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Express Employment Hour 4.4.14 Segment 4

Apr 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back it's -- express employment our primary host Jill -- thank you for being with B reminder that you follow at express a radio show you just heard -- and Jeff congress -- breast cookies. Talk about his Twitter at -- is best. And -- -- I don't know have you heard from carrying segments not sure I'm sure they have a Twitter their big gigantic corporation and probably have a social media strategist of their very much. A Smart -- me at the -- that because that's what we're gonna talk about here in just a few seconds but. At express radio shows are Twitter pleased hour long chat with us and express employment hour on FaceBook if you have ideas for gas if you want to suggest a burning question. If you want to say hey Jill on your jerk because you like the cardinals and not the royals iPad with the royals to. But if you cannot communicate with us chatted up that's what we're here for we are here to also respect business an impact people. Respect people and impact business Ron I always get that transposed on -- Runs -- SA may end their eight at IA. And sit here blather on on the Mike but there's one person makes this all happened and his name is Ron -- so random applies first run nor -- the producer behind the Nike is. At the person makes everything happen here at the station and you should now so right now. -- -- to do something that's kind of near and dear to my heart and I took it right to the top we do we do things top level forty people VIP club level. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But in this space and we talked -- communications connectivity and how we are sharing views and how we all just shout out our social media links etc. But we will appeal back into about how that can be important to even un un school mom and pop business in the north and at Kansas City. Or if you have a bike shop in and the crossroads area or whatever. So we wanted to bring on an -- you'd introduce to you a friend of mine that does social media strategy at its finest and this isn't Mel up. Other Clinton -- social media management and -- Twitter let's just call your last name Twitter can't. I don't particularly -- I should get -- -- -- current. That you could be the first person you know somebody's probably -- thought that you change changing your middle name to the at sign just to be back on top of turns. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh well and that's a -- that what a great idea I had to bring you on because when in this day and -- everybody it's like requisite OK I have I -- trying to I have a website. Fine fine I'll have a FaceBook like page. Oh good lord but -- mainly due to Twitter thing because Twitter is -- a process and it's it's it that way you have to keep up with. And but it can be so rewarding so. In in and I'm not gonna operate businesses our listeners RE -- even job seekers or our clients that a prospective that are listening on. Decision makers but I really think it's it's so crucial -- eight and it's not too late that's the messages -- order -- is not going right and B it's not too late for you to get involved. And see it candy. Have some are alive for your business whether it be a local -- shop in San Diego or again a mom and pop staffing company in north into Kansas City so that's why -- -- to bring you on the -- so. How and when did you get started on Twitter. -- actually at the very beginning -- come arbitrator found that. It was such a different straightaway -- triggered some FaceBook and every social media that would -- had to go pick a quality. People can tap into it and try to do expect that the bush FaceBook it was -- -- way to connect with friends and family and Twitter lift their. Constantly running wish dream. It was like a matrix of late now what is happening right now. Checking the book a routine same thing in the morning truly all -- luck. Twitter is different every single -- in the that they elect and then try to limit its gonna be a lot different. They'll -- -- was there yesterday. And you are so great when you said it's critical days. He didn't market it really truly is. Not having social media access for not being part. Or not seeing practically control. -- it -- can't control and joking something that's true that about you need to be addressed to our. Until it happened cheer how can we expect. Oh and it's taking content pack anything not at the promotional. The vehicle pre YouTube then gain more customers. Like not having problems in the market cannot have a Twitter or FaceBook or. The -- as I expected as an electric. Out. Go to the Google election that we should again in order promote you know keep -- chill people it's not just. Something for it didn't hit it really is something for every single -- -- and -- returner Eric trick yourself and get attention indicate that the climate. And love what you said about reputation. Management and then that that that moment of if you have a bad customer service experience whether it be with a big companies say it's Expedia. Are whether it's with the Jimmy John's franchisee down the streets. And they say if you go and a lot of people do take to their twittered aired their their grumbles and you take your Twitter and and you feel. -- you get something back we're so sorry what can we do for you and you know I've I've had that situation with several Nebraska furniture mart is outstanding about tweeting. And they advertise here on the station so yay for them and let them for several reasons. On an end -- from Nebraska and -- godaddy they're really great about getting back to you so if you take -- Twitter and and in the U. Unfortunately sometimes you're airing dirty laundry -- -- bad. But you still validated when somebody does tweet you back in -- like good on that company for having a social media manager that that somebody's really on top of the Twitter. How has to order helped your particular business. Well and a particular business you know we've actually different goals what are the podcast network cult Bobby Cox Radio where. We joined together with women around the world in different countries Australia London Los Angeles. And we'd get together and we like to promote other -- Packers actually I nearly -- -- people that we mutually deal in common lots of passionate. Ignorant voters apparently -- stricker -- in order to promote peace our cats perished at the word -- there -- directly for our control others. And they each definitely the old business. Underneath promoting other well he in turn act felt until it's not a direct you look at you look at you read your hair care products -- overturned. It -- the same hole. Promote your support you when you and I can't help you architecture. Which incurred and get out of didn't share. He or conflicting years so it's a way duke -- Collective -- in turn helping everybody else in turn help ourselves and kind of another photo that. It that you need to be -- in an individual with. Would trigger or are you watching television and the hole it was I -- tell me look at me he was trying to channel you people like. The unit hit. 8% giving to others and then 20%. Eight accolade which is what I -- -- and what we like take a look. And the talent and I encourage others. And -- is -- we still not Cochran and social media management and number one -- were sharing it. Not about the number of polar it's not a number can get really can't put oil out. Ecology at Harvard college and still a tricky out there aren't a lot of thought goes tricky -- solid and they are anti mean. Aren't really interest -- you're -- -- going to buy your product you don't really clear. You are a quality -- -- quality having real people here. Interacting and engage in Lincoln how high -- audience -- your potential customers. You know you're -- unit Sheila -- Information you give credit as well extraordinary. We repeated in the -- expect official trip to even be listening -- message and so prevalent any creature. Engagement interactions through your audience they can't just challenge them and they don't wanna be sold to over and over again all day long. Do expand on that a little bit if somebody's listening they have no based on knowledge of twittered -- expound on -- a little bit about what you said. About the -- and how to get in the game and if so how how to gauge if it's working for them. So sure Andino at the beginning -- -- you mentioned RO I don't and -- return on himself properly you really look deep into advertising. -- -- -- -- you do. When you put it in the local newspaper or what you prefer the promotional -- on FaceBook or any any of the many many ways people market -- audience. Do or hit the track -- church do you want to know or Xstrata is a working elect are not. -- would trigger experience. Other very direct way of putting something out. Blue ink which can -- it hurt a little track on it and it won't help you can't come there -- expressed their come from Twitter in particular countries. -- -- If you get behind followers are you get a whole credit out there in front anti litter box that you he actually. Fiber solutions. -- you're only schooling people called correctly you quickly made it actually -- extra out of followers. -- comes down to our allies are truly -- in looking through financial reward. Your -- turn properly. You can call alert but they are active engaged people that are interest in your car to what you're telling and you -- anti -- Well like Icrc could keep people are gonna be eager come to actually contract are your product or later apparently picked Eric Parker 50000 -- -- of outspoken -- -- -- -- out a bit so it's critical to really focus on. The priority. Which is truly quality engaged followers. And duplicate what you created and that's ultimately what you want to people act. Of mutual interest that you have and they want to know what you want to share. Not just being way to fail to heat up a college because it if you. Interest as an empty real and what's the point you're wasting your -- on top because nobody. Really like content. I'm talking to fifty people engaged particular player in the world and the iconic look bad because that you're -- me I'm from me and so it continues. So if I'm. If -- may I own shoe store in. And Overland Park, Kansas. How could it perhaps it is like just take your your your services for example if I used. Clinton -- social media management. How would you do that having never been to the issue star -- what does that look like so it's a business owners and listeners can understand this phenomena. Well beautiful and fun exciting. For me in socially and our children and people Miller -- It tracked every single -- message completely unique. Little out -- -- there other promotional exporter the marketing person or just. Created the -- tour really you know and outright the -- my ignition historical first Republican -- If you want Q and grab your local audience. It became the final people local cute actually the price they can connect connect other local -- they're athletic they're strong. Particular package to try create account should not just to shoot it's about supporting your local community. And finding like minded individual and we cannot realm. Now if if if this story on -- infrastructure and can be triggering local national couldn't control what people can I -- on line. And it's something different courage to do it should be able to -- or on line. Another distinction you know that occurred to -- -- -- interest in making it make yourself stand out from the crowd out. So for example Italy he will be mean to the Oscars now. The -- it's -- and any cameras or camera. Oh there wanna pick your -- Each picture it cannot approach picture you're beautiful the issue actually he took a picture of the consumer -- What they're fantastic shoot on. Can you put it back. Each person you -- litigating their tribe because they're actually sit there ain't it K and -- -- customer in the Hershey who you can look like British -- They are kinda cool you can do in order to facilitate. Sales and customers culture Egypt's social media op for Erica discount code. So if you collect on FaceBook command and you'll get ten or fifteen or 20% off if you if you write a part of it -- -- Are you Hulk -- -- partly coming he'll get it can't. You're encouraged people pick it up and you'll. Encouraged people -- being loyalty you'll like -- are rewarded and from under the critically. It isn't rewarded I see all the time for first customers -- extra special and I think. Or hypocrite Kutcher content at a discount it -- -- returning customer and IP treatment there's much I take more. First Kutcher who may never come out again. He's gotten that culture in the door. They never come together yet I don't think a little while she would come -- get my -- collect aircraft are -- you sure you're really whatever it is bringing. Didn't revenue that you. Yet -- personal tour history never come -- again got a reward and I didn't like -- as well and their record but it issued at their current. Or any picnic and a customer loyalty program you're right I truly do appreciate what they're offering. Here. There's somewhat odd bit of a teen act they can get -- -- if Arafat can detect. Oh someone else so we're -- now it's still it's important. And that's another way social media helped because people they -- friend -- in the -- Any particular corporation or brand name and potentially yeah exactly I -- you can't. Is the most important all the people they can do for you look at it. Totally totally recovered enough up on a hard break we're coming up on the end of the -- already we we get have you back for hours and hours quickly tell everybody when they can trying to -- Lincoln chancellor -- course -- the -- they need to volley -- tell. Absolutely. We're on Twitter of course. Bobby Cox Radio cricket and I think about they can't figure out current and current contract a common all of -- directly from the I don't know if I thank you so much Jill for giving me the chance to appeal -- talking about this talk okay. Oh -- we we need to have I'll hold another sideshow for just this social media strategy thank you -- add to Twitter it's so great how is your commute. Thanks for being with the express employment our -- little -- Jerry and I thank you for everything we like to thank. Judge Steve Watson of Greece's best cookies and carries -- and Yang bang automotive thanks again not everybody. Have a great week and have a great time respecting people and impacting business we'll talk to -- this time next week.