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The Radio Dish 6.1.14

Jun 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know yeah. Small but -- yeah when plumbing major problem and you don't need a hero and yeah. Thought -- a lot of Paul -- be taking your heroes -- bombing to stop the group's blog and get your house back in order for leaking -- flood brings water heaters all your blowing me it's all a -- -- -- An important part of planning -- -- is no we have options and signature funerals take the mystery on the process owner -- -- says pre planning is the -- and we have taken proactive approach to -- cleaning -- cleaning -- for -- vehemently at the -- -- the -- your family members have confidence they're doing for -- we want them to do whether -- commissioner traditional preparation whether -- -- service -- -- -- -- -- in their own church may feel better knowing that this is what you -- Signature funerals dot com. How Darcy here in a fabulous made this morning at the -- should be you know I just came back from my investment downs. Gillian Smith and Christina -- and financial solutions McKittrick a plastic and they gave me great news really hurt my guy in a couple of years. I like it is this statement and the man every quarter Stan grant you know when you remember those days. A statement that I didn't understand -- investments and I couldn't explain. Totaled up to all those -- realized losses mean really less than -- -- out. You know exactly when and on through why can't do well in advance financial he'll be an it help you to. -- at face to face quarterly review I understand all of my investments. We can retire. We -- and where my retirement income will be coming from. How much here you I think any legacy of them huddling in touch with them online financial pants Stan count -- -- -- -- Securities -- the securities company -- member -- epic. It doesn't kill you. It's time to leave the dishes in the sink and dish about something. It's important to you. And now three chicks who think they ruled the roost its radio audience. Good morning and welcome to the radio dish -- Blake many hard Mary McKenna thank you. That the radio dish dot com we talk about a number of things here. Add to the radio addition don't take any hidden meaning into this next story has has no basis whatsoever we just thought it was interesting. Don't not read anything into yet not anything and our personal lives on six and -- -- trying to say that a lot of women do know what we're talking about when the big. We're talking big. Apparently divorce parties have become huge Baker's lawyers. Academia event planners -- note that this is a -- -- industry cut. And New York area event planner yeah. 25000. Dollar event is what it's wise how do you have any money left to pay the lawyers at that point I love this inverted on the website there's an inverted down wedding cake at Booth. Which is pretty darn cute -- did you look really close because their their weapon wielding -- Including -- as they say the greens in political enemies didn't. That some of them even like and take the original. Figurines that were on top of their original wedding cake and well they don't look the same anymore they don't have to see him buried headfirst into the cake a couple of times where you and they ask -- one guy who lives in Austin, Texas and said you know why why this. He says why not a divorce he says you know. He marked his amicable split with party by having. Everybody the famine there and he said for -- it was great because the kids were going through office. They need to understand that it was OK -- he goes it was a one of those though we hate each other type parties it was you know we celebrated our wedding. Where do you celebrate because we come to a great agreement between all of us and it's -- it doesn't work to -- advocates took part and it was great it and I we're by that the gap but I don't think that that's how most people -- -- -- -- -- -- said -- -- Simulator and hope to never see again -- railing I don't want our paths to cross some wondering if Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin -- and coupling party. I was having -- party and that's -- and what they're calling their deal. And on going toppling you know -- with that I don't know and they were spotted together not that long ago right along and -- we'll talk to Christine -- a little bit later and get all the latest from the -- Hollywood. -- can't just find out about that you know and of course I'm leasing and serve cake after letting. I'm my thoughts are you've you've got to have something that the divorce party besides your cake. Smart chicken this could be a new things for Smart chicken. Okay and activist Larry you're pitching and that's what I was got out -- Smart I'm thinking right now we can be making a killing here. Smart chicken and we can just really against -- -- and that's Smart chicken recipe of the week which we will have our FaceBook page is skewered. I'm -- they ginger chicken. Tender skewered -- in skewered the chicken and do things -- -- yeah as opposed is gearing your access to -- an excellent. CR chickens had not psychotic to just have our eyes you're gonna go to bella our linguists and who is always standing by in case of emergencies and it got me. Coach also a TPC. I would have done well there it may not Ellis now bill. And DA gave me what is now. I've never heard a cult that -- different -- in and got a silly sit tequila. Or you they have got Acer noisier as a non alcoholic yes do we know. Would know this because chef Jason student from Austin, Texas actually said that that this recipe for a Smart chicken and I will tell you that we're using ginger president -- and I have to cup of water and a half a cup of authority. Without it but it doesn't say is probably nektar. Because it -- to balance out the -- there -- and the heat if he and some sweet there is no end to Texas c'mon there's no particularly in the us. Darn it now oh well I'm here he says and you can't -- it went to -- I'm I don't yeah rescue rescue looks great look at the picture looks amazing and we will post -- on Wednesday night on her face but. -- I haven't seen any and spark chicken recipes from you all -- -- posting your respects we'd like to know what you're. Taking your Smart chicken when you get it to store take it home and canceled some of the great account creation you're coming up with. -- -- -- We know that like cook it -- -- -- -- say that I'm in the chef category. So marry money you could get this week I should get paid by ship like you do that or it could keep you my Smart chicken salad recipe. Which means it should die for. Her chicken salad as the -- crush on yes kids I said the bomb little -- at walnut or pecan usually obamas and I'm sorry I'm not a mail girl on the miracle whip girl never understood to be in love mail me there. And down. Some red grapes. And some increase in occasionally. And a little bit occur in excellent. Crazy it's treason -- whenever she says that -- need -- it's not like another. Dried cranberries. In Spain -- -- do you have used me greatly sorry. He mixed with America -- a little bit I get a little Greek yogurt happy the last time it wasn't -- itself. I am sorry you you need to post that. Steven next week I'll -- can post -- what is your take a picture oak for Sox. Usually has sometimes we just do -- little look bunch of some crackers and Canada for not love lots of Augusta don't know what is a love what is it it's Krajicek tasteless flat cracker. I don't know assault there's no flavor to it whatsoever like it when those of rights kick things. I don't know known known only really not know little -- bosh is. No Slater wanted to you do it's my -- is an action is having -- and really flat soda cracker written I think no salt yes I know she's being. Recent I don't know about that -- that doesn't -- -- -- -- it doesn't become -- to go with whatever -- surrounding it if you have a great Spanish cheese or -- -- you know other -- of the chicken salad for example of the -- get on the plane so I just basically slept in a better -- it would be on some gimme a break. And he wouldn't be a bit of taste of the thinking about it she started about putting peanut butter and jelly -- luncheon she's the one who's bringing in the Smart chicken recipes every week. And -- come to try to -- And I thought okay pastor pictures of the recipe they eat cheese too. And -- at home do you honestly think and who and then them. Anybody who. Would like to also post that they know of coaches that's OK -- Nothing but let's not let -- This guy that's the answer in and around. Putting money out at places posting always tweeting no consistent 100 dollar treasure hunter started mountain San Francisco I -- I think he's done -- a couple of times out there. And you go on to and I can't remember the website I'm gonna Google it here while talking I yes I can Google and talk at the same time. -- and get. And so he gives clues on the website and you go -- look for the money frank who don't have time to do that it's not. It is it worth a hundred bucks at the time away from other things and I need to be doing what I was wondering because. It day an age where you put forty dollars worth big chance to fill your car. And that's -- may be on our Thursday yes. Then would you just go nuts and spent a lot of time looking for a 100 dollar bill -- somebody wants to hand me a hundred dollars I'm all about that I'm not gonna go make a big. Stink and you know I think it's all part of the game -- mean it's a game and you have to agree what you find at the post pictured yourself and that you know it -- So that's part of the whole thing it's spreading to other cities -- -- -- fifteen minutes of fame mismanagement Denver is supposedly on the list and -- may be its move in. East really -- Kansas City I don't know. Now reminds me of when Maria -- to have the secret saying I'm you know and that's exactly it and that was kind of fun. -- -- -- -- -- -- to report that was that's the thing he found people that really -- it gave the money -- and no questions -- absolutely Joseph -- our budget from IKEA I will be here in studio and of course you know he's gonna have to tell us -- that -- -- interests not fall of 2004 -- better have a great -- work -- no -- something from -- this time okay -- if you -- lifting -- do you -- out -- but -- -- -- the I -- he's -- gives IS EI RAK twelve inlets and it's. Jerry and Andy Garcia knew it. At the renewed tension felt uncomfortable. One of the medical treatment to save your life for the life -- a loved one was a flight away. But you couldn't afford to travel. Or disaster separated you from your family and you were desperate to find them media had a special needs child who -- it can't tailored to those needs but he can't afford the travel experience. You need the help of an Angel thankfully these angels exist. -- the volunteers at Angel flight central. Pilots who donate their planes skills and hearts to provide free flights for people in need to learn more about Angel flight central visit Angel flight central John York. Say it's Mary with radio dish fun innovative and Smart radial with a large and growing audience and you want to tap into that audience gives us a call 8166791281. And find out how you can reach women and men across the Kansas City metro with your offer the radio dish has something different than your typical cookie -- 62 plug your spot in here type of advertising we combine video. Audio and social media to reach the most people all of the time -- just call eight point 66791281. It's a radio -- Crime stoppers has received nearly 128000. Anonymous tips has paid out over one point two million dollars in cash rewards spokesperson lieutenant Kelly -- so as a reward amount is now growing since 1982. -- crime rewards has always been up. 21000 dollars -- support -- and we made a decision that we need to increase that amount we decided -- -- to reward to -- -- 2000 dollars I think it's really exciting people who call crime -- are motivated -- different reasons some people wanna just do the right -- some people wanna do the right thing but if it involves a friend -- family member they tend to hesitate if they happen to -- struggling having a hard time financially sometimes money can be -- -- we hope to -- over the next few -- a huge increase in -- -- -- getting criminals off the street and we're getting our community to be safer if you have information to. Help solve a crime called -- tips hotline at 816474. TI PS. So he's tired began the hot flashes those mood swings no energy for -- anything. Still suffering from menopause it's nursing -- Dylan and I did call start are missing in the -- medical center. Stewart helped me get the teen myself and I love it they have free information seminars that can help you understand what that a policy is. And I understand your options. Stock recommends natural hormone therapy it's made from sewing and wild -- and it's pharmacy every woman receives individualized doses that meet her unique needs it or not on the same. And neither is start pharmacy. It's time to get to have been yourself again upstart professional pharmacy find out what your options are for healthier you. Get this straight answers you need to make informed intelligent choices. For information on nine -- 33453800. That's not 1334. Or 53800. Or gold mine at start pharmacy dot com. Are you tired of commuting to a job that makes someone else rich working harder than ever but getting no where do you hate spending hundreds of dollars every week on daycare having someone else raise your children. With our opportunities you can start earning money as soon as next week. You get to beat the boss works from home and live a happier life. Ever beat Abbas network you'll find hundreds of work from home opportunities but you can literally start today and be earning money as soon as next week to go to freedom 27 dot com and start earning money as soon as next week. You get to be the boss get out of the rat race work from home. -- to freedom 27 dot com right now can change your life to day that's freedom the number 27 dot com. Go to freedom 27 dot com and start earning money as soon as next week. You be the boss go to freedom 27 dot com. -- my way -- -- it's the radio addition. Guys around me. The best reason to be -- floor and only eternity. Doesn't really matter that no New Orleans. Plus the fact the radio dish so glad you're along for the ride today Darcy Blake may be hard Mary McKenna and you at the radio dish dot com he span. It's kind of like that bad penny that just keeps coming back -- windows me or not only nine invite him back on a regular basis -- with Joseph Roth who's here of course with IKEA. And day you've been very busy over there in Marion Kansas. Yes we are thrilled with the progress to date the building is. Definitely taking shape that's for sure looking like an IKEA store yeah. We have -- construction that's going up and recruitment says progressing very smoothly and very well here on campus as well. Why -- I just got back from California and just and recycled -- before and I'm here I had no opportunity to see three I key as it went in San Diego which is a little bit of a smaller one. But it was like. -- might challenge -- keynote. And then we have to claim recent two -- That the right that's very fortunate you know because we only have 38 in the whole country so we're not everywhere. And score. If you drove for one day here you would only see the 1 in -- I am so yeah. -- stop and all three Darcy how -- trying to give in my has been insistent that we have been there once or -- we need to move along now. And she's saving enough for fall 2014. When I -- merry -- Can't see that you wouldn't I mean I'm just amazed that you would even bring up the potential date reference because I believe. When last we visited with Joseph I said no hard date. And you just can't be back on the show. Well I'm glad to know that rather than bringing it date back with -- you know what I bring it hand standing ironic. The sun but no we are and revert to things are progressing very well we still have a lot of work to do inside the stores just from a construction standpoint. And then once construction zone then we kind of worker magic and turn into an IKEA snot on there are a lot of people and segment I was just gonna -- Currently -- late fall will to -- only after Labor Day but before Thanksgiving black -- Guys. -- thank you gonna be any better than that so. How many people from IKEA do you bring in as department managers are there people that will be. I key trained have years of experience in addition to the new hires. Well it's it's kind of runs the gamut based on the level position to -- the storm answer who bomb we've spoken to before. As well as many of his un steering group members. Our season -- veterans from different locations across the country but then also as part will be called the build up or commercial implementation of the store. -- what we call imports coming in from throughout the country for various functions. To help unload the goods to help decorate and -- the inter design. And then we also have grand opening import so come in stay for the grand opening period. Whether there cashiers are sales co workers just to ensure that the new store really needs the customer in the good way. Crowd control while. Well well yeah yeah. First impression I got to the last thing you wanna do is go to grand opening of the store and have a bad experience that first that first experience in -- a lot of people did not mention IKEA. So EL. Right it's definitely very unique -- -- sprints for customers you know the way we operate of having those self serve furniture area where you can pull the -- from the cells from zones. On to the inspirational rim so things but it's also new effort. Co workers who haven't necessarily been to work and IKEA store for right now all the new managers give -- 55 managers have been hired. And and they are -- training IKEA stores across the country so this week. Walk us through what the grand opening will be a lot I mean is. It's not buy it I assume it's not going to be just today you'll have a soft opening -- you'll invite your best friends stars -- -- -- and then we'll have a big party. Well we we do have a press preview the week before but typically would come IKEA stores open on Wednesday -- And there actually is of formal opening ceremony where rehab. On the raising of the US the Swedish and from the state flag during Kansas. We allow our customers to begin lining up 48 hours in advance so that would be -- I -- him on that Monday and one home. Come before it typically we have some giveaways for folks who were in -- -- to make it dealt very of rewarding and fun filled. And we have lots of activity is planned to to entertain the folks in line as Wilson -- the stores open at 9 o'clock on that Wednesday. Well if you haven't been to -- it is it's just. It's like the Mecca and love it mean it's fabulous we've all been up to when the mini now in -- first time I think Conyers to Mindy when Atlantis -- anyways it was like taking kids to candy store I mean they were like. Well I don't know keep plugging along we got more to see we got more to say that IKEA prices are already. Pretty phenomenal compared to what you're going to spend in another store. You have grand opening prices though. No we do not. As I didn't think so I mean how can you discount that price I have to tell you I ain't got a spatula. For -- -- nonstick pans. And it was like four -- and I use that thing -- Absolutely everything who. All -- haven't -- love our cars there's nothing and my daughter even left it on an -- -- and on the burner and it didn't Melton I mean it. It four dollars for something of that quality you can stock at -- all kinds of Christmas gift ideas trust me because I've done me and it is so unique because a lot of people have never been to an IKEA. Now we're having here but they're still. There's just of the special Nike and. Right in everything we souls actually designed and produced only buy a -- for IKEA so if you really can't get anywhere. And it's our business models focused on ensuring our prices are very affordable so every year were costly actually lowering our prices. If someone still wants to apply or to be recruited. Who would that any other sunk in right now and I don't I didn't begin to tell I have when he hasn't even shared a phone number -- her website -- wanna be recruited to. It was so web address or some info. I kids -- USA dot com on beginning Monday will be applications for part time at Merck co workers and even if -- -- only part time coworkers crystals will for many of the benefits that we offer now there is health benefits tuition reimbursements for -- came matching so -- as we his company it's. It's fun to work there as it is to actually stop there. All right Joseph Roth our buddies from IKEA who did come bearing candy so I guess that's okay we. Appreciate you -- -- I don't -- what I'm saying -- have an opening day before yesterday. And good candy. I commissioner Larry and candy hair hair hair hair had -- candy so nutritious I pelted her with one of the -- coffee deal I doubt these are on. The USDA sanction school lunch program list yeah. I don't think their their Michelle Obama excuse -- I'm spending talking out against Michelle Obama took to the pages of the New York Times this past week. Basically warning congress don't -- finger. On the school lunch program you've done enough cutting if you need to do cut someplace else that's fine them leave them alone. I don't know I haven't been physically. In a school elementary or high school secondary for that matter in the longest time. Mid -- get kids closer to that -- are this lunches that god awful they're not grades. I'll play that they're not what it was when we were in school and it wasn't it's not nearly as balanced as that was back and an and the hard part is. We have this idea that kids don't need to calories that they that they beat it and when you look at the brain development that is preschool age verses adolescents who they actually need the same amount of fan fat contents and calorie intake because of the rapid brain development that they're going through a camp and when we aren't being physically active women are not. And getting the kids outside. And they're not getting the calories that they need to not getting. Any of the nutrients that they need because it's not just about your vitamins and minerals it's about the oxygen that's about their movements throughout all of they have physical one. Yes I saw a picture on FaceBook and I wish I cheered it of course because now I can't find it for a mom here in the Kansas City metro don't know which school district. Went to school had lunch with -- Donner and he had the school lunch -- there there was a very. Sad very sad looking hamburger. And a half a key way. How happy you have -- and we fruit. And a little package of catchup for the hamburger. And she said there was the ability to go and get some salad but it was so. Abysmal she said I didn't want even put it on my plane that was all that was available for lunch Wednesday. I had that read that's a USDA is the sanction luncheon that's. Wind kicking back to my childhood went you know could -- -- and a poverty situation. That -- morning milk break. Is what got me through till lynched I'll have an eleven lunchtime Islamic got me through brain power wise through the afternoon and if you don't have. The nutrients that your that you're able to impart over the course of a week not a meal on not a day that over the course of the week. Then don't get a bigger problem. And -- -- -- some of the kids going hmmm think about the backs Mac programs that is so popular folks -- -- is necessary it's it is in and it's a viable mission because kids are hungry. And now we're restricting their lunches as well and they probably didn't have breakfast so when was the last ten aid if they didn't eat breakfast. The didn't have a mid morning milk. They probably ate something -- time between six and nine the night before if they were lucky can't sometimes -- cents lunch the day before and an -- but you know apple and it in hamburger that's it and I think -- something else we take into consideration nowadays I would. Assume there's very few if any school programs that actually have food that is cooked on premise this is all. Already -- processed -- it's been frozen that was bought by the government is sitting in freezers and they just read it and there's a larger problem that excesses it's not. -- -- -- -- into the school lunch -- still want to adherents yes spoken. -- -- business first and I had this idea somebody I -- I government cheese when as a kid him with the past to saint. When we -- some government T oh my Eagles to against Sweden's -- and yes I tell my friends is -- but yes we can I don't. I guess it is Darcy Blake -- hard Mary McKenna and you -- gonna take a quick break and we hope. That you come the right thing. -- complex let's do lunch to. Each and every day someone is being told that they need to lifesaving medical treatment. In many instances that treatment requires travel to medical facilities outside of the patient's home area. What do they can't afford travel costs. That's when individuals turned to Angel flight central. Angel flight central -- people by reaching charitable flights through the help of volunteer pilots for access to health care. And for other humanitarian purposes. If you would like more information visit Angel flight central dot org. Angel flight central providing free flights for people in need. Cleaning up doesn't have to be hard mop bucket in North Kansas City makes it easy with great products owner Karen Adams has a product's unique like laced stuff I know Mindy you fused at my house is built in 1920s and that would work it's all old Missouri as gorgeous woods but it was dull -- my girls and I have gone over every inch of this would work -- -- its shiny it's gold and it's just scored. One of our very first products that we brought in there that was our product we're so proud of that -- -- command -- that they would clean -- church -- in the French right by the gallon and they command when you have a scratch on a -- it would work you've tried all those other product in response to cover it then after a month or so it starts coming back -- -- -- with Canada or image you tell us that aren't here just covers it permanently you know need to go back again. Let the mop bucket make cleaning up a lot easier buried a twelve armour road in North Kansas City little store -- products have the mop bucket you'll find quality cleaning products -- quality results the mop bucket dot com. If you're getting closer to retirement I have an important question is your retirement income on track -- Dave Thompson Friday mornings at 930 on the -- BC business channel 1660 AM -- we'll share how you can keep your retirement on track with protection of principal tax deferred growth and a lifetime income -- learn more online -- Dave Thomson dot net that's Dave Thomson dot net and be sure listen every Friday morning at 932 -- -- it's your money on the KM -- business channel 1660. AM. So he's -- began the hot flashes those mood swings no energy for -- anything. -- suffering from an upon its stars and Blake don't I did call start pharmacy in the menorah medical center. Stewart helped me get to teen myself and I love it they have free information seminars that can help you understand what that policy is. And I understand your options. Stock recommends natural hormone therapy it's made from -- and wild -- and it's pharmacy every woman receives individualize doses that -- her unique needs. And all the same. And neither is start pharmacy. Time to get to have been yourself again upstart professional pharmacy. Down when your options are for healthier you. Get this straight answers you need to make informed intelligent choices. For information on nine -- 33453800. That's 91334. Or 53800. Or go online at stark pharmacy dot com. -- -- okay may not be the best -- in the world but I found the secret ingredient that makes my main dishes award winning with my family and friends and it's chicken the safest highest quality and best tasting French chicken anywhere Smart chicken products are raised without animal by products. There's no antibiotics. No hormones just 100%. All natural chicken and sport chickens are processed using purified cold air instead and water that's the air -- difference and you'll tasted it needs -- freshest tasting chicken where. And what I'm grilling or making my chicken parmesan Smart chicken is still in there and mouth watering. -- name my grandmother's chicken -- now we're making new memories at dinner table with Smart chicken taste the air -- difference tonight. Some chicken some to day area priced shoppers. Smothered chicken. You'll taste the difference. Raise your glass. You made it through the week it's a radio dish. Be sure to. To the radio -- -- Darcy Mindy Mary NDA weather radio dish dot com. Is welcome back to the radio dish power of the purse this is a segment where we talk with powerful women. In the Kansas City area find out a little about what makes them chicken little bit about some of the projects that are involved in. -- Carlson is with -- -- -- -- -- thank you Darcy and happy to be here well I found out about Lawrence hope you spoke and the event that was on independence not long ago I was blown away I know a little bit about Lawrence hope that you filled us in a little bit on the story. And for people who may not know exactly what Lawrence hoping is it is the original medical ID that that can mine's safety with style that is right that's right we've been doing this for fourteen years down knocked off many times that duplicated by 9:30 AM aren't like that night that that -- -- cut like our show -- -- -- I don't know what's really bothering him that they show up. The story behind Lawrence have -- come amount. We made our first medical identification and bracelet for a teenage girl who had diabetes and is you know anything about teenage girls we don't wanna stand out we -- look good don't wanna be seen is different from our friends. And this girl was -- her friend her new friends and their parents did not know about her diagnosis so it was getting a little dangerous because she was of the age where she was starting to go. To the movies or to have sleepovers. And heard this new network of friends did know about her condition so her mom asked us to make her bracelet that would look good enough that she would be comfortable wearing. But that still convey the information that she had diabetes so that if she had an issue when she was out someone would know how to treat -- properly in case so it started with. A bracelet. It -- and now how many employees do you have been in Riverside -- we're located in Riverside you -- and I now have -- company so I have a total of nineteen full time employees and and a handful of part timers that we bring and seasonally and as the need warrants but you originally when you start of this you're doing everything out of their houses -- yes -- you never tell you that tell that story and end this what I think is so great about our story. We started as a home based business working out of the basement just it's I had used have a business partner. Bought her out recently but. It was us working at home and then hiring some friends and neighbors so we -- -- -- Very organically but let me tell you we did not start business with the space center staff and a -- business plan -- Exactly you put. Up it's not a cup -- cocktail napkin in the bottom of my first hot I. And you have so many different. Lines now you say to companies yes yes we started Lawrence -- in 2001 and that's our online business we sell directly to the customer. But we realize that there was a market for a less expensive product that. That needed to be in a retail environments so in 2006. I started fashion alert. And we provide again fashionable -- jewelry to pharmacies and durable medical equipment stores retail environments. And we have a couple of thousands of stores that now carry that line. A which is amazing what does that surprise you that it is that you were the first to really do this I mean you really came up with this idea. Of course it was surprising I never had an original idea and my. -- and I can say a fair amount of Sergio I probably -- -- -- in the top half upload. It was very surprising win we we went online and realize that there were snowing do nests already and when we when we knew when we saw that we knew that this was a niche that just needed to be -- because it was so important that. People love the medical condition -- chronic that needs to. Alert a first responder of their condition in order to be treated properly and quickly. They didn't really have any options of jewelry that they would be happy to Wear. On a daily basis. Now as a -- -- -- yes and it you know three discredit an accidental entrepreneur or -- What advice would you have for someone that's out there that -- -- has this idea that's been making up and keep that you know what would you would you tell the other French are going. Oh you should start a business do it did it. Yeah absolutely. Nothing to lose if you follow these good ideas that you have I cannot tell you how many thousands of times people have seen our product because it's kind of simple the medical idea already existed. But we just turn it on his head when we made it look. Nurses and doctors and educators slapping their forehead same why didn't I think of that it's a simple idea. But so often we are we think because our idea so simple. That it's not worthy not not a cake not the case if you have a idea for a business that you think that you can bring something new to the marketplace that is -- out there. -- -- What's one mistake he made and one that great success that you have. Well I would say that one mistake I made was in the early days. We when you have a small business and you get busy you do what you do when you have a -- you start grabbing bodies from anywhere and everywhere and we that we started reaching out to people perfectly nice people they're people that I -- are ready that I trusted. Because we were home based that was important to me. But they weren't necessarily. Equipped with the skills that we needed for the jobs as the company evolved and we stuck with those people for a little bit longer then you know I could have defied -- if if -- if I'd been smarter earlier. So that was one thing that I. I think that I would do differently going forward I think I would. Be a little more strategic and my -- conversely. In the last year. A year and a half I have hired a tremendous amount. Of talent for my team. And my daughter matter fact kind of started -- -- in 2009 when she joined our staff she really changed the complexion of my business. She optimize our website unidentified our weaknesses and then implemented the solution to that was priceless to me so when I saw how much just him. The difference that one employee could make in the trajectory of our business it became. Crystal clear to me at that time that the people that you work with -- are made all the difference. Our guest today -- Carlson who is owner of Lawrence -- and the new -- fashion alert professional -- which you'll see on a retail level we -- thank you so much for joining us you made reference to it. And not being smarter sooner I think your very smartly I mean we're so glad you socialist. Thank you ladies thank you for having me it's one of those ideas and we all agree -- -- You know. Hit yourself on the four hadn't -- -- and I think that you know what an ingenious idea and I was gonna get one. From my husband for Christmas never got around to it but he has three stints in his heart and you can't do CPR -- somebody was stance that the way you normally do with -- compression so. I'll get around to one day and not planning on him having a heart attack before I suspect maybe I -- thinking you know you can't vertigo. Maybe we need limit says I'm not drunk after a tough critic yeah -- I did you even did a good luck a little and yeah it really hasn't had anything comments. You know when Mary had her super ventricular attack -- cardiac -- her daughter my daughter. And when she was fourteen I wanted something so that if she started having her heart racing and stuff. That people would know what to do -- them and you know how important it was to get to the antes. Really quickly and who am I did not at this then turn at all which you know my -- and hand a pacemaker and he did he had playing just playing in the sure that we would have the right card which. You know that Dan was time for that he didn't wanna think fancy eight and he really didn't think I know yeah -- -- what -- what -- radio. But I think it's a great idea in the end to be nationally this mean in this Heatley and mentioned -- this idea -- really -- There you -- well you know vicious a lot of young ladies especially you don't want -- -- -- medical ID bracelet paying an honor you know wrist and our producer just mentioned how parliament the dusk as I love doing and he said did you hear about the bracelets that say. Please delete my search history. And we -- I'm not sure the best -- in the same vein of what we're talking up her and tense and inventing and we're very glad that you participate and. Come up up up up just can't play -- a few ideas now and then take you so much it's the dirty dishes and the Hollywood delaying -- Kristin berg that's coming up in just a few minutes it starts to play many hard Mary McKenna and you. At the -- games dot com come on yeah. If you're getting closer to retirement I have an important question is your retirement -- on track joined Dave Thompson Friday mornings at 930 on the KN BC business channel 1660 a -- -- -- share how you can keep your retirement on track with protection of principal tax deferred growth and a lifetime income -- learn more online -- Dave Thomson dot -- that's Dave Thomson dot net and be -- listen every Friday morning at 932 -- -- it's your money on the KM -- business channel 1660. AM. 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Two -- service and assistance you can count on that HR haven helping small medium and large business colonel HR haven dot com. No yeah. Small but -- and when -- major problem and you don't need -- hero and yeah. Don't go away and call will be taking your heroes in bombing to stop the -- blog and get your house back in order to keep us strong brings water heaters or call your blowing pretty solid -- -- -- -- I'm gonna learn new language someday I'm gonna learn Spanish some days. French someday someday I don't Chinese when it comes to learning new language would if you could turn Sunday into today. Because Rosetta Stone is now giving away a powerful free gift that lets you do just that a free demo that lets you try the fastest way to learn a language today. Day we're giving away demos of her language Immersion technology absolutely free call 1809522939. With the Rosetta Stone solution nothing was stating your way no books no rote memorization or translation no boring drills it's the breakthrough in language learning -- over 20000 schools fortune 500 companies and US diplomats relying on because it's the fastest easiest way to learn new language guaranteed. Clean your free gift from Rosetta Stone to turn Sunday into today called for your free Rosetta Stone demo today and see how easy and effective. This call 189522939. That's 1809522939. It's so Radiohead. This is going to comment about the fat it. I think it did until I had about 45 banks at this candy and Samantha who may be maybe that is true DP numbers -- a little. It's Mary Mindy Garcia and you have the radio -- stacked up. -- The biggest names in Hollywood all the gossip and the story you won't hear anywhere. It's time for this week's Hollywood can play. This could hurt people Kristen -- I've got a big surprise for you. When you know normally durst he's never around when we get to chicks. Yeah I knew and I said Don Donna how are you what I'm worried more you know this well more -- is no doubt about it hey I got danced around that we're all kind of tired of hearing it was different ever never stop -- Kardashian wedding took for ever ever to get here in a guy here. You do will blow up. And they're still talk about a total let me every day and he -- it kind of amazing stories came -- is now parents following their honeymoon. And yeah it's her third wedding and a third wedding have a baby just just go back home and take your child yeah mom. -- taking care of baby northwest this week I'm not sure that's a good thing either. I think your problem is -- -- -- is her own reality show right now look yeah -- Ann and I'm here and brother rob he wasn't there what's gonna without. He was there are many wasn't there this is -- sort of debate history occurred asking me he did attend pre wedding festivities in Paris France. And then ever flew over to Florence Italy for the wedding he took cop and on Saturday he was seen back Alley -- Angeles I'm upset. And he didn't wipe his entire Twitter account and -- and clean. And now it's turned out he is trying to please wait aegis style really comfortable at least he's back to the Stanley photos so I think he's going there probably a lot of depression and self esteem issues and everything -- and -- simple really he has Bob harper brown and and he's he's weight loss show. The Biggest Loser helping him out and getting back on track. Great so I'm seeing pictures of John Corbett and what's that -- goal is name knee. Guess what we're getting another. Movie from my big fat Greek to yogurt went. Do you backup of my younger you know who -- the thing of it is their -- John. Corbett try to run -- country music and I had the opportunity if you want to -- you will to meet him on several occasions on gonna say is he never washed his hair between the first. Big fat Greek wedding and possibly this next when he was the biggest grease ball. And just say and or. You are in the city they -- get rid of -- hair I think they had to shave it for -- -- until. OK so they're coming back with this movie there's a couple of hot movies that are coming up for summer. -- percent. That's huge isn't. That's going to be huge you know Angelina -- me did you meet with the two of them together in a kind of fairy tale story that everybody loves. I think he's going to be a very big movie but remember X-Men in the -- -- it's still in the theaters and and -- over her Memorial Day weekend to meet over a 111 million dollars there's a lot of top competition at the box got bill Spiderman two rounds. Those are some of the offerings coming up in the next few weeks and months and I think part people are still upset. I know I was send Ansa news of the passing of my Angelo. What -- classic wonderful lady. Yes it seemed on the day of her death -- and he looked at social media like FaceBook and Twitter and answer rich people are coming -- of these amazing quotes. And that -- given -- these words of wisdom in it it's amazing how you can use them in your daily life -- all the time that I she's just this national treasures and I think a lot of people probably remember her she's bad and you presidential inaugurations. And she spoke can't. Her and memoir I -- -- caged bird -- a lot directory that school so she's going to be -- constantly look back to you constantly quote and and I remember what she did for our country. Telus YE a scout Willis Bruce Willis -- daughter shares topless photos on Twitter. To protest in -- hit consequent. Explain. Back to New York City lot living in New York City when -- lot of pack it is illegal in New York City to what and how does that mean that. Really there's nothing against it. Andy can you be topless in Central Park if you want to use it did you know that and you're next -- -- -- you have some local and pick up up up up up up. Yeah I want began. Actually going anywhere in the upcoming week in -- be happening but. She was protesting in your -- -- AD policy so she tweeting photos she posted photos of herself bench a little skirt around she is enough. The iron a patent they had. They're the nipple that anxiety that. I'm going to protest to this -- doing during the and it makes no sense to me so ever. Okay what's the hottest on couples and break -- now. I didn't actually -- genie back and it should now they were married two years. They eat out the other thing the -- not in October 2012. They just -- people it was not -- year old yeah his last July. And of course you know people -- -- thing we're still learning fractions were gonna go co parent Turkey. And die to mutual decision don't worry about it. We're good but get together a long time in Hollywood terms they were together eight years married do you let you know. Like -- and Hollywood another and by the death sentence -- And we appreciate the information hasn't always thank you Kristin. -- That's the Hollywood laying would Christen -- on the radio did. Good it's time for the dirty dishes brought Humana mop bucket at 812 armour road North Kansas City -- -- -- all the soap scum of the mold in the bathroom you -- get a set of phone it's gonna get that -- sparkling clean. A cell phone only at the mop bucket dot com. Yeah. We'll keep being in the Hollywood thing since we just to finished with a Hollywood bullying idea. Huffington Post itself with the finest of five excuse me five most -- they'd able sitcom men ever and I just thought it was kind of cute Post Co. He's not on the list and that's probably because he was married. These are all single S but as far as we knew as their characters her ankle and I pay the fine points. On day double because of his sketchy past he was the perennial bad boy for mr. long long long time. Cliff clay even from cheers snow lured him -- Anderson men he. Yeah my gosh just the White Sox in the uniform together I don't know what George Costanza from signed -- I think he should be number one on the list myself should be too. -- -- -- From France is the Dem I never ever signed in single purpose -- different. -- -- do you live in that alert in less sinister stolen you can catch those trust me on countdown -- he's very stupid as long I just hope I. I like his his mouth didn't move I guess it would be okay. And out last and certainly not least -- Cooper from the big banks their. Never turned either whenever -- it's still -- back home I'm. Hey you couldn't you earn shelled and to emanate -- you can keep over Sheldon. And -- he's just not relatable and OK now you know that's how but -- Amy Farrah Fowler. I believe is her name any care Feller. He's not given up her dreams that through until one day -- think they're gonna go ahead -- -- They held at times things can tune -- at certain points from the show was not meant -- you kind of an announcement to make. Yeah I am today is my last day with a -- events. Personal and professional reasons. Necessitate that I move on and on focus on. My family and how I take care of them. So it's been a I think we'd all agree. A difficult struggle to try to take care of jobs because we all have jobs in addition to this engine and then to do this and then failing on top of it -- I'm and an empty Nester Darcy Ron Amadon went in -- -- that's. End to you know it. It's no secret to most people out there that my -- is going to send some difficult times and found they need me and it's I need to prioritize what it. It's going to be best for them and for me in the process. We know we talked about the reason we started the show was to help help other women to help ourselves and I think you know it's been it's been wonderful three years. We loved of course all three of us working together -- gonna continue to show you know you -- -- in from time to time if you feel like it you just never know what can spam act. We of course wish you the best of luck. We have to the last time we've laughed we've cried we've done all sorts of goofy things. We shouldn't have. Look I didn't drive finally. We did not came close we we did come close couple times but now that -- don't have a Burnett as a people deciding factor in -- and you -- wandered out to beckon for -- could be a lake. I doubt any day now I need a picture yeah no kidding that. We -- -- a lack. In the course will see on FaceBook pinky. Yes and if you are visiting FaceBook please do blankets on FaceBook and has share your Smart chicken recipes with us yes on kitchen my Smart chicken salad recipe I promised cross my heart attack we want to thank our -- of course just a frothy candy bearing man of secret she won't let us know when they're gonna have their opening coming has -- and we just hearty. -- Harrelson who was our parent person who does a great job course Crist amber always updates us on the Hollywood doing as well a little lean in the bowling world of late I mean when you have to spend them. All of the report on the Kardashian and oh yeah tell us I'm not used a well welcome to -- glad we could share the first of a new month with cute it's Darcy Mindy and marry one last time all three this year at the radio dish dot com cnet's. Deere provided by Robert McCain now with the new lady looks a lot in Westport. Band -- and really good on radio.

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