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The Radio Dish 3.30.14

Mar 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No yeah. Small but let me when plumbing major problem and you don't need a hero -- its. All the way and Paul will be -- your heroes -- to stop the group's blog and get your house back in order for these deposits -- brings water -- all your blowing me it's all a -- -- -- -- It's an important part of planning -- -- is no we have options and signature funerals take the mystery on the process owner -- -- says pre planning is the -- and -- taken proactive approach to -- -- -- -- -- for your vehemently at the -- -- the -- your family members have confidence they're doing for -- we want them to do whether -- commissioner traditional preparation whether -- service -- -- for freedom -- in their -- church may feel better knowing that this is what you -- Signature funerals dot com. How Darcy here and a fabulous made this morning -- should be you know I just came back from my investment downs. Gillian Smith and Christina -- and financial solutions and -- a plastic and they gave me great news really hurt my guy in a couple of years. I like it is this statement and the man every quarter that's too bad you know when you remember those days. A statement that I didn't understand -- investments and I couldn't explain. Totaled up to all those -- realized losses mean really less -- -- -- out. You know exactly when and -- through can't do well in advance financial he'll be an it help you to. -- at face to face quarterly review I understand all of my investments. We can retire. We -- and where my retirement income will be coming from. How much here you I think I mean -- them huddling in touch with them online financial pants dot com -- and yet. Securities aperture in the securities company -- -- -- -- -- It doesn't kill you X. It's kind of leave -- dishes in the sink and dish about something. Think important to you. And now three chicks who think they ruled the roost it's the radio audience. Welcome glad to be joining us today the radio dishes so -- heart -- -- Blake and them Juan Mary McKenna with you at the radio dish dot com. And last week we talked about the beginning of spring. And if we had snow since then so on just not to talk about the weather anymore because I have no idea. If it's going to be warm if it's going to be hot but I do all of that on Thursday. The Kansas City metropolitan area where we host the show our base. Had a tornado watch first one of the season. So. You know I -- spring is here. Yeah I said he can phone calls from my adult children mom -- medium like it's not a warning. It's a -- I'm not sure -- it's. Which is very seldom turn into anything I will tell you. And if you listen to the show for very long you know we've shared this story before when we actually had a tornado warning. We were in North Kansas City and -- -- home. And we're standing in front porch because of course that's where you go for safety -- and you know. We were in the basement but we just couldn't handle I don't ever watch I have to do much. So Darcy and I see this swirling and we're going there staring there's the tornado when we ran about a block and a half hour it was smoke coming up and smokestacks and drilling around because of all the went we are not qualified spotters let's just say that you know went when it's springtime we end up going in doing more things on about the community and I ended up in Platte city of this earlier last week. And I dropped my keys coming pavement outside my car. And and some famous restaurant waiting for frantic the court house. And this cup comes walking in the head on toward it to war of all of the stores asking if they were wanting anybody. It turns out that it's David Forex. Who is a former mayor of Platte city. Who is going to run this year for and the April election for mayor as a write in candidate because he wants. To Rick correct some of the things have been going on in the community. And I didn't know that at the time I just thought it was this great couple that come my keys and receive in my bikes I had to get her to the airport and I just cool what an amazing. Small town community that somebody would go door to door from business to business to find whose keys they war and now that we know that he's. Running for office so I think that's cool we'll have -- in equal in the fairness of equal time have just a bit. Kidding no I think that's a great story absolutely I think the running from -- -- after -- well you know some people surfing some people just talk on the radio so. There ego we're here today with our special guest in studio and to win this lady sent -- for firstborn too hard. Did. At least that's how they say they -- she knew that the world's top ranked college was. You know gonna cover all the you know reading writing arithmetic whatever but just not necessarily all the social skills and things you need to survive in this world. -- blades is joining us and her book. Which is coming out. Into space to stay east do your laundry or Europe or. You'll die alone and -- -- Is in the description of this it's filled with warmth wit and and motherly sacks. And eleven hi Becky hey I'm glad to be aware of this with a gal absolutely now. I think we've all probably I know I have not that -- you have to walked into one of your kids' rooms and it was so piled high with the laundry. The that you couldn't hardly find the dead. That was from internment camp -- -- -- so at least that's what spawned at this book spec yeah. -- trigger net to come because that I find out the floor is the hamper if they where's your hamper well it's kind of a whole floor mom because. That's that's the way we're all and that was just the beginning. An awareness that the -- -- teacher reading writing arithmetic. But they didn't they were not gonna teach her how to keep her close claim that I had about a year left on my watch to do things like that and not close enough to come home on the weekends and say. Hey mom hi I love you here's my laundry when I write and shoot she was doing everything. In school so well like I just couldn't figure out. And and I blame myself because. You know they get their priorities a home they get those home mormons for -- so. So I resolved our that I had a year and I was gonna get to work and roll up my sleeves so. I started writing some things down and then I started giving lol many lectures where can squeeze them and and out we can imagine how that went over the dog was running for plugged turnover -- She's got his start time do you think mr. Winston -- yeah wait and let me. Is the best piece of advice that you gave her or what did she say is the best piece of the -- Kiefer. Well the punchline as you know the girls are really responding to death there they're kind of on their own misses more for me says. Now I think I think. I revisit the laundry about six times in the book and they do they do have. The awareness that the -- clean matters I think a bad attitude mixer but look vague idea too isn't the resonant. The -- that high thing you can camp because it's it's not. It's not only about how how you look in your clothes. How you act can make you uglier -- make you pretty -- and though there the kinds of life lessons I think they're sprinkled in here. I think kids do move away and I heard this shared from other friends who've daughters have gone -- especially after they get married have kids of their own where. Even though they were the queen of the slob. They cleaned up their act two they. Felt that they needed to I have not seen that transformation yet in my daughter now she hasn't had a -- if a how old city. Ask well yeah because I couldn't possibly be old enough to have a thirty year old and then that set the allergy or anyone says is out of gas is up on -- around. I don't know you know they I've been promised I promises from other moms that. That their set point on their cleanliness is kind of how we kept our house not how they kept their program. This -- for poised to. As I heard great stories from is I've heard that they come around my even my -- new landlord. Yeah and -- and he said he had a conversation with your son about how to keep perhaps clean. -- now. And that now as a matter of fact yes every day. Well then there's bad does that then there's been an out eat I don't want and now and went with a laundry. It's kind of like. Guy -- -- house in orders. When you start lifting things -- -- you see things that have been under wet towel for what how long I think men have higher tolerant most men have a higher tolerance of filth. I think sent out. Hello what kind of girls -- right now kind of girls about -- but ladies and listeners I'm on the prowl for somebody to help write the boy versions. Guys like them a -- I've I've had some guy fans. Bad it is kind of -- and I think of a boy but can be a little. A little harder at Anderson now so if you have some writing in you that you want to get out to -- -- -- contact us on FaceBook and we'll get in touch with Becky. And it. Real quickly we're gonna run out of time before you know it tell us how you got into this -- not been an author purse say your whole life. No I was a journalism major and I had a public relations firm for most of my career sold it and. Several years ago and have been writing and making art so. One features of this book is there has art and an idea mixed media art and I play with that. So it just this is. -- mid life stage of just come up playing around with different things. Well it's a great little book and it's a great conversation starter perfect for maybe a senior graduating this year either from college or from high school. And we wanna thank you so much for joining us today anchor how to make. -- blades our guest today here at the radio edition and remember the name of the book is do your laundry or you die alone. -- to twist and coming up just shortly we're gonna have a little visit with IKEA. And he brought candy. He did see you bright gives oh yum and we're also gonna talk about. National kidney awareness month of the national kidney foundation. That's coming up in just minutes so stick around it's as Darcy mean be married and you have their prison and stuff. Take a musical strolled down the shown CC with the Kansas City symphony on Thursday April 17 when you join us -- classics -- -- from impairments in joint French inspired favorites from Debussy and say. Plus gershwin's an American enhance our tickets are only 25 dollars and include a glass of wine. We're champagne after the concert from can mingle with the symphony musicians in the beautiful -- center mopping Thursday April 17. Don't miss classics -- -- in -- -- Kansas City symphony on FaceBook or visit Casey since -- dot org for tickets now. Yeah I mean don't they play my own and. Keeping everyone on schedule no jobs as important as caring for your family but don't forget yourself heart disease is the number one killer of women. Yet many women don't realize their risk factors or take time out from being caretakers to put themselves first. -- saint Luke's Muriel I Kauffman women's heart center help you keep your heart healthy call us today to schedule -- heart health assessment -- 8169325784. Crime stoppers has received nearly 128000. Anonymous tips has paid out over one point two million dollars in cash rewards spokesperson lieutenant Kelly -- as a reward amount is now growing since 1982. That crime rewards has always been up. 21000 dollars -- aboard -- -- and we made a decision that we need to increase that amount we decided -- -- to reward -- -- -- 2000 dollars I think it's really exciting people who call crime -- are motivated -- different reasons some people wanna just do the right -- some people wanna do the right thing but if it involves -- friend -- family -- they tend to hesitate if they happen to -- struggling having a hard time financially sometimes money can be -- -- we -- to -- over the next few -- a huge increase in -- -- were getting criminals off the street and we're getting -- community to be safer if you have information to. Help solve the crime called a tips hotline at 816474. TI PS. So he's tired to begin the hot flashes those mood swings no energy for -- anything. 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Surprisingly some women still haven't tried it yet that's why we are now offering full sized risk free trial. That's right every woman calls right now can get risk free trial and -- 35 -- -- accent that is exclusive radio only offer call 18050316. By seven. -- seen as secretary of health foundation on its complete transformation. It isn't noticeable difference those really nice to. Have their minerals have tea and then start back here to summing Whitman of different complexion. Famine now stands behind everything it's just a company and a product that is so full of integrity. It's my new best friend. Come out of find out you can get this retrial of our award winning foundation. And a free website hurry don't miss this it's. Exclusive radio only offer call 18050316571805036257. It's so radios. This is my -- member of the ten. -- an open microphone make your -- look bad but we found out from our. Previous guests -- blades author Vicki blades that a bad attitude reaching the you know -- get a bad attitude. Can't wait for -- to open and you've got to sit down with them rob Parsons Joseph Roth with IKEA Joseph you've got this down pat he's been hitting the studio numerous times but. Are you teaching rob any lessons. Hopefully he's learning from my mistakes but -- it is all a bill. Learning for -- is benefit it's worth that's right it's always a learning experience don't do any danced and do it I ask you -- -- -- and a. You bring goodies -- I shouldn't -- I should look a gift horse in the -- brought some chocolate absolutely yes well IQ is -- first -- -- -- but Sweden is also known for chocolate we do have a sweetest -- mark Taylor stores that service package -- -- so -- -- -- bring in the samples for you all to share content. Chocolate with some toffee bits and an honor of mr. Some talking with butterscotch filling them. Some numbing sounds like we might have to dig into those here in just a bit so. This beacon of digging the site itself in Marion kind along nicely what's the construction update what can you tell us. It's actually going very well concerning the quite challenging winter we've been having an even challenging spring that we are still having but it's progressing quite well the blue and yellow is slowly but surely taking shape enveloping -- of the building and good concrete in the still are all complete Cornell -- to focus on completing the roof. And -- during the -- concrete floors -- inside the store. So last time you guys were here tried -- Were Mountain View via big date of the opening and you keep going it's going to be fall fall 2014. I don't care what you bring next time he you know you can bring -- well maybe not. They could actually work. But you don't get the studio until you have something concrete Joseph I think it's safe to say after Labor Day before Thanksgiving -- we talked about hiring. Last time I think but. If somebody wants to work an IKEA and it's -- I contagious -- the trips to Minneapolis the people seem to love their jobs some good place to work -- Stanley what do they need to do -- too soon. Lest we spoke with -- that process two ways we first had done the approval process for the management. And we talked about why we do that so that was the manages can be involved and are in the coworkers we are in the process of finalizing that so we have been interviewing and happy to say that out of about the 52 mentioned positions. Nearly all of them but five are -- so it's been an exciting. Couple of weeks we are about eight to ten weeks away for the next event which will be the hiring event in the from a process to a co workers so chopper up the -- and and about 67 weeks postings will go up but I kid dot com. All right we appreciate the update remember solid. Date for opening the next time you're here just now you'll Tennessee has until it's about a week. For all of 2000 scored all day and doesn't boards my dad nanny and you really can hold them to that absolutely. And you had a chance to talk to our next guest Caron who achieves an. He is in March. And it. You asked about what we know diabetes affects the kidneys but what about the heart and high blood pressure well. And hypertension. If we look particularly at that is in its level of high blood pressure. In for a look at the kidneys the blood supply comes into the kidney through major artery in -- called the regional artery. And then that. Blood supply feeds into theory tiny filters which are actually little -- of blood vessels. The -- trying to explain to a patient the other day. When -- pressure enters and it's really really hide it can blow almost like blowout or scars those filters. And I gave him an analogy if you just keep putting air in the tire of your car. Boom what's gonna happen -- and that aspect that's why high blood pressure and is so scary and can often be a silent destroyer of kidneys because often people are not aware that they are walking around what type pressure. So let's go back to dialysis dialysis kind of takes on the function of the kidneys that you can't do that forever. You actually can do dial -- filler. As long -- as you wanted to do to assess. Some how -- so age wise choose the option of transplantation. So. What makes. The difference between a candidate for transplants and and what would make people make that. Make that leap. Usually. Partially life style home. It getting a transplant gives them the most normal life I'll. But there are age limitations as we get older. Particularly get up and -- seventies and we are pushing transplant out more and more -- as patients get older. Our arteries or veins -- more hard and they don't. Do as well with the transplant. That kick your Lee. Most patients if they fall within their age category and have a healthy heart which you everyone needs for any kind of entry. Then most people want to at least look at the options transplantation. So for example someone who maybe has in type one diabetes in their kidneys were really struggling in and continuing young girl she was probably in her teens are having dialysis. She would wanna have a transplant yes definitely and how long can she expect that transplanted kidneys to work. Now it really varies for all patients. Probably on average we see kidneys last -- may be ten to twelve years stake could be fifteen it could be two when he. It really kind of depends upon the individual. In the air conditioned miner brought about the loss of their kidney function. Their their body in -- that kidney reacts to the anti rejection drugs. So win. Will we hear about the organ donor organizations of and there's several around that are just phenomenal and if you haven't. You know signed the back of your driver's license I want you pull it out of your wallet right now. And I want you to sign it and be willing to. Give your donors in the event that something tragic happens to we don't want anything to happen to you. But we want to make. A difference. If something does so if you would be willing to do that please do that right now it's a great opportunity. So we hear about it being such a long time for people to be in transplant list is it easier to get a kidney than it is say maybe heart. Or is it or is it just difficult all the way around I think it just. We have so many patients that need transplants and that they don't have eight -- donor. Whether that be a living related person or if possibly a friend. They don't have a living donors than the average weight pretty much in this -- two to three years. But again. Patients can live indefinitely on dialysis. -- chance petition with the heart or liver is a little different. Because. They're scored differently. Because there's no way to take over for the heart that was -- Right you can't you can't -- put -- on heart bypass machine and I am -- way yet there is no way to do that. So as a nurse if there is one piece of advice that you could give to someone today. That way to help them help a loved one that is is struggling with their kidney function. Or maybe they know that there are that this is something that's going to be in their future would you tell them that they should be doing right now. For their loved ones that kind of went one for their level and are even for themselves that they noted that there is. You know potential for dialysis potential for kidney transplant in their future. And -- Younis mentioned that there's a few things that they continue. What is -- that this is probably the most impact full thing that they keep to. I I think through the years I've really tried to encourage my patients and their family members to be involved. Be involved and be an advocate for their own care. Benefit if the patient doesn't have the strengths -- feeling like being an -- As ticket for their -- care for family members to become educated and there is great education opportunities here and in town. Some people become more aware. -- kidney disease and what their options are so that they can. And be very involved in in their care and that helps them move towards circles much more quickly and it helps him stay healthier. And if they have other health issues for example you know most people that listen to the show no the my has -- has rheumatoid arthritis. And some of the medicines that he's on -- pretty. There -- some pretty significant Madison's I'd hate using the word drugs but. You know sometimes I feel like that's what they are because says they can damage the body as much as they help the body. And you know you when you're on methotrexate an anti cancer drugs and -- a solid scene and all of these mean he's like. K have to of this test to check for your liver function and this one for your kidney function in this funds damaging your heart and this was gonna do your eyes junior. Your -- is in it's like oh my gosh. How can we possibly keep all of this. In keeping -- head. How. How important is it. To encourage your loved ones take you get those test. You know I know the -- the hard part for me sometimes is getting -- has been -- that doctors from a different draw the planet and yet because he doesn't. Part of him doesn't wanna know what that snapshot of worry is today is how to we -- -- That's I think that's that's hard because there's fear and there are some. If I go and I find out like threatening with 2.5 and now it's three that says to me and it's getting worse I'm getting. Closer to. Dialysis. Are needing a transplant and I think we just have to rallying curry each patient that. You know off than we can make some adjustments or may be it is a medication and that's impacting and maybe we need to tweak that a little bit. To not become discouraged by it but let us hope them. Medic clean do whatever we can to help stabilize her kidney function thank you care and it's -- -- -- and you. As the radio this dot com coming to. Take a musical strolled down the shown CC with the Kansas City symphony on Thursday April 17 when you join us -- classics and court April impairments in joint French inspire your favorites from ABC and say. Plus gershwin's an American enhance our tickets are only 25 films include aggressive blind. We're champagne after the concert and can mingle with symphony musicians in the beautiful Kauffman center -- Thursday he trusts. Teachers don't miss classics -- April in -- followed the Kansas City symphony on FaceBook or visit Casey Anthony dot org for tickets now. 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Well let's give way to do it to exactly not and this half the show is brought to you via that Kansas City symphony you can get your tickets online -- Casey symphony got to work. It's your money -- has already been stuck homer -- that you -- join us today our retirement specialists the safe money guide David Thompson in studio with some great ways -- safe -- for you to save for your retirement read any thing at interstate -- -- Funny you should -- that there's there's an article on -- -- -- -- retirement -- that can -- -- -- state and I'm gonna talk about today also gonna talk about a couple of things -- -- on CN NBC. Was is very interesting and then lastly and not maybe not in that -- I really want to talk about a lot about some cash -- strategies that I could put together for clients that are very very dramatic and the key is is that they don't involve any -- the spread of cash flow that -- then we'll put together for clients over the last few weeks ranges from six to 10% minimum. Guaranteed cash flow for the rest of their lives -- -- again how would you like to have. In your retirement a minimum six to 10% cash flow guarantees for as long as you live long as you -- your spouse live as long as you live and without any risk you know I'm talking about minimum these are the kinds of things that are out there. I help clients of course I guess I should really need to say that much more. Okay David you've teased me enough I wanna sign up how to when I go about getting -- the view you comment either Ryan Overland -- office are my. -- office at nine point 368161959136816195. And it brings into -- offices here -- park offices right over -- 105 and -- you either hire -- alliance -- the phone and set up an appointment I mean this is really there's several products that we combine that are able to literally accomplished depending on the people's -- somewhere between six and 10% guaranteed minimum while cash -- and it and it probably -- -- because this is a guaranteed minimum and that the probability that this crime -- generate more cash flow is very very good -- that this strategy of these products -- -- -- kind of things that we do for clients. Now the article that I spoke about -- ten retirement menace but ahead -- well I mean I. I -- it past the the yen the article around durst -- nine here in the studio and I don't think this country. Is ready for all of us to retire I mean there's a lot of people who are retiring soon and when I say soon within the next twenty years between now and twenty years. And it's a crisis it's fueled by these myths. Absolutely and in your case it won't be for at least thirty years -- all depends. But. And imitated it's no secret I mean is I'm reading from this national institute retirement security estimates that at least now listen this six point eight trillion short and Americans yeah. If you're getting closer to retirement I have an important question is your retirement -- on track joined Dave Thompson Friday mornings at 930 on the KN BC business channel 1660 AMD's we'll share how you can keep your retirement on track with protection of principal tax deferred growth and a lifetime income -- learn more online -- Dave Thomson dot net that's Dave Thomson dot net and be -- listen every Friday morning at 932 -- -- it's your money on the KM -- business channel 1660. AM. 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OK I blew it and I'm ashamed I'm one of those folks who went on Facebook's Sunday night and didn't do a spoiler alert on the good wife I typed in all caps. Oh my god they shot well and I -- out. The best kept secrets I mean they knew -- twelve months that he is gonna be killed off so I don't know how -- pulled -- an act in his -- underneath my totally agree I can't believe that they kept the wraps on that now and he knew that he wanted out of his contract and that at some point he's gonna lead -- example -- like no one onset. We did or sold it to light TM is the -- anything. What somebody is gonna sell TMZ or to somebody is the Johnny -- husband. Train wreck that it's become. That is a century interact and she gets more and more dramatically every single day they're fighting over persists there's ID number she used and they're siding or a little -- -- as well. And -- it's trying Republican I think that's the saddest thing about it often but Valencia banks see I don't even know what -- Valencia banking has some talent he had and that a Balenciaga. And Antioch. Skis may what do they run. How many have. -- and I don't have any atom and eat the -- Macs can run over 101000 dollars hole. Yeah yeah all that means it hurts. -- -- where's your ex husband her on his way to being ex husband I mean she broke. And hop on one of the persons and you imagine like -- an Arab person went to magic marker inch ruins it. Wholly free Holy See -- kidding that's just crazy crazy all right de Maria. I don't know how to pronounce bags I don't know how to pronounce this -- last name Maria been you know as an analyst thank you act you know like stopped -- what it was -- -- -- fired in recent she was fired for -- and just to clarify she is my boss and after -- TV so I know her very well so. Just just out there -- it as a disclaimer let down. Maria is leading extract. She is not fight with Merrill Lopez she just a lot going on she's got her oxygen reality show. Chasing -- -- nose and they're focusing in on that they're protesting -- after does he each of which I'm hosting Dancing With The Stars -- is running right now and of course such she's going on and -- I'm not worried about her she's got a million jobs. She and her boyfriend Kevin under RO are very Smart about her career is not very good Jerry -- in nicely played there I might say -- -- like Gwyneth Paltrow Chris Martin's they said there's no truth to the rumors well it's not a rumor anymore. -- it easy conscious and coupling as they critics. I disagreed on her dot com site everyone wanted to read the letter that she wrote about and separating which it looks like they're divorcing it looks like they spend a lot of time. Alone and together perhaps and couples counseling thing is over. -- a crashed the website so it's been having a hard time going back up. I really don't think that this is a big surprise a lot of political all of their story and there's been rumors about her infidelity. But at. The Stanley they are re right now in the Bahamas to get away from that the media onslaught didn't really Smart. And speaking of media onslaught to wire people so upset that I named Kim made the cover of folk -- if that is someone a friend of mine posted on FaceBook. If that is the biggest problem in your life -- live in a pretty good life. And that is very true I think people -- How old bold as like the highest in fact changed its. Achievement very desperately wanted to cover and Anna wintour. Please on the cover. I think a lot of controversy but hey you know talking about it this has been a week's worth of news is is kind of ridiculous. And she knew she was doing she knew that by placing it shoot them on the cover together is gonna be really big news in and give a lot of sales of the newsstand and there you have it we still talk about it. We're talking about this during the dirty dishes but I wondered if you have -- near us Scotch tape sulfate. I'm I have not you know and I'm talking about I guess you know what is that apparently this is something that was started in the UK it's gone viral. Putting Scotch tape all over their face. And like. You know kind of like sticking out their -- so they're like smash -- against up under their nose and they're doing self -- -- decent posting them on the Internet. And I was just curious if you tenure she can't -- it and asking me and really get face strict perhaps. He's got my airline any -- that there's gonna notice much slips behind Scott -- Danny's and then you know. Have a little more strength maybe death can't -- Appreciate -- as always thank you so -- -- think you know that's the Hollywood bullying with Kristen -- on the radio disc. Hollywood. And it's time for the dirty dishes brought to by the mop -- Kennedy twelve armour road in North Kansas City. You wanna keeper wood in furniture looking beautiful check out my favorite less staff at the mop bucket dot com. Yeah. Okay. -- well I mentioned this to Christen and we were kidding around that the duct tape and what have you but this is for real I'm gonna post a picture on our faith and let me pay it. This is a new Internet -- to do Scotch tape self basic general in Britain and you remember from the show. That's where most people drink more than an idiot and you have to drink to take pictures of themselves. What this says is a complete waste of time and the bosses -- statement to make sure use the clear. Not the translucent -- -- that probably would not be as good a stealthy. Series I just stand and if you do please send us your pictures and post them and I am a stay -- your -- And a son you know another really stupid thing. Breastfeeding while drinking. Imam was arrested in a waitress was fired. Just the mom was breastfeeding her baby while drinking and was have arrested and later released while the waitress that reported to -- the authorities actually got fired. The woman was children danger in the welfare for child and said she didn't realize that she was breaking the law when she decided to breastfeed her child and -- Really and the waitress that her name's Jackie -- reported her to the management but told the management that they. That they had already decided not to cut the drinking and breastfeeding mother off did it -- brief -- -- them -- I happen. I don't recall not here -- Arkansas. Well yeah yeah yeah -- are. And sign on right now I apologize to -- of heartless here's an Arkansas but just. And here's a little bit of a story that fits right in with that a mom has set a world record for donating the most breast milk. While not drinking Guinness world book has at all you know since it was attributed Dennis. No no it's the Guinness world records you know they've got the achievements for the fastest tallest and longest biggest whatever and she is donated the most breast milk. 36 year old Emilia. But Mike her has given away a massive eight -- excuse me sorry it was quite that bad. A massive 482. Leaders over five years some records just aren't meant to be broken that's not something I've ever aspired to you know let. All of the moms that I mean if it had wanted to breastfeed but couldn't and their baby couldn't tolerate formula. That would have been a tremendous -- I did it for a month and I was such a nervous mom about. Alexis not getting enough. Breast milk because she just didn't seem to nurse that long at any given time that -- was starting to lose weight. Because anxiety and stress affect grass so -- and they thought it would be better to put her on formula -- -- off for girls for free here. And that was just last year -- you know way I do it does bother me when people do. Breast feed their children into their shoes and so I didn't get -- woman that actually breast -- her child until the day he went to kindergarten that I knew. And was like oh my god and other people wrong he Lincoln is she would be in the school in the in the lobby area and he was literally lift the pressure. Known known now that's not good that's just totally and completely wrong you've got something you wanted to share with us this afternoon -- -- -- and should say hello Mary. -- American answering university. Theme onto their leadership project data and menu and the only the public -- elites that chamber are sponsoring. In networking seminar with alana -- the president happen fast track. On April 10 is gonna do the seminar. Option in the evening. And then April 17 it'll be a daytime program if you want more information -- you can go to and menu dot edu. But come out it's a free events and alana is going to amaze you with her. Philosophies on networking and why it's important for everybody she is -- bright bright cookie we almost got out of the show without saying happy birthday to lucky charms long celebrated fifty years of being magically delicious this week it is my favorite. You know switzer really EU it's serious serious we want to thank our guests of course retirement specialists Dave Thompson. Joseph Roth and rob Parsons with IKEA who brought us some lovely chocolates. Much better than lucky charms and just say and and -- blades and her book. Do your laundry or you'll die alone and of course -- head with -- associates talking about the national kidney foundation in kidney awareness month. You know this is the time year window we here at the -- is get really really busy with all of our Philanthropic. Ventures that we do from the walks in the Franzen and seeing galas and all that it's a check this out and face back and Twitter. Make sure that you follow as -- you never know we've got to persuade -- you follow us and we'll take you down a road -- never traveled and chances are we can hopefully not until late. Either he hits doctors -- Blake may be hard Mary McKenna and you at the ready at the stock comes you next week. Care provided by Robert McCain -- new lady looks a lot in Westport. And I -- they would -- on radio. -- to retire our. Six point eight trillion dollars short of what they'll need to find a comfortable retirement -- because baby boomers are returning it over 101000. People and the median amount of say. Is 120000 dollar and psychic about it so -- the -- number one I won't need as much money when I retire well. Let me ask you -- ask yourself some when do you feel you're spend the most money. Is it when your work and or when you have release your day off knob on that most people spend more money on Saturday and Sunday. Then they do on Monday through Friday -- -- -- list now what happens of every day is his day off. You might be more money ha okay you're asked them on buying you're gonna do more shopping you're gonna -- and -- grandchildren and -- across the town of president. You know my guess her grandchildren here to take trips. The clock -- there are going laughing I mean they're all sorts of things that you're gonna do that you don't really think about that require money's no myth number one bust. But -- we spend more turning more money in our free time than we ever think about. And that's that's where we spend money -- the myth number two moving to retire friendly state will save me money mean moving to Florida or Texas or some state that has zero. Income tax yeah about that -- actually -- well think about this number one as they have zero income taxes they must in some way have to replace -- when he and they do it was. Our property taxes and higher sales okay scratch that now go to flowing and they are any humorous if you do music grandkids behind in the state here and waiting and do. Beginning on an airplane and go -- campaign missed birdie chances from the myth number did this number two -- numbers are very my tax bill will be lower and retirement well folks the answer is no question chipping my. Not well let me ask you questions was the last time government lower taxes we have to. You can get a -- little. Okay yeah I mean Jimmy Carter -- your maternity Gillard. There about a lone house they've been for many many years. The government does seventeen -- and in debt and ends an eighty some odd chain unfunded debt okay so. I think you're gonna pay for -- We we're gonna pay for so myth number three. Asset. Myth number four houses brush over Medicare -- will be enough to pay my health care expenses folks Medicare itself costs three to 400 bucks a month or someone that costs three to 400 bucks a month if you need long term care Medicare might pay for a hundred days men and long term care here -- in the -- park area that runs about 75000 dollars a year for nursing home. So -- not to mention prescription drugs. Plan. Which your retirement. Dollars and again six to 10% cash flow minimum and I expect people have more than that. OK so that's just part of a plan that's the myth number two in the year big one year myth number one there were probably gonna bust as well well I was -- number four I want counting up forwards or backwards into my math is hard just as our. Nothing to see -- -- number five one and I see a lot of different iterations. Pay off debt and my kids' college tuition calm before saving for retirement. It but if you do that with little money you have then ghosts. Farther he's helix nebula -- Melanie you pay off your houses up and you pay off the kids' college tuition make them pay off his my philosophy cause that's. And then you'll be able to survive on how old are you just surgery to to plan for retirement now. This article if you take your resources today to home and you pay off. Your kids' tuition. Then you have less resources working for you today. You have -- retirement and therefore your kids may end up having to support you I'm reading part bits and pieces they are climates and money called ten retirement miss that can't crack your nest day and for those of you would like three the whole article either Google that. Or call my office 9136816195. And will be happy to send your reprint of this article just leave your name and address. And we will send it to you get to know me understand. Let me show you some of these strategies that don't involve risk and how many times you wanna go. To the to the blackjack table how many times you want to go to days table. Where are you can do. Is either win or have a draw. Thank you David of course you can catch Dave and his show every Friday morning in the -- NBC business channel. 9301668. And take a listen to that and listen to this we've got a run coming up this is a great organization. And in park -- on April 19 it's that together as one run. They've raised money to buy uniforms and thinks kids who wouldn't be able to afford to be on a team so that they can be on a team no accident those plaster -- did the rotten and I think I have access to prevent BS in -- when I wasn't going to. Which was most of the time can can you say out of shape yeah just a little bit. And I don't think we'll be doing any running this year it's a radio dished nursing Mindy Mary and you -- your coach.

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