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KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>Express Employment Hour 4.18.14 Segment 4

Express Employment Hour 4.18.14 Segment 4

Apr 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the express employment our hope everybody's having a great Monday -- get a great eastern to. Wonderful beautiful thing nice Stanley tying yesterday the next -- next big holiday -- Mother's Day we know now there's a bigger one coming sooner than mothers and back up. Cinco -- mile below the apple used to celebrating at a mile Caylee -- taming gala and studio today -- do so Britain and a more than I'd care to admit there's so I don't think that -- celebrates -- the -- little -- myself because -- -- companion. Lula. If you don't speak our Spanish I mean that's -- market. Nursing a baby I can't ask us yes so -- I love my birth -- -- I'm very -- months in advance so I'm sure if you're a fan of the express employment are you -- all gifts and presents to nineteen north slip for -- and yet -- -- like QVC gift cards people I'm a little bit and QBC -- -- now we are talking about. Infecting people and respecting business I said it backwards again and do it every time it works either way we at how great though you -- just now. Was around. -- -- -- is a huge help us. This last week you know with the refresh leadership conference and really talking about that concept of let's teach. Kids are sick kids but anyone to have marketable skills and then go get a job and that. Let -- let me just float through this life and I really lay you know French literature is an example he's a -- like French teacher oh yeah and then you wanna be on -- John -- -- I mean it's absolutely genius it just seemed so basic but the base most basic genius things are just basic and simple -- -- -- really great and then of course Tim -- that was with -- -- and segment to talking about. The chamber and everything going on in LA bella did you know it was just another radio show. -- -- soccer in just listen to me and podcasts -- me all along but a dozen other British and the other day and they they were talking now. When he things that you know you're from Kansas City if it's a blogger in Britain and and nick is interesting but the only independents Oly sponsor the event are only be a -- let's -- and I -- I think part. Aren't filming some sort of little Monica like that part in Vegas. Could be -- in part Vegas thank you very much own the paint look at we've got a caller somebody must land. Talked to us about a late for our part Vegas. That caller on the line and Ron -- our intrepid producer around a behind the buttons will. And on the caller hello caller are you there. Yes and here I don't you know hey what's up how are you today. So pretty ghetto was figures show about hot topics in militia near you make a lot you -- person. They're pretty much I enjoyed a more movies and ensures. OK so. What would be a mean -- your head what would be the navy did just they can't do that they just can't make it is just out of accounts. Well you know there's so many and you know. Part of me understand I mean you know the four boys Gutenberg. Dead body in all this -- recording all of those men are all fiction you know which has been -- you know it's a masterpiece but. I think the military occur bought it and I got a list when Harry met -- yeah I mean first of all I -- -- aren't. -- told reminds me of my best turned. But I -- I want to reenact the same Castelli -- -- seeing her I don't yeah I remember that I'm sorry ten and that they and I wanted there right now. Oh that's we've been doing -- the united -- -- for a whole hour that's how I'm. And I'm sure some guys out there don't you back but here's the thing I mean he can't ever think about trying to recapture. You know expect the chemistry of transit and onlookers. Agreement. That's perfect at college and asking her name or did I miss that part. Message that it's killing sitting on the airplane when you visit with somebody for an -- the only space and time you get to know somebody before you exchange names is the weakest and am I just had an air air -- everybody you talk about -- part. Yes and so -- thank you for calling into where you calling in from today. Is sitting. OK and literal or -- OP. Sorry about everything that on another by the way not to bring -- -- and to bring down our jovial mood that we do wanna shout out on on there and tempers are all that at that situation a couple weeks ago. That's not the way we want Kansas City in the national news by -- by any stretch of the imagination so -- what do you do -- Overland Park. Actually no amount trucking company. And we're out in the -- an area and provided all kind of motor transportation ordered B curator flat that's. If you're out there -- -- -- shipping needs let us now are you remark on a report you don't -- go -- don't count three 991 during. Or 99. 1487. Nine -- three or 991487. What does the name and your company. -- -- -- Clean it trucking out of Edgerton Gardiner area and we had southwest Johnson County economic development council asked -- -- was our our co hostess with the most of so that's. -- heroic yell and talk more -- introduce ourselves. Has -- -- yes and so will thank you anything else to add you know. Chad what do you think about them you -- Ani fan did you ever watch original and you with the curly red haired little one with -- Actually a year two years ago been. Then forever. I can be heard the first segment of the show but -- I said I about flipped out because they're remaking Annie. And the little girls find she's cute but that miss hanging character was but I Carol Burnett has any play by Cameron. We have. Number you get scared you can't -- in -- -- look what political party in the new republic that's not to -- It will keep a watch but lose on Monday nights at my kids just put together the other day that the by the stars and the blues also -- the guy from the following -- mom that -- -- age I'm like I know. What is different. What is he -- injured and had to say about -- I don't ever see you here Euro RS can. Just -- -- you've never seen I've never seen any and I have never seen that at times in the millennium scholars gentlemen I have to -- old animal picks somebody honest yeah. Currently hey look like Barton Garrett thank you very much for. Underdog. Thank you for calling again that's clean it trucking iron and urging Gardiner area nine point 34991487. If you have any need take on the -- -- when. Why not yet they truly do appreciate you done it you got it things are calling sandy emigrate Monday. Are you -- thank you -- I. So that's perfect you guys is like an announcing he must have been diners open in the first segment but he said exactly Harry met Sally and stand but did we mention him I mean aren't talking offers milk and I he's in it now is -- is that he did back. That is so funny because -- I mean you know it's it's they were all Jerry O'Connell boasts a little back in and I mean now to Heidi it is -- that he. And it is it is they're talking about it. -- I've rejecting intends on sign on time I just it was not accused child. In my heart I don't think -- -- I'm doing is they're based on I mean I was I was. I was -- -- maybe that's old zoos are burning question that was that everybody go to -- -- office of its present and officials check up -- the front. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the -- and my head. Actually acting -- got OK I have to ask is to be given and it's another huge thing in this. You know failure little bit younger and I -- -- -- younger than me at -- and when you get old people outside. The new grocery stores at the talk of the town in LA and examine marked another new Heidi. -- -- is that everything. The -- -- yes I beat it and it into it is. -- -- I've heard it's like a day at a -- there's a specific market it's like they're picking out of the ocean yourself don't often and there's a Thomas -- all of their eyes now. And that's like -- you -- now -- -- debate on. And everything else I start in the trail mix area. You're just like in candy and or something and make your own trail mix but it's like walls and walls. Different not to mention -- out like an area where there's like -- Tiki staff. I heard you make -- on let they're just that there is like. It's like -- boutique inside of aggression and look at section it's crazy and that has section usually well because there's like a little. Islands that has -- treats all like it. It's insane we we should've gotten that we -- gotten us from -- horses entered in Africa -- on -- high -- and I have no way that that we didn't mention them on last week's show about the fact that they are good about putting locals use -- -- cookies with us. We before and they are good about putting locals use of a small bit locally in mid western companies so good on them I think the corporate two point they are and the other. -- as they have dietitians twice. On everything that they the dietitian that's on the property has gone around and said this is my choice if you're gonna choose in this talented area this is what you should -- for help so just like for the purple sticker. And free -- -- -- that I to solicit empathy for free. -- -- -- Eating skills then and it Wanamaker and healthier and some local -- money didn't when he -- the hot button items that just jacked up and we talk about. Maybe they also have I don't know the exact -- have like a USDA inspector. They have one on site all the time. While normally they just -- -- -- commend like once month -- young couple months but they have one on you know the food is -- on that a Bill Clinton and for all the husbands that there might make them go that they do not want to go. There's a bar oh there's -- honey there's our night B. Boy whose barn -- -- grows up ahead all right hey yeah. I say let let that stop you there is always in the locker my husband does all the pressure shot. My house he will probably we embark on who got clear over there. This is ever near anything well and still do this will be experience that he said he said that is -- -- -- actually the -- use the express employment professionals office a little bit recently they did we actually had them shuttle drivers for them because they had set. Huge. Amount of people coming in the first week that they wrote -- which is just last week. But they had their -- park at the old tiny loan is does it mean there's a ton of parking space -- so we were transferring back and -- Yeah well good good thank you obviously expressed of any in any part of the city -- a people's app basically anything right. Yeah exactly it's very very there weren't enough but the store. Now. I got an economic and as -- can do -- -- make a trip and a well. I will still back to our movies we do wanna close out rain and then we got to say thank you isn't device to Holler are wonderful ethnic but so. Look what else did any data at anything else found on these movies there's never remaining. Twenty films you probably didn't know we're getting remain alone -- the stomach -- in court keys Latin. One of them a verbal word. And it's best to be Jennifer Lopez replacing -- time and we all learn and we Jean -- G I GL -- Kennedy was here. -- -- Remain in Manhattan or whatever I mean. Yes you thought about ending and you -- she's that it had marriages. S three men and a baby -- And that act that was -- I can be and you see an updated with some younger dude that race in decades served numbers there you know I did little hangover action on him the last baby -- yeah that's. Nine. Let's see and site of the navigator. Yeah Indiana. But that's just those are in the works those are in the worst for he's I'm -- curious on. Yeah none that I mean us on Akron now known as the last April -- -- That's crazy so well -- -- the merry go at the burning question -- a good input by everybody I. And you know can I -- I can't tell you real quick I got to do -- speaking of commercials we did I'd be added to tiny commercial I. We need votes I got to have people Rock the Vote in on mrs. broader area of international ocean fish come here and microphone. -- sent I think I wanna take that show. But I am currently serving as mrs. misery international and there's this awesome thing that they are doing. Is you can go to the website is fine now face and you can vote count the deal is this it does cost to vote but the monies that are crude half -- -- -- -- national pageant in July of across the stage. And be like in fancy dress and heels and you obviously. Talking I mean I'm pretty good at talking at the water I milling. And and I don't know patriots' yeah that I know that sounds like a really -- time I really don't let me say government and me when I weighed and added Miller you practice your weight and it hasn't it Jerry's going to be in my arm and the like digging into -- -- that's cool that it is the -- crime so they will be an accident but yeah they'll be Nancy that and -- winner at at times we have all the time to vote but the gig is this economists as international icon. And it's -- Missouri that's me it's a small fee to vote you can do minimum of one dollar you can link to tear PayPal and -- the names thank you very much. And the winner and so all the -- accrued. Apple go to go red for women which is our. Our actual charity for the international pageant which is American Heart Association a very very tightly wound with the red for women and the other apple go to the now me by wind and ninety mean on it and the violence Manolo Blahnik. I'm going to donate mine to -- kids dot war which is -- charity is the definitive charity about greenhouse in those doses and not as my platform. Bring us and asked us this awareness my son was diagnosed when he was one half months old and an aesthetic surgery to correct when he was by muscle and there were little plastic helmet earlier after. And got a whole story is unhappy that page on my website and not so sacraments are remarkable for me it's -- but he no. And -- much money if -- you've gotta be -- now let me but and you -- -- and everything else that is really really appreciate -- brought the note yeah rocked the -- so. We are coming up on the end of the show we wanna say thank you to our awesome -- -- Buchholz associate campus director Rasmussen college super super refresh leadership break camp. Yes -- the feeling very fantastic last week thanks for partying with -- express offices on that. And also Tim -- CEO of the chamber of commerce currently. And my two fabulous in studio. Does the commitment and a how good you know you're all nervous to talk on the middle -- and -- perfect. It's cable. Halo has made us just a word you say we got an early I have a Michaela. Angela you know then that got. -- -- homers and that's fine and it's really didn't even expect I didn't call you hate you and I did yeah it's an ending of your your college chronicled and -- and and Jimmy Neuberger of the express employment office and a link to one more time where can -- ING people wanna get a job. It's 701 north Berlin. -- that Kansas 6606. TU. -- we will be back here same time same place next week in the meantime please follow. I out expressed a radio show on Twitter chatted up with us if you have an idea for burning question -- -- on by all means and follow expressed radio show on FaceBook again same thing please be connected with us. Thanks to everybody go courts do good be good and have a great week. He's okay.