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KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>Life As You Own It 3.29.14 Segment 1

Life As You Own It 3.29.14 Segment 1

Mar 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Life as you own with mark McDougal and Craig Miller. Remember you got questions we've got answers 804924664. You may not take time to educate yourself about the single worst investment and opportunity you have. That investment in the roof of your head in real estate we talked about your home financing make investments real estate we keep the fact Tokyo is just. Good old fashion. Yeah. -- mark McDougal -- I am Craig Miller a little rough on the voice today these little rougher -- -- -- used the culture read you voiced thoughts that mesmerized the root. It does get a whole lot of things when you go deep with that religious base there -- -- and a lot. My friend. If your chickens so. Aside and we are like -- -- thought they -- designer announced masking stuff -- -- -- where the roof over your head to show everything that falls on the big roof. Roof that protects you that roof that. Helps you create memories with your family and loved ones that roof that is actually an investment if you're a homeowner if you're richer while someone else's investment the -- to make sure that. You've got all your bases covered and you do it in a fashion that helps you get hated you know to be -- you want me to lead the pack so what do we cover reach every -- correct. We cover lots of funds to look at the growth treason there is very -- can we ever the roof forget what we are going to cover. All those big things of people spend a lot of money on that we would help you maximize be well informed and empowered. Whether it's buying your first home investing in real estate doing -- remodel project. You might be re having a whole house built from scratch you name it. We cover estate planning taxation benefits and in issues as far as it pertains homeownership and other -- parts of your financial plan but what we wanna make sure you walk away from after listening to like -- you -- it. Is a greater sense of how you should be applying this knowledge to maximize and that big investment that homeownership. Now it's in the the rest of the financial portfolio you doubt it's okay we're in installment two or three part series. Were called spring training tips tricks and to do used to survive spraying it. And be in shape for summer sore right middle next week and you -- -- -- -- for the final installment. Spring training is in full swing on life as you -- at this is part two of the three time series. Taking care of the roof over your head if it's your biggest investment don't neglected part one we shared our springtime maintenance tips checklist. Today will share how to save the most on your utilities bill. Update you -- -- watch besides flowers. Comes along with those April showers. Any -- -- -- -- you're going to be taken a shower you know is a shower every April speaking in April I do indeed finally. I did a nice I do knowledge of the so he'll say you've done the show now once in the last six weeks and tenure you're getting back into Florida to Jack yeah yeah well they got back -- it out Forrester didn't answer right. Given take maybe. So Cragg. What springs what our taxes. Will be wonderful authors for their taxes but unfortunately can't avoid it's like corn flakes without the milk my. After that to -- like mark without Craig it is -- folks last weekend we we shortchange yeah. I admit and I apologize we we promised that we'd have some 2014. Tax tips for you and -- we can deliver during the show but we did post them to the web site. I say that is a point to Christian and rows and rows and not spank you Rosa. So we got that information but not all you have an opportunity check -- our website so. We're gonna cover today also when it comes to finances. We prefer that kids. Method -- the irony here with a Q the Christmas music or prince. -- -- prince William -- and what's the what's the prince music with the prince saw kids you know not noticing it okay what is his like Shrek. Keep it simple stupid that's right folks what we've got some financial tips for you have to keep -- how to keep your finances. Simple stupid. Not stupid just so simple that someone that an arrogant -- -- accomplish and work stupid can we change at. Keep it samples sweetheart. Dare you can't just keep it simple sweetheart who loves you David -- we also welcome any of our new affiliates Christian who's the latest. Tune in radio night awesome tune in radio lot you can catches on another satellite provider folks so. If you're driving through the city here and as for the first time. Call your local station if you're not from that community and say we demand it like this you won't it on air these guys are just. Hilarious. As -- sunny hot they are. Yeah that's visits 84 in here and did warming here that's around -- them sweat -- standing that's right so he's yet police and and you've given us feedback and we appreciate that you can do so by reaching out to -- -- 804924664. Questions at life as you own it. Dot com remember. Not only can you podcast the show you can -- and I heart radio you can catches on a growing number of affiliate AM and FM stations. Andy can catches on YouTube you can see the good thing is that goes on and while we produce data show and I can tell yet after watching right now. I do not have a problem my hands. I don't some might think I do. Disease they're always movement not you talk about my hands of these two little tiny tiny really time my hands up like you know my hat minus it's it's a similar look and in a Christian. Visit to -- And I'm Steve we should be plain. Do in their hands that baby they should they should do that on top and you've we have that on your yes -- that made it on air. -- okay folks a lot of New Orleans Hornets suffer and move on through here yeah let's do it so if you check those out for the first to remember we've got your should he stay or should you -- scenarios. And when we come back. We might just have one of those up not taken a break that was just some hand -- music goes hand for free because you -- -- -- -- -- on your iPhone yet to if you call an 804924664. And don't weep we will very soon have 24 hour accessibility. You've got questions we're here to help you all I have operator standing but I will take your call your question your concern. And they will give it to Craig -- who personally. Respond to your request we may even read it on air -- -- you can even have optioned record at that message and -- it will be played on here if you would like eight. Acts of L we've got -- he's got -- -- Debbie you gotta say great things about the show and ask a fantastic question sorry Craig great job then talk about rates. It as we do every week folks we're gonna bring the rates are gonna take where they were last week. Where they were over this past week the week before last I should say this past week. And also we think they're going. Now we give you this information based on national average data. It's not set in stone doesn't mean this is exactly the rate you're gonna get on your particular transaction there's a few assumptions made with these national averages. And that is a loan amount -- 2000 dollars 20% more equity and excellent credit. -- those factors that change could affect us overall but keep in mind as we preach about the beach or the head with and constantly constantly constantly remind you of those fees and costs are AP factory in fact I reckoning pay attention those before he -- at the rate. Because the fees and cost can be -- very -- -- you back the most so always pay attention to fees and closing costs watch the high fees and points at some lenders charged. With these rates that we're about to share with you. There are some fees and points included. And you need to know that the average points paid over the past week and -- the week before we scene for -- always hovered right around the 1% or so ranked one to one and a quarter. What is appoint one point is 1% of your loan amount. So if you pay one point in 2000 our lowest 2000 dollars not to mention some of the other fees title fees appraisal fees and all kinds of other jungle lender may cram in there. So you've got to watch those fees and costs go to life usually dot com. Check out the breakeven formulas to the you can do the math. It's where it's all about you gotta do the math make sure that you apply it to your situation when -- breakeven on the season costs when -- do this refinance or. When comparing is zero cost little or no cost loan with a high cost or moderate cost loan. What's the better deal how long has won a better deal or the other mean these are just the kind of things that you should be pentathlon. You know on a notepad or whatever and in plotting out the right way to do it transactions here's where rates are folks. Average were last week four point 36 for a thirty year fixed rate mortgage four point 36 that's vs four point 34. The week before just a tiny little uptick there. Ironically though fifteen did the opposite does that title ticked down 3.3 six vs 3.3 eight. Five year arm 3.4 oh vs 3.3 nine -- movement there and FHA fixed four point 17 vs four point 19. So -- -- new time right there is in danger of sounds -- dangerous on -- with folks so what's happened with rates well they've been fairly stable we expect him to be stable through the next week in that we couple weeks ahead. You should be if you if you transaction makes sense. We have I kind of feel or more of a locking bias if you've got a long term transaction it's out there was may bill float that rate up. But if you're gonna close in the next few weeks on a transaction. -- lock in where rates are now. And that's the rates for the week. That's the resize it very coffee here. All right good timing Craig -- take a break we come back we've got your spring time that. Tips on how to save the most on that spring and summer. ACE bills like you stay tuned. Our friends we are back to life as you own kids. Craig Miller here nursing the vocal issues but I did find hard to help that the road get better earlier today -- I -- if you were you'll see her. I'm okay folks -- if you're chicken -- -- -- -- time has come -- would be flattered and -- that -- -- I don't know but for -- out for the first time -- remember you can you can get to like -- you -- it dot com you can. You can catch the archive shows you can find out what we're talking about. I'll falls on FaceBook or or bird Twitter and you can you can get the latest going to look like to share relevant important information. On which is always centered on that big investment you make. In real estate the roof over your head and again -- that matter your homeowner and aspiring -- -- -- life long -- we believe there is value. Our show which you can. Educated. Law was that he -- it should he stay or should you go. We're gonna give -- an -- Craig is gonna tell you whether you should. Get the heck out of dodge -- -- state where you are. Kelly in Tucson Arizona emailed the following question I have a home worth about 300000 dollars with a balance of 220000. My loan is on a five year arm but I cannot refinance because the rate has dropped twice since it started adjusting. It's it two point 875 right now my financial advisors says that -- rate could jump way up next year. So I should refinance now I'll probably move in three to five years what should I do. -- -- that's. Day -- day tell you -- today and tell you why. There's a way he could potentially move to a fixed rate loan. And you will increase your rates significantly depending on what terminal on the one. Gilbert increases significantly regardless of your financial planner is likely wrong unless you're taught in -- he has reviewed your arm. Writer and he knows exactly what that paper says on the note the chances are your rate the maximum you can go up next year is 1%. But do I think the Libor index is going to be higher by 1% by next year this time or whenever you're just goes no idea let me be very similar slightly higher very similar. So chances are you probably have about a year or so before that are actually just up significantly in the most he can't -- per year on most five your arms. Is 1% for year after the first adjustment yourself. I get questioned -- the key thing is looking your paperwork because they're so it worked on their first adjustment she's passed so right now those usually the business but a lot of work 2%. And there are all there are now 55 bombs now in -- of you know 55 -- is but it's filling my engineers six or five years after right there right so there's a good chances either one or 2% but that's a big difference. If it's 2% Craig your -- might be different. You know or may not chances are it's not going to adjust next year by much and that's something I -- just double talk managers all wrong. But the reality is is that it's probably a 51 armed might have to -- clarify that you what you wanna do like parks and read your paper work but if it's a 51 -- it means you're gonna -- -- one. Point one per and we want time for your adjustment and it's probably inside that arm you'll see that your adjustments are probably. 511. Or 515. -- just or 2% you know you could be two and that means that it can go up a Max of 2% each adjustment. Over -- on that English just that with a lifetime cap of say 5% but you got to know those leaders the fine print guys the pitch every time. Now Craig what about so we said Craig said stay. And I won't completely disagree with the might you know but his -- got a -- gambler on this but I just think that it'll taker. And two after three years before she DD BD to a great she'd take it only thing I'd say what's the going rate on a 51 arm. As a no cost well we could look at that it is hard to get no cost 51 on there's no margin for any senator -- CAA closely tell -- -- except probably short Hillary is it threes all right short interest stay. Are deliberating here is that you got investigative because you may you may have an option that at no cost. I'm arm if they can be done -- to hedge you may take three and a half percent you're extending out an extra an extra four and a half years over what you got -- so. Our Craig. Good stuff my friend you okay over there an injury just work in the work in the you'll -- -- every detached tendon all right okay folks. You ready -- we got some list somehow to save some money other utilities bill. I did not talk savings -- utilities utilities okay folks as we know when summer rolls around it gets kinda pricey. That electricity bill goes up through the roof because you'd like to keep it nice. And it. Cool well we've got some we got some tips Korea how you can say -- Save the most money this summer and abroad -- the air conditioning unit whether it's a window unit you can get a much more efficient window unit. Or whether it is just updating tuning up or getting a more efficient new model. Of your whole house air conditioning your HVC. You should consider doing it now what. Because summer is comment also make sure that you replace those filters get a tune up make sure it's operating most efficiently number two -- Alternate methods of cooking. I like this Craig in your lifestyle. What things do you while -- alternates as it relates to cooking. The types of pots and pins -- used for a period ago I I do -- to -- -- market -- -- like the -- can -- outside you know it's it's it's -- now go outside -- outside save on that. That bill when you cook it in the oven cook and doing things in -- it is going to raise the temperature or how also consider. Doing little grilling out especially laughs it's spring time -- little bit cooler. Automate your thermostat. Folks get it adjusted so whenever it at a certain time in the morning and the evening it kicks to its most efficient mode. I would suggest obviously in the evening when it's a little bit cooler anyway. Make sure that you take that thing you just set and a few degrees maybe set around 72 we're comfortable and when you're gone that he what there -- possibly -- when you're gone for the day. Ratchet that sucker out. Take it up to 78 when you're gone same on weekends when -- out of the house said on a standard you can always override the save yourself a few bucks. Number four. Keep the hot sun out of your home this one we do each and every year keep those -- thought that radiant -- -- -- cook and based in -- -- in that house get the blinds closed keep the direct sunlight out of the house you'd be amazed at how many degrees this will knock off number five Craig what is it. Give your air conditioning any break use your ceiling fans or even if he's a boxed in or photography and it. You see anything isn't -- -- your home -- air conditioning that can give the and much needed break -- air conditioning unit. You'll save energy -- -- spaced out for less money. With the use of us leading him standard and see all right number six take cooler and shorter -- worst one save you box stick shorter shower I'll stick cordless gadgets. Eighty degrees 9500 degrees out Sunni militant hot shower. You know I'll steam now and if they are out there are number seven Craig is -- in the charity -- -- leaders idols RM I'm fists. It's my Scottish heritage number since. -- exactly hit install more energy efficient light pulled you can change your current incandescent bulbs to more efficient -- just ask Al Gore. For example -- compact fluorescent bulbs useless energy. In debt as well as they -- a little bit brighter light so they last longer therefore need to be replaced less often cities and they often put off plus heat less he's also on the number eight. Have your air condition as we measuring unit serviced regularly not just that initial filters when your blast and that -- all through the spring and summer. Get those filters clean so what can. Operate most efficiently number nine -- insure your air conditioning pipes are sealed. We have wanted to those pipes so that's right in the pipes in connection -- nature as you know events in your home are also. Area and everything just need to be nice and tight so. Check the caulking between connections and you should probably have a professional and he -- -- -- test that he used to figure -- the test Ringo get to go to Home Depot get that insulated pike you'd be amazed at how much humor idealists say even just insulating. Not just the hot water -- -- during the winner but also making sure that you've got no air leak cheered you get that tape you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You've got plenty of time you've got plenty of -- spent little time out your home where your -- a few bucks and folks remember could -- FaceBook account you can give these tips will post them their fortieth thinks that Christian and Rosa. All the information you need is at your fingertips. All right so why after the break Craig you know we're gonna talk about. Telling mom and give you eight ways to simplify your finances. Eight ways I love it not your number one as. -- -- I'm not gonna say and it's our original how many there are many good tell you -- number one as before we take a break it's gimme all your money and I'll manage it for you. And -- take care of it that that is a great way if you simplify your finances. They can't ready for -- one -- in general it could be folks we come back we've got those eight ways to simplify simplify your financial I've we've also got another should he stay or should you go scenario. And we're gonna tell you how to save some money on your. Taxes yes it is tax time by the --