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Entrepreneur KC Radio 5.13.14 Show 2

May 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the start -- university I had fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dreamers and -- -- better visualize where I had -- -- -- very clear about it. The money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and try not to hurt anybody along the the way entrepreneurs pave the way into the future of the industry start up. -- -- -- plug in and turn on an entrepreneur George Casey you. Boys were entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back it was one of the best decisions I ever made with your host Jason -- Hello Kansas City and welcome city on turner KC show on the -- easy business channel 1660. AM it online it came easy dot com. We had so it's fun and our first. Sprint accelerator powered by -- our show. Few weeks ago that we decided to have another one actually on our. My good friend and one of Kansas city's. Most media present people air -- Slater. Is back in seated today for a another show about the spring accelerator and focusing on some companies we were able to cover. In our first show me and I'm very excited to have him back in studio it's up there. Not much man I'm excited to bring three more action there -- -- -- before -- to show -- they're -- amazing people it's amazing stories. I I guess and personal question MI and become com Amare radios so I signed up. You know what I look to have you come on any time I mean seriously you should be here more often. -- the first time we talked on our last show we really talked about some really exciting start ups and those were we talked to John find from the text starters. From techs are major -- -- we talked to prime and and which is a really cool passing -- they're the CEO Tyler was great. Very cool guy that we talked to many tests and -- over many cast and today we're also going to be getting to more more -- some exciting exciting companies that are in the streets are right now getting ready preparing for the -- day. And there are -- in June 12 so. Tell us a little bit about our first guest if I have this correct after the break will be on with. Sensibly. Since my yes it's also that Derek is a former Wall Street turning and then you are just treating people from all over the -- -- Grier is here he's a power players. Oh yeah now he's -- he's an excellent guy actually must his job concerned drive and last I was headed to can't -- California me as Perez so you know and a he he stopped in Utah's solid city overnight near enough run -- -- accelerator in there. I in team and says current company so I think yeah I really great guy super brilliance. A lot of fun to be around and I really loving Kansas City. Well I loved it tucked him to about the experience of Wall Street and also news on the big fan of Salt Lake City it's a great city. Civility in our next segment. Will be talking to Derek from Simpson's lead. And after that we are going to be talking to. AD group of out of towners right posse -- that you don't. I'm Frances although mobile although mobile -- also I mean I've heard these guys are some fun aussies. Well they've traveled the furnace to Mya and by far from all the teams that came in Kansas City. And I don't know what they do in Australia is probably their criminal -- or some -- sat. But recent Australian and ever run into you is just a barrel fine yeah these guys are no different but in addition that. There are super talents in you know developers. You know and guys were for an apartment offenses contractor. And they're they're just really brilliant people. -- they're going to be talking about their wearable device that they're they're made for senior citizens. That helps you know your grandparents stay in touch entries and hope that a beloved ones. They received a lot of help for John Knox village here in Kansas City which. Mean I feel like since Heidi was a little kid I heard that -- Knoxville as -- a lot of advertising yeah I think we're younger because it's. I don't ever forget that. Yeah I know I -- to talk about that a little bit because it shows the basked in this Kansas City community and that. I'm business is leaders dodged nurse around the city. Are coming out rolling -- thread carton and nine that's that's no different John Knoxville has been extremely selfless guys. Hopefully in a -- off the ground them. And in our final segment today we'll talk -- Guys for the people from sick yes no. But they want like sick weather has got some really give press they that in Forbes I believe they've been on the in time magazine I was looking at -- by today's show up. On these guys are legit. They demand featured an App Store as well on our iPhone and they're -- -- up and comer and we knew that when they're coming in that day. They really have something cool merit and it is in part -- accident scene in December. A rock solid team those are really talented people but they're charting illnesses that moves across the United States and doing it faster in the CDC. Unbelievable so if I have a cold and a difficult -- writing to you see -- Foreman has the flu zone around. This'll show you what there is -- Siewert must travel. You know -- -- notify you as -- trend -- trending upward so right now you'd probably be getting her -- getting allergy season and asked well not for me. Man it's never over a joke I need to start. Just. I should have been get stock -- like Claritin whoever produces Iowa Allegra. Well I mean nasty stuff and I asked her I feel better because so we're gonna Sus sick whether it's studios and we'll talk to about how they've. They also there are you know pretty local developer name you know we'd be -- Nate Allen on the show before he's helping them down and we'll talk to them and I think one of them has been on television before his wealth gap can be potentially -- of that pretty diverse background busy racetrack he's an amazing race veteran. Well I know I know a lot of people live wanted to be on that show an implied actually you know. Then begin to talk to them so we're gonna have those three. -- accelerator companies powered by tech stars on the show today and I'm gonna have air closely here in studio for the entirety of the showed today he's. I'm becoming a common law against us and our governor Casey ship well. And I think just real quickly before we and restoring and makes me too much you wanna make a serious plug these teams and more will all stand on stage and -- weeks. So it actually if you guys that might come out we expect a big showing from the city of Kansas City we're hosting -- Monday at the Kaufman performing arts theater. -- the crossroads district you can register and -- Rembrandt -- -- for an accelerator dot com threats on the front page so deathly come out you we'll see. I'm these three companies are talking today about the other seven as well -- -- present it wants starting at 5 PM. Will be kissing community has and it takes employee -- -- security has really embraced you against your first class up there. It's been fined fantastic -- -- not only has the media embraced it but you know there's a lot of competition here I mean there are a lot of accelerators that are doing really get things that. Well I think the you guys did was you know the corporate edition and the corporate partnership obviously helps. From a from you know exposure standpoint. Yeah yeah absolutely it helps us you know that and the attacks are brand helped distraught people from all over the world. Which we -- and text services and successful every stop going out there you know what what what was the funny -- -- -- so it's like gallery half a million now and most 90% of the start of the command of the accelerator gets funding are successful are -- and 90% are actors today -- have been acquired by a larger company so yeah definitely a huge track record of success. Summing it if you -- in this program that I know it's very hard to get into it and know that you know UB launching AM. The search text there's along with the guys we launching a search for the next phase yup. Ability exciting it's gotta be tough application process it it's very rigorous for everybody involved include people reviewing applications by aids is simply something and if you're. On charting the world of mobile health care this is he's usually out for you mean this is it's a big industry there's a lot of things that a lot of girls overcome. This is a great lineup for so you guys who continue on mobile health care path. Yeah I mean I don't wanna tell the future too much right now -- -- it's it's hard you know breaking news myself but how are you get the air there on the audio was solid earlier -- or more months -- -- -- -- that will ultimately you guys have bigger things and obviously. You always we just we always immune do you wanna develop this these -- some and I think that it's you know this is. CNB four trillion dollar industry and -- you know we are spending more money on this thing than anything else -- -- almost. Plus that a military strength -- point and states. And and you know and this is something that we definitely have my option tackles are such an entrepreneur is great opportunity for a couldn't agree more so could agree MRSA listing companies know how Long Will that -- is us. Dominate is nine and ninety minute run time and that includes. An introduction from sprint senior Dan -- -- I'll be kicking things off which by the way I sit Dan has -- Sox did you so we -- ask -- if he -- -- -- -- -- and that occurred in mosques and as sensitive you are to quit the colors of the company. Data and senator -- socked him I don't remember it was a while back but you know I had a special packaging with all the special spread information on -- -- -- -- I'll find out -- Fiat doesn't -- -- the -- to -- -- -- -- -- Dexter I've got you -- and are coming to ask -- -- hurt so yeah excited it's a ninety minute show. Yeah it was a dating and -- June 12 who is with -- is. That is a Thursday there's really test my knowledge -- today you know to have an event that also happens via one we Casey there's a lot of arched her older voters here yeah is it is a great great time -- Kansas City it's a good time to see. The activities of seizing on if you've ever been sitting on the sidelines of the entrepreneur community here in Kansas City -- just tack in general and you wanna see what's going on. I -- -- Casey is a great time to do it and the spring Exxon earned them and is again timing on. I'm BC speaking of attacking Kansas City. We got a four minutes left here in the first segment Erica you what -- on validates via you know what I've missed and so far I've been really busy guy. I'm proud of I'm and I'm not paying for HBO right now I'm an outcast and friends and according. HBO it's just. This is still right now and is a little off topic but I watched it last night -- there every week that show. It's better yeah it's little awkward at first minute I tell you and if you as a person that's involved in this tech community is you are. That it is pretty funny payroll is a funny look it's got like VP is the politics I couldn't I just I mean. -- -- Larry it's and it reminds me of a little bit of -- political days that just. How dysfunctional sometimes you can be the tech show Silicon Valley are really just puts it was a bright light on some of the stuff going on and so Cavallo. And my judgment we actually watched office space history selling you know he's just wait and indeed it's Michelle I think -- I'm excited for -- I think I think what you. Jump back on HBO. You know and I I heavy -- beaches. One it is -- does -- expensive I mean it's -- fifteen for the month but you get. Yes I mean I'm partial to political said the you'd build our knowledge the show it's funny and it does make for a liberal sometimes do that I don't I don't I don't doubt -- they hate -- I you got beat you got silicone valley I think it's preaching to you -- -- on -- -- -- -- We don't we should try for some I did all right so I don't listener response on our. But so that's critical side just had -- -- I -- you pricing -- I am in -- I am not -- does not just Google he's been out to FaceBook he's. Who's seen all those things it's it's a really get satire of the the taxi out there are journey and in how how amazing it is that insult palace are repeated offer like ten million dollars for they've done anything. It's it's funny and how how just. Just ridiculous some of the stuff is out there but also the same time just how. You know learning and growing concern at this tea sir sheriff's clinical status. Speaking of those -- -- -- a -- watch time these Costner's you know so those who don't know that in the CDS sending. I'm got to mingle harassment as a team and they're doing their best to try and distract us in its last legs absurd yes. And then they're getting -- America's seasons learning about a so Eric on the tell us again about how people connect with the -- accelerator and no I've been through this base is pretty cool I mean. You guys get people that just popping and yeah and actually we encourage it so if you're not familiar in the buildings located. In the crossroads district on nineteenth terrorists. So you -- directly Mildred -- -- the sport right by the fire engine did. Exactly yeah you just had -- -- front door -- -- west nineteenth terrorist. You can walk right in there any day of the week. And it's actually an open streets of the community space. So you can watch and use the space from meetings they have free Wi-Fi power. Some great -- spacing commander and use it so. I'd highly encouraged -- just comic messiness that way and person. That's a mass India you can join us on -- though at sprint sound that's CC's -- -- -- -- just an earlier. You go to our Monsanto would demeanor and iron shots for an accelerator dot com. And that's Reno reserved for -- Monday and again. Highly encourage every listening out there still a lot of those people big time dollars and eight are sort of -- they -- ten dollars -- even if you don't have that money is a great time to come and check college tennis for accelerator teams at one time. I did see with him work announced last three months and and also hear from great deflect and has itself. -- -- -- -- It is going to be involved in the golf course something out well I'm comes out. If there's a funny yet do the gay guys and on the show is he's always get time so. -- takes -- -- in today again we are going to be falling up after the break with Derek from -- to me to talk -- his journey to Kansas City in what has started doesn't his experience at the accelerator. -- felicity -- -- KC show will be right back after the break. Welcome back to young turner Casey sure I'm your host Jason grill on site air cool slate here. -- us today from this -- accelerating as the GM of the accelerator powered by text or is Eric. Think you're doing it and you madman. -- differ segment today and -- can afford to learning more about what are your startups in the -- that are now we have. Derek and be right -- be co-founder and CEO of certainly. And -- Lou back to his mislead Jack we'll -- like season new attire that is dead guy in the sales guy. And it simply and you can find out information about symptom Malia at symptom dot LY. On guys look at who shouted at. Thank you friends song -- -- -- in Syria have you very neat story Derek wants you -- tell our listeners where -- from in how you kind of ended up here in Kansas City. Yeah so I was a military brat I grew up all over my whole life England Germany -- After I graduated high school I went to air force academy serve for five years after that went to the the University of Chicago Law School who practiced. Finance and derivatives on Wall Street. Until that market crashed. OK and I. -- on Wall Street for six years to those that -- law firm -- I represented tech startups. I really liked it come had a couple job offers to join my clients but I want to start from scratch like they did so I moved out west where. Now a lot of detect. In the tech ecosystem is thriving in Colorado and Utah on ended up and you talked. Lot like Salt Lake City just dead let's know that I have a bunch of friends or there. And -- lake sugar lane picture or something. Part of part of so -- house your house yeah progressed district. The answer your house districts from minus. Three year and so Lincoln and saw I was and went in I was recruited by the head of the. Utah's state science and technology fun to come do you tell -- Colorado and I was hanging out to university looking for some tech commercialization deals. And they -- first product he has a -- came through and basically was based on about eight years of research conducted a university if you talk. And primary children's medical senator and Salt Lake City and then this tool that they used to dramatically. Reduce hospital readmission -- child -- But. This is what I love about the Simpson may see you in and Derek you know he sat and sat some massage them on some of these calls. He has had so many meetings here in Kansas City and I've yet to hear. A hospital -- Kerry ever. Tell him now. -- you know this isn't a problem we have or no as is not a big deal or India are nowhere to have a socialist they really develop something that's truly unique in clinically validated TO. Which is extremely important is that a test here regulations and his attack coming up. And his emphasis on reduce re admissions. Not only from the government payers but also are just not children's hospitals. Children's hospitals are number one cause is child asthma. And it's a true cost the doesn't get passed on because the average days three point six days and children's hospitals are only reimbursed for the first day. So talk a little bit more about the product functionality can you -- based detect something that was paper. And turn a digital so how does that work and so it's based on the asthma control test we created. What's the lamp stack if your into the technical terms and it has a patient -- seeing patients facing. Mobile -- and they can thought their symptoms once a week or more and it's reported back to the database and providers or care coordinators at the insurance. Companies -- the Children's Hospital -- can log in and review all of their patients' symptoms and identify those that are performing poorly. Reach out and find out they fill their medication are they taking their medication. But he conceded doctor Barry actually. You know I've heard more about asthma that it I was on talking to them. The mayor of legal. I mean they're doing something in there with with innovative government with tracking. Where asthma attacks happen more through innovation as well some might be somebody -- connect with that. You know I I have never had passed so I don't I you know but I know it's a major problem for people author of the country. And especially more and how does it is it affect more people in in the mid western east coasters that just it doesn't really matter they were talking to the guys from -- From sick whether later in the show and so I'm relation to see how this affects different. Areas. -- -- seven point one million children with asthma in the United States. The prevalence rate is approximately one -- nine pump up to twice that for the -- African American population. -- so low income population including African American and also caucasians. -- far more likely go to the ER the hospital. And to return the and particularly Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program which -- taxpayer funded. -- has your experience been here in Kansas City now it's pretty exciting. I'm not used to flats there's -- mountains in -- -- states. It's still beautiful in the weeks and a lot of lot of -- out there you're cracked I do I tell you I fly. But -- you know what. Hopefully the experience is being good people and great team guys here at Kansas City how about working its critics are with that experience like. And it's awesome high energy. And just brilliant minds here on someone every single day it can. That literally is changing the world so one. When health care provider at a time and that's pretty amazing. It's unique come with with -- being involved obviously. From corporations standpoint. Which is one of the things we always talk on the show -- how important corporate innovation isn't partnerships. With accelerator so I think you know being in the first class is pretty cool. Absolutely. Talk talk talk a little bit about time. Outside the salary get as finding. -- easier in the off hours he's fine for -- to unwind all of -- we talked. Was the last -- EC RE SS Tyler he's going to be the first one on that. -- Niagara Falls one or -- line counselor -- -- path I had and I got the name of it that but it was relaxing to talk about -- -- -- let me I'm higher right now as Santa they are ready you are. But evening means from a social perspective as reliant on barbecue -- as easy as refiners on. Yes funny mean but so much my fair -- it's really enjoy it is -- concessions -- -- after 10 o'clock am happy hour and a little appetite. Mean every other street. That they -- green mile and a great environment like on there -- lived on the river market area. I love the fact they have those farmers markets on the weekend -- it almost two on Saturdays and Sundays or some cool restaurants around it. Yeah I mean on the big health -- so it seems like despite the barbecue reputation -- also -- healthy options which is. Par entering the notoriety until they -- that you know that's that's what the the outsiders always the media outsiders -- excellent -- talk about the barbecue but there are obviously. Is a pretty big city of minutes to over two million people there are other options out there across the across the Missouri Kansas -- for people that he. Don't you mean obviously it's pretty cool in a couple German restaurants and Austrian restaurant I'm from a German background so my family comes in now is when he term ensued. And never been new city that had more than one German place somewhere where you've been so far. On Austrian player I forget the names there's that they're not afraid justice. Very neat I'm half and the world a German -- itself. -- 82 and a German student -- it. UK. Moved who has missed time to go out and I answered your boss. -- it's been good idea I've done a few morning runs and -- -- -- running and we have we have some pretty equal trails the yes and so. It's that country says that pretty to. There's some great trails here all across the current -- across the city had just didn't betrayal and history waterfalls when they were Missouri and -- on -- sought to show you some of those. -- get a quick question before finish up. -- I resign anon just said. Pretty amazing story as you leaving Wall Street you know air force carrying mean what we're about starts a transient. I mean is the biggest challenge is it's taking the you know the leadership laboratory in you know one of the finest leadership institutions in the military. Bringing that skill set and just like problem solving. You don't have a boss he got to figure out everything for yourself. I guess the customer your boss but. You know you're out cold calling. You're creating product you're delivering product trying to collect payment our product I -- every problem and a business faces. It's just on the two or three co founders and it's it's constant boulders to move each folder you move you know having two more behind it. If it is never a dull moment literally never dull moment. Wolf thank you guys for holding -- good for for your for your business and for Kansas City appreciate it on the show today we're talking to. Certainly can find immense symptoms dot LY. Thanks for on the show today things -- -- you will be right back on the frontrunner KC show. Welcome back to the -- -- KC show -- and Jason grill along side air -- Slater. Special -- Sosa and future co host of the shelf like to -- -- to come here once a week didn't. If you want to month will see the numbers on our -- on you on great just supported Eric you're doing great job as always. In this segment we have two pretty -- guys in CDO they are. Our Australian there they're from down under. Yes I said that very badly. And but we have to Mac in and -- Howard the two of the co founders of polo mobile in CO RE guests dear -- our hero thanks good to see you guys did to see you welcome to Kansas City. Thank you very much bomb while in custody accents they integrate the Kansas City people Australian accents. I'll tell us about a little bit about Urals back and how you came to -- see that we into the company. -- case we can the Kansas City through the text as sprint accelerator that's out here at the monuments would mean. But now business up for some time it was actually. -- -- need to actually come to Kansas City because of sprint and the textiles program now how did you guys find out about this. We found out about sisters text us. But he following them and their progress caught some harm in Australia. Although not in Australia that. Our three cents a more than into and out here so yeah we've we knew we wanted to be part of it around we knew we wanted to pot whether -- be tote around here in the -- Yes and Tanzania entrepreneurial system in Australia's alumina maturing comparison so we're actually pretty -- view is of what happens you and that being nearest probably part of about a twelve month program for the for the company to come on law. OK so you actually came over from Australia reliving the US before. -- we -- parry came directly straighter Kansas City but it's not at this time in the US federal policy yelled at Paris and some time about for the five. Months of three visits every in San Francisco and the Bay Area and comments -- Los Angeles -- travel -- well very cool there goes what does all mobile. So where a single button voice controlled voice activated so fine for saying Eunice what we do is allow. Seniors are actually talks that failings and not a tournament insists when Maine ain't there. To educate. In touch and not feel so socially isolated and just then. -- that activity and well being done to make sure that they can live healthier happy a lot of sponge cells. Very distinct bearish. Yes and talk guy talk lament about the media Kansas City and maybe some of these years have accomplished so far near. Met with loads of people and in fact. You know has had some great successes some local. Homes and -- We have ended I think we had a gripe Kansas City welcome where actually met at the airport -- landlady. Here he took us around it was actually embargo that -- -- of this spring accelerator -- -- Spezza. Especially Jarvis plus we took some sneaky -- and that's just part of that took us into our climate Joseph is the best barbecue joint in town there Cincinnati there before you dive into your verdict -- that is their asset accounts tell you about exodus song with come across. And other summits in respect to be a problem in the fridge was full -- so we. As strong as we currently compliant and to be honest we if the business and we will admits them and sodomizing. Singh is in fabulous thing is at the John Knox village -- -- -- terror group as well -- to swirl again they've failed bail hearing him and a bad out take and why that we're. We're trying to get you know changing the the -- -- -- -- and there really interest in which is Chrysler we had some great interest and -- poses a so you guys you doing pre ordering right now for this -- phone three G that crept. Yeah it's a 199 dollars. That's 109 on those -- I thought so. I cry and I don't want to risk the Grand Prairie facility but I am assuming it. As my -- my parents get older that I much utility yes yes so what we're doing is we're taking pre orders at the moment frowned upon us. But where are still very early stage. We are trying to build up business market around what we're doing. But -- within the next few months -- -- going through some program we -- here in Kansas City plus talking to other talkers on the provide us around the US and those millions on laser as well. Actually to deliver a service a lot of people are very excited about the service because it's nothing out there that exist actually bridge this -- Tough talk about the market real quick and he's just an -- and why is this such and such a great solution. So -- currently it is about -- is up half a billion or 500 million saying as people over 65 years of marriage. Now in the next six years but when he twenties -- -- one billion and this -- is gonna keep growing and growing and growing. And -- a massive -- for better communications simply communication and it's reliable and can be with a person bullets harm us again ala. Now you every thinks having a cellphone having a Smartphone is great way it works well for us but as you get older and you actually start soon. Become a little trial and live in a line -- famous -- worry about how they're living independently. And -- does that does nothing less -- the support they independents that are we're really torn to. To shifts focus as the market is of the chipped. The way people think about how I eight EE leave when you get all the. Explaining how the try to work so. You know I'm 982 year old grandmother. Cindy we'll get to Sydney to pass -- Think Kansas City, Missouri and you know I Wear this Smartphone there right in their push a button and and calls my parents there are my my kids -- what -- -- work. This the simplicity of it is is you mom -- your grandmother. Whoever and is needs to stop loss will win the device and if they need somebody for whatever reason I can disperse the -- And say who want folks that are so is in touch and just oak. So I wouldn't say -- almost son Cole Cole Eric and what west service does actually connects. Person with the family member who they -- we also allow. Them to contact other services such as I get in a taxi. But when you -- -- -- how to fool we do full detection. And you might have been injured we actually our successful ask how why you. I UA carrying. -- does not response there. Well actually notify the families have no means and -- the family we can actually pasta sauce so many service from on this that is non won Monroe experienced doctor or medical center. My grandmother where is one of those old school and it's. Because she's you know she's 92 that -- I everytime I -- she has that one of those older. Not technology base things on her arm. That -- you know I was thinking by phone I've taken up commercial or. We have to Manson and Iran has been known as the in the ninth grade I really am I lecturer at any branding but what's the name of the -- -- -- does -- -- there was a funny commercial time that's why. That's funny isn't always a nasty listener reaction was phony laugh at the -- -- and. The main Sony's business the names on the incident never quite funny you know reduce its food. The priorities. So the reason why -- technology is more appealing to -- isn't aspirants and the traditional technologies is that they. These that they exist -- acknowledged that has a steamer vulnerability. There rolled their konduz can't look after themselves so which on the China sent by. Not just have -- -- -- that's just tournaments. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of a lot of kids are gonna -- like that technology to worth their -- you know and I think honestly knowing that with my grandparents even once -- seen on this project and really like is that it does keep. A little -- of -- dashboards for their children these seniors to show me. Not only things like health -- you know potential you know and dangerous non falls that they're sorry for next you know I health stated they're collecting that also. I'm shows in the last time I talked today grandma grandpa. I just recent friend era reminders or not is that you know maybe you should contact her and what's what they need -- -- at least and I asked some of -- need that -- sometimes. And you guys have been didn't see media's exposure in forums and -- BC as well as. Computer world to having you there living in the media for the last two years we've always join -- one. A lot of events in Australia for van startups and for a business but they're -- technology that we're actually created so a lot of people who really like what we're doing and we actually need to update a website with a lot more -- articles on the -- on the fifth so what are you guys so if I if Erica I come down to Australia can you if you go back key take is the Australian Open I've always wanted to go to all of the tennis tournament today is that where you guys from Austria. On for -- been in -- found accused Amber's been bends from Sydney bombs and it ended deterrence in Melbourne in nova got some family down men's tennis. I've really got to I just went you know that Australia so not him -- Marty planet Trenton Margaret we're going now running a visit these guys' design is gonna come work for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With sorry doesn't resign if they were if you don't like the religious wife of augment its announced that it's terrorism it's just like as -- I don't mania and it's it's only an extensive again. Is that so aside from amazing climates hearing Kansas -- eyes and this through no -- shows anyway years found something to really enjoy about city. No revived through and tried out the -- you know -- -- was begging for some German style -- -- it's a Kansas City beer company. Isaiah also -- -- guy's minds he's had solitaire. A societal -- amenities. There is a spiced and it's a -- in the united you know for the -- table where conference in -- -- just a paper and if I silicon. And the cities in little -- on the relax in the in an August and I -- and if us. I spread out yeah I'm just is surprised that everybody gets -- like freeway I. I can't wait to mine I can't. The kid can't imagine the way did you do not have traffic via. It's it's great I love it it's it's fantastic drive and around him he can now. -- Ahead M Chrysler work on radio yeah. There's there's there's some there's only if you travel times and obviously they're always from a few parts of the city -- certain times on the you're right people notice on the compared. For city of over two million people is spread out and so that's one of the problems we've always had his. You know -- everyone you know we're not dance like other cities are but we do have a good amount of people there. When you travel all around the city M house on Sunday eastern Kansas City. This weekend and were last weekend it's like -- -- pose forget -- to live here than you ought to Johnson county's -- yes you know it's like so spread out for it all these communities that we have here town. It's batters -- -- Israeli minister though which is lodge -- country but. This is just as I I didn't believe this Kansas City, Missouri in Kansas slate is that he -- state. So a lot of issues that. I know -- somewhere. Kids in school one side people living on the other it's. It scared -- and understand. And that's funny that's funny. What you know guys. Well bloodier experiences did. What -- -- what he really excited for as we get into the demo days this year few weeks. -- now parked out in front of a lot of new faces have in the media coming in and see what we do. So the relationships that will build from non. -- it's it's a real big thing it's this -- industry deserves a big shakeup. And we really went out a brand down times enough ice is at an affront to really show that way of people that do this. No way the people that are gonna make it -- laws of your parents -- and -- response a lot better but like so we're really looking forward to expo business. Perfect timing too with the with the growth of the baby boomers -- and army yes. Yes I've heard that before middle you -- Bryant the players right miles hello Walsh merchant but. It's. Any minute dance and seminary you guys are putting this in the hands of people sonics community is that you connect to a. Here's -- -- who traveled exactly that you terror group -- expressed an interest as well I'm actually primary happens important for us to -- part not academically so we've prominently. University of Missouri Kansas City and they consortium of writing where we're really serious about getting. Some really sound really beneficial analytics -- as -- help people -- they've got a great understanding how people move and -- tree. OR technology actually allows them to have an event. Any time any place on -- communication and also -- contracting activity in an anti terrorist wells. The drill holes way to stuff from the one of my actual. And with connected with universities around suits him actually can bring it there Roddy Piper about it and it's really exciting we're actually gonna get the technology and hands as saying his. With within a way Coetzer. Very cool well. Guys look at the United States welcome to Kansas City can match in and been Howard to with the co founders of a little mobile you can check them out it below mobile dot net thanks for coming on the show today guys -- he's guaranteeing gradually see his. And that's when I'm in Australia and so yeah. I thank you we'll be right back announcer Kasey. She -- yeah. Kansas City welcome back to the art turner KC show on the team BC business channel 1616 and thanks for us stick with this on the show today it's been a really cool show talking to. All the grade -- companies in the sprint accelerator. Power by -- stars in Kansas City and as always Eric how will Sager is -- and held a job here is the co -- on the special show keys is can she get paid -- -- millions tonight aren't enough credit and let me tell you -- -- -- -- did a great job and it's been really itching to talk to you know in this show in on our first show to. Some of these come companies and guys that have traveled here from all across the world and learn more about their backgrounds and see with the building. -- -- I yet from all replace and every single one of them I sent a remarkable story. Some of them just kind of keep piling on -- which are doing a really cool things of life. Very cool things and speaking of cool things we have a great company. In studio right now and to really cool guys we have on we're going to be talking to you guys from -- -- yeah and they -- generated a ton of press on their product -- is really excited about them media darlings like you buddy. Exactly exactly as I'd say tell -- semi did not look at -- on the -- a plane even if I was to. -- an iPhone App Store though multiple times in Indiana and got a great product teaching announcement. Well speaking of a great product great to have James says short. Seizure. From he's the CEO of the company and John Kirk who is the lead to mobile developer at sick whether welcome to the city -- -- Thank you great to have you bomb let's hear a little bit about. How you guys met first off and where your from how you came to Kansas City. All right well I'm from Baltimore. They was out and bought in LA and that's Marco -- as musicians out there. Came back and back to Baltimore take your -- and -- and that's -- -- we got this this company started -- then. Wouldn't for a leave mobile developer we ended -- running on through a friend of a friend who. Met him at a stop over an airport. And on yeah. I -- happens I -- it yet so we totally -- out. Thanks -- this -- -- able to actually work in the same location side because he's basic entities airbase in Baltimore and it's -- Very cool and how did you find out about the strength -- with text SARS. I'm actually not sure where that came from initially we've already known about -- for a while so. We heard that they are doing them. Mobile health program and -- like that very perfectly. Very cool. We each up to the might get closer to the Mike their games aren't they did John tells little about your record manhunt in beats up -- up their few times -- -- It is yeah no I originally grew up in Minnesota so. Huntington Beach is very different both are fun places via live my fiance and digests are. Definitely loving and out there were propelling a stick around for quite some time very cool and -- Woody NC Kansas City so far it since neither viewer from their pride in -- before by region and we've been Max and out of Barry kids have been done listening. You know what's funny is these guys so that the entrepreneurs came from all of the world. Found places to live all of the city as it turns out these guys live -- rented a house literally a block from my house and Waldo. The satellite they watch ICM walking area Graham their CO bikes to work they got to -- -- -- They've really explored the local flavors there you know I mean he has really been getting in into the neighborhood like different everything TSE never -- Isn't there there have slowly that is. We really like we we had a good time in the eighteenth and -- yeah dealer has an area school. Across -- to super awesome the first Friday is now saying where everybody opens up the galleries there houses totally. Very cool lyrical what do what is been your favorite barbecue so far. And every place is it especially not when I mean the ribs are good and an Oklahoma judge yet before -- Arthur Bryant's. -- -- officially endorse Oklahoma Joe's. As the -- an album that's my -- gave me like -- actually done Amal the Cadillac should we probably haven't done them all you've done really done that before we haven't been Arthur Bryant's. OK you know you gotta be just the Pulitzer regular -- amount. Yeah they are being followed white bread becomes a widespread it is it I have been there awhile either imitate my dad ever thought I was -- I commit some of that on Mother's Day like. You know enough of this through through brunch so it's gonna give barbecue on I'm -- -- everybody's been recommending the -- -- oh yeah those are good -- really get a Jackson it is but I wouldn't know yet because every time I go there I can't order anything other than half. That are that the half raptor -- now and I scripts are different everywhere too that it's really cool bloodiest of the brain idea. The barbecue again -- So it's also got sick whether it how to operates in in in just kinda you know what it dust. I will sit -- has been called the doppler radar for sickness and surges is to operate our scan the skies for about whether -- sick whether scans social media for people being sick. We then plot all of those are instances on a map and effectively make real time weather maps for sickness that is. So you can essentially check for the chance of getting sick as easily as you can check engines. Very nights an elevator pitches -- -- and it's. Yeah I. That's that is fastening so really using social media to know to kind of see what I can mean wearing Kansas City right now I mean. You know I have allergies there someone as a floating immediately can -- in your little area. Yes hey you know it's funny Jason I mean when -- and there by saying gonna sit by the dot com you monuments -- social accounts. And you can see elicit your friends and -- scrapes and you find things like. Finally released from Allegra or. Oh my gosh allergy season Sox. They're taking these pretty benign statements and their fining them and -- supplying them with the location data. On a map and is turning into this real lives moving radar map of sickness and that's actually. By year's -- it's more it's time predictive compared to CDC's. Retroactive. Analysis of where illness has been ranked. Yet there's been a lot of advantages what we're going to currencies the real time nature social media is huge for this because. You know CDC has always running at least two to four weeks behind when people -- reporting being sick or going to the hospital to be. Scene for their sickness so Rhett turner reports get out. -- -- -- -- -- this being real time we can actually alert people when there around someone who had just reported being sick you know yesterday in this particular location. And the whole point is that weather has to be hyper local events so. Rather then. Other services that'll provide a shaded states for sickness and sickness levels by. You know everyone in Missouri has -- 30% chance of getting sick. -- actually let you know that you know I'm among your friends and family and the people he's worked dozen people and it's. These guys have been featured in very big magazines and TV stations in the United States such as The Today Show. National BBC time new NBC news at a week discovering is -- so this is is getting very good exposure and and Nash. Worldwide level. It's very exciting and in the idea every survey minutes after the -- The idea resonates with with the public really really well I mean I think it captures the imagination its futuristic. And it's something that the public seems to want. So we're just excited so I felt as if I -- how I get it. I want you browse our it's free -- you just go straight to -- -- wireless and -- -- -- there or consequent had to come in the way. Yes is sick when I come as a winner CC c'mon in checking out as well so highly recommend going Graham and it will still suck about Judd over there. Lead developer. Sick -- guys that TVs are on job. The Amazing Race twice and I hear that earlier in the studio yeah I definitely -- should just simply means that I failed them in a million dollars more than one. But I tried hard but yeah. -- everywhere so I Albert you needed galileo's. I recently actually that happens there like this series it's on TV right now. I was on that I got eliminated in Rome like a couple of weeks ago. Oh well I yeah I lived in a row when I was in college and in other if you go to -- ha -- -- -- -- -- Hello I've had I I loved Italy but you know I understand I may I have a sore -- -- a little bit yeah considering that a bad taxicab. Driver was you know primarily can. Like I thought -- Yes -- drivers of their insane that -- -- Emmy this half by less than half you know half the cab driver -- -- -- don't blame it entirely of the cab driver but we'd also be lying if we didn't you know attributed at least some of my downfall. -- -- a moped and Italy when I was nineteen over there and then there was an idiot but it was sold -- -- -- -- So you did that was an experience like man I'm sure yet got a lot local places in the nautical people. Yeah I know without a dollar I mean it was incredible law. We. The way that we think about it is like the first time that you'd get on the amazing grace it's definitely a once in lifetime opportunity answers certain and then so the fact that we got called back. Was just like shot and a staff and our light just my fiance -- you guys were married the first time. -- we were our viewers you were dating yet we were dating forever is kind of like -- -- I -- and I. Out of their relationship -- like -- around once that was late season -- he -- about a year ago. And then it's it's -- -- OK so basically what we unfortunately became famous far was being like the first team amazing race history. To win and express pass and then never use. So -- was a time when you get like first place he went like a trip to Australia where a couple of awesome cars or something like tangible our case we want a piece of paper. Okay that we failed the is so that was -- -- epic failure give us I mean we we Arnett and not spending -- food so that you guys now are engaged. Yeah that's if you can travel Foley uses that's a good side yes it's. Or get eliminated on national TV. -- ever had and still may get there that -- totally itself. Yeah I know we are dating the first time throw and then you know that was that we never thought that we'd like -- never another chance to you know quote unquote redeem ourselves or what have you we thought that was that right. And -- so we went on the allies of an average just now getting -- and then like a few months later we get this phone call. And it's they were interest in having us back. And so that's what we got aren't. To do the show like a second time. That is the confusing part so if they would have labeled it. Unfinished business. Which is like a theme they've done in the past when they bring people back -- made total sense. Instead they called it amazing race. All stars which were still confused when I'm sorry I thought I. Reality show also are and that's what woman like. It is cool hugging and go across the world and equals if I had a daughter Allison and you know one he's -- -- look at -- -- I was more of the apprentice -- -- the early days she's here this course the early days like the first series -- series that's great on. He's he's not the only things -- actually -- James IA you know he was plucked out of a mechanic shop. Crazy story he self taught himself how to take -- -- receiver and eventually turn into the fastest. Here in the world so it -- is about -- I mean that's amazing to tinker with. Locus of that models coming in LA guy got away from his -- well music schools -- -- that. Trying to different position on LA and then when things have slowed just a regular cars you know doing royalties friends and stuff and eventually the shop that was started with -- and and five my other friends in the LA area. Eventually started building our cars faster and faster. Or racing them. And we eventually built the world's fastest swimmers. And they're getting their sponsorship from Subaru of America and and we were. It -- -- -- Super star now yes and it -- in drag racing the fastest time we ran with them in 98 and leave it hundreds of sports east China. I didn't attack. But yes that we had to we had a bunch a cars we are mostly just swapping -- engines. And things faster. There ADI guess have crazy good backgrounds that's also a treat drug -- -- the guy no -- jazz well although it's in his injuries one I was ever in a sound that's his panel minute time seizure early age he named. Is actually Rojas backwards we learned this over Beers one night. In the reason was somewhere along the line when your family members did something today. It's something really terrible to someone who decides these things -- it's a good thing and then. My lineage was winner's curse to spell their last name backwards not going to -- I'll units interstate. That. An incidental -- don't call you Rojas and he's he's a rule breaker my trying to slow down this afternoon. -- look guys they. Circle on the show today we really appreciate it on cool stories on sick weather dot com check it out and regrets in your success in the spring accelerator power -- -- stars look forward to seeing you all of them and its competitors it. We thank you shouldn't think thanks for coming in Syria. Their great show and anybody is amazing having you around again and anytime you wanna come back and goes on on the game so I love pain here with him I mean back any time thinks birthday -- indexer come there guys. He elicited the -- turner KC show. On the came easy business channel 1616. And thanks for joining us and we will see you soon have a great day.