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The Radio Dish 4.13.14

Apr 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No yeah. Small but yeah when puzzling visual problem when you don't need a hero and yeah. Don't go away and Paul will be taking your heroes in bombing to stop the -- we're going to get your house back in order for -- leaky -- flood brings water heaters or call your blowing me. -- -- Closed their hero. It's an important part of planning -- -- is no we have options and signature funerals take the mystery on the process owner -- boomer says pre planning is the -- and we have taken proactive approach to -- -- usually think -- for your vehemently at the end of the -- your family members have confidence they're doing for -- we want them to do whether it's cremation -- traditional preparation whether it's -- service -- your read them -- in their own church may feel better knowing that this is what you meant. Signature funerals dot com. How Darcy here and a fabulous and it this morning at the -- should be you know I just came back from my investment else. Gillian Smith and Christina Lomas and financial solutions and eccentric a plastic and they gave me great news really hurt my guy in a couple of years. I like it is this statement and the man recorder now that's too bad you know when you remember those days. A statement that I didn't understand -- investments and I couldn't explain. Totaled up to all those and realized losses mean really less -- on the out. You know exactly when and on through why can't do well in advance financial he'll be an it help you to. Now at face to face quarterly review I understand all of my investments. We like to retire with -- and where my retirement income will be coming round. How much here you I think I -- -- them how to like in touch with them online financial pants down count tell and -- Securities aperture the securities company ink -- -- -- -- It doesn't kill you X. It's time to leave the dishes in the sink and dish about something. -- important to you. And now three chicks who think they ruled the roost it's the radio -- Welcome glad to be joining us here at the radio dish it's. Darcy like Mindy heart Mary McKenna and you with the radio dish dot com surprise you're not signaled they're going. Because all the trees are -- and usually you're like -- like there's no tomorrow. Believe it or not I had I was down in Tulsa last weekend. And they I was so miserable down there because -- other currencies is a little bit more were a little faster earlier so I actually come doctor and -- Claritin run -- -- Feeling much better by the way she's kicked the monkey off her match used to do that nasal spray every chance they pulled the curtain practiced a little Bennett and haven't used it haven't done it. Turning wean myself off the -- cold Turkey was. -- let me tell you it was very tough I would die without my niece story. Can marry you've been writing a book. Now kind of fit exactly and -- chapter of one book. But you know what I'm proud -- you I'm proud of you for wanting to do that I think everybody wants to write a book did you every chapter. Mean yeah I -- you know. How -- metallic and -- I'll tell you an accomplished author and from Kansas City. Susan Johns who I interviewed many years ago on on a book that was called when mom's happy everyone's happy Susan's on the phone with us citizen congratulations you've got a new book that's out called to run the race a father's legacy of life lessons. Yes I -- and thank you so much for having me on. No it's our pleasure now this is a true story it's your story right. Yet can't hit it to worry about how my career -- on each month long distances. Round the track and around town about what kind of real fast like scripture like my Brothers and my sister he never told me that he entered his week long distance learning what I do on the black is Keller about. Going up with a wonderful father that. It's running really taught me to run every event like the end that's nearly. Compared premiere and the -- felt. And it's really about techniques father and how partnership committed to their children expression of their daughter -- an influence they have on their daughter's life. Is your brother obviously not linked to this front I think that this this really just talk about the strength of that that -- to build together and the courage that you really gain and -- as you mentioned the race is a life. Yes you know. In actual fact when I look back over my life what we get hot we didn't really realize what he's like teaching me at the time because that Portland when I want to get up running and he had any comments. Making year on the track that their -- and other raped and in. The way he SATA I mean he's mad about life and act like journey through life iChat and things kept hearing that it would Ian really -- my running in saving grace. Part of part of that has been taking it now it makes part. -- little jealous I never had a close real close. Relationship with my dad so -- -- a little envious. Now a lot of women. Say that -- me and I think what I like hearing women. Maybe warrant that -- or maybe someone that -- -- bothers -- actually -- -- reading that story because they. They know now. Did that -- -- be -- -- -- father should be able preacher at a Scottish Italian back. They log you in England the Backstreet you and no matter what I don't need my dad was there. And my -- you know I was blocks with both. Really good parent parent. Very thankful that that yeah -- Garrett has its huge influence on. On a daughter light the way she. Looks like -- all the rest of the machines used then. Is it huge flow my particularly its short arms grown women of all agency. Because they can relate they had a great act. Or one that he wasn't so great that they can. -- takeaways from the -- for their daughters are there has been mentioned -- more involved with their daughters and this is also a book for parents that they can learn that the important. As being involved in picking an activity. It comedian -- take -- -- -- these so you know it doesn't have to be export it to be means for a fact from my match against. Get involved with it otters at its plants huge opportunity. Or in some war. Your father Floyd. Is Siebert in my pronouncing that correctly -- -- If he -- at this end is he hears to see what great things you've done with a pen and paper. Now actually my dad died back in 94. And how the -- all as -- later I was sitting on the beach. Talking to my -- and from Richmond Virginia and they're not North Carolina and I. Talking about my dad determined that -- and she knew I agree I added she said. You know you should write a book about it and -- -- As he had you know a highly unique that relationship as he and Powell when he it would. -- to have had a father like growing up and I said it then people wouldn't really want to read about. I ask myself and she -- of course it would that's the reason and one of the reasons I wrote the book and I had to capture. Patrick comments that he wants you have a theory in the heat of the saint saying unique relationship -- people didn't grow up fat and so. One day I was running an idea pops into my head to write a book called on the race I went home inside and it tends to paper and -- -- -- -- the race is what it's about it and I can talk about -- apple in the hair on and optional -- alliance but then again I I look back and I'm much stronger and it was a lot because our campaign peaking Mitterrand never to. Susan -- is our our guest she's a Kansas City author -- the book is called run the race of father's legacy of life lessons. Susan if anybody would like -- to find the book and I I think you know it is an honest book -- times heartbreaking but it's humorous it's a great read. -- Anthony and the book. Really aren't on mine rang out Amazon.com. Barnes & Noble dot com I universe dot com probably will be in the Kansas City. Bookstores seeing that a lot of people -- it's -- one hour so that's that's where people are -- right now. -- -- -- on the spot we haven't discussed this earlier that. Would you mind making your book available some of our listeners would not be able to give away on FaceBook. Yeah I would love to get that a weird is that in fact I'll. Did -- -- -- -- in LA that works well. That same month for Darcy went from and from there and not just kidding I'm kidding I think -- -- great you know what it would agree both -- Father's -- Susan thank you thank you for writing this book a you know I -- I'm very good relationship early on with my father towards the end of his life and became. Rather difficult it is I was reading your book. -- a lot of things that I can relate to you and as Mary said hers wasn't as close as she -- a -- -- when when you read this -- there's something that reaches and touches all of us so so thank you so much write this book. Brown thank you let you know that it is just. Would it therapeutic for me to write it as well back to thank you for having show radio dish like listening to myself. I -- thank you so much and that will let you know. How you can get Susan -- book here about the for the end of the show will luck keeping all the information thanks again -- for being -- from the radio dish it. Let's super deluxe I'm glad we got some books to get away at FaceBook -- on FaceBook -- -- -- Lot of folks don't wanna part with their. She was very generous I just like her a lot and I think you'll find that in the book. It's so inspiring what a great story that she takes that and she lives that story. Every single thing she does and you know whether it and she mentioned there's there's little bit and I over the book there's a little bit of everybody in the spot. Michigan through it with you have a close relationship -- you didn't. Where are things you're in the process -- out you go through it and you realize that you know -- it's okay hands and he's a little bit of of everybody in the -- I think it's a great book. And it really hasn't -- before great idea for on the stand and so we will be putting it on FaceBook on how you can win the books don't ask us now how you can when the books -- we had no. Figured that out an add on occurred on my not a clue but we'll go have drinks and a couple hours later we'll know exec in -- -- zero. That -- we are on an inspirational. Track today I mean we just had Susan -- and coming up a story. Of a park hill high school. Athlete who is going through his own challenge. And he is. Living his inspiring story every single day Mindy had a chance to sit down and talk to this young man. And we'll share that story in just minutes it starts to Blake -- heart. Mary McKenna and you. And the radio dish dot com coming back. Take a musical strolled down the shown CDC with the Kansas City symphony on Thursday April 17 when you join -- -- classics -- -- -- impairments in joint French in -- your favorites from Debussy and say. Plus gershwin's an American enhance our tickets are only. Only compounds include glass of wine or champagne after the concert from can mingle with the symphony musicians in the beautiful conference interlocking Thursday -- -- Teachers don't miss classics -- -- in -- -- Kansas City symphony on FaceBook or visit Casey simply dot org for tickets now. And. Keeping everyone on schedule no jobs as important as caring for your family but don't forget yourself. Heart disease is the number one killer of women. Yet many women don't realize their risk factors or take time out from being caretakers to put themselves first. -- saint Luke's Muriel I Kauffman women's heart center help you keep your heart healthy call us today to schedule -- heart health assessment -- 8169325784. Crime stoppers has received nearly 128000. Anonymous tips has paid out over one point two million dollars in cash rewards spokesperson lieutenant Kelly -- so as a reward amount is now growing since 1982. That crime rewards has always been up. 21000 dollars -- the -- -- and we made -- decision that we need to increase that amount we decided -- -- -- reward to -- -- 2000 dollars I think -- really exciting people who call crime -- are motivated -- different reasons some people wanna just do the right -- some people wanna do the right thing but if it involves a friend -- family -- they tend to hesitate if they happen to -- struggling having a hard time financially sometimes money can be -- -- we hope to -- over the next few -- -- huge increase in -- -- we're getting criminals off the street and we're getting our community to be safer if you have information to. Help solve a crime called -- tips hotline at 816474. TI PS. So he's -- to begin the hot flashes those mood swings no energy for -- anything. -- suffering from menopause it's nursing Blake Dylan I did call start are missing in the -- medical center. 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That's right every woman calls right now can get risk free trial and it's 35 -- -- accent that is exclusive radio only offer call 1805036257. Is seen is that the very health foundation on its complete transformation. It isn't noticeable difference is really nice to. Have their minerals have tea and then start back here to summing Whitman of different complexion. Famine now stands behind everything it's just a company and a product that is so full of integrity. It's my new best friend. Come out of find out how you can get this free trial of hurry don't miss this exclusive radio only offer call 18050316571805031657. -- -- He'll cry and you wish to show. It's no radios did. Welcome back to radio dishes Darcy Blake in Mindy hard and Mary McKenna and you know altogether at the radio dish dot com. And as we promised. We're gonna continue down our inspirational journey today from. Susan Dawes who talked about her book in how what inspired her and her life and remember we're gonna be giving away some of those books. And then Minty was able to sit down with a young man current -- this young man just recently. -- Hitler he is a junior at park -- high school. And she was able to find out how a very inspiring. And yet terrifying story started for -- Well it all started does out of Denver playing soccer. The division one level Jose stirring it up. And one back common the next day had to get the sports high school physical. OK no big deal. I go and in that doctor. Saw something and he seemed. He seems like it was pretty obvious the next day had a sonogram. And day they call my mom that mindset though you have to indicator test cor means the next morning. Wow and that is pretty scary first for sixteen offered rum man for -- for sixteen year old that's pretty scary keys you're looking at your whole life changing right for your rise in the matter of hours. Yes -- it was really scary and I. It was really scare forever one. My and we. My friends my teammates that schooled -- -- the had to face a factor in good at taking care of. So one of the things that came out of this journey. Is that you have started this program cut -- to. Why is that so important here. It's really important to you need to exist first off get my story out there. And effort for kids to to check their tests close though once or twice a week just in the shower. Or. Especially during their high school physicals that's -- copper mine in save my life and I just wanted to get this awareness program out there because they could potentially save -- life. Is one of the things checking your testicles is not necessarily part of every sports physical book because you went to your family doctor. He was able to. And to check UN and find it at an early in a stage had he gone to. Someplace else for your sports physical that might not happen. Vietnam. And it's I've heard some things and it's a kind man. May -- that down. People can just now go to the year local CVS pharmacy. And now they don't get their physicals or because they don't have to get their -- a quote their testicles checked and I think that's kind Iran and feel that everyone should go get the proper exam because. It could save their life. -- that same doors and you are now cancer free that is correct and I'm very happy. I -- happy for you one of the things that we've been watching a middle unfold of the last couple of weeks is this little competition that you're participating in my on US with. -- me this little competition you're participating in in USA today. Most inspirational high school athlete of 2014. It's been great to get all these it's I've gotten nearly 77000. Votes from. From my family friends teammates school and even people I don't know bit. Yeah mum really competitive that I now that's not what it's about it's about sharing your story end. In just. Being with all these amazing individuals who have a tough stories as well. Because use this last week made it to the finals. And I and it's correct I've barely passed they came -- the third wild card spots does. Last person then make it end and down -- -- than nine other high school athletes from across the country with amazing stories themselves. And there's a one stories it I understand has really touched you. And inspired. A different direction for. Yeah. I read up on. Some of the athletes and they all really stood out made that. One. One individual -- really really inspired me and a he had. Really. A really crazy story his names Dominique -- He's from federal way Washington. He's a senior -- eighteen years old and I was reading historian. He had a brain tumor and he wasn't so lucky and he's just really have been battling for a long time in things aren't looking too good form and he's just siren how many sounds like a great guy and I just wanted to do everything -- -- that I sacrificed. My spots that he could be in the final. Wow you gifted him yours by in in the finals. That's amazing. And something to know about Dominick is that at this point they believe it's terminal. Eight yet that is that is correct. So for hand this is really his last opportunity. To shine. A yet is and it's it's just been it's been hard for me it's been pretty tough for me bad. Reading is say I just can't even imagine and I just reading a story just one had a to help them out and all the supporters are behind me voting for army. On the net make sure that day they get behind him and vote for him as well. So not only are you -- emissions for people to check to that you're on a mission that to make sure that Dominic gets this last opportunity. In front of him. Yes yes that's right I'm gonna do everything I can to. They can go as far as he can in the finals and and -- at all. All the people behind me to vote for him in double up for him and just get his story out there because he's truly inspiring wouldn't it be cool. If you won this thing. The unbelievable. It would just be it'd be great idea jumping up and down I'd be so happy you can throw a party hearing a I definitely would. I think we all join you in the party. That's an amazing amazing gift that you did. Mean certainly you did this to create awareness it wasn't really about winning for you is really about creating awareness for testicular cancer and and your dad said something the other day about you know from fifteen to what thirty years old testicular cancers and number wine ages fifteen to thirty. -- is most common cancer. For -- Yet can be very deadly but it is also very curable cancer. And you caught yours and states to say you were very lucky to have -- is so early by going for the sports physical. He is is really lucky and around the area. Very grateful that now my parents and my coaches approached me to get these physicals and I think they're great things. Because I I had no clue and and it really saved my life. We're glad that it saved in life is one of the things they you wanna accomplish in this world as you love playing soccer. Yes soccer is one in the number one things in my life. It's always. It's always been their farming and at some liken this guy out there and and an idealized somehow loved to do it gets everything off my mind. Then -- you are hopeful at this point of playing College Soccer you've got that in front of you because you are cancer free. And it you know there's no reason that you're an. -- very long time. Yeah and soccer I'm really looking forward to call it soccer and hopefully it can go. To top level college to play soccer in go as far as I can in my soccer career. So right now -- -- club soccer as part -- soccer it doesn't start up again until fall as strict. So tell me about clubs suckered anti travel -- what does that look like. The club soccer it's a great health. Great friends on there also they're great athletes and we're really really competitive team practiced a lot. We play alive we're very dead. And he really travel a lot. So you're hoping that by and the time fall rolls around that you're not gonna have to go back for anymore -- small procedures. And for Canada after care this cancer at that point he just. I always keep in the back my mind that I am I'm always looking forward hoping for the best. Because he can't just long stuff and I just need to look forward and I go as far as I can in my life now I heard a little rumor. That the hardest part of this was losing hair Yang is it was pretty tough I was kind of scared to lose it down. But I knew I had I had to do it has that. It was just so little minor setback. In my life and it's just a little -- glad to get over to beat cancer. And that you did so. What would you like the lessons of the show today to do for you. Com. Really what I'd want them to do is. Is this -- upon my story chairman soaring and get it out there and they checked to orange program. But another big thing is two get behind Dominique -- and and then vote for him and then the SA today a final. And that's takedown Dominique checked all the way through the end here that is right this did it because we need to have a party no idea. What a great story and we want to make sure everybody goes and votes it is USA. Today HS asp dot com it's from the you know it is just awesome thing this'll be round two. Vote buying next Thursday I think about 11 o'clock Kansas City time. On AM yes -- so yes this is the finals this is it right. This is the end. Of the contest says that's amazing to integrate young man and it you know after today if you don't wanna get up in due south and and help somebody out I don't know what is wrong with -- gonna continue on. And gentleman who has -- an organization called Angel flight. And what they do for thousands of people. At no cost to these people it'll just blow you away you'll find out how you can get involved -- -- as well. It's an inspiring today here. Is that the radio dish so hopefully he'll be back with this into. We'll talk about that here just few minutes it's Darcy Blake and Mindy heart Mary McKenna and you at the president. Experience Latin passion and the story of star crossed lover. Perhaps answer Kansas City symphony presents -- -- -- Romeo and Juliet -- -- will be time actually 29 and thirtieth and at Kauffman center guest conductor Carlos -- creative returns for a program that includes price winning young -- guitarist John Young kind performing the most popular work by Spain's government being. Tickets start at just twenty dollars available now -- Casey Tiffany dot org from Ewing junior march 20/20 ninth and thirtieth. The details like a symphony on FaceBook or visit Casey simply don't work cleaning up doesn't have to be hard mop bucket in North Kansas City makes it easy with great products owner Karen Adams has a product's unique like -- stuff I know -- you fused at my house is built in 1920s and it would work it's all old Missouri as gorgeous wood but it was dull and my girls and I have gone over every inch of this would work and it its shiny it's gold and it's just gorgeous one. 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The only thing are complimentary sample insert -- is missing is the price because right now we're offering delta a compliment every two weeks sample as part of a nationwide giveaway. Call -- clean your sample today. 180608996. Instant -- provides powerful and effective joint relief for your knees hands and even your hips. Proving to yourself by calling now for your complimentary sample. It's a flex is available at GM -- Walgreens and vitamin -- we can only get your complimentary to each sample by calling 180608996. Call now for your two week is -- sample. 180608996. Grab extra cookie to sit back and relax it's time for the radio ditch quarters calories. Welcome back to the radio -- are seen -- Mary and do you at the radio dish dot com wonderful organization here in Canada is called Angel flight central and with -- is the executive director danceable. It is great to have you here -- there to be on the show -- appreciate -- inviting a lot of people are going I hear that voice I know that voice you and I'm -- ready -- time. And you help she should simply too -- yet some of our liners so it's kind of estimated to have that boy here he is the voice of our Hollywood playing DCS needless to say. Angel flight central what a wonderful organization Phyllis and a little bit about all the great work that you do. We're 501 C three and at a -- terrible flights for access to health care and for on the humanitarian purposes we covered ten states we have about 400 pilots throughout the ten states and we transfer people in non emergency situations to medical treatments outside the geographic area can for transportation and. That's amazing how many different pilot Steve -- get involved in this because you know this is some of these people do out of the kindness of their heart. Right you know the pilots that I talked to also the same thing we love aviation and offline. And we'd be flying flights no matter what so. They take their love for aviation and their love for helping people putting together -- help -- flight centralized tremendously we don't centrist and we just completed our fiscal year. March 31 -- stance just demo before -- last year the organization. Are coordinated 2606. Points for people and it. Obviously this costs a lot of money and and there are ways that people can can help donate money you've got up a golf term that's going to be coming up. Yep thanks for the nice people like you history it's the twelfth annual giving back golf tournament as can be held on Thursday may safe epic creep more championship golf course and -- -- And by the way that was rated number one and in Orange magazine. As the on top ranked local public course towards the organized players. It is during his -- I think golf balls and last out there when times have it can find news and bring them back so -- I'm not. All I'll be looking for your name on the ball exactly you know one thing that really strikes me about this event is that you still have green and cart sponsorships available and for -- hundred dollars up. They're very inexpensive to get involved and help the organization even though the participants 125 per person. And that includes the golfing. Donation to the organizer but not the pink golf balls. I can't imagine that. -- -- wants to get involved not only to tell sponsor but to play because it creep or is -- great kindness if -- flight center obviously a wonderful organization how they get involved and Elvis. You know actually if they wanna go to our website Angel flight central dot org that's Angel flight central dot org. Go to the events page and -- scroll down maybe two articles and you'll see a our US GA golf tournament registration form click on -- and send them. This is a great way to get involved obviously if you -- -- it'll taste of what goes on with Angel flight central. And other ways and you're looking for volunteers all the time because normally we talk about pilots -- OK you don't find that this cell -- money discounts that takes volunteers to coordinate office. It does we have our ground volunteers that you are reached hospitals to a social workers. Go on speak to more rotary clubs do -- work out there there's a lot of people out there that -- -- or service they're really don't know that we exist so it's very important that there we heighten our awareness what these people know that the service does exist so we can help as many people as possible. Just out of curiosity what is the average cost -- flight to provide this service one time. It really depends on as far as the donation from the pilot depending on the plane anywhere between. Probably 400 at a thousand dollars depending on. Flight and it costs us right around a 150 to 200 dollars by the time we do the screening. Of the resources. The coordination could you go back and forth the communication the outreach and everything. Right around 200 bucks for internally. You know court like so on. This fundraising that you do is to offset those costs so that you don't. That you don't have to charge anybody to Davis right and I mean were nonprofit so these people fly for free. And if they have to go back and forth for five times fleck for for full range of muscle on -- there's in the -- I was gonna say it's amazing you can go on Angel flight central dot org and take a look at. On the qualifying criteria that's involved because there there's a lot that needs to go through but the amount of people that you helped that that's phenomenal. Probably some time I would say in June or July organized -- 20000 flight oh wow up. And I know when this started that way back window on before you started working with the my remembered in the first interview. An and they were so nervous about getting started and and was the need out there they knew kind of that it was when all this began to think everybody during this is going to be Hispanic. Now and you know recover ten states and don't we have such a great. Response from social workers hospitals are in Kansas City that refer and we get people come and and now. Because of back to -- cancer center people from outside coming in for treatment. And people going to a Saint Louis or Mayo Clinic or MD Anderson Anderson it's tremendous. You know we interviewed decals that from you work that whose husband had needed a liver transplant a chip to charter a plane to get him here -- what a huge. Gift if you don't have that kind of financial resources -- could charter plane how how -- you can do that when you find out you've got to get there you've got to get there. You know you know there's other organization similar to ours -- throughout the different regions. And we have very collaborative effort. Now where our pilot will take someone to a certain destination their pilots and pick them up impediment to the clinic so there's a great working relationship between organization and other similar to ours. Into compliance central is a great organization if you are golfer you wanna get a month and a little bit more of the golf tournaments coming up on Thursday may -- shot and start in the creek more championship golf course and bring more misery great golf course as Don mentioned on the want to more information go to Angel flight central done or downtown thank you so much for being here thanks for having -- is the only change sensible American center. I don't going to -- -- Smart -- -- look great it's that is great organization thousands. Upon thousands of free flights. All across the country I mean. It's I'm just an amazing all the volunteers that make Angel flight possible and what's amazing. It's a great group and a great way to get involved it is in deep -- we're talking some things hearing Kansas City. This is going to be in front of the full City Council we -- our show based here in Kansas City and they are getting ready to consider a band on. Committee and now it's gonna be in front of the full council they're talking particularly. On city buses they don't want people with the electronic cigarette on city buses is trying to protect kids they say because a lot of kids are using things too they're loading these. -- Kansas City they do they had -- this will follow in the footsteps of the only City Council which just this week voted. Fourteen nothing in favor of the of the camping ban -- am New York city's thirty minute and so is Chicago. So there's something out there that's bothered a lot of these City Council members a lot of health experts saying we need to do so even though. I mean if it's used properly you're just. Breathing in mist it's perception that it's safe and we don't know that is safe and certainly. We don't want to -- give them a tool as children that is a steppingstone to. Cigarettes because we know that a 100% hard core drug users that are out there started with their first drug being massacre. I AM I don't know how I really. I didn't really -- it may be that there is quite as dangerous as they are. I was hearing didn't you tell me that one of them blew up in there and it has the story of when the blue weapons of his face -- nick -- the liquid nicotine not easy for me to see this morning. That's what can pose a problem and in fact there's been some poison control problems we have one here in Kansas City recently now in it. Its interest in we'll see what I have a feeling Kansas City will go the way of Chicago and hand to LA him in New York it. Interestingly. Independence, Missouri just to the east to Kansas City in Jackson County in the first city with in the metro area that too. Took this up as under consideration which kind of surprises people because Independence, Missouri nationally is known as being. The now former. Meth capital of the world and announced it is an it is engineers. He's a former right now it is while they're building their best ha -- they're building their inventory back up just kidding. We've got more coming on here in just minutes including how they would dealing with Kristin -- RC Mindy Mary. And you at the radio dish dot com. If you're getting closer to retirement I have an important question is your retirement -- on track -- Dave Thompson Friday mornings at 930 on the -- BC business channel 1660 AM equal share how you can keep your retirement on track with protection of principal tax deferred growth and a lifetime income -- learn more online -- Dave Thomson dot net that's Dave Thomson dot net and be -- listen every Friday morning at 930 today -- it's your money on the KM -- business channel 1660. AM. 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No radio dish it. -- -- It's -- Back to the radio -- start seeing Mindy Mary knew that the radio dish direct comment and conversation with a gentleman who caught the show last week and the only thing he could remember was how old leeway is that what we're talking about -- -- -- -- and -- that's that's what you got out of the entire show. Thanks a lot -- The biggest names in Hollywood all the gossip and the story you won't hear any -- It's time for this week's Hollywood can play good Christian. -- we'll -- -- on the line with us from Hollywood to I'm I'm just gonna use that little shortened name panel likes guard -- for Scarlett Johansson do you think that works for you Christen -- He did she Kremer. Mickey and creepy thing on her which is problem. Like -- go to -- her is now scar though she actually I'm Eileen tacky and this is -- it apart its latest people can't actually see -- -- -- -- -- pop up in that regard it's a Larry I did think Scarlett is a pretty game all that it it. -- may cover story it's not the worst thing because they do think like that giving you the nickname or at least interceding you but. Heard she's like just com currently when a Paltrow she is she's not she's going to be I don't know she's wearing wedding ring again you know she's -- I'm guessing on this conscious and cop link first of all seeing it separated her Forrester on their way to where you know she just wish her son. Is is a happy birthday and in the photo of course is her wedding range. It's one of those things. It takes you -- take their wedding ring -- symbolic Kenya you have to realize that they IR. Gradually perhaps separating or that -- reconciliation is is in progress but. I think for now they're definitely separated. It doesn't sound like they're completely working on it but they're still annaly and maybe that are still far. So the question is how old is too old to be button naked on the cover of the magazine Julia Louis-Dreyfus how old -- she -- She is in her fifties that each day deep -- -- -- -- is seriously that we had not. Aged at all go look at and signed episode and the that are now she looks pretty darn good. And she's naked on the Rolling Stone cover this much is expected said not possible let me do not match at 850 ratio and -- as part. Nobody -- like. -- it doesn't matter she looks fantastic. Whether she's 57 5030 or 45. She looks gorgeous and healthy young migrants. Great. Yeah I hate her -- Funny I like -- She is funny now Gillian Michaels says she probably could go into her fifties and be posing butt -- -- a magazine cover because she's so in shape if you don't know she's on the Biggest Loser but maybe not much longer. Issue considering leaving the show ever remembers -- easy and contestant that one ritual Fredericks and we about a 105. Pounds by end. Yeah she was well all right and she was I I know -- that is way under weight and she was concerned about the message that. The biggest losers delivering to you people about eight and you are you aware that eating disorders and even just losing weight in healthy way. Rachel Fredericks and has now admitted that she's put on another twenty pounds since the Biggest Loser finale she's feeling healthier and stronger. But I think for Jillian Michaels is concerned that NBC in the show. Was delivered the wrong message is not looking up contestant. Yes she did looks spooky thin and now -- wants to distance herself from all that and who can blame her I don't glimmer at all and I tell you take a look at Rachel Frederick's Nash at school race relief. Now let's. Look at the other side of the coin and that's Kirstie Alley how many time aims are we gonna walk down her weight loss -- she was on Oprah and this time I'm gonna do it for sure. And then she was on her own reality show I believe in this time I'm gonna get for short and she was on dancing with the stars and I'm gonna do I really mean at this time and now -- do and it all over again. She -- and she bursting -- the 90000 -- she lost more than 75 pounds now she wants is about twenty to thirty pounds. But I tell you this is -- started -- people like oh my gosh we're so over this but honestly isn't everyone's weight loss story. He's a bunch of weight we put some back on we Tryon is a town and we all your guiding a lot of us understand her struggle and I think that message. Jenny Craig is trying to say stay on the program stick with it sometimes we all -- you can do it. -- because it has been an up and down battle for her I love her. Her verbiage that she says I'm not circus fat to date so it. You know -- -- all -- that does it matter. How many pounds actively is that you know you just sit there and again. If you're on now mart to get your dress -- you know the tent maker then maybe it -- need to lose a little weight. Neil Patrick Harris may be going into. The show business. It's such an interesting time in late night because we've had so many transitions over the last years. And we culminating Jay Leno oh Jay Leno again and Jimmy Allen coming -- and Jimmy Kimmel moving to 1130. We do you have. Letterman retiring so what's gonna happen in 2015. -- Patrick Harris is one of the front runners she replaced David Letterman and other names that it or not there include Steve in cold there. Actually handler even Craig Ferguson is at 1239 at 1130 spot. Let you know you have to think that Neil Patrick Harris is probably. One of the top names because. The -- again he's going to be up against Allen and Campbell were both kind of like fun. Loving every -- guy that's exactly -- Care springs table some of the other names mentioned are all very edgy comics and it doesn't necessarily work at 1130 which solid and O'Brien. But you don't edgy comedians don't necessarily work you have to have fun as opposed to trying to be funny there's a difference there absolutely is and those edgy comedians work very well. 1230 slot they don't work only 1130 slot that Craig. Ferguson has first right of refusal on the job so they don't operate to get somewhere between seven and twelve million dollar payday. Contract either stay -- at 1230 or he can go off doing something wow good contract I need to see who his agent is can we appreciate your time as always thanks Chris. Creature could hurt because. I don't. That's the Hollywood -- with Christen -- on the radio -- Well and now it's time for the dirty dishes from -- by the mop bucket at 812 armour road in North Kansas City. Pets in the house you need liquid alive he gets rid of the stain the smell all the way down the carpet pad liquid alive at the mop bucket dot com. Do you. Yeah. Okay -- a look at her boyfriend okay nobody here know I know -- I doubt if everybody daughter's well I'll tell you what so many women are out their lonely women who are looking to curl up whether it's too much Netflix on a Saturday night we have a guy for you Arthur is cute he's for -- emotional baggage. He doesn't have an overbearing mother he won't leave the toilet seat up an upright position. Finley got Steve -- aren't there he won't gamble way to rent money he will spend every Friday that -- and that with the guys. Your interest in urgent I think in me. -- there are your girlfriend's they'd be -- that's true I guess huddled there an end up in the men's substitutes. -- they're called -- -- boy for -- -- yeah -- -- -- created by 26 year old designer who's based in Holland and has come together with these things you can go ahead. He get a plan where she can go hadn't met them for you. They're watchable. Dissertation -- now. And they're about a thousand -- each boy just pulled -- her name on a Google -- had pretty handset force we're just eighty yellow and don't tell and knock. Yeah I assure you thought John -- I don't think there's going to be anybody from the University of Connecticut who can pronounce that name but do want to say congratulations it is kind of a a cool thing when both the men and the women's basketball team. Win the national championship -- -- and you an anomaly now you could call it that two -- to what would be an anomaly is to have a large graduating. Class from the UConn basketball team they re one of the low lowest of the -- as far as actually graduating players people who. Play on the UConn basketball team. They don't get their degree for the most part. I think that you actually is ranked relatively high Anderson Kentucky's actually ranked relatively high as well -- And there are. Stories about two colleges spending more money on athletes I think. Maybe they need to pull back little bit at the University of Connecticut -- -- -- and I think maybe they need to look at where their recruiting from countered there's an English teacher who had a brilliant response to a student slant letter that -- that he posted. And basically a McKinley high school students in -- not. We don't know the city that this came from. I'm basically there was a hot 101 word letter full of grammatical and spelling errors and also contain curse words if they -- the curse -- -- Probably not sure responded by correcting the mistakes and then and sliced and -- the planet with a marker and the bottom of the teacher had one last Mac tempest in by reading these user education appropriately. -- -- takes five minutes he keeps you from looking stupid and -- -- maybe he can go to UConn I think that's in this your pain in my future I will be the MCI guess you -- -- had just two out of shape to be running anymore for the together as one run it's gonna be -- English landing park on Saturday and I think we're gonna get under -- at 8 o'clock in the morning. They raise money for kids to play in sports but don't have the money to by the uniforms great cost. Definitely agree -- got to thank our guest today -- Hitler obviously wonderful yet USA today. Dot com and I can remember than anti USA today HSS. High school sports that follow us on FaceBook Twitter. Where were hanging around we'd like for you to just be witness they're always -- Mindy Mary and you together here the -- -- -- dot com. They're provided by Robert McCain now with the new lady looks a lot in Westport. Van dam and really good on radio.

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