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Express Employment Hour 4.18.14 Segment 1

Apr 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello good afternoon and happy Monday it's still -- and welcome to the express employment hour and you are here with us for an hour. To respect people impact business -- about hot jobs in the metro and interviews and -- uncool people this week we have -- and we also have Tim -- key who is the chamber ideally the chamber of commerce commerce CEO. McCain is also -- and I alaskans I guess on the give our time on. And NS patsy would mean today is being lovely -- Neil burger hello -- -- You need to be to psychic that I can't think of a better. There's no and can you come up with a better moniker for the person that's on the night at the that the the in studio guest every week now now penning tell us what you do. I amien into the LA that office and expressing -- professionals. And as a golfer is going to -- very good very busy -- is these and to our guest this -- at this week are from -- -- so that is exciting so we have. Lots to do on the -- -- asked these are good music but at the burning question and the idea on the burning question -- area yeah really nice ideas toward the burning question this week if you -- tweeters and talk it up with us on FaceBook while the show was going on. Is what movie should never be remains like it would just be for voting and it would be. It would be. Awful it was that so I'm sitting -- you take you got little kids like me -- And made some -- I never -- and I'm not a movie person I'm just not a movie about 280. And I had to take down about Patrick to go see them up. So we're sit -- Muppet show and all the trailers on you know for first two hours on -- trailers or. That and sitting there watch trailers and on they -- -- And literally nothing but bubble outside my -- I had said maybe to express that if they ever remake and I'll flip all bets are. And sure enough they cremated and -- And it's Cameron Diaz is the -- his hand again and they rebuffed it and it's all very 2009. And I just out loud in the theater like this and for all the children got -- a hail now. I I like that did not just happen. And then. I made some sort of like just remark the other Monday on my face look like. Mondays -- agrees to do a movie remakes like plot line you know and then everybody bounced on me not stunned -- percent increase to was was less and it's personally media highly Greece to a lot. But it's not ethnic increase was so bats -- get the -- jumping off point for. Birds that the movies that should never be remained what do you think what what's the first thing in the on which I'm not Terry and yes -- ET Al you keep hearing making -- religious -- -- I think would be. To me animated like they have to almost an animation and you just you couldn't you couldn't find computer entity -- -- -- and then when she was little skirt with image and then an ET's in the middle and it you know -- make it's so elect. Slick these days is good ride bikes okay well I guess you wouldn't be -- nephews now goes outside and ride bikes and apps about bikes. They're playing bicycle race -- and it actually going outside abided -- -- never gonna happen. I TE me I think you know thing. I mine to be the sound of music because Imus sounding music aficionado and of course they ruin not because being accurate and where did the -- thing and that was just one of the worst night back -- December and tired. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like -- -- can't can't remake by clan a rule there's -- there's day -- only consequences for IA princess bride -- against the agreement that these blasphemy. And when Harry met Sally. As some of the top one thing is this if your classic your classic for reason and if they still hold up. Tell he still holds up all the jokes all the references their their chemistry their comedy there's no reason to remake them. What about the thing where everything has to be remain now and you have to take a different race to carry the flag and the black steel magnolias is -- you know does the white this or that you know that I'm like OK it's it was fine don't -- Exactly I think it's all about marketing has taken over in their brain ending its comfort them. History may or may lead to the first analyst redo it will end -- I looked at two on one of the list that I found to in the top ten. Word this separate lives and be waged not so much for Nicole Kidman who started -- and so garlic anybody approach as -- makes up announcement just saying known at all. Just like the next round of Botox Nicole just saying now and we can't and six present plan an hour. I'm your host Joan Hickey we've got in studio -- -- Neil burger coming up shortly we will have. -- -- chamber of commerce CEO. And it gets up before -- talk -- the gimmicky I'm used to call him. My key you know -- oncologist call somebody by the last name so we just on the key. And and we also and his big deal nine -- -- -- -- grown -- now we also have rest losing colleges today -- hate -- let's talk a little bit because we are here to talk about being a resource for job seekers and people that are are looking for a people that want careers and like jobs. What are the hot jobs going to India late express office lately. We have actually it's electronic technician position. -- It's what would that well what is that -- it's not -- I do you would start. They started electronic is similar and -- -- the technician which is actually working with the PC boards who also a little bit more than just -- -- the words it's the next step up. And that's trailers announcements again paying position yet it and it isn't belly -- a right. And then we also have lately and what kind of skills as does an individually to have to be able to apply for this position kind of that background a -- in a SM electronic. Working with the PC the words -- Greg background. Very morning give you instructions to peerless like to look into -- on how you actually apply online is not hard process but it is little bit of a process. So OK next and then a quality control engineer for an aerospace company. Who have and it and that's definitely that's okay quality in Benin any hot button items that they like that person has experience. Not sure yeah. Are no that's OK okay and I'm sure they can I came and this is -- all these things -- as -- -- are available on line of course exactly can you share with the listeners at their interest in and -- and again there's all kinds of other jobs obviously as Ralph. On desolation and people need landscaping companies are hiring renowned calling us and so what -- -- labor's about in your opposite DC big kids coming in for summer jobs and those that are eighteen and a economic and they likely that we want -- now and that any extra soft and we have a couple companies that always -- and April looking for college kids so we are definitely want college kids to command and -- so they're ready and when accompanies college there in our program we can just -- -- You know on my office I I on the Norton's office and sometimes. I'll do the the back stores sell I'll talk to the mom and dad they're like -- -- I get my son dying and they send us and now there's like you're gonna go CJ also moms and dads that are listening. Hey you want you don't want him laying on the couch -- eating iron Teddy -- this summer. New cinema today express office and we will get your kid a job and they have spending money to go. Allen and whatever it is that it did I sit in front of your pocket yeah yeah so that's great. Great thank you for the hot jobs on. What's the other all. Refresh leadership and they just leadership and -- and we actually get a big event Louisiana and the other -- we had every fresh leadership Simon cast and made a few there's few speakers live in California. It's was Dick I tell them they do get booed us right we didn't did you meet him -- we -- -- that big national meeting in February. Later. Late the night event that night in night out yeah Allen got -- employment and value them in the art camino everything right now women did I tell in the bar at a hotel it's not as front Jesus and but we sent in and lobbying he was I yeah that's super nice gang you know and that's that. Saying about celebrities whether they be big or small celebrity nobody wants to -- What were they doing what you know what it was their latest thing that was the latest dog and pony they wanna know what they really like. Right like -- they mean were they this more than that what do they act like today where their -- -- deep with -- on tries to win and he and his wife for the most doorway where there are and they. And their -- their social media they tagged and immediately put a ban on their Twitter and their -- program. It with we the. And that's that was a treat so what did -- V talk about. -- just talking about it kind of taken a step back. To move forward climbing a latter doing leadership you know how he had to start a certain level -- and work his way up to where he was -- taking a chance on people. So that was huge on some of you know not to be missed like deep thoughts here but I do much on a Frazier but I that is such as being these days. -- -- -- -- kids or the younger job seeker is they don't wanna put in that I've earned the time right. I call -- that I have I don't know why but I public that it happens on Twitter like it's like. Here I am I have 30000 Twitter followers that makes me famous that makes me PR firm will no you didn't put any work you've never done it thinks I like enacted that. You stuck to have a foundation and grow and do all right I love that massive and am and then we had John MacKey on there who is the owner of whole foods founder of whole foods did you did you roughed up about he is more whole foods yes. He was just talking about -- straight leadership and you know how he built his business. And then we had Christine to stand who is just hilarious. My eyes will be standup comedienne and she was talking about. And whining how everybody wines in their office and her tag line to stop global whining my it's hilarious if ever get a chance that YouTube her find her current leadership program because she is wonderful alliance you know it's true in the workplace whether you work or five people are you work with a hundred. If it's it's like the sneezes or the on the one person such as it's up one person like. I'm so tired honest and everybody has the tired -- Really if it goes through like like -- a cancer therapy on. And I like that stop -- Liz and her big thing was finding the positive you know if you see somebody funny with the road rage and everything that's going on these days and some reason Fannie and and they slowdown and they turn Nader is a signal instead of getting here than just like. -- home -- -- can for the upgrade of a turn signal yet. It's -- trending and you know I mean. Just look at the right eye on things then you know -- need to take a twenty minute set out -- your work if your whining and you're tired it twenty minutes into yourself and you know where I really dig yourself where she last Wednesday I needed her I was -- a day I was like -- and Anemia and Jim I needed to turn it around and say. Maybe he's not having a great day I just need to do a few Marlins as a spot that's -- yeah. So funny he -- his target that day yeah yeah -- that sounds great to district fresh leadership. And -- so you offered it for local business decision will not anybody in our community local businesses it is free Leo once fear through express. -- -- know podcast and now they don't and they do not archive this line. We do have webinars and different leadership -- that they do archives of anybody needs anything that's something we can offer. But as far as this one it is it -- that girls today at the girls in ways there today earned two HR CI credits. So it really helps that the continuing education team and it's free you know you get all these -- -- -- and dollars it -- -- registration and we offered free to to the community so you have is here Atlantic. Meant to drive that point home is that express -- professionals and now we will soon have seven offices and restaurant that's. The whole gist of what we do we're not just a -- agency where full service staffing agency aiming to be. Your partner your collaborator what are fancy word you wanna use it really -- human resources arm of your company though. -- -- have great leadership programs and genuine that just came out the faces have changed we have great. Leader in in in our corporations I shout out you know down Oklahoma City -- everybody down Ernst and I live -- The by the -- if people go back to the hot job blue moon or if people like like we're talking about want to utilize your office my office any of the offices in the KC metro. As that proverbial HR -- how did they contact. And Debbie Debbie Debbie got expressed -- dot com. And you can -- different offices or her you know and you do express -- dot com mean all the offices analyst does them. Absolutely and the job seeker can go their -- online application. And they just great their own account then send it populated this and it all the office is it just wanna see what's out there. And then you call that office and going for an interview how -- did an interview process take in your office. Usually money twenty minutes OK urging testing in in drug screening and and tax and there are tough stand. And that is not step across. -- you have to do it. A dance and song and -- I can carry ten really did express I don't spend twelve -- and -- I am absolutely. Then appearing in ads airing ads okay Amy Neil burger is with us today. So I'm yeah at the burning question folks you've got it what -- movie would just be so very wrong to remake okay. She sit on their she's you know quite and a maker -- with Michaela front they expressed a -- offices well okay Kayla was first on it came to your mind. -- can't make all you -- you. Yeah how we can't Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are the perfect. Pattern looks less and also what would be the point like how I can't. I can -- taking something that was set in a different era and then moving it and and doing a spin on it where you move it into modern day but if it's RD. Well now I just announcing it backwards because it's still would be because that's RD sat in its -- -- -- -- you just can't -- The bad and the sound of music an -- came Indians won't take her out she. I think you're absolutely and I -- -- -- did -- do that yes I turn on as I -- some organs out more about this and you will we get it. Later in the show and when we come back from the break we're gonna have Tim McKee who is the CEO of the only the chamber of commerce we're gonna talk about everything that's gone on over there. Being in a related with it in this is so cool because we've had so many people that are involved with chambers and economic development councils and that's really what it is they are. I over use this term that they are the boots on the ground so that everybody can know what's going on and no later in the show we had. Well we just spoke about that refresh leadership conference the Dickie V baby I'm your host Jill -- -- express employment hour. Will be right back after the break.