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KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>Express Employment Hour 3.28.14 Segment 3

Express Employment Hour 3.28.14 Segment 3

Mar 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And. At the branches table. It gives us. Seeing. Welcome back to be expressed in an hour I'm your host GOP he also on on Twitter as -- and not so soccer mom go Google not -- soccer mom -- -- website and the not so -- nominee no that doesn't mean until like soccer on bashing your kids' activities it's a landlord that thing anyway I'll find out read blogs whatever. I had some -- under bill Cheney here expressing our professionals -- is owner. In the second segment is that -- friend bill or chat a little bit more. About because I was like you know -- we really didn't even in business for thirty years and then all of a sudden it's I think it's. His new life so to speak opening its express rage right and I kind of wanted to like pick your brain a little bit more -- it. And I know honestly you know your business the last at the -- in a little bit more of the back -- of what you did before and that -- -- and. Okay well more or as a director -- -- the question the US and a lot of people that people report. Do you people. Love that and what do I always sent to death. Actually wasn't it was a massacre that brought down to meat from a BP I first heard us. Simply do what you say you're going to do a B or 80% of the competition. And I truly believe it because. We are nothing more than our work here and if you lose or simply follow up on everything that you promised -- ultimate customer. You'll and you'll win -- -- -- be successful. And what great just wouldn't rate little -- for for a listener. And on earth and somebody that's transit to restart like job seekers. It it really to get ahead and meet the business man wearing a tie her -- -- currently in the stop labor at whatever he simply -- it -- you. No matter what it is UBS river street sweeper you can be the best at what. And thank you thank you for -- and it now. You -- our. We have this injuring. -- about it kind of reverse commute from corporate America and specifically that. Pharmaceutical. Ice I mean you can use Nancy worked what was your biggest -- Throw them leaning -- like yeah that's. The fun. I guess being in control. I don't know they're negative. People play at all. Senior mustache and not as in putting -- yeah and I did just -- Michelle they -- their track. -- -- I bet there was it was just that and that the joy of being able to be. Truly accountable for you hurt yourself and your business which affects your employees people bringing in the clients and brilliant. And I get a lot of reward or satisfaction of helping people end. Before it was a medical sales we -- how people -- -- equipment. It is a little more direct. Hit it begins people should there and think in my office and it just wonderful experience I know you and your opposite and it. People and thank you for the fuel is the people you've been -- jobs and really reward you for anymore it's. Remind everybody again -- an answer that last segment where they can reach you reached -- at the services are listening and York. A business owner. Take a hassle of -- off your own desk honestly not slow or here or you can do about it will worry about HR. Hiring and firing hitting the people there we do it or you weren't or you can do important. You're here -- person you'll drop by your blue springs Missouri -- addresses 1739. Northwest. Border crossing where it behind. Walgreens and auto store on north seven highway or you can call that. -- 16229. Jobs. JO BS or he'd rather do it -- six to use. And if you're looking for job you can find. A job postings where you be using excellence and a lot of very adept at finding. -- -- and and an internal an angry at such. Without playing for a yes and yes I'll tell us money crisis if you're listening politics as employment are some sort. -- -- -- Larry -- or organizations. In -- -- Absolutely bill Haney eggs and for chatting with us we're gonna continue. Talking a little bit more and listen let's let's circle back and listen to a song from my new Berry -- sprint just -- Let -- good to have. I. It's okay. -- to do today. -- that's what I -- People. But you. How awesome is that and how awesome is Jeff -- and sitting here in the studio and he changed hands Jeff Cooke -- That his promise what how and it's Jeff -- and started timing and against Jeff that dash. Eight GBA. Dot com make sure -- the -- where they're going to be so that you can follow along and I'm. Notice how she could be in Florida this weekend that is -- like him I guess. I guess I can't but an Alabama is coming to Jeff with Alabama coming in the city later this year so. Looking for that -- you in this idioms that all of us. I'm so great song great music haven't had showed today in our next segment we're going to be getting a hot job segment you want to be listening at your job -- we got something or you express employment offices are your -- We wanted to start out because I'm gonna run out of time is there's so many don't feature in the sports segment. Next I don't get a jump start on it. And talk a little bit about opposite of Overland Park it doesn't opt out of Overland Park, Kansas. Has the following opportunity and call center opportunities. You are articulate. Driven and like to work any fun -- environments. This call center opportunity could be for -- -- over our office remember super easy to Atlanta I'm just gonna express pros dot com. If you wanna put in with all offices and KC metro. Just click the mall and then -- on to the right members spoke something of a hard candidacy encompass this stage. He added nine and then you can apply for all the different properties that this particular app is at the Overland Park so when you violent. Submit to the over her up or call center. Additionally over our office has a position open or operation manager of the logistics industry trucking logistics -- -- And they are looking for I -- people for the insurance industry. And also. A bilingual administrative assistant CI RS says I'm not an emphasis on as I see it you know he didn't probably know that your husband -- are until he. You're the experts and -- an -- -- is a Panamanian citizen in the a little bit of it and -- As the passable or and it's I don't know acceleration -- -- -- and other. This late Overland Park office is looking or HR people -- our special human resource specialist. Come down to the Overland Park office. And CDL drivers for that H back industry over our op Ed -- job or you're gonna continue to hotjobs. Let me get to the -- segment we got -- all over the metro are our job. Is putting people to work at experts and let her national. I still -- and listen in addition to hosting the show you know what -- I do. I know it's crazy and mrs. Missouri international is part of my journey. Or international -- love and beauty product. So I'm looking into happy like oh no I'm not get up and cut cut off. I'm just having its cool we have the only happy light boat machine in Missouri in the north and an ongoing active chiropractic to get these. Great little -- Great little procedures done and could be how paddles down here on your problem areas and exposed to talk to the -- underneath and tell it to straighten up and -- -- it comes out your. You're in there your -- racist and in other words all the bad molecules go away from my journey and not so soccer mom dot com. A lot I'll be right back with more hotjobs -- Hickey and its present -- yeah.