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KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>Express Employment Hour 3.28.14 Segment 2

Express Employment Hour 3.28.14 Segment 2

Mar 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well connected -- express employment hour -- your host Jim -- here we are how cool was just that. I that was like the biggest honour to speak to one founding members of the an Alabama Jack Jeff cook in the all -- good time -- to be hearing more music from -- as you've been hearing in the -- act on the radio I'm not but as you've been hearing in -- out that show. -- to continue to do so in here also for Jack and talk about his three. India awards thrown onto -- trauma on the -- all the awards it he's won through Alabama. Just got it right now organic and it continued in that same -- talking about. Hard working people that are making their way out here and the good old USA today and we have something special Ed because as you know the show is brought to you. By the expressing under professional offices around KC metro area and a special treat because we have a brand new office opening and with me now is. Bill Haney over oh about owner of the latest express employment professionals out is hey don't carry hero. Fun and easy for -- is easy yes and I love that sound checked yet checked out yet it's and it herbal -- well thank you for being here and end up. This is that you know we've we've had other owners in explaining job they had and meet its tactic in that I would take a second. Take a deep breath and and share a little bit about your new office open share a little bit about the process of being an express employment professionals. Owner can't. That the journey of being from large businesses small so tell us a little bit about your professional background. Well the last thirty years -- so again I management -- apple equipment. And it came time for one of our competitors to -- -- -- company I work for cancel some -- -- -- got laid off. Where he was -- time to go out look for a job. Well it wasn't so easy to find a job found out so -- And so I was in my research. I was contacted by expressing saw -- many out job or fortunately for me. And after talking with -- them learning about the culture of this company. Learning about the support mechanism and strong belief that inside -- as -- working for us -- Our job. Is us helping pass and that Blas here we go our way in bringing me on board start. So interesting you say you're looking for job we thought I got into business for yourself as the worm turns what a job being you put other people to work. Did you look at other types of franchises where you currently shopping for and when you've got this sort of credit cold call. Interesting question actually because initially I cannot be considered that I was all right back into my comfort if you wish. And fortunately it not when they contacted me about the idea that you're thinking seriously out. Buying a franchise opening a business. Well the more I thought about it the better I liked that idea in my own boss always been frustrated when he didn't think like I thought. And that's a great opportunities like shopped around it looked. Other types of businesses other franchises. And settled on this. It big. -- big journey at the big financials. Edberg open your business and irresponsible or again not just the people or you people you put to work if say -- -- staffing agency how long did it taking its turn to -- -- from hearing about expressed -- they want to betting it. To opening -- A lot longer than it's ever went holy day I think our approach. Actually an artist and and a sign the paper and writing initial check in September. And it has been. A long process and getting Mike Lee is getting build out or my. Office space -- you see a lot of bright colors and here it's a beautiful office I've been there and it's fantastic. And I was able higher sort of semi pro energy my staffing consultants she it'll do that those colors. Better then after the leaping ability the other. Are now being. Filled. And they they have a very strong arm. Training program express. They want us to succeed her senate franchises you know. And their goal is to make us successful and so the treatments to near Oklahoma and me based. A nominal thirty years I've been doing business it was by far the best training ever ever act its -- you left there. You don't you can start a business. An -- the two weeks -- to listen to what they called extension. Office one has been around for a long aren't. What has been very successful. And someone they knew couldn't help teach us the ropes Ulish. It stopped very impressive this year and -- -- again as a fellow experts and I know this but it's nice YouTube echo. Well we -- art -- opened offices think about the next ten years training process and if somebody chooses to put their families. Business and and livelihood on the line. That there's somebody they're backing up experts they're -- -- the end of the day the goal is to back the people. That we put to work and the clients that we served so your office is where you are eastern Jackson tell -- exactly where you're looking. Our lovely blue springs Missouri which is just slowly eased to the stadium. And in your shopping center dog or is. I -- works on seven highway north of I seventy. About a mile the most. And come to darkened road and I certainly you'd turn left and try to get you right to the parking lot. Behind Walgreens and knew that. Story here and -- everybody and -- bill -- he's the latest expressed -- professional office opened. Just open this week and last week I guess congratulations. -- -- to the stat that people see job seekers are clients and I'm busy at this experts sure very proud -- -- -- always -- eight plus years experience in the staffing industry wow. Are sudden it is. Deanna -- as you walk in the door we also are the director. First impressions. Our friend our coordinator like she is yeah that's he's been -- a couple other companies brings out a well acknowledged. And experience and it might staffing consultant. Is Michelle nano and like it yeah she brings. Less years of experience. Incredible work -- -- -- -- Oops she's been he's been down doesn't wait for commissioners. Know the right thing to do and -- helping out the clients helping out your associates. And so help me. Let's talk about that bill because that is being blunt and matter if you're running hot dogs and at the ballpark or you're running up auto parts or you're running on. In a rebuilding and -- the tower in downtown New York's can't New York City. How do you think the right people seem like you really have. A great talent and -- and how what are your last. Plus being ignorant people -- -- -- actually models got things that you have. Out after some years in management hiring people love scenes of my decisions being not so. It is rolling our efforts now you don't paper they have all skills that you want. But it if you get them and you meet him face to face and that person now being. John Q which is is not there don't match up that you don't think they're gonna make it. Friendly for the people to come into your office are receptive. And that would be higher basically it was someone you -- skills. In the community in our great were -- -- -- own end lump doing this because some people -- haystack. Or young. Add get down to people who convinced me they loved it and that's what I've seen. And presses so you come to express our professional office and at least brings -- in Jackson County. And divided on the website express pro -- and are opposite the -- -- a and X two to nine jobs at a wake in an article on number. Very impressive okay -- brought here and hazard. An instant camera and while also yes that's 1730. North -- -- it across north west Burnett crossing right the main act includes banks and -- in Missouri. Are burning question that we -- your favorite. Radio. Because we thought okay it was in burning. Up and -- about it is indicative radio moments -- -- for a danger scholarly let's radiating out Allah. Well I do not gonna. -- what you're looking for my favorite. Radio mama -- when I was a kid. And my little transistor radio. The Falwell -- rapping on it. Listening to baseball. I assumed the royals play or -- each -- Eddie's excellent back in those days. I loved the sound -- crack of the bat the ball out to cheer to people the whole atmosphere. When -- hear today. He's he's back immediately those crimes. Now bill I could be wrong and Jeff cook hopefully jets on his hung -- and on his next interview that I hope I -- I hope I'm not wrong but I think there's a song. About that I like Elkhart right and it's called I watch it on my radio and it's about what you just spoke a little kid. Huddled under the cover and listening radio theater of the -- -- antacid so. You heard just that in segment one. Isn't that impressive is it can be continuing excellent scene that is. Alabama just that the person in Ulster attending and any favorite Alabama silence. There's so many are now. You know Tennessee River. Oh god I -- taxes. And that's. If you're gonna and they and they say they they people crazy when -- opened up this case and it happened jet plane again got to share that when we catch up on the and the next segment -- in -- -- more music from the -- target time management to celebrate Jack cook and celebrate. Good good music and good hard working people which Daniel binder or express an upper Echelon. And least brings bill tell us about you guys have a website and social media presence we're asking people find. -- -- -- -- -- Is EG eight seat ma oh. I -- express pros dot com. And the EJ EC east yes -- eastern Jackson County Missouri. -- what we are or. Eastern Kansas City we are eastern -- -- each facing now. And then knee. We -- FaceBook presence and I believe that's express -- dot. EJC's. I got reports of or these projections are accurate number spell out -- -- Dana -- is we just opened last weekend. We have some job or -- are hosting -- close to sound -- are. Are the original web. -- and I told her and that -- keep them updated and except Twitter. And I'm gonna. OK I think it's X man in due course -- -- express. Maintain and do everybody -- follow X Manning can't do and -- -- -- -- the radio show is act. Express radio HOO. Dot com thank you bill -- for being with us. Stay tuned through the -- break we're going to be right back with more just and music and more staffing and job and about. It still -- and express employment. One.