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Express Employment Hour 4.4.14 Segment 1

Apr 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In this. Who work hard every day. Favorable -- Two days for a it's. There today. And it's time. Connecting and a welcomed the expressed employment Arab hostility. For being here again it day this happy Monday. And they give -- -- or throwing it over let's listen Chris every Monday and every every weekday at eleven to one in on an ageless that money by recurrent podcast. Format thanks for being here we got an awesome show planned where each day as usual got special guest in studio a lot of man what is your name. That's my spam and Jerry. -- media hello Gerri thanks for being here bringing you -- -- -- the unlikely your wife let team. There are -- that's right that's right so. Actually -- owners of the experts claim professionals -- in North Kansas City and today we are helping each other guests. And we have Austin guest today imminent Canada's -- army. Well I I know that we now. Carrying out. Are alone and yeah yeah I always say young young and I don't know what it looks like. Young young masonic USA I go to talk about big business coming to the Riverside area or Kansas City to support and. Desert is great. Like it like a lot of companies on comic amendment presents a great opportunity for the area. The number opposite the potentially be -- to it's it's excellent for the -- market. I cannot -- Karrie asked her also about partnering with the city of Riverside. And their big facility and I don't buy it went under a couple times a week because on the way to are just conveniently located by the way nineteen slip -- and -- in the city. And other guest is -- -- -- -- grids as best cookies so this week the burning question is cookies not cookies Jerry. I do like cookies -- don't look like you like -- well I don't eat them Milan would this mean it. Well early. And I've got -- now because he's not -- -- -- were you get ready and run your 21 marathon. And you eat your rather rather skinny fellow you would look like it and economists or that you did you like a -- -- an electric you know we're that's our burning question. Release due to runoff than a lot of the more cookies or whatever like -- on the benefits but. I lie any nice warm peanut butter -- it in. So warm in equity in maintenance for you there hey you know -- know you mentioned -- -- get the burning question of the week and obviously. Where did talk about respecting people and acting is there are happy about is that we do like to be even a little bit -- expressed and when an hour. But when I mentioned and on social media outlets. Nobody mentioned. We column -- chemicals and crap you know those those cookies that get a lot has accused China and they should be a show. Not to mention a lot has cities that -- in Hershey star. And while they're not very good -- are you kidding me just like triangles and angles are. -- -- burning question will be chipped and crackers and other date but so we've got -- -- of grace as best cookies and interesting just kind of like. Restart. Your whole business and just this one little thing like you started on a -- -- on -- -- and as you let me. I don't -- Not a business and -- adds Justin well expense cookies and and main events are ingredients. It's. So you know where I was a little ratio Pratt peers and I was talking about looking into an -- -- in all. It's actually I mean you can have a healthy -- it's darn close I'm hoping it. So are we -- -- business and -- you're kind of a feature of the site like pet psychic. OK great so we do have a business and and you as the owner co owner expressing our national offices in New York City. Tells little about what -- huge team this -- space in your life. Always -- look at. Owning. -- mind our own business are not always but for longer time. And there was always a good reason. I'm finally got to a point where you know because that changes in job and that the timing was right. And not attack can be contacted by someone who posed the question have you thought about your own business. And or actually yes and person that was. An honor. Or over Krueger or -- on professionals. And a urged Austin learn a little bit more honest and it's seemed to be any. A a market. And 880. John we didn't enthusiastic about them at a lot of transferable skills from both you and -- done an -- paso. Here we are and hang on there's a there's it's it's nice. That it be able to get out there and go to -- every day. Knowing that what you're doing an opportunity to literally change people's lives in Austin district where all of the businesses in the and nor what you've learned so much about it -- types of businesses that they don't care and market. I did Jackson one of my eight big takeaways and when my big I hired to pennies an overused business and has worked. Is day what the -- -- -- -- different or he going to. I'll -- -- that in your Ian Nicholas potato -- in China for all the places that they. They provide the -- take this out there you go into and young and automotive and you see that they're raking. The panel will be sent ramping up to make hundreds of candles to support that GM vehicle. You know just -- those things that you don't realize how much cool stuff was going on quote behind closed. -- And things that it would seem pretty. Sound sexy hitting eighteen now. Corrugated paper we have to worry -- -- -- -- -- the top of the producers. And it in the country so much so that some of their competitors or their markers customers the little better worse or. Really it should I would company here nor in the city -- well. -- you look at on the outside it looks like. Double building wonder if there's anybody in and it and go in -- it is multiple stories yes. Unbelievable. -- Machinery. And looms. Where are you and me all of your car or any material or workplace. I'm equals answer name on purchase a that you wouldn't anticipate is part of mr. Yeah yeah absolutely crazy you're running can't take a minute also as we done on other side kicks and obviously we don't want people to know that. There's there's six express and unprofessional offices around on metro seemed to be seven. And we wanna give back and -- people who are out so when they come to our office seeking a job or wanting to us -- staffing needs. They kind of get all the folks that work with us you wanna introduce the team. Aaliyah Clinton Bradley who is our senior staffing consultant and -- this week. Open. As an H our background our military aircraft and there's an air force. And -- and is EC you are professional and we church you know companies out there that -- general human resource questions. To come in and then and our office and this is something we do brats. Libya. -- business. Partner. NB community partner that they are and non B are finding an answer and we don't I'll -- interest for you. I'm Joseph Wilson. And witness and consultant in whisper. -- -- -- and a and we have -- but the front that's -- -- keeps the -- and -- now. We do we're Mary Mary -- lucky and fortunate to work and people that that really do -- without respecting people and moment. And getting people to work this thing on and week. Are so proud that I could just. You know class -- ourselves. We had just been awarded to patriotic employer award by the department of defense and that's something that is just so I'm in such a huge honor to share out there and talk about. Yeah -- it is something that -- expecting any nicer. Be right for winning a lot of that turns -- work in Putnam fine. I'll work economy now been active duty over. What are may be on service numbers. We. Work well so. An important job. If you're listening and your job seeker. Police know that the express our national office in the north and our embassy and -- you are. If you are a veteran wheat which lately and -- switching to works at least. Seeking expressed those I know -- locations kind of hot -- we have here at the north up. -- We didn't. Quite -- spectrum are right now you know -- A couple. I'm more technical positions you have seen the operating experience. We very much -- -- couples -- operators. Bomb looking for an inside sales rep. That would be located in Kansas City and liberty area we're also looking for somebody you know anybody know somebody or their kids into Wichita and -- -- -- -- top. Exactly and and that that specific position in Africa and mechanical aptitude and even engineering background along sales so. Yes we have some that are their culture like that also are off. We're always looking for. For good crawl -- four with Robert. -- well wilder. Your -- call he's coming to our quick yes exactly calm along with it and more general assembly positions. A lot of notes -- -- a lot of these fires -- industry. Here in the industry market and non so a lot of that stuff and and a lot of -- troops -- -- law. We're going to be back talking to sit on an industry set me up percent to cares he's going to be with us shortly earnings present an hour right now. And in studio with me sakic -- Nikki and Jill you put that together we -- business partner can't. We are. Definitely a husband and I almost twenty years we didn't quite -- you. Know I know of an economic. I'm making Arkansas jets. I we also another spring is coming at least we hope it's time outside we have a really kind of got. It's going to be available centered in north Clinton's office and city. And you get to walk around and it -- gross error in its its ticket. To sign a petition. For you know -- fifteen states -- early voting. Yeah and so these are people that are -- I just hope it. You'll just wrapping up the other -- and it's not a political there's there's no side is just super easy -- -- against fresh -- Biden. Express and national express dot com and liked -- -- -- city office -- back to our. Mentioned what -- the -- because this -- kind of unique but there are two major auto auctions located near the -- -- work. And and want shall we need drivers. Two come in and works. Or -- are today literally drive the cars into the auction. Meaning that you need to drive. Nice Mercedes and I mean that it -- me. 1983 where the -- But but it's out it's it's gonna and an isolated as an important that you are looking for just kind of -- -- Vietnam so you -- Yeah how funny and easy is that does or -- that seems like they've been great person need to. Retired college kids listen our university. Not a matter. -- in all my gosh yeah. I don't know what it geography very well hello we militarily your -- are real quick because they're -- topic of the day is cookies everybody -- -- On it when you're listening at your tweet us at express radio show as -- -- And that they spoke in tennis at today's burning question is could -- with your favor that you her kids in -- -- and that is coming straight in her now. Have you me and if they ever -- -- -- at Edmonds where are they change all in the name -- -- change those you know tech I think -- is is verboten like that that would be just last mean you can't change. An answer it in on American -- And name -- -- cookie comes from the Dutch forward. Cokie KO OK OEKJER. Cookie which means little cake arrived in American English detached. -- yeah cookie hey Jerry Hickey you're gonna hang with me acts carries. On and on and I'm not a and it's not. Every time every time probably carried it. -- second at all but you want to stay in it and it carries. A little bit later in the hour just Watson. -- also special treat or segment don't go anywhere. -- you are rated Twitter if you think I'm not just order from a business or you don't think perhaps it has. Any credence to your small business in you know say Oakland park whatever you might be well. Pleasantly surprised to hear what we have it's an expert Mela. Other -- and chat media will be with us network segment talking about a Twitter whether you beyond -- -- where you're at it it's like you know people. Really are. I would be very -- -- you. People can bite you are linked and -- -- and I'd be running the latest on the right here on the black market and buy -- nineteen always celebrity present and national office in the north and Kansas City we'll be right back here is only I don't think I'm not Thanksgiving.