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KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>Dana and Parks talk to Gene Simmons

Dana and Parks talk to Gene Simmons

May 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If this is Gene Simmons you've just made me to have this man on the planet. It. Mr. Simmons. Good to. I've waited 35 years of this -- good -- and about -- to do some reporters so. I'm 42 but I was just relaying the story about listening -- you guys under my pillow because my mom when a -- records in the house back in the seventies. -- -- Saint Margaret of Shawnee. What they're -- Margaret. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and the talk. I'm doing is we're happy well have been a great partner that's -- We're overwhelmed and Little Rock group shares opened and which -- the actual vote last. The other Republicans and that's all for the that's all the money that spirit is -- or else they all went directly. To the hospital right here in terms social well. The great contradiction. It's great to beat each. Think it's sort of girls at. We looked up and step for the guards. They're quick because we have a ton of things wanna talk about but I was I was thrilled here. That you and Paul Stanley where we're doing a charity event. For the Veteran's Day and I was I saw you guys with. Molly crew last year in Saint Louis and it was a huge veterans theme. To that concert as well ideas get involved without. -- it would look at America we don't volunteer military. Politicians get all bigger problem -- but they won't risk or remove it. Liberal agenda which -- to be reluctant. Ourselves and our daughters volunteer gold receive use. Provide people an idea called America the greatest -- -- -- live. The least we could do -- broke out of a particular to make sure will be quarters. -- think porn -- predators have been great situation -- shocked. Shocked and embarrassed the -- big about the culture -- looking at the way we approached. In this country we got to hold -- comparable to make sure -- want to project will be absorbed but he stroked a little lecture and. -- -- -- But if I could and I know you were on with -- -- morning and it was it was. They were talking about Derek stone street controversy erupted overnight admin I heard some read the comments that you made about. So -- Your doctor about American comments -- that gentleman still street -- never let my -- not argued. Has since written apology that sort he would he would talk to his mother. About watching what she showed us and so that you it is. Well for one certain amount of witnessing on the plane so the actual position at them closely which led to -- ports could just our local -- -- cold. So no argue what happened but all of that most of my local it was -- -- -- sort of problem with the intranet. I -- and so there are so you have a biopsy option at eyelid walking down the street and mobile you're also later. You're you're treading water trying to defend yourself on this topic and -- and -- and didn't. So. That these steps would -- do somebody's mother being consultant. -- First full article about the true. I would never do that tomorrow moderate and smoker. And -- that joblessness since that embarrassed publicly because a lot of people like the troops it is. True credit should go to. Twitter can't concede even more true. Sure people got very gestalt. Social thing about being caught and the good -- He should be used partial word so much of a lot of course -- apology you forgot chicken -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- didn't know what are sort of the story. Because the truth is it is all. Little crack -- -- fabrication. That. But if it is Twitter and social media FaceBook whatever it is it sort of at least in your business and and to some degree certainly in our business is well. Is -- that like a necessary evil you needed to promote your product but you also fired back. It is a necessary evil and sort of soapbox. But this wonderful country has given everybody the opportunity to use it is even at church let -- also and that so that our troops should be read what do you call this kind of stroke that allow. Shamefully -- -- also talks Ebert -- the crossed over there it's and so whatever they want to nobody contributed about Nazis. -- with the police go our world to marched in Skokie Illinois and so all sorts of its people can. So. The good about it about increased between democracy and slips will be able to -- all sorts of critical things could. Rattled the public and I can say whatever I want about you. If they'd if that put up my opinion on record the fact that our intrepid -- of legal questions from the that it. Or nonexistent. Under guard at the tourists over garbage. Unfortunately. Many people believe a lot of an all our students and accredited and some due diligence I -- and -- that the -- first. Different form that could. Westwood is at the -- right here mr. Simmons thank you for calling in which is an impossible is that your machine and so your ordinary people. You talk about checking facts it's an impossible task because Twitter has brought millions and millions and millions of strangers and saying you do it whoever -- -- true. So what you -- out of the store yeah that's fair that's fair because when I first Raddatz. My inclination. War was still believes the mother a couple you know I didn't occur to me that she would make up what. First of what first or recover but what is clearly paying your per person out there who just started soap opera songs Mardy is on. I had a -- guy of course. -- credit from his mother whose. Overslept the day and bottlers in deep center. So what the age doesn't matter either what happened in -- -- -- fabrication. So I don't board the solid reporting good to confront -- this hour. I blow in the patently untrue is that it never happened I was wondering I was up. And there was a first class -- Clark alluded to try to shouldn't we can directly ourselves all looks little people. Why wouldn't we couldn't. Got a plane boat people completely in public want to insult somebody's mother which doing public. Why would you solve everybody's problems and just like people heading to Kansas City know less about anything. About it. I've also been accused of being the double worship heard about. -- -- -- walk every once in -- it's not true. My -- -- -- back in the seventies. How well. You've got a picture problem all of my mom that you have Richard did you have -- -- totals. Cuba what -- just what are you hurt by which. Welcome to America. I don't I'm we're talking -- Gene Simmons of the legendary rock band kiss. Do you see this -- going on you you're celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year. I have no idea except. -- is bigger battle than -- which are affording novel approach ritual that you. Groomed forty cities in America as -- celebrate forty years -- forty. -- -- -- -- -- And the final boxer. A monster actually that's special wheels probably -- little circle well. -- you have to there's a little humor. Is. That stigma about triggers concern concern at all so cold there. And so were heading off on a -- yearlong tour started forty sort of America a little older. Liberal. Group that I won't launch we're blessed to be doing this. And we welcome any bad too bitter and Edward Brooke watched some talk until the stones U2 will your favorite vendors. I'm on the road with us let -- show an introduction that's a bunch -- and on the bill that's -- -- Group called -- -- -- -- so we don't. That's and that's what that -- on the tour you know some new -- -- shall shall it's going to be a bombastic. Bombastic moderate because we -- more fire power that most Third World -- it's not consider a blunt some Twitter. She should sentence. Well part of country don't have enough. They got -- -- let me read your -- could a music review from 1974. That appeared in the Seattle times bigger reaction of this but the musical her reviewer wrote I hope for guys who make up the group whose names don't matter. Are putting money away for the future the near future because kiss won't be around for law. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sure those -- thought Oregon. Then completeness. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's. Also on Twitter I told Clemens -- -- up to broker a letter urging trilogy very critical and what about. I told Scott on the office looked at critic I will I will giggled and ice and I wonder if you could find him and whether or not -- -- what looked upon and I. Not that you last talked about that review what you can mountains. Certain court and 74. Rolling Stone finally puts you guys on the cover a couple of months ago first time ever. That I don't know I don't but but I read read the article. And and I don't know what what if there was a beef between you and Paul in the -- or or or maybe it was accurate I don't know. Actually although it was urgent personally apologize so called storm tours article to touched because strong will and won't using. It's just not fond of little kids it's a -- lucrative new market. Thank got -- on the on the cover Roland stormed a long solid sheep herders. But the public about how well I have a copy of the -- of the magazine and home. The articles they want -- group on the problem -- governor -- -- -- -- your herbal changed. And a -- and oh yeah. It's at our legacy you can put public anybody launch -- 1001 so little -- -- darn well that certainly. We -- barred from persevered. -- don't want to be everybody stricker can call you you'll be a black sheep. So I can guess it can't be certain holes she blog action racist against sheets. Actually. Speaking of being the black -- though I read once that you you've never drank alcohol. You've never oh well that is not what you've never done drugs though right. It looks factual I've never been drunk or -- but what should not knowingly. Yeah it's dead just share that opt -- option arms. I've never smoked cigarettes now that you -- -- would somebody saw god bless America and somebody put champagne. Which to me it looks like Christmas actually the same call give blood sample to the doctor -- -- -- -- checked up. So in part I put it up to my lips and then I didn't exist but our -- more than a -- I can just look also fumbled on the goal. Reaction to a couple like the smell of alcohol or the text bubble. What eight -- it's been a pleasure to talk with you and I was told everybody before we got you guys on the air that. A giddy as a school girl -- -- you I have I ever I actually honest to god. I have a room in my home and I know I'm not the only one and America I have a room in my home. Called the kiss cave it's dedicated to the band and I sort of their watch TV every -- so that -- to -- you -- to grow by no. I see you on television. It's called your house. They're a big we opened -- Al. Well you can't products we have just problems to just ask it's -- should probably won't -- you don't. It's been so it's it's our it's been an absolute pleasure to be -- -- Well I don't know it's been a pleasure having you on the air and good luck tonight and I'll see you tonight right. I want. Did you just don't -- and I'd dump that one part. Yeah that. Was fun it was funny if you if you were listening on on on line you heard it because we don't have to edit ourselves and -- them on Twitter if you. I heard it. Over the air will both posted on our Twitter accounts and duct tape of BC radio. It's a great joke of her and give it a hundred times you finally get to interview Gene Simmons -- yeah. I dumped six seconds of him. Can I say it on the air. No. Battle it's better we just -- it. I had to be careful -- Aren't -- art that was a highlight of my career.

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