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Express Employment Hour 4.4.14 Segment 2

Apr 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to express employment hour I'm your host Jim Hickey thanks for being with me today and every Monday at 1 PM central standard time -- continuing talking about. Respecting business and impacting people and what that looks like you're in the Kansas City job market in the Kansas City job market's about to get. I had an especially in the north -- a big. New tenants. We'd like to welcome carries a -- she's on the phone with us this afternoon from Detroit rock city hello carries a -- have young bang automotive power you. I'm very poor and you are doing well thank you and -- tell me if I'm pronouncing it correctly because we're around our office refinances so many different ways what is the name of your company. I it is now and saying you are right. Yeah and banging yen saying it EU SA will first start a little bit and you tell us about yourself first animal talk about young bang USA. A great line currently the director of human resource is that -- on US AI benefit company our. Evolutionary -- twenty and and I had nearly twenty years experience in the auto industry. I had come from metal stamping kill I have to acknowledge it currently. Interior plastics business network why he had one on my bank. And so and understanding that you guys will be coming to support of Ford. Or GM are -- -- I want to be important general Alberto GM that's right annually during a floor consoles instrument panels door panels accent around. So how did we get so lucky that you guys chose Kansas City more specifically Riverside to relocate to her come to. Well sure well court savvy customer -- so I have some planes aren't that Haiti where we should they they -- they haven't been in close range great. The fire it would get into perspective. But working with Albert and particularly other folks. Military government outlook -- very well. And -- know I'm gonna be offered several competitive tracks burn them. Aunt that wouldn't damage on it while I'll be very green field ability on and -- Greenfield ability of course it advantages a look at our future accidents are common complaint. In the military government has very good to work very helpful to actually present for me. -- -- I thought that I would need to find her out and murdered I'd -- -- Wow what would Ginsburg were very pleased to have -- and my particular office today is that posting office is right down the road so will be. Seeing you hopefully quite a bit and I drive item bunch of times today you watch them. Watch as things get going there and that facility. I -- in the facility itself then we yet you know tell a little bit more specifically about what he'll be manufacturing the number of employees. And what that means to a local job seeker. All right so that they would it help of about 300000 square feet we will be manufacturing instrument panel and our -- open door you know. -- not content Atlanta. Here and you're right some art technology won't include direct injection -- leaders -- -- our -- I -- -- among the art technology. And leave me on Q and aren't when he moved around 500 that he believes -- important to the major impact on the Riverside area. Pat is very exciting now injection molding I guess that doesn't have to do with like a jello mold and knowing much about how -- things there may -- you know we're talking like a severed leg and have a little -- we ever burning question that we care is organized and that we're talking -- multi cookies here in a minute. But being serious regarding these things so what kind of skilled trade then it will young thing will be be seeking in this area and and people will be pulling of course from all of Oliver Kansas City not just the north and I'm sure but what kind of -- try to. Well we specialize no carrier class and -- I think judge and holding -- -- Atlanta holly ultimately. -- that I'm from I wondered at it -- ordered an injection molding machine. The trolley car pooling that Gerald belted Benschoten -- mortgage machine. I between all -- an important role. -- -- cannot conflict or not so we're really looking worry background. What are active candidates. A monster as -- Obviously coming on -- on -- experience. On an opt -- having packed it in -- experience and it didn't work with -- component but -- -- and I -- Injured and -- better or if they want. Standing I had the pleasure meaning you an in person before Carrie -- I want to ask you question does eat you know your stuff when it comes to HR and you nursed a specifically when it comes to HR that supports the automotive industry. In -- twenty years and human resources what is the biggest change that you've you've really seen. While you know of course I my heart went through treatment clothing the early nineties. I don't court one major change and I was that we are now R&R Munich I went forward Craig -- I'm not the other Williams is well. We of course is very -- One other change and I really being as he. Good relationship between ED company and employee so I'm in the transition before I -- out 0809. You know there was an in Asia -- are concerned that existed and our loyalty between the employee only boy here. He and that aren't -- experienced it that I couldn't bend and all the car crash the automotive industry. So what I'm watching ballot that loyalty truly coming back are between employer and employee and you know the employee -- release he you know longevity. They don't watch you know I am no longer chop chop. You want treat me with the company they want to retire -- accompanying parent can't accept a bank that's very interest in that -- again I thought that far I. And that carried the ball about thirty employee and employer. Absolutely when -- when people are their for the long haul and they can and make eight and painful career out of it. And hopefully Kansas City were provided that we have good good people here in the show me state and across the way in a sunflower state that look at that will bring those talents and provide to you that. That job pool of what you need to make that plan that supports GM go. I -- I wanted to ask you a little bit personally vision to travel so much as you guys young and started in the United States and 2000 -- -- -- company so you're all over the place can you tell us a little bit about your travels. I'm sure so in twenty -- that's actually get on your data you can't question I'm not later my I was born -- -- Much of what he did say myself not the other director of the matter is really no. Other companies from the bottom up now where we meet again unless they are excitement on eighteen to Wear black. But some of the history here I'll be out by yeah I'm on China. They're about 100 ability. Just under 31000 employees. And overall than did not we're actually Europe and it has while -- what -- -- that transition and their location in the US they buried. Very exciting. That we are China earned partner so he up where he never gone outside of China not America. Now I'm what I experienced chat on traveling to China of course -- our cultural different -- and -- HR director. You know I I'm. -- deep deep cultural match you know trying to get -- I'm not under any between content China consulate and -- interest in the had ordered I shall try. On that the beautiful idiot can't that the -- motion in court now Trevor ideally -- -- -- Q are you can move and expand throughout the United States. I'll tell you -- imagine culturally going to China here that there is a culture shock for them and -- And again it kind of trying to understand each other what I can tell you that I'm I'm I'm both sides lacked money doing that and and we can actually had found some minor. That -- any work with again no intention of trying to look I'm actually banning in interest in chatter between not an image -- -- site. How we're talking carries Maloney everybody of yen up -- hot item on him I said are right that time I would say with a different accent are different. Different articulation each time my body -- but it's thank you -- and Kerry. Is joining us this afternoon from. You know that's so interesting you talk about you you are the primary conduit it sounds like between on bridging these different continents. And and business tiles. And you said he hasn't hit a couple of those are couples where maybe -- there was you know different cultural things and and traditions and mores. How are you and educating yourself on on their culture you like green and you know how do I. I -- way business for dummies in Shanghai or how are you are you doing that for yourself. Well you know what I did I -- in the beginning and when he sent that letter sent me 1888. About -- -- the year we had a cultural trainer com and I -- that the Americans need to go Chinese -- you can putt together a group. Now I reached out to him. When necessary cultural and it is right so girl's hand I had you know. I actually lived in China an American man -- -- I'm not count our university in China they become very familiar with what the culture he worked well accompany such as sport in China on some heavy hitter in China again thank you would ever understand each other. I'm from the perspective the US. Cultural habit urged China cultural capital until we hired on here again on let's say within thirty days they undergo cultural training while. I think aren't I mean managers that we are not trying to -- Americana are they operable purely national. I'm training course because you know you are that he had very different EET and leading -- -- -- church's leading Chinese opera parents are. Are sure a cultural trainer now there's one we've never staffed for but what an interesting job -- and how crucial that really is. To bridging this very important business I mean you guys are kidding around seven point two. Million dollars in in sales in 2012. On it let's talk a little bit more about what's gonna go into because it's it's like. It's probably harder than birthing a baby at the building going in and and you have a couple people on the you have this long term prospectus where you gonna have. You know in 36 months 500 something like you said. I'm in these early days with -- if people are interested in working what kind of positions and personnel right now is looking for. While we're -- -- -- in the market for engineered specifically manufacturing engineer opulent engineered quality engineer. Other people interpret now -- -- personnel. In Irvine -- meet him. -- -- And and you know basically. -- better -- iron out of more than a street course starting from the ground up with the ability. I have been populated got -- -- it you know I have building right now. All positions that are related he would interior plastic. Out of market what we will let you are I'm from the hourly I don't know what for -- injection molding machine operator forklift driver. -- somewhere repair for now. Which as you know -- I need to lighten. Quote I expect him to another party can he would welcome my hourly -- I'm great and a little bit more about the just so we can tap into you know who that guy could drive a fork -- -- package sharpened and be an injection -- but can you share a little bit of the corporate culture what you're looking for a -- work -- commitment and senator. Well any our ability. Dedication is he. You know when I started in quite and I know that they nature director joint -- -- here. And not my style and my director of manufacturing engineering were literally by Garland and each hand so it so that's where we're at eight earth. You know in that type of environments. What -- have on -- I think the most stellar candidate because our environment is not yet hunter -- unstructured. Eighty struggle. So I'm I'm only Arie cleared TV because I learned that. This is a start -- environment and you can't adapt and Orange -- that I had. Opera pitching on RE IT welcomed -- -- challenge you really be more allowed outside of the -- in fact we don't -- and that you. I hit the box. On the idea how to make it -- -- patients. -- top movie -- one will not lead operation. Of that set up mentally I -- one dynamic one requirement or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Opened my net and it definitely requirements while. That's perfect and thank you so much carries a -- -- -- on a motive for coming after the break we look forward to watching you grow and working with you thanks for being with the express employment -- today. Thank you thought we'll be right that's folks.