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Express Employment Hour 3.21.14 Segment 3

Mar 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- pretty -- equated to. Just. It's tough to vote. Welcome back to the express employment hour I'm your host Jill Hickey how did you like that Greg bump this -- TFT just now. Always the best guess here on the show with me in studio also today is clearly -- all who owns the shiny office -- express employment professionals right now. Let's talk a little bit about the dot. This is. CEO nice to -- -- studio space -- as well this is a title and a half director of business retention and expansion. They wyandotte economic development council hype it on the part that was a -- And careful very carefully it's very it's half it's it's big but I was used to big title is formally at Kansas City, Kansas community college in as coordinator workforce development. So that was a long title in itself but this got longer. This is all easy for you what you do and basically to boil it down as we focus on wyandotte county today. I'm develop growth and awareness for wind at area new job trans companies coming into the area. -- about the vision I have an Omaha Nebraska. We used to drive through what's now that being that hub of why not counting the legends in the -- campus and everything and you know what it used to be but I always say in my kids' -- kids you know and that is to be over there and a -- we know used to be a cornfield. But it really didn't used to be a cornfield or what the vision and and what's gone on their can you talk a little bit about the life cycle on that. Definitely definitely so in 1997. Wind -- in -- city Kansas created the unified government so that we would have won government. And that really stopped. Some of the economic hardship that was happening and -- not that led up to 1990s at. Since the government unified that really created the now momentum that we have -- economic development. Starting with I 7435. And a legendary. I'm -- won the first projects must of us will remember was a speedway. So that's -- turning that cornfield into what it is now with the speedway and now village west and the legends area. You know finding government just kind of demonstrated how you get a lot of people pull the same direction how a lot of creative projects can be done. -- the interstate was actually moved just for the speedway to -- bill at that at that and which whichever one that was -- -- place for. We now have a 114 businesses there in that area and retail. In. Back to suspect when he restaurants. Employs about. 5700 people. Wow -- that's. Ever that's a lot to think about and it's it and and thank you again for sharing the the core of this whole thing obviously. Is on you can get the business as you can build the stuff it can be there but you have to have people come and you have to people's day so that's part of year. Big deal title is the retention -- how do you do that -- Well a lot of it's making sure we're in front of businesses listening to what their issues are with their needs are. And then now I'm -- defense has been -- did that one stop shop for the mediator and a week in -- collect all the different entities that are needed. Where certain project to be successful. In to do it in a quick manner. So we treat each project as its own unique project. -- notes who practiced really lookalike. In what will kind of be the ones that will collaborate everybody in the one place letters to state and local or around or ourselves or some work force entities. So that it's it's easy fodder for the company for the project leader. Very good we're talking to. For the wind out economic development council wind named after the wind that Indians at Hillary's surge. Also named these third at mainly a city and some 2000 and -- -- you ever heard that. I have eighth and literally in only if boost creating a well about the mainly as severe dent the earliest sit and I thought that was. Kind of interesting. Obviously we build the structure and you supported through what you're speaking on. I'm new job trends with these companies coming into the area and companies that are RD in the area what industries and what kind of skilled labor is there. Yes so becoming given adequate description last year was our best year for economic development and the history of wind. We had almost a billion dollars of economic development and 2013. That was 33 announce successes. 33 announced successful projects. On to those were were pretty lyzard General Motors MPQ corporation. If you take those two out. The remaining 31 projects. Averaged about six point five million dollars per project but all those projects 52% of those announced projects were. The industrial nature. So we definitely have a focus on manufacturing and a lot of the jobs of course -- been manufactured. I'm of the remaining projects so the other. 48%. Were really pretty split between retail office and residential markets so. -- -- counties very diverse. It's one of our strengths we have the capacity to entertain. Now projects in those four markets have retail residential. Office and industrial. And that's what we saw last year and we think we'll continue to deceit that so our work force Tom is indicative of that. It's very diverse. I would definitely have and are known for manufacturing which is maybe why we're mainly -- manufacturing is an Armani for men. Exactly exactly heard the star couple Wii's gonna show the associate focus on ms. Quinn that works out Harley-Davidson make gas bikes and -- great point -- -- The website is why oh my goodness why. At WYEDC. Dot org WYABC dot org website. You have a specific and he talked his specific collaboration that you have with the workforce partnership which is as -- separate entity -- people -- from nine with me and explain. Yes so. I think something that that some our our strengths and wind out when it comes acted economic development are definitely unified government which creates some flexibility. For us but it's also. The capacity our ability to really entertain the retail office. Industrial. Residential all of those markets and then the last workforce our work force structure it's very strong. I'm not a -- of that is because of the partnership between the CDC. At a community college Kansas City, Kansas community college. -- in unified government and then last workforce partnership. Which is our unemployment office in the count. We need monthly in discuss what the trends are. Seen how we can best meet any gaps that might exist. -- sharing who who and what employers we've been in front of what their issues are now we can address them. An end to the community college we have an excellent technical education center. Outages had a thirty million dollar project last year they opened up a lot of and advanced manufacturing programs. In back in really -- a lot of the gaps that that we were seen in in DC and and some of the manufacturing sectors. Obviously -- you have your your. Finger on the pulse of everything that's going on and wind -- -- If you could boil it down the you know when you're speaking at meaning monthly with the work first partnership except if you could well it and it there's somebody listening that is a job seeker. What you because you're boots on the ground what you really think would be at best practice and getting a job and turn into a career. And mind -- counting what pinpoint that for me. That's something we we've always heard in in we'll continue to hear is nothing new soft skills. We we'd turn an essential employee abilities skills. But those are the skills outside of the technical skills so and they could be started showing up on time addressing correctly in the right things. That is something we. Almost always hear it's almost a per -- thing that will hear that from an employer. So if you're seeking a job focus on the -- skills highlight those January interview mentioned your strengths when it comes a soft skills. Something that we found through study that. In America regional council performed a couple of years ago they interviewed I think it was 700 plus. Employers being in Kansas City in a dignified the soft skills are the essential -- abilities skills. That war most important employers. In those four or war let's make sure I remember him here work ethic. Teamwork. Work readiness which is like showing up on time. And go and dressing correctly and the last was communication. Perfect so in other words you know not that eye contact and put that on down people they're so I don't I don't sit for an interview. And we express offices as a resource you also have a lot of these kind of resource is -- -- on are moving on up log on expressed pros dot com. When -- ask you something else because you're known for something else besides this whole economic development council on all the great. Stuff that she provide and business to business what's with the tricycle lets out about. Hope I have. You're talking about my a summon entrepreneurs well. And 19 county promotes entrepreneurship reject his series start at village there and a lot going on an innovation summit accuses in Kansas City, Kansas Community Colleges a big event for the county in the community college. On April 4. But sound I'm involved in a lot of those not only because in my role on with the CDC but also because I'm I'm not -- doing myself. And I own a company called tricycle trains it it's Simon going on our fourth year now. In Kansas City in we operate -- tabs there rickshaw as people know the -- as their lights icicles they had three wheels and get a -- on the back. In we I we have 45 -- devers in Kansas City at use our bikes and ride them around. In now where are such she schemes in downtown -- and making them making accuses -- of pedestrian friendly place and a and a fun place. And it's green you get it if you wanna work for JT get to work out an -- this and it's time people can get around town. It's. Why in that I knew I was -- that the dot net or WYEDC. A dot Oregon did any other place is that you like to tell before they can reach you. Eight whereas 77 Minnesota. Avenue why not economic development council on the second floor of -- -- is chamber eating common there and say hello. And we're we're excited about the projects that will be coming to wind -- -- and we're really sad about the companies that exists there. As is we get a lot of greats I'm leading. Companies in the and a lot of different industry sectors. Outstanding thanks so much for sharing with us check out the website folks and also check out tricycle transit says they meant like we'll be back after the break.