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Entrepreneur KC Radio 4.8.14

Apr 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the start of the universe cannot have fun doing it you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dreamers and do loosen got to visualize playing horrible and very clear about the money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and tried not to hurt anybody along the way onto the nearest paved the way into the future of the industry start. College and should plug in and turn on algebra -- Casey your voice more entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie. Looking back it was one of the best decisions I ever made with your host Jason grill. Hello Kansas City and welcome to be entrepreneur Casey showing McCain BC business channel 1668. Am I am Jaycee and grow New York Post thanks for joining us today. Very excited about our show today we're gonna have a -- group of entrepreneurs and can't see business leaders. On today's show so grew very excited to looking forward to that what we have on the show with so it's kind of profile for you now. We will have in our first segment we'll have Kelly Hancock on the show who is the senior manager of Garmin global business development we haven't had anyone from Garmin on our show yet and I thought of these. Great to have them on the shows one of the bigger companies in Kansas City to talk about. You know what they're doing in Kansas City and nationally globally and also to entrepreneurs and Kelly is a great person and has been a very successful businesswoman in in the can't Syrian in his throughout the country she travels as well so she'll be on our first segment today. In our second set that we are gonna have Nate Jones who is somebody my nose Nathan Jones but I go by Nate Jones agents is CEO and act local. Need left Kansas City a little bit over a year and a half ago to head out -- Cisco where he got the large round of venture backing. From -- forests and he is got a company called out local which is Tiffany and and doing some really great things he's been recognized as one of the top ten most fascinating companies -- sued by -- startups and sued by fast company recently so. Brewer talked with me I believe he is on vacation somehow -- you sometime today and talked about. Where his company's going what is experience has been like in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. And gadgets and of inspiration from him today and what he's learned since he's taken his company. Out of Kansas City and our third segment today we are going to have -- blades on the show who is a kind of relishing story she was an influential woman award winner at the -- business swords. But she's done some really cool things in entrepreneurship -- told her PR company to a local company. 1516 years ago she's also. Did some great things in writing within the arts council with mentor ship she's an Angel capital investor and Jesus recently wrote a really cool book says she is kind of all things entrepreneur it. Has a lot of really good information that she's gonna share with us about. Her pathway of being a female entrepreneur and everything she's done and in her life so -- your reaction to talk to -- blades. In our third segment and our last segment today. We are going to have a rob and act in Susie publisher of TC magazine and TC business as well as this is Casey dot com which recently launched. I alongside her will also have Catherine Jones she's the senior business editor of Casey business and editor of good health TCU -- gonna talk just about. Their recent re launch of -- magazine this is Casey dot com and also. Catherine is gonna tell us more about the may June issue of Casey business and their re launch. They're gonna have a whole new look to their to their magazine in new logo. The whole nine yards and they've been doing some really good work over there at TC business and -- magazine I've worked with Catherine Jones on numerous amount of occasions. And she's great so excited to have them on the show on our final segment today you can check all of our shows out that came easy dot com. We're all the podcasts are listed to the right of the page if you misty you -- shows. And you can also find me on Twitter at Jason grill. And -- on turner Casey I appreciate you guys continuing to support the show. Connect with me and continue to work hard and all your entrepreneur on business engagements in Kansas City. A lot further ado let's get to our first guest today we have Kelly Hancock. Our Hancock's them on skis really she is a senior manager and Garmin the global business development and Garmin international -- Kansas City Kelly how are you. I'm on -- court dates and things -- happening on. No problem thanks for -- wade through that introduction there I -- I apologize for keeping you waiting. The furthest listeners who don't know you personally which I know you do a lot of different charitable things in Kansas City in many are listeners will know you. But can you give us a little bit of background on you're your past a business career and life and then get into what you do now garment. Definitely -- and technology. Four years now -- -- -- that my career at practice. And then the last site here's your earnings and our club. So tell me about like that means you've worked in a lot of big companies in Kansas City. What is that experience been like fear it sounds like sounds like pretty gets it you're still doing the right thing. Asked it is very exciting and I feel very fortunate Q how about what you need backtrack here in city. I am and how that culture and let it -- where I am leading experts -- here. Friend Alia I had a you're renovation. And garnered a -- -- -- innovation and engineering -- he is in the heart as what accompanied it all out. The so we all we obviously know sprint has gotten more involved your your former employer in the entrepreneurial world. And -- again exactly. What Karmazin because I know that you you kind of were involved with some events in Kansas City but I know that garment. You know is also getting involved with kind of more the small business entrepreneurial scene in Kansas City. And -- currently believe we're asking an engineering talent and support oracle. And are really -- we do that I can challenge that will you ever seen especially. On our parents and then last. And why aren't we -- -- a quarter. Local school here and on we all know and soaring -- and supporting. International help grow. Technology. And typically act I have -- at all let me breaks our heart and how. Create extraordinary technology. And start -- What is that experience been like for you kind of delving into that is I know that. Do you have a lot of experience in product management and development as was. Marketing I mean I know he's served at the is on the -- nearly Kansas City is -- your border actors as well as a director of marketing but. What does he experienced it might kind of working with a lot of these companies and getting involved in the -- for Merrill sort of space for you. It really -- I think I think it's starting spratt and text art heart and acts -- And calm and into that plane bringing that talent here. And we're seeing the local community -- passion for helping. They can city community. And he mentioned -- -- it's -- it's been very. And other aren't charitable. Organizational cheering -- so much energy. Mountain how -- hurt others and so on marchers -- first and -- others as Lilly out. Lot of caught -- -- on costs are now. Looking for application -- -- start ups and I've been really exciting -- that aren't energy that I got from. But start actually elect and hearing stories. And -- lecture I like our world has belly out. That's really. Great experience. It is still -- the one of the things that's interesting yeah. Kelly is we've we've grown the last few years I mean when you were at sprint back in the you know you said you were there for about ten years through. The 2009 it looks like 2010. In -- wasn't this let's collaboration I don't think from the from the big six companies the major corporations in Kansas City. With entrepreneurs -- with startups through this movement and I feel like. In the last few years really since I've kind of been more involved and -- much rural community. There really has an emphasis whether it's from Garmin or sprint or cerner. You know UMB bank or whatever to get more involved with the entrepreneur community. That's -- -- that I -- between parent company she just mentioned we all believe. We have something to terror -- and in noncompetitive. Way. How in the city and mark Howell and and we won't bring them into the city and more are. Mark how well it will happen alarmed a lot of it is troubled company that aren't really on and so -- Bringing and march on recruiting. I'm here and Hartley currently affects all of us. When you've been a Carolina for a while he went to K state right. And so there -- see you you -- journey here your midwestern spirit here right B also. You're also of Markkanen in a global business development team -- take me through that a Garmin international. I mean that's a big undertaking isn't it. Yet it is it really -- -- -- exciting but all of her alarming to try to stay a car as its technology your car. Our current segment and I had a team that wanted our technology partnerships across the world so. We're supporting. Our our our product across odd about it -- next outdoor. Marine. Aviation. And and while -- And we continue to expand -- there are lots of action cameras aren't. Corruption at the goats eat out well extra expense so. Technology. Or ships are higher in need it -- continue to hear expand an exciting out a lot as well. I can't imagine that you traveled across the country a lot or internationally. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And really I'm great ticket global experience. Different cultures and technologies we really rely heavily on. Our app bargaining. Around the world. That's amazing and so. 'cause you but for most people out there they think -- as you know just the GPS stuff trenor then. The -- season automobiles but it's it's more -- that I mean mentioned not aviation marine outdoor sports. You just isn't something about fitness I mean it's it's really growing from a week will be used to grow up with who -- isn't. -- it says we we really are you know are broken and -- Products that are central perk up aren't -- and our customers have XP and that. I caught a lot of different -- we really like her I carrier products and I and when we see and eat all our -- chain he works depreciation and I'm in serving our customer and I met. We got out in laughter it actually create quality product. I think our rights has really seen -- our brand or are we do. Her right to your tropic. For -- and one thing -- just notices the you have over 9200 associates in 35 offices worldwide so it's great to see. So many people in the Kansas City area. Doing so much for this company and in it's it's definitely a global brand and gives more commission in Kansas City as a whole doesn't. -- -- on its great cheer how all the engineering. And engineer -- green challenge here. You can't -- that he was also that I is an act. So out -- next principle that we we captured garment. So how did you get so business development mean that that's that's a lot of things the startups are trying to do I mean do you have any advice for. For not for an -- and then someone that's in business development of good ways to grow your your company. I think it. How do you have passion for what you're doing and I went I would start ups and understanding story -- Why they hurt we're right they're giving their time and energy. That's straight salary to start -- Why they have manipulate their actual. Track. And you're ready what is. What does that trash like striking back what was inspiration church. The whole mission -- -- start as early -- he and taking. And trying to articulate. What that means I'm aperture. Is really important. Couldn't agree more Kelly couldn't agree more. Double Kelly Hancock's these senior manager Garmin global business development really appreciate you joining the show one of the things it. I I know most of our listeners want to connect more garment. And then what not in with you is there anyway we can reach out or find more information about the business. We can't I can get the information that's her arm I'm -- I think. You know when he hourly I'm -- it -- -- it. And I. And spirit and what we're doing. Very cool Kelly thanks for your time today and I hopefully we'll get to see -- -- and congratulations and all the all your success and all the hard work you putting in for your company. The problem both talked you since. It. They solicit the entrepreneur Casey shall be right back after the break. Welcome back to the entrepreneur Casey Shamir hosts. Jason growth thanks for joining me today on the shelf. Great for segment looking forward to our second segment today we have on the line from. -- Florida actually we have made Jones the CEO at angle local dot com obviously. Nate is a Kansas City in he moved recently out to California but he's he's -- us today from from Florida when iconic -- catch up with him about his company and you know what he's learned out there in California hopefully give us and it tidbits of what what to look forward to from had local in the future Nate thanks for joining us today. There could be a moment or you don't start a body on your vacation in south south south -- very targeted. It's. Sure now right now so it's so good. You'd hear from you so tell us again for a listeners do. I might not know what had local is and Doug give us some -- and -- you get involved. So -- -- -- video marketplace. Primarily. Can next arms to bar owners aren't that produce meat. The reason for that is and there are a lot of unnecessary steps between. Meat gets to the market and consumers it's not a lot of probably -- mostly called it. Sort of a lot of steps in the way that a lot of middlemen can be removed a lot more efficiency. A lot energy saved and most importantly the farmers could be cable so we created a marketplace. -- Very cool and recently you've been you receive an award from fast company is one of the ten most innovative companies include. That come about many congratulations by the left. I appreciated. Like multiple -- you've done all the concern that it is clearly -- -- during Al reached never hired PR person. You know at Albany and council allowed. Our eyes which are to us and it's no different -- company says it. You know we think -- which are working well it. Is is greatly. -- corporate and keep the award so obviously we enjoy that car. Now for those of listeners who don't know you love wearing Kansas City for him -- -- San Francisco and you were involved with the fast track program at Kaufman and you did a lot of work here. What is that experience like for you kind of transitioning out to California. A lot harder than I -- and a lot easier than a and so. The cost of living what has been good good deal. That's not going to be kind of adjust -- -- appropriate. You know pretty early stage and they are certainly. In it for the money so. You know it's all about the work -- -- -- -- where you sort of don't notice it. -- much -- perspective there's obviously you know what California you are beautiful place a lot to do so. Our domestic airport. -- you know just the cultural perspective. You know difficulties faced by the fact that got fairly. -- school school. You know those kind of -- -- apparently. Look at things kind of different but are in critical but current transition to -- well. Good company you know it with a protesting or company. Itself. -- such -- -- -- And I didn't had. To Egypt should be up and -- but I -- you know let it slip through. Local -- You're out there and moved companies so it looked at all but pretty much -- best interest for the -- company. Companies -- itself we're outraged. And more what we did not -- what we do first round. We can raise additional law something. On debt -- ducks are actually get the transition period so it's been hugely important. How did you -- what was your first journey raised and that was more public. Yeah dignity and perhaps investors include market though. That it's a few others and global investors opened equity partners participated. Our local ball or competitive like that let her. Are still greeted by a company. Raised to a great arched a couple of that the he spoke to -- it actually is so. You know start Albuquerque it should be tried -- -- Philippine part wouldn't want to. That's great to hear because you know we are trying to continue to grow the entrepreneurial space here but for a company like yours it sounds like. You know you have been -- successful and hopefully you're from the kind of promoting what we have back home back consumers is there's too. I am and you know it's controversial because people you know they. You've returned to community to connect to name their regional -- a lot of -- about. People who brought it don't matter. You have to be there and like I I get that sentiment comes from our identity and oversimplification. I think. -- -- The decision to go out -- not to rally. You've been there -- company specific and personal specific decision. I really don't think that's so good about there -- true that's helpful to starters there's a lot people think it is. I do think however there are a lot more vengeance toward companies. Look at. The nervous. And so. And cancel certain companies. To remain where they are that makes more Arab and extra -- not to contribute to the ground and -- -- Again it's their parent company specific. And it's very personal and so I wouldn't you know I it's partly to say. One or the other you have to protect opening. Content up there. -- so -- companies that you know. To be quite on it will be very difficult to compete against companies go outside. It's a thoughtful way -- brought. A. And then obviously. You know it's a tough decision to with the family involved and trust the living you mention all that means that there's like things that go into it besides the business aspect. And obviously -- local. I mean that's you knew you were mid westerner you view -- you've kind of got the idea I think for being here for remember correctly. Yeah I didn't get the idea being there I mean nobody. That's heard our story knows our family members that you know aren't aren't our question -- so strong city. My co-founder -- it's spam your producers as well. You know -- -- Nebraska as well you know my brother's ship and so. Like all -- being political story company so we're definitely come. You do. Wouldn't have bought -- that you looked at -- or like. Which no doubt. The merchant an early stage tech which agricultural production. Yeah I'd tell me about -- Samir partners even worked with from a restaurant perspective may be some of them we might have heard of. Well we actually are beginning to -- that good that we -- to -- treated. You were pitted right. All right okay yeah that's that's good they're actually your start -- right. So you don't cellphones. I think that mr. Hart. Yeah so I would want to what I call great circuitry. Property right now about to resource company to be a subscription service for consumers. Yeah. Yeah I -- heard I don't know -- -- some look at your web -- now it looks clean and yet some high profile people here is as those customers so wanted to make sure -- -- to to tell that that it happened so. Indeed expect Kobe existing web site new web site to this as you know when you're getting our information the new web site doesn't -- until. Fifteenth of April and it and it's completely different web site completely different value proposition. Sort of what are your chance to what subscriptions. From that web site. Very cool so it's more consumer base that's great man. That's great I'm glad you you made some breaking news here in the entrepreneur KC show and it's a tough putts that you have a but it -- about fifty. It's awoke Friday man as being a you know gone out there and do what you have to -- for the business forget about 45 seconds left. And the interview anything you want to you could tell our listeners in Kansas City about the journey and about a honey can connect -- Most people that don't litter and Nick Jones. I'm very accessible automatic answering any questions. The bottom line and extremely proud of the movement is going into this city were startups not nor should encourage. All of those starters are in early in technically possible. You know there's no one -- to catch the biggest thing that I will say that is true among all the coaches. I've never seen anybody that -- that doesn't give -- it doesn't quit lose so you know -- have courage -- pockets. Don't quit keep fighting for your -- -- your business. And -- that's the key attributes -- and pocket what. Very true name -- appreciate those words and thanks for coming on the show and hope plug -- -- and seeing Kansas City may Jun CEO that local. -- play too great to have you on the show and I -- you very much. Oil oh yeah baby -- talk dissidents. Thanks -- take care. We'll be right back and entrepreneur Casey -- Welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show on your hosts. Jason -- Thanks for joining us today and get show so far you can find all all of our old shows on line and it came easy dot com and there is a frontrunner Casey radio podcast page. Which is really cool because I've been hearing from a lot of people who have missed surfaces and have been listening. And it all -- connect with me on Twitter adjacent drill and act on turner Casey. We will be tweeting out the podcasts and MP threes and if you ever have a good -- suggestion for the show. I'd love to hear it's -- thanks for following me and on turner Casey on Twitter. Our next guest who is in CEO it is -- blades Tuesday entrepreneur extraordinaire. A strategist and a creative consultant and she's very involved in the arts industry. As well and Kansas City and specifically. And -- a lot with launch. Owners. Talked about -- capital we're gonna -- and all kinds of stuff shields has written a book recently so really wanted to have her in the studio to talk about. Kind of her background as an entrepreneur kind of some of the things that she's helped and worked with recently. And then hopefully get some some good tidbits on. How to be successful and entrepreneur and how to grow your business and you know. All those types of thinks of Becky thanks for coming in Syria today is to be here and will first have to say that your recognizes -- influential woman by Casey business magazine recently so -- graduate writing. Thank you and that's how we got connected and I'm have to we did because just looking over your bio. And you truly are an entrepreneur you've got a lot of great things in he's -- -- surge occurred in public relations. Yes I have a journalism degree and I had some at PR jobs and agencies around town and -- every entrepreneur since since finds out when new. Start changing jobs too often maybe your man to do your -- things now I start there. And -- seven jobs in seven years I think there was my has been steadily and now people probably aren't -- like you run their companies said he might wanted to brand your round. -- so any kind of cut that entrepreneurial spirit in anger or your company and in in you know and have your own PR company -- and you'd be merged with another firm in Kansas City and in new view moved on other stuff after that right I had that blades & Associates for. 1213 years and it was approved fairly traditional public relations firm and although entrepreneurship. As it's hard. It really was the easiest kind of company to start in the kind of business where you do what you're doing for someone else -- just hang out your own shingle. Yeah and in one of the things -- is yet their relationship right in our city and if you do national -- yet to those that. How the question is like how how how did you grow how big did you get him. We were 27. Two million dollars in revenue. I think staff count. At at that time was maybe 20/20 four people focus our humor more than just a small business -- -- grown pretty quickly I -- we were out. Fastest growing firm. In on the list of top. Fastest growing companies for. A few years there about you know when you're smaller they add a few heads and it's a big percentage that clearly definitely had a growth track dressings -- I do with that in my business and have other people to come on the show that. It's a hard decision make to its daily business and to decide on camera take away. But -- -- you really work all the time it's your time and you have the relations that's gotten harder -- nut to crack but it's it's scary frontrunners. Pick that -- with you to definitely been. But then it -- and that's. I thought well in it and it's all on if fears that the sole proprietorship Purcell honor -- it's it's all one mile an -- and beat you take the risk and for gone. Immediate gratification. But but sometimes if you're tree onto Bernard. What you've. Left behind is. A lot more a lot lassie nowadays and not. That the alternative is working for someone else which was -- -- at the time the alternative is kind of not doing what you wanna do so. I think entrepreneurs out there can relate that it's not a risk -- the bigger risk is not doing it. He conceded that and so after that. You've been involved as as a mentor and different programs having. I was I was and the house -- mentoring program in the early days I think they made the token girl so happy to oblige. A wonderful program started by Barnett -- -- That day you have to ask them today why did you do it he says I just want people to announce that people halt and all of that was there really great. Lesson to learn early in my career that. There are people out there who have done this before whatever you've done or somebody that's done something like that before. That will help and -- you just have to ask. There are structured programs now that that are are really important and working but if you if you aren't. In one of those programs -- don't have access to one I think it's really just about finding somebody that you admire that you trust. And first watching what they do and and then asking for a little help me -- -- that's a true. Touch me about it Angel capital. And your involvement with. Investing their you know I I think that's -- things that. It it. But creates growth there or -- growth and companies. It it especially in those high growth firms Kansas City is a rich environment. First city our size is that still the midwest is very much behind in other parts of the country. Com and attracting Angel capital I'm involved in and a couple groups that look at deals early on. Two to be able to find that that ground level seed money. And have had deadlocked investing in. A handful of companies. So I think if if you're an entrepreneur -- and -- still staying involved in the early game because. A lot of us like to see young companies and cannot place our bets. If you dollars just to support those young businesses into capitals are really good way to do it may get not Indians in trouble. -- and on those brother in law deals sister in law deals. Rarely pan out but there's a lot of structure now to bomb early investing. So I think that's what makes and entrepreneurial community rich is. Is access to those. Opportunities and and systems to really vet the good opportunities. Like I think Kansas city's -- fast in that area there's more opportunities every day you -- Who voted for startups in Kansas City. Talking about your involvement at the arts council -- follow thinking in the city has that seems like to me just from talking your affair that something they truly love doing. Yet the arts in Kansas City are ever really important part Amare and distinct. In our distinctive personality. I think if you pick a characteristic of Kansas City that makes this unique. And then makes us. Somebody to bet on in the future. It's our arts scene it's our. Entrepreneur -- entrepreneurial. Innovative energy and those things go hand in hand so when I sold the business and kind of dialed back some my civic involvement or some of the involvement that we all do to keep the business relationships alive. I had dead. You know kind of pared down to one or two things I was passionate about and the arts was one of them. So right now I'm chair of arts Casey either regional arts council heads the arts council for the five county area. And we're done some great things to try to. Really leveraged the arts for the economy to make the arts accessible to all and to make people outside our community. Look at and appreciate the arts as the economic engine and in this. Now faking it I've seen more of promotion of that. Yeah there advertising through. Different things the cities that -- around different groups. Yeah private groups public groups you know quasi groups so I think it is important because it is something that. You know. A lot of people think of locally but nationally you know we have to continue that message out there are so when people visit they'll go to the museums and one on and in check and are there things we have to offer in Kansas City. Right and just having a -- and that arts rich culture. Makes our Citi attractive to entrepreneurial companies. Even -- to big businesses may be especially today businesses trying to recruit employees to Kansas City. One thing that the taxpayer out is that we all wanna live and vibrant. Cultural diverse cities and so if we're trying to recruit somebody from. San Francisco for example. You know lately our track records a lot better because. People look at the art scene in Kansas City and they see he is their place to go to there's a rich visual arts community there is. Bomb establish galleries that they're out there's also this edgy art scene there's a great music scene we just finish metal and -- fast last. Last week so we have some emerging festivals that. Really put Kansas City on the on the top of the heap and in terms of a destination. For the arts. And it tooth and things people don't think about sometimes it's. Artists are also entrepreneurs exact LA I work with the Kauffman foundation on some projects and we had a speaker for Minnesota. Who teaches up there and she give all presentation about how cities can and support entrepreneurs by supporting the arts arts culture there artists they're sitting -- cool little you know time space shares and all kinds of so it's one thing that. We always think you know contrary these days is like -- you know yeah there's also obviously product and artists and we got to remember that -- the arts as part of the untrue relative. Well it's the same muscle relate and that's what I IE I have. Idea website actually called start a street. Come and when I first saw my company in and had a little identity crisis at a percent what do idea in my an artist in my an entrepreneur or. I'm also a writer. And aunt and a conversation with my daughter she said you're starting ST you start things then I'm. And so I think in and I could say that about mostly entrepreneurs -- now they've been very artistic creative flair to business and you show me an artist who isn't an entrepreneur or and I'll show you an artist that's you know waiting tables. Although most artists after -- not quit their day job the bad artists and entrepreneurs both the use that same -- all. And it was that patting them co exist is just Smart. One landing as we know to affirm from businesses just being around the -- innovative. Creative energy of artists. Helps. Business animation it kind of gets in the water and a community. And I I think we're gonna start measuring battle that better in Kansas City. You know one of that one of the goals of the city is to be the most entrepreneurial. City in the country. And the arts leaders are are working on making Kansas City. A very special place and the arts Barrymore you know we knew that those comparisons aren't -- and arts as much as entrepreneurship that. I think enough delegates together that in decades attractive cultural. You know place for you can you can start -- business or. The involves the -- right he has so we have about a minute and a half left Deloitte and take take -- -- -- also mentioned your writer and talk to me about your new book he just came out with. It's called do your laundry are real die along -- advice your mom would give issued by -- listening and it's an illustrated book that started out as a letter to my first -- daughter when she was. Leaving for college. I I had this realization that all issues very successful on school. That kid could not get her laundry done she did not -- right thank you notes she. Follow all of this was part partly in my imagination that I Fred it'll all. That she wasn't ready for the world so instead of lecturing her on a daily basis which I did try. IA. Started journal -- in writing at all down and that we're kind of a fun and funny household -- my girls are both. Comedians and so it has a little humor and it because that's the way you you get through to a teenager. That's carrying a cell phone you have to be pithy and funny so it's that. Collection of 270. Pieces of advice. Everything from -- Forgive quickly to a bad attitude makes about looked at me. Don't be paranoid 190 you know it's so no thank you very much for a Becky blades are coming on the show you've done some great. Great work is not for her as an artist is a you know writer -- a strategist is you know a PR executive and you know you definitely AM. It's operation for entrepreneurs out there were so appreciate come on the radio show us how we connect review on line. It my at my new web site is laundry or die dot com -- for the book and I met. Start a thestreet.com for my. Reason it is I start starts INS TRY dot com yes like artistry but with a nasty feet below the level that people like saints and go talk to get things taste them all right back and counterinsurgency shape. -- Seles Kansas City and welcome back to be on turner KC show I'm your host Jason -- thanks for hosting the show so far today it's then. It's in very exciting we've had some great guests from all over the country actually in our last segment today isn't -- really good one we have to a great. Women in studio today. We have Robin Atkins who is the publisher of Casey magazine TC business and this is Casey dot com which if you haven't checked out he. You need to ASAP they've done some great new things over there. And we have Katherine Jones who is the senior business editor of -- business. And also does some work with good health Kasey welcome to the studio guys. Q I need I -- it's great to see you guys I've only communicated with Katherine think via email I don't know if we ever meant. My so it's great to have -- serious I wanted to -- start out. With you guys -- talk a little bit about your background how you -- got to this point. With. That you know with Casey magazine PC business and all the different things you do. Over there when we start with -- the publisher there. Well I have and in media for earned little over 25 years. But in between my expenses in print and radio. I actually under a small office and so I have a lot of small business experience and remodeling company in south -- Florida. For twelve Beers well part of Florida was directly in Bonita springs a cut of between Fort Myers and Naples. Which is a beautiful place to be I'll tell you what it sounds like it is especially when things early again. You know that the economy is very fragile there and Kansas City has very speed benefit of being such a staple. Place where people can count on a company being emphasis on time so we're really glad to be back. When did you come back -- -- back to Kansas City at the end of 2000. That's fairly recent and not yet. She came at Kansas City and then you. Don't back into the media in check back into the media industry and somehow or another and that has publisher casing magazine in case of dozens of ten. Know that that is just a huge undertaking you guys are some great work over there and and one of the magazines you touched on was TC business and Catherine. This is senior business editor there aren't getting kind of tells a little bit about kind of how you get to this place and you worked in the meeting a year and as you grad which I am as well -- -- Glad to have you over here we usually have cave people insidious that I have Missouri yeah. To -- in great company. I am actually this year marks my ten year anniversary of graduating I it moved up to Chicago after I graduated from the zoo in. Worked at several business publications there. In fact when my first jobs was one of the first are my only business publications for the midwest and the night. From there went on to work for an international trade magazine publisher. Really so. After that and then back to Kansas Indians went on twelve and Dan took about a year it's finally secure a job again and doing -- business in July and I've been having a great time ever since. And one of the things that I I've actually since stories to Catherine we communicated often ends. One of the reasons -- to have you guys on the show it's a lot of entrepreneurs and startups and businesses that are really. There really know how to talk to the media and I think that Katherine does a great job with being -- that senior business editor at Casey business so congratulations only -- -- thing. Here we need more of more people like that the media industry -- totally agree. So talk to me about kind of you guys have been going through XTC business and also with this is Casey with the Casey magazine arm through the web. Pat talked to me about all of those schools things have been happening because it's it's all brand -- It really is the website everything is brand is to take mr. cut of that process that. Well last June. We started making some changes on our distribution model and we realized that our website lists a little weak. And it was time to revamp itself a lot of people to PDF files over the years he has. I tell -- of the magazine the print versions -- exactly and so. So through and it took a lot of effort and a lot of peoples and -- to come up with this is Casey witches is really doing very well. Ideally. But we also were recognized that people still like press so we revamped Casey magazine in October and response and fantastic. And it's time for -- business get a facelift as well and it's not just the way it looks at the content with -- extraction. And we're were sent to have some really great. Report. Then overlooked is definitely important obviously and the west side this is Casey dot com looks really good and I know do you guys have sent out a lot of emails to with stories and it seems to me there's just more. More interaction or more of -- more stories which is great which is something that you can't always do with -- and for immediate perspective it's great to be able to. Since things have been put up on the Internet quick then we did have that before so get some multilateral platform. That get. People can get the information anyway that they life. They can get it. There are daily. They can get it through our website or. Repression whichever you prefer on whichever device me parties and it's really clean look to which obviously Casey magazine is -- -- like then and in. You know with ads and -- not even adds her you know high high end you know at an international fashionable ads have been greatly. So I'm cats are kind of -- some through some of the things are covering out Casey business that are kind of changing. -- -- so main Jan marks are big realign its that's. Where -- -- -- iron make over in new contents. And it's a big lie and we have an XIQ and a -- and mayor James. We have a great feature on the sprint accelerators that goes. Quite a bit in depth on what it does and what it means for the community. We he. We have a column that was written. For us by Time Warner we asked them to. Basically read a letter addressing the people of Kansas City and and saying you know. This is the changes that we're implementing and this is what's gonna happen with that merger with Comcast itself. We're willing to take the magazine and a new direction and we're really excited about it. So is it going to be about the same size are we same look at everything. From the look perspective but in Yemeni opening up a magazine -- you're going to be opening up a magazine now and it will be a little meteor. And -- with. Several years ago they changed the size two. And tabloid -- size and now it's actually more of me. And coffee -- on magazine that she can refer packed -- and keep on hold and occasional mound you know look something up about a company we researched and convenient -- information. That's great batters really great because it's I do you remember when that went to a smaller version. Now -- OK so let's talk about some of the cool things you guys do to with the events not just not just print and not just Internet that some of the things you've had navy recently. And then looking forward for people to get involved with with the magazine in the in the you know what's it. Well we actually recently -- influential women event and that was far iron -- March April issue and it was quite a six cents and great turn out terrific class of women and it was just an honor to work with them and featured a mom. And -- about that process that means someone submits a name or how does that work you guys elect these people -- it's it's a long process we had over eighty. Entries this year and 31 women were selected. Where -- that we reach out to community to find judges. Who have either been. Honored themselves or are in a position they would recognize splits -- accomplishments are. And it took them. Kids solid two months because the entries percent compelling. To actually narrowed down to 31. -- so week we will open up the process for nominations in probably October influenced women that we also have. Our rising stars witches. And that's at the beginning of the year it in his -- and February and there there Weaver what is the -- requirements for that to be well I know people ask me those questions about. Different. Award type stuff they're generally under 4040 yes. So I'm mark I I didn't thirty this year so I've added that it years ago that. You know it's it's it's a cool thing -- musical thing and I'll tell you one thing that we did this year was we've brought in -- -- You know we've had them on the show that's a cool little concept of they went to DC it was a really need to talk to -- that. What does that person's name Bob Buckner let the moment but there yes she scrapers is a great person and I think that's and spirit with the whole rising stars. Theme to recognize. Young. Adults with -- can passion went in and make forging their way. Something new that they haven't. I might add here that we actually have a feature on my anxiety in this new issue on June and it is terrific -- -- -- for anyone to read it very cool so you guys -- you had. Rising stars you had influence to -- them. Is there anything else we have several signature events each year top companies is coming up in July as another one yet another airline and last year -- -- recognizes our top companies that we had a really wide range of companies from very small to large. Recognize that John Cook was on the show about a month ago he a man I. Donald though so. We talked all about their didn't grow like crazy as a cancer are -- across the world I think that's cool about them as they keep -- -- and Els speech about. Everything is -- things. So talk companies only directness for -- we recognize. And out of significant -- ten and the nominations will open up the nomination process on that shortly as well. And we also have. The design excellence awards which we recognize. Residential architects designers builders. And some commercials now. We have our cities switches and huge that's always a fun part of the fun -- and every year. And I'm not gonna say we're gonna have it but it's going to be a big place this year in September. And we have an event for super lawyers from which we were Thomson Reuters and so -- selection process. And then we also had the most on auction last year in the past we raised government dollars for it it expects. I will say that I did that tip off -- -- you've done all our and he got -- I don't like I was in The Sopranos. Yeah I thought we were the second costs and Wheeler is like 39000 at the time in 07 I was like a huge deal since the first class raised 20000. And not become a huge event where you have. Hundreds of people try out I mean it's just seeing guys -- -- in the community not just publishing a magazine and website I mean obviously there's all these events in these events are great for people to. You know get exposure for their what they're doing I mean it's a great way to give back to the big Brothers big sisters for the options. And we also are. Close partners with the American Heart Association American Diabetes Association. NG common. Sponsor a lot of charitable events throughout the year and that's a big component. And Morgan close to the into the interview here but I mean it's just. I really have to come on you guys just on the look of go first -- magazines look I know that that has been kind of you know growing business and look for a long time and how we thought it was cutting -- against it had a magazine that. The -- GQ are you are like one of the national magazines inning Casey business some really excited. To Tennessee with the new version looks like because if it's anything like as good as the website upgrade has been. Mean it's going to be game changer I think. Well thank you and I. It will be and we have to give credit to Scott -- all the as senior graphic designer who's behind -- of the the look of it. African citizens when you see it now and understand everything he's pennant. -- -- -- -- -- so how do we -- connect with you guys. And where we find all these magazines that we can get her hands on. Well you can go to our website at this is Casey dot com. If you scroll down to the bottom he can access to our digital editions so we have all of our publications. Accessible to our readers seeking flip through each page using your mouse and so it's. It's it's really -- Trickle and then it Casey magazine Casey business that you can actually you can see Oliver publications online you can subscribe online offerings and special deals right now I would definitely suggesting payment of those. And. Let's counts you find you knew you stand you can find the Phillies fans definitely hole. The starters are over top women -- had that yellow is where I don't know anybody anyways but I appreciate you guys come on the show. Catherine Jones a senior business editor of Casey business and rob Americans of the publisher of Casey magazine Casey business expert on the show and thanks for your great work Steve -- Thank you so much. We'll talk to next summit -- -- KC show they solicited hundreds of.