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Express Employment Hour 5.2.14 Segment 2

May 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the express employment our hope you're having a great is a beautiful day gorgeous out today. And sunny finally thank you my gosh that weather last week we in studio with me fairly immense talent and your name. What about that weather last week Andrew I mean was that not just downright depressing. Well I mean I think it was -- typical Kansas that there was. Beautiful one man then you know forty degree temperature dropped the next which just you know those of us around or get used to beyond a point frustrating where you're from Pittsburg Kansas. I he had grew up here video into this first -- university Ellis I was down there and now was them in Maine the most in my life and Missouri Kansas so. Sentiment out and you're unless your whole life yeah the rainbow here and that's right I would consider myself a -- for sure went to high school and now Joplin Missouri. And then went to the states and now Simon guerrilla and the -- both the same. I was disappointed to see that the guerrillas and we -- -- -- the business and amending your -- -- express employment -- a disappointing to see that the guerrilla didn't make it there's this thing online might be USA today not sure but they're doing. Lackey is college -- high school mascot you can go vote for your own -- -- analyst because my parents went to Yuma high school in Yuma Arizona and their mascot is the criminals. And they desperately human criminals and yet I don't territorial prison. Is where the hotel. And they desperately want there's two women I was surprised that the guerrillas didn't make it on that list. You would think -- -- -- is always a running joke going to school there that -- on the nearest you know guerrillas thousands and thousands of miles away from Pittsburgh Kansas met. It was actually if I remember I and I was. You know like every good chamber of commerce person I was on not all the student councils and all the different. Ambassador groups in college and so they taught -- the story and it was basically a fraternity. That came up with their own I call on the gorillas and that was. The turn in the early twentieth century that and it came time to pick a name for the school mascot the they kind of did a grassroots campaign and just as a joke to go to get their name be so mass gonna wanna and then I guess some of the homeland economical source. Every -- -- bits of I mean a bunch of this length and -- guess. Is truly the -- I say yeah I got I had since Saturday is known you and your name you are being ahead of the economic development council for shiny. You are as a currencies before mr. economic development -- -- this is the fourth one that you've been on. Yes it is yes I've been in -- about three years now and economic moment council. Like many around the region and really -- the midwest and on the part of the country a public private partnership so I'm on the chamber of commerce employee health and the chamber of commerce. Mom but I we're very very closely with with the city -- with the staff and elected officials there. -- couple reasons we do that and I'm number 11 and foremost it's private enterprise and a public private partnership. To be able leverage. Public dollars so we're leveraging the expertise and express employment and to be able to I don't know enough about staffing and and then and employment the way that's most folks do -- and on their expertise. -- but then the main the main reason the primary focus is for confidentiality so I ordained in day out. With companies that are making significant investment decisions and obviously it's on those have. Real estate impacts they often have employment impacts than maybe they have notified their employees that there are expanding their clothes in an office maybe they haven't. So it's not uncommon at all for us to sign a nondisclosure agreement every week. Sometimes that and other parts of the country where economic moment is meant perhaps inside city hauler. On props and -- -- government that can be more problematic with the sunshine law so now what we do as we can bring in outside city on anytime there's any. Discussion of or involvement with. -- city governments or public funds then that goes to city on and they they become a part of that process so it's all open and above board. But were able to come help the company's work through the process a little bit at a time until the story when they want to. You know exactly it and I'm glad you're doing it one of the big components of your job is courting new business so. Really what does that look like I -- pharmaceutical reps and according to business they bring -- There that's an agency lady might bring you some candy I mean how how do you first when you find these big businesses that may or may not be looking. Coming to circuit what what what that process look like yeah well I'm -- and I ignore I give the speech at the murder clever and have you I often say that on the sales -- for the community just like. He also selling services or maybe sell enough product out there on my cell community and -- we focus on what we call primary employers those employers that are bringing in new dollars into our economy. Retail businesses are really important for our economy for obvious reasons as well. But it's those newcomers and bring in new employment new dollars that create new wealth in the community so we're targeting. Manufacturers. Service or in an office employers. I'm just a wide variety of industries that trying to bring new wealth from the community and we do not want a variety of ways we work with the real estate community. On there's a boutique group of consultants across the country to specialize. In telling companies where they need to have their next call senator. Where their warehouse needs to be there's about anywhere from 300 to 400 of those folks called site selection consultants. -- we know who all those folks aren't so we call on them across the country okay well well. As I never knew how to read and assists and a lot of people that's gonna first and they've heard that I and in other consulting practice existed a lot of Merck. Are tied to the Big Three accounting firms or written a large real estate firms folks that are helping companies and real estate transactions but done. There's also some just niche businesses out there but there helping companies decide. Where they need to have a plan sunset of chasing the fortune 1000. We chase their consultants. Erratic that it now you guys have done an outstanding job accomplishments are are on the web site. And Italian girl talk a little bit more about that in a second. But when I mean you're doing great -- as an online videos lets you better we wanna expand we wanna do more do you have a certain. Market are certain city you're bit you're like a lot of chatter what level -- has done. Yeah well I think I'm there's a lot of airs and we targets you know kind of our focus is well you know shown he's well known for kind of -- science it's the whole consider region is. For sure but -- -- health's North American headquarters is in -- China mission parkway so that's a -- that -- we do really well with. I'm a big one that's also kind of across the metro right now is the industrial sector. Particularly automotive so we're seeing with GM in the Ford plants with those scaling up I'm in with your other guests talking about. That there's a lot of activity right now with those tier two into three parts suppliers that are looking for sites to be close to those facilities so. I'm but there really any kind of industrials very very hot right now we have a a new spec warehouse filled in -- western -- that. They're discussing tapping into that market so that's that's certainly the area that's all right now. So in those sites election folks come in. Or may be that the person that they report to from said. Takedown efforts saint energies on the great schools parks the shirt you're really did Sean tell in the town. You really do we the moon proverbial dog and pony show but -- dog and -- you have but. I -- so you didn't in my ten years of not being in this industry and it's changed a lot in the sense that now companies are far more sophisticated. And have a lot more information. Quicker than they used to so by the time I actually get a call from a murderer or through some of our partners with the Stater. I regional group they've often done a lot of literate Lotta research on us already and they know a lot of the the data are ready so. -- we we will sell them on first and foremost what I always says at the end of the day there's a lot of differentiators that help companies choose a location. It's still comes down to to a purely dozens workforce by far. Far and away the number one criteria that will get us -- this is sunny and certainly bent down as a region. Will be on the quality of our workforce if you think about an average warehouse or an average call son -- You know the real state is important the tax climate certainly important. On some of those programs and -- tools that can help unmake make differentiate -- one side -- one location over another are important. But those are all usually anywhere from five to 25%. Of the total. On operating costs of a facility as we all know the largest cost driver is is -- -- staff and so. The more that we can convey and show that we in this as Shawnee especially about the -- region. And then a bigger area that we have the quality labor that that companies need we will win in the long run. Do you at the midwest is known for being a good hard work being simple not simple and about wage their bread and butter folk do that act and these consultant says that's still let that that kind of stereotype -- those that event -- work ethic is important certainly more important for some sectors and others because there's a lot of great places and in the country in a lot of you know places -- sell that same kind of mentality of -- work but -- I think what we try to do -- with data and statistics and show. As an example and Johnson Tony. Few years ago we are statistically ranked the third highest county in America. For the percentage of high school graduates and so that's a a lot of places say you know -- and educated population will we try to do -- data and approve it. As opposed to just we know we've all got a golf course. We've all got -- -- you know I'm I'm. High school marching men with pretty. Sons and daughters it's it's really about proving it -- data and numbers that that our region and Clinton in my case Sony is as a great place do business. Awesome I liked the bit. The database statistics vs B I feel I feel is sir let me just say some pretty pictures but let's really break this down. And make it black and -- very scientific or you mister potential business that's answer a potential our businesses come the other facet of what you do as you retain you keep them here anti -- closed their doors -- -- -- -- Little shopping our strip although wonders though what does that look like that's true that's our data that's. A big part of our job -- really don't tell people often we do three things we try to attract new companies. We try to retain and expand the businesses that we have and then we work and Shania pretty heavily on development and trying to get places for them to do just those two things. Combat now just like and every business -- -- always he'd be easier to keep your existing customer and I'm gonna get a new that's the same premise that we have and and business retention and expansion so we're working with them making sure that they have every. Connection that they need in the community every relationship they need at City Hall if they need that. That building to be expanded that building permanent that you signed permit and we have a great approach and Shawnee we have a the only cities in the much -- that has a dedicated staff personal business liaison. He's been a former executive and so he gets that. On the we have a kind of a single point content which makes it very easy for our businesses but you don't know -- the right things working with them on staff and we. One of the questions we always ask when we go into our employers. This how is your hiring knowing we want to know. You having struggle as are certain skill set a certain. Jobs said that you need to and that you're having a hard time finding out thankfully in -- -- and in adults can we don't have that -- much as some of my colleagues -- the country that I here. But some we always -- ask a question. That's great that's great I have to applaud you because NIC says the US chamber of commerce guy was listing council answer that bad to say when I first opened doors my cotton company has like sign up for every Chamberlain visitors at a coffee there's every networking breakfast. Announcement. You know he'd have to drag -- I would not the -- -- that those are some of our most funds friends. Business to business and become colleagues so congratulations I hope you're one of the people that made out of funds. -- well anyway I mean yeah I'm gonna take notre for a -- -- yet no I mean I think you know and when there's a lot of mean there's changes over time and -- in a lot of the chamber has such a chamber of commerce of such a history in our chamber does as well. But I think what people sometimes forget is that you know we have evolved to and so where's that at the essence of what we do is try to connect businesses to businesses and try to grow. Our members businesses we do that and the different way well we certainly still have some of them the coffees and the programs that maybe. Folks remember but we also have a lot of social media we also have a lot of ways that we can actually. Directly connect businesses and opportunities only bring together groups to that effect so it's you know -- not take us some of the older than also I'm trying to play some of the men and. Acting and your name of the Chinese economic development council tell everybody where they can reach into the -- said -- let that -- our website and Sony is www. -- Dash CDC dot com for the economic development council on the -- Shawnee KS chamber dot com. I asked some thank you so much and as you spoke about talking about some of those out a motive companies coming to Kansas City. After a break we're going to be back with Greg -- as a FT global Canadian company that's coming here to support. GM and hopefully an -- you mean speak about the other. And Natalie right back after the break you're with care -- are all injured Amy and Jill Hickey with the express employment hour. And is on Twitter at express radio show as a joke or search on FaceBook express employment hour and we'll be back with more. -- got they margaritas to -- racing but in my house right -- tonight.