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Entrepreneur KC Radio 5.13.14

May 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the start of the universe cannot have fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the jury -- to loosen got to visualize -- -- -- looking very clear about it money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and tried not to hurt anybody along the way entrepreneurs pave the way into the future of the industry star. Art technology -- Should plug in and turn on. -- -- -- -- -- -- entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back it was one of the best decisions ever made with your host Jason. -- Hello Kansas City and welcome to the entrepreneur KC show I'm your host Jason grill. Both -- and a great day and thanks for joining us today on the came easy and it came easy business channel 1660. AM. And on line in the light stream. Great to be back on the show exciting show today we are going to be. It's a talking all about the sprint accelerator -- actually we've had air cool slugger. In that studio before zip -- and we're talking and all different things that he's going to be joining me today he's sitting right side mean Erica aria. Happy new rematch yes he he's the GM at the street sellers located in the crossroads so we thought to be cool. To do a show today. Part one of our series. Bouts. What is going on this for an accelerator how it has progressed. And then interview some of the companies involved the street -- greater. And kind of see what they do and what with their innovations are Sawyer it's great to have you back buddy yeah I'm not -- here and you know. Is eternal learning experience we brought 43 people from all of the countries who got. Cities like Chicago -- New York Boston and San Francisco the usual -- suspects but we have an international -- is also has companies from Australia people who have come from. Spain Argentina -- Gary and -- is. So it is in Kansas City all the Kansas City assets admit it is not a fun experience a far then you guys have -- partnered up with tech stars right there 'cause of the they've been successful throughout the world earth throughout the country at least on these accelerator programs and they operate. And you know I think over -- and these accelerators now. I'm an entrepreneurship is hard and and we don't know that there's about 12% success rate. Our tax ours through their model and graduated in over 300 companies. In 90% and that are active today -- have been requirement somebody else and they really slither the scales on. Entrepreneurship -- -- and their program. Well let's talk about he's going to be on the show today obviously after we get dealt with the interview with you at the beginning we're gonna have John fine Alicia -- about him so John is the managing director he's employed by -- -- she's come -- and and really runs the curriculum -- today. For the three month program that Iran in partnership put them experienced professional he's not run a couple startups on most recent women and health care system. So have John on our it's our second segment today to talk to us more about text there's an integration with sprint and the program. And it from there we're gonna go and we're gonna talk to a company named prime. Tell me about their founders of what they do. So prime. It's your Brothers and net a friend of theirs they're all originally from Minneapolis. Most recently on the Marion they actually live in Oakland. And and and sound yes I think. Mean I've never been to a greater seized him and I always wanted to goes to see how crazy -- you have to ask him a month. And so there it that's it's basically it's. They're they're talented team in the Bay Area they are living in the sort of villages are true yeah and eight and they actually are crash and anti hacker house right now. So they've named and the greens view of Kansas City in the start of Milledge. Nickel so we'll talk to them and then following them on our last segment. Today we'll have. Many casts and I've met these guys over at the accelerator few weeks ago. Really cool Brothers. Sand in Saudi prince he says he's. Well innovative product to have here and I think I think it's been successful other markets somebody's seat in Kansas City -- about it yet him. He's mean they've launched and South Florida working on -- right now. Pioneer in the process of launching Kansas City -- there doctors on demand product so easily bring in the house call back bringing in doctor directly TU. -- going to an office. Extinct like using technology to go back to the future he had in fact there's a lot of companies in it compared -- near the Hoover for. These guys in there that -- for doctors and they bring doctors right tea. And they have a lot of experience with other startups and I know that if he's smooth over dual yup Earl Holland we visited the school campus together it -- last summer and I kicked off the Google guys I have. I hi I get kicked off the bike by an eastern European Cup and I saw them I need a closeup photo on things like they're making a profile that it's a -- gets about a year since we're over there and I surely the statue limitations. Content might fast. So that's the show that's that's that that's the the line up of companies are gonna have on -- -- an accelerator power. Is -- for accelerator card by text -- yes a direct verbiage animal health accelerators carbon -- stars in effect. Very cool so where would you tell me about the experience for you I mean because. You know you working down at overruled park. They're -- the street campus for many years and an -- -- him -- faces on their boat what is the experience been like. Working in the crossroads. You know it's an amazing -- from the crossroads neighborhood and in the -- that she get there and very community feel. The ability to watch a launch being random street forgive my sporting KC. And a stone's throw from downtown. I'm all that's been fun but when I've seen inside the building is kind of a complete reinvention how work should be done on you we've got a really open space of these teams. Work in partnership a lot of cases what you see is. A developer from one team arguments the developer from our team but in reality they're coming to a joint solutions are from the -- happening. So what a lot of collaboration but the speed is the biggest difference in the speed at which things move inside the accelerator building. You know and they use that verb for a reason it's because things happened so quickly. Literally. You know taking a day off means -- probably missing a week's worth of real work. -- inside that building just because of the way things Smith who I'm and then playing catch up. You know bringing in big corporate resources that -- has him playing catch up with that speed has been the biggest challenge we act and and so that's been the adjustments and making internal -- friend is -- we really apply our resources while -- work with these teams together. Knowing that -- trying to move as fast as possible. Another wardrobe choices ever devil Mora laid back treated -- it -- yeah I had actually seen -- flood fonts are now in -- but I -- where not -- -- -- -- that I ER you are very cool -- so. So there's also the community's been great I mean I ever -- -- I hear about this for an accelerator -- from a media perspective he hasn't done a really good job. These people that have all come from out of town I mean what what isn't there mean you've said he had foreigners you have people from the Bay Area from the East Coast. Well deserved kind of perception of them are counts of formal talk the more about the of what is your perception of what they think. Yeah I'm excited today to hear from them draft thing on the radio show today I think that's the biggest and wanna learn from one of them tune live and in person but. I'm in general and I love like Kansas City as you land and a cow pasture. And then you come incidents really amazing city you know that has a lot going on non we've always -- for accelerator just kind general journalist friends that. It's really hard to get people here but once you do it's hard to make enemies and and I think you know as you see from some of these teams and what they've experienced. They are here very middle of the -- fast so they saw. This really amazing lineup the man is a great moderator I think yeah that's right yeah there Chris talked did a close us. It and they had believed then and now you know and there today and into Monday is on james' -- which is one we Casey. One of the biggest entrepreneurial week's hearing Kansas City so they're really seeing a bunch about the city what makes a great to be here. The that is coming after pretty quickly on. And that's fast so what it was actual start today so march 11 was the deal we kicked off and -- -- as -- Monday where everything culminates. At the coffin performing arts and ROU arguing it there yes we have 18100 seats to sell it is opens a public we have an event bright that it will -- It's -- -- Twitter -- NASDAQ that aspirin itself. Yeah and we we're encouraging every day comes that. Is a demo days when it is so are a lot of these products launch share how does that work there I know some of them have got some really get press national press. 10 which will talk about later. But yeah I mean it's ineffective they're all in various stages. Some LaMarr you know -- building prototypes in the -- get their first customers. Others are launch engineering revenue and then there's everything in between. Do you think what he would he think that chances are that some of these people stay in Kansas City. I mean none of them were I mean is there are there any from here. There aren't there are no teams from Kansas and he can come and I'm not gonna spoil anybody's surprises yeah OK okay I I can tell -- when I can say is. On each of them have had their own experience here on unique experience an alarm -- value and the types of relationships partnerships that -- -- -- there. Or let's get off the center crew quickly discredit seller you've been a media darling now for a couple weeks here -- I'd probably owe you money or sometimes you are you're in the -- east are a couple weeks back about -- Casey and and our good friend who actually boss over at sporting. Who I'm sure will like via the plug there yeah but she. He is involved with that mean I saw you in the -- in the -- start talking about. What it is and the millennial and one on messenger down there every day it's also about kind of what that is and in some exciting events coming up. -- Ashley in the team a live Casey are leaning up from great initiative that I'm and honored to be a part of the board with that in no more religious trying to make Kansas City. A better place from millennial so live work and play -- and thank Susan you know pretty simple tactics right now at this point I'm getting people on in the streets -- off the couches. I'm but includes some really awesome events are kicking off here including a fiery stick that was announced and -- what does that. So fiery stick there are turning I I honestly didn't know what it was yeah I I saw the email I posted it that. So reading more about it I mean this is pretty cool I love to be one of the people that. The hits the golf ball that although that's gonna work out it is literally -- it's literally a pop up country club. On the lawn liberty memorial. And it's a hundred. ED. 180 foot or how many are golf course of things and as -- minutes on one challenge. -- a real golf ball or apple nights it's like guy. You know they're trying to recreate I think rob said a sixteenth hole at the asked Phoenix Open you know they wanna make up this big party emisphere. That surrounds this one hole but I think it's around 200 people get a chance to swing the club. And there's a million dollar purse -- diamond makes on one. That's pretty possible if there's 200 people yeah honestly if there are some good golfers out there it's a 180 yards. You know that can happen you know we want somebody went. I mean make news right big huge news for Kansas City some one million bucks. Strain Kleiman and nine in around the want -- liberty memorial all have some friends that are better golfers in the ought to look and I decide that. Both Sebring it's not a race. Yes surrounding that does -- huge armed country club parties of the day takes office and inspirational talks. You know we'll have business leaders in -- in attendance on -- ER games botched bomb badminton. I'm your courage where country club attire I'm and as the evening progresses it really turns into a huge party on not on the folks at. On the Memorial -- and more than gracious on our money after Spain assesses commit really great time -- July 18 July 18 that's a Friday it is. Knuckle willow flow -- in good weather that -- our enemies fund regardless I'm I'm I'm -- open get some accustomed. Sock while ones out there that -- -- Negotiating with the -- Casey bluff and see how many guys need because it makes sense you know we're getting in Argyle is now we we mix it up with some new styles and we -- took some risk Swiss couple designers another helping us that. But yeah I mean we're doing custom socks for all kinds of things -- I mean it's. It's grown we just did some from the yet nearly its. And they're really cool BC logo on them. Part Casey -- on some -- Not talking to jazz do the zoo I mean there's going to be a lot of cool kids that he branded -- troubles people that's good to hear me and I went artists involved yeah. There JC well -- thanks for joining us they're going to be along for the entire show to talk to us. A more about the mobile health accelerator -- companies we're gonna have prime. The first release are the John find the managing director of tech stars on our next segment embryo into talking to the guys from prime. And we're gonna finish today show with many tasked with Sam for many cast he's a great guy so. Appreciate mean everybody in actually wake. Guys thanks soliciting -- turner KC show you can always find us online all the shows are listed. On the podcast page that's it came BZ dot com. There is a link on the right side of the page to be -- -- KC show. You can also connect with media on FaceBook and Twitter by Twitter handle is at Jason grill and the partner Casey shows at entrepreneur Casey. Also on FaceBook at Jaycee -- -- me -- grill on FaceBook and on trainer Casey radio on FaceBook. Big show today exciting and it kind of focus on one thing and looking for a talk to these sort of self. Thanks everyone for joining us and will be right back on the entrepreneur Casey radio show on 1660. And AM with. John fund managing director from techsters. They trusting that we'll be right back. Welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show on your post is Jason grow alongside. It's us against us for the showed today airport Slater from sprint. -- -- -- Next interview today we're gonna have an in studio we have right now we have John find the managing director of the sprint accelerator powered by text stars. He's involved with the text stars ended the operation is the managing director and welcome to show John thanks for having me. So first up let's get into what is tech stars give us kind of the the the view of what you guys actually do in in what it does help on. So where we are eight startup accelerator that has programs in the US and overseas. We have been running programs since 2007. You graduated over 300 companies are programs and collectively they've raised over half a billion dollars in funding while. So that one of the coolest metrics that I like to talk about is our success rates -- typically out there in the real world. We start ups he'll have maybe like at ten or 12% success rate. -- tech stars we can flip that around and our success rate for companies that have been through a program. Is about 90%. So our failure rate is only about 10% for companies have been through a program which is pretty cool so par. And he is communities it is an exclusive processing and in his right it's extremely hard to get in fact some of Conant. On the Harvard of -- accelerators so talk to Solomon about selection and why is that so important. Absolutely so you know we we're extremely selective when it comes to recruiting and and choosing -- companies for our program. In -- for the more mature program is you're talking about something close to 1%. Rates were selecting companies so you know we're taking you know that the top companies that we find out there that are again -- seed stage typically. And you know we really focus on -- You know we really focus on selecting the best teams that we can sure we have to like their product in their market but. -- we really trying to pick the best teams he possibly can because we we know that at this stage. -- teams contended they can change. And only the best teams can really pull that off and there's of the teams really look for. What is the experience been like for you with spring accelerator in the relationship are the odds it's been fantastic -- it was engaged. You know long before I was involved that I came on board with tech stars. They were fully engaged you know -- the first sign that I knew that they were. A 100% involved with you they had people at the accelerator facility before is even finished being built. So -- I think that was great now's a great sign and just every every day since then in the level engagement has been amazing. I you know we've had great engagement from the mentors. Opportunities for the company's other programs so from my standpoint and fantastic. And how did you get involved at this again. With Texas so he IE IA -- more tech stars last November. I had sort of been re engage with the start of community. For about their part every year up until that point and had met some people in. Honestly it is to sort of appeared out of nowhere for me. Man is a great surprise. And I had I had a lot of mutual friends -- stars but I had worked -- them before so is really great. Very cool. So it's I think from and the people listening right now we've talked a lot about super accelerator and pass on -- show we talk -- -- tax -- skinny in that background. The selection process -- put better people and he had better things out but talk about the process what happens in the three month period wise the three month period. I'm so scientific and what goes on men's. Yeah I -- questions so you know that the program is extremely intense. You know it we breaking up into three parts really. When we talk about a three month program it's really 31 month programs. So the first month is really about engaging with mentors of which we have over a hundred. And the second month is about taking all of that advice in the other for their mentors. Further engaging with with lead mentors they've identified and really applying that to their business in this strategy and it's going to build their product. And get customers. And then the last month for the program which were -- now. Is really -- -- into. Pitching in fundraising. So it's getting them set up suit gets some good fundraising practices in place in getting ready for -- -- day which is June 12. So it's extremely accelerated extra it's extremely intense. Unfortunately we have ten great teams to I don't really have to do to push to be more intense in fact it's usually the other way around have to push into suited. -- battled it not burnout. So yes it's time really doesn't have as much of meaning it as it does in the real world when you're in the program because. Everything is moving so quickly. And I imagine that they haven't none of the other texts are places have pitched in a place like the call from performing arts that are. Which will be happening in June in and that's is going to be cool. We're so excited for that -- day what a world class venue to have an end. And absolutely I mean we we took it seems an -- we had to go up onstage. And and even practice their pitches a little bit there elevator pitches while they were up there get a little taste but what demo day it's gonna be likes that everyone's really excited for. Some tough talk about the importance of pitching because I know and that just just and being there and -- -- -- see so much and in what winds -- so important. -- it's really important articulate your vision you know I think a big part of the company's. I'm going through the program is learning how to really drilled down into that. Italy come into the program they they may have a product or at a minimum a prototype. But they haven't really fleshed out exactly what that means to their customers to their partners their investors. And how they can communicate the value proposition that they have with their product and really what they're bigger vision is you know this is mobile health so. It's it's a really critical. Segment for a lot of people has a personal. A relevance to a lot of people to the reason why these companies are doing with they're doing oftentimes is a personal reason for NB -- with the weeds that. Passion into their vision and really articulated in their pinch is not easy and so we really help them with that. And -- -- ramping that up right now in the program and it's super important to be able to articulate that clearly when you do. I think people really get you know investors get it partners get a and then they can really appreciate what they're doing. So he is talked on -- very personal and health care something raw concern us. You talk about the importance of mobile how often and what you think is changing routes allow solar like this to make a difference and in these companies lines. Yeah I you know I think with tech stars saw in this opportunity a mobile health was you know the obvious which was first of all -- 150 million Smartphones in the US. Health care system that is begging for disruption begging for improvements. And how we meld those two together. And you know the entrepreneurs that we have today are naturally doing there are rating involved in mobile. And then you have them with some like a -- for some tie into health care that they experienced. And be able to meld those two. Timmy really you know I've said this -- -- just the tip of the iceberg promote health I believe we're gonna have a reduction in costs an improvement in service. In health care delivery and and most importantly hopefully improvement outcomes. As a result of using mobile health. And I think you know in some cases it takes a little longer than you would like because some of the practices in health care and in the system. -- hospitals for example are very well ingrained but I think we're starting to see. Hospitals and other providers become a lot more innovative. And take chances and I think that's only gonna Foster. More innovation -- mobile health. Definitely things we need in the society. A salute making it easier. That's that's some renewed every innovation solving problems is. Something I'm excited about and well John you know so. How to people in contact we were in about a minute left here on the I imagine there's going to be another class eventually then -- surge is going to be involved. So as we wind on this this class how would it how do you you know get involved in the next month. Sure NASA has a great question that's exactly what we're gonna do you know that the class is gonna end on June 12. -- take a little bit short break in to some lessons learned and then head right back into recruiting for the next class. Say you know I'm going to be getting out there are a lot in the Kansas City community. -- -- holding some events some of an office hours things like that. You know they can they can always you judge me on Twitter. -- email. And we're just gonna start really getting at the nice thing this time around is I have a little more time. I was brought in last November and applications close in January 6. So is really fast and furious this time we sort of have the luxury. Having a larger time window to do a lot recruiting get out there attend a lot more events. Really face to face a lot more companies both think he's the and nationwide. Well John find the managing director at the -- accelerator power by text are six or come on the show today congratulations and -- your success thanks like Jason appreciate it. We got back announcer -- -- Welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show your host JC -- take special guest has an air cools later. From sprint the GM of these straight accelerator powered by -- are Atari did Eric. I'm wonderful just so far yeah I'm so excited to bring these teams -- Kansas City in and show off the mop what we have in this accelerator yet very cool we had we had a great for -- review -- -- great. Seconds there was John signed. From -- Techsters in Kansas City and say about our next guest we have Tyler Hayes who's the seals prime. In studio today Tyler welcome to the -- thanks Warren and singlehandedly bringing the pomp and -- back. Are trying to get out there now I just. How often did so. Tyler I don't know if you know it's -- Canada. And enough to say America since its current when I was named the best hair in my high school class so. Says the puppet or is is pretty on point from Telluride and -- motto my senior class of this Erica -- Not a simple Tyler and it's also write your background and kind of the we'll get into private -- first of your background and how you kind of into in Kansas City. Yes I'm from Minnesota originally but San Francisco the past several years as a startup guy. Where did a company called discuss the world's most -- popular online commenting platform is currently employed there -- technologies and -- blood. Both Michael -- is from Minnesota to -- we met in the Bay Area. Really it up now so. Was that experience like out there. Is if the Cisco odds it's all day every day that's nonstop everyone's working all the time technology -- everybody knows every company out there FaceBook Twitter Google apple. Elsewhere raji comes a year how did you meet your co founders. How -- one of my other friends is also from Minnesota I was working at a technology company and he knew when Michael Connors who needed it outs to Stan. So you kind of stated our place is -- Cisco. Nice yup I think I've moved for people to San Francisco despite from Minnesota single -- a -- up -- -- -- so so -- the -- Associate or talk about that from Oakland yes no -- teller talking about the raiders need a driver. An idea out there for game afraid you're chiefs Jersey -- -- I have two of these mu yeah AS nobody talks about sports is -- Cisco until the giants started winning nobody talked with the giants and are at the United Center winning nobody -- -- the niners the first. They got a new stadium in -- -- getting built so downsize is going to be insane so. To tell us about -- What does that prime as a mobile app it instantly aggregates all your health records from all of your doctors write on your phone. Really up first one ever to do that first mobile app the can do that no more fragmentation and number manual entry. This is it automatic get all your medical information from doctors. This is aggressive because you know with with all -- -- laws and health care I mean this is going to be a big undertaking -- -- talk -- -- Z as a face you know it's. It is aggressive I think the biggest misconception we get is that hip but is a problem. It does the most amazing regulation the governments ever come out. The -- literally makes -- possible. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Those for a legislator I was in the state level not federal so we get that out there. Want to know amid literally what he's saying is true I mean this Mars held to prime become what they are mean you guys were created because of those privacy laws are and place them. Yeah totally it's certainly. A it it's it's a difficult world to work and coming from the start up industry technology were everyone moves a mile a minute but. We're getting there and health care health care is speeding up I think if you see it from the inside you can see there's a. Out of passion a lot of drive. Centric some Munis is really -- this UAE engineering. Essentially mean when I say it's everybody's you guys are sensing the -- dot com. For health records on the Mikey said he never reached for as an impossible to see all that stuff one place and and so. Their men and multiple visits a multiple doctors -- -- -- all one spot you can simply share. Lawyer health records right there what bills are taking what's been prescribed -- -- -- I need to pass this Australia has no idea for an -- -- So tell us some awesome tells not a personal story may mean I mean New Year's talks a lot of customers comment on just give us a quick -- -- you've heard. You know there's a lot of the people who -- prime the most -- people who have chronic illness so we hear a lot of stories -- and arranges all across the spectrum I think you know there's this misconception that chronic illness is something that affects you. Later in life in a very severe wave a chronic illnesses asthma diabetes it's tons of things. And there's people who just carry around. Exit pill bottles and binders of paper information to get people actually united us on like a weekly if not monthly basis to saying. -- you know this is amazing I can't like bad days we don't believe it. I'd like I don't you know I don't know is this is real and and they get their information like ten seconds and then and then now they literally can throw away the six inch paper binder that they're carrying around these bags -- pill bottles. Because we had one person for example who wrote us and said. I went into the doctor. Piece of what medication you -- in Minnesota I told him what it once and yes how's that spelled. That's why people are bringing bags of filibuster their doctor the doctor doesn't even office dollars or get this information across and you guys are you work with about two under providers as -- -- is this about fifty million patient coverage. So far patient out there today and I'm a plug disposal times howling and at this. Yet you go to stay in your prime dot com or you can just go to the iPhone App -- ends a search prime. Excellent. Take so when I go to the -- don't. -- pretty healthy 34 year old male parent I know that I'll be 35 the chairman have put seventy and still -- I will be using this at some point on deadline. But so I walked into like a new doctor. You know and yes all that paperwork is this does help with at all. It does in -- today and it will on a much more amazing -- in the future. Right now you can at least walking and to give you that intake form I can filled out with confidence in accuracy. That was the last time he got an immunization. I don't -- right. I've just an analyst thanks so yeah yeah. Yeah I had I had the flu shot to death -- Just try to you know eat healthy work out and hoping I didn't say my prayers -- death why would you need anything else right I don't need to remember that information for your banking data or your homes utility did you can just look at the computer and it has it. Right I can't do that with you medical information in this is the most personal information right so with tiny candy that he is watching you play your phony -- the form. Now I can't say exactly how this will be possible in the future but in the future we'd like to -- -- -- eliminate the need for you to follow that. And be nice to be sent there is -- very disruptive that can't the tickets are. -- -- got to get cute is it's a shift gears a second here you know I've I've forgot that I at this -- program my kind of -- the fact that Kansas City was Unionists. Scary new water park ride and Tyler. Was the very first why he's literally counting down the days I -- your browsers and German worry in her roots never root out -- -- bond so you're in you're gonna go get on that thing right Tony third. -- that as the day up. I saw some contest ready for my visit Casey likely is going to be a first like that that over driver got a they -- is -- first person it's gonna go down my -- thing is to meet Tyler Hayes. I've got to do -- -- -- -- -- about this because I've seen these photos you've obviously done the research so psyched for this it is so so very unsafe I thought they had put a safety above the same because and -- runs the -- are relevant element yeah I've heard they've already had a couple conspiracies developing but you know. I -- us today. Via the Minnesota guy I don't surfer in my blood and saw I love being on water I love just catching aggressive things in general jumping out of planes. I -- cell site for this. The thing is you have to go down two with three or four people saw the entire. Prime team is going to be going down as if we can be the first people down roots. It was just I I I guess I'm just keeping -- that -- and oceans of fun that was between oceans -- the world's you know we're grown up yeah. And you is like the plunge something pipe -- yes that was like at the time. Seem pretty steep and remember you're going to on the single one of those wraps yeah. They got out there I mean it wasn't us it was let's take notice times worse yeah and I can't imagine I'd like. Palestinian figures tell us hall of the Niagara Falls to -- He's -- -- it's got a second. -- nuts isn't easy to slow down this is an bachelor -- complex yeah and I concede I I got to drive up there and it in the NC like in an incredible legends. Now analysts here. Mean I don't know I kind of assays have yet to release its review one harassed. I would make one of those the end -- in it and makes no -- -- you can pitch in my time the ride ends you got to put a million dollars in company or something. I think if they can survive you got Scott. And I elected to see that the protocol to get on us the -- there carpets. I feel like it's like an astronaut getting up to the shuttle -- you got to get in your suit and got an elevator. How down what is this rates are either may 23 and were taking near Seattle right now it's seriously like. Close are you at all I'll try and I I he roller coasters meant you -- might dump water guys on -- a -- but we're. The fund yesterday -- like me and I mean there might at least ten years I have a lot of cousins and little kids you know like not my kids obviously but really you know cousins and there in the 78910 Nick Price -- on protesters -- don't take them and can advise me of the youth. Wonder -- there -- -- follow Google Lamar Hunt so recipes so. In addition to use an epic water slides you've come from Oakland and comedies -- else you -- about Kansas City that you think his. Each -- saying fund even years latch -- Are you know we -- we talk about this -- in the start of village yeah now yeah I -- there's also it's now the top Italy yet we did okay cool well. We really know what to expect to McCain and with the start of pillaged and not it's been just fantastic community you know we got end is a mailing list so we guarding that everybody before we got here and then. We're staying in the homes for hackers how so. Very very well known. Chris pressed for the contract guys who have fiber there USA today just wrote about them to Barack. It's a pretty great place I would highly recommend anyone that's ever come to Kansas City in the startup scene try to stay at homes for hackers or at least it over the start of village and meet people because they're the nicest you can get everyone's open all the time -- work out of their houses. They have great events at the fantastic bunch. It's great yeah so you really have done the full. Sort of senior she's immersed himself and now whole prime team has not been heard that's where we come from you know that's the first thing we look -- got here. Our strength. When I mean entertainment wise -- is spent some time and he's a neighbor industries like quest for Erica time all know any aren't. Westport I think is my jam -- -- I'm like it over there is a little too aggressive sometimes so -- power and light. But they're just a ton of fun as always people out the number one thing this city needs is just people op I mean you wanna feel like you're in the city at the lifeblood of the city or its people. And this. Power and light Westport. -- all the plaza for sure I I go for a walk every week and I love blocking and service is by -- walk for miles every weekend. -- dissenting Kansas City plaza every weekend no doubt about it it's just beautiful there. Yeah one of the things that we have -- -- we have over 2000002 point two million people it's just you know very spread out. I mean you can go and like southern Cleveland which is a 135 in the be bunch people Ramallah on there. Outside mall and you go up north I mean so that's that's one of the things I think there's more more people that'll be moving downtown the next five years into apartments there make it more -- neighborhood feel. I hope so they can always come back here what's the what's one thing that you miss about -- land -- in the same system area the most right now. Water please stay but it is the water as early as. I'm I would I was a landlocked when I was growing up in Minnesota and on the guy that needs to be -- with 101000 -- 161000 tax mistakes and they I. I don't their reports -- it's just revises its sound and sanity you just being close there and I just need to be about a lottery need to see it every day my body just needs it. It's -- Mean we went out there last year -- A group of people yeah I was -- and he's -- -- -- -- we spent some time -- -- -- of the next great bartender there. Oh million and a leader -- to be but I can't act and we're allies Canada -- -- do live. And let you know -- Tyler -- have. In Kansas City you know it's regrets and we are doing with prime how we connect with prime -- with you. You can find prime an iPhone App Store despite searching for prime. We're gonna stand your prime dot com and learn anything you want about us and contact us were totally out there in terms of getting contact with us or email us on us on Twitter let's talk seemed to handle that stand your prime standard prime dot com some -- with these guys -- program on the nineties -- sorts of fantastic app. And very supportive -- they love talking to customers with. If she's getting their Dana. -- -- to come on the show I've not met -- Minnesota haven't liked my life there are also nice to play nice and like Kansas City people do you get the very outgoing and nice we still very at home here thank you for having me -- sir -- coming to the show great interview. Tyler rays from primacy of postseason talk. They to a city editor Casey shall we -- will be right back after the break with many cats. Welcome back to the entrepreneurs Casey shell under posted JC Roland size special guest host of one of my favorite people in Kansas City Erica Walsh later in the gym this for an accelerator and Johnny Knoxville stunt double. Jackass two man I campaign -- much tastes great show so far buddy meant LSU was great yeah with Tyler from. Salaries the CO prime he's he's funded the anti India -- top laundering and this is just a piece of what I see every single name that building you know I mean. Now he's getting any work done at Bono and a lot of stuff happens as funny thing at every tournament has spent the the very first weaker there I found out that the alarm on arms at midnight every single night. Because I have a phone call former security companies some inside and off of -- men and assigned measures of unstable still working now Lleyton south. Scenario -- all time and a. -- lot of a lot of start up. Coffee I'm assuming I guess got everything here. Very cool hey we got a great guest segments in the showed today. We are going to be talking right now in studio T Sam is a barge Judy. -- -- Practiced it slowed it down their. Because Sam's they have on them that's -- margin -- is a margin that you think we had sales of RG in studio who is the CEO and co-founder of -- -- welcome to the show -- experimenters and -- to -- -- and we met a few weeks the at the sprint accelerator learn a bit about your company but for a listeners who don't know yet about it watch tell us first about your background where your from. And the we'll get into. -- -- -- -- -- -- So I'm from Atlanta I like to consider myself almost like a serial entrepreneur or that might backgrounds and and mobile -- -- -- mobile junkie I was always the first kid on the block with the new phone. There's always trying to hack waited and this really cool things. That's really let me in my career to trying to challenge the status quo. And -- really cool technologies focused around mobile platforms that help make life easier and bring people closer together. And that was a really gets high and so what we're doing with Madcast. And simply medic cast as health care company that -- house call doctors to your home and under two hours but just the click of a button on a mobile so. We we -- the sailor making it as easy as ordering a pizza but having really awesome doctors -- they can rest -- the comfort of your own space. When a novel concept and it's. Larry this teacher it's like this like field shows you saw on TV where the doctor -- -- the black bag GAAP and now it's using technology to do that I just. There's nothing worse than than go to the doctor's office of waiting. But you know and in their pitch thanks Sam does a great image of that Winger we are sitting around other six people all eyes just a horrible experience. And and and now I did today you're waiting to hopefully get five to seven minutes time from line. This position exactly and really what we saw as the big challenge was the fact that average wait times to see a doctor are over eighteen is across the last people sit and waiting rooms for at least an hour. And as you said Eric peoples of the doctor frank five or six minutes and so that compassion has really been lost than when you're not feeling well. All you want -- to see doctor when you're sick. Not leave your comments really have that time with MC can feel better so. We sought as an awesome opportunity and so far it's been great and Nicky says it's welcome back to the old school were just part using 21 century technology to do -- and you know without black -- the doctor still bring it that they open -- up and there's an iPad and then at some of the really cool things that they don't have in the fifties. -- website looks great by the -- thank you today it is been updated since I last looked. It has it has been looks really good rather. See your -- thunder your brother's a true yes that's right keep it on the -- yes we have add another co-founder as always it's REF three come from those three of us have done this and we came together and having a lot of fun. Along the way now your your other -- your brother co-founder comes from California. That's right that's right so he he's she's from tone from Silicon Valley. Your government land in your meeting -- -- we are yes that he he came from Silicon Valley he'd just left Google -- and his full time. I'm Kansas City is an awesome it's like we're meeting in the middle people here super nice there's a thriving entrepreneurial community and it's amazing. We meet people who have done big things that come from other big cities and they settled here for a reason. And we're just really got to be part of it to get back to the community and we're learning along the way and being part of the accelerators been awesome and you know we have a lot of fun along the way to lead to some really cool things we work hard we play hard and Eric and I have had our current -- on the ping pong table -- sweated it out of that there are so. And so complains. You're here you're triple it -- blah blah you know Derek. -- I don't like -- bogeys and you know -- BI gallon -- a few times -- -- I'm getting better practice days and they get people we get about -- let's see you come over and that sounds -- -- -- most this sort of set at this particular I I think that's it. Open invited to challenge it doesn't take up on that -- -- -- yes I would love that. -- his boulevards involved. I'm assuming you near Boca okay. So talk about Kansas City a little bit more you guys are since being here and obviously men involved and and learn on the -- Kansas City. By -- your services current launch in South Florida a year launching Los Angeles as we speak and you're hoping to launch Kansas City as well talk about the element. Absolutely so -- we see Kansas -- being a great market for us to do this and you know obviously there's huge kind of push around community and people building relationships. And we know that the physicians here are really excited about options and alternatives. The challenges this that we haven't really found enough doctors wanna do -- quite yet so there's an open invitation out any physicians who may be entrepreneurial who may be interest that in. Learning more about these on demand text services and how we can actually help provide. An alternative lifestyle for them on or just help them augment there existing business makes an extra revenue. I'm while delivering health care of their own terms and schedule. So talk runner up quick if I'm a physician sitting around now under satin and it's raining on. I do mean of his wife and I join manic fast so it's really simple medic house we give you the autonomy and freedom to practice medicine how and when you on. We don't lock you into a schedule it costs nothing to join. And you can see as little or as many patients as you want and if you're doing -- full time you could make twice as much monies are making the traditional practice. So it's lifestyle it's money and that's really just the fact that you're getting back to that the root of health care. Which is spending quality time with people and making them feel better. And I and I seen this Doug Sampson media -- to have it on its phone. And we got a call in literally like thirty seconds from a doctor and in Florida. I think he was in Florida death we pretend that we're in Miami and we. We hit the button and the doctor called like a second stimulus seconds and in he was very professional only -- have canal view and mean I was amazed at how fast it happened in this is this is pretty cool I mean just the fact of the matter is it's so convenient people bomb in. If your doctor in Kansas City and no. And shoot a lot of my friends that are doctors they've reached that age or their funding to other residents season. Are really practicing I mean as an entrepreneurial. Person this is a no brainer especially because. You can control your practice your life and sometimes lawyers and doctors take a long time to adapt the technology but I think. I think there are more more doing that and I think if -- Kansas City physician. With the general practice and is is a no brainer. Who won because you -- -- Tonya acting too because as he sets him you see your patients now it's that more quality time with them the same time capsules. Beat the San tell us about the process through the accelerator I mean we're in our third month now work on your pitch. What is that they like -- what does that what does the -- has -- like. It's been intense and it's it's no joke I think -- accelerator for a reason. We are moving in a million miles a minute but it's it's an awesome I mean we have resources dedicated to just help us with our. Design of our tax to help us how we present it if coaches coming in telling us at a pace stage and how to interact with people and what -- NCA. It's just it's really amazing I mean they've given us all the tools we need. So really empower us that not only get to the three month process let's really grow our business. And that's one thing they just can't get you know in this short a span of time and on one place. And so we're really grateful for tech stars and sprint for doing it and now the other great thing that you can't put a price tag on other relationships that were building. Not only in the community both the other nine company is again it's amazing were like family we're together almost 24 hours a day seven days we -- So it's a little weird I actually flew back to Atlanta like last week I found myself like on -- on the messaging people and actually miss these people and I was like that's really weird. I -- my wife and kids and Mike texting these dudes from exile. It was kind of awkward I had to put the phone now and then take a reality. That is a funny thing is our relations Cindy you know -- we focus on the doctor element that also to. That -- element so you know we might have people listening here and Samir the markets to. What does it cost to get involved -- this program if your consumer so we have two models available from a pricing perspective. And what we've really tried to do as we've tried to break the bounds of what it's -- some health care. Which is really Iran like Fuzzy pricing we've made it very transparent. We make it available to upfront we say it's gonna cost -- 199 dollars for a doctor's visit. But the doctor to come to -- under two hours. Or you can opt in for a monthly membership which cost you between 29 and 49 dollars a month. That gets you access to seeing a doctor for free multiple times a year 24 hours a day no questions asked. So we're really trying to make it simple we don't want people to have that now have a PC to figure out what they're gonna payers -- be stuck with some sort of bill shock after they get it. I'm and we found that really eases a lot of people's minds when they come into it and they want this awesome experience. So true because you really don't know with health care what you you know you pay your coach today that mean you have no idea that your insurance can cover what does it cost if you do anything. It's very very transparent. When I mean we've heard of concierge care before mean and it's a degree -- -- -- -- and I am I talked to talk to me about your your house from -- SO this -- the concierge care like you said it's. It's got this misnomer of being really really expensive. And what we're doings that we're making it really affordable and what concierge really -- at the end of the day it's having access to high quality health care. Having it when you need it and actually being able to build relationships. And that's really what we're doing it and we're just doing it upscale and we're doing it at a low price point. So the same things that ease the cost you 5101000 dollars a year we can now make it available to between nine bucks a month. And that's really magical experience -- having access to great health care whenever you need it. And it's something that people really just haven't been aware of until now. Thanks to technology were actually able to make it accessible to everybody -- what it's really at peace of mind to. It's really have peace of mind it's also about how Miami's -- of four. My name is interest -- you know Miami's or does he need placement Florida's team plays adjacent you know I had this conversation the -- -- telling you about it at some at such a transient place in the community super diverse and that's what we love about it. As a knows a great market for us the pilot and we learned so much about who aren't -- -- target consumers are who they're not. What kinds of things that I to use that far. And it's it's just been real uninteresting so we're not taking those learnings organist -- other cities that the big thing from -- in the fact that you know. We've we've reaffirmed our cells that people are sick all the time. I'm and it doesn't matter who you are where you come from her you know what you do but people are sick and people are willing to pay for good quality health care. And being able to deliver that has been really interest in frosts and kind of learning what what people really want out of it. People consistently tell us the reason we use medic house is because we know that you're going to be there it's convenient you come to us and under two hours guaranteed. And that's really the big thing. And also to for all of our older listeners out there that maybe don't use their phones as much for technology can also call or go online and scheduled visit to. Analysts that you are so that's right you can you can use your phone. Your home phone or whatever column and you can connect -- these people right. Absolutely we have 800 number where available 24 hours a day in click a button on our website or download our mobile -- were available at meta cast dot com. And not check this out without any feedback from any of your listeners now the very entrepreneurial community out there we are always open to feedback and learning -- -- can do things better. You're great with side with my -- a couple minutes last so besides from beating me and ping pong Aaron Downey is there anything about Kansas City that you really feel strongly about the -- Come to find no -- here. Is that really cliche if I say like the food I think I thought let's let's go a little bit I don't know we where we are -- -- let's dig deeper on the other part he's been awesome but. It's really -- this is such a interest in comic there's -- art. People are really friendly -- come from the south with -- talk about southern hospitality and that's true but people here just genuinely from. And there's a lot of Smart people who are really motivated and driven so. That's been awesome it's it's been a great experience and again. Well -- you know we really appreciate coming to Kansas City and know that. In your brother doing in your other co-founder doing great things with many Kasten. By the -- major waking a city. -- congrats on everything going on -- the F thinks a lot so. Hoping and do this again soon and Eric will have a rematch and and Jason I'm gonna have to talk -- and Sox coming up here since it'll -- -- can do on that front I got it right outside the assassinate someone I don't know it's it's it's a growing sort of like many gas he -- that you guys are more established. We're not we're not in three or four cities yet that now. Around -- where we're getting international orders now to communicate and certainly some socks and although -- -- and that Atlanta -- yeah there's a lot of guys incidentally it is that they got a much thanks for having me -- I appreciate it at the on the shelf -- -- state team with many passes it down the road and ask him. -- think circle on a Daily Kos agreed damages an honor to bring these guys on very very cool regrets on your success thanks. -- soliciting young senator Casey show we'll see you next week have a good looks and check this out team.