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Express Employment Hour 3.21.14 Segment 2

Mar 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay. Okay. You're back he expressed employment -- thanks for tuning in and we're here every Monday at this time people such a bonds by 9 o'clock last week as a second clock night. We don't need to do everyone a set our phones by a nobody has -- and -- pretty sure. With me in studio today -- lovely -- early Mazar hello Kelly how are you angry Gerri great how did you over the weekend on your brackets. And ended this shiny office not dollar -- students are you are now now I'm the only basketball fan in my office and I -- your cave and -- done yeah. It does so we we met -- in the first segment and right now with us we've got. -- very yet outstanding member of the business community group one Greg bump this from TFT global. Since 198090. -- is part and with manufactures as a seamless extension. Of their operation and it allows their -- to grow with minimal risk. Had they are a global company. That is located across North America line with flexible resources and equipped with innovative technology to bring you the ultimate in quality supply chain efficiency Greg -- what does all that mean what exactly do you do. What does that mean I'm the general manager of the company. What that means is we do a lot of things for the automotive industry. It's it's it's been our past that you know we started with the OEMs and went into the tier ones that eight. As a support service for anything from quality distribution. Anything that comes across -- their requirements. In the past we know. 24 years -- five years. And tell us a little bit about healing your business hello my business background. It's serious change true my career has started off as they structural engineer. Probably 1520 years ago doing that and that led me into. Somehow the -- the background. Drew me into the automotive industry here and I never looked back after that so it's been about fifteen years. In this type of business ten referred to FT global and and five with. In in the quarterback room. My hearing a little accidentally from like Tennessee tech says let them again there. Do you get NASA I -- it's a Canadian accents food that. I guess -- in has been told me that of lost the eighth in in the Canadian thing so. I've been down to Tennessee for the last couple of years setting up an operation down there and now the last probably eight months. Here and I Kansas City. Can a city let's talk a element. I I love Kansas City and people are homer wonder whether I'm ever gonna come backer -- it is a great city lots of opportunity the people on the culture year. I think is what's you what's attracted me the most most to let's. There's so many things to do win and just. Everywhere you go it's welcoming hand in possible opportunities. So what exactly does your business model look like he does support the automotive industry how how does that look like on a daily basis spot in the in the calling. Services. Part of our business which is is which is our main focus right now in in Kansas City is more towards. Any of the quarry systems services that we have so if if there's problems with parts were anything that they have with the OEMs with a tier ones. I heard the VA's where we have the he is some assembly being done. Wore an extension of the OEMs who were OEM can handle it I'm really stupid that's that's the Fairfax a senate and assembly plant a -- -- -- -- with GM Rick right now. Com. We where extension of their 48 in so there's into their suppliers. So the suppliers that are located in all over the world. That they can't have the support here when when the line and is there -- -- in the parts and the parts that. Are all in good standing in and we -- we win there late what I call swat teams. Again we get the problem from -- fixed and the guy and the line he really gets a good part every single time so that's that's -- they depend on more. At the end of the day you are really insuring people's safety I could make it sound very grandiose and and you know wonderful invalid it really is super important nobody wants to take that. 3000 -- that's the applause at the moment and a daughter just started to drive so that's what we call from my house with -- BO -- -- I'm just going to scare the stuffing out of her but you are you really are ensuring people's safety your company. A pretty much in we're actually -- some some of the results and information and data that we provide. It goes to the JD power. As far as the -- performance of the vehicle. Soul. In in the safety and an all around and that. Assembly of Greg is that it can't US partnership begins practicing about that the differences that what goes in there vs the United States. Differences -- can't in the United States. Well what what we're standardizing. So you know one of the things that says they were doing. Throughout our organization is developing all of our policies procedures and stare operate operating systems. So that so we're transparent to. Anybody no matter you know where were acts. I'm underwent when when you come to differences between then manufacturing in the OEMs each one of them has their own uniqueness. So whether I'm down in that Spring Hill Tennessee or whether I'm in Kansas City. War -- where a company that you know we strive to get the needs of the customer. So each one of them is unique -- -- -- finding is with General Motors or Ford or Chrysler whoever -- with at the time. It's it's our job to develop our systems in order to meet their requirements. We're talking to Greg pompous at TFT global -- TT global dot com with dozens but he also has clearly -- also is the owner. -- -- Shawnee express pros office. The Greg you guys talk a little bit out our new website about the containment. Validation process it's a signature process that you -- what exactly does that mean and how does it benefit hearing customer. That's says that's errors start to finish. Really what it is. Anybody in the called durable words certainly. Like this. Now what what we do is is we breakdown the system and when we find that there's there's a problem with that within -- parts or or process. We develop the advanced all the planning part of that's. We ask all the right questions develop although that the right instructions. As if you're manufacturing that part only when Paul what we're doing is actually creating a sub component of that and saying how can we fix this part how we get it back into. Standards and compliance and asked all the right questions train all the people. I get them up to speed on on how to do it the tools required to do it the specifications required to do it's. So it it really is of the entire process is if you're manufacturing. Manufacturer going through that. We knew that every single time every single part every single job. Want that express were real excited to have you Kansas City if you can tell us a little bit which are present ladylike and can't -- in the future. I hit in the future you all I guess. I'm optimistic and very very optimistic and in what like I said earlier is is there's a lot of opportunity here in Kansas City. I was you know pleasantly surprised not all of them automotive presence AM and end of the tier ones and in other areas much. You know with with new launches in new vehicles. That are out there are coming open in the near future from some of the facilities around here. That drives us to more business and bring an hour and a at a steady state. Right now you know around 12230. Employees through Kansas City. We -- up to a 109 B a one time for a little bit here for a lot and and again it's a supply and demand thing. So when there's new vehicles that are that are coming -- surf to the the consumer. We spent a lot of time in the development and prototype being of of low so we you know if there's any -- works or requirements hurt or engineering changes. We get heavily involved with those things and help them through the launch of Latin. That's when army and power usually escalates and at that time period and it's usually. It's usually curve that happens wrote a year or so. I think today in the next probably. Twelve to 24 months will probably double in size in this area for potential job seekers what does that look like what are the positions that they'd be doing and and how does that work. Well yeah we day M we have. At and infrastructure that's when when we get involved with these projects. We have to assign the appropriate staffing to that so. As as it grows we we multiply in the same. Positions. So if there's supervisors that are out there -- project coordinators are out there all these specialists that are out there. That tape of skill set is definitely something that we were looking for. Management staff you know -- you know one as we drove. You know another compare more areas. In his first management's concerned we we actually have twice as much management around the support that as well so. It's all the support staff that's all the technical skills staff for it's it's -- and -- the worker bees that are out there that. You know we we need the volume of. That's outstanding thanks earth and sharing what that looks like and what then what then the Specter looks like for coming months so what deet wearing Kansas their front. I'm from London Ontario and say you know heavier run underage Mike Adams and aggression star. It not the grocery store -- at a skating rink get a birthday party no rest day. -- Google and Amazon -- well besides Greg so they are right and I know I got Rachel McCadam that you Cronin senior and junior Victor Garber who is on alias and other shows and Ricky Gervais -- service yeah and -- bump as yet note then Greg Brown this is the great hockey player. Oh well at. Yeah it's beacon of so are you wrapped up in March Madness thing area. I feel for the for the first time in. Employee involvement and you know help me out with some of the -- and everything like that so. I'm getting involved with that we were we were down merits the sprint center over the weekend it -- see some of the stuff that was going on that was awesome the you know see that that we don't see a lot of that support. At this is so he went down tick in the atmosphere it is it's fun to just be partying don't go to the ball -- I mean just go down and see all the people and -- it's just at its outstanding month yet as we have to win the whole thing in your bracket. I do I have Florida State Hulk okay now among them was for a stay as a so everybody. As I fill up my ranking and one of those willing willingly you know I'd like this color I like -- this guy has this team has beat you guys so you know there's no time. I don't know any difference -- with any of that either but says you know I was I was cheering for. Kansas but. -- didn't go. Up. Exactly I Greg -- is tell us where where we can find if anybody wants to link in with you -- I he yeah Twitter thing. Among Linkedin I thought among rank and our company's on Linkedin. As well so and then their website. Is definitely -- -- -- -- -- -- TF. T global dot com nearly getting more questions. -- that they quit I think we and we really we have into. Beat the magic that is mr. -- on -- really twentieth to global doesn't think -- without lending to green initiative that's a big focus for us. Yes it is eight especially in that. More we got going and in Canada would like to continue on down here is is part of the solar. That there were doing up up in Canada. Mom as well as obviously the environmental that. That we practice. Great greatly intensity are lucky to have you thank you for sharing of yourself and being with the express employment remember follow at expressed pros. -- express radio show SH OO on Twitter if you speak Twitter and find us on FaceBook at. Express it express employment -- just search that you'll find it and go to use breaker dot com that's SP RE eight KER dot com. And search you'll be able to hear all the -- old podcast we -- on two weeks I were jamming here we're going to be here every Monday. At 1 o'clock and 1668. M. We will be right back after the break him are gonna have. YN dot economic development council -- in about as the growth of the dice here with Jill Hickey. It's an express employment hour stay with me.