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Entrepreneur KC Radio 4.15.14

Apr 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the start of the universe cannot have fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dream isn't -- -- -- better visualize playing hardball and be very clear about it money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and try not to hurt anybody along the the way entrepreneurs pave the way into the future of the industry start up. -- -- -- plug in and turn on. Entrepreneur word Casey your voice more entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back it was one of the best decisions I made with your host Jason -- Hello Kansas City and welcome to the entrepreneur KC show. I'm your host Jason -- thanks for joining us on the came easy business channel 1660. Import today's installment of entrepreneur Casey. Thanks for listening as always you can find us online at team BZ dot com. And you can also connect the media Twitter at Jason grill and at entrepreneur Casey. Great show today it's actually turned to women's day. At the -- -- KC show when I was looking guess I didn't realize that all the guests like book -- women so that they're very successful imminent. Very excited to have four great Kansas City ins and doing great work in and our local areas -- Nash the on the show. Artists are often our first segment today with our good friend of mine -- week who's the owner and founder of wheat for tiger feet. Now and Janine has all kinds of great stuff from both on the mountain for tiger to robust corporate. You know commercial work but also. -- models and all kinds of fun stories and great people so do you need is a really good job and I think it really would be pushing to have her on the show to talk about. And how she built her brand her business and also get into it she's working on these days and size and -- friend of mine in minutes and really excited to have her on the show on our first segment today following Jenny which will get to and a second. We will have at our second -- Katie Hagar who is a young launch for our young entrepreneur and a real estate broker who is the founder of your future address wanted to have her on the show one because. She just received an award from Casey business magazine as one of TC's most influential and which is always an honor when your under the age of thirty so -- commend the city today were -- talk about real state. -- talked about how she built her business and hopefully we'll really get some tips off some questions for her on. Whether it's guitar and a Bible we need to look for. And so forth and so on because as you know the real estate market has continued to change in Kansas City and so I wanted to have drawn to talk about comes from the thing she's been working -- And a third set that we're gonna have. Diana candor who is a really old friend from. Actually matter in the political world because her husband Jason candor and I served in the Missouri house together -- Jason obviously is in Missouri secretary of state. Dana is -- serial entrepreneur has been very successful. Raising money drawing in selling businesses and that now has a senior fellow at the -- foundation but also has a new -- -- campaign. For her new book the -- and start up she is a project going on. On indeed go go and we're gonna get into that and talked here and get some tips about. What on turner should be doing this book is going to be extremely successful she's already raised close at 30000 dollars and -- go go well surpassed her goal. And it's really about the educational system and how entrepreneurship has taught in universities so. It's a new way to teach entrepreneurship so we're gonna go over her book get to know her more and I think you guys -- really enjoyed the interview with -- candor in the third segment. Finally in our fourth segment. We will have -- Kern who is the regional manager. Of the southeast region -- up global up callables a nonprofit national organization. Peoples just got case Steve case. And some former Coughlin associates are on the board of directors. They're doing all kinds of cool stuff in Kansas City. As -- on the national level through startup weekend and different. Types of entrepreneur on startup endeavors and so I actually it never matters or she's going to be on the show and our fourth segment. To dive into everything going on with up global. And I think she's axe jobs you know -- for an accelerator so if you -- down there -- holiday -- turn from up global so that's the show today. Also without further ado let's let's jump in our first segment we have -- we online. From -- for tiger freed -- -- I'm allergic and thanks for having me. It's great to have you on the show so Jenny. It's. For those of listeners who haven't -- your great artwork or your great photography season and tell our listeners moment about your background and your business. Well I haven't really bizarre. Trajectory and there. World I am I really had a seventeen year career in marketing advertising. But -- ever even. Had a camera so I really wasn't a classically trained photographer -- it. Not they're -- photography oh advertising came in and then. In my thirtieth I ain't heard it in picture extra fire -- And I really it's still a little business starting from prominent later in the studio are being tortured she Aaron. That's evolved. All the time into doing commercial Erica actions or prayer and also period. And now -- We just do networking and and having a good solid understanding of marketing advertising and promotion and the social media. Certainly does not. -- current level is that transition like freak out when you first started because you -- you. You're and that's for seventeen years that -- even do we photography. Wow I'm about ten years now so -- Yeah I was there. There's a good little friction in my career doing you know every kind of promotion and marketing PR news. -- patent honestly I don't I don't think it would have been very he can do. A photography as a business you know and it started a business without that background because actually a lot of amazing photographers take you on the it's. They don't have that background. And that it's great. It's a -- in the market are a lot of competition. And I think you have to have a pretty good understanding of how to really run them -- side. They can make it go that you know doing an art form at the airport for a it has been a really good transition for me that happened outside. Yes it's a business it's an odd yards for a girl for your business employment also. There's a lot entrepreneurs who are artists who. Don't understand the business side of meat we eat you know maybe they're not as profitable but you seem to have. Made both of those sides work based on your experience. Yeah I you know I'm I'm really social person and it really lucky that the kind of business I do. -- had a real social aspect -- I have images terse but all of our key is all the time to show people. And so -- make. Good use of social media. And I also like to socialize in person and so networking is a natural thing for me and I love the pocket and -- people also. I think having. Having a visual. Product. That I can put out there regularly like anyone has -- -- campaign worker followed my page. He's power all the times I Al Barakaat steady stream you know nothing I can put out there -- -- -- -- I really -- way to have a building block everything I can. Put out there. We'll targeted -- we have week for tiger free -- what side is weak photo dot com engineer website let's straighten out Tulsa little bit about. All the different things you work on and you mentioned a little bit about it that. Indeed you do corporal work with some of the bigger corporations and I know that you do a lot of that because they see where you to travel on your face the pace which he said but he also took also got into the fashion -- having. Yeah. Well not so what I really love to issue its -- it's amazing I love to demand where I want to do. You know models and rates church. Local and national science -- the tricky part is when Kansas City in the market there's probably not enough actual work to keep any wondered you know fashion photographers. Only -- so in addition to doing actually suffered great models and great stylist. I do a lot of corporate work to. -- my repertoire Nintendo you know -- There's a lot but corporate work or else he is -- a bit more commercial looking models who -- -- Turk. -- laboratory is your health systems are all kind of different corporate clients -- need marketing and injuries branding imagery. We -- heard shots and and marketing materials for individuals like you are we too are kind of in denial tribute to Richard -- broke. -- -- -- -- -- -- parents fell in here honestly. Did you tell you you do a little bit of everything went to school doesn't panic if she just on their -- different wavelengths you to see different things and speaking of which you do you ever and an agency two billion. Well so. Another little bizarre accident alternate that should -- outsold general -- and I'm -- the art and I really love to shoot man where it happened big primary like I like shooting. With diet that I had a lot of friends are tired. And I like humans learn so. Have I was doing that and getting now and it's kind of look like now you're achievement where I'm not a male model night. That's different than -- and they really expressed an interest in having and I'm calling it just for diet and I got started there. Small little -- that -- men modeling agency called manifest talents. And now we have 23 guys did not lose my -- Chicago Miami and other cities aren't. So yeah that was a surprise to me but also really aren't at our business so yeah I have white female model -- just. Our governor or the all right and look in your suiting culinary photos and ended. It does make me hungry look at these pictures and a lot of times in my humble opinion. Photos or videos viewed as always with the -- so you have to really figure photographer to make -- -- culinary work on things. Well I think you have to really appreciate. The artistry. And -- I think I really like shafts and earning. I don't do a lot of commercial is like he's he's a package on the hormel Turkey I don't view that really highly style that I -- a lot of shaft -- it. Restaurant. Coherent work such a character like issue. That's kind of my specialty target you know not accept all the city. An and I I invited issued their work -- Are welcomed little you know niche there computing -- -- web sites like that I project he. Not not pretty -- work happening a lot Myers the popular mind about our. Anyone near one of the coolest things about your business is that. The town located in the heart of Kansas City in the heart of the entrepreneurial. Ecosystem there in the crossroads tells about your location -- I know when you are meeting in that office like considered one point stick to this to work out your basement there when I certain Judea and the -- business so so tell me about where you're located and how that's been for your business. I'm still holding that space open -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- well I don't have you know yeah. It didn't. I. And the -- filtered or art and I. He took all over the city looking for a space for the perfect earth -- and issued -- and a share. And her events Sharon and should be seen you know and that's a tall order like it might and a great they cheer him up but I stopped -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Office doesn't have a -- flight or you're not in the neighborhood where everyone can really cute and you know retriever that answers. I mean me land at such a great spot around the corner eighteen in wyandotte right now on the hill from the -- -- -- out. -- mystery from -- days are the cost Serbs. The ground floor space so -- -- while pregnant with her here from our car rookie Ian -- apple broke windows. It got a great space so could be -- actually you're never really found out there and a huge and that's the whole neighborhood and their embrace so he's worn by the concert he Indian. I'm in -- I -- I lately her first charted every month and everybody from the President's -- And I know and that's good for business still you -- -- your logo they they interact with your a year a year you're counting and you're here. People you work whether it's a great thing and also team that areas. Is gonna become more residents obviously more apartments or whatnot going into downtown and keep that I think 90% of the apartments are full downtown and obviously more more buildings will be constructed in rehab so more do we living downtown -- more to walking around there. He had I mean it's huge fan of everything that happened in the last. Decade with count count so I'm really happy to be in the car certain. Are we really believe in supporting local -- luckily he called -- love all of that movement -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well Jane we have about forty seconds left can you tell our listeners how to connect with the -- and then like one piece of advice for area. For tiger -- they're looking to start a business. Okay -- you can put your paper and we photography. And also looking a little bit and you can record won't -- -- on paper and he. I usually -- -- that hatred people I know a little bit everyone can like our page we photography. Alfred tweet that we photo on Twitter and it went to grab a -- pretty -- and we put up all the time. And my view but our court we are dot com my biggest check all of that everybody. It would be nice. He kind you know what. -- let that be kind and help people about the -- intermittent. The golden rule I love it well loved. Jamie thanks for coming on the show today and guys make you connect with -- -- if you're down across -- -- -- some time and say hello -- thanks for coming on the show. Thank you -- I thank you think there's no problem we'll be right back announced winner -- ships. Hello welcome back to the entrepreneur TC show I'm your host Jason -- thanks for joining us today and have driven a great day. Our second segment today we have in CDO Katie Hagar who is the who the real estate broker and founder of your future address we met about what 56 years ago it seemed like a long time ago I think thing but you've been you've been very successful and in in real estate don't want to have you on the show today because. You just received an award India yeah I think you so welcome to the show tells about the award your -- so. I was actually in this magazine he -- scenario for raising stars and then Kansas city's most influential women which I was really close say I don't know I got that. In the very cool so so what -- those experiences like it and -- -- business magazine has some great events and you were able to cry you know deer shining face in the magazine which is always cooler yeah and I think it literally was shining and went into one day for the photos and a had a hundred and I -- flavor and the flu -- I just an operator of a tough. But the evidence where awesome. I got to learn about -- drive at -- first event -- great group. I this area and think oh my goodness this is the coolest thing I've ever heard as though are by social meteor and yet it is just incredible and teaching kids about engineering announce partnership to me is just. Often so island that. And then be able to hear this speakers and most influential women in it everyone was just hearing the introductions as. Sitting there going oh my goodness thereof such accomplishment and they sound incredible these company they've already had a couple people on the show there were awarded. That word with you and they've they've since then have been great to communicate with so. Well things are currently -- -- also about your background you -- involved in real state and -- -- your business. Though I am graduated from school for entrepreneurship called Babson College student and it's in Wellesley Massachusetts it's consistently ranked number one in the country we're very proud of that congressional agency Tokyo. And I didn't kick then. Traditional route for graduating from college and went into a corporal and decided it wasn't for me so did the responsible thing in quite a fortune 100 job with a cushy benefits package didn't pay salary and said. Hey mom and dad I'm gonna move Conan do something can I have my old room back in Darien lake. Yeah I guess so that was a great college tuition that we just paid per -- But anyways so I and their race board if that is gonna flip past -- minus unrealistic by the fall and then. I take the business model that I was using it platinum morality and I was selling houses on a flat feet -- basis for delisting commission savings sellers many commission. And I thought it would be much more valuable to be able to -- -- and that and their brokerage so they started your future address and we do flat -- full service listings. And seeing so so tell us more about that because I hear this. You know obviously in Kansas City were not that big -- town and so you know. Big Italian and we're not that big I mean trust me. A 34 so I I feel like -- -- about everyone in the city at this point but no there there there are real answers that say. You know. They sell it safe. And stone number their ten million dollars in and and homes and they get a 3% commission I know how typically works. Yes so there's no fix prices have prices are negotiable but most realtors will say that there 6% in a transaction. But 3% going to listings and in 3% going to banks and and a new in your business you do differently you were saying it's. That's a -- commission. Yes it -- so I -- my house for 250000 dollars in that you would pay as the total commission of less than 4% we take a flat fee at a cozy and leave -- 250000. Haitian nose off the top and -- through but it turns underlining it's okay. We Jersey train 300 and then 3% and go to buyer's agent so buyer's agents of gets paid what they -- get hated another house. But we just take personal listings and then what is that experience been like for you for me. For your business and also for generating a more volume noticing that would be. Very helpful yeah people Leavitt and I personally this is crazy M on main. Fifth or sixth found personally and to any Internet. You're alone forums I've been on Canada so I was like that it from the consumer's standpoint and 6% -- -- -- -- huge chunk out of every home in it just wasn't sending that I was from Carol it. And a lot of the sellers that we work with feel the same way. Unfortunately the market has rebounded so a lot of sellers are in good position right now. But what marriage -- started the concept back in 2010. And then the brokerage in 2012 a lot of sellers were in a bad position financially in their homes so that 2% savings. Really made a huge difference of whether or not they can even sell their house or they're getting the short sailor what are they -- Whatever their position. That's just it says it is kind of complicated so simplifying the processes with pride thing for your bottom line to. We're talking to Katie you're the founder of your future -- SOK. So what is the transition been like for you I mean you're younger person any kind of very competitive world. Over the soon I mean how do you how do you stand out how do you you know besides the commission I mean how housing going -- now the market's kind of turned. You should be doing much better -- -- Yeah we are and we actually hit and -- and any denies it and we had a new high and listings yesterday so he had. And it changes everyday so I think we have 3730. And the market improves there and -- has also improved -- murmur and a contract Pacific as soon as we build didn't they also Politico and who. Bad. Thing -- as the market improves a has gotten better if really people are seeking alternative companies like mine less now because -- in a better position to their dislike. I'm just in ecologists maturities before. And resident looking for. An opportunity for savings though has -- positives. And it. Think what what are some tips you have for people out there that that might be in my issues that are you know renting a really nice place that might wanna buy a place and again. Because you never know with the interest rates on I mean it changes every day right. So so as we sit here right now in two dozen fourteen what are some things we should look out for. It depends on how long a person is looking to stay and a homeless and isn't it I'll never -- on prime more than five to seven years -- and it is that the average. And I believe that the average is actually closer to ten years and but that's taking inning count people that -- found there. Final home you're -- and depend on your age two and where you are in your life and whether you're married or not. But if somebody is looking to stay in home more long term rate now is absolutely contend and I because interest rates are solo. Says anything get that house in the cost of owning concert and is going to be much less than because interest rates are less. However if you're not sure where you're gonna be any year because prices have gone up. It's not necessarily good time to buy and then potentially be looking at selling you get in twelve months on -- road. Because if interest rates do go in inventory levels do go back up in prices could potentially drop and he might not be in the best position. I had this whole conversation. At a local establishment on Saturday with a friend who just. Built a house now and he might look to sell down it is just it's just crazy in I I don't think they definitely buying a house in flipping how's. But it happens -- it does happen and just seems like a lot of work. That person like me and a. Back in the highest sort out and not too bad that even more headaches I -- a lot of passes. Well not a this is my fifth. And I honestly don't know if it's at six but NATO and carry out and can -- anyways. It's not necessarily the market where you can find -- distressed property at a distressed price. Bill let's say for example moments and -- -- for a 150000. And then he needs 50000 dollars worth of work. And back a couple of years ago that home my native sold her a hundred in 2001000. But now it's really time for 150 and if that after market value is 200000 there's really no room for improvement in the because the market is so competitive great how does not necessarily. The same market we had before for flipping properties. Panel we are up 45 seconds left out enough people connect with you and I see you work. Throughout the entire region as well yeah you're already greater Kansas City area and and further than ever imagine who got us through the way my let's say it is your teacher address dot com and then people can also call into office at 9132203260. Well Katie -- it's great to -- -- finger at -- success he's seen all over the place. And congrats on all the awards with the rising stars in with. Most influential women in Kansas City after Casey business magazine and appreciate on the -- they -- wrap me no problem. They shall listen Leon turner KC show we right back after the break talkies thanks. -- Kansas City and welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show. Great to have you back I am Jason -- your hosts get so good shows so far today. -- and some mixing -- we had on today and in learning more more about their internal senior in Kansas City. Our next guest we have on the phone line target friend we have -- -- who is a senior fellow at the you Marion Kauffman Foundation and also has some exciting projects going on with regards to a new book and a new -- dole campaign. Called the all in all and start a project deny a recently. Again it's a little bit of money did this this this great thing because I believe and what Dana is doing and I believe then. Everything going on with Kansas City and entrepreneurship so -- and a walk Michelle. Great to have beyond so far listeners who maybe haven't met you. -- kind of explain to -- that about your background and about in your involvement with. Kauffman Foundation and is entrepreneur. -- I has started all told one group ventures I. I've tried almost every kind of didn't out there outraged several rounds have been -- and also good strapped companies so. Had a a wide range that experiences entrepreneur. And most recently has been serving as ancient art Kaufman foundation and mentoring to local companies and are writing and speaking out. Early stage. I think it -- how to turn it profitable businesses. And you. Europe an attorney as well obviously like Mike -- but I find it. I don't do as much that is least it's thought I want but you -- -- it did you go to Georgetown -- -- Jason you went to college together -- law school together right. -- -- stretch block or I have practiced in the community around 480 well I'm. I -- out longer I think all month and one year its content. But that's how long to figure out and I'm really have a hunger for being entrepreneur and -- -- I don't -- I agree with you on that on. I want to mention do you marry your high school sweet -- Missouri secretary of state Jason candor right. Got to serve with the legislature and now he's one of the snappy is dressers in Jefferson City from what I can tell -- well. I'd be very very sharp character and I am. Barrett captain and his actually section and the number one and I think he's pretty -- Very cool -- about you're new project. Ended the -- campaign -- -- now. -- I -- I. I had an opportunity adamant or hundreds of companies. We will keep keep a score and grew -- Kauffman Foundation and our company at all of any lack. -- on the international. And I found. Black dirty and getting all I can think right now what they were creating. We're creating product and number like I got a lot of trouble I think customers. And at the same time. I noticed. Remember Crocker and longer in the what gloating teaching entrepreneurship. When you're together Conner could keep track -- teaching entrepreneurship and it Arabic and how. And -- -- majority in the church teaching entrepreneurship. Our impeached he very well educated folks that they don't have personal experience entrepreneurs. And -- Nothing. Robert pat other parent at a don't have what sorts of items. And they're eating a full term -- -- -- -- and not noticing that one spot our company and yet. So I wanted to create a book and curriculum material. That help educators. -- their students do actual real world and iron. And help entrepreneurs over. The number one pitfall or early age sure. Kyra but. In public I wiry and turning out on June 30 of this year. And I'm out of me to go out and try it won't you as many as 101000 apps are teaching entrepreneurship. That's possible about the. Then and it's been successful so far -- mean -- do you. You've been in a great job marketing it as well you had you reached your goal in the first 24 hours or 48 hours is that right. Yeah at a -- like ours currently are packed our initial goal I had an entrepreneur -- vertical line at Arlington -- target. Them. Started Colin three and out and were close at 30000 out and -- rain. And and I knew and you called strike and it -- out entrepreneur to contribute to our. Well and aperture and number -- after what he that there are real grassroots support. -- -- mean getting that you experienced real right entrepreneurship. Yeah and that's that's a great thing and then have a question about that like when I was in college. At Saint Louis University I remember. I had no aspirations to be entrepreneur I was. Set on meaning doing economics and going to law school and getting to politics but that I look back in -- have more of the top. I believe the time like the top 25 schools -- for ownership but again like. -- kind of even ranks of those things you know I guess I guess that's the whole collegiate system right now is I just don't understand how he can really. That said teach entrepreneurship by C -- -- -- being taught at eight you know. Hello -- business sets up Leah -- at this fast tracked through their affiliation and things like that I don't. Maybe colleges it really needs to evolve and that's one of the things that you're trying to do with this book. Yeah so I think we have a very -- to. -- school. What -- partnership in light done right now a lot of it's like teaching management work out the leader. Or four. You know all of these your radical concepts like watching teach them what you have that opened an item into a world. But in reality entrepreneurship and a lot more like teaching. Or basketball. Or industry there and it will get out about a book app and on experience. In -- in the real world. And other -- No graduate without having -- -- on your partner. The bad example I can imagine and it you majored in basketball and college in four years leading up it never touched the ball. After you graduated and you're trying out for the NBA. When we -- Barry act I would say you. You know you know all the period and act like -- -- on every play and that act. And all the emotion that you need to do in our -- -- -- it would be really back and I'm so bad that occurred and I'm trying to. The end that's so true because you have to eat out as even as an attorney is you know -- you go to law school you know if you're one of the best -- schools in the country wouldn't tell you. You know take the bar and can actually go and write a brief to meet an office and you really have no clue and I guess it's changing with more people. Doing the you know real life examples -- cord and all that stuff and having internship you know an associate type jobs that I mean the actual law just -- teaches you how to think and like you said. They're discounting draining you how to think like Kouchner -- -- to go out there and get your hands dirty. Yeah out quite a perfect example sorry I aperture put -- in the big big walker and like that I would at all. All -- And I did nothing but we -- it is packed they're I. You know every kind of actual application to a real estate and one day they partner -- out and pat one sheet of paper that go out there. By the Clinton need somebody to -- property. And that one of the simplest thing -- probably do. And I know all of their -- that will be one of the transaction and I didn't big market had a good. I had no idea what you're saying it like with speaking Christian and I I didn't know where to go pilot. I need to know where where to look at act -- Actually paralegals. At a current through what they -- at the pool of. I. And now it's got a scare I remember going to municipal court for the first time -- you know dishonest traffic ticket you know like. -- is here you know it's it's it is kind of a scary scary experience of activity at the book. So tell us how what kind of -- you have on your -- you know campaign -- you know -- -- the partner out. Sponsoring accurate or universities. So a lot of people are passionate about their -- -- or some. -- that they -- out and they're all out making sure. Material and he accompanied woodland get the Procter and -- apple or so people can't sponsor. -- individual classroom that objects war. They can stop here and number of war. That there have been pretty successful. People at entry into politics. Is that part. And adding on year your project which guys you can check it added in regular dot com and it's the all and start a project. It'll take you right to Dennis page in a new way to teach entrepreneurship. You have some quotes by some very successful entrepreneurs one is Tony -- -- about that but you know relation and how you both that was then this is a quote about your book. Yeah -- will be in a -- the applicable fictional story I think it will chair of the poker. At hand. Parents think and in that it will I don't -- -- learn about the principle. I I bet I get about. Third of the way -- that a -- and -- acting like a cat I got it and operating. And I really wanted to look into reading a book and finish it and I I'm -- fictional story what are the poker and not a lot of similarity between poker -- important he didn't actually chase. I've been going compliant and if you poker and can hurt you and -- are important. -- -- he really imperiled if they don't straight line and really trying to get me. -- a book about it. Very cool we about two minutes left Diana on. -- and just like -- are getting great reaction from professors throughout the country on. How are you I mean these are even traveling a lot this book and I have a newborn so I guess is not an armored anymore but are you continue to get the word out about the book. Are you and your immediate tour I guess in July guess when it launches. -- I've had a lot of contact me I -- about the book from the campaign. Wouldn't bring that aren't going to go looking into contact a -- Thousands of accurate material all our outreach efforts within the next month. -- I've already had entry. At Yale. Proper diet to a Cornell University of Florida -- impractical -- in Omaha our -- -- peppers all over the United States. And I'm I'm excited aren't for the masters it had a chance to read. Material RD and I -- at the university. Wondering what city. I'm very excited about the feedback forget about the factors incidents. Merkel and got a gift you wanna get to a thousand on triggers on hadn't done anything right. And bank at a out of a dollar are. I didn't -- I don't think it'll make a big impractical accurate throw pac man it. There -- other people what started happening made terrible you know are cheering passionate about their pocket and wanna move forward. -- -- -- one of the hardest working people out there and one of the smartest people I know if you have any any. Little pieces of advice have about a minute when he left the you can give to a an entrepreneur here in Kansas City what would it be. The big hit parallel the bucket between poker professional poker players that are a typical bank -- you're making ample. -- -- -- And reality -- at a poker players cannot hurt apple and they don't make huge gamble at a picnic while at the opportunity. They're -- and -- a bunch of money. Ads and going on Hodge in your -- -- -- everybody. -- and able -- products. Before you go all in -- idea. They're actually more people in the country -- would need to think like Dennis for -- -- have a lot less stress and in a lot less good. Lawless people are trying to tell them what to do if they do that old Danny -- thanks for coming to show how can our listeners connect with you. Moving forward. They did go to all in her aunt and I got a lot more about it in me and Aaron Copeland are part of the effort. Well congratulations. Guys make sure you -- -- -- that adding to give -- dot com on startup project and has. A lot of good information to as well on her website so check that out and and a health legacy incident told the secretary CSN hello. -- great day. But we'll be right back and on -- KC show thanks Louis. Yeah she she. -- welcome back to the Oscar winner -- Shamir hosted Jason grill thanks for joining us today. They're great shows so far and I appreciate you always listen and in and -- and connecting with -- us on the radio and online. And also you can reach us and find all -- podcasts -- came easy dot com there's -- -- to the entrepreneur KC show on the great people here. Came easy -- Condit does posted. Directly after a show or on Friday the next day so if you missed our show or missing -- rather shows you can find those. On line you can also connect with me via Twitter at JC grilled. And -- entrepreneur Casey thanks for always connect with me via social media. Guys and excited about our last interview of the day we have -- Kern who is the regional manager. Of the southeast region of -- and I really wanted to have her on the air today just because of all the different things -- global is doing nationally and in Morse and respectively in our region and get to give more information for her about it because. I was kind of unaware and I and I saw the -- of -- Kansas City recently and so. That kind of perked my interest and a lot of you might be aware already been a lot of our listeners are not so. Wanted to have her in the studio and she's here live so thanks for joining us today that's definitely -- -- here and yesterday right yeah yeah. Guess it's hard line first off I have to say that you you graduated from and Miami have a hot Miami University Ohio. Which is pretty cool campus I went there. I was in college. As it was the home of our fraternity. Add to that the Miami -- -- -- -- submit Qaeda and I'd I'd never get like driving there is a pledge and coming into the city it's like farm and there's like this beautiful campuses like Jake three years and -- call itself. Probably need experience right and it kind of experience. Wonderful law and your and it's beautiful as very cool why don't why don't we talk to little gut just kind of. How you get involved with global little bit about your background. Us shores so I was standing Kansas City for about four years now and what your what do you think so far I. Ohio and I love it actually I am didn't really know what to expect right now that right after Miami I lived in Virginia Beach and then Baltimore and relocated here for as working with the big corporation and I kinda doing leading big picture changed and and connecting actions with big picture resentment and. And those three cities are all different -- Larry ball Maher is way different than here than you have Virginia be systematic effort Virginia -- -- ago and it seems pretty laid back maybe. Yes it was pretty laid back you have the whole culture of military and all that and expand as well so there's a lot of diversity and change people and then out fresher than you made your way to Kansas City were both fast reconcile in your in your two -- -- is CIA type that -- so I didn't know you know what to expect coming to Kansas City and -- by all means blew me away like I was very not to say that now and I definitely let it was a positive impression I was very surprised to see the culture pendant. Arts and the 3-D scene and all of the odds for -- seeing kind of bubbling up and that's that really caught my attention and I are getting more involved once I made the Kansas City. So that's cool yeah I bet that's always good to hear from silliness has really no connection -- the city whether it's family or you know you just come here in your. Check it out -- stuff now and so I menu sees that you worked in the corporal little bit and then you got involved with the entrepreneurial. Start -- tech scene tell me about kind of you know. Hi got a vote of global means he's human they're now for over a year year and a half I'd just add a little over six months of starting a gap yeah. They don't take a year but it -- so so so tell us more about. The southeastern region and there's are a lot of people think -- Kansas -- is in the midwest. Out of -- well I guess maybe -- using the SEC now so we are kind of technically a little bit of southern that. Also about kind of our region and what up global -- Most definitely so I -- based obviously at a Kansas City -- only a global person here our headquarters is and Seattle and we basically and and the US have five regional managers. So I managed -- SL EE one to five Allianz. Yes I mean as the southeast and -- and Kansas was in the southeast and it's basically twelve states plus Puerto Rico. And really let up global aims to do is connect with the community leaders are helping to build and in that. Yeah basically build. Thriving eco systems on the start ups means sound that's awesome wee. And then also rolling out our our programs that are very based on experience. I wanna work for you. An entire army I think that it's on I. I I think that's great now you you'd -- have a Minnesotan through your State's new territory here looks like you have Alabama Arkansas Florida. Georgia Kansas. A Louisiana Missouri Mississippi North Carolina Oklahoma Puerto Rico South Carolina Tennessee yes that's an -- -- NN. It has a lot of a lot of variety in the start -- world fresher and across states and what are some of the you obviously travel a lot out of some. A decent then I've been traveling quite a bit this past month and it's good to get out in the region for sure and be on the ground with the people. What are some of the things you're seeing that are exciting new and maybe some other states well into Missouri and Kansas Slater but some of the other things are witnessing out there. Or you've talked to people that you work with from the southeast region like maybe some cities -- Houston you know startups that are doing well. Yeah definitely so IA just came back from the Research Triangle North Carolina which is basically Durham Raleigh as I hello -- How about them on is it was pretty claw and I I would say the big stand out with them is how cohesive they are as a community getting on board with one big plan for the year and an -- moving forward so all the different accelerators incubators programs. The working together to relieve. Raise all -- And that's kind of cool how they develop that triangle and it to be fair I mean it's kind of see this. They -- same size as us I think it's two to three million people yeah it's that they've they've really got to focus on that Research Triangle that's kind of evolved. In it together we've kind of done a little different things that aren't our world exactly. -- -- So I think that was really impressive for me and you know when other major trend and I'm seeing is startups are still -- and attacks seem that there are a lot of spinoffs and themes and what we call with start -- weekend. That's one of our kind of our -- flagship programs there this weekend right can sparkle bit about that. But it's true startup weekend a lot of verticals are coming out that not just -- that they are doing health government. Social innovation and -- and -- agriculture it's kind of all over the place and it's really a reflection of the community that is running a program. -- that's great because people forget about those talks burners they'll forget about artistic. You know those are also entrepreneurs. We had -- -- -- the -- foundation -- work with them. And we tennis a lady come talk from Minnesota and she did a whole presentation how the arts Indian entrepreneurial endeavor for city year low well local. In his knowledge kind of raise the watch for her world and we always forget about that because everything is based on -- a CT shows about tech tech tech there's also products there's also makers there's also. You know artist and -- there is a huge commitment as -- -- and that's -- in big in Kentucky as well Louisville -- people down there and doesn't like Kentucky's in your region once it's one southeast lit up. -- -- so it's OK so tell us a little bit about sort of weekend. There's starter weekend is basically. 54 hours as bringing building community and we -- to hit people at different levels of entrepreneurs journey and this is kind of at the beginning inspirational phase also will learn and start -- face. So bringing people together. Entrepreneurship so people who are just kind of interests and and dipping their toes and -- like what does this all about to the serial -- consumers who are actually. -- have a couple companies under their belt and are looking for the next big idea out or there co-founder. So basically it's 54 hours people come together Friday evening network they pitched their 62 pitch. And then through crowd sourcing the ideas are -- at a Parton and teens form organically so whenever your interest and and you can and work on that team. And you basically work all through the weekend. With access to. Wonderful coaches and mentors sometimes speakers -- and then come Sunday night EU pitch in the final presentation and less than. High level judges and a prizes and and that type of things it's a really. Condensed account the time and really really high energy. And I would say it's. You know there's a lot of startups that have gone through those and are now. You know there -- valid ideas they've kind of grown their kind of launching going to market now so it's kind of neat to see. People come on the start of and sort of weekend in Kansas City nice stuff -- -- you guys work on that and then I've obviously are looking your board of directors you have a lot of familiar faces. Scott case Steve case threatening. Couple other people on there that people on the sort of pro private recognizes well CO a lot of heavy hitters it looks like. Most definitely it's that we have a lot of great backing him are really trying to. -- -- exposed every individual to -- entrepreneurship so they have that experience to. Give that a try and so we have programs and and people. Aimed it. Giving to each of those individuals. Tell around the world right right. And actually. It was really I think it was south. -- -- an animal and I -- -- some of the events that you all had been working on -- last year and is really cool zeroing in involve. On C you obviously have events like big at you know you have your own table her own. And hotel for -- -- you know had a dad big events like data that's on the other types of reaching our -- do it. Decides to start a weekend. Yeah most definitely we have so we've words as president we joined up with Kauffman Foundation and rent an office space at south by this past this year right. Couple months we have feels like it's also a -- Orlando's health. And so we have a space there and it was a place it was awesome because our community could kinda coming down in the people who were interested in and speakers we've had and I'm just a lot of mixing and mingling so we're very big on connecting people and the leaders and the neighbors and shakers and they can make wonderful things happened from there. We also doing national summit and global summit every year so last year the global summit was Andrea I hear it's going to be focused and Vegas but more on -- -- -- and the whole downtown project and bringing our global community together -- That that downtown project exciting frank Gruber from tech cocktails and on our show and he. Email me today amount. He's in Kansas City I guess a puff so Casey is getting some more attention as well right so we had about two minutes left also about what your thoughts are -- are about Missouri Kansas the Kansas City area. That you've been here with regards entrepreneurship. Well I mean I guess tennis and going off -- what I just said it's it's been exciting and having lived in Kansas City for four years I think I've always had an interest and entrepreneurship played the ability to live and what's possible in LA not world. But it Kansas City I have to say it's the most accessible I've never found that community to be and so we've we've with you know the basis that. Different co working space says and giving Google -- ever. And having Kauffman Foundation and then now a global has a presence here. It's a lot of exciting things kind of happening at once I think rather tipping point so I hope it really starts you just blow up. Have -- to ask. Tell us how people connect with a global yes -- evidence likely decide -- -- -- -- how would they connecting. And find -- more information and also be able legalize kind of everything you guys offer. Especially our website is up dot -- that's not Condit -- And I they're more than welcome to reach out to me I'm located at speeds for accelerator card by text stars up close and there are mainly stilted -- yeah most enemy has great people so love to have people -- not by ANC I have -- permanent -- bear when I'm not traveling in the -- and so I'd love to talk about. Eat a startup weekend or our program called next which is a pre accelerator program. And we have startup -- a lot to -- -- -- people and then and get them connected and then where. And -- mingling with all these other programs and being a nonprofit we we try to remain neutral and just bring people together and then also captured the stories and -- now on our larger global. And I get a lot of resources people that they advised -- that nothing will definitely is huge as an entrepreneur so. Guys got to check this out they're doing great things that global. Debbie Debbie -- B dot up dot -- -- turned the regional manager for the southeast region of global -- -- on the show today. Thanks for coming into the studio and I love to catch it begins in a note guys check dot up dot co. Even listen to the entrepreneur Casey shell. Thanks for joining us -- will be back next week with another exciting show you can find this online it came to Z dot com. And find me on Twitter at Jason -- NN -- -- kids. -- -- -- -- --