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Express Employment Hour 5.2.14 Segment 4

May 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back with the express employment hour how great it was Andrew clearly he had to speed up I think yet -- deliver baby yourself. Something like that yeah he's great guy I first decide where to put my business because my territories goes from union owned part perhaps then leavenworth. I actually went to chambers the first -- and met Andrew and he introduced himself came back on. And he won't work to -- want to guide shows how what the -- plans were for shock me and I really realized that he is a person I wanted to be in my corner. Enjoying as any investor -- day -- she gets on me and they got a lot of great things going obviously a lot of them are very confidential. You know what they are button when he can. Army is -- so cry and you need those people and we are our. Communities arrived on these people but no everybody and and serve as as in producers and connectors and and mavens like justice you know that -- report. -- he really is somebody that you can just tell -- passionate about his community about the businesses in his community and then how that all. You know trickles down from there. So Smart and as funny man that's in council reference I can just see him being like in sixth grade like both. Let Tony talked with the green initiative that TT global has its its great companies not only are doing their day today. And doing it well but also. Realizing that bigger picture. I mean Greg is pregnant so we'll serve up. I think a lot of companies do I have several companies there are you know when things on their orientation they talked about how they're went to being. You know responsible for the environment and they're doing a lot more recycling before in the old -- you know. This year going to landfills now they actually take the time in which takes time under the production schedule but they separate out those -- that the can be recycled. Yes yeah that's very very close okay so you can the it. First though let's talk about the shiny office to comment so everybody has come -- level yet we have you here behind my building -- when they come your office to interview for all we have left office. Ordinary Jennifer she's very pleasant she's the when he agreed she's she's the first you know people CG. He's very friendly and outgoing and you know we always just feel like I'm kind of job are you looking for inning because people walk and money a job all -- nice job there's. If her skill -- different levels. Com. That's that then we have a Staten solve the back amounts are also -- in my daughter on Mott. She joined our team because any baby and she didn't wanna go back and manufacturing business has. With a mean. Production dot sometimes you work six days a week when in the -- I personally know my my my grand. On office majesty stuffing with over eight years experience with expressed. We're fortunate enough to get her from on the western part of the state that Manhattan people those purple people. All day and day out because you're there we were in the midst of March Madness that's right. She and her husband wanted to relocating -- -- can't say I was force investigator in my office she's a great asset she primary is our system better than anybody in the Kensington market. Cars they computer goes then. You know with the technical fired -- which makes my job easier. Her six and now UVE virtually listeners that the team -- to go to the -- opposite -- -- some planet professionals are obviously go to expressed prozac comic find out. Where the phone number how to apply online if you are a business owner and you're looking for the hassle stabbing taking -- as Mary -- appearance money area. Give him a shout now cut jobs what kind of stuff going -- this going on this week. Oh we have an assistant plant managers can pay about 65000 dollar A year firm. That automotive manufacturer. The right hand the plant manager. People with any kind of skill set that the automotive robotics welding meantime and that won't ever about person Ross looking for -- -- controls. For a field organization he makes them Brandon. I don't maintenance -- maybe -- extreme -- -- automotive industry the robotics. The CDL drivers mention that -- and I -- nine drivers I have to say all you people may be looking for job or. -- going over there you got a great personality. Can -- him every night all days. Think about that eleven just in a great person on because you are at that point the front. Base of that company and that's everybody I mean that your client say excuse like OK I need this this guy but they also have to -- -- -- -- that with a client whatever it is. So the great great point so at that if you're listening and that she made contact the China office. And I need to be able mistress announced a client they are and they start my -- and saw how great is that it's and that's one -- analyst art out of a job get a guy I was looking had been. -- for promotions that he was looking for a great opting came and -- is sealed. A driver last week he mandated area if our office we do the background checks on them. There's obviously that's important is he going into people's doesn't foods yes. And they are -- them on the spot. Well that's the best part and you know it's a -- and so that's a little gift it -- and that's a little gift to me. Since I like hearing that these people turnaround yet come in their place and it doesn't always work like that we that we know that sometimes it's it's a longer. Process to get somebody placed and fitted into the right position but this person is going to be gainfully employed starting Monday and -- to let. You said this coming out is -- -- -- and they'll go on their payroll and that was higher he -- Larry eight they're not have to wait long time for benefits I mean if you got the skill set. You truly looking for a career I mean I think expressed no matter whether it's my office or any other off the we strive my motto is we find good jobs are good people we take a headache out of -- Perfect and outlasted that -- about the skill set because not everybody has marketable skills. And what what can we do what would you say to them may be greener person on how to get those because if somebody doesn't have an outbreak now is gonna get them right so what we did. -- -- -- -- question because I think what do you ever talked about the manufacturing. There's always jobs we can started -- entry level position. You know we can learn those skills that's whether -- forklift driving weather's just pick and pack or whatever. Put them number one thing as -- he wanted to go to work yet to show up on time. -- and be there and that seems to be a challenge for people to be able to get to work on time every day. I have more people get dismissed because of tardiness. -- -- -- now in and it's like you know so we tried Q we have either and we -- Thought about that how important is to show up every day because have you. Sometimes what we do with our employment agencies as the try before you buy it. They know Gary you you just like you decide when you wanna stay with that company percent say no I have to the first my days if you're gonna call and for whatever reason. I Dodge -- ran out of her my kid's sick that's all great but are those things to keep you from keep going keep your jobs most likely not an. And you and I both know so many people couple great examples thirteen FT global brands or through -- automotive who cares -- was a guest on a few weeks ago. -- into the Riverside area people that started in that very very entry level position making you know what Everett was. And just her keeping on showing up now they're here another here another here they have grown their career so where is there in the big box now. And it's just that good old fashion work ethic it didn't it didn't have to be who you know or what degree you have especially. Right here in some of these industries that we're speaking. I'd say that a prosecutor -- the manufacturing people where -- -- most and start in the warehouse there's a forklift driver and they worked their way up. Yeah you people just have to be able to pay their duty is you know I mean they can't just do it overnight -- people. Did that for ten years just like them before them. He's given -- management positions at yes thank you are cheating get there if they weren't on time in joint effort and -- -- bestseller forward. Exactly that's -- I think that's a great girl -- thank you for sharing for the potential job seeker out there. Buying retirement that you and I both on staffing agencies and we found I found this article online. About what clients look for when hiring and staffing indices -- going to be under a little you know -- -- nearly getting Newlywed Game with ourselves -- -- -- so this is you know show prospects your -- anyone can Google for candidates to win new business agencies. Must show that they will go deeper than the competition to the client. The field at the right candidates okay rate yourself you do that beat these guys to cancel -- different special thanks same. Yeah it we do things a lot different you know everybody pulls from the same pool walls all staffing has. What you do if those didn't fit because third shifts with cars not tense the associates which you deal with them and we did a pretty screen first offense showed for the interview on time yet. Beneficial for him given the -- funnel effect where they drop out every time they do something I think a lot only the best of the best drop -- -- -- or the ones we're going to place in this permanent jobs. And that really is the express -- -- been in business 31 years corporate out of Oklahoma City but privately own and operate in a different office that that really is being expressed model. Of how to. Delivers something better than perhaps agencies on the street. Now the second -- make transparent how you earn every penny of your -- because shirt we are not final -- C threes were out there trying to make a day and a -- just like everybody else. But I love this because at the end of the day everybody -- -- how much does it cost and what do I get bored you want great value does this premise shows up and you know the shirt on an Abaya or a Margarita we're gonna have later right exactly yeah -- -- that you have perfect. And did an excellent takedown orders meticulously. Want our number one parting of the day I'm sure thing is yours this job orders -- have to be filled with urgency. So when that client calls then they take top party overall interviews all phone calls obviously -- Opt into the phone and do our job before anybody gets on a candidate as job borders are filled. Now the reason why that is is because all express officer and by people like you mean. You know we're not a -- person with somebody he's getting paid a shower me and just a region on they don't care -- they were your job or is that Phil I think all the owners. And I am speaking for every one they all have a vested interest we take. Ownership and what we do and how we work with our clients so -- -- asking what different she's aching from the competition be. Yeah well and I know some about you ladies you are trying to fill job order at 1130. Last Friday 98 I think it was something -- -- and you are an owner you're in a big business lady here and you're like if it's going to get done. To my dying day itself. -- there I had I had -- personally I know I know yeah I know that you MI 5:30 this morning yeah I mean it's 10. It's funny because -- on days that this is my first year as an express -- -- in days and it's like -- the Wednesday different Thanksgiving in our Atlanta before. For the -- it's a -- -- the days that you think is seemingly going to be. A nondescript very light day staffing agencies is completely opposite has no shot at -- that that is our busiest days we are in at the frying pan. -- correct absolutely hysterical. So the difference you can make with candidates and that's the other thing we try to get -- our associates we we do we talked justices I mean you -- Brian and I guess that goes back to you may insure only the best drop on the final cause not everybody comes and offices someone you can play stimulus be honest. I mean we're looking firm not just bodies that people to fulfill the needs of our clients and I think that if you talking in my AM. I tell they will tell you that they -- staffing company work as hard as I did I was more focused in moment with more dedicated in my team and myself. And at that at exactly and then last -- a deep understanding at every industry use or that's the most fun part. Is going out there and seeing all the things that are happening to make all the content of this big business will turn. And did you see how they make the special. Barbecue thing it ultra source who was are just last week. Are how -- they do it -- economic development council talking business to business -- You know that if you really you have to go out there and see it and doing and in so you can convey to the associate what that -- -- look like a lot with irresponsibly. Exactly I did I love a good factory -- -- ask right well it's the coolest factor either. The coolest factory is they -- robbed -- their robotic welders and they make the harnesses for this Chevy Malibu is which is kind of interest scene because they are second or third tier. Baking dish on him about two years ago. Lisa ever buyout of welders are the robots are the welders robots greens they say is I'm robotic boulders the demons the wall -- the somewhere and it needs adding many people. He does robot okay seminar I mean that's. Private course I think is if you look at you know you think of harness that goes on any kind of car out. They're making for the show any malice which is produced I had GM. And it's pretty make you see all these different places you see people on waffle on -- I think that's ironic both eyes of course GM. You know when that get their boned cars you have I think. Lot of people. And experience that someplace in her life but. It was pretty cool to see from the start to beginning to -- that kind of a -- having dinner -- -- can't let and they Walt Whitman have taken back out and it should advantage him. My particular out of my office staffs for the Harley-Davidson in manufacturing facility up north. And don't you can eat breakfast off the floors up there there at their their attention to safety. And their attention to. Meticulous processes and all the things that that go on out there is so awesome -- make she has -- -- even if you're not a bike for sound I don't know if I can even edit the bicycle but I'm going to get a -- Monday. And -- gonna bleed orange and black because -- is identical plays so. Take care labor content into shout thank you so I don't think you don't I was -- a great guest awesome guys -- -- hander aren't well. That's we always always and tell everybody again where they can reach our office if they're interested in getting staffing solutions are getting -- job. Well we're expressing climbers 6431. Quote -- right here shy Kansas just west on -- ocean parkway -- was the advise our mission Ford in the strips -- look for. To -- the end McDonald's annual finest. Can't not find the because into picked for that one of the best places to open now the office right center and everything and that's when an economic development person does. I'm just make -- the hosted the express employment our thanks for being with us today happy cinco -- -- It's too late to give me a birthday gift it's only 2 o'clock so if anybody wants to give me that song he had he scenes on he's clearly it's it's. Is he across with a donkey are silent pet donkeys of anybody wants to so get me that donkey they can't. Thanks so much for being with us special shout out to our producer Ron Moore who's behind the buttons tirelessly working forests every single week. -- go read my blog but not so soccer mom dot com by the way I need your votes it talks about it right there on the homepage so. Thanks again happy cinco de mile and -- company and -- I mean. Everybody go -- dividend begun and have a great week.