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KMBZ>Audio & Video on Demand>>Express Employment Hour 3.28.14 Segment 1

Express Employment Hour 3.28.14 Segment 1

Mar 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In this. Who work hard every day. Favorable -- Two days for a it's. There today. And it's time. Good afternoon and thanks for being -- mean this is Jill -- it's the express employment -- another fantastic -- another a huge I mean bubble letters all caps. Underlying you know how it you know I when you shout at someone in all caps these days when you're texting and that's what kind of show we're having today because. Me and my genius ideas of packages brag on myself -- my rotator -- that myself on the back over there. So we used this this fantastic iconic song by Alabama called forty hour week if you're not familiar with that please come under -- -- from underneath the Iraqi -- under folks. And it really speaks to what we express employment professionals and what but the gist of the show is talking. About that great forty hour week an admirable people that do it and someone saying oh wait a minute wouldn't it be so awesome if we could perhaps. Talk to you. Somebody from the iconic band Alabama and don't you know that just cook was nice enough to be here with us today so he's a busy -- remembering -- on the Mike hello Jeff cook. There where. I don't even. C and I didn't do like the big dog and pony where I I say your bio because how do you even. Say a bio about somebody that's got so many statistics and so many. Wonderful awards behind their name you were just continued to be applauded first and while we're at thirty store all that hardware. They'll have a lot of those awards -- -- would take some one whole wall malignant. Good column. Did I mean. It ended journey it is such -- and again I say it GD but everybody knows who Alabama has honestly you guys are wanna be. Most decorated bands of all time and you know for. Forty years you guys have been doing this at all started when he when you are young you with your your distant cousins. Well one thing listeners may not know about you and one thing you might not know about the show as we let's do a little thing called the the burning question in this week's burning question about Wilson's were radio show let's go back and talk about radio shows. So this week's burning question -- you know tell us your favorite. Radio show memory that you have perhaps from grownup -- a radio show anchor a -- or whatever. You started. As a DJ in -- show host of the Jack cook experienced before you're ever a musicians they tell us a little bit about that. Well that's not exactly -- that was late in the grip when I was thirteen and I get a license. To -- -- radio duck. Three days after it was for Cheney. OK so -- -- started before it received a letter getter. Started being a radio DJ at fourteen so what kind of music did you spend. Well we are local world. Local markets station and now every six record which country would played the the -- invasion I mean the British invasion. And the Motown and -- in Nashville so. -- exposed to a little bit of all -- Night my goodness and you know actually we're -- we're gonna get to some listener questions and have all kinds of people that want to connect and talk with us. But everybody the website is Jeff cook -- AGB it's all -- big time man and at Alabama how do you how do you brokered time between both of these fabulous fans. Well its biggest -- sound management same -- workshop floor. Well -- half bird -- I mean. But let's let's talk a little bit about because that's the -- just keep showing up and keep doing good work and their is that that work ethic have there ever been. Over the years spent you know years certain. -- three years that you like let's just coolant let's let's take some time off I mean talk about that work ethic that really has gotten you where you are. Well we sort of came off the rotors Alabama in the -- or -- September may -- and I did not waste any camera -- Brandon -- will be -- -- good and bad. What -- placed the -- and keep. And so I started could -- or objection to your -- September go forward and we were you're gonna set. -- chosen frustrated batted it out hot spot like advocates of a lot -- talented singers and there are paying him and the brand. And we can double army's -- the Eagles. So. We started just trying to work it and in our show it casinos and test. Because we can't consummate diplomat who worked remembers the little haggard and and they're -- -- rendered their -- are commodore you know. Can. And that -- -- and demand is country soul and rock and roll which is so Sokol we have music we have music keyed up. We had the older part of that Jeff their part of the brakes and announce the shows so that silly you know clearly explain all this music throughout the show as we come in and out. -- Carlo that music country music that's usually you have -- -- And and we have fun dance into it that's when no one -- listen and I love wait what the what you've done with kind of -- Taken a big grand malady of three or five or six songs that we all knew from growing up and then put your own spin on that. Yeah addiction returned to. Party don't believe. Net -- promote literacy -- young. I expect it mentally a bit of Lou it. And I feel -- and Britain being innovative abilities I'm flu and I guess the original gas reserves under McCain meant to be the -- get mixed. Coach frank -- They're -- same -- mostly because he was of course. We have got to Bailey and she had been a bit and really pinching on the last four. Way Leno LA so I you know and hadn't known as a rock and all -- can do is hang on -- same same dancing guy differences different. Oh my goodness and you let's talk about that you. You have it awesome gig coming up this Saturday in Florida and -- what Carolina. Brought it about six Obama -- can pick up our -- and hope that we're sort of lieutenant -- brand new. Kansas City. And this year and limit section. It -- Atlanta regulated the papers and I'm not. I get you that you get Rick Darren -- that's a name because that -- in -- who GQ everything where only at yet and you got the Atlanta rather -- -- rhythm section and so in -- you don't want Lisa why my -- into what am I do and -- sing until and in those iconic. Artists ever when they hit. There are none again I don't know I'm not here's what I'm allowed to dude Jeff I'm allowed to whistle if you have any if you ever need any whistle breaks for for the all star big time man you can call me but that's. What we're we're gonna show like question in the music anymore they've. Oh it says okay it will better than you won't be needing my my very non talented services. -- -- would during the time that you all work I mean you always are having a -- because you're you're Alabama. In the in each -- the six years before you guys you know for working for the tips in the tip jars and mark and on and all the bars and stuff. The do you -- haven't got a a crystal memory of when you thought OK we made it this is it this is happening and there's no turning back. Well we don't have a war -- we have Abacha was the first and we heard our music on the radio. And there's -- first Obama wore no -- First to break -- sixteen. Number one in a row and I hope I can understand it sensed. We have 43 member want which I don't care what George -- Is the record. 33. Number one it's just if it is staggering and it it I mean. And you're just kind of sit back and go wow -- bet that just happened. Well are probably didn't really came out that very RI AA made it. Democratic group that is century which should not try to record level here Ramsey that your quotes. That seemed sure read this -- I have great memories of the Al Jeff from growing up I grew up in Omaha Nebraska and our best friends family that. I and I tried to get -- -- Collins is not available that day I mean she -- given she probably will still giver her arm for to hear me talk about -- -- You know it's just those those memories of of a -- all that the joy that you put out. And how it weaves together other people's life it takes me back to growing up your music so thank you for the. Where you're looking and also. I like -- really do like play and they'll start -- cabin because we. There's not to pressure you know eight we don't. Don't quit was good just because well I don't salad that maybe but it piano player can check I sexed up. And I got a great so great plan put together thank and we really enjoy playing and and now we're Republican vote today it. London and yet hundreds AGB -- you guys do a lot of cool covers but the so lap -- melodies. And what's a song like a dream covered that you haven't done yet that you love to tackle. Well. Personally or as I remembered he'd make either way. Well okay -- and got a good purple rain little butcher a wardrobe that the older age he'd be OK yes. And I am also produce enough. Force sound on the new girl group -- -- -- -- story sisters out of Mississippi. Thirteen 1516. And I thank them. Effort Checketts and -- yesterday at and we may try to do Paul McCartney cabinet. Which was in 1980 sound that much for they were born to. Absolutely -- the brings me you set me up perfectly because you obviously. On meet you you're a fan of music as well as being one of the icons of music. We have a question from a I've been hearing Kansas City they wanna know who all did you listen to grown up who who are your musical heroes. Well I can may have answered that with a with a radio Lang LaSalle street although it's misty Taylor. Sort guitar players to venture should have gotten to know. And they really started create demand and then we'll put I'll find that to three years ago look all I'm. And we deterred changed Burton played the server chips a man now. And -- this court. Erred in this district number of people I don't tiger could have. Wind up like it they'll contribute what think it is too. Jeff -- and that I interpreted. You know the way I do it -- -- and must turn that question on its ear then. Of all the all the people that that say an -- and all the new acts that look TU and they're like okay Alabama -- group listened in Alabama's my icon. Which of those have stuck with Euro which comments or herb and it incidents with with with. And you know the younger now honestly younger generation that some of the newer acts slipped and I resonate with you. Well if I understand the question -- a lot of well a percentage. Of what -- country music today that's just bad luck admiral. And then there's some really get -- -- educational. It it would -- here again it's hard to pin it down this -- actually. Well -- has asked the question very convoluted it was a choose your own adventure but -- And it was terribly clever when. They woven. The other I was -- In my living room go to college tradition -- placed yesteryear. So -- it windy but I mean you did any of these two lives in Alabama and any of that AGB and they both work together and all start good time man everybody. You can find the links invite all the music and obviously go download all the songs. And they have a gig this Saturday in Florida that you want it and I look to see if we could live -- -- that we can't just unfortunately though but the rest of us will wait when you come to Kansas City. -- talk about the all -- good time man how do you guys. How often do you guys get together and work on and -- -- cut and -- bomb is it like him but what does that schedule look like. Little -- he tried to do that album here. We. Could really use some extra Patrick urged it to it makes it a little bit difficult -- our drummer Jim Ellis and the keyboard prelude and Ocala Florida. And -- get everybody together that's why we -- you extended based nature rather. Like it could casino because -- unit whichever church urged that polish. I work a little bit. And yet it's not easy did greatest song via Skype I guess -- -- doesn't quite work like Ali Albion in the same room like you will be for this weekend Lakewood ranch Florida is where you're given this big gig with. I mean that could -- you really cool lineup of folks Flannery and his rhythm section Kansas Rick there injured you guys. On some other ones and then later this summer twice dollar coming to Kansas City Alabama as company Kansas City Saturday August 30. And tell -- little bit about that -- Well we don't like we've got maybe thirteen or fourteen chose and that's that's our plan to do. I'm actually it's a big challenge. And that won't happen before October. Got it so well all of us here will be looking forward to Saturday August 30 and we will -- be buying a ticket for Kansas City Star like -- let everybody is Jeff cook of Alabama. Just the theme of the show is about working and hard work and and jobs and staffing and human resource and has how that all ties together. On work hard play hard type thing. If you had any advice you without the hard work you've done and being the very top of your career. Well I hardly what advice would you give to young person -- job seeker. Well -- in my a lot of work personally going to be dedicated virtual dinner and you gotta have. A little -- on the table which you know you never know that's etched etched. Much a given day you bug you know what can do it -- that. Indeed a good to have music -- and that's underlined the term music. Just don't be too quick to. Sure it's a disaster get it usually -- Sounds too good to be true it usually is what grade did -- that -- what I would go on yeah thank you so much for the insight -- it's Jeff cook obviously of Alabama and Alabama and all star good time then -- download all the songs. Jeff cook dash AGB dot com go spanned everything on FaceBook chat at -- Jeff what did you Twitter. I don't know I can't let that -- honest I love it. Well here we keep fighting just on Twitter gentlemen Don you're among the express employment hour hearing Kansas City thank you Jeff cook for being with us today it was a pleasure and a blessing to visit with the rarely appreciate so much we'll see when you come to Kansas City this summer and still think he will be right back with more -- express employment Eric thanks Jeff good. -- Game at all we.