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The Radio Dish 5.25.14

May 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know yeah. Small but -- yeah when plumbing major problem and you don't need a hero and yeah. Thought -- a lot of Paul -- be taking your heroes -- bombing to stop the group's blog and get your house back in order for leaking -- flood brings water heaters all your blowing me it's all a -- -- -- An important part of planning -- -- is no we have options and signature funerals take the mystery on the process owner -- -- says pre planning is the -- and we have taken proactive approach to -- cleaning -- cleaning -- for -- vehemently at the -- -- the -- your family members have confidence they're doing for -- we want them to do whether -- commissioner traditional preparation whether -- -- service -- -- -- -- -- in their own church may feel better knowing that this is what you -- Signature funerals dot com. How Darcy here in a fabulous made this morning at the -- should be you know I just came back from my investment downs. Gillian Smith and Christina -- and financial solutions McKittrick a plastic and they gave me great news really hurt my guy in a couple of years. I like it is this statement and the man every quarter Stan grant you know when you remember those days. A statement that I didn't understand -- investments and I couldn't explain. Totaled up to all those -- realized losses mean really less than -- -- out. You know exactly when and on through why can't do well in advance financial he'll be an it help you to. -- at face to face quarterly review I understand all of my investments. We can retire. We -- and where my retirement income will be coming from. How much here you I think any legacy of them huddling in touch with them online financial pants Stan count -- -- -- -- Securities -- the securities company -- member -- epic. It doesn't kill. Kind of leave -- dishes in the sink and dish about something important to you. And now three chicks who think they ruled that -- it's every -- on the. I -- we're having an earthquake. Took a our producer was -- love is it is that sun and I'm like what are you go out not act. Hello Darcy lake Mary McKenna mini hard and you add their radio -- dot com attend. Glad you're here on this -- holiday weekend home wonderful weekend I have been living living for this three day weekend I think for the past two months since I knew it was common kind of monitor it weekend I don't know why because. May be spending a good chunk of it. And taking the rest of the finish off my deck if you -- on FaceBook on my page you've seen attempting to looks amazing home my gosh that drum Sander takes now that's her. Yet he still live rally in about a third of it done we've built this deck. A number of years ago where DN I -- -- small plane could land on it it's we said wherever there's mud it would over -- hot hot or not. And so now we are trying to get back down to that woods that -- Used to HS tapes just ripped off and you definitely we had done that before and repayment as we are gonna help the kids build a deck on their place this weekend we see our eat. As in my husband he engineer who will be guiding them I mean who will be the runner back and forth to get things opinion he is. A structural engineer his mechanic mechanical engineer so does that really help anything as far we'll be guilty today about it fifteen million times before you actually get done. Actually he's very heated construction when he was younger so I told her to cardiac refinanced her basement and the kids really -- of Serra has. Redone their house they know what they're doing that they've been very specific how the -- going to be built the center. Measure twice cut lol -- I think time is there no doubt that they and -- that just goes flies in the face of anything idea because I'm just. And a lot -- let's just do it won't see that's just do -- I mean I have to do it 345 more times incidents typical women we just wanna get it -- get it -- -- would mean we have to think about it when I mean we have to wait I mean we have to plan so you're gonna. Help holding ports caring behind -- and served lunch absolutely in fact I have great recipe for a it would get -- Smart chicken recipe of the week southwest chicken burgers you can make sliders or meet bombs. Yeah and you know my -- chick amber curse -- Absolutely I guess I had yeah I guess that makes sense. You have to make some extra. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- go hand post on FaceBook what he thought Smart chicken is so good because you know. It does kind of remind me of my grandma's chicken when does a fresh tasting the personal antibiotics and hormones it is amazing dampen my girl mice to share how they used to. Killing chickens. Didn't really need to go there OK -- you look back at your retirement grammar you're talking on our -- you look back at the way they cooked and and everything you -- at some of the old aunts. That used to be out there way back when -- Did you see a list of that was on business -- icon looked at the sexist -- of the mad men era. And some -- that. The companies themselves wish we would have forgotten about it. Good lord some of these were pretty bad -- has been around for ever been through and they were known as a -- company long before they had the catch up and the mustard in the all the other continents where I think it. Where they make most of their money anymore but. This is an ad from of the late 1950s. And it headlines it put these on FaceBook page we'll get get to the link does your husband beyond the table with the big question mark. The things women have to put up with most husbands nowadays have stopped beating their -- Hello. Okay what can be more agonizing. To a sensitive soul the man's boredom and meals yet leading lady there must be your recent. If you're cooking. And not your conversation is monotonous. It's easily fixed up. Heinze makes you varieties can you well leave now I now I attended Volkswagen one that that's on here. It here's the headline responders -- Volkswagen with eight bashed in front and it says sooner or later your wife will drive home when the best reasons from Volkswagen. He says women are soft and gentle but they hit things. So if you're white it's something in a Volkswagen it doesn't hurt you very much because it's easy to replace the parts. It says you can even conveniently replaced anything she uses to stop the car you've been. The Bre X. This is and and and -- it's for coffee. Chastened Sanborn and remember that -- was carried here in the Kansas City market but. It's not so much the message as it is the picture and it says. If your husband ever finds out you're not store testing for fresher coffee and it shows a man with a woman over his. Niece and he's like giving her slots -- great bring you -- man how but the river when that Christmas morning she's on the floor there's Hoover vacuum. She's a -- with the speaks Mallard faces has Christmas morning -- be happier with who've heard from trusts tonight and she will not. Vacuums are good but not for Christmas not for an anniversary or birthday present Paul thank you and the folks who make -- beer would like you to forget this one where the lady is standing in front of the stove she's crying she's got a little -- Missiles apples and her husband supposedly is saying don't worry darling you didn't burn the beer. Yeah that would be one for me now I wonder like a hundred years from now percent to 100 years yet but it's it's been a while. What people are going to say about -- that we have that we have currently. Absolutely and clearly as you look at you look -- Yukio what are they were trying to say now -- and its series of ads. Old spice I believe it is where this. Their moms who are talking about their young sons in his old spice and there's -- one where she comes up out of the the ball return and a -- hole I Leo yeah really excellent hands -- it's true it mysteriously that you look at even think about the products that are out there now because you know under -- twenty years from now ten years from now. Have to products we have out here now it looks like computers in the phone thing how things have changed how that's gonna all be different products are gonna exist a lot like some of these but it is kind of funny because a lot of these. And we will post several of them they've they've just been some great when some of these products still exists we've talked about. Some of course do not hump there's of course a lot of cigarette when -- that were quite humorous like doctor group member. When we went to concede -- Strickland in he has since passed probably not probably died from battling cancer video we sat there in the office to smoke the way you know. End and -- is. My dentist. My dentist smoked but my dentist also used to give out hard candy to his patients. Go figure that one. Well now I only dentist and I think what they did and now hard and he and chocolate chip cookies -- The front. In the little reading room -- -- cookies and begin until I get that night I can't hit it front and the -- But I always make sure I -- threatened for a gonna attempt to -- -- look at this they let me ask you are you flossing regularly -- -- yes I did this morning. Because that you know I think you're not lining you haven't done it the last three months but boy I did this morning. -- my fans -- Africa a in it's me I'm really now getting us out of offense that you didn't ask you didn't ask if -- sucked any -- this weekend. This week last week we talked about the last thing in the show I was Sherry and ask him back whole loyal through nineteenth which is supposed to remove plaque for mutates in I had asked me. Did -- now now I'm -- yeah. We're -- college to be -- come videotape that I haven't done now. To my health food stores yet because what you have to go we near the organic when you're working on the deck you'll have time to be switching its its its. I'll come over -- and you know what else when you suck that oil may be some of that. Barbecue brisket that gets stuck in between you know all about the amount and I have this one spot where. Food goes to -- for -- I'm not a good court pit stop. To the gals known as the barbecue -- they're coming up next year at the -- fish -- costs. Come on the. What -- the medical treatment to save your life for the life of a loved one was a flight away. But you couldn't afford to travel. Or disaster separate you from your family and you were desperate to find them media have a special needs child who enjoy it can't tailored to those needs but you -- for the travel experience. You'd need the help of an Angel thankfully these angels exist. -- the volunteers at Angel flight central. Pilots who donate their planes skills and hearts to provide free flights for people in need to learn more about Angel flight central visit Angel flight central John York. 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Anonymous tips has paid out over one point two million dollars in cash rewards spokesperson lieutenant Kelly -- so as a reward amount is now growing since 1982. -- crime rewards has always been up. 21000 dollars -- support that and we made a decision that we need to increase that amount we decided -- -- to reward to -- -- 2000 dollars I think it's really exciting people who call crime -- are motivated -- different reasons some people wanna just do the right -- some people wanna do the right thing but if it involves a friend or family member they tend to hesitate if they happen to -- struggling having a hard time financially sometimes money can be -- -- we hope to -- over the next few -- a huge increase in -- -- -- getting criminals off the street and we're getting our community to be safer if you have information to. Help solve a crime called -- tips hotline at 816474. TI PS. So he's tired began the hot flashes those mood swings no energy for well anything. 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Radio dish dot com it's Darcy Mindy Mary -- EU and we're so glad to -- to some this memorial holiday weekend couple of our favorite ladies. Because they know how to cook more importantly they don't agree well. I'm sorry. Nets lost scary words for guys out there women who Grail. Karen Adler and Judith fertig a Barbie Q queens joining us on the radio dish today hi ladies hi Mary to be here I don't think -- -- nice radio voices don't think that it. And they have a new book. It's called. Patio pizzeria artists and pizza and flat -- on the grill. So. What's advantage. Of cooking your pizza on the grill and not your husband care yes. You can get a lot higher heat on your grill then you can get in most kitchen ovens. Regular kitchen -- can be 50550. Degrees maybe. But on your grill and with the pizza insert you can go up to 700. Maybe even 900 degrees if you really crank it up and left lived you know sit to get that heat and those are those fabulous pizzas. That cooked in like. Ninety seconds on the ground. How so you're kind of emulating or doing what we haven't been able to do in our regular -- the wood roasted pizzeria is -- Looks like a blast furnace where they could ask pieces that's what we're going for our our. Oh end of pizzas that we have. And the recipes are going for that 550. To 900 degrees in different chapters that we have but so that. If you go you're going to get that artisan pizza from a wood fired heats up the ball. Yeah yeah -- -- tell us a little bit about some of the recipes not be quite honest with you guys have not into an area that I can't even mispronounced some of these pizza there's that one. What is this. Is CIA. What Jack Kinney who pronounces yet she had to say one checked shift yet Tiant and yelled what the heck is that it says tests competes it's his college -- casket pizza for the I'm just gonna put -- through this right here right -- -- but. What about the Koch yeah does that knowing that now scare me I'm like yeah she had read into that language we do because we have recipes. For that which are so easy. Really you can do that you can do pizza about five different ways. On the grill. You can start by a having it on right on the grill -- see it it kind of bubbles up like pancake and you flip it over. You can I do around pizza that we've got to technique for that that it's easy to get that on the grill -- You can do is on a pizza stone there's technique for that. I usually people tried on the pizza stone and if they don't get the technique right at top doesn't get Jerry brown -- -- so you wanna make sure that that he get that right in and we've got the you could constitute -- -- Which is. Another was a higher number Hillary -- -- -- and that and that's easy and then with the -- insert that's probably her favorite kind and that. He wanted to have a pizza -- -- -- roll really really thinly and not a recipe for that. They're easy -- she -- to stir together in and yeah I what I love about this book is that it's you can be easy anybody you know everybody's got -- vegetarian her -- in person in your family. Or somebody that doesn't need this or doesn't -- that and with repeats on -- -- people cope with her own toppings on in this delicious. You're what is his pizza in search -- that Judith was referring to -- get it you know it depends on what kind of -- you have like if you have a Weber kettle grill which a lot of people. It's just a piece it's a white piece of aluminum. That that's around the circle of the grill and it lists set up a little bent. So that you can put the heat's. You can put it keeps us down on top of the -- -- it's kind of like -- mail slot that you clicked. Which you want with the -- insert is that that the top of that pizza as a grill -- comes down so it's closer to the top of the pizza. So the heat stays around there so that's a repeats answered does its -- kind of like you. You which repeats in the mail slot in it cooks and you take -- -- it actually makes more airspace in the grill so that you got all this wonderful hot air like twice as much. As you would if you just put the lid down and we should be able to compete to pretty well in here with all the hot air that right -- -- -- -- I. More than just pizzas and Platt bridge to get sandwiches in ten -- how. Long did it take to put all pieced together under -- beautiful beautiful cookbook by the way. Well we usually say it's like giving birth that takes about nine months and and we've done. I think this is our fourteenth. Book together does that sound right I think it's close to do it let's -- it close to it we did the gardener in the grilled before -- when we do a book together. We usually cook together a couple of times so that we know that we're both testing our recipes. The same way. And that or handling that go the same way. And then we go off on -- around for a pretty much half and half of the book so. You get this balance. My wonderful pizza recipes and Judith -- Immaculate -- yeah. -- -- -- There -- good but it was funny we are doing the last bit of testing. When it was like below zero. And we are indoors it's smoke and fire they were nice enough to list has all are all nice says oh yeah it was it was grade. So what's your favorite recipe in the book Caron I'll psyche out your favorite child do you -- 150 which one -- Bartlett. OK so for just a real easy simple flat Brad. Which is a little bit thicker so easy to do for anybody it's the flat bread though. Pop a -- that grilled grades you don't need any special equipment and then you can just sprinkle with parmesan Vermont now. You can put a little bit of extra virgin olive oil on it and then a scattering of fresh herbs and that is so easy so simple anybody can do this one and so good and you'd asked to get us -- favored yellow -- introduce me to that -- -- And I would say that I see handle it's the ED the whole thing in -- answered so it's like. Kind of along baguette and down with it actually the boom. Bakes in just a couple of minutes in the -- insert. You'd taken out -- economists it yet it pops up yeah. And you take it out and slice in half lengthwise -- toppings on and put it back in -- open face hokey. It's populace it's an Italian to go. Pizza -- Diego pizza -- -- again and can mean these flat -- things I can't renounce and -- things that I had to in this glorious cook but you're going to have a signing here priests and are you we are we're going to be that Jasper is restaurant June 5. 7 PM foray. Book signing dinner and you can just call the restaurant for details and to sign up for a but what better place to do. Pete says Bennett one of our favor. Favorite Italian restaurant and ensured that he'll be making some fresh mozzarella for you to pop and I just terror I'm sure and the barbecue -- always a pleasure so glad you guys could stop by Karen Adler Judith -- the name of that new cookbook is a patio pizzeria and it's available at Amazon anywhere you can find books straight. Thank you again for being here at the radio dish. Love the barbecue queens love to barbecue let DEB you know but the more we see these stories about -- out of places it really does make you start to think and start to worry. The gist of the story the other day about sick restaurant worker Missouri may have exposed thousands of Red Robin customers to hepatitis -- -- -- and -- million Roman camera down PSA really out. Possibly I -- a thousand people they're gonna do a drive by clinic to help inoculate these people it's going to be running. I'm actually it ran for a week it just finished up yesterday. Because there concerning you've got and just it small amount of time that you can get inoculated against hepatitis -- -- been exposed to it. So anyone ever did it this restaurant to come through -- drive my clinic I mean it's a nightmare for these guys unlike cash out. You talk about a marketing thought sphere bounces into the outfield huh. You know but in my you're talking fast food Burger King has that changed it slogan I didn't even news they were still using. Having your way it's for -- hero advertising slogan Burger King have a your way -- cannot can sing it but anyway now it's been changed to look. -- -- -- your way. You're way one to beat them. -- eat your way -- your way I don't know I don't know but it's going to be rolled out across us the the United States -- next few weeks interest in the -- they say. We would be an iconic brand we beyond quick service restaurants. Now held be your way does any thing into that is beyond me I don't -- and it I don't either. Former BK slogans. That you may or may not remember. -- hungry that's coming in and I -- we do it like you do it. A narrow I know it's hot hot hot yet your version worth and wears her. Now where's the beef now that's Wendy's sets that little old lady mayor said he wears her borders Turkey talk. A lesser talking about spices that may be where's herb I don't know what. I was is very king I'm dancing and then it. But BTE your way. Marketing folks are not -- dad. It's -- Have much of a life standard that it will do much to sell birders -- way your -- I don't get it I totally do you don't I like to go to places that I like their -- it doesn't matter what -- commercial look at McDonald's is running a commercial now. Where every. Possible at that I -- I knew was gonna -- -- that went -- they all sit down on this. Red couch and it's a little song about sitting on the random red couch. I don't know it's -- Y a red couch plays into eating mcdonalds and get. Interesting I like butter burgers we just got a new cultures north of the river and you're so low key no aches or something you wanna stop thinking about each year. Be given to heart we talked about stroke. Threat may is stroke prevention month we'll talk about that in just minutes at the radio -- dot. Each and every game someone is being told that they need to lifesaving medical treatment. In many instances that treatment requires travel to medical facilities outside of the patient's home area. What do they can't afford travel costs. That's when individuals turned to Angel flight central. Angel flight central -- people by reaching charitable flights through the help of volunteer pilots for access to health care. And for other humanitarian purposes. If you would like more information visit Angel flight central dot org. Angel flight central providing free flights for people in need. Cleaning up doesn't have to be hard mop bucket in North Kansas City makes it easy with great products owner Karen Adams has a product's unique like laced stuff I know Mindy you fused at my house is built in 1920s and that would work it's all old Missouri as gorgeous woods but it was dull and my girls and I have gone over every inch of this would work -- -- its shiny it's gold and it's a court. One of our very first products that we brought in there that was our product we're so proud of that at -- -- command by yet so that they can clean that church -- and they expect by the gallon and they command when you have a scratch on a -- it would work you've tried all those other product in response to cover it then after a month or so it starts coming back at least you -- with Canada or any -- you tell us that -- here just covers it permanently you know need to go back again. Let the mop bucket make cleaning up a lot easier -- -- 812 armour road in North Kansas City little store electronics the mop bucket you'll find quality cleaning products -- quality results the mop bucket dot com. 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Stock recommends natural hormone therapy it's made from sewing and -- hands and it's pharmacy every woman receives individualize doses that meet her unique needs. And all the same. And neither is start pharmacy. It's time to get to have been yourself again upstart professional pharmacy. Down when your options are for healthier you. Get this straight answers you need to make informed intelligent choices. For information on nine -- 33453800. That's 91334. Or 53800. Or going online at stark pharmacy dot com. -- -- okay may not be the best -- in the world but I found the secret ingredient that makes my main dishes award winning with my family and friends and it's chicken the safest highest quality and best tasting French chicken anywhere Smart chicken products are -- without animal by products. There's no antibiotics. No hormones just 100%. All natural chicken and sport chickens are processed using purified cold air instead and water that's the air -- difference and you'll tasted it needs -- freshest tasting chicken where. And what I'm grilling or making my chicken parmesan Smart chicken is tender and mouth watering. Might mean my grandmother's chicken. -- now we're making new memories at dinner table with Smart chicken taste the air -- difference tonight. Some chicken some to -- area priced shoppers. Smothered chicken. You'll taste the difference. We feel my way to start -- the radio addition. Got rattled me. The best reason to be -- floor yeah. It's guaranteed. Just really and I only had to start. My guess. Yeah I wake up please access to many customary and you add the radio dish dot com yeah we have the best time and to the go red for women luncheon gosh wasn't that long ago. At the Overland Park -- you know one of the best things about that was hearing people's stories of the women who had come through on heart attacks and those who'd gone through strokes which was amazing in fact one of the women it was apparent that it was talking had actually been -- is still. Care nurse and she knew everything there was snow about a stroke. And suddenly she was having -- and so we want to make sure in time can find a little bit about what's going on with strokes and our guest is -- Murray you know February is American heart month which is ever so popular so to speak we all know about it we all hear about it -- Aussie -- social media but Maine is a little bit of a hidden gem so to speak we don't hear about it as much and so that's what -- -- talking about today. And that is American stroke month stroke is fourth leading cause of death amongst men and women in the United States. And it is the number one cause. Dissident leading disability. And the United States it's. Very prevalent out there and it's often hidden in misunderstood and we are here at the American Heart Association and we are also the American stroke association just an FYI everybody. To bring about this awareness and get the word out there and and talk about what we can do about it. That was kind of an interesting little thing that I had forgotten about when we were at the go red for women luncheon because there was American Heart Association and American stroke association. That was talked about at the luncheon this year and it I I did I forget about it and it's kind of interesting that you choose at the luncheon in April. -- -- you know February being heart month and maybe instruct my -- you know that's. Appropriate timing thing. It is appropriate timing you know light -- right into -- which is obviously American stroke month and as you probably were call we we featured this year stroke survivor as our. And you know one of the things we talked about the luncheon and something you know we wanted to talk about today was. You know but what's so important is two for everybody to know and understand the risk factors -- stroke. And to understand the warning signs. And you know when it comes to risk factors you know 80% of those risk factors are preventable says I was kind of giggling today if and a whole. Unrelated. Issue that we it was good feeling about stroke and if you have this symptoms if you have some risk factors then. Having -- is totally preventable. You know eat it like you said 80% of -- is preventable no matter what type of lifestyle you believe it's important to know those warning signs but. You know high blood pressure is for example the number one risk factor. Four strokes so you know that's simple. That simple number that most people unfortunately don't now. That you know one Tony -- -- what is your number it's so important to note that because it is one of the as the number one. Leading cause. Our respect for I guess I should say so on making sure to know -- you know your blood pressure. Be sure to keep this galactic has collected -- -- cholesterol diabetes being sure not smoking those kind of things now one of the things that I had heard recently was that didn't. 120 over eighty which had been increased to lunch when -- over ninety we stick to last and one -- overeating no exceptions OK so now you know some of the medical community may be shifting a little bit. From American stroke association's perspective we're staying with a 120 -- it that is correct now. I'll be the first to say I am not a medical professional -- -- -- communications director I am by no means giving medical advice heavier and you're given it the best recommendations from your medical team but we are a research and education. Organization but. The best you know information can be found -- -- dot org but again. You know from everything I've read they're saying 12 going over -- you know healthy individual or lasts and it shouldn't you shouldn't be higher but definitely. If there's any concern talk to your doctor. But the second most important thing really -- known not only about risk factors is to know the warning signs. And here at the American stroke association we've come up with this new program has called together Castro it's fairly new. -- nationally sponsored by committee and and together we've come up with an acronym called fast. Asked a ST. Palestinians to ask stance for face so. You know is the face stripping this is a warning sign. A his arm -- nest as one armed troop more than the other SS speech difficulty to other words slurred. You know is is there anything off with the speech. And then T time to call nine on one immediately. If any of those signs or combination of it's it's just imperative that they call -- on one immediately. And on the side note you know I've been asked well what if you're not with somebody here you can you know ask somebody to look for those warning signs. My name next b.'s advice is go to a mere if you can't do anything you -- -- you know look at a reflection. In a mere window anything you can do to see. Those differences would that be my thanks. Meant -- kind of clarification. For arm. Secure it when you were talking about fast death and going through all of those I knew about the face -- being used the word -- also with arms and so wait what am I looking for with that because you don't really because your arm dripping share. Basically what year what you're essentially looking for a loss of. Canned -- -- their lips go up on both sides are does one side carpet alongside doesn't. It that's the kind of thing that we're looking for. You know is there weakness on one side or the other you -- you're looking for essentially uneven mess. And so and that's why it's important have somebody look at ask those questions are looking -- see if you notice any of those yourself and frankly if there's any question you call mine on one and tie -- Just critical that you get to a hospital as soon as possible and that's why we say it's time to call 911. Want to thank again Kieran Murray to communications director at the American Heart Association this of course may be -- month and let's go to the warning signs and whatnot -- so much warnings and the what you need to do because time is of the essence absolutely has to act fast is what the key signs aren't exactly face stripping half for fast. Arm weakness. A speech difficulty aunts and time to call 911 FE ST remember those letters and did he could save -- life. If so -- is a city get and the better that your chances are for recovery. You've just got to do that you know I I know a lot of people who have suffered from strokes and I guess now and part of the rehabilitation must include some type of exercise program. But there's a methodology where they say now if you disable. The working side so let's say you're there you go limp on the left side. That you actually. -- down the right arm it will force the brain to force in the left arm to do something. And get you back into working order much faster than if you just tried to go into physical therapy and squeeze the ball or lift the bar where you need to do it it the brain says -- now. Your right hand is much better at this so let the right hand do it. Well interesting unless you -- can't. Well you know the funny thing is my guess he's no longer with us who loved him dearly. And had a small stroke that we think it at some point and we were trying to go through some stuff and in news recognition of he couldn't do it tell me where the hands run the clock. -- we're talking American and I -- they think you might have a little bit of the mini stroke and he goes. Well I don't think so and I said well you know the signs are because well he could -- eyebrows and he can smile and I said okay. And he smiles and I go can you would drive Grozny just know. Never could get it now. I'm -- I was just couldn't couldn't do it and we did we sent in Atlanta about the whole thing not that it's funny that is funny so yeah be careful out there. We have not more coming your way including the Hollywood Blaine will be talking about the not only Dancing With The Stars finale but American Idol finale as well with Kristin -- that's coming up next. At a pretty distant -- If you're getting closer to retirement I have an important question is your retirement -- on track joined Dave Thompson Friday mornings at 930 on the KN BC business channel 1660 AM -- -- share how you can keep your retirement on track with protection of principal tax deferred growth and a lifetime income -- learn more online -- Dave Thomson dot -- that's Dave Thomson dot net and be -- listen every Friday morning at 930 today -- it's your money on -- KM -- business channel 1660. AM. Human resource as isn't all about compliance it's a whole lot more of an HR haven you'll find a group -- season HR pros with a passion for helping small businesses get the best and the payroll dollars with a budget that fits your needs -- haven caters to your industry business and culture president of. 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European -- senator for luxurious waxing at prices that won't make you raise an eyebrow. Yourself a little pampering at European lacks an insider respite in -- leeway as a -- senate dot com to schedule your appointment today. One plus one plus one equals. No radio fish. That's enough -- now is that somebody should double check their numbers. Can help. Yeah I don't know about them. I am a little confused mess up like to get out your -- ago. As you get some property taking care of down at celebration at station I go early. I square off where I'm gonna sit with my yellow caution tape until the police come -- tell me and able to conduct. You don't get chalk outline for people who don't know we know I should say that this year that might work out well well but they asked us to move it couple years ago -- we -- feeding them when they came by and some bananas are a little. -- The biggest names in Hollywood all the -- In the story you won't hear anywhere. This week's Hollywood can play. This could hurt him. -- the -- so proud of myself after announcing to the world that will Gardner was shot on -- of the good life. I've learned by lesson. Again on FaceBook and I typed over and over I will not be a spoiler and will not be a spoiler but I'm very happy at the finale of Dancing With The Stars so glad that maxim Merrill with the winners -- he spoke at what happened. I know hole. Go out and with the stars the winner could have been anyone but Mack and Merrill I have to be honest. I love -- company -- pretty journey let. No one had a more consistent scenes and knowing how to clean your season dance wise and knowing could touch Merrill in terms of her dance -- and everything else. And Max is there are very happy that he one -- he was on his eyes delicate baby over there. The Monday and Tuesday an Alley was curry eat I -- Thought for a moment that Max had actually been in the celebrity winner because everybody was like yes -- and Merrill was kind of like left to herself that looked like hello I'm the celebrity hello. And I think stomach and maybe our -- and felt like. She went to the season was about Max and knotted up about Merrill. Like you know what Merrill's very happy when she -- she -- Olympic gold silver and bronze and she's gotten her -- Turkey says she's happy they are clearly very close friends yeah montella smoke is their -- there's something more than just. Friends right. They did not -- at the show I will say that for a 200% I don't know anything can happen after the show she isn't -- -- he lives in New York but you know there are a lot of rubbing and and I mean -- animal and it and it -- against against each other in the -- in -- -- -- -- I was texting behind I got. -- comfortable the last couple weeks I was like get a room. There are some fans out there who are crying rig this show is rigged and talking James -- -- spans and I have to tell you. The fact -- -- Candace Cameron parade. Was one of the last three and he wasn't. That seemed a little odd -- to me you interesting thing we have boating. Issues and I hear -- and every single season. Remember when you're running online there's always possibilities technicals now is so I believe that it probably does happen. And it's frustrating especially if you're trying to vote for James and keeps coming up -- and Merrill it does happen I have to be honest I wish ABC would be a little bit more open about that saying what are looking into aid -- it is is how we're going to address it. And Kenneth Cameron -- aping the fact that she made it into the top three James was in fourth place. It actually doesn't surprise me. Candace Cameron dreary Christian following rally so hard for her she could she even admitted on that she's -- right now she's dead. I know -- best -- out there. But I got to tell you my fans worked hard and they did and I have to say. She was -- -- -- -- and -- sent a woman -- -- this is who I am a mother and family woman and she never. Ever change that seems very day and she -- she was your tired your. Oh absolutely gotta love that. Now you didn't even go you've covered Dancing With The Stars usually top to bottom but you weren't that we're worried you for the finale. I don't worry yelling at me on Twitter. On an Alley in and I was at the American Idol finale. Kindly for voters they contacted me and that we like to send you and we like to dress CU hundred. It out there from rent them runway at lady you don't know that apparently you can rent designer gowns -- -- to keep it like or -- and we'll send you to site is you know when you're in between sizes they'll send you both Agassi and try it on and it's incredible service and aware that 1000 dollar drafts. For you know fifty -- It's me who so -- have to -- them went to the idol finale got to see and I got to see me seeing it out. And -- act Britney. Appreciate being a couple and the performance is for the second night. So XTJ look reform and her dance break as a means staying and then also. Randy Jackson performed together on. You know the show is suffering in the ratings a little bit and it's probably because everybody on the judges' panel knows something about music and they're not illiterate. They are also great and kind and -- and sometimes it doesn't make for great -- but I volumes they're giving great feedback and tolerate what do you know about the story on Michael -- the star who was on FX's the shield. Yet this creepy and wife allegedly but -- what you eat pretty much as admitted -- Neighbors had heard gunfire at his house Angeles. And he actually called on one's self that I shot my wife and when police came she you. Home they found his -- April dead from gunshot -- And you know this scary I mean he's been seeing questioning. Is under arrest in relationship machining and now unfortunately. We're starting to hear sort of stories about domestic violence in the home. Even though his wife had even supported him in another case about violence it does seem to be that she was. A long time victim. You know his his domestic violent -- that and it's kind of creepy story and prove that you know actors from the justice could be effective. Christian we appreciate it's always thank them thank -- it's. The Hollywood walk away with Chris cleaver on the radio -- -- -- It is time the dirty dishes -- by the mop -- an 812 -- road in North Kansas City if you've got pets hello you need liquid I'll live to get out more than just sustaining gets out the motor down to the pan. Liquid alive only at the mop bucket dot com. Yeah. Okay. How often do you -- -- Every week probably on the want to see what I Wear them once or twice depending on how long and -- -- a number of and then put them. According to the CEO of Levis. Strauss I guess -- Levi's anymore if you wash the more than once a year you're doing it wrong I'm -- more than once a year. And agreed then hears and get her green themed conference OK so he's speaking to the people who wanna say. Alarm water resources which thing cannot chip berg says he practices what he preaches. And seat is said to the group is keynote speaker these teams have yet to -- washing machine. And I told them per year in his he warned them how often have you worn yet he didn't really relate to that information or related information I guess. But. I watch him every time I Wear them all a bit you know I don't either but hello but you and I both. Are not always known as the need to dieters who usually steal something else and exactly Kansas City in the wintertime yet they're gonna get -- -- you know you're always picking up some phenomenon now researchers at the University of Alberta who gave one pair of jeans a clean bill of health after fifteen months of the no wash we hear of regular winner. We DN. -- -- I might crush on a bank or else actually in the LSU so that they did -- -- how many different pairs of jeans do you half are you tracking these -- pair of -- can you -- that it -- and then the -- those of the kind that you look really good when you stand that he can't really want contempt. And yet to -- in the -- is at the month I don't watch them very often because when he should even more and don't get too fat coral teens. Well we'd like to talk yeah and and those with the expandable police no I just an. Honor -- I I really -- sonic can't sign on to this only once a year. Oh no kids so that's a -- I got another when it's going to be it has busted that you're going to be very happy with him I know Mary course loves wine and you love red wine and I know of course that you drink it because you were of course thinking. That it is good for your diet for your heart arteries announced. Yeah and that the chocolate because along with it. New research -- you know research it was done with for -- red wine loving French. Who have very low rates of heart disease despite their fatty diet -- this was that they -- 800 villagers over nine years discovered the intake. Restaurant -- I'm -- say you're right it's what's found in red wine dark chocolate. McCain campaign made you want to know the difference they're saying -- in their risk of dying or contracting heart disease or cancer. -- -- -- -- -- -- could eat dark chocolate and I'm still gonna drink reliant -- nominations. He's more like who late she likes that -- -- idea in applause to PepsiCo. Finally. Saying no to treats that. Originates from China how he released a lot of Johnson of time it's taken pectoral long time to take this action. The company said in a statement that they have now become the first national -- -- to halt all sales of dog and cat treats. Made in China. Afghan and you know some hints it's a little confusing me it doesn't really look like it could possibly come from China and Cambridge didn't come from China we want to thank our guest today the barbecue queens of course Karen and learning and miss fertig thank you so that's -- Judith is great Kieran Murray with the American Heart Association as well. And of course Christopher for joining us make sure that you find us on FaceBook and on Twitter. And out like this because -- news conference weekend and try to get Smart chicken recipe let us know what you think it's Mary Mitt dieters gain you at the radio dish dot com have a great weekend. -- provided by Robert McCain now with the new lady looks a lot in Westport and damn they look good on radio.

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