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Express Employment Hour 3.21.14 Segment 4

Mar 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And. Welcome back you back the express employment hour I'm your host Jim -- thanks for being with meet today and every Monday at 1 PM. You'll find us right here behind the -- talking about respecting people and impacting business. And you'll go back and listen to all the shows are awesome and a common hunting down you are not getting -- -- gravity of bigs bring Larry not spring break I was last week for heaven's sakes. -- an image -- -- -- talking about March Madness everybody's all whipped up in their March Madness their brackets their pools. There's an interesting way and with me in studio today is of course caroling -- you've -- in those segments prior in the hour. Interesting way to kind of make this whole craziness about March Madness on business focused are you there is doing anything like that the that the -- that your your clients excited. Well actually took some basketball that this week and actually gave people back at Nissan and point out. And then when I'm gonna price whoever's team wins and they don't throw any pitch over but the police will -- balls out and an analogue board Markieff into a. And all the little basketball's a little KU jayhawks right because that's your -- Does it over to all sometimes but that's okay I'm in charge that that's great that's right so there are weighty as to. Instead of leaded to downplay erred I take away from your production you can make this productive and it. Make it an awesome time so. We and also -- hook up but the sun -- social media it's at expressed its radio show SH on Twitter and the press on FaceBook at express employment hours so. This is kind of the part in the show -- -- -- car Oprah moment clearly that the goal is make the listener crying on joking and we actually do with his assault rifle and what we do at expresses. Is really respecting people impacting business putting people to work it is what we do every single day at all the express offices. Around the KC metro and and and Lawrence as you heard our friends -- Baring Kate Lawrence. On so we wanna kind of bunt and you heard a couple of weeks ago. About a gentleman named Lawrence he actually called and he was so darling on the Mike you heard about this when networks -- Harley-Davidson manufacturing. You heard Greg Collins share about a couple outstanding administrative associates and have been placed by his office someone else. So clearly I I know you have one that's at a little bit really and touching to share about today. I'm murder and a big recruiting for a -- sound obviously. Anybody knows leaving on staff mean it's. There's a lot of jobs in the air looking for the skilled labors are people who really wanna go to work everyday. So I was on Craig to us -- that owners -- -- -- just don't look at them -- -- and there's this guy on there and he had. I'm. You know -- middle aged thirty year old male I have committed a felony. Mom I just won a chance. I picked up the phone and I called -- and I talked to Neiman. I know when things we ask I ask people to be very honest and forthright with Manson can you tell me which are found only wise and he told me what I was she said I was. Ninety years old I was commander of the taco now. Mom I had done. Act fast to say if I do not do anything but. I was down -- steep isn't the most young kids are you -- told my buddies. Imus when he was in their while that night he wasn't on to shift back. They can man and rob the place and because they knew how much money was an Arab and he's accessory called the crime because he is told them. I've. Seen worse. In that how minded how long was in -- and I -- he actually was until eighteen months. But actually need -- -- -- time that's what he was sentenced for because he didn't deplete. -- it accepted the crime even though he really wasn't part of it or he would have gone to jail for seven to Kenyans. So now. Is there a policy at express prose about felony there is weren't com where exposed only hire people 'cause we all are such as the Marmol. -- from 5000 dollars. So -- around he. Now what I'm not Rome mom he did not go over and exceed that. They came in and you know I think I'm pretty good judge of character and I just I happen to do -- which I don't usually do every day. By happening in your -- and I said -- now I'm going to give you shot if you want to be honest and you know he can also look at their record tape. This is something that happened ten years ago and have them anymore. You know. They're frequent fliers we call him in the office that. They make a mistake once and and they learn from that earn -- keep doing the same thing over and over again you know. Our definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over him the same results. He was not like that by any means so you start out with a company on a part time basis. They were working thirty hours a week he came into the office is narrowing the full time employment. Is there anything else that you can offer. -- about that time we were able to land AT FT global what you Greg is one of our things and we had a huge need and I knew he would show up every day into a good job. He and he did that he got promoted to UT needed. Com he became friends with somebody else around you went on for different employment. And I'm happy where I'm sad you left Tino -- of TV and I think he could have been. Features supervisor something out there and become a great part that she get her fault somebody for -- in nice to -- a supervisor for another company. And he came in and and thanked me for giving him that opportunity. Because I felt I can't penalize somebody for ever for what they do when they were 1819 years old. Sure it's it's panic it's energizing what you said about that judge of character thing. Because it does play into hopefully what goes on and express employment offices and not just in Kansas City that across the nation. On it's not just pay. Here's this guy he can be here this thing okay he wants that's their egos at the persons of that works. We try to turn it really make that special sauce of matching the person when the position and reading through and a judge of character -- and they can they do. Guard skills but that they also have this through them and so that that's that's interest -- yet been on you for recognizing that in and helping somebody in gainfully employed as a. I'll tell you and that's just it is now out one thing they tell us and school -- specially training is they said -- -- -- -- I'm mostly work of the upper and middle management so working with a 1012 dollar an hour was something new to me. If they stay in school -- -- -- little certainly be the difference between putting groceries on somebody's table. When you think about that's. That's why you. You know and our office we -- mean I want things is my -- his work hard. You know -- every day. You know do your personal hygiene keep your nose clean just don't stand other people's business and you'll always get a job or you'll get to be that long term important. Exactly and you're rooting for that employees say you're still in contact with this individual yes he's got an evaluation with the new company. Wow that is great you mention Craigslist I'm in -- a member -- unfortunately just you know not that bad reputation as Craigslist killer -- -- of their TLC movies or whatever. -- is Craig's list of valid way for you to find associates an advertise your particular office. It's like anything else you'd have to use every source to recruit. We advertise on -- we get some total people who are totally crazy. -- -- -- beyond us and and there are some people who truly truly do answered ads. I've called several people that's just good luck with this and more individual and I gave him -- -- and I didn't show up. In the no column -- shows. It goes back to bring in -- and that office. Having not -- on with -- say okay. We're gonna give you chance to turn I want you to put your best for ward and make sure you do the job he -- -- -- in. As a business lady of stature in Kansas City early what. I mean if you really had to -- it doesn't like three things like it -- you just -- and a teacher like littered the street with T shirts here's the way. To get a job here is the way to keep the job what are your three key things. The first -- -- to show for an interview that's the first thing you have to do I mean yeah we call people up last week I had to -- a job for some guy and our presenting his resume until client. They didn't shoppers did I even went as far as commenting did you like maybe make a mistake or that. General Peter didn't show up the second time so that's the first thing you have to show up for needing. We -- for the interview be dressed appropriately. You know where if you don't you warehouse positions -- nice jeans and tees -- -- -- if you have about -- on if you come in my office -- -- -- on the ground. The chances are might tell you if you ask you got about because -- disrespectful. There's also safety issues. Tell us that because dress has a dress code even as a senator doing the radio station at 1 o'clock on -- and him Monday. On dress codes are different than they used to be so what do you. People that are -- potential associates that are happening from your office what at what you guys did have to Wear tired they're coming for warehoused Robert what do you guys kind of consult people. -- I think for a warehouse job will I. And has to be dressed in jeans my teacher preferred way -- not -- no profanity or sound steep insane on that. Because if you can't just like that's kind of injury you're getting your interview with a client like that. I want to do you reflect express which is my business in shiny and and I don't want backhand. Character out there to finish that. Slap in my -- second mile off all not that immediate reality show the stories that we have and running a staffing agency does that -- T -- we see crazy excuses and whatnot you can write a book most -- the stuff doesn't it didn't she call you know it's not -- okay you get credit -- that -- the fact that what. And match him -- 1 morning I haven't beyond -- car came and then. Literally does the and now he's not looking for jobless a helping hand he has a news pants when -- dancers just. I said well the first thing I wanna ask you have a belt and he goes. Yeah I -- so we'll use that yeah she can't tell me what to do I think I can I -- -- -- you're gonna have that attitude there's the -- don't wanna -- to where the good lord split and he's. My -- -- -- -- -- choices we're not making fun of people we actually are -- like what -- -- like let me get through and people being. Honest and forthright with him and he was like being very disrespect might -- suggest that he can't beat you because you're not gonna be respectful -- the first I'm sure to interview me dressed improperly. You know come prepared you know one of the things I would tell people want the biggest questions when it and we asked I think ever express office us. It wouldn't. What is your -- what do you bring to the table what is your biggest thing that you can bring tech company that's a huge thing. Because we also build profiles for the decision and we some amount and what your greatest accomplishment. You have to know Richard grace accomplishment is before you get their second thing like I said dress appropriately the first thing when you go -- for a job interview is just beyond time. The biggest -- is that soft skills beyond tying it to be polite you'd be courteous be respectful of those people. -- your future employers they're the people that. You know are gonna get you to that next level to get to do those jobs that pain forward combined a nicer cars semis and thousands. But if you don't do those three things. You know it's going to be pretty hard for us to help you and we want to help people but see I have a -- saying I'm going to jump. Okay it's gonna back down from wars as we have a joblessness and say. Hard work you. All in Dayton. I like -- you know because I'm. This week and we went downton college in the Ozarks and had brunch Al colleges Ozarks are financially yes OK yeah now get them -- -- and I -- talk I mean it was someone I didn't have the young people say it was a Serb it was a pleasure Serbian. It was -- -- taking care of you. We've got so far away from disrespect. And the younger generation that it's not a self entitlement weird we work together to teach -- those jobs. I'm with you though clearly I'm not hopeful and hopeful that that tide is turning back. That it's an you know that the -- you know that air quotes jobs Americans won't do whatever the hard work is coming back that you're not too cool to. Saw the coolest on just like your hard work you that you're in a trademark. I saw the coolest thing it says in a real man isn't afraid to take you know a whatever -- hour flipping burgers to put food on has babies you know in his name is not like. You know step be that right person so I like the -- Q and you say job seekers if you're listening she's getting all kinds of great insight. Sell yourself everybody has something to sell no matter what it is you don't just kind of go on just nobody I I'll do anything bad that's the most big. Manila thing that could happen everybody has something that they can drawn her experience that they can use even if it and they just got out of ice on perhaps that they've never had a job and they're not buying and seeking higher education. But there some sort of the scripture or detail of their life that can tell what their make up and let their characters about that that that we can place eminent experts aren't does current. -- so -- a love hate time let's talk just a little equipment after we get down offer big and industrial -- soap boxes. Let's talk about. Yes well and we want to there's two things are territory wanted to Fairfax industry and were part of that. And also as the wind kind of timely with the Fairfax industry were able to meet Greg Kendall who has. He had chair of the economic development and also the president and the chairs in term of the chamber. So we got to have a one moment -- and they are looking for someone you would do a partnership with them. So we could be those job seekers with them these companies and these companies in the town I think Greg will attest to that you wanna know you've got that workforce ready to them. So if you're coming -- you coming and you say -- -- a hundred people they wanna know that you combine those people front and that's a huge thing -- people decide. To put their companies in the Kansas City, Kansas wind dot area. I got whipped up I'm -- city is going to be with us and the third segment he bought his leg was whether it is darted up the studios are and so is listening addresses on the -- -- -- -- so we decides. Make an investment. And become an investor for the economic development with fat you know we worked one -- what -- we go to and there are. Their monthly meetings where they disclose what they can when they can. But -- -- in the forefront of being able to work with those companies when they're coming to town when they say we're gonna need. -- fifty people can you provide it is this chance to recruit early and work it's just a win win for both parts it's a win for expresses the went for one dollar campaign. Shirt totally and lightning and I think that's the way all good business is dying you -- me I help you. And that's when they next are simpler professionals and all the offices around the -- -- try to do was plug into those. Economic development councils -- different chambers. An and for by that ongoing partnership collaboration lasting resource center right center. Thank you fairly -- today thank you very lovely having you thank you so much take Greg bump this thanks again for being here who don't fantastic and at wide WE DC dot org you can buy into FT global TFT global. Dot com you -- express employment hour every Monday at 1 PM right here on 1660 AM. I'm Joan -- your host and -- make sure to follow us on Twitter at express radio show on a -- they spoke. And next week's burning question let's think -- We'll have an I'll post on the -- that. Everybody have a great week and Dugard and do great by. Respecting business an impact -- respecting people and impacting -- -- I don't think I.