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Express Employment Hour 4.18.14 Segment 3

Apr 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well connected to express employment hour I'm your host Jill kick you have a great time this Monday afternoon talking about. Refreshing leadership impacting people -- respecting Ron please let me say that that's the every league -- it's Ron's fault and blame the producer run more -- talking head behind the Mike -- I always get my but it works both ways -- -- at the express employment. -- an expressive and offices across the casing mantra we do respect people and impact business -- the other respect business and in fact people do the so right now is the time the show we have another fantastic doesn't shout out for Tim McKie who's with us in segment two. And we're gonna come back in it after a little bit and bring back -- Neil burger back on and I can talk about. Are burning question of the week in our house and ask this guess the burning question of the week so right now not for the a -- Let's bring on -- buckled and is the associate campus director at rest missing college Heidi how aria. I'm good thank you for having in the. Well thank you for being here and last week we did a really really cool thing like you guys and -- before we start and died and and and really talk about that. Those a little bit about yourself. No I am different she can't stricker or so that bad -- -- a lot of different things than the operator of the campus. Also stay actively involved in the community so -- chamber. Advancement and you're like that in Iraq in the networking and very community members. And I corporations. Might also be spent a lot of time burst into making sure that they're having hey if successful. A path to graduation he and that's. Ultimately -- -- -- my bed. -- -- college founded in 19100 in Saint Paul, Minnesota a practical. Career focused higher education institutions. 85 this is a child bread and let's say 85% of your students are working within their field the steady. This is so pertinent to what's going on right now because there's that -- conversation about. Thank you went to college in got a degree in French literature and there's no job that that dovetails into that so. Really tell us about more about rescues and and and what you guys are doing that's different. Well you nailed the number one thank -- it's really about a career. Outcomes that students come here for. That's one of -- key three pillars that we see students. Who commit to coming drastic because that's what they want they want their career and a really high in demand field. And that's what. We we -- them out and to the other big thing that this students often select the because that is because of a portability. And student experience we recently reduced. Coalition on a national level of about 11%. On average. An and one of perjury degree offerings. -- -- considered a -- so complete -- accelerated degree offerings in the lower the 167. Dollars crude credit that the simple common moments don't. You know we we were able to offer that. Career focused -- at a very affordable level. All while not sacrificing honesty and experience so. We are an online column -- -- one of the things that differentiates us. From a lot of colleges -- there. That being said we do you have any physical campus. You know Overland Park and that's what students sign an online college. What the physical presence is important to them because they come here to municipal library -- library and are learning center coordinator Mickey he would study group. A lot of our labs are offered. Al Bashir on campus so get very little to have the flexibility of an online offering yet. Able to come to campus when they would like you know. -- guys have locations in Florida Illinois Kansas North Dakota Wisconsin Minnesota and Kansas obviously. Who are your students is that is at the nontraditional stingers it kind of every man. There is predominantly Arab a nontraditional student dorm an adult -- -- we can get some students. Who are are directly from the secondary education level. To come interpersonal over technology degree consumer medical careers. But -- generally speaking to a kind of nontraditional student -- values that flexible schedule they might have a family at home. They need you working -- looking cute. Further there education or or maybe gone a different direction although in the field that they're currently on. More than 90% -- me since December 2012 graduates are working with in their field the steady or continuing their education that says you guys are doing something right. What are those fields predominantly that you guys are are training people to do and getting those jobs and. Yes I don't think you -- -- Fisher kind of six school lunch. -- we oversee getting rid of over ninety programs with this new school old. The predominately the school health science is very. -- like medical certainty Health Information Technology. Medical billion encoding. -- pharmacy technician. We have a school does massacre oh what I've actually her bachelor's degrees. Millions in business management. Finance marketing. Kind of the traditional -- programs. We also are school justice studies school attack in the blind. School. And early childhood education and which is really popular one we're positioned very well. In this marketplace. Obviously just opening our doors for this campus over a year ago that's one of the programs that we saw immediate demand for. In the local area and students some. Corporate partners have come to us. -- can help fulfill that I knew in the marketplace. Very well we're talking AJ -- holds a breast news in college. We're done that the schools of hate weird left field question -- have a school of social media social media is actually job these days you know peoples and the social media director for X winds accompanied it is that something that you -- On the horizon. While I think that's a great question jail -- you know I don't know that don't try to I will face. You know a lot of our program. That the faculty each. What advisory boards you bring up there a common question that. He's brought forth an -- advisory board and how we teach our current staff for how to ensure. That that's a component of the the current program -- not one -- the great things. I'm about a career focused colleges. I don't worry we'll -- quickly adjust our curriculum. You need to adapt to the change you don't the marketplace so. You know Hannibal hiring managers so I think it's safe to say that the faculty you'll certainly include components of that piece. Social media and cute and they're current curriculum and similar questions. You know we try here at the express employment are to be a resource to job seekers and had to those that decision makers and companies rather they be big -- small. Your boots on the ground near the person that they're -- with the chamber your right there are trying to kind of -- -- could use an analogy teach to the teach to the test so that way when you get out and end a career world. You are prepared for instead -- here's my and marketable degree and I wonder why don't have a job so if you could give is as a young person. Any advice what would you say this is what I would go into if I were you if you really -- job and you want a fruitful career. I lol I actually you know it has constructed and one thing. Nude you know one of you know I guess I guess I'll insert -- one segment of the market one of the coolest programs we ran -- of software development. So if you can create and and what that means is everybody has an actual owner. Smartphone these days and Dick Trickle back there on that a lot of times. Students in her interest in the program like that are coming in which. And look at that firm and so while that's really cool I don't know this already but now I need the education. And maybe your column in my field on that specific. Piece to get the job in this field so that's one of the major upcoming programs. That's out there right now. All of our eyes in the studio just went like this time with so cool because who doesn't have a great idea that they want to go viral now like if only I had an app and it's like they -- and -- -- and then nobody knows a guy. So that's sounds Berry -- marketable we wanna ask you. A great partnership with the express employment professionals offices -- fresh leadership can you tell us a little bit about that. Yeah I'd say they approached -- we've worked with expressed personnel here in the past. And they approached us. With the need people on this I think it was considered a podcast. On the leadership and he he went off really well and I think he is we we offer. As one of our pieces to the community corporate partnerships. We offer free media space four used to anywhere from. Eat people up to you around a hundred people and not a -- of connecting with the community came back to them so little appropriate fit for us. To post their final cast. On campus. Last week so. Do you -- out very well I would say I don't have exact numbers I would say there was. Probably forty -- seventy people who were able to attend. In hand. You know we were happy to do it sounds like you won't work very well from their perspective but a lot of good contents. -- -- -- -- -- thank you for doing that and then continuing that leadership leadership is like that that knife that you need to keep sharpening you can don't just always have it's a thank you for partnering. With that and being a resource to the community. We're getting sort of close to going to the break about seventy seconds or can you tell us where people can find you and where they can find all the different resources that breast -- college offers. Yes we have a very comprehensive web site at www. rational and guys you did you. And if anyone has any questions that could certainly call on and speak to a program manager at 9184. And I'm 170. -- -- -- Rasmussen college. Founded in 19100. And so early in the habit -- -- Thank you are kind MED I -- -- and think about it. AJ thank you. For us allowing us to commend you are -- a cast yeah include Aaron thank you so much were getting ready to go to the break. This is Jill -- express employment are be sure to tweet us at express radio show as a -- that come and find us on FaceBook at express employment power we'll be right back with more. There's something saying.