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KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>Life As You Own It 5.8.14 Segment 1

Life As You Own It 5.8.14 Segment 1

May 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Life as you -- it with mark McDougal and Craig Miller. Remember you got questions we've got answers you may not take it and educate yourself up the single worst investment and opportunity you have. That investment in the roof of your head in real estate we talked about your home financing making investments real estate we keep -- -- you know it's just good old fashion. Yeah. All right it is like as you noted I'm mark McDougal he is. Craig -- is to denounce me. That's not right famous that he's Craig Miller I am a mark McDougal and this is another installment of life -- and thanks for hanging out hanging out -- is on your weekend. We're now almost forty stations strong you can also catch is that you can podcast surely go to I heart radio what. And what's her other venue you can catches. Tune in radio also folks I. Her radio tune in radio podcasts that show and you know check out our website like -- you own it dot com because were all about. Everything falls under the roof over your head best -- practice how to get the best deal on your house how to make sure it's covered and protected. That and so much more and today is it's a special show resident Craig why it's like what's this weekend it's a Mother's Day it'll that's right. Man being a full month last week. Wanna give us not -- as it. The music continue to play but I want to governments give all my love to all the moms out there at that time. Make it possible for those those those sons and daughters to us. Just -- about and ideally. You know kind of specialized gift of life he gave us although -- great mother's great job all of you other mothers. Straight to a person had a straight no open flat writes I'm so happy Mother's Day to all of his special. I'm gonna give a special all my love out to my mom Maryland McDoogle. And also my wife the mother of our children -- -- so. Very best of them so that means we've got a high bar for today's show La all the moms listening -- expecting the very best out of this okay so about regrets. I've got a view. And -- Q Craig -- and he regrets they get a couple pockets full. As they say hindsight is when he when he heard your case it's what happens when he 1552 -- 10% ten and nine points five times. Kind of like you I'm. Democratic biggest purchase most fearsome in the post common regrets homebuyers have. The morning after or maybe the days and months after also lot. So we all know we prefer the new car smell to elect a new car smell Craig depends on the brand -- automobile yeah there's a few their special respirator yeah well what what brands know better and others. -- W snow amazing in a German make has a better new car -- and done other Aaliyah. They use higher quality materials personals in testing went off what are -- mature other than leather what are the materials that the weather in the -- These -- that they use it in the in the -- -- the carpet like less as a real great -- well it's just that they use a higher quality materially ill creates this. Amazing aroma that is hard to beat in fact I -- in a Porsche -- Even eight or nine years old not year. 42 year old and order is but. And mail still smell amazing insight analyst somebody's been that -- German shepherd sleep did not -- enough tiger go another direction -- I felt I was ready to -- I don't -- -- out there we know we like the new car smell but what about the new homes now. That's against an -- team in the numbers very materials that are the numbers her and find out if more have you liked. New and shiny or broken in and full of Carriker. I'll take Indonesia I'm sure you will -- shiny yeah our -- here ready to sell and obviously you know we all want to sell for top dollar but what. What if you over -- sure Obama. It could end up costing you weigh more than you ever hoped to gain some stay tuned for that segment and now. If you live in one of these states in your thinking it's time to move us. You're probably not unknown though we've got results from a recent survey and you'd be surprised at how many want to leave their state of despair. I I sometimes I just impressed myself but yeah -- -- that you do it I I hurt my shoulder pat myself on the back. The gators and -- also folks this week it's a special week isn't it. It's teacher appreciation week my parents both educators my brother my sister both teachers. And so I I've got a lot of that really close to my heart. And -- house it was also was impacted by some fantastic teachers so. And here's do you and we got a clip we're gonna play it's up portion of a -- talk correct. On that that we think is compliments how many give eight awesome teacher credit for sending this to me. Theory -- percent mean is she easy reading specialists and we summit there's an awesome job she's very. Passionate about the work she does. In her students have been greatly impact for a long time I think sixteen years or so so anyway let's hear it. People think that you any that have continue to build a relationship -- you know. I think Stephen Covey had a right idea he said you ought to just throwing it in simple things. Like speaking -- -- to stand as opposed to being understood. Simple things like apologize. Telling kids just are against rock. Taught a lesson wants on ratios I'm not real good equipment but out of work in on it. And I've got back and looked at that teacher edition I talked the whole lesson wrong. So I came to class the next day and I said look dad. I need to apologize I talked a whole lesson -- I'm -- -- -- that's okay ms. spears and you was so excited we just let you go. Let's read it Pearson says she's obviously had experienced educator. Passion about what she does that hole. We put a link to that on our website -- listen to the whole thing it's enough for restraint we talked about that folks if you not to not just checked out at a Ted talk fantastic fantastic information we encourage all of you to do it. I'm a myriad of subjects everything from technology current events. Everything it an in this and an an educator -- and so that's a little -- got a little taste of it but don't open the link it to Amman. Like if you -- dot com and hey folks he got questions and comments you've got concerns. Where her frequent are they seven days a week call is 8773001536. At 877. 300. 1536. Give us a call 24 hours a day seven days a week we're standing by we want feedback point questions. We -- Right this music means it is. Time should he stay or should go wah Bobby and Lawrence Kansas email. I own my home free and clear I have a financial situation that has risen and need to get my hands on about a 100000 dollars. I don't wanna take out I don't what -- they got a mortgage but I don't know any other way to get the money. And -- better off with a line of credit or second mortgage or would it be best for me to get a regular first mortgage. Thanks for the great show thanks Bobby for the question Craig should he stay or should get. I think -- she I'm just -- and by spelling and -- could be wrong I don't know and Tracy can Tracy would apply probably a mother I don't know which got the hundred grand hopefully works -- so mothers are always out there trying to -- hundred grand yes a lot of money first of -- it's going to be go obviously meaning get the mortgage but the question answers specifically second mortgage -- -- creditor -- -- -- first mortgage at a 100000 dollar amount. I'm gonna tell you that you're gonna wanna going to primary mortgage there's no such thing as a second mortgage if you don't already have a first mortgage so. Eating -- take gavel theoretically be your first mortgage -- however by taking a line of credit. Although it may allow some flexibility in the repayment or even drawing up more money if you need it it's an option checked into its gonna have an adjustable rate. If you're looking at most financially stable way to repay this loan -- unexpectedly. Sounds like planning on that. Are on the money weren't planning on borrow this money I would suggest a fixed rate. Long term first mortgage. The future budget talk to certified mortgage -- make sure they understand that whole situation you're dealing with and then what your future plans are financially incentive mortgage plan. Don't just go get some alone is a quick solution in the -- money. All right Aaron good ones that should just issued you'll remember folks if you've got a scenario you've got questioned you are learning to get some some great advice on it. Email -- to his questions like -- you on a dot com. And it may be selected for our should you stay or should you -- segment but in either case he will get a response from us. -- Craig you know what I'd just this last week I had a the occasion to drive down to Augusta Kansas shout out my friends at a gust of middle school special thanks to my good. Longtime friend. Principal Steve Lillian Augusta middle school who invited me -- to come down for a reality view with. And I spoke to over a 150. Eighth grade students some very bright kids on some some great conversation and hopefully. Just hopefully that my time spent with them was his impact on them as it was to me so again shout out to KQ I am 1480 Wichita. Are right when we come back Craig is gonna share with you aware interest rates are today and we are down our -- he's giving you the lowdown on the download on the on the down -- no doubt also we know you've got regrets of something new regrettable we're gonna talk about the biggest purchase you made maybe made your first on your second home. British air some comments regrets that our listeners out and -- ready to sell you want top dollar and what if you overpriced your home fat and so much what we come back stay -- All right we're back like he's -- thanks for hanging out with -- we hope you're having a fantastic weekend and again. Teacher appreciation week thanks for all of those teachers it just finished and all the lefty and all the -- do. For all that you do and Mother's Day it's Mother's Day weekend. We love you moms and Craig. Speaking to mothers you're up buddy it's the the where those interest rates are aware of their headed to us down what do you think. Are at and we need to -- Father's Day we can talk about. All right so rates. The stock -- -- national lab. Chokes every week you can count on us to bring you the national average on interest rates where they were the prior week where they were that just past weeks past behind us. And that we're gonna share with you maybe a little bit about where we think they're -- always hard to predict exactly although I think and I can give you. My opinion and it will be somewhat accurate looking at where we were over the past week. Thirty year fixed rate based on the 200000 dollar national average of 20% equity in perfect credit keep remind us what these are always based on the take these averages are looking at a fairly ideal scenario purchaser refinance. Well enough equity somebody with -- excellent credit obviously your credit score in -- much down and home different loan programs have different. General rates also we always -- fees. There's a lot of them out there yet avoid this series high fees at some lenders imposed on their borrowers so. Don't pay too much and closing costs maybe don't play any closing costs at all. Compare easier O'Costa true no cost mortgage where the -- -- expenses. Maybe take a slightly Harry to get that. Vs one where there's a little bit lower rate -- but a bunch of fees yet did the math -- do that math or maybe you don't know and you can visit the website find out. Life -- you go to dot com check out my breakeven formula that I personally put together to make it nice and easy -- you know how to do that formula yourself. In figure it out make the right decision. All right so a thirty year fixed rates folks over the past week four point 34%. -- the four point 30. We saw over the last week's average prior so. Slight bump not anything that would probably factory be quoted fifteen year fixed 3.3 four vs 3.3 six again very flat on fifteen year fixed rates. Five your arms three quarter 3.2 five vs 3.2 seven. And FHA four point 0630. FHA should say four point 06 vs four point 06 no change. Well folks -- means rates have been pretty flat now for two or three weeks we expect him to maintain. Kind of -- a flat. Pattern for another week or -- my recommendation if you get a short term transaction. Something -- can take place in the next several days to several weeks he probably wanna get locked in. If you're a ways out it's possible we might see little bit lower rates later in the summer early fall depending on what you're scenario is. Keep in mind it's all going to be market dependent depending on what the Fed doesn't depending what the stock market as we can't predict these things -- we can look at the patterns. As always though regardless if -- transit action makes mathematical sense that saves you money. Special we're -- -- Phineas jump on it. But make sure you have done that -- not just make sense to your payments going down or campaign office and that was my home equity take a hard look at what you're dealing. Comparison shop and by all means. Try to speak to a certified mortgage planning you know what -- she can do. You talk to me. No matter where you're at the United States America all fifty states he he wants an advisory council is gonna tell you the facts. Straight up you can always call me Craig Miller. Any time that's not gonna call you Craig Millar comic regulate how Michael anybody else I may not answer to your brother. Brother I answered that all the all right. All right folks so as we told you there's -- some of you've made this big purchase and then you've woken up the next dame go oh my gosh what that -- -- would. Well a a recent survey by chase some good information about and it strikes pretty close to home for -- like usual blisters and I know Craig and I -- particular bit. Nine out of ten buyers felt prepared when they bought their home. But after the fact. Well more than half 56%. Wish they had known more about the financial process. Involved in buying a home the lower closing process was at the top of the should have known more list. 22% followed by making an offer and. Go shooting 19%. And financing. 15%. Interestingly enough. These are some of the things that we cover on this very show you know once they are the inspiration for this very show and I may say that the payment chase you -- -- -- I'm going to say. Interestingly enough this is -- survey it is and I would be willing to bet again I don't you know that trended. The same anyone's character here but -- typical chase on also that you might cause probably election. In the information department as far as it's explained financial things to -- it's probably is going to be hey here's your basic here's your rate there yeah. You need to speak to someone who cares about setting up a mortgage plan for you and really look at your whole financial picture -- in the fine print it says they did not interview any of their clients understood exactly but nearly four -- -- -- just chase under the bus because I think all of you experiences. Yeah is at fault. Too far -- I -- -- -- -- generally they are in general -- national banks and it will I was aren't they have -- you know yet either alone in his grave right now from but nearly four in 1039%. Said that knowing what they know now they would have bought a different size or different priced home. Perhaps even in a different neighborhood. Most recent homebuyers were surprised by how long the purchase process to up to 40% said it took longer than expected. More than 13. Set owning a home cost more than expected. And more and while more than 80% of buyers consider their home move and ready nearly as many 76%. Now admit they've done. Or are planning to do renovations to their homes soon folks this. It is our. Show this is what mortgage planning does this is what speaking to a trusted advisor will help you minimize. The chance that you feel the same way because these very subjects. Are the things that we tell you each and every week and you must. Pin it down by working with the best realistic professional. And more importantly initially before you decide to -- -- working with the best financial professional they can provide you candid straightforward advice. Based upon them asking you a lot of questions about your financial situation and your goals. And dreams. Are right. When we come back oh -- we're taking a little break here to do some should he stay or should you go actions right and when we come. Come back from that we've got to Trulia. -- -- I think that's -- do they really think we get a Trulia Trulia yet you're vehicle Aaliyah. I guess -- -- -- just -- they're -- fire they're should you go folks brought in Chicago called the toll free line asking the following. Hi guys I've been looking to refinance on my Condo. At a rate of five and a quarter percent and a balance of 2151000. I think it's worth about 275 to 300000. The fees and seeing run about 3004000. For the refi and I've been quoted court reporter four and a half on rate -- information folks. These fees seem high. Should -- bother to refinance. Should he stay or should go it was all -- good strength he wanted to go go go. But not that what he shared with us he's been quoted he needs to cut back on those fees take a hard look at the ratings being quoted. You don't have to necessarily save a full point like some people think. In order make to make its make for it to make sense -- should -- stumbled around here a bit today mark both of us are any live -- the bottom line is. Look at the fees and cost if you dropped to a fourth recorder -- four point 65%. Like that without any fees or costs boom jump on that a no brainer. Yet if you're gonna be for a half for more -- -- -- May not make -- it's all about the -- check -- -- -- -- like -- said earlier. Look at the breakeven form -- -- he should go he can refinance and save money all right sounds good okay folks so loud. Continuing on in the the vein of sovereign. Brett sendoff for homebuyers and other regrets included a truly a survey. More than 34 more than 13 34% of homeowners with a regrets responding to a march 2013 poll said they wished they had chosen a larger home. Insisting that kind of conflicts with. That neck and -- -- with chases well now actually changes this guy is yeah has difference -- -- point difference size so I guess that was larger also may be right in line. Of other regrets included I wish -- done more remodeling on the home and I did. Twenty some percent very similar to the chase survey wish I had more information about the homeless right decided 22% wish I'd made a larger down payment. I wish I'd been more financially secure before buying 16%. And I wish I -- -- home with a shorter commute to work 15% so uninteresting regrets folks HTC most of them. Our are kind of surrounds the the concept of being more educated before you jump into this big purchase especially on the financial side of things. And decided to identifies what will meet your family's needs size of home etc. -- -- Read that stuff is stuff ready okay before we take next break we're trying to squeeze in a little more information right. Absolutely okay so -- love it let's start. We've we've talked about that the new car smell. Vs the new home smell. You told us your feeling on German make cars on the stars and some Japanese -- -- better than what what did you Holmes no do you like Craig. I like lavender and zone not the smell of woods it. I early and milled woods -- -- -- hey folks when we come back from the break British cellular into the numbers how many of you would rather have a new homes smell verses that. It's Holmes now with little Medicare provides job.