wave at each of us gives Barack. We we are both busy with our companies that we carve out time to devote to the radio show we have great sponsors. On the radio show Hoosier heartland and bank of Kansas City along -- your many. I'm so we're really fortunate to be doing -- together and thank you for having us on today yes thank you very much so I am actually a fifth generation Kansas City. I care deeply I can. I could enact any of those around my family came to Kansas City in eighteen -- the CI am going way back that they were entrepreneurs they. They've built companies them lumber. And mortgage and home building some building things -- all like to build things but yeah I started off as a tax attorney cans which I respect a lot because. Pretty complicated stuff as well you know anyway at each -- you learn something anybody can figure out I guess but -- Lost somehow -- some love tax earnings -- in the eyes aren't great yeah. Now I'm not a very apparent -- funny thing -- cared -- they care about what I loved about being a tax attorney it was day human side of combining. Money death. And taxes and family knew I had love Messi came from con Edison messy election in there and figure this out for people don't really help them solve that problem. So the problem that you're trying to solve with an estate planning attorney is how you help people fulfill their vision of a legacy that's really what you're trying to do. And how do you take all of these pieces and make -- come together to create this. This family legacy in the Stanley brand in this meaning in the Stanley that is gonna tied again at the wealth. And everything else the family is doing. One of the things that I watch -- when I was at the law firm Spencer -- law firm. Was how. Much more satisfied. Clients war when and there was a charitable element to Thursday plants. So all of this empirical research that I studied just because I was there in the midst of it for six years. Was really interesting to me that while the families that are in banning charitable giving somehow in -- plans. Are a lot more productive a lot wealthier a lot happier a lot more satisfied. Than. -- the people who don't. And that made me really interest it's so it was. Than a great opportunity I had to move over to the greater Kansas City community foundation right helped. Them launch a branch in Johnson County. Is that through your your. Client worker -- that. It just community work probably Atlantis had been involved in a lot of things that really fundamentally at the heart of what a community foundation is or at least one here in Kansas City. It's just have really a form of the state planning her legacy planning so. The psychology was not that different it's helping people figure out what legacy they want to live now -- nurse to talk to your first because this big titles such confidence. Now yes I'm just a scary person I -- -- another radio superstar had a nice guys she's easy to talk to him tonight. Well thank you and it's you talked to a lot of people about their. Families and their taxes and death and life and all of that and I think it is very humbling there are a lot of really amazing people in Kansas City who's done a lot through philanthropy and I think he mentioned something Jason to be inning. Of the show which is combining philanthropy and entrepreneurship in those two especially in Kansas City those two things go together. Really really powerfully. Kansas City is extraordinary and it's entrepreneurship and there's no one better to talk about than than you and what you're doing here on the show. But it's also extraordinary in terms of its philanthropy when you think about the philanthropist. And the entrepreneurs who've built businesses in Kansas City. And they have chosen to give back through philanthropy even the list is powerful and Melissa long. Ewing Kauffman. Henry -- Joyce hall. The list goes on so we are very Philanthropic community. That's combines the power of philanthropy with the power of entrepreneurship. And that's pretty cool so I ran their operations the of the greater Casey -- and I did. Edit for now Ecstasy doubters but it's their turn eleven years -- for six now has two billion dollars one of the largest most successful community foundations in the country elation they are they -- -- -- -- now WL percent -- my good friends from law school is now. CEO of that great organization and there's a fabulous team behind it so. She went from there to. Publishing sort of publishing companies are not true -- endeavors you have another company out of talk about that we tunnel and we can talk about that but I but I think what's most important to me is when I believe and it's a belief that Ryan and I rink and I ain't so there. And that is that philanthropy and doing good should be a positive experience for the people doing it. And and that's going to be in your mission in the last ten minutes I think it's been my mission my whole life at all I kind of like it's on but now that I can analyze my aunt Lorena I think doing it well and and how is doing getting good experience threat of doing it. Not that causes aren't important app I meant a big believer in their causes that and I certainly support personally and believe and that nonprofits are really important. But most of the time in philanthropy that's what gets the attention and rightfully so. But not many people are looking at the supply side of philanthropy in what is it take to create a really great experience for a family. Company. A grant maker or F foundation and -- who the people doing a good noted that the ladies recycling are cans of Diet Coke you know that would be me. How how to -- great experience for that person as as much as the experience that we're creating for. The guy is giving. Million dollars to medical research institution -- -- -- experience of people keep doing right could -- Leo got a minute left tell me about -- self. That's our company tonight I started that company went my business partner -- owl. Jeff and I have been friends for -- 27 years they went to college together. We've been talking about doing in business together for that long and Mulder is south is all about some making giving a positive experience for the people doing it. Truly entrepreneurial through and I never yeah it's yeah finalists moved yellow we got great clients who. So what is that experience been like -- from the big law firm big company do your own business. Fine yeah. Nice guy and I guess that it actually it's been out a it's been everything I hoped it would be and more -- Let's get it's been really -- am starting something from scratch with around a new idea is harder than I thought it would be right. But now that it's going and Jeff and I are seeing some. Real growth in our lines of business it's becoming very rewarding and so it's good. It's always about bullets she -- and some notoriety -- yeah thank you describe it grows and grows -- it. Yes Clinton's very cool very cool where we're sort of the full hour today. Which is the first the pensioner Casey showing Ryan raped and Laura midnight thinks soliciting -- turner KC show. We'll be right back after the break a wanna get into your guys are shown kind of talk about Samir guests. We'll be right back and entrepreneurs Casey -- Welcome back to -- under KC show under hosts. Jason -- on our so far today. Breaking it down with the cohosts of the live with three -- more on the team -- business channel 1660. AM. Guys great -- so far it's great dead insidious thanks for coming on and again think transmitting your shows private the most fun hours. But I've had. In this business I guess -- 000. Yeah I've been through this show I ever think it Juarez and unemployment is awesome. Policy work some political talk and a but I think you guys -- guests feel right at home. It's very conversational which is all but entertainment and -- in -- in helping prop of Kansas City and our great companies. And I'm not I I had people listen in that you know that hadn't -- listen in before. TJ gorilla nation ownership but I thought. I love that really excited about you guys as years you know the forming in this and how videos you together to me it's all the hype playoff each other and the guys work well so I want to kind of talk about the show let's get into some of the guests talk about when it's on promoted it. -- -- -- Alex should I stories so doors in the show. There is a show at a competitive station here in Kansas City on back five years ago. And it was hosted by gentlemen and it was called like success in the heartland or something like that it was a good show and -- time. And poke your eye out does not real spontaneous like wheel so Jason tell me about yours now well. So sometimes you got to try to get -- -- was also on -- -- up. But I knew the guy end. He was trying to interview somebody in the in this somebody cancel on the -- -- has a ring. You got a good story mean what you can't tell a story you and your partner mark until this was. And gone back to Obama inauguration day first term so 29. And we're on the air. And we tell fun stories were laughed a lot that a couple sales guys from the station after the shows hate. Special drink and get. You should do was show I'm like absolutely -- they have no idea what you're talking about -- -- -- you -- a communications major golf organizations major and I did radio at park and my cards mark noses like absolutely not it's disgusting to me is after Martha had created a business plan about. You know making a lot of other people Smart it was like okay we're not gonna do a weekly show for all can agree that will be a lot of people do that's it's awful for me anyway so. We traded at an idea and that was about connecting the sea level community and tell stories about our -- town community leaders Philanthropic folks CEOs presidents. And Marco never really enjoyed going to the show every week because that's not his DNN I loved it. Yes so breaks a two week it's -- had a break from reality -- -- I can get a bad news is the light goes on my hands as that is is listening to stories so anyway fast for about a year and a half into originally library DiMarco. I cold caller we have the same rate to a man I don't know. No ordinary no enemy now that you have so I -- this gal -- warm at -- -- cold -- -- -- -- four years ago I Coke called her and I was she was Selig indicated city community foundation and I called Calder and she had -- she had a great gate keeping system which I let her tell. -- -- And that's what this I think -- a lesson in and of itself. So we. Not I but the community finishing with a lot of calls when your managing 4000 tons in two billion dollars in articles. They'll come to our need to talk to the president of the community finish since then all flow into my office so I had two assistants one it would. It's -- calls from people he -- service and the other was just insert the general calls came in and here was my construction. I wanna take any calls that are from people who ormat clients of ours were upset fortunately that didn't happen very often that. The buck stops with me I need to handle anyone -- mad and I did it willingly. To take care of that the clients the second and -- like it was. Anybody who's really weird. I just need to entertainment so -- cannot just send you the real weird ones I don't get bored so one afternoon. That Jennifer came man and that. Are really really weird went on the -- his drop in all these names and says he needs to talk to you like. Trusting. Yeah stereo 'cause the. So here I come and Mike is called call and sides -- I start off of my little like and this is completely random and it's gonna -- we have a -- thirty seconds. And I said listen I host a weekly radio show. I know now I'm -- my radio yeah. I know I have not my idea since I know about seven. Our -- at the same folks in nominee name drop right now where it's gonna give you the opportunity where he can't say -- immediately in how this went named optimal. And asset wanna hook up it's got a while to get tonight and see if it makes sense interview on the show she's like why so we meet them that is Canada where if -- could get. Calls probably your life. What the heck is this all about anyone out -- habit you know what I'm curious person and I am always looking for an opportunity always ends out there is just something I thought. Skies just crazy enough. Yeah I'll be an opportunity plus this so what else might -- -- I might as well right. So I take Marco in the new she's a lot alien freaks we meet down on the plaza a lot failing and I come rolling in which isn't around anymore we know that I -- crying now. I've grown in jeans boots have been go western belt buckle and snap western shirtless and we're right. Yeah that's that's got Margolis Mark Foley and we hit it off of slime she did come on the show and then in typical Laura McKnight fashion. Which obvious this is parliament -- parts of the radio journey. She eventually had so much fun on the show I think she may have come back again as a second time -- she basically. Bull dog her way and it's had market you need to go away -- with Rica -- much better I liken this is going to be fine. And Marco instantly is like a thank -- I can't stand common here so Lauren are designed to show. Similar blow with a lot more on stood Tizzy got a different dynamic you've got done sales guy with fancy -- got male female we've got. Good networks and sound don't cross over each others -- were able to go on find good gas and really create an experience around is so about a year and a half two years ago. I got a call from came BZ in it was a win and KXTR I think was was the you know Beethoven 24 hours a day station. Wasn't really profitable for this family over here in -- com so they decided who said they were gonna we're gonna and from a business model standpoint. We're gonna be the only. Showing town that drives business is 980 is really you know Hannity in Russian politics we don't have a candidacy local business just so they ended up. You know contract to a Bloomberg national. To go back and forth to New York you know -- it's what's going on for 75% of the time. And then the other 25%. Was for local shops like the ones you Margaret Barrett and they say you guys got game you've got a good bring in would you leave warrior had come over and be part of the easy field. And duet and -- will support you in the previous experience and so Laura Tyson will by gosh we've been -- -- now for about two years. And in and there in the upstairs that -- the -- yeah. I -- not take calls and everything -- -- very Laura live on the brink of -- dot com. That's about connecting the community together and us unselfish way about just make and you know a lot of the season the fees in the three leaders and so hard it. Kansas -- got so many cool stores dropped. That not a lot of people under Steve and what's really out there so true. From in the last five years we've had Tom block on probably three times we've had Tom Moore from Russell Stover with -- rob Hyman our Robb -- on from a sporting. We just recently this year John McDonald says Tony boulevard she's becoming our shows like some questions from you -- yeah rant and then -- we just had gray grace which is awesome C -- -- Mac and it was a cool stories right everybody kind of knows those stories but what I like about the show. Is they're sneaky little things like this and -- the Kansas city's awesome corporate travel company Brent and area over there you've got. -- Davis from summit left I mean this guy started off as a -- hander. And worked his way up he now owns summit with to print shop out lease on the 25 employees doing three and a half million in his -- for. It's those kind of stories that I love about Kansas City doesn't have to be the big burns in Mac in the Heineman in the sporting -- means is that stuff in this town itself while we're Dylan. Is bringing in this so we've -- about a 180 local interviews last five years. Com and we've got them all archive on our web site go back and look at -- some alone and it's just fun man it's it's absolutely energizing. Let's look at juries in -- I mean I'm looking here with Sarah now you mentioned -- in MacKey had Ottawa University wirelessly cell phone medic Baker University -- media office products alliance hot midwest snow to sell boulevard brewing company and eco friendly vodka -- lot doing good as Soviet -- -- That cleared -- what does the fight like I say if you're gonna drink drink often drink local and drink responsible also drinking ego free 68. Eco friendly 360 vodka and Triple Crown. And I always say make sure as double chocolate and I can't undercount atop Bruney right here distilled right here in Kansas City by McCormick distilling and half the nation's. Oldest ongoing to Stiller and it's in Weston's -- -- and they're very well and for the whole rap brand experience our guests on the radio show and actually get McCormick modcast. I never really began life yelled yes you do that already appears before. -- is that guided didn't get to guess because you guys knew I didn't need it -- -- OK I was -- Carolina -- I believe what every expense death let's go right Greg usually when people call my so they bring me gets. So O local different until against I -- enough access. Any night Larry and Syria today guys to be honest I -- Amman and I think we have and I do get energy. You from the show I love listening to stories and I love giving. As lord has taught me there's multiple ways to give but through giving threw eighty I be having a bad and the human and the stuff that happens and I know that on Tuesday. At 1 o'clock on the -- like goes live up to the penthouse studio around here man I just for an hour I get to escape reality and it's totally cool from. -- get in the whole story telling factor I mean I can tell it from a mile when I was on I mean you guys really you don't just do the typical interview questions. He literate there -- you know. -- -- -- has come to build the business model and is really super simply -- come. -- hard you have to say it infrastructure is we have no structure. They you know what that is an end of the -- asking for advice -- for Norris sometimes you have to say -- if if especially if you are really structured person which neither -- all right as though some people are. You have to be comfortable with no structure because you cannot make a business plan and it's gonna serve you for that could be locked down for twelve months is this change tomorrow. Have you embraced that if you embrace chaos and -- our structure is no structure -- making a decision to go with the flow things were a lot better. They'll let me ask you this when you get the CEOs on their big companies -- -- mean. We're not scared at all. They say though that that but again but there are a little more -- -- to -- these guys have done just -- that is -- -- they have bigger lead in Joplin notes in front. They tell you on not to worry about it and we -- are gonna make a pleasant experience. And we don't we'll -- and you do some -- I take them to launch -- what he's proved really -- mission from 1130 to 1230 I. I know that every every -- the ranks special I just how much of the -- -- -- -- -- a little like he's -- drill right here. Mission and I -- them for an hour we share stories I get to tell my story I get to hear their story and make them feel comfortable at all I'm not gonna take a weird places and talk about their child and there there's stuff and it's just. I just let him know that we're gonna miss a -- laugh line we're gonna have a lot of funded so whenever three ring Bryant he brought you can leave in the recycle it. Has everything I want -- everything I wanna know about junior businesses in your head. So that we need a Rauf on the show because. We have no questions -- look -- we -- -- -- what's funny is people in the army in the early ahead Q what what kind of questions in non joining us today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's canonized as. Talk about sexually I've never thought about that the formal let's think about it now live on the -- that's the most interest -- as -- -- said he wanted it on John McDonald. Yeah -- he's a very inching guy and the image such animals cool he's funk he's got cool white -- funky glasses what 6060 wants where's the trendy clothes it is trying to close steps he says. So. I asked people what they wanna be when they grow and so I told I told us that listens like you decide that you ought to be craft misses the foot and mouth and I've done this would -- walked two and the great story. Since our psyche grow up as a kid wanted to be craft brew world Dominique -- enemies and -- wannabe police officers astronaut he's like. Actually. -- craft -- everything I wanted to do I start crafting Beers basements. Thought here's a good economic watney museum mile man was crafted and brewed on the basement and sell. It was great so my dad was crafted -- down there. I started craft in the -- and I became an Oxford Mueller because his beer was so bad I started selling its high school students in making money. So I've been in the craft -- business pretty much my entire life and now you know we've just you know. Merged with a forget the name of the dozen companies that do -- -- Amazon to go on one that's weird that's not happened before. This is it's -- -- it's great -- acre itself. Guys we right back and entrepreneur Casey sure the last seven minute live with the region north today in steep. Yes welcome back to the -- for their case he shot your host Jason grow alongside two radio veterans in. Great kids sit ins and people in the know if you ever have met them they are a fun. Great people and very honest and do great job with the live with three -- lord show on the came easy business channel 16:16 AM. We are with Ryan rink and Laura mic night for our last segment on the show today guys you got a great job -- thinks are coming -- -- -- nation today. Carlo six weeks and you know -- -- higher turnouts they're into our nation I was yeah. But no -- -- join us announcer -- she guys their due to great bit of work but in the last segment I kind of wanted to you know start off the segment talking about you know you guys have. You know you've grown in your business you've grown over your your careers and done a lot of different things talk to me about we have a lot of entrepreneurs listening about ups and downs and Kouchner a process. And for -- -- price tag about leaving the corporate environment in in you know starting your own business and what that was like yeah there. Variety can talk about the ups and downs and beat it beat at the bottom of the barrel at one point he said at one point 2010 now beyond. Close the top of the fastest growing business solace is dive in right there and it's our -- All right apprentice every tell you we love no structures. And their nest structure yeah -- Casey shouldn't. Love it that's why I look at. I go back to the radio show after a 180. And users so many different types of launch partners are not like just hey I don't company. There's multiple generation where the kids have taken over for the fathers -- on the tried to scale that that's different than maybe what I did which was. Stop -- stop working quit your job and go work -- spare bedroom and hope it works in the service industry talking about four OK. There is folks like prime who -- part of the sprint incubator. 2720. We're going to get on I guess you guys and I -- I -- and very cold Minnesota guy down so we had we're going to Tyler I think it's cool because dig a game it's a different -- they're building an apt to bring end. You know medical records to make people's lives easier and you know -- -- I think it's cool you guys had homeownership death toll call the injured San Francisco Silicon Valley tech guys that they came here through sprint so let's celebrate Kansas City camera. And you know there's all kinds of different things so I look at from an entrepreneurial standpoint. Very simple or that or that the restaurateur right. Restaurateur to they wanna have one location and just by job or they wanna blow -- up to twenty locations and franchises there's all kinds of different ways so. It's tough though because you've got to figure out do you wanna be a practice or practitioner he -- have a company in the two totally different ways I know what you're saying you're speaking my language -- so. Mark when I decide it all along that we don't need and we are he had cool lifestyles and we're giving in making decent incomes are passed. So we decided that we wanted to be different we wanted to be -- company in -- totally different because. You know you can do all the things that you want in life and monies that the money motivation is not in my DNA if you just do good money shows up that's just the way it's always -- -- When you decide to go from a practice to a company that creates. Employee issues that creates more of my time team that creates some allow us freedom and flexibility that I had. And that comes with a little bit of pain and it's just knowing and going into -- -- best be aware what you're getting into it and know that it's not going to be easy and. And it's a lot of people you know you watch sensor on HBO Silicon Valley. Now what's the first -- very good show that you know the last episode the end of -- it she did he you know he was -- one -- disrupt out nonsense discount and then at the -- in his venture capital lady was like okay -- -- we're -- have to -- -- and he's -- like diaries atop the mound because he became notice and then. Is that you have to do this in this near poisonous this us anywhere outside throughout this dumpster at the end of China was the go to go to black. It's really the problem I mean everyone thinks what she -- invested you get some PR you get some extension. You know you're gonna just be set for life so far about building the company if you decide that you know I've decided more subdued. Partner -- people because it helps you grow quicker. And gives you more back you're building an ecosystem yeah I don't know what I was like with the meter relations business I can partner with a big agency tracking -- They have a lot of back it still make an -- Debbie nimble in the quick and that's kind of more of the consulting and now you and -- company a bunch of employees that's a lot more headaches that you have to make that decision. Eggs are just different I but I do one of the things we learned from Tyler last week which I thought was so interesting. Was his focus on being in business to solve a problem men if you start with that. It is it makes everything so much easier and it actually makes it's much easier to get to those days Regis think oh my gosh I don't know if I can take just another day. Solving the problem gets he's here I also think it's a source of frustration because she was she could solve the problem I wish I could solve this problem. Overnight but then I would have a son of building this business to solve the problems if you look at it with. Start with why you know we've all seen the video we all watched all the Simon -- stuff. But truly if you're trying to solve a problem and that's what she'd get up and want to do every day to make things better for people it. It does help I think that's what it entrepreneurs and -- forget about what they're doing their pitch predicted -- thirty seconds -- explaining your company you -- -- explain what -- Elaine here's why here's why we -- just as what's the -- what's the point. And it was interesting -- Tyler even said they didn't do a whole bunch of competitive analysis they didn't start by breaking down the analytics in the big data and analyzing every club company out there trying to solve medical records. IK there's not -- out there that's that does this week we never seen it here's a probably need to -- has been great from the user side and so let's no written. That's great advice the strait of -- recorded to say about that. Solve problems is that is that what you tell people -- your first thirty seconds when you're on the phone. There's solitude when you call Laura up on the phone today. No I was not enough to where this sets up and stupid enough to where she's like he's crazy that's comedian. Now are -- talk about your business so when you're trying to sell for one case. BB. There's always thought your problem is a maker like Caesar Campbell what's funny is I pick up so many nuggets over the last 56 years on this radio and journeys or higher on -- you know I've got a whole journal of -- -- things from other people that have said. To us things that I don't have to gallery learn so. You know the whole problem solving thing last week I think prime -- on. No offense Smart I didn't really think anything about that so and just one week I've changed my pitch to the marketplace when I see somebody. So I just chicken nuggets along the way and reinvent myself all the time somebody said as a as an ounce for newer. That in now if you're not constantly blowing things up and reinvent team then everybody will pass you. In the relationship I've got way it was Marco is. And the -- comes in blow stuff up. We're working on projects are you guys thinking you guys are room -- a little more staff obviously more weight more established business. Savvy than I am at this point tell me again like what what are your friends and family thing to -- you guys do I mean does that get T sometimes when you know you're gonna. -- friends and as -- -- and we're still the big firm I don't friends were -- Big companies and they did -- cubicles of law firms -- -- you know good money minute -- a little island that my eight. Friends and family have always known how I am. And they really just shake their heads and saying there she knows. Again. Sell a lot of balls in there -- it. -- the wider issue they're like that I introduce dispersant the I am I NAS it's is just. -- -- -- Applicable. And they just shake their heads like and and I don't you know -- -- that a lot of those people that. Pretend to be your friends or pretend to be colleagues when you do something -- likely that major position where you have a very strong and safe title behind your name understanding nearest safe person to talk with. And you suddenly don't have that you're doing something to solve the problem that. No one's really ever thought about in that way. Did people scattered pretty quickly we just acts kind of useful. Because -- -- had time to -- the more serious about really wanting to work with you you just don't have time for. A -- I think one of the great things about being an entrepreneur -- we really can discern what's worth spending your time on and what's not good because. Eight people either will join you and and -- -- they want. They're not there they're not with you because you've got some title and you have to question their motives you pretty much are saying here's what I am -- -- great if you don't buy. And and I had it the whole experience -- in politics was the time is huge dead and now you get calls like hate doing a run for this can you were thinking about this year like. You know what I. Hello I am not true or building a business may get some money and being a part of the community two. Setter digs out a bigger impact. But I am and ask Ryan rink if he will be my campaign manager when I run for her mayor -- he's an incentive Wanda. But I run again for office one that I would be OK with it's all about time management I outsource it to somebody else so it's all right did have a title in. -- like a magnet for awhile. Brian what are your thoughts about that about you know. Be at the bottom raised yourself Upton in the response maybe that you get from friends family colleagues on the economy in the sales business your life that any change paths. Yet its interest in. I am. Far from there is no such thing -- perfect I've got a checkered past. Like we all do I tend to -- my heart -- -- that term. Why do better than baggage adaptation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But for friends and -- with me. -- everybody has gone through my life journey with me knows where I've been and then they see where -- today and it's just more of which is kind of cool it's more like oh my gosh how did that happen. I never saw him given that I thought he was gonna be like in leavenworth at one point -- yeah. So I know yeah a lot of shocking -- now. A lot of life experiences have more than -- who I am today and that's actually better it's so much better to under promise and govern us all quite on on the regular show I play the dumb guy she plays the Smart and I just basically my entire life set the bar -- and -- growth. That anything I don't have been like wow. That was cool -- they're like yeah. Raising your amazing -- joke when I didn't really set the exploration to you know so but friends and family I've learned a lot of humility. This from interview and other guests and -- their journey and you know of course is a single child for the most part. So for -- as those rises in -- And a mom on just like -- who did a great of the may have been other -- like an area that's very middle class very. Yeah I mean you were rated one thing I've learned is. To those that have been given a lot a lot of us expect and so. Having whatever version of success. That. Were all -- today and and a lot is expected. One thing is that I never saw common as. In my whole life it was 85 had great stuff and petitions and often went home and well and never shuts off anymore it's 27 a wake up at 2 o'clock freak item on the computer three try to get back -- -- for that'll set them up have a coffee and navigate. Because it just never shuts down and that's tough. Dennis edit it sometimes isn't the only the Irish and -- it on the weekends too silly you you work on maybe on the weekend or console and a in death -- and it's it's -- you -- you know you can yellow worked a -- watcher -- -- or I can't please I can't. We get a lot of work done when -- on the radio -- inside and two life for kids twelve and 86 you know you got the tying your -- in your father in your work life balance and that's the easier you're you remarried now -- -- -- Tulsa -- but it's also -- holes ago that's for home I can do a whole show on -- -- literally be I don't get that W over couch segment now okay so you can do that and -- Sunday. It's fun -- that'll be fun it's a guy's got men and a half left on the show today. Really excited that we know Laura ignited a Ryan -- come in the -- today they're -- -- great job with their show live with three -- Laura. Let's talk about. How people can connect with you on the show how they can connect previous social. -- how they listen. It what time you're on this -- our Agassi because I know we're on FaceBook and Twitter have no idea how to do that. Yeah well -- and yet. Not think rock scene where we're -- get a great -- a lot of -- -- and Laura dot com. Live with brick and -- dot com guys -- check that out and he got -- easy is that you go to website you can look at the about pay its loosened all the shows that. Because they're great job posting your shows you have your sponsors on nowadays -- that Allen's last color -- any personalities a rock star. She's a rock star congratulations -- she's public medium it's oxidant so she gets more compact. Those double points are well raw data elements I keep getting your Father's Day sake email well and I detour into my wife Nancy and I'm just -- for Rwanda since. We're trying to arrests were trying to secure beyond. Big Brothers big sisters tournament there was -- one -- Illinois -- longest drive on whatever hole that was our -- -- for people that day that I -- -- when you -- and I Colombia's drug doesn't determine the right of the gates president be lots -- our national houses national. I was early in the morning. Didn't see that's next -- Well guys six or go on the Internet banks -- out. Tuesday scientists 1 o'clock 1 o'clock came -- busy channel 1616 MM live on came easy dot com that's right -- -- -- these guys to listen to these fine fine Kansas City as the rhetoric and -- midnight thinks her coalition today we'll talk to incident. And I think -- got -- KC show find all the shows sixteen BC dot com. Signing off today from gorilla nation tentatively ticket.