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Life As You Own It 5.8.14 Segment 3

May 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it's. -- Aren't our backlog until the final segment thanks for hanging out with a syndicate one Craig did not like little rusty and maybe it's we've got I don't know -- we're focused on get the love and attention to the deserving mothers out there and teachers in the end it teach you -- -- -- on do we believe the children's future right you have no male -- wealth and we are the world if we are the children. I'm so folks remember you can check out the show you can get it podcasting go to like you own a dot com and you can listening need -- shows you can also follow us on social media. On Twitter FaceBook YouTube YouTube is a great place because you actually get seas Nvidia and I'm looking at you right now I'm looking at the camera. I won't do a better job of looking you in the islands being listeners OK adjusted right there cameras right that's right yeah arms so up please join his get some feedback let us know what you think let us know what you need as a cover for you wanna show. -- that is soon coming in. We've got some new markets and I'm -- we're going to be announcing very quickly -- -- the -- Like -- your backyard can blast the radio Alia. Lot of the some of the states it's it's kind of sad some of the state there's a a lot of people want to move and let's. Let's talk about that list. Where around the people were kind of ready get the heck out of dodge number one you know and one on the -- 50% of the people in Illinois why -- one into leave Illinois. 49%. In Connecticut 47 and Maryland's Nevada. Rhode Island New Jersey New York Massachusetts Louisiana. And Mississippi. On those were -- those of the ten that from the low of 39% up to 50% in Illinois. Wanted to get out of their state nasty back -- candidly. I've I went to school in Illinois. And I've spent a lot of time in Chicago went I can't speak to exactly what -- Economic factors that are driving people want to move but that is usually that if you look on this list many of these series were hard hit in real estate. And also on a up a component ending -- in real estate was also the economically they were having struggles that compound that pain that people are feeling so. People need to have jobs we need you'll have enough money to be left feed their families in and make their mortgage payments and so. Folks were optimistic we think the that the tide has turned consistently on employment is continuing to. Compress down lower and you know we think real estate as long as it's considered a long term investment will continue to be a good long term investment. When you compare it to the other option which is renting. -- -- what else is next my friend you have got that tough little funky stuff going on here this foreclosure. Hard to believe folks but we wanted to report -- little tidbit here this uninteresting and another breaking records for the least amount of money. Delinquent which led to a foreclosure but. We have report here -- for closure for six dollars and thirty cents worth of past due taxes. So apparently. A person didn't fully pay your property taxes in the city that the person lives and was for close to -- a foreclosed on her. So she must have not obviously rounded up or she -- -- check down or did something where she didn't cover the whole amount of her property taxes do. Real estate taxes how in the world six dollars and thirty cents was left over which led to foreclosure I do not know -- a hard time with this one because guess what you get some notices. You have to notify you by mail put a little. Sign on the front door something saying hey you're about to give foreclosed on but. Anyway six dollars and thirty cents folks could be -- new record for losing it should be in your -- That's crazy it is insane -- -- what's the legal action what's in the agenda for this week was the last bit of advice you'd like to give our listeners that are potentially out looking for a new home or. Maybe they're you know thinking of selling their mama anything you give them and it's. Be some savvy advice than -- for this coming week. The advice that I would give a -- right now I'm seeing all the time is that people are rushing out when -- pre approved on their home to purchase a home warming either chicken refinancing. They're not being asked a lot of questions and I don't think financial questions optometrists for qualifications -- what we're learning more -- more. Is that a lot of people get partially into the process and they get the heart breaking news that their -- getting turned down. All based on information should have been uncovered in the first place folks on the plant the seed deep into the. Your brain lit it live there go deep brother you want to always do you're gonna want. Dean asking questions UNL hall and if there if he is if it's a five minute pre approval process something's wrong you don't always -- -- easy folks have a dig in deep and figure out all the facts about your particular case. Whether it before they take with you qualified to do something or not you think -- -- he's he's going into a car dealership. Looking at a car -- its -- in in the car it's not like this a big -- guys think about it all right folks another installment of live -- We'll be enjoyed as much as we did check this out next week -- and as day.

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