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The Radio Dish 4.6.14

Apr 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No yeah small but yeah when puzzling visual problem when you don't need a hero and yeah. Don't go away and well I'll be taking your heroes -- bombing to stop the -- we're going to get your house back in order for -- leaky faucets and brings water -- or call your blowing me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's an important part of planning -- -- is no we have options and signature funerals take the mystery on the process owner -- boomer says pre planning is the -- and we have taken proactive approach to -- -- usually think -- for -- vehemently at the end of the -- your family members have confidence they're doing for you we want them to do whether it's cremation -- traditional preparation whether -- -- service -- your read them -- in their own church may feel better knowing that this is what you meant. Signature funerals dot com. How Darcy here and a fabulous and it this morning at the -- should be you know I just came back from my investment analyst. Gillian Smith and Christina Lomas and financial solutions and eccentric a plastic and they gave me great news really hurt my guy in a couple of years. I like it is this statement and the man recorder now that's too bad you know when you remember those days. A statement that I didn't understand listing investments and I couldn't explain. Totaled up to all those and realized losses mean really less -- on the out. You know exactly when and on through why can't do well in advance financial he'll be an it help you to. Now at face to face quarterly review I understand all of my investments. We like to retire with -- and where my retirement income will be coming round. How much here you I think I -- -- them how to like in touch with them online financial pants -- count -- and -- Securities -- the securities company -- member of -- epic. It doesn't -- -- Kind of leave -- dishes in the sink and dish about something. It's important to you. And now three chicks who think they ruled the roost its radio -- Welcome glad you joined us here today at the radio -- star -- like Randy Hart Mary McKenna and you at the radio dish dot com. We went from winter to spring almost over night. It's been a strange Thursday the fortieth anniversary of in 1974. Tornado super outbreak. The they recorded 23 tornadoes is. And to. That's tornadoes hitting the F four status okay. Seven F five torn us it's as high as you can get on the dissident that would assist the -- you -- and Fujita is the jail yeah yeah yeah. Unbelievable now I in the terrible I guess it was it didn't affect me and it wasn't about me that agent didn't really care but dot. Three years later Pleasant Hill. The high school completely obliterated. And I happen to -- -- in the wind died that was pretty amazing but I just don't know how you prepare for this crazy crazy weather. We have an expert here with us on the line this morning is the CEO and founder of whether or not meteorologists Sarah croak and Howell. What are we doing wrong -- we not preparing when they blow the siren -- In what people need to be very keen on is stick here in the midwest we've actually had tornadoes come out of the sky. State and Jerry -- They've had minimal damage even -- other countries and groups fortunately. That happens America. But those can happen during a severe thunderstorm warning that is why it's so what usual. So don't wait for a tornado warning you need to manage yourself. Safety lie. We're currently. The other big point is the Saint Louis tornado happens in University City Warren and the heart of the metro. About 5 o'clock in the morning. Every body must have. A weather radio program that they -- county. It is battery back up. Your app is not always going to be good enough about it. In the reason you need the weather radio is technique -- or you're not right just like to smoke detector and she knows it. Absolutely that I heard one person say that they didn't hear the tornadoes are laughing her Big Bang. They ran downstairs and then those sirens went off and everything are even looked about the house so yet -- you need to be prepared. The other thing you'd just set was they didn't hear the sirens. -- firings are called outdoor sirens for reasons that key word being allowed no horrors. He's sirens don't penetrate inside unless it's sitting -- half a block from your house. So there should be no expectation that you could hear it in your house 'cause there's there's a community here in the -- city metro area that. Everybody has been and it kind of an -- because they can't hear them inside but that should never been an expectation began at. Ironically and I know emergency managers that would love to hear more people. Expressed that because it's the true. We appreciate the information Sarah Sarah -- of course founder and CEO of whether or not incorporated. And then go and get yourself weather radio they're not that expensive right -- Hole generally about 29 dollars. But we thank you very much for joining us and let's hope we have a safe and relatively quiet with or without the science tornado season this year thanks -- You really great advice about having a weather radio I have -- idea to plug in and and I know Sarah would be like going Mary don't tell people this but that's gonna really help I have not -- cannot well. It's for a county warning so it's the National Weather Service issues a warning for Platte county where I reside -- And I live on the southern tip of Platte county and let's say there's a tornado that is headed toward the the wonderful people Farley or Weston god love the mall. Don't wake me up it's not gonna hit my house I do not. Need to be awakened at 2 in the morning pork tornado that is going well north so great that I'm not being selfish trusting you wanna be around me when I don't immensely. We had yeah. And had been running and we know what it's like so of course -- if you have and knows somebody in those communities it may not have a weather radio. You wouldn't want to let them know -- which are telling us. No that's silly and I cannot that's not what I said I just said until I have weather radios where you can dial it in just for your house where you know OS specific zip code with cheap he ask you can't. Tell me that they don't have the capabilities of doing that now that's probably -- cost him more than the 29 dollars. That the one -- -- very likely -- could be yes. But you know the reality is that tornadoes pop up very very quickly yes so if there's a tornado somewhere else in the count me. It's very possible that they could pop up closer to your happiness we know they switch and change constantly work with me here. Now I leaning down to sleep in my -- -- I said I'm good with my maker even take in the middle of the night the -- you're a woman has a weather radio I don't. I'll -- -- I don't know where it is. I. Pontiac and my friend report I got we dig it out it I think I got this at the same woman who has car that lets her know when she hands when he three miles to go I'm still around to get exactly I. We know exactly how that -- you know -- tornadoes are scary what tornadoes are scary that Mindy I know what to -- worst series to have flashing lights be coming to you not yes that's happened twice in recent. -- -- like speed demon now not -- is speeding. I was talking and found us and I had my phone in my hand I was not texting and can I was holding it to him he swears. That I was texting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who is an echo. I play defense oh -- is okay but can't they look at your phone can't she say there would be time track of when I sign up for that to him. He did see him now he's a nice idea I'm like I was holding my phone that doesn't mean I was looking -- -- my sunglasses on my windows attempted there's no way you can is seen anything -- He be honestly couldn't even see whether it not whether or not have my seatbelt on but -- theater party -- -- -- Philadelphia. Ten dollars that's pretty good and sixty dollars for her. Eckstein and then court -- that's at 200 island ELO nine now I don't feel so -- send 200 dollar bill. Just to go to court or 200 dollar bill to bite down to a non moving violation on -- -- -- -- -- it depends -- -- at a -- -- to take care of that and China now. -- OK -- maybe we get a group -- here we need to -- you head at you for posting a picture of your ticket well I did his account had. We not I was over and I am beautiful place beautiful place -- in England Lee's summit tacked on off -- called the Stanley great place got a chance we did this last year we -- committee stepped -- for -- for the grand view in the senate chamber of commerce they have agreement for for leading ladies. And outside in the front everybody had to park there is no place to park in the Stanley into parked out front and assessed two hour limit. And we all said will we get a ticket and the guy says well chances are and sometimes they tell cars know what you're. And he has that we put the tying him so they know that there is a group meeting setting all that. Shouldn't be an issue look at swat it was an issue -- came -- real important against. Over parts might limit. I apparently quite a bit this one dollars items I would say not happy one of the City Council Alderman or someone knew about this that those my don't go away -- kind of -- You know block out the black -- in the city I -- you're kind of lucky that you didn't have the group -- your car. And I what's that like -- yeah. Yeah well. I was -- -- -- -- in what they're gonna look an awful lot. It is that is a contraption that put around here we'll -- you can't drive away until you take care for every -- you which. I think is better than having to pay for the total fine and to get it. Out of the tow lot I think I'd rather have the boot to the mat cam does compare me twenty dollars in -- -- -- -- and it wisely do something nice weapon okay thank you had a better under that deal Lancaster new parking meters that let you sit there for at least two hours that would be good way to spend the money. We have our power of the -- segment that is coming up in just minutes we'll hear from the Kansas City symphony as well it starts to Blake and Andy -- Mary McKenna and you -- -- -- -- dot com contacts. Take a musical strolled down the shown CC with the Kansas City symphony on Thursday April 17 when you join us are classics uncork -- -- impairments in joint French in spying your favorites from ABC and say. Plus gershwin's an American enhance our tickets are -- Only 25 -- include a glass of wine or champagne after the concert can be mingled with the symphony musicians in beautiful -- -- -- Thursday he trusts. Teachers don't miss classics -- -- in -- -- Kansas City symphony on FaceBook or visit Casey Anthony dot org for tickets now. And. Keeping everyone on schedule no jobs as important as caring for your family but don't forget yourself heart disease is the number one killer of women. Yet many women don't realize their risk factors or take time out from being caretakers to put themselves first -- saint Luke's Muriel I Kauffman women's heart center help you keep your heart healthy call us today to schedule -- heart health assessment 8169325784. Crime stoppers has received nearly 128000. Anonymous tips has paid out over one point two million dollars in cash rewards spokesperson lieutenant Kelly -- so as a reward amount is now growing since 1982. That crime rewards has always been up. 21000 dollars -- -- -- -- and we made a decision that we need to increase that amount we decided -- -- -- reward -- -- -- 2000 dollars I think -- really exciting people who call crime -- are motivated -- different reasons some people wanna just do the right -- some people wanna do the right thing but if it involves a friend -- family -- they -- hesitate if they happen to -- struggling having a hard time financially sometimes money can be -- -- -- we hope to -- over the next few -- a huge increase in -- -- were getting criminals off the street and we're getting -- community to be safer if you have information to. Help solve the crime called -- tips hotline at 816474. TI PS. So he's -- began the hot flashes those mood swings no energy for -- anything. Still suffering from menopause it's -- Blake -- I did call start pharmacy in the menorah medical center. Stocks helped me get -- teen myself and I love it they have free information seminars that can help you understand what that a policy has. And I understand your options. -- recommends natural hormone therapy it's made from sewing and wild -- and it's pharmacy every woman receives individualize doses that -- her unique needs and we're not on the same. And neither is start pharmacy. It's time to get have been yourself again upstart professional pharmacy find out what your options are for healthier you. Get this straight answers you need to make informed intelligent choices for information call 9133453800. That's -- 1334. Or 53800. Or go online at stark pharmacy dot com. Women all across America are falling in love with your skin again with him in house foundation and their minerals is the only foundation I would every. Ever the surprisingly someone and still haven't I think yes that's slightly and now offering full sized risk free child. That's right every woman calls right now can get risk free trial and it's 35 -- -- accent that is exclusive radio only offer call 1805036257. Is seen -- -- the very health foundation on its complete transformation. It isn't noticeable difference is really nice to. Have their minerals have tea and then dart thank you to summing -- of different complexion. And then I'll stand behind everything it's just a company and a product that is so full of integrity. It's my new best friend. Come out of find out how you can get this free trial of hurry don't miss this exclusive radio only offer call 18050316571805036257. -- -- He'll cry and you wish to show. It's no radios did. Found this on the radio. You -- I think like many hard. Mary McKenna and you at the radio dish dot com. One of our favorite segments generated this is the power of the -- segment where we get to introduce to you. Powerful women from our communities that have risen to the top of their field philanthropy. Have reinvented themselves much like we did and we have a very special guest for you today we certainly do its candy Merrill candy welcome to the show. Thank you perhaps you need you to be here. I'm look at this it is and -- two and a and -- what one of everything in an elephant can do what what that you have you -- graphic design company your principal with the -- company you have done. Everything including I love this gold medal winner synchronized swimming. And 1984. Los Angeles Olympics. Yeah. -- liability -- for sure. -- many new and on the other side and you course also helped NBC when it came to covering the Seoul Olympics you have done everything you're in the middle of of designing prairie fire and coming up with all of that early you are busy what drives you. Well you know I think -- really what I mean it is content and people and purpose. And went all of those things converge I get really excited especially when I see something happening -- taking -- spent missed. The impact felt a lot -- bottle it's been a team player and that. But I don't have not a solo operator and I'm an artist and I never did very well as an artist because it was too independent to. It's regulars now I didn't didn't -- way. That aspect. And daily work where as when I'm working on something like prairie fire. Which should also literally thousands of people from coast to coast and -- moving parts I get really pumped up than an excited about what's coming next basically. Kind of remind me -- are sheep like you can't sit still or five seconds I have always been driven like this I mean let's go back to when you were in school. Were you driven as as a teenager. I was I didn't actually get an -- that young child and I eight. Really when I started -- coming Carrera was Jerry Yang and once I basically learned how to dog paddle I -- Marmara bat and my grandmother that sheet. Had me which is a little bit older and -- I would even. A little bit older than -- -- I think about war that took them out because I just wanted to go to the pool all the time. I was just bound and determined to get better and be better and -- drop from. I'll probably have to not. So how did they. How did they harness all of that energy and drive and help you with your goals. Well you know. My parents played such an immense role in my -- that and I've heard that from. How many other people. Parents to really make a big difference and interprets me but they are accommodated. By. My drive and I thought that was. Pretty interesting looking back on the timeframe. When you know women's sports just it just wasn't that big at that moment in time. In the early seventies it wasn't something that was super comments for wanted to just speed jumping in and and getting devoted to export agent nine and mind my mother especially. Was just so supportive then and basically conceded I was really dedicated and and was serious about it and she just can't stepped out away and make sure I have the right to unfurl wearing -- ago and I remember -- handmade all licenses. -- and my I should. She did my biggest supporters now all throughout south you you really need a great support payment and that's why I think I've always worked very well on teams and I enjoy eighteen and I think they're important for success. So if you're not one of those self starters although it sounds like you are as long as you've got the support team intact what advice can you give young women to get started if they want to be in marketing if they wanna be used slammer. This is really easy it's separate sample the world ever came to us it's always the same. And -- that it's really complicated -- and. I learn that that's just it's now that is Chris. Start it. Doesn't matter where it doesn't. Matter -- is completed doesn't matter if you're any good at what you're doing or if you don't think you are you -- -- greater if you're interested in an and you feel compelled. Don't spend too much time thinking about it. Just start. What great advice like. Young and believing yourself obviously. Absolutely and I -- starting because he can't believe in yourself but you don't actually get started and you know of course. I had some wonderful monitors along the -- -- sports and Wilma Rudolph was was one of them and she was like that's. I think it was 22 children had polio. And was one of the greatest. Woman a Olympic athlete ever and she had the brightest outlook the most positive. Outlook on life. And anyway you'd ever meet and she absolutely. Would not hear people getting up. There's just no excuse in her mind and when you see it if you read about her background what -- about -- realize that there's a person you can believe. They -- and death we appreciate your time here today. They mover shaker of a powerful woman and tempers have plenty to be here on the radio -- thank you so much candy. I love it that we get to shine a spotlight on powerful women but I'm sure the spotlight that is being shining. On Mary -- of course who's -- CEO of General Motors is an unwanted spotlight. She hasn't been in the job that long and she is being grilled in congress. And rightly so -- General Motors I guess now they are looking at documentation that says this. Problem that should have forced to recall has been they've known about it since 2002 this is the faulty ignition switch. -- to a fixed it originally cost -- 57 cents. Thirteen people have been killed because of this mean it's it's a very serious and obviously it did it to teen years for this to happen. Mean it's amazing and she she's been in the job for a little over a year I think. I can't help but think that somebody like a dark backroom somewhere -- cigar chomping guys go let's area job yeah -- take them. Ten minutes and he's got a player -- I don't know but I'm sure. I hope she handles that'll rank as the real I -- It's her fault I mean to each really have anything to do with -- -- those -- which is represented in the company says she has to being. You know the one to account for what the company did we -- made his decisions and. Yeah absolutely you know that at my son has a Saturn. Come in so he's on the recall notice on hand and and the one thing that sent there was make sure you don't have to thing and your key ring don't have a hearing on their just have ignition key in their match it. We're still waiting for when the dealers are gonna get all this ignition switches so we can actually go -- and change things. But you know make sure and I told him before my kids have been. Sarah was not good any thing that the key put on the key green. Com that is done your husband -- has mentioned several times to you in and you told us -- -- a bad -- Ali. Don't just the weight of the keys alone and put it you know at torque on that the key -- in the admission that. It's all the Tumblr is out of place so then -- -- it stops working in -- have to replace ignition so. Whether or not that's something that would do it resulted in what's happening with GM or not you know. Really is an unknown X-Factor at this point -- -- in the thirteen one the thirteen. Fatalities that might have been because of some additional way to possibly on the Michigan Atlanta I don't know about them it's still -- EG shouldn't handle that stuff on there it's just wise not to absolutely absolutely and what's kind of funny though going real quick back to -- Vera. Two of the most vicious folks as far as the grilling of Mary enough on Capitol Hill should say women. Our our Barbara Boxer and Claire McCaskill from Missouri they have just been going at her big time so. Powerful women both sides of the finalists most of -- you know go back to the key rings and and everything else will I don't think I have you don't have to tell your days and we got up and I have a get a key -- -- love that -- now has to keep cocky thought looked like he found it yet I just help my clicker backed the timeline there you go you be happy with that. I don't think we've. Discussed for awhile the wonderful incident of the monster a piece that Mary had and we don't really have time I'm going to ask him yelling at that time she dropped them. Down an elevator shaft and ice still have a picture. A -- to view the winds up in the air journalists out on the elevator Jacquelyn yeah -- -- into the elevator and we all term we just finished in the show we'll turn to each other. In all the said Mary just -- -- as a door opens and the keys flew. -- other hand had a similar sucks -- -- it was a it was a force. Live magnetic fluids I mean I and you it was just one key you had a whole key ring I don't -- talent winner on the way to do it didn't even hit the side it just sucked right down elevator -- they run so that's clarinet you know I was an NBA player 113 point it would have been and the three of slippage and it went. OMG. And you know we tried in the course here we try to go find a way to get it and and we -- eight hours duct tape duct tapes didn't give us. And mandate the Smart when it. And found against you guys we -- securities they might have somebody underneath that can help us and I just thank you know that little. A little hole looks like a hole on most elevator doors yeah that's for a little Allen wrench to go into. That will open the doors and then you turn off the elevator and you can walk down and latter. Down and pick up your keys from where they do drop it's not a bottomless pit and you start of the story is -- your key ring. Over finger so that it can't plan B well I think the problem was that little which you cook -- that -- just got me from my key rings and I think probably what happened and what -- the reason that extra weight turnout a little to bring you saw it. Down and never find -- -- its plans down the elevator chat. And I found no money that was in the hours -- like giving you funny thing which -- And we thought Osama I mean when we really items to shine -- -- every step boxer think you should do nothing can answer both the validity that my. All we're gonna talk to frank burn with the Kansas City symphony he will be here to talk about some of the things that are coming up in the month of may as the symphony. Starts to wind down for the summer season of course -- Celebration at the station at the end of -- that's their big. Coup de gras as you say in them and start up again in the fall that's coming up it starts human being married and you've. At the review this dot com. Experience last. And passion and the story of star crossed lover. Perhaps answer Kansas City symphony presents -- copy of Romeo and -- commitment -- will be time actually 29 and thirtieth and at Kauffman center guest conductor Carlos Miguel -- returns for a program that includes price winning young phenom guitarist John Young kind performing the most popular work by Spain's government being. Tickets start at just twenty dollars available now at Casey Tiffany dot org from Ewing junior march 22 and ninety. And thirtieth the details like a symphony on FaceBook or visit Casey simply don't work. Cleaning up doesn't have to be hard mop bucket in North Kansas City makes it easy with great products owner Karen Adams has a product's unique like laced stuff I know Mindy you fused at my house is built in 1920s and it would work it's all old Missouri as gorgeous wood but it was dull and my girls and I have gone over every inch of this would work and it its shiny it's golden is just gorgeous one. Our very first products that we brought in there that was our product we're so proud of that -- churches command -- that they can clean -- church -- in the action right by the -- and they command when you have a scratch on a -- it would work you've tried all those other product in response to cover it then after a month or so it starts coming back -- he -- with Canada or DM it's it's less -- on here just covers it permanently you know need to go back again. Let the mop bucket make cleaning up a lot easier there at 812 armour road in North Kansas City little store pick products have the mop bucket you'll find quality cleaning products -- quality results the mop bucket dot com. 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The only thing are complimentary sample insert foot is missing is the price because right now we're offering delta a compliment every two weeks sample as part of a nationwide give away. Call -- clean your sample today. 180608996. Instant -- provides powerful and effective joint relief for your -- hands and even your hips. Proving to yourself like calling now for your complimentary sample. It's a flex is available at GM -- Walgreens and vitamin -- -- can only do you complementary to each sample by calling 180608996. Call now for your two week is -- sampled at 1806. Nearly 996. We'll zoom way -- -- it's the radio addition. Da -- we. The best reason to be -- floor and Foley's attorney. Doesn't really matter and I know Julian Assange. Welcome back to the radio edition feed just didn't realize how true that is right in the mean Indian -- both are regularly just about five minutes late I call it fashion completely. When MIT honey I'm only -- -- don't just aren't honest die hard don't already have a fight right here at the radio dish dot com. It's time to check in with our friends at the Kansas City symphony of course Casey symphony dot port where you can get your tickets. To some fantastic concerts coming up on April 9. It's something that I just think is the best pairing ever. I mean I loved the on court series because -- had wine in the symphony but now you've got shopping in the symphony on April Knight Frank -- the executive directors with us now. Frank that is just brilliant. It's -- shopping night and that's that's the Kansas -- -- it's a great project. Ourselves in the league volunteers and so if you go to also of that kind of percentage or anything you Barak benefits the Kansas city's symphony so what a great time to catch up on your shopping you know the weather's been bad you can catch up on all that -- Stop shopping. It's perfect and then. When you have the uncorked series again you can catch -- on your drinking Andre watts gives us that the playing Beethoven and hell's -- called. Tell us a little bit about that what we can expect. Well Andre watts is one of the true masters of his instrument and it just a phenomenal pianist and a truly remarkable musician and he is -- people tore through thirteenth and he'll be trying to recover and forcing an internal one of Beethoven's faster of course and -- that you can master -- repertoire of Andre has been playing. -- music since he was a chart them and understand it and ordered that really illuminates that for the audience and we have a great guest conductor. Who is with us for the first time his name is Gilbert Margaret and the other major work on the programmers -- just front symphony in. How I you know I loved Beethoven almost as much as I love Mozart but -- Beethoven obviously and one that everybody knows and I can actually pronounced so I'm very happy confident -- -- -- at such as you can tell us about An American in Paris April in Paris and it's such classics uncorked coming up. Yes so for a plavsic's uncorked this season are conducted by our associate conductor on divergent and this is called airport in Paris and it's April byword of her celebrate. It foreign terrorist. Here in Kansas City in April. With a program that includes music by Claude -- -- -- -- these days and does gershwin's American in Paris. You know -- the car horns and everything. -- going to be -- -- program all tickets 25 dollars. And with the price of your ticket. You get a glass of water -- and following the concert a chance to mingle with the musicians of the Kansas city's symphony -- that's going to be a great program. Oh that's a great deal you do you know I I didn't realize just how available for musicians would be. With the directors for that matter but they are there as long as you wanna chit chat Val Stanton tell you anything and everything pretty much. Well musicians are very sociable people and Barrick offer current patterns. Mingle with the people who appreciate your tickets fun time for everybody it's all right it's Laden's. Interacting with our musicians or vice Versa local people will join us now. All of the April in Paris program on the seventeenth of April tickets are selling fast for that so I would just let you know that and also that there is very limited availability for the Andre watts we can and April 11 interchangeable that it would want to join us with about -- C -- also and 16. Force 710400. Or go onto our web site. In case he simply dot orgy. While people are trying to squeeze in as much symphonies they can't because your. Getting to the point we are winding things up pretty much for 2014. You know I feel like we've gotten -- the great performer cystic and we will be performing through mid June. So that seems like a very long -- and our last classical concert series -- is that until June 6 through eight. And we have been remarkable you know -- Future warrant that was just here with the Los Angeles philharmonic and she brought her -- So everybody that didn't get a chance to hear her or or who wants to hear her again she'll be here with the Kansas city's symphony in June outlook portrait will talk more about that. Absolutely and I will just quickly mention because we're women of note hopefully year. Final classics uncorked concert for the year will be the great women of classical music and that's coming up in May looking forward to that as well frank we appreciate your time as always. Again the box office you can get them online -- set and Casey symphony dot -- -- the phone number one more time. 8164710400. Wanted to loved it and thank you so much will talk too -- are. -- celebrations. Stationed. Symphony. You're pressing in on your calendar. I'm where -- -- I would be doing them too but you know I'd like to play scramble those are some pretty good words I know I play. Words with friends. Yes I have friends and got about fifteen games going to play one time the day just like Rick -- go to bed -- go and update only games. And -- get any good. I don't know what Q -- means but I know that it gets meaningless wears -- look at -- are so I know there isn't a new thing that just came out the official Miriam Webster scrabble players dictionary which I do not have that you might -- get that if you play overtook France. I scrabble and you can come up and impressed people. They've come up with what they whittled down to the list of potential new words. That they think are pretty. Amazing -- just one of these you. One of these is gonna make it in the restaurant well gone -- finalist civil -- you can actually go and vote on on Hasbro FaceBook page -- here's some of the words -- -- OK don't now that coin Alia. And that's -- huge. Found that someone very close to me who will remain nameless so bought five bitcoin mining machines. Which computers should just count up a lot of prime numbers and selling them now at a loss sunny day half a yeah now performance going to be a sector and the and then a home testing is one. Like it's event and moved. Al -- like if you have put in the wrong -- content like to put an anti earnings and put an happy face I get a -- -- those two. Am missing here. Well I am such a huge Big Bang that I love of the big bang and -- -- which Chilton always says Cynthia if that word makes it and they're like that and -- I'll put you would be good but -- be good -- I'm -- so on this thing I have no idea what is a sample it. -- tablet together only gets into tablet. I think it's just fabulous. Outdoor herbs. It period Connie valley girls are way angry him is so hungry -- angry so you're you're angry. Possibly could be. And we'll re tweet them it's easy that you. -- -- -- -- -- You don't -- you being -- W Seligman and I'm gonna go in and Hasbro FaceBook page rank and don't vote or imposing didn't do that now links you. You can vote only wish is that one of them now instead yeah. I think they said no wish seemed like it or not I'm not we're not. Buying. I guess I'm never spelled the rewrites and knowing how to spell apparently oh my gosh -- -- Daschle. I wanna know it coast -- -- the US appealing why why do. Our tradition obviously knows what it is -- on is what is going. To look at. Your favorite people. -- -- -- -- Leg for -- time -- I got it got it but I think there IC didn't know that. -- that he knows that got my no my daughter makes -- I ELLs addict comic comes that would connect the words as committees in congress isn't doing that would I -- that would mean that I would talk to her back on us and I really don't care about -- that I care about this show it -- he -- -- Mary and you add the radio -- dot com Hollywood link -- If you're getting closer to retirement I have an important question is your retirement -- -- on track joined Dave Thompson Friday mornings at 930 on the KN BC business channel 1660 -- -- -- will share how you can keep your retirement on track with protection of principal tax deferred growth and a lifetime income -- learn more online -- Dave Thomson dot -- that's Dave Thomson dot net and be -- listen every Friday morning at 930 today -- it's your money -- McCain and BC business channel 1660. AM. 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Charter service and assistance you can count on that's HR haven helping small medium and large business colonel HR haven dot com. You know yeah. Small but limited when plumbing major problem and only de Niro yeah. All -- the way and Paul will be paid your heroes involving to stop the group's blog and get your house back in order for leaking -- -- brings water -- all your blowing me it's all advanced. -- -- -- I European -- than a week given waxing a much needed make over. We believe that feeling gorgeous and looking fat isn't just for the privileged -- for everyone who wants to plot the smooth the sexiest skin whenever you want to. And that's why we stand by our words when we say waxing for offer both women and men. Our fourth steps to gorgeous -- protect and get your wax on and rejuvenate looking iffy at this news of glowing sexy skiing you want. That European -- and -- -- the world's whack experts we've been doing this nationwide since 1975. If perfected waxing. From an impeccable treatment rams to the polished professionals of our -- specialists he'll be in great hands. We want you to watch him instead out with the incredible feeling that only dismiss the skin can give you. European -- senator from a serious waxing at prices that won't make you raise an eyebrow. Yourself a little pampering at European lacks an insider respite in the leeway as a -- senate dot com to schedule your appointment today. Grab extra cookie sit back and relax it's time for the radio ditch quarters calories. And it's a very good thing. That Calhoun please don't exist -- seemed like Randy Hart Mary McKenna and you all together here at the radio dish dot com. -- The biggest names in Hollywood all the -- In the story you won't hear -- This week's Hollywood can play. This could hurt him. I was a little bit leery about this news on Michael Jackson I sought -- on an April Fool's Day news feed but it's true it's not an April fool's joke -- -- -- Jan Michael Jackson have a brand new album coming your way 813. And it's called ski. -- at each song that we haven't heard -- four cash and -- did they hired and producers just sort of contempt -- this -- so it doesn't sounds so eighties last ninety's -- listen to one of the clips and you can see it on YouTube which is definitely has that Michael Jackson -- you know from all of his -- -- -- I. I think there's going to be an audience for it. Michael Strahan may be straying. I. 2 good morning and are kind of interesting because -- Strahan has become sort of the Ryan -- Crest and East Coast I think you know he does. I was reducing Kelly every day course he does meet Sunday but also for -- it looks like he's going to be headed to Good Morning America and even hemorrhaging talent. Lately everyone's going to -- NBC lot Josh Elliott this week few months ago they -- Sam Champion. And so they're looking at and rebuild and keep that number one spot so much -- -- and will be coming into view a few segments before you show that I. I'm with eight so he might be doing some like -- -- -- he won't be on every single day but expect to see him three times a week. Really well I I I'm not a big fan but I guess a lot of people are in the big fan of Dancing With The Stars I know what had its. Lowest premiere showing that of any that he is he with the star season's end -- -- -- started to turn around. He's starting to turn around and there's a lot of good stories on. Seen because not only do you have the olympians that won the gold medal Charlie White and Meryl Davis they're competing -- -- -- Caribbean and she's also a bronze medalist in thirty. Arm and a lot more telling her story she had a leg amputated from the knee down. Bacterial meningitis -- she was nineteen that I think it's really interesting just to see how she able to show us that. You can do anything that's possible and she's using a lot of different technology. In it would come this year on stern. Her equipment and and I think she's going to be pioneer with what she's doing so I think definitely check it out shows do well -- hadn't been in the top 67 about TV shows EB. It is it is I tried my eyes out watching her dance last week. Yes we can live studio announced earlier it was sorry you're not having a rest -- on your face all all that there weren't a lot of kind of tear Jerker kind of things with drew -- and his son and how he didn't -- dying any so he's lost on the wait for amend and then of course Charlie into Charlie's last name hello like you just slipped from my brain which happens a lot big god came up their lighten the mood just a little bit. -- we do need that -- even Danica Keller had quite a sub story like your grandfather passed away before being looks in each you know her son -- and it really was on those that I had a lot of teaching Susan Gwyneth Paltrow and her neighbors said go ahead get a divorce sleeve already. We think are conscious and -- up and I had to write her she -- -- -- -- -- she's taking it -- right now Christina has -- they're going decent troubles but it also seems that they don't love our neighbors don't love she is Smart enough. What has happened is they erected each huge huge fans and of course eat nearly. Like I have a local and sending a high and and -- wanted to privacy -- it's against their neighboring -- ways construction constant year round and people get really complaining about actress known let's listen to it all the time. NBC has called on David because need to. Still some shoes are on the new Charles Manson drama they're looking -- Yeah I guess this isn't a story we haven't explored enough so I. What's happening is down thirteen episode order on NBC companies can play a Los Angeles Police sergeant in the late 1960s. It was going to be tracking down Charles -- and edge and and reverend cult leader he's got his band of women that that follow him around. At -- The actual elements they had a little bit of fiction and with a thirteen order pick up that means an -- has a lot happy in the -- Before I let you go Darcy asked me to ask you this weeks and weeks and weeks ago and she said if you get a chance to sit down with -- and would you ask your wife soap opera stars always Wear their roster dead. -- -- What I know I think it's probably it's for modesty reasons it does -- reason Sarah Jessica Parker wore -- all the latest sex in the city and it's just one of those things and he will when he covered up I don't want -- -- it with a sheet but I think it's hilarious to. The first thing I wanna do when I get home is to her bra okay thank you for sharing. I literally take her rugs and it'll Mikey get -- -- first masseuse then my Barack. Back to where no undergarments I would be happy as normal route but you know you have to be. Appropriate now wait a minute wait a minute I'd always heard and then like on the red carpet a lot of the stars don't -- I think Oscars completely commando under write downs and the crazy thing is like. What am I down they know like I couldn't Wear anything like and literally had she aims to -- information and all of my body hair because. -- wouldn't lay flat otherwise you don't. And and one of those things you it's on when people oftentimes he'll be put on your shoes and stuff like that you can't condemn the gas into -- Under their heads underneath you're at any time. You really can't be I just have to just. Like I gotta go with that and sometimes it's a male underneath there -- -- -- -- you know write me a bit. Probably gave -- anyway acts when I was gonna say. That's the Hollywood laying with Christen bird on the radio did. -- the OK I'm so glad I'm not gonna stick my broth and I don't have to worry about -- never mind I can't we all to you. And Paul had so plenty to hear that you know we -- more than we wanted to know about -- and every system the dirty dishes -- -- winter budget by the mop bucket a twelve armour road in North Kansas City. If -- animal that's so scum the mold of the bathroom when you've been shaving every place you need to get a cellphone it'll get that -- there sparkling clean sitter found only at the mop bucket dot com. Okay. And didn't just when I think I know you. Find them and not so well -- -- a defense and I know I think now. You know everyone's -- -- you see a story that you just have it -- makes those heart strings go wow. This was one of those and a piece of a -- of a dying -- -- that he's not a live long enough to attend his daughter's wedding. She's only eleven years old. He is -- pancreatic cancer and they had a tear jerking ceremony to allow the dying stand to -- is -- -- down the final. They -- that that everything to resemble a wedding in every way. There was no -- special stage wedding was pronounced the -- daddy and daughter I just think that is the neatest thing. -- anything against the patriot cancer. It is just so hard your girlfriend to use them on hospice now. And has been on what it's called palliative chemotherapy -- because she has a new grand baby she wanted to spend as much time as she could grand -- I had. I have a friend who's been a man several times and the treatments for the cancer treatment have caused other health issues. That are now causing his -- to be in jeopardy it's just that -- -- -- tough battle another marriage story while we're talking about walking on the idol television personality but alerts. It's the former weathermen the drama of the NBC today show about him he he got married to his girlfriend. Well I guess. They've been together for eleven years he's eighty now he's almost old enough to be in the smokers GM -- Hot and not even your hard sell but it club I guess I should say (%expletive) up. But they -- in Fort Myers, Florida and he said that he and -- Tina meant in 771977. And when asked about the honeymoon. Tina his wife sent our life's been hunting and that's -- Glad I -- great. Gracious way to segue into this -- but it's all about honey do to him. -- mind are there -- a school principal is resigning after picking on a container gardener that he basically compared it to the TV star honey boo them. You can I -- yes -- -- a human who thought that was a good idea. According to an official statement the school district of -- any count me both in policy and practice prohibits harassment intimidation or bullying of any kind that one of its employees were incredibly posted a photo. I'm the six year old girl in a Wal-Mart with a caption honey boo -- in Wal-Mart seemingly a reference to both girls wait and -- -- Howell. Horrible. Day at this man who is supposed to be. A role model and influence or an educator. This -- -- has access to children this can't be the first time he's made some disparaging remark. That just makes my blood -- don't -- I didn't hear or is it just went by -- real fast he's been fired right. He has resigned he Inca will there was a big -- and they went around that called for his resignation and infect his own son signed it. His daughter on. -- terror camp. Apparently attacked him in a comment on his original things that post that has since been removed good to move on everybody else is part sad to say that. I have an nearest -- unbelievable unbelievable we want to thank our guest thinks ticket director of the Kansas City symphony frank Byrne who joined us we -- candy Merrill power of the purse of course there are -- who stump idolized a little bit about the weather situation. Don't do -- I said do what she said go get it whether -- yes. I really like it and I'm happy about my area so it's. -- blaring you can go to onto FaceBook. And and we're gonna post that picture -- -- -- -- behind ends up in the air I'm looking at an elevator and I'm with better than yours I haven't seen -- -- Are provided by Robert McCain now with the new lady looks a lot in Westport and damn they would -- on radio.

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