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Express Employment Hour 4.18.14 Segment 2

Apr 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well welcome -- and he expects employment now we're giggling and their during the break me with my my big bad. That technical skill and skill that you welcome back -- the at. Shuttle and add that we are talking today you. Many people from. The city of a lead they apparently shoddy work -- -- year to all and I have written here right now and ignorant old pregnant I. And a long hot and sell as well. A title in a like a welcome sound and he. I Will -- I'm glory power you know. I know I knew Gary you know -- you're at her act together in an arm around the red jacket back in the day when he Aetna -- -- radio senate. We'll talk via political and -- currently not. Well at night -- -- the CEO ideally the chamber of copper mountain out of AW entered your outlook here and tell us. All the great thing that. -- Sure sure why I am the you'll -- chamber of commerce and and in that position -- about three years. Prior to that I. Economic development. Executive vice president and economic development and port takeover. About three years ago apart that I were noble are I -- as there. And -- there. And I have retention and expansion. Manager there. And -- we had a career and in an element poking companies grow and expand and communities that. Love the work it was something that and I think they'll really enjoy it. We -- a lot on the show. That are in the APEC economic development that chamber that really business to business about getting that that the com. And give that appearance and that the metro and then heading into day one year after victory. -- -- Sure sure well. You know in a late. And there's a number I think you know -- great community. -- got wonderful schools schools are probably our number one economic element -- and just about any. I'm Natalie as a current events and also. Also. -- and little. School you know interpret outing only work on our wonderful and and help -- Harding and individuals who work community we also Natalie. Little. One in college and college. And anyone prior to school -- American Marines and recently. Education is a big thing and workforce development -- -- And that not that I am not -- -- is a wonderful place you know the middle the united -- -- -- network. You know our our interstate system which attracts a lot in this area and outdoor work at the Cadillac. You know we're out. In the -- -- -- in the midwest and you know it's relatively low cost business. Here as well. How -- And equipment cost little old oldest and accurate here or local government as well you know their partners amber and. And -- -- you know no crime. Here in Italy. On an outing as well it is all because I think -- -- blend together to help. And the -- into a -- and. And look at that -- -- -- but not a guy I remember. Clap your conduct about the third time we heard that rebounding team about the work at bank of those and let those being the work are on the line at an opening and -- let the -- our our network that it. I don't and it great at that we are now that went -- it. They -- dot org and one billion bluntly what is it that our tagline. You know it. We meet at that about two years ago eleven years ago. And it was and -- You know everyone pulling together trying and -- pretty or not only from the chamber and are. Convention and visitors bureau we operate at a well Lou -- And economic development in -- just thought I would helmet or one correction and that. -- -- -- And take the lead but it never comprehend that you -- that -- -- -- -- -- leadership. The -- -- that the inability talking about cool again. We sort of you know I am in the chamber -- bulk of our current doctrine that the ITC without. -- a little bit about -- you'd see that happening every -- you have like they're. That story of business to know that. Fighting and then the chamber and -- and acting that doesn't put people evidence that it blurs. Sure you know they're in the chamber -- number I -- all. Don't realize all the different aspect. What -- you know problem. From -- training. Happening around people. -- locally at all are professionals and -- not only in all throughout the region. Elder. And and here our -- in and -- aren't you help each other out a chiller. -- you know it can -- your question you know. Wanted to -- is that I it is the success oriental late everybody goes about its parliament. And Carmen as you know roam around here Correll and then tackle that's Elkhart in in the Al. You know not a leader. You don't number. And and it is worst in the international. Worldwide. Company and you know I think. Only curtain and the work ethic here and the concentration engineering people here and who -- treaty. Has really helped them. Out all that company and and there probably are. You know what a Arctic Circle the story. You know going back to. What bringing him in Italy that Farmers Insurance. You know twelve years ago there were. No Farmers Insurance other than maybe a couple of pages and Italy. And now there are -- ordered out now or. 32. -- completely different vision and I called -- yet are we were cutting the ribbon on. A lap belt and they built are all owe them an armed air app one of their he's uncle -- -- you know wildly. Changed. Insure. That the quality of patient annual course and that's why we -- humble. We're continuing to handle it. And so you know that those two issues that -- or just how it is -- -- -- People from the outside. And shoot and -- Well I just got -- And -- very impressed -- or somebody from here there everywhere. Anger and we're like okay we're that that little OK and that we're. Pulmonary and part of it -- it hit that. May I bring this company called economic development and everything -- got back in current or that the firemen there on coming up. Every town in America happened there -- -- so great -- -- -- -- -- hail that went 88 then. Do you that is. That is very are a lot of people you know that it helped secure and turn it into your employee smoking in and -- We actually started the art in there on. A little over ten years ago when I came back. -- -- -- -- and they need -- marathon component. As part of air national and Asia -- -- -- And sentiment are rotating that track and should around the country at. Premier apartment interest -- every year or an app. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they're great partner and that we try to make it on and so we it was about being. And there are a number of all over the country -- -- globe aren't you know run a marathon and every any pain that. You know they're very passionate about it and so. We we literally half runners around every state in the union. -- to combat clash earlier. In Norway again and in the so it yet it really that I've been out here. Oklahoma. I had the good and I is coming up in the next couple so yeah we're we're gearing up. -- and all over the Earth Day celebration back up. Which party they're in currently at all. And all they didn't even -- That right. Yes yeah it is and our leadership program. Is going on right now and there are they're -- Leadership program is so there's you know we will accept something or not. And that will really really great way to get out meaning rather whether it a -- that. -- and a lot out there how -- -- court here big company coming in from. How are whatever it is late dot org and I'll I'll beat her of only eight and we've got a burning question that we do every week on now. Yeah lack is that -- -- -- -- not been there ever be made at hand and the Arab outlet that it would never be remain. You know it's -- That is. You know wrote quote. You know. It is -- and all that great why they decided they elect. And we need to make another one got me so. The impact. That one that I was a probably should have never been remade all I want I that you. Young is. Daughters. -- Marion they're and then. -- -- -- -- Those committees that I'm going to write our it can be so I regret and beating -- Yeah that are. Look at but I look at the bucket that went right off the trailer for nearly any -- ring bell on the your -- hill now because they'll let that happen I have got a whole ball rolling out and I can't let the Muppet. Now he got a degree and a note about what went out now in -- outlook. I know that little bit gimmicky. Being a technically got everybody where to reach you and -- and I got more about nearly that are out. -- -- -- -- -- -- And they are -- today but give credit that we will be back with more at -- there and let amateur -- on Twitter at express radio show. Quick reminder I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And throughout my journey to get ready and actually had movie and eating at any other winning. I in July and I think act and chiropractic doctor dean Anderson -- Area to get. Op and Kathleen like having the -- I -- -- My journey act. I knew I get a lot and -- -- -- like an epic -- you. -- deep into an act and chiropractic. Right back after the break. And.