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Entrepreneur KC Radio 5.20.14

May 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the start of the universe cannot have fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dream isn't -- -- -- better visualize playing hardball and be very clear about it money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and try not to hurt anybody along the the way entrepreneurs pave the way into the future of the industry start up. -- -- -- plug in and turn on. I want you put into -- Casey your -- more entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back it was one of the best decisions -- made with your host Jason -- So -- Kansas City and welcome city entrepreneurs TC shells. I'm your host Jason -- thank you for joining us again today. As always it's great to have you listening to the show and following us online -- came easy dot com. Very excited about today's show hopefully you guys are having a great day. We have in store for us today we have in our first segment frank Gruber the CEO and co-founder of tech cocktail. Francs a great guy he's had couple events actually -- three by this point in Kansas City with tech cocktail and tech cocktail dot com. Revolver and technology in startups as a great job. At tech dot co. Also wanted to have frank on the show today -- talk about. An update us on some things on with -- talked over it a more poorly he's the author of the new book called the start up mixology. We're gonna have frank on the line in our first segment I believe he is in Las Vegas today and -- great to catch a flight so I appreciate his time. In our second segment we will have our doctor Julie O'Connor who is a motivational speaker and very involved in the entrepreneurial world she also has a book. That is been published called dreams action to trail lawyers trailblazers died. Doctor Julie Conner is -- really conversational and she's all about dreams and and goals and actually. Facility them so she's gonna talk to us about how to do that and how to kind of get out of the clutter of the data today. You know occasional funny email meetings on not to actually. Realize your dreams and now find your way. And then we'll have a surprise. Third segment today which I won't tell you about yet and on our fourth segment today. Really cool cool story we're gonna have on John your keys who is the owner and operator zoom in markets. He is got a really cool idea. They opened -- -- grocery store -- And basically it's a big e-commerce site you go online you find your groceries you take your groceries out and then you go down to the go down and pick them up with and you know this fastest thirty minutes to an hour or two you know two weeks down the road. It's kind of first to market in the United States around this basic concept of picking up or treason. I think it's pretty cool that's happening here you know others countries have done and it's been successful in the United States you've seen. Delivery of -- trees but actually you know putting in your order just like -- order -- something on on you know on Amazon or J. Crew dot com and then picking it up. The same day and having an impact your car it's great for mothers who obviously going to. Drag your kids are on the Hershey store and also differ elderly and disable this in their cars have the Hershey's packed in their -- John your -- will be on our last segment today from zero in market and -- excited talked him and see how that's going since they've launched. You can find out. More information about our trainer Casey by following me on Twitter at Jason grill and at entrepreneur Casey. You can also find all of the -- podcasts. Of the show with some of her great -- great influencers and entrepreneurs that. Came BZ. Dot com. So without further ado let's get started with our first interview segment today we have freight -- the CEO and co-founder of tech cocktail. He's focused on sort of president's news and resources and now is the author of a new book called start up mixology -- to -- guiding your friend and it's great to have him back on the show frank how are you today. Well thanks -- much or not -- appreciate it good to have you on frank guy and you're traveling man I think you're sitting in Vegas as we speak headed do you Chicago's -- Yeah. But why are right but rarely it happened -- Editor actually a couple of mild ask in the terminal and showed up and it all the way and if it is gonna hackers -- -- it's gonna happen then yes that -- we're gonna have to. You know it doesn't happen that often but I'm OK with that the karma by tribal Carmen you know everyone's like get a paper. And I didn't mind. You know where our -- -- Well frank good to hear from you now bombs you beneath his city again recently for a tech cocktail and having you. Yeah no it had been repaired back a few different time than what -- compact and part of a story that oracle content. In -- and helped spread it around not just locally and around the country -- -- what rolled out. I notice that at tech Deco has kind of a new look to it Mitt looks pretty clean in you've. You got different writers in different parts of the country now and I just got its its work with you guys in no -- -- local service had a story recently. Tell us about 'cause the growth of tech's Darko and tech cocktail. Yeah yet do we change a lot of years and -- dirt you know where it started out six Michael -- Terkel and you know -- a passion project our project and you don't you don't panic Arctic Council and a garden another -- armored hero and aren't we restructuring -- seven years in department. -- to make it all worked. And ultimately now and into on the last subject agreed to put a million dollars and a lot -- reluctantly. Are as rocket fuel to really grow to came to our group. Armed with a mission really being you know. There's a story out and attack startups entrepreneurship and number to the plate that is taking -- -- part of local approached. Did you attack actually can read the national news but you don't look at popular dropped -- very good spectacle watched. The city's electric arc -- slash. -- -- -- -- -- Record last either Kagan or whatever and I'm really dive deeper their apartments and -- public about storage market. Larry that was redundant work cited in in -- focused on -- -- The -- guys in growing your fan base do I mean on on on just alone on the likes on FaceBook yet or 26000 looks like coming. There really is it nearly is resonating with tech entrepreneurs throughout the country and then I know you guys are great events so it's exciting to see you. You do well and continue to grow and other other cities. Thank you every really about green go to audience so there's a different -- a large target for the very. Spread out -- a lot -- nothing happened about how important work and which currently Putin goes the rest of the country. Are forward into how the network -- Aren't so perfect you know put it in the middle brocail took -- across the political you can you can ignore it. Put the Clark covers and we'll put that we look at the other put the student. I would look at it very much like a lunatic chocolate or don't you know -- kind of model where we do a lot of you know they're like. You can hurt -- probably -- it describes our you know and get you opted yesterday. The national page extra -- Friday at a storage where country. Where to go dive deeper in the daily update interrupted every day about what happened in your your area to start to the they're cool kind of a perfect -- into the war. Ever present -- the old patents it. Well Fred what Hillary is loud and have you on the show today was talk about the new books are mixology in -- in the books you you authored and it's been publisher. Very cynic he covers -- basic ingredients of winning on turner should take us through that process and kind of what the book is about. Yeah -- Pretty -- added that it are -- commission and I've been trying to write a book awhile I was -- -- about. A -- or start a new over the years and finally came together and tectonic particularly worked out took super excited to have sent. And but it -- -- our profits on starting a company and try to read a book is not forget -- anybody ever do. So I -- you know we we -- -- our national tour last year but just in October that it felt great copper crowned the winner big conference reduced our leaders to. And go to different different. And then. At the start writing the book. Yet I got I got married a month later and a -- and rewriting it while among pregnant and then finished -- -- and a month late but still got -- then. In February and in general. If it you know there's really condensed -- and -- -- Clark authors unity could you take an extra -- to figure are in -- it looked. I didn't live there and look what I've what what people are very good about the recruitment traveling countries are. To go crazy. He's done a lot of helped our -- ignorant or perk or writers. Put her off term cult which research and development on the back side and current Clinton not through routine up Burton I'm excited for what I'll park it and it. It's coming -- delighted -- it's almost out there. Around and I like to cover the look it's pretty clean and has your. -- -- the text doc Joseph logo on there the Oliver right the martini right that's pretty cool NAFTA and. Get get it yet yet it it really is you know it took me ten years to figure out how to do this stuff didn't it take a lot of people out aren't you so. Why not like cut the teacher called others start undeclared voters. To get their capture and so. This book Hitler written should give it to somebody. All these different ingredient that you can read it covered covered and no you know to get it has started to understand is that you do -- or are you do it. And and learn from the story of of the owners of that person and eight campaign didn't maker -- worked pressing the bumper -- are always the current concerns that net interact with over the last. Eight years you're running a cartel on their all and there are other stories in a way that. On an attack on ingredient figured in the starting. -- marketing it to be funding it could be skilling could be you know coming up with the idea. We're leveraging their stories to better -- that kind of explain the point and then backing it up with you know other other exporters little harsh reality. And that's running that the that's when things are really admire about the book just -- from reading kind of you know the basic. Cliff notes on it is you know you're not talking about abstract theories here you're talking vaccine how to turn your ideas and action. The ingredients to be winning entrepreneur and how launch launched a market how to fund how to get things done and that's -- the things that. We don't see in us it's more abstract and so these really are you know core -- seem to be doing to grow your business for people who have done it successfully. -- -- Directorate and you know you hear a lot you know whenever our media you know -- really hear about a lap. Year of -- company to tenure -- street circuit you're wearing a company to perfect doubtful. Whether. So are there are straight out at long network you can return it refused they argued. Go along the pat -- to not just on. You know Gonchar and raincoat Lama a little tired of that can be part of it should. Try to break the -- You know not now rollercoaster need to be ready -- We're targeted drinker -- the CEO and co-founder of tech cocktail on this author of the book start of mixology which is coming out on July didn't. Frank act or tell us how we -- to connect to the book and how a lot of people meet their hands on it pre ordering it. Yet there yet that is what do you go to -- -- book you can find out more about the book -- -- can. Order if you order and that both -- that we put out and even if you get. Would suit our content that wasn't in the book -- you know kind of ongoing dialogue so you'll you'll get more confident it by about. Are you can look article -- in the non current global spirits and you're an adult book. Now -- just search started out do you find that particular remark you get a lot -- statement. And I were accessed -- it is additional chapters in more in looks like it's 43 dollars. Yet twenty dollars on the site and can get it it's like it'll turn out that by now. Are you Bolshevik you have to have to talk. Very -- don't you know we have. -- some pretty good endorsements here in the book didn't he had yet endorsements from. Steve case -- one of those. You know chairman and CEO revolution in co-founder bill while. You've got Grady Zuckerberg you have David Cohen from tech stars you got. Amy Jamar informed as royalty. You get a lot of heavy hitters years and obviously -- the that -- folks -- day. Did very cool Marriott. Yet they're great and Tony it's really great you look forward the book with Croatia and keep your dapper and is -- -- don't -- or break it. Armed burglary forward on the record or which match and most of you know got a long way in the and to the supporters aren't completely different track -- built. Culpepper American problem when it's it's been great got to get that support. It is figure that showed you earlier on gaining ground on the books -- I'm glad to get it into it that many. -- you know people there are trying to start now people are in -- in -- -- there aren't any particular patient because they're well. And urge you -- and well attribute for a time and -- hadn't stopped. Back in the day I think we're all -- You know continue to navigate straight addictive it can hit a lot of different or locked people. And as excited that are coming out. Very cool frank drinker rethink circle on the show today guys check. All Frank's great things out at -- Darko for all the latest tech news and also. Did your hands on sort of mixology in advance of the July 8 release said tech dot -- back slash book franc safe travels and good luck to Chicago Cubs but he. Much for -- great having you on the show and we'll talk to -- We write back and entrepreneur KC show thanks for listening yes. Welcome back to the entrepreneur Casey -- your posts and chasing growth thanks for joining us today. On the entrepreneur KC show in studio right now we have. Doctor Julie Connor who is a inspiring speaker motivational speaker champion and author. And recently has written a book called dreams to action trailblazers guide. And she. Wanted to have her on the show today because. But we've been talking back and forth about Kansas City entrepreneurial space how to be more successful and you know kind of pursue your dreams and how to work smarter and going to be successful and occurs so. Jewel of doctor Julie Kyra thanks for coming on the show today it's not deep integrity great to see you on. For a listeners who have average of look at toss again. What exactly do and what is your current target RD and say you speak to and when your motivational speaking comments. Speaker. And brighter. And I am particularly interesting -- and showing others how to. Take an idea and transform those into a payment plan of action with tangible goals. And the way to do that is to invite conversation says allow others to articulate their dream. I'd discuss. And -- your vision and their mission is a question to people don't know can consider. And how can they -- the things that are most important to them. With things that inspired them and then from that articulate. Tangible goals and come up with an action plan. Is that's one of the things that entrepreneurs and business owners kind of forget about doing because the it's a busy with growing their business and in kind of. The data -- aspects of emails and all interception a thousand Leslie we've become very task oriented with the things at the bottom of the list that's seen how those are lined. And I really believe with out a routine -- can -- goals with their dreams in the things that most I mean most to last. Is like throwing arrows and target that doesn't exist yeah I completely agree yeah I am very. I did that a lot I sometimes I tell your passionate about attitude garden and they needed some time PLC into the into the tunnel. So mom how you -- this -- begin a motivational speaking. But always. An interest -- this teacher and inspire you. Students in particular and teachers with Disney commissioning goals and strategies. During the ninety's I. But is trained from a Lilly Endowment and mission in envisioning and I knew something I wanted to do for the rest of my life that I didn't think I had the tools or the money or the resources the connections to do that. So I was a classroom teacher. And all of that changed. Brand by accident I made when I was hot humid and other student and his -- Goal sending strategy in the urban core with one of our high school students. And what I meant to ask was tell me about your goal. But it wasn't really paying attention to what I was doing at the time and I accidentally asked him tell me about your dream. In the class kept quiet. Indeed looked at me and he said I don't know no one's ever asked me that question before. Now this is a senior in high school okay dad had no idea what his own dream wise. And I realized that for thirty years I had shown adults and students how to use. Goal setting strategies. To create. And goals that were extremely -- had to fill out an application had to apply for college had to. Morph into whatever the job expectation wise for the next career move without showing them how to turn those same tools in word. And to reach intrinsic goals. And something I'm finding is I work with more organizations. And I executives. Is the conversations will start about talking about the goal and mission invasion alignment especially in terms of the things that -- passion about. And then that loss and they'll start it will transfer in the conversation from week. To do I need to think about this and knew we start dealing with those kinds of values in those kinds of passions in the one on one. -- we had the opportunity to be really innovative. Period saying we're talking to doctor Julie Connor. The doctor tell us about you're workshops and and kind of take us through workshop in and he usually speak with honest. Is even -- a lot of kids yet a lot of the workshops that I deal are two people who various stages of transitions when I first started out like this I was speaking with college students and high school students. Who weren't really create. Who were really focused yet on what their next career move would be neighbor just starting out in their career move. And I'm finding that there's a much larger audience growing for people in various stages of transition particularly those after forty. Because we're no longer retiring at 55. People very kind of discussion I come from academia. And it's very common for academics to retire from teaching careers and then to step in to post secondary careers. And so. As people are looking to reinvent themselves are married to hang a shingle up that's has gone fishing when their 55. Now we now know I mean my parents her upper sixties now ones are -- the ones working like. -- -- always test my and it's just I can't imagine retiring is something that I think is very excited I was just speaking to a gentleman and dance was over eighty. Yesterday and he was telling me about some of the people in a condominium complex where he lives about going to when he cuts and I think that's a fantastic idea because there's such. What -- and this is my opportunity you do a shattered as -- -- and a foundation today I wise I've been at that mid -- symposium on social entrepreneur -- -- -- launch partners -- very and gave us -- yes because and it's signs I Mary baker has a lot of our dunks has. I'm just ignores our -- into into its tools of technology and that's something that. I have people over for forty in particular are still learning and trying to wrap their heads around. I remember as I spoke to many of these jumped onto the -- I said I would tell them you know he. I would really consider. Developing. A -- strategies and some training and some workshops and tools for people that are over forty. Because there there and skills in this area and -- not all of course and I'll be 35 this year and I'm yeah. And I don't I I finally realized I keep telling these gents it's about I have targeting this transition audience and I finally thought a couple of years ago why don't think he's back. The Dutch doctor -- -- and a few minutes -- tell me about your dreams action book and the trailblazers the idea for you right now. I have found that as I've heard additional speakers and I've certainly been inspired my -- Guy Kawasaki -- -- Even any injuries and I've been very eat. Excited about some of the work that every that I found after I go to many motivational workshops dad when I -- your buck. It's an autobiography. And I want -- to create a tool in my workbook is only 66 pages long it's available on Amazon.com. An e-book. And a -- format. And I wanted to develop the -- that wasn't about my story it's about to read your story in about how they can transform their ideas. Dare dream their passion into a plan of action and it starts from clarifying those questioned said in -- distant. Discover what her own passions are and will break that down. How because he can be very overwhelming process then and how can it become something that you can start and are incorporating the tasks like you were speaking about her owner -- daily activity beginning today. Right it -- refreshing it is your right I mean at most the times in his autobiography yet. When you know speaking their workshop now that their story. Brian I want to find out my story and that there it is that's a pistol kids that are actually well how do our listeners didn't contact with you if -- exit and. -- a more about your workshops or where you're going to be speaking or anything connecting with the you via the Internet. But one of the things that they can use -- Internet is go to my website and HTTP. And -- -- even using that the cell phone calls and they don't need denied that daddy daddy daddy a thank you. Writers so I talked sometimes like I write and pretty punctuation that isn't necessarily need it. Deadbeat deadbeat -- you -- doctor Julie O'Connor dot com and -- Conyers C oh and and apple are you dot com. Or date came and they can tweet meeting can FaceBook me and anger everywhere and I am out there and he's all. All the. Social media work and we're right I do and that is something that's very important with those that are looking to jump into the innovative spirit of entrepreneurship. Is about it's important for us to be collecting and and and and get credit courses are great I say start now just yeah and start somewhere. What doctors really kind of thanks for coming in Syria and I appreciated great -- -- and we'll have you on again some time it's and it's all right thank you so much we'll be right back and Kouchner Casey should. Welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show I'm your host Jason grill. Thanks for joining me on the came easy business channel for a third segment today we have a good friend of mine in the studio who is a very successful business owner and a great Kansas City and we have mark mastery sitting to me he is also -- -- guy. The only negative though mark is that he's the defense so -- from Clark what's up man. The ceramic -- those tea tour and then you're like that's loser Anderson -- you can really keep up their socks cut stassen style so mark. Further -- has won an -- shows -- we have a lot of tech entrepreneurs on here we have a lot of mobile type wireless communication type folks but. I think a lot of the times people forget about the the small business owners that have grown the business with products and one not so. -- listen resolute about. Mazur restoring kind of how you kind of grew into this industry. Well yeah I think Obama's success stores are you here today everything has -- away from bricks and mortar shall we. We're so traditional bricks and mortar retail with of course we do play in the social media -- We are fourth generation. In the industry in my sister and I currently. Run the company's. The deep business are about thirty years ago here in states and my father started and in my mother helped. And slowly grew -- and I took over in 1995. And we continue the growth. So tell -- a little about you guys started in where were your first locations. The first Priscilla commercials and Oak Park mall right now and so grew from there would see grew from there now what now how that experience work is the most kind of -- in vogue right now are -- it's more the outside shopping. Areas. Well I think I think the whole luxury market has changed where most of population was shopping at an enclosed mall expression of larger regional malls. And that obviously has changed it's still very popular certain demographic but with three dollars so higher luxury I think you're seeing that expanding. In more nontraditional census. It totally has lost fifteen years I feel like even if it's cold out people still. Enjoy the outside and you guys were in town -- for awhile there right. Your entire surplus only would for about twelve years. And then seven years ago we've built to freestanding store at a 135 in a -- only would. -- and we continue our relationship with we wouldn't were for a happy were not so slowly growing around us. Going around you tell me about kind of what kind of products she guys half. I don't we have enough time hey we do we actually have a lot of time and and I think that yeah there's a lot of competition necessary. There's a lot of competition I think what's interesting about our about our industry about special what mastery status is that. I have a very difficult time categorizing ourselves because. We are service where retail fronts. I serves clients all over the country all over the world. And it's not just what winners we have in the case in front of -- I mean we have. You know we -- our concierge service that we can do anything for anybody. And -- source anything in the world. So we really are not your traditional retailer. May not the one other thing -- twos are background is sure remaking a manufacturer so. -- you know if somebody can draw will make it so that there's no limit to what we can do. Is that is that having an Italian background does that help from the citadel and yeah it it does help many times and our. Unbelievable on the craftsmanship in the design that they bring to the table still in the sinister elements of fashion industry so. You're seeing that their leaders and all those senses. Anything that has has to do with design elements and brings up an air -- in this -- Italians are involved somehow or another. See you guys you guys do a lot of things -- actual location besides selling product does that tree evidence and a lot of things of the community. We we don't we do hold events in the story trying to always try to make it something different try to give everybody an excuse to come out and CS. The design is this -- self has laid out to have a little bit more to social atmosphere. And lots of room -- to mingle socialize. Have you grown the company in Kansas City. Well how we went actually at one time we were operating three stores in the city corner North Kansas City won and -- one of -- And you are in under the plans we've we are offering three stores and it got to a point where that. Luxury -- tolls really changing and the demographic was changing and the the deep product so we're offering were changing so we really -- the malls the regional malls like that or not are. Our push that that was not where we wanted to be. And we are seeing more demand on the talk to higher end more specific. The investments and jewelry and so we decide to pull back and just concentrate -- one locations. That is inching because he got to make that decision I guess is any company is. You know put socks for instance you know we have a lower price point as kind of an entry level but I have other friends who are starting. Clothing -- T shirt or some of them are actually turning you know George type stuff. But they are going for that top they're like a -- so one watch for 4000 dollars. Then I make 2500 dollars for whatever you know and if I wish. It's a different deal. But if there's stuff. Is there enough of that high end luxury and I guess she -- service people all over the United States in the world if you want that. For a retail location I mean that's that's interesting to me and obviously in your story isn't -- what is probably in the most wealthy area in the area of this community. What we're looking for we're always looking for new. Avenues. Of revenue so we're always looking at ways to expand the business spoke we know that our window of Klein tells pretty small. Who understands what we do and you can actually affordable we do. Now we have we would -- -- so we have something for everybody we're not all things to all people know there's a big decision. And we made the decision I mean that's that's what we've won it because we have to maintain a certain level of consistency. And you know it's no different then there. It in the mainstream look at Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes is -- great volume brain hunt but they have to maintain a certain level of consistency and when your pain. 151000 dollars for Mercedes you know what you're getting you're getting you're not getting what. The 100000 dollar Mercedes test men so you know you've got to make you've got to decide where that cut office. -- -- We're talking to mark mastery is the owner of mastery -- -- and their location is. Mainly -- Kansas 135 street. Mark -- what other knowing you were involved but everything Kansas Siena we get involved in the America for a barbecue. How well it's also about that experience I mean you you like doing things in Kansas City and you obviously have a great American royal party that a lot of customers -- -- to that. What what that does that help you obviously to grow your business I have I believe this the city's -- relationships. It's relationships. You know that's more of -- I like to go until things. Thinking that word we're going in for the better get. Any relationships I mean networking that comes out of it is just the icing on the -- -- -- it yet you have to go into something like that very organically. I never I never join -- organization support organization because of what I can get out of -- I wanna see what I can give to it and help them grow and give them value. Through my actions through my support. In the end you hope that you know something and his son noticed and somebody can reciprocate. That's fixing to see because a lot of people -- India. -- -- the time they don't decide they wanna give back Corey and part of the community I think anybody who's ever served on a board of directors for a nonprofit especially on non paying. Position knows who those people are you know who the -- builders are you know lose in -- trying to. Reach out to it too. That specific group of people -- and he's trying to markets and a group who's trying to come away with some. Men and I think like -- and has to be very organic. Paired sting you guys do a lot of advertising released I think you do I see you everywhere. How does that mean there's a lot of I had a meeting this morning with a woman who. -- trying to figure out how to market her her company I guess. In nowadays it's like he used to online sales to do online marketing. You prick marketing you mean so it's you guys have kind of that a lot of different things and had some extremely beautiful pictures as well so how's that work for your company do you do you kind of work and all that stuff. I think I do and I I think the old saying is. I know 50% of my advertising works I just don't know which 50%. And hands. When it comes to our demographic while we're looking at. We really have to have to see where our luxury client nets and where. Our competition is and not just on the local level nominated. Who are like minded companies are occur around the country and see what they're doing well. And all know digital is very big it's really the return on it is very small. The advantages that it's free to an extent there's national news media -- the actual medium as. That's changing now that guy is doing is he's pretty much say pay to play among us now with businesses now. It's easier to get the level of influence what you want you deal you know I it's it's amazing to me when you look at some of these. Smaller companies also -- 101000 likes and you know. It's great to an extent and it's great for reach but at the end of the day. You can't qualify and who your reach. And and you need convert social exactly and and it's not measurable that's the busts are now people argue that yes -- is measurable and you know sitting in a radio station outside a measurable their. They're returning isn't and I think it's important that you're hitting. Your clientele and remind them to be top of mind. And a lot of different avenues we've Wii is still boards I believe in print still pretty. -- billboards I Cilic in -- this year are huge. They in my past life as a politician there are you still out before ILR -- and -- foreground billboard online will be his. People drive by every day and their way home desperate losing my sister and it people still remember that right. And it and not many people do that anymore don't feel like Disney peoples there used to be. Well it's it's an expensive medium you know and it's not something that as you learned Lewis. We re getting -- -- -- but I learned that the campaign you don't do it's not a one and now you have to maintain it and you have to keep hitting that that message home. You're just tired you are. -- you still have to keep going and in -- about -- -- still reliably think crystal viable I think hum we're very particular about where. Where are -- go with prince. We're also very particular about the image that's portrayed -- full page ads. We work with with some of the national magazines is well and and a lot of local Macs into I really. Have liked what all local guys are doing an end and the exposure that they give us to be able to really help them and and in return they give us a lot of exposure. The GA itself. As that you would see likening GQ and Esquire time magazine I mean these are part these are your mom and pop type that his rights -- very well done that. I appreciate that and yeah and that's what we look -- we use national companies were using. National -- so that's why those ads look that way we we make investment and that on purpose. So mark we had about a minute fifty left kind. What you know what a foot of a man wants to buy a engagement ring does that process look like and Mazur is. And -- foreigners out -- that pressure that they -- all their twenties -- So well which we know it. It should Baghdad be lucky enough to have that girl that he's going to -- on the -- -- we talked about friends with me heavy catalog and on -- I've I've talked Cuba does battery set poignant but it could this it's -- jeweler client non disclosure. And I'm attorney didn't notice the cut its -- honestly like you're there where they start they just you know come in and we believe we understand how big. Purchases of a large purchase outside of somebody's. First car and eventually first homelessness and other large purchase and it's a difficult decision American there's. There's a lot of comments out there and a lot of information misinformation out there it is so we believe just like your doctor your attorney Anita good jeweler that you can trust and have some faith and and -- goes along with our relationship but we hold your hand through the whole thing we wanted to you know give us ninety you know what the what. Your counterpart once you know she likes a white mentally element. -- what your budget is what your budget is is is and so we're -- in those guys. It's a little bit lower than brother female. The Eagles wanted to be -- and and deal deal that is that it's two months salary that's a good guideline is still and it's still holds -- because you want to become answer with what shirt standing in society is also so. You know if you're driving under thousand dollar car very good 200 to give your girlfriend a thousand dollar ring. Very likely want to be very commencement but that doesn't have to determine everything. -- -- -- Should you come in today is a show of -- -- and your great friend and I appreciate your time today and congrats all the success that mastery sure. Thank you push interest will be right back and entrepreneur KC show thanks Phyllis. Yeah she thought Kansas City and welcome back CD -- -- KC show I'm Jason grow your host great -- so far today. Thanks for joining us as always both on the team BZ business channel 1660 AM and online it came BZ. Dot com appreciate you listen to all the podcast and joining us on the show today. But to finish up the the show in the hour with a Kansas City entrepreneur. We have John your keys on the line he is a he's the owner operator of zoom in markets LLC. And recently opened -- zoom in market in the Kansas City area this is a really cool innovative. Idea based around ordering groceries on line and picking him up. Very quickly at the stores are really wanted to have him on the show I'd be connected to him through. A friend in my -- -- been at the VHQ and -- creative group and John has been in the diligently working on zoom in market has now launch so now that he's up and running would have on the show Johnny there and how are today. I'm great thanks chase and I appreciate your patience and in getting me on the show I'm excited to do. Thanks well thank you very much the Johns for us. Assume might not know about you I I'd see -- of Vanderbilt grad. Which means that you are well educated. Seller list there's a little bit about your background and how you -- just Kansas City. Well first -- -- -- couldn't get into Vanderbilt anymore blitzer yes I would -- I enjoyed my time there. -- back to Kansas City shortly afterwards and and was beginning to work going to be able net. Well my family came all and there are growing their -- or Sri empire show it's kind of how I got into her trip overall. That and it's interesting because it's very competitive market out imagined. It is you are virtually traditionally is you know slim margin high volume. You know. Lots -- you know unskilled labor and and you're just trying to churn and burn. Well I gotta tell you this John idea grew quickly I worked I think my second job was and the grocery store was helped build the high -- a very early in the north plans in the night. Worked in the pizza back area of the store's -- a cashier's so. They kind of put you through their but I say the experience of working at a grocery store was something I'll never did and honestly. You know I did really kind of taught you how to interact with people and then be a better you know outgoing individual. Absolutely I think retail has that that plots. You know get that experience there how to handle different situations how to handle people. How to handle a lot of different things come and it's such fun environment I got hooked. So tell me about -- latest growth -- -- zoom in -- you know. Your website says it your bunch of believers believers in doing things differently. To take its third kind of the thought process of -- you -- came up of this and what it entails. You know have agreed -- what our favorite phrases because for the last two years and attempting to get this going. We had our fair share of skeptics. And and as most orange gardeners know. At some point you have to -- to listen criticism has listened to doubt. But he also have to believe in yourself and push forward and so. As we started looking at this. You know it looked -- is that the model in France. -- merger I've been declared new models like this and they're just doing phenomenally well. And looking at that landscape of cursory in the US and campus should be secure. We just saw. We're right on the cusp of being ready for the -- So -- at all a lot of due diligence we became export experts and you know marketing web design web development. Kids. We worked before and and then tried to identify you know platforms. Almost. All right good stuff. And it's spent if spent -- -- whenever you're -- out to do something entirely new. It just. It requires a lot of steadfast. Put one foot in front of the other. Keep moving forward that we really love the idea. -- The fact that. -- like quote giving something to the customer. That they don't -- giving it back or it is is it brand concepts that are workable option really resonate consumers. So you guys to be good resume it in that market all one word dot com. The first CBC's you know than what's it looks great -- you're able to start shopping so I go on line here and now for a listeners there's a list of you know fresh feet -- decree. Pantries stay at staples frozen foods and you can view more. And you have some featured -- so I just go on here in the chopped by meal by item or add anything I want to to my list and that's kind of like to shopping for clothing -- one. Right yeah we wanted to keep the user experiences similar most e-commerce. You know shopping as we heard. The same time we know a lot of times people are jumping on Amazon or some other certain only get one Archie -- so we want to try their. Merry go out and as we continue to make improvements in the -- bailed out. Jump around she recommended items shots from -- -- You know shop -- -- that they are typically a policy. So I'm having -- -- having a party graduation party your Father's Day party coming up here. And I need to get chips also you know what not my -- on -- indeed that this in his idea and put in my order than what happens next John. Absolutely feel like -- ran through a ballistic commerce sideshow. -- -- review your cart. And you'll go and then -- a little bit different -- cases and you'll select time out -- weaker -- on the -- -- you that you really good planner. And when you wanna come pick out not necessarily tied to that time that helps us or organized Arctic and process. And see what that time or eight and select the soonest possible. Let -- just taken to the payment page where you'll and your credit card one time if you want you can you can say -- for future years. And then you hit you know hit you hit submit. Within a -- adversary who get a confirmation that we received an order. And they usually takes -- anywhere in thirty minutes to an hour to. To fulfill the order. We followed up with the second team held as a confirmation number on Sunday you can come pick up your -- whenever. And then then yeah how many people do you have working there at the actual location let's get into the location is our listeners -- -- and check it out. You where you located how how does this work with the employees. Absolutely were located out in all its are. Dead across from the best pro shop over there. Just shot two -- nineteen construing library of people might know the location as you'll -- which is restaurants. -- so kind of near the and she's thirty employees. Got some group of people there and -- proud of our culture in particular we've got. Basically two classes of employees and our internal language for the men's sticker Ingraham and urged as we wanted to be the philosophy. People would do what they do your best seller -- -- are those that one we order comes then they perceive it on their tablet. And and make good about. -- that order in the most efficient route kind of public warehoused Eric almost. When that process is done we have a quality control people. It will just start to -- people up front and and oh run through the order like bank reconciliation. Make sure right we don't want people missing finger in the order get rotten. Vegetables. And then we'll back it up stage there is saying it's for pick up and that's -- that could you know goes out. Now like customer knows -- order's ready. And then no regret -- -- Try and there are an awkward customer care and it is so. When you come to pick up your order they're the ones. Earl smile essentially like Colin you know it's excellent church are nurtured. And and -- that relationship but in all we have about twenty twice our employees. And they all work at the at the location there and Ole Fella. Is that correct. This however is everything's kind of in house there. -- Larry and I we're not going to like a farmer's markets things -- go get your true it is a mean it's all it's all up to zoom in market. But that's correct or incorrect there are about a 151000 square foot spacious and we've got to lined up inside -- or converse restore. We have scored big temperatures around this -- -- tried that. -- some very. The purpose and and the deep greens so your ice -- -- -- -- card until you're actually collapsed pick it up -- -- -- in the structures. So what what is the response been so far because. You know this seems like your first to market here in Kansas City at least I I haven't heard of any other options like this era in town they have the full scale full service. You know model you have what what is the response been so far. You know each does -- phenomenal feedback we have about. -- moms I think bad experiences checking your kid into a store in a -- parking lot of -- Something most of them just a poor. And and so that's sort shopping experience it's been real surprisingly Canada. We have moms coming from Gartner magic and choose -- Casey. One of our favorite stories as his mom who. If you're drove up and we've just got to order and the circuits Scioscia hadn't gotten or second email and and I went out I was actually you know did we -- -- earlier and she's sort. I don't know you know looking back at my minister and national for a little boys and she is like. I'm quite content to wait while you shop -- you know it's. That's been our most excited group -- -- We've also. You know a number of people who suffer disabilities. Ladies from liberty religious -- The story capture fortuyn's. The would rather drives after an hour and spent -- purchased -- -- its most thankful. You know -- this year has to do all week and so we just. That's been our most enthusiastic. And I think our biggest challenges are -- just to. Letting people -- it's. Really easy to do you. And that will not -- there. Well that's well one of the reasons -- have you on the show today just because I think it. You know what you're doing is pretty innovative you know I mean I'm -- Syrian and a lot of other middle larger cities try to have similar to somewhat similar things like this but we don't so. Hopefully you're on the cutting edge of what's going on and -- I'm assuming too as you still your business. Obviously is -- in cities and they're spread out metropolitan area that. You'll have some options to grow in different parts of the city whether there -- north south or west. Yeah about it but and we wanna be able to get virtually where it gets this model right and then and then move forward. You know the competition. -- big white space right now is one one gentleman. Told me from new commerce. -- arbitrator ordered that. We really. -- really had an opportunity to change things a little bit there there are similar models but not full scale like ours in the US yet. You know keep our first hurt obviously and -- first do delivery. No one quite yet as the dedicated. I've always purchased or. We know that that it's in the works for others we've had dust. Somewhat surprised last night visitors from big corporate partners worker -- or what we're doing so you know we've had a few but. Let's positive right and then lastly we got about a minute left. The -- cost structure -- mean is it is a competitive with other you know the grocery stores in Kansas City. Obviously it's more of a concierge -- connoisseurs here and -- -- are you competitive on the present. You know you know we don't charge you any additional -- to do it and we are. On the same price structure. The first jumper and a house Germans supplier. Beyond this where we struggle a little bit is to all things and other long term relationships where they're the big ones where you know Wal-Mart target its subsidies from all. A big players who -- trying to skinny guy on our margins to -- so we don't. You'd have a convenience store kind of pressure -- searcher really I mean I think our Balkans. Cheaper than anyone around or should a lot of other commodity items way. We'll continue to keep foremost prices down as we can. -- pre book saying get things that martyr qualities. And and get a greater all these immoral and so -- really. I think one mom treated. Actually took home or. And we're about it how worried are higher on an eighty dollar order now and all of -- that every day just have to do it. Not bad well that that's incredible John John we got -- -- on era of the shows about Tim and I appreciate you coming on today. John your keys the owner operator of zoom in market LC in zoom in market in. Overland Park you can find in our season in LA so you can find them at zoom in market dot com. John -- your time today. Are appreciated Jason thanks Trevor got no problem talk juices. Yeah they solicited entrepreneur Casey -- guys appreciate it as always have a great week and we'll CC.