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Express Employment Hour 5.2.14 Segment 1

May 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In this. Who worked hard every day. Couple of days for a he's. And there today. And it's. And yeah. Hello and welcome to the express employment hour I'm your host Joan -- thanks for being with me today and thanks to -- -- class as in Santa. For throwing it lowered to me from the business lunch behind the buttons with us this fine Monday afternoon is -- one and only run more -- we love him they -- Iraq. Thank you for being here on car and thanks everybody pertaining to express employment are happy single name I'll. Rasmus and my native land at the -- MIL as Michael Downey does anyone know what that means. Actually my birthday today so have a good time hey -- think you had a good time here in studio. With it too awesome folks to celebrate this mid part of my day Caroline as Iran is back how are you care early. -- -- -- -- step to announce that we do we keep this immigrant did the whole thing in closed captioning radio and I was today. -- perfect perfect clearly tell us what. You do. I am the owner at express employment in Shawnee Kansas we look for good jobs for good people son and we had a really awesome and less time leader in studio together and you had some great pearls of wisdom for that job seeker of -- about. You know let me and I pulled those -- and and you know all that good stuff and we're gonna get a little bit more into that. And I feel this this finds include in my also with us in studio today and her name right hander welcome. Hello I can't I don't know that I'm gonna get my phone on Google translate to a Spanish and I don't get a little finger cash and I can do that. It's. An NN NN. And a well either but and no I mean I mean why is great -- -- you get to be our our featured guest we have to again feature does -- have Greg bond is back from TFT. Today NTT global -- is talking about supporting out of automotive industry. And then Andrew right here who is the he has mr. economic development council I think if you. If you look it up and Merriam Webster's dictionary your picture is next economic development council you have a lot of cool. Well I don't know about that my name has been written on other places -- -- I was like yeah. No I am the executive director of the economic development council and Shawnee and is -- of other places bid -- only three years now so really excited about what's going on there. Shiny voted this number seventeen best place to live a couple of years ago and big pole so that's very -- talk a little bit more in depth with you. And the second segment about. Economic development and what all is going on in in the town Shawnee and that this suburb -- around city suburb west like permanently part we are sitting here and then the Kansas City, Missouri is a suburb of -- so that's right yeah -- -- -- Click on a high. And so sink in my own traditions clearly got ones like did you bring me and rock snow salt Margarita. Yeah Obama how about blue and on the rocks like with blue dog wanna move -- ANC's in the -- -- honestly do you celebrate -- but in my hours. I mean I'll drink to that turn it I you know it's the perfect holiday I want I once wrote a blog called cinco -- for you today for me and it was kind of Wendy's -- blog about how. There's all this hyper awareness you have to have the ribbon and -- at the bracelet and all the stuff and awareness awareness. And I said there needs to v.s include MI -- awareness because it really is the perfect college it is now. Church attending. There's no presents to give or receive it's just about eating and drinking but and I buying it make it a step further. And they're needed to be that indicative including -- like mascot so I came up with repeat the very. And it's pretty -- and debris. It's going to -- is a little duck chicken or beef for early to welcome Peta would be like a little at a little I'm a donkey a little. And and and he is stuffed animal to get a license and then pretty soon every kid in America needs a little computer. And he got a -- momentum. I -- it -- somebody's gonna take it but you know that's that's too bad that sick and a mile. Let the battle of Pueblo as that would is that how it started you'd think an honest taste of Mexico now are. -- -- basic and in my outfit there and make commemorates the victory of Mexican militia over at the French army at the battle of MBI. An 1860 -- primary regional holiday celebrating Mexican state -- Puebla and throughout the state of wedlock. Some limited recognition other parts Mexico and every you know Mexican food restaurant in. All of all of the US right. Absolutely it is that they are next in the restaurant. Like in your in your nook and cranny of the hood. Looking great well there's a lot of good restaurants on the great restaurants all throughout -- I would my favorite Mexican restaurant and all of Kansas City is actually -- and aunts and you know in the downtown. I'll pay I'll never been about 80. I like the woman's right next to me it goes through LAMR Ellis is another -- out there right there -- Same shopping -- we frequent and quite often that exactly we have not been up and I'm from the north and that -- at -- we have Rancho running cantina and -- if I'm not up there an argument Owen acting through airport ninth week it's like hysterical I was. So funny. So during this period of struggle Mexico had accumulated heavy debts. Is several nations including Spain England France so go ahead and incurred a bunch of -- to Spain England France I mean that's oldest one in the -- great. Education and done so than their eager to move forward they realized their -- intent and parents Spansion. Spain and England withdrew their support in Mexico finally stop making any loan payments frank France took. Action on it -- installment only on the -- -- relative -- statement. Nine Austria's -- Mexico ranch invaded the Gulf of Mexico bubble bubble around the state of -- -- this in Mexico -- a therapist and no I have not been to Mexico. And Colorado or Arizona the and San Antonio down and then up does everything couple plays Mexico -- there and kings and eight stop I'm a big and it stopped allowing him and recently. When I was little we lived in Mexico City and at -- variants. -- And I was filming putting us in little light -- And I I still remember it I do it as it's that was a big. You know part of my culture and now of course and Spanish by sort by proxy they're of the un kernel image they they I think it's I don't know and I'd go back. Yes yes and now I've been reading even the neighbors in the south -- -- down in Brazil that just I was reading about the the lack of preparation for the upcoming now Olympic Games which are going to be and and results so and others a lot of struggles all over. All over the world but so -- a country that's got some some struggles and not even ready for the upcoming it's Olympics and Tony sixteen I think. That's there in Rio on the assets just like the story we just heard out of the Russian at the ones and so she. My -- now running on not actually -- -- people are shown up by the time to get stuff together yet LA Donna party better have all the table settings guardian all the things for people to be -- particularly frustrating and at the finalists for that was Chicago and how cool that have been. And food can run well grasping. But he didn't get into deep dish -- vs. What I was usually Brazilian on number I didn't -- -- how -- -- it terrorist era in knowing that I held at a challenging it'll yeah. -- just got that thing which is very oh yeah. Which is Eric and you up by cats are you haven't and -- almost five I remember -- really -- I don't really getting kind of like I remember. We occasionally sneak out to a restaurant and -- real arsenal had this been a business you and taking care -- -- -- -- nine year. That we that we have been a very fortunate and they are that if we keep you busy I I actually got a couple hours sleeplessness of property and now -- the littlest one. -- now -- actually the baby is a year and a half now so and all of our kids have been really good sleepers. Even since they were little six months old they would sleep tonight so. -- -- seven down an early age and kind of went through how this was gonna work and how this was going to be and and and discipline them to mention that now it's it's been we've been very fortunate man and wife has the same and she does a good job of themselves. Hand and is rock star central Carolina coming at you is -- -- and I mean I just at least that's that was enough for me yeah and like while I about to her now we as think of having glory days. No I think we're done you know as much as you know -- the idea of -- new collagen five student loans and three weddings three of ours -- our little girls and this that the mom always. Expected to be a boy so I think I think we're good a minute it. On top of that the minivan we've IMAX on the mainland so what -- right when you run honestly Iran and the seats are kind of -- kind of -- zone -- fifteen passenger cargo -- They had transit -- do -- a they don't -- friends that -- Belgian city I think we're gonna pass on that both. Wow the wow I hear you well I just I have four kids -- two minor girls and -- now so I just got to swing back. To a smaller cars signings have to have that their -- pandemic RC. I don't know. You have four children you -- like you have -- together insane and all smoking -- you know. She's I know yeah. Atlanta area. So no comment by here and yes you played Atlanta back there right. I'm still amazed at five children are born an -- that's what you work so hard at all the business economic development in an apartment building amenities like if I can run the company that is the name family I can I can do well -- -- -- -- It's selfish for Troy you -- nearly -- that sense that. It's not just about the culture mr. Phelan and getting jobs for the community sunny but. I'm really on and it isn't just from a -- on it and I'm working now for years now their -- -- -- -- you -- me up perfectly and are fairly hot jobs what's gonna the -- -- only have a lot of jobs we have some great jobs I mean when that I just acquired just. Just this week as the CDL drivers to build a driver's. Branding companies I mean we'll keep the name under wraps so they don't go apply directly with them. And that's what we get paid to do is find those jobs for people said -- dryers are mr. they hired but they may start Monday morning twenty dollars an hour. Day shift one night -- a weak -- CLA drivers. Fantastic and like you said what we get paid to do as owners of express offices which we are gonna talk a little bit about. High article I saw. About like client what clients look for in hiring and staffing agencies so when you say that. Well we get paid to do there is any reason why people secure your services explain it's not just that we just my -- dumpster people throw money out as there's a great service there. Well you know what we do is we prescreen -- applicants for them I mean you can imagine trying to priors from over the -- Yeah pizza delivery there's a huge difference. And these people aware of remember any business they're going to be located here from not Colorado. And have a great sound great business and shiny and they don't have tying or the resources to do what we do -- that Steve. Unemployment and check their employment status they're verification possible and that's important in the background check because they are going to be going team. Restaurants and delivering their product after hours the security. And clean backgrounds of going Portman. -- one thing in my first met with these people they were asked you know Basil how you -- your house people we aren't. So you know harm as you and I know you might hire twenty you'll be like he a potential out exactly and I found. Well and that screening and tapping into that person's personality and -- and really doing those extra soft it's soft things. Not just what time can you be there and already aware and here's the address and good luck with it. But really those -- things and making that great that I feel like sometimes rip from like match makers like this you know the millionaire matchmaker and instead of the staffing agency. Yeah and people can tell you on the phone and got the skill set I wanna see him in person my one and it'll shake their hand what -- I know if they got that character there's just an incline is looking for. Because we want to grow with those companies. We want them and they think it's -- we want to make sure that they know we aren't one and only. Right does not a transactional thank you wanna create a true collaboration with the people that we work for instead of just again. You know here you going in I knew from way back when we wanna grow together and an -- You know bigger picture goes back to what would happen out with Andrew here on time. About taking all of the up close at Kansas City making them stronger getting businesses here retaining those businesses growing those businesses and everybody went. The excitement. Very exciting and it's you know it's and it's exciting because it's include him on her out of you know how -- Garland didn't have a good out there are very. And it I love it so you're listening hey -- Twitter it's at express radio show as H -- and you can find us on FaceBook. The FaceBook is just search for express employment RG and as temple that you do you have X FaceBook app outlets per year and we did. I don't know when -- -- what they what is this Johnny is it just called express -- sunny here. I think folks it's okay so it is post jobs on their because it. We can't imagine any where I really haven't had a lot of following I think gallon I think that's something we need to get better -- -- our opposition that we're hearing them. They expect. -- arms are afraid that's your solution on the green I think you asked. -- -- and I want to be able to post jobs when it isn't it needs to be filled quickly and I'm trying to do due due diligence great due diligence from -- -- I want to is that they so we can do that and an almost you know own off some woman has become -- -- -- texting. And so I'd love to get there but then you have to have that back comfort of knowing somebody else is listening on the other end so what about you. Injured and we do I -- sunny chamber of commerce has a FaceBook page and we have a Twitter feed and and still -- so where we're trying to keep up to grant to get the messages out to arm knowledge that to our members and number helping them from other businesses like express but. About what's going on the community and events and then a lot of the information we're trying to push out so we do do that. Perfect so we're going to be a backing chat with you just a little bit more right after the break -- in the meantime your job seeking go to expressed pros. Dot com you thought the online application you can populated to a ever expressed opposite of six point five and a mantra there's one openings in six are open all over Kansas City. And then you can call that office are all offices get scheduled for an interview and we can talk to you about. What your skills are and where is good at UC earlier Kirk if you're listening and you need this -- headache of staffing taking up your desk. You and call local express office and we love to help you out here with Jill Hickey can really -- -- and your name at this time Monday afternoon is single name I know. Eat meat probably understand and we'll be right back after the break.