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KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>Express Employment Hour 4.4.14 Segment 3

Express Employment Hour 4.4.14 Segment 3

Apr 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the express employment hour I'm your host -- -- -- knuckle head I do not know I don't market knuckle heads I forgot to ask carries a Loney in the last segment what her favorite cookie was we got so busy talking about business -- That's what the -- about but today's burning question is. About cookies because its you know those those chicks in Mosul uniforms theirs on their cookies on the street going door to door but. We thought we'd take -- to locally owned and operated. More important cookies cookies that aren't good for cookies they're good for you hello Jeff what's an area today. Great area -- good I'm good at an all natural wholesome and delicious no preservatives and no trans fat cookie or you can nudist. All I'm so excited -- his best cookies founder Jeff Watson is with us right now to talk about. Well cookies and business and all kinds of yummy delicious things about that so tell us of a little bit about your business background just. -- mostly been distribution background than and that's national what I have here is a small company that. Have a great product distributed happens to be a cookie. Have you always been a cookie connoisseur like -- cookie monster when your little boy now at all did you fell into the cookie that is yeah -- pretty much. Well and okay let's talk about that you get I mean there's a lot of cookies Jeep grand you've guy or -- statue -- told how she got Keebler elves up in their attorney making good these. What one major star grace is best. Well -- it's an unusual -- it's an open wheel base -- look sunflower seeds aren't so it was a unique product. And I had the opportunity to. Use that information that I gained over the years and distribution to our quick general home based business and while at home based its flow that could -- -- the produced enough and I commercial bakery. At 5000 pounds and I'm sort spot from London and have my kitchen. You agree need a really big vita mix for that when you. Absolutely it could be way bigger than anything I can build. How did you stumble across sunflower seeds as your benchmark ingredient. Well I was actually have reference either came from a little storefront decree in which I was going out of this person -- sounded and I've. Any owner -- -- world -- for the rest of the year and then -- -- the system. Wow and and graces is this your daughter right. Correct my daughter named the company after your daughter one Goodling about the magic of sunflower seeds have popped a bomb inserts as. One of the world's most perfect foods. It -- its history great going green yet and while -- earlier you were talking about because he's been helping there -- -- Carroll say that because they they have sugar and butter things like that it'll make -- good that that's why people buy cookies is. There's virtually did not opt for health reasons. But they are good and almost before it. That that's gonna come cookies and not celery yes. Exactly so that it. I'm reading the reviews and the reviews are are all glowing in this type of business where again you you're having the manufactured in a big place but. It it is so -- -- a mom in Popper -- -- just a pop business just get the distribution and get it out there. How important are the reviews in this very connected social media world that we now -- and. Although incredibly important and there's good news is that. I was I really haven't. Go along with the social media at this point which is something I wanted to do in the future but. I've like gotten good reviews people -- -- that's what felt it could keep it could take good people buying. Oh absolutely so I was getting ready for the show this week. And -- the tuchman Jeff Watson and grace is best cookies and by the way you do you do dabble a little bit on Twitter so with act grace is best over on Twitter and there's a FaceBook page. Ego like grace is best cookies super easy. But anger is best cookie dot com as the web -- by none other places you can -- -- can you continue order directly afterwards I just -- are there reporter -- Yet but I'm not amount you know the different ingredients in and and other things what -- -- site ticket to mine social media and ask people what's your favorite cookie at. I mean within ten minutes it was that people are passionate they wanna talk about the cookies I say if you lock in attract a party and you need an icebreaker asked people about their foot health. Whether or not they they like coconuts because that's those are things that people -- passion and other anti Al about the podiatrist of the finest fashion as they either love -- -- coconut and cookies and know that everybody just wanted to talk -- cookies all day long so. I mean obviously besides graces that's what kind of cookie do you lean towards what what are your flavors that are -- ninths. Virtually. Probably chocolate chip cookie be my favorite. It's not like oatmeal -- really really well. Super simple. 2% or what I said super simple led the benchmark -- still are the benchmark cookies for a reason. Are you gonna go to some of these -- you know we're doing on these cooking shows these days even -- one of these extreme. Recipe like assaulting car mall -- is best -- years on you know with bacon and chocolate chips or something. Well -- -- you out -- because when I first started this eleven years ago. I. Have several recipes that that came from the little they creek. And I thought that I would -- with one and has just developed. A letter cash flow of the development of that second cookie. -- motion and -- good that can keep the me party busy half. And I have a hard time coming up with something that's who did become another factor one time I don't wanna bring Alex secondary product that's not what it is quite primary product. So -- just stuck with the war room and -- -- -- little from the Bloomberg a different. It seems like you can get cute with bells and whistles -- your benchmark product is your benchmark product. And -- so who really. The other thing with that is that what a lot of small little -- when they get started there they try to mimic the big businessmen who have. Many different stock keeping units from try to occupied a lot of self stations. Has it ends -- getting so complicated for the small business and so expensive for the small bird they can't stay in their territory the bearer or. Or urged him in even just competed -- Well and that's something that at this is the part of conversation that really get energized about his. You know there isn't the big there's big cookie out there and -- and then there's the Girl Scouts -- not they're an in year. -- and trying to do this and this is an Indy moments so to speak. And so what does that look like for you to walk in how do you marking yourself if -- -- -- get the distribution sure you you had. Some connections there before but really what what what isn't. What does that look like. Well actually I didn't have any connection in the Gertrude in. I've. In fact cut off that getting transportation group restore beaver. Part of our little bit different it turned out to be one of the easier because being a local companies a lot of -- -- shift toward particularly I'd be here in town. Well during interest with a map and hopefully do the same way if you are small company their interest and helping you and -- am -- giving you opportunity. Of course Lou the issue. Inventory current on the shelf they they can't. They're looking for a fight both first in first out and I'll look at professed first and still there and good for anybody. And so pure pure product groups then they keep him embarrassed to be more -- -- and that's been. I think about the -- is that if historical sample cookies they felt like crazy. And what we have a little fun little if they don't -- -- they don't go quite as well because bush seems to be a mental disconnect. In most people's minds. With some are treated cookie being in the same sentence controller takes. And once they take some that had negative perception. Becomes leave you. Positive for reality he -- the -- by the compete at some. Just that they have to taste that I can't see I mean I personally think some of our seeds are great nine. Appreciate the vitamin -- copper in the B one I mean huge data on and what they can do for your. But in shout out to hide beat that that's really exciting that they will support and give shelf space TVs. These boutique companies and also the whole foods as -- outstanding so long term vision means you've got the benchmark that either one flavor. What kind of as the long term vision for the company. This continue to grow at -- live with. One that can you would hand them and maybe maybe -- different sides of the same product but the same. And one cookie when -- opinion and I think there's. There's a lot of -- without clear that I'm not even closely just. Because grown up slowly and I have actually that I've I started the bit social that I have time with my daughter while she was growing up in that. Who worked perfectly and he's -- eighteen -- -- -- going to college experience for all have more under electric -- with the commercial. Oh this continues we'll do it. Have you hits begin -- grocery. Have you tried on marketing -- dating shows this in any nontraditional ways like -- coffee houses or are things like that. Yes and interestingly enough I've never been successful in a coffee shop in the reason is because I only have one try to twelve ounce bag. It's too big of a bag. For the country where -- comes in and out of context or. So who that's one of the things I'm definitely looking out and we helped smaller. Package. That would fit more with less like one -- -- out bags they're about half twelve out back. Most super we wish you the best of luck we'll continue to attract your cookie journey on Twitter it's act grace's asbestos is Jeff Watson founder of Christmas cookies you go to. Grace is best cookies dot com you could see all the places not just in. Local Kansas City and -- distribution but different places different states all across the United States and FaceBook like grace is best -- dot com. Thanks so much Jeff for being with us today and double continued to. You're -- need to continue to update us on on the cookie journey. Be glad to thank you so much for -- Give me the opportunity today. Have a great day Jeff Watson sunflower -- people they're good for you by mini copper B one. Don't get yourself Duncan just off eight -- it and all of sent these are going to be -- -- -- intern if you haven't before really read -- -- good digs present preliminary -- -- more cookies. And more staffing and in our next segment. Social media best practices.