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Entrepreneur KC Radio 6.3.14

Jun 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the start of the universe cannot have fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dream isn't do -- -- better visualize playing hardball and be very clear about it money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and try not to hurt anybody along the the way entrepreneurs pave the way into the future of the industry start up. -- -- -- -- plug in and turn on. Entrepreneur word Casey your voice more entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back it was one of the best decisions I made with your host Jason -- Thought Kansas City and welcome to the entrepreneur KC show I'm your host Jason -- Thanks for listening us today on the team BZ business channel 1616 M and on line and it came easy dot com. Big show today gonna have a very interesting group of entrepreneurs. And business owners in studio today. We're gonna start off today with -- first segment with a man who was on one of the first shows. Of -- turner KC show we launched in October of 2012 I can't believe that. Over we're getting close to tears on the air which is a knock on wood hopefully that continues but. Nor have west Bergmann who's the founder and you know CEO basically the main man at beta blocks which is a very successful. I guess you know -- in incubator it's not an accelerator -- -- termed as an incubator in Kansas City in west is. There's -- truth earlier when he comes due. Entrepreneurship. Growing your business how to be successful launch for her and has been involved in Kansas City area. But really excited talked about the growth of data blocks on to other cities. And talk to about sort of his companies that have got to the program that have been successful. And also get into some of the current. Companies that he has going through the incubator at data blocks so we have west Bergen on the first segment. Potentially maybe keep around -- some extra time in her second segment today to talk to about some articles he's written a -- articles and entrepreneur magazine. As well as hub spot and various other avenues recently and talked him really into the nuts and bolts of you know how does that one of the top expert Douglas how to split equity. And keep your company. Most your company assumptions to keep your start -- grounded that are keeping your serve ground excuse me and gained a more. Really good -- for her influence -- tidbits. Hopefully in the second segment if we keep was here there -- third segment we will have. She NN a lien who is a motivational. Leadership speaker and I don't Sheehan and me and fret about five or six years she was a year I can't see chief cheerleader in a very successful. Motivational speaker and speaker and she is just blown up she's traveling across the country. To motivate both young adults and also corporations and doing workshop she's in seeing -- she's everywhere. And our website is -- in Italy dot com and I urge you to check that out. A -- listening to show today because should do and really great things. And it's very exciting. To see here also in our last segment we will have. Mike Wilson Michael Wilson the CEO of data since he's the president of in geology he's also co-founder now -- they really cool fantasy football. Application their fantasy sports application called. Competitive edge. He is it true serial entrepreneur and does things are prosecutors city area and we had him on before talk about stress TCU ping pong tournament last year. But I thought -- all the different things going on with Mike Wilson know what he's doing down there in the crossroads. It was time for an update on the various companies and what exactly data senses and competitive and so that's kind of alliance for today. Appreciate you joining us you can find all the podcast for the on turner KC show I came BZ dot com under the entrepreneur Casey radio link. And you can also connect with me on Twitter at Jason grill. Love to hear from you on Twitter and at entrepreneur Casey. So without further ado let's join our first interview today welcome back to the studio west -- howry did anybody really great thanks to bring you back good to see you. You know you've been you that your head -- work pretty hard but I got a chance -- to attend the royals game with few few weeks ago is a great time and we kind of caught up construct of a conversation about. What's going on with you what's gone a bit of books so. But suffer it does definitely mean it's been it's been one heck of -- last two years that structure so again. You know not everyone knows about -- blocks let's give a brief introduction of the program and where it's located what goes into it yeah I definitely I. I always call this might cheesy elevator pitch but it gets the point across fastest boat we are a school or university for startups were. Wish and it is a piece of their companies that we take five for some other company and we give them all sorts of things that a typical school give a student peninsula units of the person we did it's the team. You Sosa's things like office space and mentor lectures on one on one consultations and web design and access to investors and a demo day. So move. Been in a more sophisticated terminology we are a -- an incubator. You were first came on the street Q4 called us and accelerator and we experimented on ourselves and accelerator as well -- we don't give 20000 dollars ish to each company that comes to the program like solar orders to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So we have a very long hands on program. It several it's excuse me six months of contract it out hard core work with the companies polled by several years. A lighter incubation and an advisory roles. So were not a boot camp basically that's that three months and into and twenty grand in the recent C and we are. A very long term proposition. That's interesting and in its of one and one of the things that make -- as unique and -- mark. -- -- you and Cindy take you take very early six startups or how does that work yet so we take were opportunistic or capitals protect couple stick to the tenth degree for sure so. We are. Intrigued by the leader of the team so that's actually mean the biggest reason why take someone on -- if there. An awesome person that can accomplish a lot. And so the average company dispatch for example started about a month and a half ago the average company was -- to several 100000 dollars and -- -- -- -- -- So it's not like we're taking idea stage stuff but we well. So who I couldn't have touted that when we first started when we first started -- was. We could barely Philip baction it was with almost all idea stuff and it's hard to get in revenues and now we start substantially later. Let's talk about when you first sir when was that. News -- -- the time that on emergency radio. Yeah yeah the event that short I feel like you've been. The pavement here for awhile now January 2000 walls and reopens that was your first class that was the first us know what class are we on them. We're starting in the month batch eight undo my first interviews for those tests afternoon that -- -- -- So it looked so let's go over some of the first seven matches. Obviously you have equity a lot of companies now made a book says and you. I -- -- -- -- for a listeners give us a sense of kind of some of the companies I know you don't -- like pick out winners and losers but yeah you know that you really are proud of that goes to the program. Yes -- definitely so. You know some of my favorites are and -- is it always goes back to the people who is small but all the ideas and warmer -- performing treat -- which is how they -- -- program to begin with but the ones that are are really brag worthy of the ones that have leaders that. Just take it to a level that I didn't think that it can get it. So it's improved much more my favorites right now is a -- pro -- mugged by a hunch Ernie Nathan corn. He ships out a week's worth of meals fresh never frozen. Two peoples doorsteps all across the country. He is growing exponentially month after month and revenue and states that he ships to end and all sorts of things -- is definitely one of our fastest growing companies that take me through that company because that seems like it's been done before it has so -- stuff like nutri systems that are -- so there's two major differentiators between us and a new entry system so first off were branded. Substantially more towards athletes and so because of that we have more food more protein that's worth and so you go to new systems next us. It's a nice day we've got a full platter or full of men like great party meals verses what looks like a TV dinner that was frozen. So the second differentiator is just that that we don't freeze the stuff so he's basically is figured out which created temper her for drinker so he he has a -- chef that cooks it up. And keeps it refrigerated and ships that refrigerated and knots. Pros and because it never gets frozen you just heated up and it's of substantially higher quality with more nutrients. Wow that's edition now you working out again once again throw that in there no. On -- yeah ha ha -- now I I haven't worked out in nine years -- plays soccer. But you -- now that's fun is gonna have some sort of -- as a sucker Anderson I'm way out to our ship out. -- okay they'll make -- okay so that was a very successful one and you know that. Seems like -- take a lot of work to scale out to open with space and with him and and what have -- done I mean from a branding perspective I know they probably just reset to athletes through an honor you know they've got to. They've got a cool referral system for leaders in the fitness industry so they can basically get them. Fed act cost so which is a really big deal to a phone in the -- -- -- probably spend a good portion of everything they make on food and and the ideas that don't like the stuff so much they told people fold them into current social media of their clients about the so it's a great. Referral system. Yeah and then you'll really be on the social media tip off advertisements -- one not talking just about that we think's important these days for companies look at you know. I think that it's it. Something that really is is intriguing to me is our I was always taught growing up and it was instinctual and they -- and in business school and as soon as I got out into the entrepreneurship -- market I feel like. Everyone's forgotten it. But since when did people stop thinking that money -- wasn't a part of growing her company and spending money on themselves and advertising. I ate meat probably 99 out of a hundred entrepreneurs. That's. That -- wanna try and go to free you're out. And they're okay worth try and all sorts of -- strategies to get people to show to -- -- to restore. But they don't wanna experiment with any sort of paid advertisement then and you know that'll work for some people on some of the best companies and -- started without any sort of paid advertising. But it. Almost everybody else in the world has stood. Budget a portion of what they're able to spend on advertising and so. We do some Twitter ads and some FaceBook ads in some Google paper click ads and are basically all falls under the PPC umbrella but for the most parts re don't assists. You know we don't just sit. After yet invests money in the NCAA if you can help you grow. Maybe Sarah smaller first -- through and be effective he can spend more money to Jamaican warm they're very much in -- it's a percentage so that's interesting and we're talking to Westergren the founder. A -- blocks and -- entrepreneurial extraordinary expert here in the studio. -- Casey said your next match is starting kind of -- announce this company -- error. Though I'm an interview during the first ones some partners are entering the first -- this afternoon so I have I've I've met them on virtually and -- and seen all of their applications like know about what they're doing but I haven't seen the pupils and their eyes yet in that starts this afternoon and so. They start they officially start contract it out in the program and everything July 1. OK so that's -- pretty quickly and a -- start attorney class. Ten ish so look for example last redid the one -- right now -- twelfth and the one before that was eight so it's about to meet applications have been rising since. Two -- -- bodies have we're roughly 300 year. 300 year well. Thorough and a lot of these aren't just in to -- start -- are no we -- about 500 applications a year if you take out science outside the city but what it is this is bunch of people that are just desperate to try and raise cash and they think that because we have money in -- investing in our program intensity that were a source for investments -- Defied the first thing I'd do is if you don't have -- 16 and -- -- three area code on your application the first thing you do is ask you you're applying some people moved here in a different area codes in the -- acceptable obviously. But if you're for routes that intensity market I don't I just say we can help. Collect that. Did you open the local sale of no let's get thing that's departed of their -- there -- You know a lot of people bring from outside torture under thrown entrepreneurs in Kansas City you know the only way can help -- if you move here. OS you get -- -- -- ground for other segment of course and we're gonna get into an an eccentric -- three until like beta blocks growth in kicked out of actually you're gonna be looking into opportunities that's I can -- for actual ET bidders in the cities or worse yet so so -- -- that Nixon and we'll talk about that and also more talk even write a lot lately. A share in the wisdom with the untrue -- world so. Organism you're writing you've done and talked do you little bit more about data books after the break thanks for joining us less. We're back and John Turner KC -- thanks for joining us talking if you. Welcome back -- the entrepreneur KC show I'm your host Jay seeing growth thanks for joining us today on the show. We're and so it's followed west burden on our first sale we decide to have him back for the second segment was six -- joining me -- stayed around today no thank you I wanna get into. Right now I talked about your growth data blocks other cities home and it's on. So this whole idea has always been no one hit is doing a really good job nationally in connecting mentors investors and entrepreneurs of various start communities. So I -- preaches you need to be inclusive and never -- should be invited users connect to people and you need to find mentors in your and your vertical and all that stuff if all of that is true and it's very important to have. Very cool -- community intensity if all that is true my contention is that. By connecting various start communities we can exponentially raised the power that we all experience the whole country. As proud as I am of Kansas City and -- more proud of America and it mean a concern because the summertime because yeah go go USA and so. I am going to help the United States as much as I wanna help Kansas City by connecting various cities and the only way that I know how to do that is to build incubators and other cities. And so I wish that I could formally announce it but were really just not right there yet but. More -- -- months away from moving to another undisclosed city you are to build the second period of -- which is going to a double the amount of -- we have double the amount of capital the we have access to. -- double the amount of entrepreneurs that we work with which means. When in this in this. Undisclosed city when there's not there that has a problem there all go to -- to the Kansas City mentors and put them on Skype on the phone or drive them down. Or wind there is an awesome entrepreneur and Kansas City a real -- into my capital partners and this undisclosed city and raise funds. So there I'm trying to break down the barriers that's the news that geography has provided us it shouldn't matter that. Another series -- investors mentors are entrepreneurs are 456 hours away if there's a program like us to connect. Bench saying that's very cool congratulations now formula Ford announced on the -- -- -- -- grass so I thought I -- blues are pretty darn close because dimpled will hopefully that works out and Democrats on that. What's can even at all right lately one of the things out we still people's you know -- in the works media relations is. The heaviest all the media for yourself out there yet you got to produce content content marketing is -- So even doing a little bit of that recently even publish notch for her and in venture beat. One of the stories -- come I I was the arched her magazine story about how to -- equity that giving with a company you don't -- let's talk about that give us some some you know high levels. New types of things that people can learn from from that -- yet de. We saw I have to give credit to the mentor of who's going to be in your last segment today so Mike Wilson's mentor and and partner more -- it put me onto a book called slicing -- by Mike Moyer who. And he. Simple fight something that I was already doing institutionally but when someone simplifies and it's that's the genius part. And the idea is that most people are splitting up equity incorrectly. So Booth this definition of a start up as there are still in search of the business model whereas a businesses the implementation of a business model rated the difference between sermon milking the cow. And and an extracting as much cash they possibly can't continent a proven works vs -- -- that has to still -- distributions vision test the price and test their color incest -- features. Everything that is in their quote unquote business plan does nothing but yes and the only way to call the true business. Is when you can say this work this work in this work this didn't this didn't this didn't doubled on what worked told what to what didn't. One of the biggest guesses that entrepreneurs for -- is still in -- is that the co founders that you bring on you don't know if you're gonna work out. You don't know if they're gonna go work hard you don't know if they're going to be able to stay around for the 5610. Years it's gonna take to get this thing off the ground. You don't know if they are and to sit in the parts of your company that you need the most help with. And so what we like to do is we like to find creative and fairways -- compensate those types of people. Without giving away too much of the company. So -- someone might humanize outlets -- the world's game we come up with some fancy -- that sounds like a great idea. What often times happens as -- Coca-Cola -- 5050 or. Or I bring up the idea Islam like -- -- ME five you take 25 because it was -- 98 and in some that's caught and that's called static equity meaning the equity stays at that -- Until the next round of negotiation. And see what happens if I did you 25%. And you are -- accepted into Harvard and DA's program right you're gonna probably move -- and now you're taking with you 25%. Wooten don't build the likelihood of you saying you know what I'm really good guy home I've been. Worked my bought off last year but I'm just gonna give you the 25% back is very very small. So the idea is to compensate people as they provide value so there's no necessary. The reason to just say here take 25% -- let me just pray that works out to you could -- and equity. The more technical term for a minute and legal way to do this is -- called a vesting schedule. Or let's say you and I would agreed to the percentage so we say OK yeah you do deserve 25% but I needed to kick but for the next five years. So 5% of that 25%. He's gonna quote unquote best every year so if you make it tier three you get 15% if you make a -- five deviate. You're 25%. If you make it to month three you get there -- nothing. And two at the end of the year 5% of that would vest and you could put a -- and schedule. That lasts only a year you could put a vesting schedule last twenty years it's up to you and your potential co founders to make that decision. But it provides. You know flexibility and compensation on both sides of the table. It's very -- in the. In concept a look at this pressing the sort of world that curious that's that's that's a top level alone. -- real quickly got a couple minutes -- such on the venture beat story just wrote. Office published this week had been to read dot com for reasons -- stripping can be smarter than raising capital because that's of the we talk all the time on the show and in growing your company without as you know given what equity PM or raising capital -- tells both. Ball it goes all the way back to the sense of the we talked about -- same reason -- don't wanna just give away too much equity to potential co founders because their unproven is the same reason why you don't want to. Take on a bunch of money and so I'm gonna -- us from professor at. One of the best -- -- -- supply chain schools in the country but it's called the champ who theory of economics. You're back from CBS or Walgreens or whatever you bring your bottle shampoo. You're gonna put it all over you're going to use on Chester and use as a guy's gonna put it anywhere that there's terror threat and then you get down to the bottom of the bottle and you don't even champ -- every day you definitely only used on your head. And then eventually your daughter and you don't even champ -- at all for electorate it's the same exact thing is true with cash. Startups when they're funded make decisions the same way that a human make make champ -- decisions right after -- get back from the store. -- -- uses -- in efficiently they forget that it's gonna run outs they make incorrect purchasing decisions because of it. And so the idea is you only want to take on a big round of funding to spend on things you already proven work. So if you've proven that. Linkedin paper -- God's work really well for didian for requiring customers the go ahead and raise as much money she wants -- -- on that. But you should never be spending other people's money on gases and experiments. He should be spending your own money or no money at all running smalls currents that small scale. And investment dollars are meant to add gasoline to -- And if you were able to. You know fall through that type of discipline it would be incredibly easy to raise relatively easy. To raise big formal rounds from PCs and angels because they're gonna love that you can say I spend X determinant X plus Y. Now as opposed to. Right near turner 50000 dollar check and watch -- experiment with it and when you can do it to the point where -- showing off. Why something works and how -- -- add gasoline to the rocket ship the big money's going to be substantially easier race. So we have so many people intensity complain like illusion no capital in the stadium that's absolutely not true -- you. I never. Seen the dollar is that edit it at at the coffins that are at at the plaza mean there's tons and tons and tons of money here and I agree will west's. They see -- for come on the show great great stuff people directly via. Data blood -- com or on Twitter which is Twitter handle the add data blocks at data blocks very very cool west Bergen. Thundered into books and a friend of the show appreciate come on -- -- -- think we're talking incident will be right back on the on turner Casey should. -- Kansas City and welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show on your host Jason growth thanks for joining us today. Appreciate you being here you can find all of our podcasts and it came -- dot com. Others launch -- Casey link on the right side of the page in the guys over in the production department do great champion those updated. -- after our show airs and though she can check it all over old shows there. And then you could also find me on Twitter again at Jason grill and at entrepreneur Casey. Good move right into our next interview today we have a friend of mine who I've known for gosh I would say five at least five years probably more. But -- she is a exceptional entrepreneur and speaker and the inspiration coaching there's a lot of cool entrepreneurial things I thought to be cool to have her on the in the on the show today to talk to us about kind of what she's done in -- history in which he's working on these days generally in welcome to show. Decent and -- these settlements are patting me I'm so excited to finally be here. Are all right we've been trying to see if -- -- profile. So far listeners who might not know you Qaeda. -- little bit about your background. And kind of what you do today. -- so I am a motivational speaker and a what I call an inspiration cuts I really want people to follow their dreams and license and that's really my sole mission on -- at this point in my life and -- I get the opportunity to be the keynote as speaker for several conferences around the country in -- house until all of that if -- lets people would consider it life coaching on the side. OK so how did you get into this I mean because yeah it's Italy the estate obviously is -- dad is innocent. And kind of tucked his take is the kind of when this all started how it -- -- you know that's the number one question -- get people always ask me how did you get into that and you know my story is a little bit unique in the fact that I did grew up hearing Kansas City but I actually grew raping an organization called for -- are you familiar authority. Well let's say I heard that yes. -- -- Most key link in the city might not be familiar with that because they think historically people consider it more of a rural type event. Community and a slugger hit as organization at that most of my folks reference not towns and I just happened to grow up in Kansas City and they said if you're going to be involved in anything you're gonna be involved -- rates well. Because four -- is considered -- rural agricultural organization. And and I grew up in the city I didn't necessarily have livestock can't. Agriculture and -- and and those types of things to take to the tiny fear every year and semi project wise speaking. I today's speech every year to an attorney theater and so it's really been giving speeches since I was eight years old and I just really silent topless and it and and I knew I always knew at some point I would be honesty serving in the capacity like this in some form or another bank. I didn't quite know how that was all gonna work out until about four or five years in -- cell. They had nearly aren't you you're here today and so UV into this the stage again and yes very much sound and I had a lot of people are the opposite -- is enough and -- Anderson on entrepreneurs are a little more shy and you're not obviously you're not afraid of big crowd not and then you actually -- chief cheerleader for all to last that's got a little -- that I think -- -- yet whenever they talked national merit. But whatever differences a different mind and -- much people are there's that which in front of large crowds do great debt and -- I'm sure that was the humility -- friends lifelong friends. Out my -- in the -- cheering at the NFL level was really a dream come true for me that was you know and my other big passion in life you know growing up. And is and always -- working with four H and speaking at county fair in the state fair and that kind of thing that it was also it cheerleading and enhancing there was another -- -- -- remedial to make it at the NFL level as you know like I had a dream come true and that's the -- of that. I know later on this summer you're gonna have Vincent suffered in -- so yeah not sell the stuff that -- it was actually -- and released this week that I am not one -- at three featured speakers at PNFL -- alumni reunion it's -- ideally it's -- -- -- in I guess I'm so excited about that -- written -- Atlanta yeah half of that article he had in fact the -- she speakers that will be there as well and Lisa Guerrero -- inside edition she will be hosting -- in seeing the entire event and then myself and Tommy Rennes France. And the style network will be the featured keynote speakers. Instincts that tell me how you know you your background now on how you got involved with speaking bit. Like how does -- -- word -- is taking market in the seeking passed you know I'm involved with people. That have done this before and kind of talk about how it works it seems very complex and it well eight can be complex and it can also be really simple and you know I. I honestly you would be surprised and shocked at the amount of people who say any -- and I was last to be a motivational speaker he. And and just like he's he said earlier it's really surprising to hear people see that because so many people have a fear of getting in front of an audience that you know what I take. Go get him go to -- go do it averages that your heart desires and so for me. When I build my business and you have to think about as a business I mean you have so much good in your heart. And easier penile statements in your crowning and I'll -- know how to market and sell yourself sound. Aaron you know I just tell people that you have to be -- understand all of those facets of the business. OK and so. And then dating this speeches how to how does that work booking you. Yes so it's that you are you doing yourself are you an agent that was yeah -- still really there's two ways that you think China is and I guess tackling you know from that. And a lot of that heavy hitters in our industry and near the CSP is the folks say it in national and a million dollar round table and I'm a member of the national speakers association it's never really back and and so that's actually in my opinion a big accomplishments it to actually be able sent. And make it sends him become a member of an -- at the national level and sound. And so you can do -- -- there are speakers bureaus out there and that for myself I personally don't work with any speakers' bureaus and I feel pretty confident in my ability to be -- that market and sell myself and so really. For me getting this act as I called ship off the ground. And I really just by acid might you know the first couple of years I was making phone calls and is down in the trenches and sending out. Sooner than I was able to you and Aaron and then of course there is and you know hard harsh reality a wake up Condit that was not the case and I. You know things just started happening -- things it just kind of spiraled and now here we are today and so it's just a matter of one Angel work hard. You got a great website and can happen now channeling dot com that's the yes -- so see you offer young adult corporate. Type things yes both of those are yes yes he can speak to a group of people like you're. And tolerate yet. It's -- of the company gap and how does that mean so what what type of things you do admit that these were true yes sell and make businesses kind of twofold and I really love working with young adults they really left. Helping them understand how they can achieve their goals what they can do after high school or the college level what did AT two overcome hurdles and red box in their life. And the senate also wanna work with adults and help them understand millennial see you know Aaron there's a lot of buys words as -- act. You know generational difference isn't you know the more meals just don't get it and how do we you know acclimate them into the workforce and really it's very simple and easy it's just a matter of us all -- -- each other's differences and being able to come to the table and play at the same field and so. I really enjoyed talking with corporate audiences about how it. And you know SI actively work with all the generations. It's a big topic these days and underwent safety also have a block -- and. You also -- in seen worked -- yeah I was such as -- workshops she also NC MC that yes I really enjoy working with -- charity nonprofit organizations and so any -- I get the opportunity day and see your host an event for someone I certainly -- -- you're doing that not just locally but on national lol yeah traveling all around I live report states -- to speak out right -- and then I worked in over an hour and fifteen seats now on the last and yeah -- -- and and next week audience top Dakota and a week after data via Wisconsin and the week after Albion Illinois I come back. The Kansas City for a national event it's actually being held in Kansas City. And an and I go to C -- eight asset backed attacks by leaks look like Fuzzy you've you've broken a lot -- You know all column -- all of this since you know I mean it's a lot of work and you know I mean that's good because now you know you're you're making money at successful -- willing and yes act and that's that's always the hardest part we started businesses kind of figured -- you're gonna. Kind of where all these different hats and make it all work it is it really as then again like I said each -- has to have the work I think to see it through and to not give back especially -- -- like so many people -- and their first. Six months or twelve months or even eighteen months and if you can just sticking it through. Have to persevere against it to see that you know forecast out then I think you know really anybody can make it a and you also since. A look at your website you're you're getting into the product growth to looks like I also had -- -- so exciting. And you know of this past year we've really worked hard I'm adding you know my main speech dream that map at reaching can't. Really focusing on those three IA Diaz that if you have a dream. All you have to do is mapping it and and you can. Ultimately breach whatever goal it is that you're looking for an ice and so. And as a result of that and people have just really lap -- to leave and started doing charts we started doing our -- ends and we've got some online programming coming out so it's just been really awesome here. Yeah I mean the online programming I think will be huge -- -- pack in fact they just three lines and -- my name at first online program it's called jumpstart and it's 45 days. And to really understanding what you're trying to achieve and how I can help people there. The united for scalability I mean because you can't be everywhere now asking for your business and. And I love that word scalability and that's huge and any time that you can scale a business model to be able to -- and even greater impact than you are doing some great things. And yet a beautiful lips until I -- I -- but it's it's nice since I only really get even if you had a jobless that. What kind of advice you have we have a few minutes left. For kind of people on their their twenties or thirties looking to. Maybe starting career do something different entrepreneurial. You know what types of things they really been thinking about the really gonna find out -- reach these dreams. Absolutely so I -- actually took a couple of different am I -- networking groups are kind of focus groups in just. You know I'm young entrepreneurs and our community and you know the biggest thing that I hear from especially young people and twenties and thirties that are really wanting to go out there become much for -- instead. And they have these big dreams that they don't know how to -- -- and how -- actually focus and make it happened and so for me I think it's extremely important. And every single person has to find mentors and that could be singular plural and it doesn't have to be just one person you've got to go out there and find people that. I'm can help you answer the questions you have they can help you get from point eight appoint. Maybe it's a friend maybe it's a spouse maybe it's actually a business coach media it's somebody that's in your field that you highly respect that is are you paid to pass the EU wanna lock down. I am a strongly believe that every single person in this world is one meant far away from -- absolute greatest and -- That's my biggest piece of advice really for anybody. In -- deserted in the space in the -- for girls facing business space and I think Kansas City is a good. Has a lot of resources and mentors. There are different organizations in town and people are willing to help have you found that. Absolutely. And that's our young people all the time is that. And people want to help others people want to see you succeed and excel and nice and so if you're just willing to wake up show -- ask questions. You'll find somebody that is willing to help you and even if maybe the first store closes there may be -- the first couple of people may be don't have time for you. You just gotta keep trying keep trying keep trying and you will find the right people that will want to help you -- Very very well spoken -- that Kate tells about how people can reach you what you have coming up. You know all the things we -- know how to contact Laura and I asked me absolutely. And -- so many different forms of communication he's he's terrific at. And certainly Chris my website Sheehan in a -- dot com and tell us OLEE. He didn't yes exactly can and Nancy spoke at NC Graham and Twitter Eileen thank you name may and it's all just my -- CNN -- Even it's a blunt and trying to -- that and then if how far in advance Veba to schedule you know. I'll Dolly -- I mean I'm already looking for march and next year so and I just got a call from Alaska so hopefully I guess that they thought that I think is rats had any say that you know our last Friday he says you you travel all the time I mean -- That wears on you but you do find it looks like yeah and it's all the way it would anybody wants out of life you know I really want to be on the -- a really wanna see the world so that to me is you know I I would jump at the opportunity to go to Alaska semitism -- you can't. Channeling think circled on the show thanks for all -- you do for Kansas City and and helping motivate and inspire. People throughout the city in the state in the country the yankees' Jason appreciate that eagle on the -- We got back on the entrepreneur -- -- welcome back to the -- -- -- KC show I'm your host Jason -- thanks for joining us. For the entire -- today show did a great shows so far it's been a great to talk to less burglary and earlier in the show today and now also talked to -- and lean. Both great Kansas City and doing really cool stuff some great knowledge being -- of both of them on the show and on in our last segment today we will continue to drop knowledge on you. -- with Mike Wilson media president in geology CEO data since co-founder of competitive edge she sees also has watched business and he's he's serial entrepreneur and hate -- her own turner Mike Panetta. It just kind of rolls off the tongue to admit it's great to have you back in studio Wladimir -- to -- on its okay so. Com last that we had I believe had you on you came on to talk about run out the ballots it is about space section. On tell us how that -- understand you guys want. They added -- Nero. Back to back. In geology engine Knology has hosted these NASA space -- challenge which is the world's largest tax on. International -- on ninety plus countries 7000 plus people and eighteen from engine Knology. 14. Most inspiring I believe the category was then which was a application called your bet. Which takes all the satellite data that NASA's developed. Over the past twenty years or so and allows you to basically. Search for a time and a place around the world and get a snapshot of that some imagined so join myself with my daughter -- now to. I can go into her birthday on her birth and take a snapshot of what. The world looked like on that day and it allows me put text over the top on it modify it can turn and almost a pretty mean style type and so -- relay. A good use case because I'm we're taking NASA hardcourt data comes off a satellite and make it is something that consumers -- going use and we threw it out there for early access for people with 500 sign up was in a couple weeks out while and we have a really promoted it and NASA hasn't promoted the the winnings quite yet so that's coming out is that have been good success and it's been a good example how. Collaboration teams getting together and at different model for building -- is really paid off on the international landscape. There right here in Kansas City zip right here against the other teams to win where two at the UK one in London one in southern UK and then I wanna say. The other one was New York so. Eighteen city in London and New York yeah that's where I'm gonna in my -- Okay I love that I love. Oh congratulations on that in and since that does happen you've you've also assorted other company called Addison's. You can check out of that data since with the S dot I online everyone. Totals about that in where that inspiration came from the it. Did you sense. -- came about as as and a means to do I dress a certain type of market and with the skill set of people that we had in an -- now -- kind of connections that we hadn't. What it boils down to is there's a lot of people out affair what they wanna do with data and now it seems like a very odd vague. Commenting kind is because -- stated that companies have on their customers are. You know marketer past financials all sorts of stuff I don't really know how to draw insights from it. Com and me running name marketing agency that builds web sites and mobile apps engine Knology. We didn't have something that allowed us to really step and then -- door and address those -- a lot of knowledge. Not on the so we formed a new company with the guys and gallium labs -- -- tossed him -- Robby Patel. I formed innocence and it really focuses on three categories and I keep this short because it kind of gets geeky quick confused when I start explain and -- -- this. Signal processing which you see a lot of and bendable. Where rebels you're connecting through Bluetooth or doing. DO processing. Is signal process is one area with focus on high level enterprise level software engineering so. I'm classic cloud based type of programs for big companies and then -- science which covers machine learning and natural language product process sane and all sorts of big really -- key terms that. Get thrown out they are really boils down to it's beyond typical program and it's what I sometimes call esoteric program which means. There's not a whole lot of be -- doing it. And it's still a small set of people that know how to do it and it's cool that we have people here in Kansas City that are really leaders in that category that we been able to form a company US. To help companies really do stuff and the data science -- That's pretty cool. That is pretty cool and so. You know where I mean I'm assuming that companies there earlier this morning to. -- sets things are kind of more corporations -- companies yeah you know it's likely your clientele would be you know who who who would you the year -- You know way anybody it's a fortune 500 off fortune 1000 company. Sterner I HR block it's. -- big companies in town. From a day science respective it's kind of where mobile was. 656. Years ago I -- only the big companies were making mobile apps and eventually. More people got a game and now everybody's making a mobile data -- is -- any of that place right now where they come he's had no money to invest the get. Other companies to help them out that and that's gonna roll down a trickle down next 56 years into. I'm really everybody mean I can imagine it. Company of thirty plus people being able to go work and a data science perspective to figure out who is optimal. Customers or clients -- I should be focusing on our. You know how can I create a machine learning algorithm to make. My job easier to parole or to pull insights so. Data's coming but fortunately were just ahead of the curve and working with some companies to do. The cool stuff -- space. Sounds like it sounds -- inching in its it is kind of lucky few times but yes you ask it is a little bit above my head but he is but hey everything's daddy's days -- -- so you can share that conversation all right I can -- -- a listen to learn that that's very cool and we're talking to Mike Wilson who is the president in geology and CEO of data since. And to now is also a co thundered a new company. That we wanna get into as well on this interview and that is not competitive edge the Mike talked -- about what it is and what it does competitive edge is -- and this is all coming out of the geology and data since kind of connections that are. Being formed at Angel yeah I mean engine Knology is a a digital marketing agency but also product accelerator -- -- different you know west's work -- a lot of people have ideas he helps them. Build companies and their phenomenal that end we sought to ourselves why compete in that space Wes is absolutely the best in that space why blink -- that. -- and so for us win a lot of ideas and we fortunately had two things one a -- -- company. And TUA digital marketing agency so it's. You know one of the hardest things about running a company are startup has given an out and get the word out and one of the products and has come out of our product accelerators competitive edge and it is. Where big data meets fancy sports and it's it's fun because we do a lot of BDB work and data -- and in geology and this is something that we. -- dawned on us and we've got a lot of traction -- so competitive edge is a platform that helps you optimize and recommend. In optimize your fancy sports -- so you can imagine. A based upon big data so right now you. In the common player let's take got nicked him for example the paint fellow employee. And -- data since Doug will scour the web. He dole watch ESPN. He'll do all his research and he asked -- could gut intuition. Decision about how to optimize his fancy sports team -- pick who to play. How what leaks to be and so on so forth we wanted to Poland several things from a big -- a perspective. On that help you better optimize. -- couples we really -- doesn't three categories mental physical and situation. -- is kind of the core where their real data science peace comes and so where the whole idea started -- there's. We believe that player performance is affected based upon their mental state I. It's I got to play golf this week yeah and I first few holes it was I've played extremely bad if fall -- the death and now we're so -- players and there are you started playing better idea yeah I did and yet -- one circling back again but it truly is a mentally yet you know it we hear 90% mental and 10% physical and we wanted to start validate and then sell. We -- Paulina and will work on a positive mental attitudes galore which is a -- score. And it's a proprietary score there were building that basically says based upon. You're how -- an individual let's say football player Larry FitzGerald. Is tweeting we take in -- sentiment about that to get an idea where his mind at -- does that in any given time. So fastening perspective of that as you can. Get a quick look at. We're somebody's mind is that whether they're positive for name in the lineup a -- well beyond that so we look at things like that. We look at things black community consensus what does everybody else on Twitter think of Larry FitzGerald then what does ESPN all these people think about it. I'm and then the last part is which we really think is one of the bigger and -- -- parts about the mentality is players perform better contract year. You know when Maine when it comes time to negotiating they play how a lot matter so. We pull an -- and alert you when a player goes into a contract year. An orderly you know that is more optimal -- would address that person absolutely yeah absolutely so. That's the mental side mental side physical side is -- current reports and historical injury report so it's important to note that. Yeah Claire might not be -- right now. -- that players also been. Has had five injuries and an average he gets injured every two years and is coming into an entry here and you know that's something to keep an eye on the last visa situation -- Situation is cool because. Long term that's where the platform will really become excited over the next couple of years because. We're gonna draw insights from think you're not gonna see. Like as a player perform better night games a day games open stadiums or indoor stadiums now with the weather conditions different types of defense. Does a quarterback play differently -- a different type of quarterback who who so we're looking at all these really deep on insights ago in the sports. That we can give you. Information help you optimize that fantasy sports team and that what's fascinating about that is right now all you'll get is just raw data. You have to go through the data you may read a couple of blogs that tell you what direction you should go that you don't have anything like. You know between twelve presidential elections where people are showing you. Here's probably where things are going to go. And giving you predictions on -- and that's where the platform is going to Wear. We don't like economics you can sometimes predict human behavior based on mathematics and -- -- science and cell. We airplane that the fantasy sports category we've had a lot of interest. And -- investment conversations but you know fortunately we're in this place where. Word you know maybe ninety days from building and having it ready. And down we've got a lot of interest and dumb or really -- user community tell us what is important to them. And we have -- -- famous -- -- season is around the corner yeah it's it's very shortly you haven't -- in August and you know get ready for the season so it's you know you guys get a gets out of -- and yet we've we've got a lot of sign of -- now have a private -- here and about sixty days were very small group of people. Common memory has slowly roll it out to a five bucks a month that's beautiful part of this system as. I was five dollars a month it by season passer football 25 dollars so we're gonna discount for that. Common than anybody that signs up before we launch the system we're gonna tell -- half price sell. And it's it's cool because it's a venture into the more consumer site for our company's then -- and it's one of those I have oddly gained organic. Some attention and traffic and that's. Been fun to kind of ride that wave and enjoy that attention that -- comes with developing a good product and a good idea to where can people find it. You find that it and -- dot co edge of dot ho yeah I would just got competitive edge dot com by come on the Internet. Everybody has everything anymore. If you gotta you gotta get clever that's a good name though I like that I checked out the website it's pretty cool and well -- be -- appease the beta four principles is and as I am an avid player. My team is called the one that's we changed our main -- one season and we won the championship went back to the one that's now we're looking for a second championship. In the league champions that is me and all of mine. Grade school high school for some may do week in a small little day SI intersect events even if you name your team the wall magic have a better -- at 10% better chance of winning your league and I don't know it's fun it's a lot of fun and it's it's it's very cool -- -- -- -- -- this market it's it's. You know it's like there's 32 million people are putting his vocal every year and it's growing in every year in the NFL is definitely embraced it and their TV station and and it's truly -- the NFL bigger just because. Of the -- opponent it's played well and you guys are also -- into baseball looks like and others absolutely right what are those soccer the ones are fascinating to me frankly after -- there's -- other carriers -- going to but after council on interest in boxing mean there's a lot of people to not -- for a fantasy perspective but there's a lot of people gamble on Vegas and that would be really interest seemed to know for you know Mayweather fights differently against certain people he's gone into some. Judging perspectives US some of this past fights and and be great to know wonders percentages and knocking somebody out vs having to go to a judging -- true you know there's all sorts stuffed horse racing. Barnes and boxing soccer the whole thing. Well Mike Wilson -- -- come on the -- today president in geology CEO -- sensing co-founder of competitive that's great seeing him diagnoses think charming on. Guys thanks for joining me on the on turner KC show this is Jason grills. Signing off from -- they should have a great week.